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Yes, and by the way, what you all know, but most people don't know, unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. You go to Florida, you find a very different attitude about immigration in certain places than you do when you're in Arizona. So it's a very different a very diverse community.


Hey, Joe, for once I'm on your side. Brother keeps beating him, keeps spinning it. Truth me, put these black people in a place like crack the whip out of jail. I didn't think I was going to ever agree with anything that comes up to them after Joe came out that will say, you vote for me, you ain't black. Poor kids is just as smart as white kids. Yeah. I mean, you said, hold me, Joe.


You just crazy as hey, I mean, Joe has been saying stuff like this for years. This is not surprising. And Bobby said, hey, y'all don't vote for I think it was Hillary. I don't vote for Hillary. Yeah. Take don't put your back in chains. He set it up in a black church, but they do praise God. Praise the Lord, Lord. A man, Joe Biden, a man. Derry's OK. Look, Joe said he could get black people to Latinos and he said that compared to Latinos, that Latinos have more diversity of thought when it comes to black people.


And that's a statistical fact politically for like 30 worried t word he didn't say about everything he said. Put politically. Yeah, politically. Yeah. For like the last 30, 40 years, black people have been voting at a 90 plus percent clip for one party, the Democrats. That's crazy, 90 percent, 90. No other demographic like white people. It's like 50 50 for black people. Yeah, 90 plus percent every election year because the majority was politically man, we think the same.


That's why when we came out as black conservatives, that's one of the main reasons why we came out, because we would show black folks, hey, you don't have to think along with the crowd of other black folks. You could think differently. You your own person, you wouldn't vote with your skin. Yeah. You could make your own decisions. You can vote whoever you want. Yeah. If this is a free country, yeah. I mean, being if you happen to vote Democrat just cause you're black, then you're not free.


Yeah. It's like black people think with that skin color, not the brain. That's why when we came out as black conservatives. Yeah. Republicans, we, we've been, we like Outkast. That's why they called us Uncle Tom's Coons. Yes. Sambo's, the bootlicking Uncle Tom. If you want to take out a white brush and paint all black people white, they'll be the biggest racists in this country. That's the truth, encomium races, all you wanted is true, black people treat me differently because I don't think I actually like them.


Like I go out in public tarigan stuff. I'm nice to everybody. I forget who I am sometimes. Many black people give me some dirty looks like they want to hurt me. I mean, because of how I think because I don't think like them. Yeah. So we need to break down what racism actually means. Let let me tell them I'm a til you break it down for me. Listen up Lefty. Listen up. Liberal. Yeah.


I think that term racist racism is being minimized because people use it for any little thing, especially on the left. Yeah. They, they so minimize that term that's lost its meaning and people are right to that because those people the right calling people racists. Yeah. People use that term racist. They only don't reason why they use it is for political gain. The left does it and right does. Yeah. Now you see a lot of people call them racist.


I don't necessarily think what you say. It was racist. OK, let me let me define racist. Spit at me. All right. It's a complex word. Gimme a minute. Listen up, everybody on the left and the right. All right. Racist. Racist. Yeah. And what does it mean? It makes it look, it means this it means to dislike another race. Yeah, typically through a belief of superiority over another race.


Bernie? Yeah. And because of that, it leads to discriminatory practices. So is Jim Crow laws segregation which was founded. Guess who the Democrats. Right. You can't you can't work here. We don't have black people. You can't sit here on the bus. You can sit on the bus, but you've got to take your black ass back and you can whites only water fountains. You know, you can't buy a house, can't have certain jobs, discriminatory practices, can't be a doctor.


But you go out in that field and pick that. Yeah, yeah. I'll even take it a step further. To define racism is to mock another race based on the physical characteristics like like what they do. Well, you can say good old days. The those white people get on stage, you paint itself black and black people, the skin color and make their lips big and. Yeah, what that what the president up in Canada did. Yeah.


He's a racist. He that was racist for him to do that. Yeah. He might have grown up since then. I hope so. Now he changed for that election. The same thing for North. That girl was dressed up. He said it wasn't him dressed up and looked like he put shoe polish on his body. Yeah. He's race for governor of Virginia, by the way. Yeah. Maybe it was racist for me to do that, but I pray to God that he's seen the error of his ways.


I seriously doubt it. But anyway, that's that's what that's the definition of racist. Like, if you're white and you disagree with a black person, they will call that white person racist. Yeah. I mean, call it a black Nazi. Those two don't even go together. Yeah. Like, OK, it's for disagreeing with somebody. They will call you a race. Yeah. Like that. Like I give you example, some being racist.


Let's say a white man comes in and says black people lips are thicker and fuller than a white person. Black person race. You know what he said about race. But man, what you talk about this race, that's not racist, just making an observation. Black people do have full lips. Yeah. They do know if they're white. Man came and said, boy, look at that boy over there. Well, he said this looked like a damn Krispy Kreme donut on his face.


Orgasm big laughter. Well, he called Gomersall Turner. That racist is, hey, that is racist, once been making an observation against Mark, another race. We do have full alerts, but I ain't never seen no brother with no damn doughnut sitting on his face like this, a big ass I let him go to, like when Trump said some areas and of course, shithole countries, they call them braces just because he made an observation that some place that a country like you I mean, who's going there to vacation?


Yeah, like, look at what he said about Baltimore, the city's crime infested, rodent infested. I mean, they call him a racist while other Democrats said the exact same thing. But because he's white racist, that's why I had to define what racist he is or racism is today. People using that word for political gain in the left and the right uses a majority of time. Is people on the left? Yeah, MacGraw, I would say 90 percent time.


I say ninety nine point nine percent of the time. Right. So what Joe said, is that racist? No, no. I've said it before. Black people is the only demographic of people in this country who vote on a 90 plus percent clip. Yeah, but Democrats know the race doesn't white people pretty much 50/50. Yeah, I think Latinos, 64, 64. You know, that's the only race that votes on that clip. Now, if Joe were came out and said black people think the same about each and everything.


Yeah, that's racist. Yeah. But he was talking about politics and what he said was absolutely true. Sometimes truth hurts me to see the hurt. Is it going to hurt John a little. You're going to see in this next election 90 percent of black folks going vote for Joe. I'm thinking some people's open eyes, though. It's got to be at least uptaking. I think it still like Mississippi, like 80000 man after this video, instead of 90 percent voting for Joe, eighty nine point nine, I would say eighty nine point nine percent can vote for Joe.


They still don't vote for they just think the same politically. Your good offices, half twins that come and pick you up. You got a t shirt today. He'll give you 20 percent of this type in this town. Cool Chinese box. We call it Chinese because sometimes we make t shirts. Great D.