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He got a new show for y'all got a damn good show. Uh huh.


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Well, maybe somebody brought us. You discount called Chinese buyers are 20 percent of. Ye. Just what I just started feeling sorry for Gilbert. He does this today. I'd like to circle back to immigration, please. You just listed the reasons that people are coming talking about in country problem, saying that it happens every year. You've blamed the last administration. Sir, I just got back last night from a reporting trip to the border where I met a nine year old yourself who walked here from Honduras by himself along with another little boy.


He had that stone on him and we were able to call his family.


His mother says that she sent her son to this country because she believes that you are not deporting unaccompanied minors like her son. That's why she sent him alone from Honduras. So, sir, you blamed the last administration, but is your messaging and saying that these children are and will be allowed to stay in this country and work their way through this process, encouraging families like yourselves to come?


Well, look. The idea that I'm going to say, which I would never do, an unaccompanied child ends up at the border. We're just gonna let them starve to death and stay on the other side.


No previous administrations that either except Trump, I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to do it. That's why I've asked the vice president, the United States yesterday to be the lead person on dealing with focusing on the fundamental reasons why people leave Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador in the first place.


I believe that. So a nine year old walked all the way from Honduras by himself. Don't know how far walk it is. It's like you walk from California to Virginia by yourself. Two thousand miles. Know, we've all seen the movies of little kids going on long field trips. Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


I'm hungry, I'm not making fun of these people. Now, you know, now, but if that kid came from, I don't believe it. I don't believe it. If he, in fact, came from Honduras, he came in a car or something. That kid a walking. I tell you what, if he walked all the way here from Honduras, man, just going to give him his papers. Give me give me citizenship. He wants to be an American.


Hey, now don't give him. But you got to give this straight now, you got to mouth Miles, he earned it. No, I didn't. You know, a damn thing on the way. You earned becoming a citizen coach when you bonemeal and you got to do it like my wife did. Come here legally. Yeah. What you got? What was it like five, ten years? He was here after being a resident alien. Yeah, yeah.


You got to you got to take a test. I don't care if you walk from Brazil here. You ain't kidding. Yeah, like my wife, she got she became a U.S. citizen, but she came, she did it right away, man. I mean, I get that he walked two thousand miles, but there's people that did it the right way. Yeah. And what kind of mama sister, nine year old boy on a two thousand mile journey get their mom.


Just follow the just awesome.


I don't believe that. I don't believe it either. He had some help. Yeah, but I got to touch on the obvious lie. Yeah, I mean, worst fact checkers when you need a PolitiFact fact checking that's left and right, jacketless fact check out president. This man is a stone cold liar. This man had the audacity to question. The reporter asked. He didn't even answer. He didn't even answer misrepresentative. What questions? Yes. Yeah.


Never answered the question. Yeah. And goes on to say. That Trump let kids starve to death at the border. The same president who called it a humanitarian crisis at the border, you never admitted that there was a humanitarian crisis. Yeah, just said it was a lie. Yeah. The same man he called that is going to let people starve to death at the border. I mean, yo and peace that man twice, if not above this evidence that Trump's administration was linked to the death of starvation.


A little kid. You had him dead, right? He got impeached for that. He got actually removed from office. Why didn't you bring it up during impeachment? You know, why didn't happen. Trump didn't let kids starve to death. You know, long it takes to starve to death. How about a brother? I can't believe I got to sit here and actually argue that if President Trump had kids starving to death at the border. You know what's funny?


Supposedly troubled kids starve to death, but Joe Biden says there's not a crisis at the border. He won't even let the press in there. He's got some type of gag order. Yeah, it's not an official gag order, but like it's this article, NBC News, I'll just put it up. Officials at the border saying they have to get White House approval before releasing anything and they can't they can't tell like they call Trump a dictator. You don't even have freedom of press at the border to look at.


These are it is they say it's not a crisis. We can't even let our press inside to verify anything. Do we have freedom of press or not? Yeah. Who's the dictator? You called Trump a dictator, what the hell you call Joe Biden? You don't have freedom of press. Depressed, you don't have the right to be there. I can't it just goes to show you how bad is it at the border, what he had behind that whole Kobe thing.


That's what he's hiding behind. It's making excuses why they said the reason why the reporters can't go in case they got covid the immigrants are going to get sick. They already got covid. I mean, they bring in covid here. Yeah, they got a lot of cover now, but the reporters. Can't go because they're going to get mad. I mean, I can't believe the audacity of these lies and people believe it, like when he was going to answer the question, he just stopped and looked up and started laughing.


Like, how the hell am I going to get out of this tall tale sound when somebody pauses like it and looks up? They're trying to think of a lie to tell you. And he comes up with that great idea. I'll do what I always do and it always works. It's Trump's fault and you'll continue to fall for it.


Yeah, it's the same. I mean. I can't believe he said that and say it. All the previous administration didn't do this, but Trump, yeah, kids were starving to death at the border.


That's crazy. Hey, I'm starving to death, don't you dinner. Jim Acosta, go to the border to prove that there was no humanitarian crisis. He was down in, you know, of course, all the people in Juarez making fun, of course, is that some part of the border? But nobody was that right. And he was claimed there was no crisis. Yeah. I mean, if there's kids starving to death, even a dumb ass like a cost to be able to find that out, he's a total tool.


He actually went down to buy some open pens. Look, there's no crisis here. He probably waited tables to pass, didn't start filming. Hey, to the question, did that young lady ask you, I answered for you, she basically asked him, is your policy how you govern our border? Are you encouraging people to break our immigration laws? That's basically what she was asking and he didn't even answer. Yes, that's the question. Yes, he is encouraging people.


Yeah. Unaccompanied kids to come here. Yeah, he's encouraging that. Yeah. A majority of the problems we haven't bought is because I have Joe Biden is running that southern border. So why did you ask that question, Joe? Why won't you just acknowledge that you're wrong?


You can't of course you can't do that is Trump's fault. But it's Trump's fault. He let kids starve to death, a political politico or any of these fact checkers to verify that. Did he have policies where he let kids starve to death? I mean, I had kids starve to death, y'all could easily impeach him for that easily. Yeah, that was causing people to die at our southern border while being detained. Yeah. Starve to death. Starve to death.


He said it, he said that President Joe Biden said he let kids starve to death and keep this in mind. But at the end of the day, when you ask the question he made, like Harris VPE Harris, like here on this. Right. And when she was asked the other day when she was going down to the border, she started laughing. Yeah, she thought it was funny. These people are so out of touch, he can't even salute our troops before she bought efforts to, even though she's not required to do so, it would just you shouldn't have to be required.


It just speaks volumes as what type of person you are personally, because those people would take a bullet for you any day. Yeah. You don't you don't have the the the gall to salute them back in the respect.


Yeah. That's where she starts laughing like I guess she did that laugh to show about. There's no issues at the border. That's why she is nervous energy. Well, that maybe it's never as how she's just to respond showy, but it's not really a crisis. But why is this all this? The press can't go down our cameras. Yeah. Do you even care? Do you even give a shit? I mean, Dow Rangel's campaigns on this.


Yeah. That Trump was doing horrible things at the border. Yeah. Rangel's campaign cover. How are you going to fix that? And I'll just repeated all the same policy that was already enforced by the medical professionals, not New York came up with was wearing the mask find. I find it funny you say walls don't work, but you got this damn fence around the White House with barbed wire with troops in Delaware. When you took sworn in as president, you stopped the further construction of that border wall.


Yeah. Why do you get to get a wall? Why are you protected by wall and troops? And we can't even get the necessary tools in our border wall up to American citizens. Why is your life so much more valuable than ours was the term they came up with? These are what they used to do. Now, the virus is an oh, no. Yeah, this is it. So he's essential. We're nonessential. That's what it is.


That's what it tells me. What does it tell you left where the president can have a damn fence around his White House barbed wire with armed military troops. He wants to take all our weapons. Yeah, we can't have a war that southern border over a wall in our southern border. Yeah, yeah. Also, he was talking about sign an executive order. Like, I don't know how true this was. It's going to take a pass. Yeah.


Oh, y'all going to give up your arse protecting you, Joe. I bet you ain't you stupid people on the left who wants to ban. Ah yes. Second Amendment is not only to protect your family is to keep your your government honest. Yeah. Without weapons like that, your government can run all over you. Y'all keep saying nobody needs it. That's why we have the Second Amendment to protect us from our government. Yeah. Joe Biden is already proven that he doesn't take everybody's he said to us he's.


Yeah, he's got a damp it's troops. Yeah. We ain't got shit. And he's trying to come take our guns.


It's the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was written for people like Joe Biden. And that was yeah. It was literally written for them. That's why we had civil wars, man. Therefore, these freedoms. That's why the First Amendment in a segment, those are most too important. You got these numbskulls marching up down the street for people to take our rights away. Yeah, they used to protest to, like, fight for rights. Yeah. Yeah.


Actually protest so the government can strip away your rights. You people on the left don't need to read a history book. I hate to see these places getting shut up to by these weird psychos, but if you give away your rights, there's got all these people in our civil wars and all the wars we ever had and these people that died and all these massacres, they all died in vain because once we give away our weapons, oh, wait, it's going to end in government, Tony.


Yeah, always in that way. Yeah. You know, we're actually trying to help people, do not you running things. You could make things worse. You know what's wrong with liberal? They think with their heart and not the brain, that's what it is, they think with the heart. Reagan had a beautiful quote on Ampoules where he said, forget it, man, but it was me.


You always forget his quote, why you always bring it up. It was something like this. He says, now screw it. He says some about liberals, no matter how you look it up, man, it's damn good.


I think. I think I can't remember what you say saying is a damn good quote, man. I mean quote. That's a quote.


Say, I'm from the south, when I get excited, I just start cutting words of halfway like my dad, he wouldn't say to me it's a medal. He wouldn't say, look, he'd say, well, how you say, look, yes, I supposed to dare say, look, look, look. Hey, man, I'm going to find a quote, man, you, quite entertaining, may keep entertainment look up, as Ronald Reagan called me.


I mean, quote, I think you're doing all that entertaining yourself. Can you pull it up, please? Ronald Reagan. That was a damn good it was a damn good man, Reagan. Damn Reagan man wanted him and Nixon, and now with the dam prejudice, he wasn't perfect, but he was damn good now.


And I can't believe what do you say about Labor's look, they hate it. I'm telling you, man, Ronald Reagan, he's got grace of all time. I read it. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant. I disagree with it.


If we're going to disagree with them. When you've been building it up the whole time, read the damn quote. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't. So that was Bill as a retail more time. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so notably dumb ass, that's for sure.


Well, they don't call them liberal for nothing. Oh.


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