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Use discount code, sell out, Maggie, 20 percent. And why are you going for black people? Yeah, black people call a sellout. Now, that discount code for black people sell out. Yeah, that's for them. The white people get the best. Oh, yes, right. Black people you sell out because that's what you are. Because you watch us. You're white. White privilege. You get twenty point five percent. Got to get more than the BlackBerry because it's white privilege.


You both get the same, rub it in, make it twenty two percent. Now, let's get serious. You know, I mean, people like could trigger with that. Now hold up.


You get the white people to say, hey, come on, let's get serious on, you know, black people using that damn setup, using white privilege. Yeah. Yeah. They smart people smart enough to see Joe Biden say y'all stupid. Can use, you know, black people. Now I'm use the damn white privilege. They don't know they own a computer and everything. Yeah. But anyway, I just get serious on this Joe Biden man.


You are you e is a walking main. I just an instant you a reality show me no script. All you need is a camera. Yeah. And you just cut the camera. OK, Joe Gomez, do you, baby? Hey, I've heard of people falling down the stairs, but how you fall up? Yeah, several times Joe is setting all kinds of records. And then the one thing I slow down. Joe. Yeah. Why are you running up the steps, man?


Hey, I. What I don't understand. After you fall up the stairs, he gets up to the top and he does this. What the hell was to salute four games a game is credit, man, he nailed it. That's when it damn best damn sluiced you have ever seen. You nailed it. I give you 10 on a one for the steps. No. But I want to say there's a lot of liberals like defending Joe Biden on Twitter saying this is not even a story, it is a story.


Imagine if it was the pilot running up the steps, kept phone. Would you get on the plane? I'm not going on a day like this. The let me say it's a big time problem. And you see in the pilot, you're going to see mom and daddy. For Valentine's Day or for that birthday, you see the pilot run upstairs and phone again, or you can get on a plane. Not I watch it fall. Well, I don't think the pilots are 100 years old and we have seen some of pattern and he looked like Joe.


I'm asking you the question, would you get a hold of who is it? Was that the pilot? Please tell me that was the stewardess. I mean, the reason why people get on that flight, if I know, is Joe Biden, he's flying the plane. Hell yeah. You can get on that plane. He's flying. No, I'm saying I wouldn't get on a plane. So that's one. That's all, because I've got too much history, just like I can't get on a plane.


Yeah, but it's a red flag for me. He failed three times. It's just a pilot. I've never met him. And he's run up the stairs like that and you get on it. Maybe he's just in a rush. No, man, it's a red flag for me. That's like some final destination said. Somebody is trying to tell you something. Look, there's a lot of liberals, leftists, whatever you want to come on line defendants, and this is not news.


This is not a story. I said, look, it really isn't. But you guys set the precedent when Trump was in office.


Yeah, he sure did. That was he was at West Point. He just gave a speech. And all you liberals talk about how he was having cognitive decline and he's not physically fit to be president. United States. I would pull up the damarcus polyfoam. I'm a poor damarcus up. You know, these liberals, they very forgive me, look at their leader. You forget who the president is. Have something called Kamala Harris president.


Yeah. That's because she is he just telling the truth. He's just he's just slipping up by mistake. OK, look at this article from New York Times, Trump's halting walk down ramp raises new health questions of what because he is walking down the damn ramp, slow the runs down a ramp.


Who the hell runs downhill? Yeah, look, I don't know. I have seen nobody get off a flight and run down a ramp. You running down a ramp. Who to help run down the ramp? I said, up we get it. Let me read this crazy. Hey, who wrote that article? Who the hell runs down? He read article, Matt. Crazy as hell I look, let me read the article. He wasn't moving fast enough, a little rhetorical.


Look, this is New York Times crazy me, because if he were running, anybody could make fun of him, say, look, he's incompetent. Who runs down hill.


This great tale you finished reading, reteaming may go going. You sure you want me to read it? You want to keep talking? I look this dark. This is why this is news. You guys set the precedent. Yep, you did. We're here to work for the day kids president. Yeah, it is what you started.


Only Christians watching man you want to rag again today and look, you know, hey, let me get you a change so you could change your tampon. All right, look, the president also appeared to have trouble raising a glass of water to his mouth during a speech at West Point a day before he turned 74. The oldest the president has been in his first term goes on to say, and he rose up. They bring up the fact he was the oldest president at that time.


How old is Joe right now? Joe, he's always present at this time, right? We all can bring it up. But he conservative. We're not allowed to is not this is not new. Look, Mr. Crump, who turned 74 on Sunday, the oldest, a US president, has been in his first term, was recorded hesitantly descending the ramp one step at a time after he delivered an address to graduating cadets at the New York based Academy on Saturday.


That's just being safe, right? That's that one article. Then this next article, CNN, of course, they had to jump in. It's crazy here. You can skip run down around the water. Look at this. President Trump slow and halting descent down a ramp following his commencement speech at West Point, lit up the Internet over the weekend with many speculating about whether he was in ill health. Trump because he has Trump responded to the criticism late Saturday night with this tweet.


Yeah, let's read. This is the best part. That ramp that I descended after my West Point commencement speech was very long and steep, had no handrail and most importantly, was very slippery. The last thing I was going to do is fall for the fake news to have fun with it. Follow 10 feet. I ran down to level ground momentum. Yeah. I mean, it's like, well, you know, the people is right. I mean.


I mean, these people, these labels, man, some of them are. They are very stupid. We may don't see things like yourself quick, I picked up on it, picked up on word in that article. Man, who the hell run down a ramp? I get it. I picked up only a couple of seconds because I'm smart, I'm sure. I mean, I don't I'm intelligent. I get that liberals, man. I don't think they're very smart.


And now they're not dumb. Who the hell, who the hell will read it and think about it saying, right, somebody walking, running down a damn ramp? Yeah, I mean, I'm just saying like this, they're just. They stupid, if you did if you read that article, you totally objective, you have no bias. That's the thing. That article makes no sense. That's the thing. That's not news. What is news is, is a man falling up the steps.


He did have the audacity to turn around and give you a 10 salute. A what? Salute him. A guillotine for that man. All right, man, let me do talk. Look here, I don't see too many people at that age that Trump said and Joe Biden running down ramps to begin with, you see me running down a damn ramp that it's not a six. I mean, just nobody does that sort of hail skips or runs down already, huh?


I ain't never seen it. I haven't even seen The Wizard of Oz, man. Ain't seen no cartoon, no fairy tale. Ain't seen nobody in the movies skipping or running down a damn ramp. Yeah. It's like when Trump's in office, I had this bias against him. What if he does? You're going to make him look bad. That's why we even talk about this today. Y'all said the president guy saying Trump was trying to start a world war when they bombed that damn I in general.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd like to do. Wasn't a terrorist attack like he was just some damn used camel salesman. And yeah, I ran it just so camels for living. It had the world's best chicken kurzem. No man at Dudin had world's best chicken curry, he was not out there selling used camels. This dude was a killer, he was a terrorist. He was plotting against our government to take people out. Yeah, he had been.


You had the audacity to go after Trump at the. We had to neutralize what you say he had he was plotting to take out the government. Oh, Darren. Some of the embassy embassy. He planned embassy attack. But Trump was starting a world war, didn't Biden gets on TV and that dude, George Stephanopoulos, or whatever his name is, he has become a Democrat. Is he a killer? He started this. Yeah. George, whatever your name is, you start hold up.


Let me finish. You started this whole conversation. You said is is he a killer by al Qaeda? And then banned protests calling the Russian President Putin a killer going down. He got these new stores that he can start a World War. I don't look here, son. You need to bring down Matip. Bring it way down. You can start a war rush. So how are you going to ask the president a United States summit on live TV?


You are journalist, you have a responsibility to keep America safe. I mean, if the man is a killer, why are you talking to me?


You think if I don't so bad as a vicious killer, a murderer leads to murder over a killer, you turn that man and Putin Putin responded. He challenged Bud. For open live debate live on television, because he noticed, dude, last year is like a walking meme. The dude it's not is his own reality show man.


Yeah. What's that show the Kardashians, they just call it the Kardashians, right? Yeah, the hell you're talking about trying to come up with a name for his reality show, but the buttons, we call it buttons and we cannot Burnstone his crackhead son, Hunter. We get it backwards here and that will get bad. Y'all will beat the Kardashians. And yes, I tune in for that. Just laugh at you and your son right there smoking crack.


Yeah, but make sure y'all don't be doing this fake stuff. Like sit down, y'all playing chess.


Know how to crack pipes out, having prostitutes out.


I mean, just keep it one hundred, have Joe out there playing with his dog, just breaking his damn ankles again. Yeah, I have Joe down downhill or running down a ramp doing some crazy. Yeah, but you guys set the precedent for this year, man. That was a damn good show, yeah. Forget good official horse twins, dotcom, go to the fight censorship tab, hit the links, follows on telegram, follows on Rumpo and follows on YouTube.


Darvin sensitives dannette yet actually being fair.


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