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You've got new shelter, y'all got a damn good show. Yeah, but postnuptial everybody Sportage twins are all twins. Dukkha pick you out of patriotic T-shirt today or hat or maybe some bird products use discount codes. Chinese the twenty one percent of your. Anyway, all right, this Meghan Markle of Prince Harry Oprah interview, I didn't I had no, I didn't look at this. I don't I want to see anything to do with these two. Yeah, I don't nobody by about.


No Prince Harry. No damn. And Mark, I mean, this is the USA. This is like a UK thing, right? Yeah.


We don't we don't we don't glamour over princes and kings. We didn't glam over president.


I don't give a shit if you are prince.


Yeah, I certainly don't. That's the epitome of privilege right there. And you sit down and watch it. It oh look at Prince Harry. Oh look at his wife. If white privilege had a face, it would be definitely his face.


I have my right arm around and you know who is what, you know, people who came up with that white privilege didn't want to know, oh, look, there's Prince Harry who he's down with us.


He got what? Of a black woman, can't she? But as black as we are now, I think we black confuse. And when I see her, I don't even see African nowhere. Yeah, I think she even. Yeah, I think she even got lip fillers out of this joke.


But anyway, it does not when I think of an African queen, it is not Meghan Markle. Yeah. I'm sure black people are tired of like like half breeds blood black. Look at me. That woman ain't got no pigment in the skin. Yeah, right. Right. Yeah. Tomassi a black woman. Yeah. You ain't black. And Donald Trump is talking to that one. When you get a good orange glow going, oh, man, he makes her look pasty white dude do man, he's an activist.


What's the name? John King's black woman.


Many are saying some, yeah, OK, so let me say this, they got on the topic of their baby. Yeah, I think his name is Archie. Archie, I think the I forget what the baby's name is, LG, what a hell, what's your name? Yours, baby. Archie, I might be wrong on that. You got a prince. Y'all can come up with a better name than Archie.


There must be an old TV show. Is name. Archibold, that's crazy as hell. All right, buddy, anyway, Dig got on this topic. Hey, you're a prince man. How do you come up with Archibold? Kind of names that it's like, name your boy, Dick. It's just so many better names out there. A dick to me. Hey, hey, look at Dick and Harry.


Anyway, I'm over tonight. Yeah, you kind of let me down her name, you Archie Vanilla. Here we go. Here we go. They go to the topic of the baby's skin color. Yeah, I didn't see that coming with 0% now. And Megan would not say in what context that conversation came up or who said it. You know, I'm not showing the video. They're covering this. I'm not showing it. Oh, yeah. So she won't say who said it in what context.


Look, whenever there's babies born in mixed couples, that conversation comes up all the time. Yeah, like my ex-wife, she was dark skinned woman when we sat down. I wonder if it's going to come out your eyes when it's going to be light skin. I mean, it's just going to come, especially when you have a white ranty dude and you got Meghan Markle. She's a person. Yeah. Some of them have a person of color that's going to come up naturally.


Yeah. So but anybody with half a brain when you look at Prince Harry. Yeah. This dude's. This dude's white, white, there's no pigment anywhere. I mean, when you see him, this is what Hitler wanted for the world. This dude is white, but a white red. He's right. He's just white. Yeah, he's he's like I think he's 100 percent white right now. When you take Megan, like I said, Trump is dark to his mom when he got his tangoing.


Yeah. And y'all think the baby's going to come out looking like Kouta can't know that now that is going to happen. There's no way in hell it's going to happen. Even if that conversation was had, in what context was it? Yeah, you're missing context. I mean, when he brought it up, was it an issue? You left all that out? Yeah. You just just left it vague so people could expect the worst. Yeah.


Kind of like how Democrats run this country when whenever they talk about race. And naturally, people are going to think the worst people never want to look for maybe it was misconstrued or mis maybe there's miscounted people automatically going to think the worst. I mean, makes it. The main thing I want to know is, was it a problem? That's what I want to hear. You left all that out? Yeah. I mean, you went that far to say that that conversation came up, but you're not willing to name names because that's not going to be good for them.


You're not there to make things good for them. Yeah. To begin with, you know, if you sitting down with Oprah, you ain't there to make things good. I mean, didn't the R. Kelly sit down here?


I was like, R. Kelly, what are you doing this? Oprah Winfrey. Yeah. She's not here to make things better. She's here to ruin your life.


He went on Oprah. I think it was I think was Oprah. No, no, this whole right hand man, Yokine, if you can do an interview with Gayle King or Oprah Winfrey. Yes, she's digging for dirt. Yeah. Or to expose something. Yeah. Yeah. I've learned that if you're going to get interview by any one of those two black women, you're done, you're done with. The interview is over. You're done. You're going straight to jail and canceled.


Hey, so I don't know what the hell people keep sitting down with Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey. Yeah, I just think it's disingenuous when you to give out information that that conversation came up and you didn't explain the context or. Yeah, I just. And you just said that quiet. Just real short. Yeah. I mean, you didn't say that much, you could have said said it. Oh, yeah. I mean, if you dropped a dime, I'm naming names, I'm using statements, our record, the conversation.


Yeah, I mean, you just left so much open and not explained. You didn't mention names or anything. You didn't even mention that it was a problem. You just brought it up that the baby's skin color came up. Yeah. How you say it, you didn't even say it was an issue. Hot dog is a baby is going to come out. We have Harry. The epitome of whiteness. Yeah, and you. I mean, you don't even look you don't even look, man, I mean, I don't want to be the I don't want to determine what's black and what's not because I went through it my whole life.


I mean, you're not even as black as I am. And I barely made the cut, I'm only what he insisted, Denny said was six percent to get updated the update. Yeah, we got to 60 that yeah, we're getting black about a day. I mean, I'm 60 percent black. You look about 10 percent. Yeah. My mama was younger when I was first born. Mama said we came out pale white and our hair was orange.


It was red, was an orange and we went chair. Yeah, well, we came out when it was raining. It was, it was, it was it was nonblack.


We were looking like hairy folks that we looked like two little twin hairy. Right. And was said when she was walk around with us white people would come up that up to her and ask her what the rates were.


And my mom was she was brown skinned and she was she was like like if I go sit out in the sun in like ninety degrees, so like for like 10 days, I look like mom.


I know the mom was brown. Yeah. Bob Brown. Like I'm I'm seeing the black shades of people. I'm considered light skinned. Mama was like like like like a moka. Yeah. Mama, mama, mama moutet and black.


She was all she was mama was like a black coffee.


About two creams are now. That was mom. No, mom was like hot chocolate. What the hell you talking about this blacktail hot chocolate in black hot chocolate, brown, kind of hot chocolate, you drink it. You know what? I'm just so sick of all this racial divide. And it's always coming from people on the left now where already got enough food over here in America. Now we've got to put up with the UK's booze. The liberal foods from the UK come over.


Yeah, yeah.


We'll take this back to the UK. We got enough. We got enough of our own problems.


OK, see that the closes out man, Megan, you are you just I didn't believe not one word you said. I mean, Oprah didn't help things because I know when Oprah's around or her partner Gayle King's around, I know something is going to be. I mean, Oprah has got a woman on her network, just black woman said the reason why she's fat is fat fat. It's because food is racist or some crazy like that. Due to racism.


Yes, due to racism. Black woman is actually saying they're fat due to racism. Yeah. Cortisol levels in the food is being shoved down her mouth by evil white patriarchy. Yeah. I mean, whenever I see those two women, I don't I don't trust them.


I just don't find you credible at all. Yeah. Especially when you leave out very important details, very important facts, name names. And if it was an issue, it means you came back it up naturally. When you have a white man and a person of color, the person, the color, that baby is naturally going to come up. It even comes up between a light skinned black woman, a dark skinned man or vice versa, or a dark skinned woman in a light skinned black man.


Oh, you think you know, even in the black community, like you have a do would like good hair. Right. And a wife has got what? Not good hair. Explain the good hair. See like good hair, like in the black community. They say this is good hair.


You'll see that. That's good hair in the back. We got the good hair, that's a good hair. And now they call nappy head to head back and make good hair look crazy. Take hold of me, man. That's a good hair right there.


Craig, that's good. Like in a like a black frame, like of Somyurek, good hair like me, and then you have somebody in the real kinky kinky. Yeah, they be like, man. They'll say something ain't going back, I will say, Kaneki, I will say this is good, higher then I would say it was a principal real kinkier, I would say kinky hair like Kevin Durant. Yeah, oh, I hope he comes up with good hair.


I hope he doesn't come up with hair like my husband, Kevin Durant.


I mean, discussions like that happen in the black community. Just be real. And don't call me Uncle Tom Coon just for saying that, you know, I'm telling the truth. Yeah. You know, I am you black you black people don't be looking at me, judging me at a higher standard. You hold your own, you know, black people talk like it. Yeah. So for me, even mentioning you call me or my name, you know that she goes down.


I mean, that happens. You know that that happens in all races. Yeah. Oh, I wonder if he's going to have hazel eyes like him or he's going to have long curly hair like, you know, that always comes up in a. So you left out the context of how this came up. Yeah. Yeah. It could have came up. So hopefully he come out with a little tan because all of us look like some damn ghost.


Yeah. You know, it could have been just harmless. It would be nice to have a person of rorter with little with loose you around town. Yeah. Dear Ramtane. Yeah. But see you was very vague in how you answer the questions. You wouldn't give any names, you just wanted. I expect the worst. Which people who view the world from this racist lens like liberals do, they're going to expect the worst. And that's what you want.


Look, I came here up to liberals. I came hip to all this propaganda by Hollywood. I think personally, in my own humble opinion, this was just who is mentally enslaved. Black people for this country was racist and DigitalGlobe is racist. Yup. That was the only reason for this interview to keep black people voting for liberals. Yeah, that's as it come at. Deep down in my heart. I think that's what's going on. Yeah, I'm not buying it.


Yes. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid no more. I know I've been around this globe. I've been around all the United States. This country is not racist. Yeah. This country white people make up some of in this country. Yeah. Typical white person in this country are good. Yeah. Honest non racist people. Yeah. Majorities countries. Good people. Yeah. I'm not saying ain't racist people out there. They are. Yeah. Some I'm black.


Yeah. A lot of black but there's a lot of them white too. But the, the, the typical American is not racist in this country. It's not right. It's not systemically racist. Yeah. But this is why are they pushing this garbage. Yeah. Michael Lindale. True picture. He needs our help. Here's a man who started from nothing, built a great company. Great products have seen rock bottom, has seen the worst. He ran through drug addiction.


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