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Yeah. Got a new show for y'all, got a damn good show, huh?


But first, let's show everybody you can Sportage to enter the Fisher House twins. Nduka Vick, you are a patriotic teeshirt today or hatt or maybe some dairy products. Use discount code Chinese buyers, aguy 20 percent of. Ye. Nashville, Tennessee. We should we should move to Nashville mayor. I didn't know that they didn't have state tax. Right down the street, mouth is easy move from Virginia. Mood all the way to Vegas. Let's get to the topic at hand.


It's a serious, serious, honest. What, Susan? All right, there was this police incident in Nashville, Tennessee, right? Unfortunately, a young lady lost her life. She's only 31 years old. Her name was Nikki Hoeber. Yeah. Which could have been totally prevented. Just an ounce of prevention with a satellite was to say, saying as prevention is a pound of cure here. Yeah, whatever.


But actually, an ounce of prevention is worth a hundred pounds of cure. Really. One or a thousand pounds? Yeah, you keep going. You can say ten thousand pounds. This ounce of prevention is worth one billion pounds of cure. I like that better. Makes more sense to me. Anyway, Disha put it out there. Is a white police officer. I don't know if he is a white supremacist, but where you liberals say cops are white supremacy was white man, so there's a possibility he might have been a white supremacist.


I know, I mean, I haven't had the luxury of running across a white sprints, but apparently black people running a white supremacist area other week. So I don't personally know the man. So he's going to keep an open mind. He might be a white supremacist. Stop being facetious. Let's get serious on this. Hey, have I even met a white supremacist? Would you put on this earth? For almost four some years have not talked to a white supremacist who ran a white white racist people.


Oh, yeah. This one was Casemore, William T.. No, that one lady called you anyway kind of deserved it. He did not kill that white one, whichever. You almost ran off the freeway, man. Oh, in California, that turned out not them that killed her. She is pissed off. She let me know I almost killed her. She put up. Who are you what were you going like, oh, man. Like, I'm sorry, but she kept saying I was like, No, you're going too far now.


I'll stop chasing my ass. She put a gas. There's a hold up of bitterness because you were like 15 times in, like 30 seconds, which just pissed man.


I didn't see her. But I know she is pissed, man, but 30 times. Yeah, it was excessive. She was on my way past one time. You know, people say things when he upset, they don't necessarily mean. But she would. You said it when you said it 30 times.


I'm starting to think you meant it. Yeah.


She was in my blind spot. I didn't see you. Yeah, it's her fault. I hate people. Drove my blind spot.


But anyway, let's just talk about this incident, I think we should all racism do exist now. What are you talking about? Have to say so I support what has that got to do with Tullius being facetious? Hey, man, I want to get serious on this. Let's talk about what happened. You know, we can't take nothing serious. OK, let's get serious on this. Yeah. We need this a serious topic. Yeah. This could save black people's lives, especially because this is just another incident is being perpetuated against blacks.


I mean, mainstream media, social media, a lot of these black celebrities are just taking these people that have put their life at home and have people have lost their lives because they're doing stupid things when when told specifically by police officers not to do. But I'll keep encouraging this type of activity. It's just going to continue to happen.


The incident in Nashville, Tennessee, is what we're going to talk about. So many things in this. In what happened just on both sides, yeah, of course, the person that the black lady, I must say later race has nothing to do with it. I'm thinking like a liberal. The lady. Yeah, her race has nothing to do with it. Yeah. The cops race has nothing to do with it. He's a dude. He's a dude, and she's a female.


Yeah. This has nothing to do with anything. It's just to do the woman you the cop. The woman's a criminal. Yeah. And she so happens to be black and the cops who happens to be white is just a big coincidence.


Oh, shit, let's get serious on this. OK, OK, let's get serious on this.


Yeah. You know, unfortunately. Well, why should we take it to Hollywood democracy and taking serious people, black people in taking. I think things like this wouldn't happen. You know, what I'm saying is I'm going to make this about race. If you offered a class to black kids in high school, there's got to be a prerequisite to finish high school. Before you get your diploma. You got to take this course. Yeah. How not to act around a police officer.


Just I'm just going to show you the video footage of what happened. I mean, just check it out. Twenty three to four right now, he's not in her. And for you, I'm going to give everyone a say on. Bring your bag out here, man, stop, stop going through it. Step right back here. What did you take out of this meeting? OK. OK. All right, listen, just come back here.


I think we're getting off on the wrong foot, OK? Because I'm really confused on what I'm getting. He's got several wars. That has nothing to do with him. You don't know who's in the car. Nobody's in your car. Now I know that. However, now I'm going to address the other problems. OK, so you want me to just step right back here? Can I use the restroom and, you know, being audio and video recorder, just let you know.


OK. Twenty four. You did have one more. That would be because. Hard to find any in your hearing drive and charge you and drive for church, step back. Twenty one.


Twenty three, because three negatives just go, too. So it's just in here, OK. Was there about five minutes. OK. This is James. So I would say twenty three to twenty five. How I look at you about. I can be in a couple minutes. I'm Richard, Richard and you and. Surging Galactic started around here about four minutes away from the. Yeah, I'm not done with that, though. Where's your lighter at 13 as you're about seven minutes?


Oh, I get it on that as you drive around at the dollar, General Grange.


Thank you. You're doing me a favor. No, around with me because I haven't done anything wrong. No, no. You know. You know the girl. The girl that. I about. Step out, you go down to suffer so far, because I can't give out that country, I'm OK before I even, like, elaborate on what happened.


OK, I mean, can I ask a stupid question? Can I just ask? I mean, sometimes I just lose faith in humanity. Who the hell screamed for help when the cops is trying to arrest you, don't you're not using the word help correctly. You use the word help when someone's trying to mug you. Rob you? Yeah, someone's trying to break in your house. Just when you scream for help, you scream for help on some capital rescue, who's supposed to help you, Parminder?


That's why I'm telling you, black people need a course in high school. It's got to be a damn prerequisite. You cannot get your diploma or your GED unless you take a damn class. How what not to do by the cops. Black Lives Matter, you should sign off on it. I mean, help hail. Help people see what's going on. Well, come to the rescue, come on, let's go. No, I mean, who the hell does that?


If I heard a woman screaming, help me. What's going on here?


What help capture and rescue crews trying to get me shot.


I'm just like I'm just pissed off because people just do the stupidest things. Hill Hill. People scream for help when they drowning or when he fell off the bicycle. What he forgot to put a seatbelt on, he ran into a telephone pole. He screamed for help. Or me in my bedroom. The house is on fire and I can't I'm on the third story. I'm screaming, help. Give me a little help, though. I've never seen nobody screaming for help when the cop is arresting you and was crazy enough to be a black thing, though, because I don't see why people scream for help.


And then the cop is obviously this cop is a nice guy. Well, he's obviously he took a little.


One cannot talk and keeps on the rag today, man. Look, look, it's a but he's got a pat on the back. Look like the cop allows her to keep going back and forth in the car on fire.


She gets her hand on a gun. He sees the gun. It says, put the gun down. She didn't pick up the gun so you could tell her to put it down. She picked up. She's gonna blow your damn head off. Yeah, if I'm the cop, that whole car is shaking, ricocheting with bullets, doing the bullet dance in that car. Yeah, man, you tell her to put the gun down. I can't see.


I can't multitask like he's cop man. I'm too busy trying to shoot you. I'm too busy pulling a trigger. She's got a gun. I'm not going to give you an opportunity to shoot me. I mean. I mean, I'm pretty sure you in a police academy, I'm pretty sure you see a gun. Life is different. Put the knife down, put the knife down, yeah, someone's got a gun. Do tell them, please put the gun down.


Yeah, that's a gun. Yeah, she actually shoots him first. I think she might have shot him a couple times. She shot him first. She shot him first. Looking at first bullet didn't go right between your damn eyes.


Thank God she's a whore where she got him dead. But he's a big dude. He is hard to miss him. She had all kinds of targets. That's a big target. It's not like their target was 30 feet away. That target was right there again. Anyway, Miss Anett was about five feet wide. But anyway, this this this police officer, you're very lucky to be alive because after she shot you, you on the ground incapacitate you.


I don't know what you did with your gun. She's like backing up. She she could have kept shooting you or possibly she could have ran over you. I mean, you're very lucky. You know, I'm very lucky. I think this cops got way too much sensitivity training. Honestly, if this is what, you know, some cops running to, they're like they're like a lot nicer than others. Then some cops are like, very abrasive and they're like really strict.


Right. This is why. Yeah. Would you too nice with people, you know, they take advantage of you. Yeah. She had an opportunity to shoot this dude. I don't know how many times a yeah. And you know what, unfortunately. I mean, you learn from mistakes. I guarantee you this cop, next time you see someone pull a gun, I bet you he's not going to say, hey, Bobby, can you put that gun down?


Because the reason why this happened is called the sensitivity training and gun free content. What's going on in society between whites and blacks when it comes to policing? Yeah, that's why this happened. If we didn't have if it weren't made out to be such an issue in this country, I mean, obviously, he would have shot a lot sooner. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's there is some bad cops out there, but the majority of cops are good people.


There are some cops are too nice. Yeah. This dude is way too. He is so lucky to be alive, man.


And then later on she drove away. Yeah. I mean she took a couple, she died. She passed away man.


Which sad man. She was only like 31 years old. Yeah. You know, I mean she did all that to herself. Like if I was you I think what the hell was Kevin thanking you for that comment. But you know what, man? A lot of people in the hood, man, they look up to a lot of people and celeb, especially Democrats, and they're not pointing out what people are doing wrong when he gets shot. These people that are getting shot, these are no angels.


They're putting our self in harm's way, but they're not getting shot for no reason. Yeah, shot for purpose. And y'all and just by her actions, when she's running around the corner screaming for help. What do you think she learned from she learned from TV? I think it occurs because people have taught them, yeah, they have to be scary because that's what I want to touch on.


She's actually scared of police, so she's actually screaming help all the time to scream help. I know what I'm screaming help. I'm scared. Of course she's scared. She's taking they're going to do some that he's not allowed to do. I think there's a lot of people in the black community that don't realize cops have the power to arrest your ass. Yeah. When they tell you to put yo, yo, yo, yo don't have to follow those rules or something.


Yeah. I mean, they have the power to handcuff you. Yeah. They, they, they have a power to take away your rights and take you to jail and you just help help people go to school, run out the store and help you. Yeah. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Her whole character, her actions, what she is saying, this is like she was in another she was from a different reality, like she was stuck back in nineteen twenty seven or something.


Some white man was wearing a damn KKK outfit where writing a damn horse it's a police officer. You got pulled over. He told you why he pulled you over. That was all those felony warrants on the car give drug warrants and then I mean it was several. If I was a cop and it was several once in a car, I'm going to wait for backup.


I pulled your ass over here. I don't know, I've never been a place up, but I've been just me, I would never turn my back on. Yeah, I would have never let her go back and forth to a car in her purse. Right. I mean, you just way too nice. She had so many opportunities to take your life. You're very lucky to be alive. Sensitivity training, I'm telling you. Yeah. Sensitivity training almost got this Duccio year and all the reason why he was more sensitive with this particular person is because color skin person was white.


It would not be an issue. He unfortunately. Oh, he is. That woman was white. I'm pretty sure he'd have shot her a lot sooner. I mean, I'm just speculating. But her race played in played out in this incident. But you can't really say that. You can't. I'm just becklin. Why else would anybody why would a police officer take you to drop a gun after you've resisted arrest? I just got in a fight.


She's getting in a car. How many chances are you going to give somebody? Yeah, he gave her a chance to shoot his ass. Yeah. He even sold a gun to say, put the gun down twice. She shot him first. I'm telling you, if this is a white dude with a shaved head, with tattoos and matches he'd been shot to do. You can't tell me when a shadow, a Nazi, a skinhead here, shot in the sea if you play that game.


That's what I'm saying. I just tell you how I'm thinking, yeah, just what you think. I'm a police officer and I stop asking. He's got swastikas on and I see him pull a gun. I'm not telling him. Put the gun down. Yeah. Anybody with common sense is not going to let men to put the gun down. I'm just going to shoot them. Yeah, I'm just going to shoot them. I mean, but it's just it's all speculation.


I just hate to see liberals when they do it, like they'll go to another incident. Oh, look, this white dude. Oh, he didn't shoot him right. Then shoot him because he's white. If he'd been black, he was shot. That's what I said. Once you open up a door and go down that road, you're you're no different now, right?


You sort of saying, I could say the same about me because I said what I say. I said he's got too much sensitivity training just passes. She's black. He handled it different so he wouldn't look like a white supremacist or racist. Right. I mean, who knows why he did what he did? I think race played a huge role in this. Yeah, I think. I think so. Insensitivity, sensitivity training, you see. Got him shot.


Yeah, they got him killed. Yeah. I really believe deep down deep in my heart, if there was another race, if I was a white man with a skinhead with swastikas, he had been shot.


Who knows? I'm just speaking for myself, who know, who knows, man. Maybe it just is, but you know what, people actually use anybody up in arms about all this shooting people.


Obviously, nobody protest because it's too much evidence that she just put herself at risk. Yeah, I did a Google search. Black Lives Matter protest. Nashville is all for of stuff to happen.


Know and you never know. Maybe tomorrow they'll have a protest. It's a shame that the probably the worst thing that was going to happen to this lady, she probably serve some prison time, but she will still be alive. You still have your life. You just do this all the way just because you want to be responsible for the mistakes you made. You didn't want to hold yourself accountable. If you'd hold yourself accountable, it is about by the police officers demands and just served your time.


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