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Yeah. They start to show. LeBron James, King James, a.k.a. Queen James. I know you think you helping black people, but you not you need to shut up making shit worse, you people look up to you have a lot of power in it and influence millions of fans.


Man, black folks look up to you. So when you say something, they listen. You are here scaring.


You said you sound like that evil big brother that some kids have that teaches them and scares them about everything the boogeyman going to get you. Look, am I going to get you policemen going to get you. That's what you sound like. That evil big brother is making fun in teasing his little brother. All right.


Today, will LeBron, I guess, after the most recent game, had something to say about that, that shooting up in Kenosha?


I don't I still don't get it. You're trying to win the NBA title. That's what I'm thinking. Trying to do. And you trying to say black people at the same time. I mean, how are you going to do that? Especially can't do it when a lot of people can't help themselves. Yeah, you can't help somebody if they don't want to do good, if they don't want to help themselves. Yeah. And that's what I see.


What happened to this young man up in Kenosha? Yeah. I can't even help himself. Yeah. I'm like, man, LeBron, you won three NBA titles. How did that happen? Because it seems like you got no brains, you can't win NBA titles just on physicality alone, you've got to have some brains, just a little and I know you got a little brains, but damn, the way you talk about these events is happening in our country right now.


You shouldn't be discussing them. I mean, they're out of your ballpark. You're not helping anybody. It's out of your league. But anyway, this is what LeBron had to say.


If you're sitting here and telling me that there was no way to subdue that gentleman or detain him or to just before the firing of guns, there was to if you watch the video, there was multiple moments where if they wanted to, they could have they could have tackled him. They could have grabbed him. You know, they could have done it. I know people get out of and you say it, but we are scared as black people in America, black men, black women, black kids, we are we are terrified because you don't know you have no idea how that cop that day left the house.


You don't know if he gets out of the bag. You know, he won't work on the wrong side of the bed. You don't know if he had an argument at home with a significant other you know, if there's one of his kids say something crazy to him and he left the house statement, maybe he just left the house and that today is going to be the end for one. Malibran, you crazy? Hey, black people ski. He say black people ski, that's what he said.


He said black people ski. Guess what?


LeBron cops are scared to, you know. Yeah, they're not robots. They're people. They have a dangerous job. That's why they have a gun on a help and a bulletproof vest, because by the hundreds, they die every year on the job more than black and white people combined. But you don't see anybody protesting for them? Yeah, nothing. You don't see the NBA with blue lives matter? No, they got Black Lives Matter, claiming that black people being hunted down like animals, which is all a lie.


You're not helping anybody, you're not helping. Anybody victimizing black folks to where you are, and then he rationalizes as a black person. I'm black, I ain't scared. I see a cop, I'm happy, say, yeah, yeah, yeah, they don't want cops around here. Yeah, they're doing their job. I feel so safe. Right. Look at me looking over me.


Make sure I'm on the up and up. These people are on the job.


Yeah. But then you. You racialized like. Scaring black people like you, scaring them about what cops had that that monster, did this cop wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Is he going to take it out on some black kid somewhere? LeBron. That's irrational and stupid. I can say that for anybody. I can say that for black folks. It's like me getting upset, man. I wonder how these black folks can get out of bed today.


Mansky. I mean, don't make no sense, we're not saying there's not bad cops out there, they're bad cops, but you're making an argument based on a hypothetical.


That's not very smart, it's not smart at all. It's actually I wouldn't call it ignorant, I would say is just dumb.


Yes, some people would even say it's low IQ test, but I know you don't have low IQ. LeBron, you won three NBA time. Somebody's got to be making you say this stuff. Yeah. You OK? He also goes on to say the cops is shooting him. Got this far, he should have took him to the ground and arrested him. LeBron, they tried all that does not the camera angles available.


They tried to take him to the ground and the dude's strong dude shook them off like flies and just walked away.


Yeah. LeBron arresting somebody. That's not an easy task. You act like you've done it before. I mean, easy for you to say. You dribble basketball, you're six foot nine, two hundred and eighty pounds. You shouldn't have a problem worse than anybody. You know what's crazy?


We used to arrest shoplifters for live. Right. And that's one of the toughest things to do. Regardless of how big that gentleman or female is, there could be six feet or three feet tall. It is difficult still to handcuff him. I mean, it's real difficult. It's like sometimes you got to loosen some ribs up. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, one of the toughest persons to arrest is a skinny white female wearing Gucci. They are the toughest ones.


I remember her like kicking dudes in the nuts. LeBron. Now, me, I would like to see you as a police officer, you act like you've done this job, Foxe, LeBron James, an assistant to a girl. I got some handcuffs. When we come back, come back here, will you? Go on being nice. Come back. You go to the car. All right. You getting a lollipop? Oh, proof of insurance.


OK. All right.


You got it. The LeBron look.


Trying to be nice, got him shot, he's dead, he's never going see his family again, you act like these cops or psychics, they know exactly who they deal with. They don't know who they're dealing with. I mean, you stand back, you're making all these excuses for these people with these with criminal records of violence. Yeah, felonies. If this guy is not being nice, why should the cops be nice? The cops didn't go up to this dude and say, look, there's a black guy, let's take him to jail because he's black.


Yeah, this dude had outstanding warrants. I mean, felonies.


One them was for rape. Yes. Sexual assault of a minor. Right. He also had priors for involving guns. So they know who they are dealing with. This is a dangerous individual individual and you want them to play nice, tackled them. And what well does that work? This dude is taking advantage of every situation. They wasn't being nice when he took them down to the ground. You should lose them damn ribs up. They didn't loosen his ribs up.


He got up. He walks up. Nice going to the car. OK, let's be nice a man. Come on, man, come back here. I mean, come on. You got life is at risk. Now this dude is this dude is not following commands. So why is he going to the car. Is he just jump in the car to take off or is he going to the car. Think about it, LeBron. This guy is a violent idiot.


He's proven that his past has proven that he jumped in a car, takes off with his kids. Is this kid safe now? Yeah. And you refer to this guy as a gentleman and now you see everybody in media holding this guy, holding his kids dead. Man, don't give a shit about his kids when he jumped in a car.


Personally, if I wouldn't get into an altercation with cops, I got my five, six kids in the car and I try to jump in a car with them. Yeah. What kind of father? My to do something like that put my kid's life in danger.


Yeah, everybody knows cop got his gun out. Cops will shoot you. Yeah. If that life is at risk or they put that life is at risk, they will shoot you. Everybody knows that his girlfriend is screaming at him. Everybody scream. His momma is screaming. Is everybody screaming. Just do just to stop and follow commands. Unless somehow you referred to him as a gentleman and they should have did something to prevent it from getting this far.


How about this? You want to help black people, you want to help citizens of this country. Won't you tell them, A, hold yourself accountable? If the cops give you an order, do not resist arrest, follow their commands, take your ass to jail. You will have your day in court. What's wrong with that? That's how you assess what advice you give. That's what advice I gave my son, because I'm not saying LeBron Black lives don't matter.


They do. But blue lives matter, too. They have families, they have wives, they have kids. Everybody's life matter, LeBron. So people need to start acting like it. People need to hold himself accountable, not just the cops, black folks to white folks. Everybody needs to do fine. If it's do well, hold yourself at the level that you are trying to hold cops to. Yeah. You wouldn't even need cops. Yeah, we could get rid of them.


You could defund the police, make them all social workers, jail, go oficial official twins dot com and kick you out.


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