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You got a new show for y'all got a damn good show, huh?


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Start the damn show little Nas X Nas. Thereby I want to put Lil in front of that name, the whole bunch Lil's. I started at Lurex a little Richard Lil Wayne little punk here by one little lil little Lil Nas ex. I'm going to what. The Expo. I know what it is, you know, Mark Mexica, you rename the Malcolm X because he was real last name because he was Slaney. Yeah, that's why he took X as well.


I think little X took that, you know, real last name. Maybe just don't know what gender is. I think it's the latter might be both. All right, this. They buy so much is because the video is it's it's on the demonic side. I would go that far, man, you're being to you're being too hard on Lou now, and I would say. Controversial. Just because you got the devil in your video doesn't mean you divorced.


And what the hell? Just with it, we'll see. One movie made a do like a red monkey Hellboy, Hellboy. Just cause I like Hellboy don't mean I like the devil. So that was straight, Socrates, right there. No, that's not true. He spent hours and hours dumping all that logic on you coming off like a damn. Now, maybe you have a debate with a little. But they say something crazy. Like what?


I just have one of those moments which, you know, they just because you like looking at movies with the devil in it don't make you a devil. So this is just the kind of like art. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You have to. It's art. Some people might say it's good art. Some people might say it's bad art. It's all up to that person's personal ping, I call it demonic art, and it's bad. You think so?


Yeah, I didn't like it. You might be a little hard on the. He might be a good guy.


You don't know little Xman. Hey, no, I mean, OK, look, this is maybe he just too creative and it's just going over your head.


I think I get it. I think I get it to me. I mean, he's in the music industry. I mean, yeah, controversy, sales, music. I mean, why you think can't be out here banging buttholes. The guy on TV, banging couches, banging buttholes.


I mean, it's always been like that at Butthole Rubbin on live TV and all the kids. I don't know, let me see. Like, I actually took some time, do some research. Yeah, know it's probably written lyrics. I was reading over the lyrics. I did the video too, man. I mean, in the video, it looked like he was going to heaven then. Oh, no, I might be wrong, but he was going to heaven.


It's like, you know what? I'm not down with all these heavenly angels. I'm going back to hell. He wouldn't back down hill gave the devil a lap dance.


Yeah. It looked like maybe I might be jump to conclusions. I think he was actually having intercourse with the devil. He hopped on the lap dance. I think the I think the devil inside of him. He got up, went around and give him a nice neck massage. But he was doing it to trick the devil. So the devil put his guard down by the devil. He does get a nice, good back room, Lord knows crack.


He did crack and he broke his neck. Yes, me, I think if you asked me little is doing God's work muteness took one for the team, but then he took one of those filthy creampie gardell and put his his guard down. He killed a devilment doing he doing God's work. He did kill the devil look like he, but he definitely broke his damn neck.


So. Yeah. All right. Let me let's get serious on this. Yeah. Get serious on this. You know what you write me because you know what? He's got a huge fan base and it's a bunch of kids and little kids don't know what's going on. Mommy, what's he doing to the devil? Oh, look like give him a lap dance. Was he facing? Was he in the first cowboy mom or dad was having sex with a cute devil.


I think he's doing God's work. Let me let me read verse two of the song.


Eh, I want to sell what you're buying. I want to fill on your ass in Hawaii and Alaska and Hawaii to Hawaii, it's a nice place. It's romantic, you can bring somebody anywhere. I mean, why pick away you go to take that and shut up and get serious on this? Let me read these lyrics. Let's get serious on this. This is but little kids, it's role model. And Lunas knows you're not doing all that fornicating with them to be the same yourself boy.


I look here, ok. OK, let's get serious on this. We could get to give it a lot by the hour to sell what you're buying.


I want to fill on your ass in Hawaii. I won't take a who that females as Amanda is. I'm pretty sure it's a man's.


Let's get serious. All right, look, I want that jet lag from in flying. Hey, watch your mouth. We got Christians watching us shoot a child in your mouth while I'm Rod Suda challenging my Farlam Rodden. You know what it is. Hi, Bustan. Nuts in your mind.


High school and high school shooter challenges when he's right, he's talking about, oh, the devil, maybe, maybe the devil got two digs. Hell you talking about this is the first shoot a child in your mouth. While I'm trying to do what's right in the Devlin video, maybe the devil got a second. You know, I'm thinking he's talking about driving in a car cab. I'm talking about this one with the video. He was giving a devil lap dance, I think it was, and said to the devil.


Now, if you'll have me there, if I didn't see the video, I would think, yeah, he want to bust his babies down the dude's mouth. But I don't I don't drive with the video. Well, maybe, maybe I don't know, maybe you should shut the hell up about that.


Let's get serious on this. So that's what he's talking about. That's what my interpretation is. Well said. It was basically I'm done saying that when I say it again, I'm a person who you know, the person but the mouth. What do you say?


Shoot a child in your mouth while I'm running down, Uzodinma?


That's what they mean, means him getting, you know. That's like that's in the Bible. Oral sex is a sodomy, that's whether you straight or gay like this do. Yes, sodomy. I guess we all going we burn in here, right? Sadly, no.


I got me some sodomy this morning.


We all think we go in here, we wake up regretted hell, who knows what that dance like hotel tails gohome. What happened, anal sex. My wife. What the hell you talking about? Well, that's considered sodomy in the mouth and. Yeah, no. Yeah, so that's the saying. No, no, it yeah. I'm I'm about to say about everybody all from your wife. That means you're going to burn in hell right there with no nice dog.


I'll be down at this dance and he could be singing this song for your.


You better repent Eagly be selling his little Satan shoes tonight. Yeah, he also came up with some merchandise for this. He had six hundred and sixty six pair. OK, that goes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, that's about right. I mean, whoever's was on his marketing team so far, you're doing good. You came with a demonic video. You just wrote The Devil. Yeah, I would. Yeah. That's a good idea.


666 parachute's. Yeah. He even has some blood in it. That's the that's just too far, you had to go with the blue. Yeah, you know, we're in a global pandemic, right? Think. About people's families, and they sold for like a thousand a little bit over a thousand bucks, should have sold them for six hundred sixty six thousand sixty six. You made a lot more money. They sold out. Yeah, well, whoever's on your American team, they had a good idea, but they just wrecked it.


They worked it in Nike had sold it for six thousand six hundred sixty six dollars and sixty six thousand six hundred sixty six pairs. You to make more money. You still sold out a Nike says they hadn't noticed actually selling them over the shoe because they'd because it's got the Nike swoosh on. You can't like a float. Noll's came out with t shirts. My big agulhas on the street here, man. We like doing that for what is right here.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Little noise came when I saw it with my agent Dan. Yeah.


He came out a drop of blood in the tank. I sue the hell out of. I said look this is what look this is this discuses. All right, now, this is way I see it, this is the United States of America. Either you believe in freedom or you don't. Yeah, I think you believe in the Constitution or you don't. You either believe in the First Amendment or you don't. Yeah, I believe in all that.


Believe in freedom of religion. Well, you don't say Tanneke is a religion. No, it's not. It is. It's just devil worshippers. That's not religion. That's a religion.


Wasn't really anything you would think was his religion. Scientology as a religion. Good point. Freedom, you either believe in freedom of religion or religion or you don't believe in freedom of speech or you don't either believe in First Amendment or you don't. I've been over it. You need to believe in freedom. I mean, you can disagree with Lernout, but he's not there to be your role model for your kids. You are. But that's you are.


Yeah, I'm a role model for my kids. But this is the thing. There's weak parents out there. Yeah, and this can manipulate kids. You think so? Yeah, I think I was a little kid, man. I saw this. I ain't going to be out here looking for the devil, trying to get me. This was not one of those little kids you see with those dirty magazines. Dittos was like nine. You know, I've been struggling with that for my entire life.


This is true, man. You brought up a very important name we can manipulate. This is this kid, especially young, impressionable mind movies, little kids, man. We just move in the house, mom, mom and dad. But it was a cold.


It was so they could afford by Trump standards here to say, keep calm, this is you.


We found some dirty magazines underneath the basement. Yeah, man, I'm still struggling with that. Yeah, I saw them. Beautiful women just getting desecrated. Yeah. And I was I've been there when you go there. Hey, let's take a look now.


Let's take a look on this young man and his full name.


And don't be disrespectful to him. And Lunas knows it's OK. Lord knows it's OK. I get I mean, like we said, this is America. You can be what you want to be. Yeah, you could be Keith and you could be a little Nas ex. I mean, that's the freedom we have in this country. Yeah. So I'm not I just don't like that. This is front page for. Kids where soccer is so controversial, it was front page, I would tell you it is if Lunatic's was a Trump supporter.


He is a conservative, a proud conservative. This this video will be getting a lot different headlines. What if he was a Trump supporter? What the hell would I be doing something like this? I'm just saying, no, you to believe in freedom or you don't. Oh, you said if it was actually Trump supporter, this. Yeah, look at reflect on Kanye got. If I I'm I'm just saying there's a bunch of hypocrites, I mean, and I understand he's not he's out to make money.


Yeah, he's making his money. And I mean, Khateeb, she's making the money. You can't she's not. These Bovary's artists are not doing anything legally illegal. You can say it's morally wrong with they might be doing to society, but that's all speculation. We don't really know. They used to say video games, Call of Duty was leading people to go into schools and shoot people. We don't know. It's just speculation now. Of course not.


Yeah. I mean, you had a predisposition to do something like that just in a video game. Do that. But I want to say this like the history of Hollywood, like when racism was rampant in this country. Right. We look at older movies like what was that? The black actor Sidney Poitier, who was the first black actor, and he actually slapped a white man in a movie health crisis here. It took a lot of balls to do that, but it was to put, you know, Jackie Robinson, the first black man in baseball.


I mean, sports in Hollywood has always been progressive, but not don't go too far. Yeah, you go my opinion this because I mean, this is America. We believe freedom. Oh, you don't. I just there's good art and it's bad for a lot of people. It's going to say this is good art. Some people are going to say it's bad or just depends on the person is reviewing it. But I do know there's a lot of Christians is pissed.


A lot of people who believe in God. This is like really this is very scary to them. And you can't blame them if if you are very religious, you believe in God and you see a famous person like lunatics and he's, you know, given a right and a devil he buses. I mean, this shit is going a little bit too up to foreclose.


I mean, just think about it from that point of view. I mean, you're going to feel a lot of people you're scaring a lot of people, but I think that was the whole point. I mean, we talking about it, I don't even know that was the whole point. Yeah. I don't know for sure if this man believes in God or he believes in the devil or or he's just messing with everybody, you know? I think he I think all of this was not his idea.


Yeah. There's people just pulling the strings. I'm not saying he's a puppet, but this dude, he is a musician in people around his team. They know what works and what makes money. Yeah. And controversy makes money. Yeah. Don't necessarily make little noise. Are a terrible person. You don't know it's not harming anybody. Some people will say he's selling I'm agitators. He's sending out a lot of mixed messages to young impressionable kids. I would say that, yeah.


But a lot of people say he's mentally harming kids. I mean, look at it this way, when we came across those magazines with kids, yeah, let's say, for example, oh, those were some women in those magazines. Bunch of dudes. You never know, we it turned out like little Nauset. That's what the problem too far for me. No, you look at you compressible magazine a do get sucked up on me. I don't try to get your little kid as hell.


I know my boundaries and I'm not sucking cock. Now, I seen him in beautiful women in there. Oh, but Mama was really religious, she told us. I'm just saying, if you're exposed to something like that and it makes it it normalizes it normalizes as to the word of the day, kids normalize, normalize.


And I want to say this. What's the black maybe you're getting to a point. Maybe Hollywood. Y'all y'all want to be progressive. Y'all need to set some boundaries, though. I mean, this is a little bit. To progress, especially if you are a devoted Christian or maybe even a Muslim or a person who practices a particular religion. Oh, this is a little bit over the line, don't you think? And the reason why I say this is a little bit over the line, because this is on YouTube, it's got 130 million views to its kids being exposed to this year.


That's why I say it's over the line. And if I knew this was just consenting adults. Oh, well, but kids, this would drive the music industry. Yeah. That's why I think it's over the line. I don't want to make a porn point. We have conservative YouTube channels like Prigg You. Some of their videos are being censored. You actually have to be at the age of 18 to watch the video like there was banning videos like the Ten Commandments.


Yeah, right. What you have to be able to log in because it was age age restriction. Why is this not for the videos not or some of the videos don't come up in in a search. Yeah, but you type in Loonatics. This is right at the top. Yeah. I guarantee you this ain't showing up in China. It might now be paying you to get down to the goddamn propaganda to say, oh, I want to say one other thing was the the white.


Version of Cardi B in music or the white version of this do no such thing. The thing has got to be naughty. I'm just playing around it. I just want to make that point. Like, I just think that using blacks, black people. Mm hmm. And they're also. Where did they kiss is emasculate Black Man? Yeah. I mean, but he's gay. I get it. But if he had the same talent, if he was the same duty is now and he was just straight, would he be given opportunities that he's getting right now?


Yeah, all but because he's gay, they're giving him these opportunities. It's like and again, the only way. Yeah, they're not like pushing people with, like, great talents. You just got to fit into a certain a certain box. You not to say the loud is not a great talent. Yeah. It's if you're gay, OK, you push to the front. Yeah. If you wait you sound like little look. You ain't doing it.


No Preetam.


Maybe if you're gay as hell, yeah, I mean, you look at some of the music that people are starting to question, especially from the conservatives, especially the people that are Christian, is always black. You look at our TV shows, a lot of us based around crime drugs, we wanted to hit TV shows, power round drugs. I mean, our music is based around drugs, gangs. I don't see white people pushing this type of stuff.


You don't see white artists being thrown in the same position. White people say to that, they say cocaine stuff. White people got get them a good line of coke now, man. But they are in the black community demanded they make it like it's worth a living. It's like, yeah, you know, I'm saying, yeah, I mean, the music. I mean, you talk about killing other blacks and shooting and killing cops and I mean, you don't see whites talking about stuff like that.


You don't see the same issues in a white communities. We don't. Yeah. It makes you think, yeah, they're greenlighting minorities to do this, but they're not greenlighting whites to do this. Yeah, that's the only problem I have with it. Yeah, but hey, you either believe in freedom or you don't. I just think they're using black people to fit a certain agenda. To put up with it, it's easy to use a black person to push the message because you can't touch a black person.


Black people get away with a lot. So they got a black card, right? Like they say, white people got white privilege. They got their white card. It's like you can't attack a black person. You're like, oh, they call you real racist, are you? So I think they use minorities to. Yeah. Anyway, either you believe in freedom. Or you don't either you believe in what America stands for, America stands for this.


They took all the Christian stuff out of schools, man, because they were saying that you pushed your beliefs on on other people's families, so he took it out. Yeah, right. But now you got YouTube pushiness and now you got other people pushing, like the LGBT community, non-binding. I mean, everybody gets to push their own agenda, their own lifestyle on you. But Christians can't get the same return. We can't talk about our religion or we can't have religion in schools.


I mean, it's like a double standard just doesn't make a lot of sense. But but at the end of the day, ma'am, everybody is upset at Corrib or Lunatic's. Don't let these people be your kid's role models. Make sure you in their lives you are their role models, not some rapper, not some dancer, not some movie star. You are their role model. But as a parent, you know, a lot of times people look up to those on TV.


Yeah, that's why you got to be in your kid's life. My kids and saneness and I sat down and had a long, hard talk with a long, hard talk.


Yeah. Like you screaming at my son. He listened to some most wretched and garbage rap. Well, we did. And I told my son, listen to the things they are saying in that song. I mean, but we need to have no idea. Do we all have grown up and we listen to some garbage in life. You just gotta make sure you kids like these things won't affect them. If you and your kids life in the trash, you and you have a great relationship.


Little knowledge can come on and give can go up to a gloryhole in Suck of the Devil. It is not going to fix your family. Can't it be get on air with to all of the Cardi B and was that other girl's name Megan? They could come out with to strap on on stage dancing with it?


So long as you a life that's not going to Tetrarchy, they can be like, yes. Then that's when mommy or daddy come in here, you'll sit down with your kids, say, look, I about a lot of people say this is art, it's art, but the real battle dance always a better away son.


That's always a better way, daughter. And if you don't even know what your sex is, they it's always a better way. Yeah. Some people strongly believe, especially on the conservative side, that these people are going about it the wrong way. We're not mad at you, make your money. You're not doing anything wrong, but you're sending out mixed messages to a lot of people. Mixed marriage, bad message mixed. And we'll keep it mixed because you get a some good some bad get to say mixed.


All right. What up? Because it's up to your opinion if it's good or bad. All right. I'm done talking. Don't be a bigot. I ain't a bigot. I'm just saying don't be a bigot. We all got a personal bias. A bigot. A bigot is somebody that's not what we're looking for, taking other people's lifestyles, I'm hoping other people's lifestyles. So when Khatib goes on stage and she's bumping buttholes with another I'm not signing petitions and lunatics is right.


The devil. I'm not selling all his nasty clothes. Hey, yeah. I'm not pushing I'm not signing petitions to ban people like that because I believe in the Constitution. I believe in freedom. I believe in America. I don't like being censored. Right. Yeah. Those conservatives who don't like being censored, why yo yo yo should not want to see little sex even though you might not agree with his methods or Cardi B's message. Censorship is just bad all the way around.


All we want is everybody to be treated fairly.


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Devons since it yet you're actually being fair.


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