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Let's start to show. Get a damn good show, buddy, ESPN, ESPN, man, what happened to you guys? Y'all used to talk sports, now y'all pretty much CNN 2.0. What happened to ESPN? What happened to man in general? Let's make men great again. Today's topic. Kurt Herve's Street. This is all all-American here with Ohio State. Yeah, would you take an all-American? Yeah. You think it is, dude. Hey, white shirt, American dream, right?


I would think this man is on ESPN. I would think this man is educated, but he went to Ohio State. This has got to be educated. This guy is not your typical world these days are colleges. Universities, man. I was totally unaware because I went to school online. But these places are liberal. Propaganda mills, yeah, it is turning people into the liberals may. Check out this video of poor Kurt, poor Kurt, my poor Kurt.


Oh, man. Check out Kirtman at his finest over these last four months. How do you listen to these stories and not feel pain and not not want to help? You know what I mean? It's like wearing a hoodie and putting your putting your your hands at 10 and two. Oh, God, I'd better look out because I'm wearing Nike gear. Like what? What are we talking about? And so you can't relate to that if you're white, but you can listen and you can try to help because this is not okay.


It's just not they you definitely down with the black man. Black Power homecourt. I was. I was embarrassed just looking at you, you just threw away all your white privilege. I mean, I don't understand what you're crying about because, well, you know what? You know what? The reason why he's crying because you don't know the facts. You have not did your homework. That's the only reason that I obviously think for yourself. Take it from two black men.


I've been on this planet for forty six years. I've been walking this earth here in the United States, and I do not feel oppressed. I don't feel like I'm prey. I don't feel like I'm being hunted. I mean, I'm still waiting for video to validate this notion that black people are being hunted down like you bring up Jacob Blake, you act like this dude was just walking down the street flying a kite. Yeah, right. No, he was there harassing his girlfriend, took a tease.


She called the cops on him because she don't want to do it. Yeah, the cops didn't pull up on him. Look, we got us another one, this black guy over there. Let's get him. No, that's not what happened. The guy had an outstanding warrant for rape, sexual assault. Cops try to arrest him, but take him down to the ground. That didn't work. He tried to take them. They were you preaching to the choir, man?


Did he pulls a knife out on the cops with these both. Do Mr. Herts doing what they supposed to do, get on their knees and pray? Kurt, where was all these crocodile tears? You got those kids in Penn State? Yeah, that was actually in sports. Yeah. These dudes beat these kids being molested. Where was these? Is that then where are these tears for these kids in the inner cities getting shot and killed in between gang violence six some eight years ago?


Were those tears? Yeah. Where is he? Still there because cops are much more likely. Dad has a black man in all the way around. Where is the tears then? Yeah, I don't feel cops are more likely to die at the hands of a black dude than white police officer. When I see a white police officer, I'm like, oh my God, thank God they're here. It's safe. Those guys over looking sketchy. Yeah, they looked at me.


They probably won't give me a pat down. Good. They're doing a job. I mean, I don't disagree with our using our platform to try to spread change. We cannot change our channel brain. God won't even get us back straight. Yeah. I don't even know what you're talking about. Your background to my black people and white people heard. Yeah, brown people heard these things happen to white people, too, via the cops. Yeah.


You just keep perpetuating this lack of black people getting gunned down like animals. Man Your pet Cronon asinger one Dampierre. I mean, that was I mean I mean, damn Kirk do awful bowling. And I can tell you, I don't know you personally. It's got to be a good dude man for you to get on TV cry. Yeah. You made the black girl cry. I mean you got to be liberal. Ain't no white conservative getting on TV crying like especially if they did their homework in all facts and they know for sure.


I know for sure anybody with an IQ had in five know if they did their homework. Black people not being hunted down. These statistics does not show that they could have been put off by the cops at gunpoint. I'm still here. You know why? Because I know how to follow directions. Yeah, don't move. OK, hands on tape. Yeah, OK. You made a spread of spread mojado. I can't go in the water. Well, I put purple haze.


Bah humbug. This is it. We're going to jail, you do nothing. Hey, Kurt, I've been put off by the cops, I'm here because I follow directions. It doesn't matter if you're white or black, he said. Tend to, of course, when the cops around you be on your best behavior because this cop does not know who you are. He don't know you if he wanted to. That's just common sense. This is doing is destroying the police officer a professional courtesy?


Yeah. How about next time a cop pull you over? You do this. Start digging in your dashboard up on your sake. I got my right here is right here. My dad, Scooby Doo next to the body. You'll see real quick. Guess what's cohabitee. He don't give a shit if you're black, white, green, yellow. For what he cares about is his life. So when you interact with the cops, be on your best behavior, follow the instructions, etc.


have as a professional courtesy and no t like this, Kurt, we don't have a black and white or brown issue in this country. We have an accountability issue in this country. We have a mainstream media issue in this. We have a problem with people like you perpetuating lies. That's what we have a problem with this country. You guys are a problem. Mainstream media. That's why I tuned out the NBA as far to now sports. I'm not going to support no network.


Yeah, holy. That's pretty much what's the word. I'm enslaving people mentally. Yeah, that's what they're doing to young black people. Oh, my God. I don't matter. Yeah, I'm not gonna support all this a lot easier if I'm a slave to try to take those chains off because I can see him, I can feel them. But being mentally enslaved is ten times is worse because you don't even know those chains are there as well.


That's what you're doing to black folks.


That's why Trump twenty twenty make me angry to give you you got off first horse.


I come and take you up. He's got a t shirt today. He'll need to give you 20 percent of this type in discount called Chinese flags. We call it Chinese because sometimes we make t shirts. Great de.