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You got a new show for y'all got a damn good show, huh?


Before we start, show everybody you can always Sportage tune into the picture of twins dotcom take you out a patriotic T-shirt today, maybe a hat or maybe some bird products. Use discount code, Chinese vase aguy 20 percent of. We even got a new item in a shop is called a white privilege card. Yeah, you sent it to your black friends and to make them laugh and piss them off. Some people believe it is black people, if you got some dumb white people believing that you could sing if they sent them a white private car, they get triggered, too.


But I think if you really want to piss somebody off and trigger them, give to a black person. But after you give it to them, make sure you ready to fight. Here we go, we want to talk about what the horrible incident happened in Boulder. Ten people lost their life, including a police officer. Right. And the one thing I hate about whenever there's a mass shooting. Yeah. The news always try to frame it, waiting, trying to frame it, typically, it's always a white person who does it, but they jump on that and they use that to spread the misinformation that white supremacy is like a huge problem in this country.


You're like the scene in all the liberal mainstream media. They run wild with it. Yeah, like what happened in Atlanta. That guy that went and shopped those massage parlors while the Asians were working, they said it was because it was a it was a crime against Asians when he shot two other white people. I just left that out. Yeah. If it was just for the simple fact he wanted to hurt Asian people. Right. Why isn't it hurting white people, too?


Right. And and all the clothes, all the left his clothes online is tweeting about how was a white person. Right. And it's always the same people, the same trolls, the same idiots. Yeah. It's like if this if the person who committed these acts and Bota were black or anything but a white person, they wouldn't care. This incident, all the victims were white. Was this racially motivated? Do you even care? CNN did the news media, even if it was all white people, you better believe that all these people was black and it was a white dude.


Just be front page news. Yeah. A lot of mass shootings take place in inner cities, our urban neighborhoods like Chicago News. But you don't hear about it because they like the label as being like gang related. Yeah, they they don't call them that. They call it gang related violence, you know, code. That's a dog whistle for a black dude. Did it. Yeah. A bunch of thugs. These people are just a bunch of thugs killing each other.


Yeah. But it turns out he wasn't white. What was his name? His name was has got a lot of short vowels in his first names of and Dan like three other names are now.


I'll give it a shot, a model. It sounds pretty close, yeah, so it wasn't white people white. Not even close to being white. White people not named a model.


Why people name like Thomas Jefferson. George Washington, you know what, people got distinctive names, Thomas Jefferson, they could go either way, black or white. Yeah. Now Tyrone Jackson, you know, he black, he black, Michael Michael McCarthy, you know, he white. Yeah, but but but the way whenever these machines you hate to hear these things happen to all the families that lost their loved ones are my prayers go out to you is just a horrible thing.


Whenever this happens is just. I just hate what the media does, man like Fox, they're going to run wild with his story because the guy is Muslim and they didn't see any and they're going to run wild with the thing that happened with the massage because the guy's wife is my obey. And then you don't even hear about the mass shootings that happened in inner cities just because they're black. I mean, all these stories are relevant. All these stories are important in the media should keep their own opinions, their own biases it and just report the damn story and stop pushing fake narratives in your own little agenda.


This country is not racist, not even close. This is the greatest country on this planet. This country's racist, but there's hundreds of thousands of people talking to me from across the southern border. Yeah, on the other, those people are complete idiots, you morons. Or this country is the greatest country on this planet, still the greatest country, even though our president is a moron. Look what he had to say about this.


Colleagues in the House and Senate to act. We can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country once again. I got that done when I was a senator. It passed. It was a law for the longest time and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again.


We can close the loopholes in our background check system. Assault weapons? Well, what's an assault weapon? Any weapon can be used to assault people. It's hyperbole. There is one to get you if your emotions are up because they want to ban these weapons, because our government, especially people, if they want to do away with all weapons, they don't want you to have a weapon. Why? Because they have an agenda for big government in this country.


They don't want you to protect yourself. They want you to rely on your government. They want you allowing your police. Yeah, I don't want to rely on my police. We got police officers going inside of people's houses, shooting them and killing them. Yeah. And they call the police. I'd rather be able to be in a position to defend myself. But see, he wants to ban they like to call them assault rifles. Yeah, it may it's it's it's not I don't when a person says that assault rifle, they don't really know what you're talking about.


The R stands for Armalite. Yeah. Yeah, Armalite. But anybody don't know nothing about a gun. They don't call them assault. Yeah. And I don't know and it's kind of crazy. The president of the United States, you should have more knowledge when it comes to guns. You don't call them assault rifles, don't you think? OK, let's say you ban assault rifles as you call. Yeah. Rifles. You just call them rifles.


The damn rifle. You say you ban rifles. Yeah. OK, what happens when somebody with a handgun goes and does the same thing? You going to call them assault weapons to cause more people die every year with pistols. Yeah, buy handguns. You can start calling also handguns and you're going to try to ban those. Yeah, it's just kind of like. Yeah. Like free speech in this country. You ban a white supremacist at one point in time.


I felt like you should ban people of any kind of hate speech. I mean, legitimate hate, but it's a slippery slope, you shit. Yeah. Because once you ban them, they ban in us now. Yeah.


And they'd like enough to white supremacists when we got nothing to do with white supremacy like tennis almost every day is getting KKK paraphernalia tweeted at her every day like she's a member of the KKK. Yeah. It's just stupid. Yeah. Once you ban any part of when you say freedom of speech it means freedom of speech just because you don't like or might because it might be hateful, you still don't want to ban it because it's a slippery slope. It's just going to make it that much more easy to ban somebody else because you don't agree with it or you don't like.


Yeah, this is just you shouldn't go down that path as soon as you ban Armalite rifles. Or would you like to call assault rifles just going to make it that much more easier to ban a pistol? Yeah, it's not society's fault when this happens. There's plenty of gun laws in place to keep things like this from happening. But unfortunately, you cannot legislate evil out a person's heart. Yes, things will continue to happen. Murder is bad.


It happens. Drunk driving is banned. It still happens. Yeah. If you want to ban mass shooters, why don't you ban it? It's going to fix everything. Yeah. If if you're going to ban and a gun is going to fix it. Just ban. Shoot. Yeah. Like. I'm not going to work, you know what I like to read, I like to study history. I like to study prior presidents and Ronald Reagan had a lot of great messages, man.


I mean, I think everybody for the graduate high school should have a degree in Reagan.


All that well, never happened. He had, I guess, watched a whole Georgetown Hoyas basketball team, Neil, for the national anthem. And they got smoked by both a white boy. They got rich white privilege. You. Got right now to get Charles Blackhall take away from you.


Yeah, but one little white boys do you like in your black British way, REAGAN Say it is, man. What do you say, man? Was it he said, the most forceful square where she should ever hear anybody say is when your government is here to help you. And Joe Biden is a member of our government. He always says he's a member of big government, is a liberal. Yeah. He's pretty much don't want you to have the right to defend yourself, saying he wants to ban rifles, ban assault rifles.


Yeah, he thinks he's helping people, but he's doing. He's he's he's hurting you a lot more. Just look at it this way, you ban all rifles because of of one person, commit a foolish, heinous act. You leave the rest of us helpless over one bad individual, over several individuals. You don't punish law abiding citizens. The gun laws only hurt. Yeah, innocent, law abiding people. Calls criminals by definition, don't follow the law.


Yeah. These people who commit crimes with guns, they don't go in a store and buy them. Yeah. I mean, get them on the street. The black market, they never buy a gun. Legally majority overwhelming a majority of criminals in jail for using a handgun or rifle. Any type of weapon got it illegally. These gun laws are not going to prevent mass shootings or people getting killed. Yeah, I'm not. Yeah, I'll give up my rifle when the government give up their rifles and given up.


I'm just saying give ain't given me mean the government gave up that rifles. I would just if they if they. I'm just saying hey you'll give up me. If they did I would just when they came to come get mine out said man I had a boating accident on a boat and had a boat next door just to drop. They fell in the water. Well you are an ocean of guns for I will shoot the fish. I was shooting fish I clean.


Well, we're we're in the water on it. Well, I don't know. It's the ocean. I can't. It's not like a damn street I can drive up to. So you can see the police officer. Wait a minute. Now you say you lost you you guns, right. You're use an ocean, which you do in an ocean which guns allows. I've blown off some stress of shooting fish. I was trying to find me a whale and shut up.


Stop being a dead fish. I mean, I whole story don't sound believable. You don't negotiate with a bunch of goons where they know they can't prove me wrong. They got to find the guns anyway. Just a hope event, even a police officer lost his life. It's horrible whenever you see and hear about things like that, it's just that there's a lot of evil people in this country on the left that use it to try to make innocent people defenseless.


Yeah, yeah. People would call the cops. I mean, didn't like the cops, but they'll call the cops when they need help if you can't protect yourself. You waiting on the cops that you want to define it just now. Just don't make no damn sense, man. I'm just, you know, just crazy as hell. Just look at look at it this way. If you that second man is not only just for you to be able to protect you and your family by breaking out.


Yeah. The most important reason why you got those guns is to keep your government in check. You take those guns out of of citizens hands. Just imagine what the government can do. You can't prevent anything. You can't protect yourself. Yeah. Look what the government's got. All the guns. Yeah. Look what they did to those people in Waco. Yeah. I mean, they did was crazy up in that house, but you didn't have to go in and just blow it up and do this tonight.


It was. Yeah. Your government will run rampant on you. You have nothing to defend yourself. It's in the Constitution to prevent tyranny. Yeah. That's the main reason why we got it. That's why you got the First Amendment. That's why he got second man, because once they take away the First Amendment, I still got my guns. Yeah, you can hear me now. Hey, you know that. You know, that's that's that's that's the reason.


My First Amendment. Second Amendment. You know, about those two amendments. You are not free. Yeah. You're not free. And that's over for. That's close to 400 million guns in this country. You ban hours. How are you going to get them off the street? It's impossible. You're going to leave honest, law abiding citizens defenses against the criminals. Mr. President, if you ban rifles, you're punishing society. You're not punishing the individual who committed it.


Here you go. That's who you punish. You don't punish us. Yeah. Society's did all they can do with the gun laws until you people are very anti-gun. I don't necessarily like guns. I don't. But I need guns to protect myself because I'm a target. Yeah. I mean, I need a gun to protect myself. If you don't want a gun, so be it. That's your decision is your right. Yeah, but don't take away my right because I want a gun.


Yeah. I mean women, they, they like to have the ability to have an abortion. Live your life. I'll live my life. Yeah. You kill your babies.


I can keep my guns off your God. Don't. I mean that's a whole lot of common sense. You're pushing your agenda. Yeah, right. I want my guns. You say you can kill your own unborn child, but I can't have a gun and I can use it for self-defense. You killing your defenseless baby in your stomach. Yeah, I hate to take it. I hate to make that to take it there. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm just trying to show you there's two sides to every story.


We're not going to agree on everything. I'm never going to agree with abortion. You're never going to agree with gun rights. You live your life. I live mine. Yup.


That's about that's about it. And wait a minute man. You do this every show. Look, the Second Amendment is to protect you from criminals. No, what's important is to protect you from your government. Yes. Especially people like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. These people pro-government, they're going to take away all our freedoms if you let them go and stand on the deficit. All these people just down in these heinous acts take away your rights. Don't let them.


Yeah. See, the government the government wants to you're not free in a country where the government wants to take care of you. Yeah. They want to control every facet of your life. That's what on the left want to do. They want to protect you now. Call the cops and Konarka, the only time you call the cops is a clean up the mess. The cops are not there to protect you. You are there to protect yourself.


Yeah, the cops are there to write reports. Right. Take us in to solve crimes and murders. Yeah. That cop angle. Do you like a good deed? Well, I say that damn cop, it can't help you if you did. Oh, I thought Sidcup was not to listen. I'm listening.


I thought you said a couple of days. I said to police, is that a clean up a myth? Yeah. The cops ain't no good to you if you're six feet up and you're dead. Yeah. You could have saved yourself if you protected yourself, you know, made it unsafe. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You know, somebody is breaking your house. Hey, someone's breaking in my house. You got a gun. Does that sound smart to you?


If you're female, hey, this deal brokered by House Dick is wagging, he's going to do something to me help. Oh, what would you. Do you hate guns? That gun, your Second Amendment, is dead to protect you, it's there to protect you, you don't wait on the cops, you protect yourself, don't wait on your government to protect you. Take it away. Don't please protect you. You protect your damn self. I don't think you need a gun.


You sound crazy as hell. Well, you, Tom Selleck, you got Willie some red flag laws. That's what I'm saying, is that gun is there for you to protect yourself, your family. Cops are not going to protect you. Yeah. More likely, you call the cops, take him coming out, they go end up shooting you. I'm going to say this not day will have to happen. So that shit happens a lot. You know, many unsolved murders in this country.


Yeah, you know, me ass cops got that damn cases. I got too hard. Ain't got no evidence. Oh, women. Oh, just two black guys gang raped.


And I don't mean nothing to me, especially when I see the person in need. The guns to most black people. Look where you live. And in Chicago, y'all got the strictest gun laws. These days. These liberal politicians are walking around unprotected. Why you got these thugs and gang members in your inner city taking our left and right and y'all go down the cops, you go round your politician. No, you protect yourself. Yeah, well, I work with a lot of people, fail to realize a lot of politicians.


They are really stupid people. I mean, how she got these gun free zones around schools, I mean, what's that supposed to do? No guns allowed. Yeah. It makes them a target. You know, they have to I mean, that law, how was that going to prevent people coming in? It's like, man, screw that sign. I mean, it's just people just dumb. You have to protect yourself, OK? You don't want a gun.


You want to call cops, but you're not going to take away my right in today's society. Mean you have to you can't be scared of guns. I was scared of a car when I first got behind the wheel because I didn't know any better. I didn't I wasn't familiar with once you learn how to use a handgun and become for me, it's just like anything else. But they're going to use your fear against you, your hatred against guns to take away everybody's right in this country.


So they're going to push their agenda for big government. The government cannot take care of you. Joe Biden cannot save you and someone breaking your house. Yeah, Joe Biden can't even take care of his own son. Joe Biden can't even walk up a flight of steps. Joe Biden is. He can prevent a mass shooting. Joe can't. Yeah, Joe Biden got white privilege. His son got why they can't even take care of.


How are you going to take care, Yarl's, blackies? The cost of doing our immigrants at the border got all wrapped up in damn space, blankets looking like damn big, looking like damn burrito's crazy as hell. I went with Timmy Chunka, so you know what a town better tomalis. It was crazy. We went to Cordoba. Dad got me a burrito. They wrapped up in one of several blankets.


Look here, man, before we close this video, your government cannot protect you. Yeah, Joe Biden means well, but he's a jackass. Yeah, he's a moron. The only police can't protect you. I don't care what he ban. I don't care what laws he. Right. Yeah. The only person who can protect you is you. The only person can give you the American dream is you. Yeah. No politician. They can tell you they can, but you can't because if you are lazy ass you will go.


You just you, you, you ain't going to be arguing about lazy.


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