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Gil. Got a new show for y'all, got a damn good show, yeah, but for we start, Mama, everybody get always potage. Twins are official twins. Dotcom of patriotic T-shirt today or maybe a hat to show off Dem bangs or maybe a white privilege card or maybe some by product. You discount code Chinese vase Hugi to an percent of Ye Honeybun, one of the cricket bat.


That's one cool nickname if you if he lived in a hood. And hey, Ana, how do you go from cocaine to crack? That's a pretty big jump, don't you think? Everybody knows cocaine is for the white people, for the rich people. And the crack is for is. Crack has destroyed black communities, ripped them apart, yeah, you can function on cocaine. What did he look? When did you get the idea to go smoke some crack?


How could you sit and see what that drug has done to black communities? And you over in your white privilege and vice president say, you know what, I'm across.


They did was high on a hill.


Did your dad say you'd be the smartest person? You know, you can't be too smart smoking. I think it just being nice, who is dad, you know, his dad is a compulsive liar. He's a Democrat. They like constantly I mean, even Latino kids. Well, maybe you can help them out and help him tell him to come give them a pep talk. Yeah, give him a pep. Told me they can make him feel good.


Yeah. Gimblett them up, give a little confidence, go back to cocaine, get off. And, you know, a poor man's drool. Anyway, I saw in the clip of Hanah, and it was like telling who was being interviewed with Tom about how he smoked so much crack, he was found himself down on his knees, picking up kernels of Parmesan cheese and smoking it like it was crack. And I was like, man, that took a lot of courage for that dude to do that.


But it turns out this news on a book tour, he needs some more money for some smoke crack. Most famous book, Beautiful Things that's missing a whole lot of context. I hope you don't get fat check when you're selling your book. Beautiful Things. You talk about how bad of a cracker you smoke them Parmesan cheese. How do you even know with Parmesan cheese? I guess he's probably joking. Now, I don't think he's joking. He was serious as a heart attack.


Yeah, you got that same Dade's deer in the headlights. Look, when your dad's getting interviewed, you and your dad could be twins. Me, both some dummies. Hey, it's funny how you know it's crazy. I bet you white supremacist thought if they're ever going to be a president of us and his sons, a crackhead, it's going to be a black fella.


There's a reason, racist joke, it's funny. Think about it, everybody knows why people told me to crack this list like that was a black things like white dudes don't put sport in waves and put waves in some black. Why are you out there? Smoking is neck shit like, say, the white man with cornbread. It's the it's like the right way to do where do rag smoking crack. You would never see that. But Honeybun said, forget all that.


I'm an old person. I think for myself I'm a do me some crack. And he was on Inside Edition then he had to say this during the interview.


Underbite sit down to promote his new memoir aired today on CBS This Morning, and he talked about dating his late brother's widow. As unusual as that sounds, it does happen more than you would think.


Hunter Biden is speaking about one of the strangest events in his train wreck, like his affair with his brother's widow.


A lot of people look at that and think, what were you thinking? Yeah, what were you thinking? Both of us had gone through the most incredibly painful loss and it was out of love. And I thought that maybe that love would bring my brother back home and it didn't work in the middle of that. Did you think about how your own kids would look at this?


Yeah, and it was hard. It's all I can say. It was really hard.


Hunter began seeing how he Biden after his brother Beau's death from brain cancer. He was still married to his wife, Kathleen. He was interviewed by CBS This MORNING's Anthony Mason in advance of the publication of his book, Beautiful Things. He also spoke about the taboo affair on CBS Sunday Morning when the news of that broke.


How did people look at you? I think people were confused by it. And I understand that. I mean, I really do. To me, it's not something that is difficult to explain because it came out of a a real.


Overwhelming grief that we both shared and. We were together and trying to do the right thing, and that grief turned into a hope for a love that maybe could replace. What we lost and it didn't work, relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh, it's so understandable how it can happen when two people have both suffered a loss together. There often is a time of bonding. In this case, the relationship was short lived, but plenty of these relationships can last a lifetime.


Hunter Biden says he was drinking a quart of vodka a day and smoking crack around the clock. He blames his downfall on losing his mother and little sister in a car crash when he was two years old.


Yeah, man, it's the. It's got to be tough, man, losing a sibling to, you know, of course, but. I mean, I mean, I don't know how you came with the idea. Maybe if I slam my mushroom tip in my late brother's wife and maybe I can bring my brother back. I mean, when you come Odera deal when you're smoking crack.


Of course, that she wasn't going to work.


Well, I think he was talking in metaphors. No, he did it. That crack them up. Yeah. I thought it took him a lot of courage to do that, man. But there was pandemonium shown trying to make it seem like this was normal. It it took a whole lot more courage of you to went on Fox and head Tucker Carlson interview. Yeah. Maybe going a little prouder. That takes courage. These people held your hand in, baby.


You're doing this whole interview. Look at this interview with this guy and look how they treat all the conservatives out there. Yeah, they actually make up stuff. Yeah. And criticize and this and that. But I wonder how that conversation went on when he found out Bruce was having an affair. How did that conversation go with your dad when he came here? He said, sit down, honey. Come on, man. What do you think?


It I mean, it really disturbed me anyway.


A lot is trying to fall in the middle. What are you thinking it. Come on, homogenisation. Liberals want me. Come on, honey. Honey, anyway.


A man on a U is a cool cat man like I lost you to something like that and for me to lay down, get an erection.


Think about it now. Yeah, he had been turned on, he got a powerful erection. Yeah. Took it mushroomed. It just buried his brother. I mean, buried his brother. Yeah. Laid down his late brother's wife. Stuck it inside of her. And I know Ellie stroked it at least 500 times and think about this and what makes it worth. She lay down. Yeah. Open up Dem legs and let her inside. While he was married, I mean, think of kids, if you're going to blame honey, you got to blame her to.


This dude in there. Oh, yeah. Oh, I ow, damn fan is a damn damn train wreck. Joe, you need to put your foot down when your kids. I mean, you can't run a country. I know you can't take your shit is going on it, maybe it's easier for him to run the United States to take of Hannah. Yes, I do. That's a full time job. You got to keep an eye on his.


I know you got some money left, you only gave 10 percent to the big guy. Yeah, now you need some more money. You going to sell his book so you get you some more crack.


That's crazy. You do anything for money. I was thinking it was like he was doing this out of courage to put his foot in, show people what where he messed up in his life.


But he's selling something that does not take any courage, money or do anything for money. Yeah, you buy a whole lot of crap. I still can't understand to this day. I know there's a war on drugs and people are suffering from it. I know the difference. And I never did drugs. I don't smoke weed. I don't drink. Yeah, I don't I know it's a huge difference between cocaine and some damn crack. I can understand a person slip in some crack.


I know. Sniffing crack snip. I mean, sniffing cocaine. OK, yes. I think to kill you. Yeah. You smell a cover up. Yeah. I think you sniff some crack. You don't. I'm not sure I don't have any experience in this. Yeah. But that's a huge leap. It's like going from marijuana to meth. They say it happens, they say marijuana is a gateway to all. All drugs as well, do you like this, why do drugs take this, everybody now take seriously serious this.


Drugs, right? They say like crack. Yeah, they say. It's like. Having sex now, imagine having sex the first time. You are better, they say it better. And secondly, have. CLIMAXES, it's beautiful, powerful, powerful. Just imagine having the most powerful orgasm, throbbing, throbbing. Skin, skin, rippin, pulsating organ. Losing your breath, Orgasmos, right, think about that your first time, well, it's not that good for women.


First Stanzler blood everywhere, but anyway for is amazing. And B, if you just got to be genuine, you can be going to the straight Rambo like of.


OK, let's get serious on a subject. Now y'all know how great sexy is, right, and maggoty in geophysics, everybody, let me finish what you can find out. One person said, man, I had sex. I didn't enjoy it. I mean, it's this, OK? You had said you had sex to make one out of a million. Yeah. When I'm gonna make my point, you know, everybody knows how great sex is, right?


Everybody knows golf is great. That's why people cheat. Men are so tempting men because it's powerful means like a drug.


All right. Let me finish. Pascal, say. Everybody knows how great sex is, right? At times you can say that I got to reset it up because you keep cut me out. But go ahead, say it again, because I know York. Yeah, got to I got to set it up. Set it up my. Now we all know how great sex is right after that first time, matching, giving it up. Yeah, how many you can walk away from all that damn nut busting and throbbing orgasm of that first time and just stop the rest of life as hard as it's like.


Oh, yes, that's what it's like to stop smoking crack after that first time. It's that powerful. It's like give up the best thing you you like like giving up pizza, TV, watching Hauge twins.


It's like I give you a real good example, drugs. So Parbo, take one thing that you can't go it out is like, it's like let me put it like it is like giving up breathing. Some powerful shit to wrap your head around that Elsom, Socrates should give up Breit. Give up breathing, give up breathing, can you give a breathe? No, you can't give a brain, you die. That's right. Think about this. That's how that's how hard it is.


I take it you give up drugs, stop breathing, you give it up. How about this stuff? All the Danbury's fellas, fellas, think about this. The support for drugs is crack, all that taking go chop your mushroom tip off, why not do all that? Is that powerful enough? By trying to do that, you're going to give it up and go to sleep, holding it at night, making sure nobody takes a while to sleep.


It would depend what it depends really depends on what it might be like transgender people. You had to get them in this way. I'm just speaking facts, something that some people want to get out, get rid of that. OK, let's start about that. I'm tired of talking about it.


How do you get enough air time? We talk about Hunter the day, Hunter the crackhead. But I mean, the reason why I sell this sex trapping mushroom tip off breathing. I mean, the reason why that's why I don't do drugs. Yeah. Your drugs will have a grown man standing on the corner. You're in a dress straight as hell out there sucking. For money, for Kret, mushroom tips and a straight as hell, that's how powerful, powerful the crack rock.


That's what Honeybun WoodSmoke. That's what I do not understand, why a white man is so privileged.


Get only white privilege to go out there and smoked. But he's the smartest person Joe Biden knows, and I think your dad is try to be nice, try and help him out, man. You know, you got to give them pep talks. You can't just come in and say, honey, your dumb ass just smoked.


You bang your damn brother's dead. One of your dead brother's wife. I mean, you sorry ass. You came walking in like, yeah, you got walking to look on the smartest guy I know just cut back on all this damn crack. Yeah, and stop. I mean, you're married, for Christ's sake. You can't do that. You have to. I still think that what he said man said he was trying to bring his brother back.


I mean I mean, it's got to be painful. It must have been how when he came over did.


Yeah, definitely. Anyway, come on, come on, man. Hey, man, but. Well, anyway, it's a good time to say that we just said enough mean people give Joe Biden president, tough time saying if you just tired and he's tired of talking about it. I mean. Is he going to buy the book? Ambanis for any Boenish sitting with the papers on. I no, he's crooked, he's a mess why he's out here, he's trying to sell his book because he needs money.


Yeah, the money grab for him is just a money grab. I mean, by liberals gonna run out a man, even a vice president of the United States. Son is a victim just like me. He's he's a survivor. He's a I'm a bad.


But at the end of the video, the lady said what she say? He was drinking a quarter, which is a quart of vodka, you know, much a quart is he was drinking a quart of vodka and smoking crack around the clock a quarter. I mean, I, I mean, I've tasted vodka. It's like swollen straight gasoline because I don't drink. That's just burned down. Well, Honasan, alpha male. He's the alpha male. Yeah.


You just you just Girlyman want a real man smoking to court a whiskey, vodka and smoking crack around the clock. And she said something that was very I thought was art. Yeah. He blames his drug addiction and all this his life and what happened to him at two years old when he lost his little sister and his mom? Yeah, I mean, at two years old debt. That's that's why you're doing what you're doing. I remember when I was doing it to two years old.


You remember that? I don't. I mean, does a two year have the cognitive ability to remember what Joe said? He said he's the smartest man he knows. So maybe he's got a high IQ. Maybe he's very intelligent. Maybe he did know me. I mean, they're just like trying to paint, just being sarcastic. I mean, it it's shit. I know. Hey, hold on. I was going to say something. Go ahead and say.


Forgot what some say, may you crazy. Hail with that as well, like when you cut me off because I forget you forget it that first year. It just came back to me. It did. I mean, at two years old, you blame what happened. You had to say that thing is, is you lack maturity. You made some bad decisions. That's no excuse to smoke crack. So just because that happened, crack, you smoked some crack.


I mean, if I lose my brother and to something horrible, I will go out there and smoke some damn crack. Is that is that going to make anything better? Make things worse? Did him have sex with his wife? It's going to bring it's going to make it make you crazy. Yes, like it seemed like the host of the show, whatever you want to call it. They just pampered him, just made them out to be a victim of it's OK.


He had some horrible thing. That's the whole kind of horrible things happen to everybody. Know everybody faces adversity, but it's how you respond to that is what's going to determine how successful you are. And it happened. It doesn't matter whether you're white, black or vice president's son. Yeah. You just you just made all the wrong decisions. You didn't make that one right decision. Me not one. Not one smoking crack. And on top of that man, you've mistaken Parmesan cheese or crack.


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And just because he supported the president, United States. Yeah, they've taken him out over 20 stores. They're banning them on social media. He's having a tough time even marketing his products. Yeah. In this country, he's a man of principle. He has employees. He's got a great product. And just because he has different political opinions, big tech wants him to go away. But we're not going to let that happen. They want to crush his business to so support Mike Lindale, go to my pillow dotcom and use discount code hogs to get up to 60 percent off.


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