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Gail. We got a new show for y'all. We got a damn good show, huh?


But for third show, everybody, you can always put in an official horse, twins, dot com kelada, Petrarch t shirt today, or maybe a hat, maybe a white privilege car or maybe some bird products. You discount code Chinese vase Hugi, 20 percent of USA Today, we're going to talk about that white supremacist state they call Josia. Yeah, they got that new Jim Crow going. They got the day got the Jim Crow 2.0 down at.


They bringing it back, it's like the good old days they took Jim Crow and turn it to Jim Crow 2.0. Well, that's what the left is calling it. Yeah, it's not it's not what's really going on, man, if you liberal in today's times, you are really something wrong with you. You do not think for yourself. If you if you heard that and someone said they got the new Jim Crow, what is new Jim Crow, if you believe that.


Now, you just a fool. You stupid, your sheep ignoramus, you mean moron. Imbecile. You're Democrat and you, liberal, liberal, have become synonymous with moron.


They got the right logo, that damn donkey cajoling them on a bunch of jackasses.


Yes, that's a jackass. That's not a donkey. That is our jack ass, replace that damn logo and put it just a jackass. Oh, you need to do to change. I was local, put some bigger teeth on that damn dumb ass jacket, put some big lips on it. I would make it look like a jacket, if that's what you love.


Is are you a bunch of emotional jackass? All right, let's get serious. You're scum. You can't think for yourself. Hey, stop calling yourself kings and queens. You not your peasants. You still watch.


Hey, let's get serious illness. I'm sick of these people, just go head to head with these jackass. Racist debt suppression, this la la, la, la, la. Same old song and dance from you, jackass. Hey. This is how the news is covering Georgia's new voting law is the next political flashpoint, that atrocity. President Biden condemned the new rules signed by Georgia's Republican governor Thursday that Brian Camp describes as election security.


But the president called out one new provision that forbids providing food and water to voters waiting in line.


This is nothing but punitive, designed to keep people from voting who can't provide water for people about to vote.


It may help break Georgia's electoral flip from traditional red to 2020. Blue gave President Biden and two Senate Democrats victories.


The new law will now also require photo I.D. to request an absentee ballot like voting in person.


It continues to, I think, will allow Georgia to have secure, accessible, fair elections.


But the White House says that could discourage elderly, poor and minority voters less likely to have government issued IDs to intentionally, I believe, attempt to prevent whole populations of people from exercising their constitutional right to vote in their elections.


The administration clearly so eager to speak out. The president also used Twitter at a more formal statement vowing to act.


All right.


Who the hell who the hell's coming up to the Damboa before my started sucking in all this damn black phone eat. You know, you want people to know it's white privilege. Skin reflecting It's hot for me, at least some damn water. Yeah, black people didn't sunscreen, too. You just can't let black people burn. You just can't tell because you just get black white people a day. You know, they burn, they got blisters and shit all over.


They like this.


How did this happen? Pretty late on the surface. You got no pigment in your skin. That's how it happened. You act like this. You just you just find out about, you know, pretty soon your mom and dad. Don't you stare at it and say you knew you was white for you.


That's all right now. Who the hell is showing up? I mean, that video managed to walk around with boxes of pizza. I mean, people I mean, who the hell is showing up feeding people? Just imagine like a damn buffet line. Who the hell is showing up? Giving people them three three course meal, them fried chicken. They're meditators. A damn role in a chocolate pie. So, I mean, if you feed people when they vote and I don't want those type people voting because they they can be exploited.


You can be manipulated. Well, you shoot at them poor. You can't eat. You have to go to the borderland academy.


They can exploit those people. That makes perfect sense, but that was just another lie by mainstream media. You can bring your water, you can bring you can bring your own food.


Yeah. Yeah. So also the poll workers, they can give out water. Yeah. They could still do all of that. Yeah. That was a flat out lie. Yeah. A straight out lie.


I mean it wasn't, it wasn't like what's the word I'm looking for. It wasn't like it was a miscommunication or it was a you know, I mean it was a flat out lie. Yeah. It's just like telling you it's just a lie. Yeah. From what the governor was saying, was the mayor right? The mayor was the governor. Governor Tim, cut it out. You could just keep it going.


Doing perfect. Look here, he said in the video, there was a point point blank that there was a lot if you outside of 100 feet, you can bring people can feed one another, somebody from the voting booth or whoever's working in it. Yeah, yeah. They like to sleep outside of one hundred and fifty feet. Yeah. Yeah. So it's just a just a point blank. Just a lot. And this whole thing about Berardi. Oh let me see this.


OK, these new laws. It doesn't just apply to black people, it plus everybody. That's how Jim Crow worked, if he was black, doing the same boat. Get your tongue out of here, boy. That's the way that worked. Yeah, they will make voter I.D. laws racist if it only applied to black folks. But it applies to everybody. What does this say? Let me ask you, this black fella watching this video who might be liberal, what the hell do you think people think of you and.


They think you're so disadvantaged. I don't know if disadvantage is the correct word, so dumb that you can't go on Canaday so you can go out and participate in society. It's not your fault you have a small brain. I mean, they think that less of you. Yeah. What does that make you feel? My brother. Does that make you feel like a man? I mean, these people so stupid don't even realize it. Let me read this from Georgia State of Elections official website.


Yeah, George is the reason why he's doing this, because I know a majority of black people that you either can't read or you don't know how to use computers. My brother's going to read to you. I mean, that's not my words. That's Joe Biden's words. Oh, OK. Yeah. Thanks for calling. I'm not I'm not saying I think black people that you have the ability to be very intelligent if you apply yourself.


But a lot of you black ambition. That's your problem. Yes, Joe Biden said you lack ambition. Yeah, Joe Biden said that. I know that 80 million people raced to the polls to vote for that man and me.


I'm not saying it. You're president. I can say that. Let me say this. Joe, calm down. Yeah, take a deep breath.


Georgia's voter ID card, look, if you do not have the six acetyl forms of our day, like military photo, passport, driver's license, I.D. card from DMV, it says if you do not have one of the six acceptable forms of photo I.D., the state of Georgia offers a free I.D. card and I.D. card can be issued to any kind of registrar's office or Department of Driver Services office free of charge. Even if your ass is Brautigam, give you a card.


And I know you black people in Georgia are like they're free just as we are Wortman. I'm damn free. Obama finally got like free shit. That's why your vote liberal. That was Ohio, I think was everywhere. They want free shit. I want that free shit. They give you free Addicott. So it I'm telling you, that is racist. However, what I did when they supplying these cards to you, it's free of charge. Besides, you need an outdated like just just to participate in society.


I mean you need Addicott to buy alcohol. Who doesn't drink alcohol. You need an I.D. to drive a car to get a credit card, to open a bank account to buy Sudafed. Lucy, do you have to have Andy Card to go in and buy porn? Yeah. You only have today if you just got a computer, you can get that all free. Yeah, but, you know, black people and I use a computer, that's what Joe Biden said.


What Joe Biden said, man, y'all don't know how to use a computer. I mean, Daniel, you know what's crazy, man, they want you to require an I.D. first, Lobatón citizen gun owners. Now I'm starting to think like, oh yeah, you know what it is? I know why y'all want us to present our we buy a gun cause you are racist. Y'all trying to keep the guns out of the hands of the white man.


That's why. It's the same logic out using a Berardi, yeah, exact same logic, but I wouldn't say that because I don't have a small brain like you. Yeah, exactly.


I can think I mean, identity theft is a huge issue, not only the United States all over the world. It's a huge industry. People making a lot of money to protect people's identities. Look, this new law is to make it harder to cheat. Easier to vote. Yeah. What's wrong with the law? Yeah, if it makes it easier to vote, they may be harder to cheat a man brother. That's what you won't to make it harder to cheat.


Yay. Easier to follow. Yes. Law. Yes. That's what you won't makes it easier to vote and cheat. It actually expanded voting early voting to 17 days. Yeah. It's actually easier to vote in a state of Georgia than the most liberal states out there. 17 days of early voting. Yeah, yeah. Tomatis them drop out boxes. Those days wasn't a thing until we had this global pandemic. That was never a thing to begin with.


Yeah, they said he's making it too restrictive. They drop boxes like people can fill out a ballot. And was the mail in ballots at home and. Oh, OK, I got to fill it out now. I got nowhere to drop this shit off.


They could actually do all of that because, you know, it is smart enough to fill out the damn ballot. I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to find some way to drop that shit off.


You could take it to any polling location and drop it off. You drop it. What do you actually need? Dropbox's. You got to stand in line. You just drop it in.


What the hell is wrong with you people? Why do you all fall for this? It's not voter suppression, it is securing the integrity of our elections, the most important thing in his country's elections is securing our democracy, if you can be able to cheat. We don't have none of that. If you're bitching about it and you really don't really care about, you know, free and fair elections, because that's the main reason why we have voter I.D. to prevent people from cheating, prevent people from lying about who they are.


Identity theft is a huge part this country. But you not to want to secure an election, but just a simple I.D. which can you can get for free in the state of Georgia where everybody is up in arms. Major League Baseball, they canceled the All-Star Game. That's why there was no sports. I can't even watch that anymore. Now, you messed it up for me. I stopped watching football. I sure as hell stopped watching basketball. I don't watch college basketball because all these people are fools.


Takes all these people got all this influence. I was like, man, and they could ruin our country, man, because they have no common sense. They have no idea what they're talking about. They got great talents. And like sports. Yeah, they can play, they can dribble ball, they can run fast, they can jump higher, they can hit you hard. But when it comes to the real things that matter in this country, like thinking and using your brain, they don't got shit all that damn money.


Oh, let them PISCATELLA It got the damn brain of a small brain agency it.


They got the brain. Don't say it, I know what you can say because we're twins. Don't say it. The stay, they got the brain of Joe back, here you go, they're safe right now. I was safe. I was gonna say something else. That was just it's a line I was fitting to go. It's race for black people to have to show an I.D. card look like black people are like a bunch of illegal immigrants and all their jobs is stand out from the Home Depot and getting picked up by rich white people to move shithole.


That's why another thing we need, Berardi to prevent illegal immigrants illegals from voting are. Yeah. Illegals from voting. Yeah, just people voting in Georgia didn't vote somewhere else. It's figure it's to just to hold the bill. Yeah. Well to make it easy to vote Ricky or Ricky, they made it a whole lot easier to vote. Easier to vote. Harder to cheat. What's wrong with that may be easier to vote. Harder to cheat, and you do what?


We what we made in the state of Georgia, you have an extra 17 days to vote, May. They made it a lot easier to vote, yeah, I think. And the thing I want to point out. They're not even they're taking things, dismissing context like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris in their spinning it like this was some horrible thing they did in Georgia. All they did was made it a lot easier to cheat. I mean, lot easier to vote and lot harder to cheat.


And it made a lot easier for people to vote early. It made up the voting process in the state of Georgia so much better. The thing I want to point out, all these liberals, all these Democrats, they are pointing out how racist this bill is, but they never tell you specifically what is racist about what is wrong with it. It does take little small things and you just use it out of context to misrepresent what the bill is actually doing.


Yeah. So so they can point paint it out to be racist, you know, misrepresent what? Most of these people just complain they haven't actually read the bill. Yeah. Like most people that complain about our videos, about us being Uncle Tom's did not even actually looking at my video in its entirety. They're not even listening to what I'm saying. Well, I think they look at a camera, a lot of this stuff. Yeah. A lot of dumb people out, a lot of stuff.


It just sails right over the head. That chick just like that. She goes straight to the moon like, wow, what the hell did he just say? All lives matter. Oh. Oh, no. With this is Black Lives Matter, man. No, all lives, you know, black people are included in the owner. Yes, that like all lives matter.


Did you see, like, really small ticks underneath black lives are excluded?




Oh, that's right. Yeah. I'm starting to think all lives don't really matter. Our lives don't matter. It's just the honest truth when I say that because you have murderers, they can burn in hell, rapists, they can burn in hell. Yeah, pedophiles, they can burn in hell. Yeah, that's true. Thieves, crooks. I won't say thieves and crooks. I mean anybody. I can barely hear me because that time I lost my money, some thief stole it and I was hot.


All lives don't matter. Only the good ones do.


A man you need to start reading the Bible, know that that is probably the one about no, it isn't about, but even a lot of death in the Bible, even the load. We forgive you for your sins, you just got to repent, you could actually put on you could actually be a man, put on a dress, be a woman. And. Let's the mother do this in the women, what satomi's you in the Lord will forgive you.


You think so? Yeah. Even though you kill somebody, Lord forgive you just got to repent. You think little. Now, what's going on here? Do not you think you can buy any of that? He wrote. He wrote the devil. I'm just saying, if you repent, if you say, oh, wait a minute, I messed up, let me in the pearly gates, I was trying to make some money. I just put the dress on because I was there the whole time of my life.


What we had to go down, yeah, head to head to toe the transgenders in a a few. I love you just like I love everybody. Yeah. I hate everybody. Just as equally, but I ain't got nothing against you if you wear a dress. All right, let's get off of it. Now, we're going to clarify this, may we look like some damn bigots right now? No, I just say no, we don't hate nobody.


Yeah. Oh, he loves everybody equally. I even love lefties. I just hate how you think. Yeah. Yeah. Hate Lettice. I mean, you have to guess what goes on with that phrase, all lives don't matter and you crazy, you know, I mean, these people scrummy. Well, you don't hate them. You hate how they think. That's what you hate. That's why I hate to tie.


It's OK to hate men just have good reason and they hate Trump supporters, they call us white supremacy. They hate us what? Hate them, love you too much. They want to they want to bring in somebody will bring about a gift. You got be the bigger person. That's why now I'm tired of sometimes had been a damn big person. I'm a stupid elev when they go low I'm a go high.


It will you see them on public.


You make him feel unwanted. You tell them they're not welcome. They used to like Maxine Waters stole the shit out of Maxine Waters man. See that's crazy. Maxine Waters could get away with that negative.


Don't there you tell these people you're not going on. If Donald Trump did that there, Maxine, one oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, that would be crazy. And did Trump come up to him feel let down? What did Trump sound like? Hunter But could you imagine that? Yeah, Trump family will go down in history, but they go down is great. Yeah, they like the buttons now. You know, I like the buttons and they need down reality show and skill set.


So just came out and said he he's mistaken some of some parmesan cheese for crack and smoked it. What. Yeah. Who said that. What the hell am said I article. I already knew. You know the headline is crazy. Yeah I know it. Just get back on the voter suppression bill that we've been over. This shit, that shit man. And you know, damn voter suppression as Dem suppression. That's what that bills for. Because if you're an idiot and you believe mainstream media, I don't believe anybody on the left or right.


I read I sit down with both parties and look with both of them have to say, and I make up my own mind. Yet Bill is not Jim Crow 2.0. If you do, you have a small brain and you know the left. They always use race to get their way everytime race races. Look at what Jim Crow was. I mean, black people are actually murdered trying to vote in history. Yeah, I mean, it's crazy.


I'm going to label that. And it's funny y'all y'all bring up the KKK and the Klan, Jim Crow. That shit was all Democrats. They founded the KKK, the Jim Crow Democrat Democrats. There was never a Republican thing that was a Democrat thing. Yeah, the the Republicans freed the slaves.


I just don't get it. People, if you're liberal and you're poor, you deserve every bit of it. You got everything is coming to your sorry and you are scum.


The only reason why you're in a position you are in is because where you think and you make yourself these people turn you into a victim. Liberals are not there to liberate you. They're there to make you a victim and make you to vote for them for the rest of your life. All right. You vote for free, hand out free. You vote for government, vote for reparations. I vote to keep the government out of my damn life and ensure my rights.


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