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You both get the same last night as Robert and make it twenty two percent. Now, let's get serious. You know, I mean, people we could trigger with debt. Now the hold up, you get white people, 22 percent.


Hey, come on, let's get serious on, you know, black people using it. Dharmsala using white privilege. Yeah. Yeah. They smart people smart enough to see Joe Biden say y'all stupid. I can use, you know, black people. Now, I'm used to damn white privilege. They don't know they own a computer and everything. Yeah. But anyway, I just get serious on this. I we talk about the store. Yes. They were among a young lady, lost her life in an accident.


Police name was in Kiya Hobert. Yeah. But she shot the cop first. Yeah. Right. She might have shot him twice before he got it. I mean she grabbed the gun. The cops saw her pick up the gun. The cop even said, you know what, a drop the gun. He told her twice to drop the gun. Yeah, I mean, she didn't I said this in yesterday's video. That cop is a better man than me.


If you just refuse to rest, I just hate you. And he he he was so patient and calm. He saw a pick up the gun. Yeah, he told her twice, please put the gun down. Yeah. Can you put the gun down. Yeah.


And this is what I said in yesterday's video shows a cop out to be I guess you call me dirty cop me Lionel Tate. Put that gun down a Wuppertal to put a gun down. She refused to ask, well, Mutola the pic to put the gun down. You think she picked the gun up so I can tell her to put it down? That's what I was about to say, if you cut me off. It's a one man show we got going on, yeah, man, you need to step your game up.


I'm tired of all the dead weight on this show I look at seriously. But the reason why we want to talk about this. Let's get serious on this.


Let's get serious on getting serious right now, look at how the news procreate this story.


You're watching the moments before Friday morning's officer involved shooting. She arrived at this parking lot to see the car her daughter was driving in a ditch. Her daughter already on the way to Skyline Medical Center where she eventually died.


The people staying across the street at the gas station was telling me that the police have fired into a car seven times.


Police say Officer Josh Baker returned fire at Neka Holbert, who was pulled over in a car belonging to someone with outstanding warrants.


As far as I'm concerned, the police killed my daughter. I thought it was a good girl. I'm not I'm not understanding. How did this turn into a shooting? Why is my daughter dead? Yes, bring your bag out here, man, stop, stop going through it. You can step right back here. What did you take out of this meeting? OK. OK. All right, listen, just come back here. I think we're getting off on the wrong foot, OK?


This is. Now, let me tell this for black people. Look here, the police is not hunting down black people for the for the just due to the fact that you're black. Yeah, they're not treating it like it's a sport. Yeah, they're not out there. Hunt you down. Even though LeBron James said we're being hunted down like animals. LeBron James is a moron. Don't listen to him. Just the basketball he can drop. We can crush you up.


He can break ankles, conduct on you when it comes to politics. Don't listen to LeBron. Yeah, LeBron, if you want to teach you how to do a good crossover, LeBron, you want to hear what really happened. You listen to us.


Yeah. In all seriousness. Yeah. And it's like black people got on stand on the left. The news media, the Democrats, the politicians, they're actually exploiting deaths of black people for political gain. Yeah. The more they keep people upset and the more y'all think this country is systemically race and you are being hunted down like Adams, the Democrats gonna play the race card on. Yeah, the whole point of this news clip that they showed in the local area and all over wherever it went is Nashville is just too.


Is so black people have the impression that cops, white cops will hunt you down like Adams. That's not what she actually had the audacity to say, that her daughter was a good girl and she don't know how this happened. Yeah. Let me show you how this happened. If you missed yesterday's video.


If I were to know because I haven't done anything wrong, ma'am. No. Hey, you know. You know the girl. The girl that I fell. Step out, go down here. I know, I know for sure for you and for that country. Yeah, yeah, for for that news, for the for that local news media, whoever shot this, you know, cover the story. Yeah, her mom should have never been there.


Should have never been told. And yeah, that's what I'm saying. You should have heard the story. You should have showed what happened. Her mom wouldn't have these questions. Black people wouldn't be up in arms in that area talking about another black person has been shot and killed, more likely unarmed. Indeed, it didn't do anything wrong. Yeah, that's why the majority people in the black community think the cops ought to get them. Yeah, that's why she's actually intervene.


When the cops are trying to arrest her. She's actually screaming for help. Yeah. If this mom or anybody with a conscience or IQ had in three after you see this video, you know what happened. If I saw Keith do this, pull a gun, refuse arrest, running around a corner, screaming help when his flip flops fall off and he pulls a gun, a 22 inches, two times like, damn, yeah, she acts. I'm not saying damn, Keith, man, how did you miss.


He was right there. I won't be saying I was a damn keep. What are you doing? Stop. Yeah, I mean, she actually shot the cop first. That cop actually took a bullet first before. Yeah. Before he returned fire when he could have actually just shot her up. You just when you seen her reach for the gun. Yeah. Is it. That cop is very lucky to be alive. He let that girl go inside of her purse in and out of that car.


She had so many opportunities to shoot and kill that man. Yeah, but. For black people to see if you're looking at this video, don't you feel like you're being exploited? Don't you feel like you're being used? Don't you feel like you're being lied to? I mean, I hate to see anyone lose a life, but you see why she lost her life. She shot a police officer. I think more than what she definitely shot him once.


I think it was more than two times. Yeah. I mean, and on top of that that gun that she had, was it registered? I mean, the way she's behaving, she I'm pretty sure that gun was not registered. I'm pretty sure that the weapon, the serial number, it makes you think how many bodies is on that gun. Yeah. I mean, how are you going to shoot a police officer?


Yep. I mean, I know you're going to jail, you don't want to go to jail, so you shoot them. Yeah. I mean, it's your fault you got pulled over, it's your fault that you are in this predicament that the captain pulled you over cause, oh, look, it's a black woman and I know she's good for something. He ran the tags. That was outstanding felony warrants on that vehicle. Right. You get out of the car, shot the guy more than once, I think he finds drugs on.


Yeah. I mean, and I'm just saying this, this is why I did this, we are so black people see this now because they know he still didn't have to shoot. I'm sure you are going to say something. You're going to find some kind of excuse. But your being played, you're being pimped, manipulated, exploited. And they used in black people's deaths to exploit you. They said you saw what happen if you put a deadly weapon on police officer.


If you refuse arrest, you're going to put your life in danger, especially if the cop feels like his life is in danger. I mean, the cop bad cop more was more than patient with this woman. Yeah, he could actually kept shooting once he was on the ground. He could have just lit that car up. Yeah. The threat was still that he could have kept shooting until his gun was empty. That woman could have could have drove over him easily.


I think he will he cared more about that woman's life than that woman actually cared about his life and she was like she saw from the video, you can make that conclusion. He cared more about that black woman's life than she cared about his life in her very own life. Yeah, he cared more about her life and his own life. Yeah. He had more care for her life than his own. Yeah. I mean, she was going to try to hit him with that car you saw big.


That was she told her today in court. Yeah. He he'd been just fine. I've been like hitting the damn moose. It'd be like hitting the damn elephant.


That was a big boy. Yeah. If I drove over him that car when it went up in the air like it was driving over down. That they have covered WINEP, an area that covered it would have bred turnover on that site. It was a big boy. Thank God he's alive. Yeah, thank God she didn't have to run home because she had told her that damn car. Yeah, but I'm I don't know why he was so nice to her.


I'm thinking it was a damn sensitivity training, that diversity training here is a damn shame that local media was exploiting this woman's daughter's death exploded. A woman exploiting her daughter's death. They're exploiting black people in general. Yeah. Nancy Grace is here, and you called me a Démocratie, you know, you don't want to be use a free man over you, you need to start thinking for yourself. Stop asking me stupid questions. My God, my daughter being so defensive.


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