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Man, LeBron James, still low income, take you to shut up, Drew. He wants to listen to what you listen to Miss Ingram. She gives you good advice.


LeBron is on it. Watch it again.


Check out this stupid video of innocent women being being killed and by the an embryonic Taylor, a woman who had a bright future and her life was taken away from her. And there's been no arrests. There's been no justice only for her, but for her family. You know, and we want to continue to shed light on this situation. It was just unjust.


LeBron, take it damn hat off your head, man. It is ridiculous. Why are you trying to mock Trump supporters, man?


Why are you even making this political? You want to shed some light on the Brianna case of that dumb ass head to get what you wear? Had to say is make the NBA great again because you suck. Yeah, I mean, I did you you just reminded us. We did he we forgot. Did the NBA games is going with him. No. Y'all was in the finals until I saw this stupid ass hat. Thanks for reminding us not to watch you.


Oh, they didn't have finals. They just started playoffs.


But that's service evidence. We're not watching. You guys used to be big fan.


You speak big fans, big fans, but say, you know what? This guy's an idiot. I'm not supporting this guy. I don't think he's an idiot. And I've got to fill in Mandera. He's got a gun to his head. It's like someone's making them serious, you would think, but I don't know. But anyway, why is you bringing Trump's campaign slogan into this? I mean, it's like you're blaming President Trump. You blame Obama when Trayvon Martin lost his life or Mike Brown.


No, you didn't. Because it don't make no damn calls is stupid, but not makes sense because the current president is why it's a white man. He's he's at fault for this. Y'all act like once you shed some light on it, like what happened, know, but you act like you give everybody the impression that Brown a Taylor No. Is just sitting in the house minding our own business, sucking lollipops and watching Family Guy.


Yeah. Family Guy could bring in some meat loaf and a white man just busted in the house and starts shooting everybody.


Yeah, it's not it didn't happen like that. You act like Trump signed the warrant. Yeah. Trump didn't sign the war. Yeah. The Trump get the war. What, black people live there. Go get them. That's the impression you're giving people. You know, when you get a warrant, the cops take it to a judge. They have to prove to the judge that there's evidence that there's criminal activity going on at this residence. It's even harder to get a no not warrant.


You got to have substantial amount of evidence to get a no knock one. So the cops had a reason to be there. You say you want to shed light on the Brianna case, shed some light. Yeah. Tell everybody Brianna's name was on the warrant. Her boyfriend's name was on the warrant. That address is on the warrant. Yeah.


Won't you shed some light and tell everybody that brown annotators boyfriend shot to a closed door? What do you think the cop's going to do? Hey, cops out here. Hey, stop shooting. You go hurt somebody. No, they can return fire you.


I mean, this unfortunate what happened to bring on everybody on the left and the right can agree with that. Yeah, but you try to make it all about politics. All about our president. Yeah. I think that's why this is so evil. What you doing? Because you look at all the black kids in the inner city died at the hands of other black people. There's no mention of this. But when something like this happen, you exploit a black woman's death to a white police officer.


Why? Because she's black. It's just white. You wouldn't care. I think it's so evil. What are you doing? I can't believe people don't see this. You're exploiting a black woman's death for political gain. That's the most evil shit I've seen in my life. I think it's disgusting. You liberals are something else, man. If Brianna Taylor's boyfriend then shoot to a closed door or if she had made I hate to blame to the person who that it is, but if she had made better decisions, her boyfriend made better decision, this all could have been avoided if her boyfriend didn't shoot to a closed door.


Yeah. Or be involved in selling drugs and criminal activity. That's why none of my friends sell drugs. I don't hang around. Drug people know why? Because bad stuff happened to them and the people around them.


Yeah, it's inevitable that something bad's going to happen if you want to share some like share those details, share those facts. Those cops had a reason to be there. They didn't just do Brianna Taylor's house because they're black. That's a lie. Had nothing to do with it. Yeah, it has nothing to do with our president.


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