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Oh, no, I got to laugh every time I do that. I could hear myself in the mic, just sounds sounds good. Yeah, but anyway and just get serious, this is a serious topic. We got another unarmed black man shot in the back seven times in front of his kids.


And when I read that online, I was like, man, I'm like pissed off. I'm thinking, how the hell did this happen? Yeah, right. You got all your kids in car, you get shot in the back. So I'm like, yeah. But before I can even get into the store, you have to see what happened. Yeah, I mean, all of this could have been avoided so easily, man. So people would just listen.


Yeah, just stop and listen to the officers demands. And it's funny, the media, when they showed a video, nobody ever mentions that nothing is another unarmed black man shot in the back.


Sometimes when if they was in that same position as this, as Jacob Blake, they would have stopped and listen to those cops demands. That's the common denominator in each and every one of these situations.


Somebody listening. Yeah. Somebody don't know how to follow directions. I've been pulled over a couple times. My life at gunpoint, never got shot, never had to go to a hospital. All I had to do was listen to the police officer, put my hands in the air, get on both knees now. Put your hands behind your head. Yeah, just lay flat back now. Roll over now. Put your feet in there. Now put one arm in and tell you to do all that.


I'm just all exaggerate. All you got to do is follow the cop's directions. So check out the video.


And everybody's talking about, oh, my God, he got shot in front of his kids, which is a tragedy, which is horrible. But personally, I don't think Jacob gave a damn about his kids been in the back, because if I was in that position and I'm with my kids and in the back of the car and the cops point a gun at me and tell me and start giving me the man's, last thing I would do as a father is jump in the car with my kids.


But you know what? Jacob jumped in a car with his kids because Jacob didn't give a shit about his kids. He didn't care what his kids saw. He didn't give a shit if these kids was going to get shot because he's being stupid. Just being stupid. That's your kids in the car. You got two officers got a gun on you. Yeah. And you jump in the car with your kids in the car. Yeah, the cops. Nobody's saying anything about that.


I'm more upset at Jacob than anybody. You got your kids in the car, man? Yeah. And people don't realize that domestic incidents, domestic violence calls for police officers are the most. Dangerous situations for police officer, 40 percent of police officer deaths in this country are responding to calls just like this.


Yeah, everybody keeps saying black lives matter. Do these two cops do the last man because Jacob put their life at risk? Yeah, he looked when I looked at it, looked like he was trying to grab a weapon. Anybody with the brain will be scared. Anybody with two eyes would say, hey, he's going for a weapon.


Yeah. And and honestly, the people are saying that. So if you are a police officer, you like, OK, what are you getting? Oh, he's probably getting his wallet or his driver's license. I fell up under the seat. Yeah, maybe he's getting, I don't know, a stick of gum. Let's just see. We'll come out with stop making excuses for this man. No rational person would think that if I'm a cop or you a cop, I'm thinking he's grabbing some.


This whole thing could have been avoided. All he had to do was follow the cop's directions. And on top of that man, when the cops get there, they don't really know what's going on. They know it's a domestic disturbance call, but they don't know who's involved. They don't know what transpired. They got to do an investigation. You got to ask questions.


They got to approach everybody as if they're the most violent person in this world.


Yeah, because like I said, domestic disturbance calls is the number one killer of cops. Sometimes the the wife will call the cops. Right. My husband beat me again as soon as they arrest her husband. Guess who ends up shooting, killing the cops. The wife.


Yeah, it's just dangerous from both ends. Yeah. And this man, same thing over and over and over. And it's like, I don't get it. I was like black as black people. You see, cops will shoot you. If you don't follow commands, they will shoot you. Yeah.


They won't shoot you for no reason. They're not like that. Life is a danger. They will shoot you, but it is not going to get out of the car. It starts shooting.


Yeah. Cops do not hunt down black man. I've failed to see a black dude walking down a street just minding his own business, flying a damn kite in a cop, jump out the car and shoot and kill him.


Now, all these incidents are handled or has the same scenario. Yeah, not following commands every single time. Black folks, the media is playing you now. Every time I see an incident with one or black man, y'all attack acting a fool. You putting your life at risk. Yeah, they burn down the city now.


You know, you're burning down the damn city when all Jacob had to do was just stop, listen, follow commands.


I mean, the cop's life matters to they not going to sit back and wait for him to pull out a gun and shooting.


There's more cops shot and killed an unarmed man, period. Yeah, white and black. Hundreds of police officers already died this year. And more often than not, they don't get up. They don't get they don't get no warning or they don't get no protest. They don't get no the NBA wearing the jersey with that name on the back of it. Don't get none of that. No respect at all. Yeah. Jacob is in a position he is today because he didn't follow directions, had nothing to do with his skin color.


I guarantee you, if he was white, did he did his sex? Same thing. Race played no part in this. Absolutely nothing hopefully makes it through. He's out of ICU and he's not dead. So hopefully makes it through. But yeah, it's like this growing thing that I see in a black community, like black people have a chip on their shoulder. You have a time capsule. Right. And it's almost like, OK, go make me a hero today.


I'm a I'm act out. They shoot me. I'm going to make me a hero. This is going to be a war storm will be famous. I ain't gonna go out like no pun I'ma be a martyr and go crazy is hail.


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