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And as white people, we even the poorest of the poor, I feel still has a leg up and it's yes, leg up is where we say and still have your whiteness. That's what that's what the term white privilege is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage no matter what white man Como made.


No sustain is no white privilege ever that that white lady made a good point. Man what stovall's the to tomfoolery. She said, well, that woman is foolish. I will listen to what she said when she said she said poor white people have a leg up on poor black people. I mean, look at the black neighborhoods actually killing each other. It is true to say that. Hey, hey, that's a fact. Now, don't get mad at me.


Yes. In fact, calm down. Liberals have told them not today. Look, statistically speaking, you have the violent crime in this country is committed by six percent of the population. Yeah, I'm talking about now. I'm talking about suppliant. I'm Timbaland's Tumbulgum rape and murder scintillate crimes committed by six percent of the population. That population is black males. And that's not a white privilege thing. That's a black thing. Not a day liberal. OK, let's drive you crazy as hell for saying that.


OK, look here. This is a white privilege. Let's address the elephant in the room, everybody. Oprah Winfrey Dictionary of Woman's worth two point six billion dollars. Do you know how many zeros there is? Just just so you understand how much money there is. A billion is a thousand million. She got two of those and see halfway to the third million. And guess what? They all know she's black. It's pretty hot as hell did that happen?


How did the racist white man, they took it, Tupac, six billion dollars go think white people just saw Oprah back in the early 80s and said, oh, look at the poor black woman. Look how dark skinned is. She can't do none for sale, sitting out, trying to breathe out a white man's eye. I'm gonna give her a job. She ain't do nothing for herself. Look at it. She's black. No, no.


Oprah got that job. Because she worked hard to make good decisions. She was good at what she do. Yeah, she's good at her job. That's why they hired her. They didn't have pity for her. Yeah, they did. She didn't get hired through affirmative action. That woman showed up and answered all that white man's questions and blew the socks off the white people. You know what? I will give this woman a chance. Hey, do you think Oprah go let white privilege?


Does this false ideology, white privilege keep her down? She didn't let it stop her. Yeah, look what she said. The woman owns her own network. Yes. She like we said, Foley's name is on TBS, TNT, Tintern. Yeah. See the black version of Ted Turner. She lived in a white private who she let the white man get in her way. No, no, no. Oprah is a hard worker. She makes good decisions.


That's how she got to which nobody gave her anything she worked for. Yeah, but come on. A commentary preaching that black people work or make better decisions. No, she comes out here pushing this book about how racist America is. Yeah. That's why she's pushing this book. Yeah. That's what Oprah ain't got enough money yet. And Oprah smart. This woman is brilliant. You don't make two point six million dollars being stupid. And black woman saw what Black Lives Matter doing.


Black Lives Matter raised over a billion dollars for these white politicians. Yeah, she said, oh hell no, not today. Yeah, that's my money you hold. She figure if they can do that, I'm a black woman. Hey, I'm a victim of my own people, then we'll get some of this white guilt money. Yeah. Small business woman, single knock game capitalism. She sees a sum that she can exploit to make some money.


Yeah, there's evil. What's she doing and is making is making black people happy. Is making white liberals happy. Hey guys happy. Hey Obama. If this country is so racist, how did Obama get elected? Twice he beat two white men in an evil white witch name Hillary. How did how did Obama slip through? Because when I hear the name Barack Hussein Obama, Obama white supremacy, I like. Whoa, wait a minute. That name don't sound too close to my car.


Give me a picture. That boy. Yes. Not like he had a name like T Poage. Yeah. Just looking through the cracks. Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, white supremacy. That man coming from a mile away. They knew that man was black. They knew he was white. Yeah. White people make up 70 percent of this country. How do you win elections? Oprah? It wasn't even close. Oprah answered this question for me, please.


It's smart and as intelligent as you are. And success and success with the black Ted Turner. How the hell is the highest grossing act of twenty nineteen? A black man? Yeah, I'll give you a hint. The dudes in the gym and he make oh chance at Gates. I'll give you another hint. You don't tell him his name. Yeah, I'll give you another hint. He is solid as a rock. And so this question for me, Mr.


Turner, I got another question for you. Has the highest grossing comedian. A black man? Yeah, hang on, I got tell his name, I give you a hint. I'm a hit man who give his name. Yeah, he a grown man, but he shops in the kids department and his wife is a foot tall and he is a she is. But did he say, oh, man, look at me, I'm black. Yeah.


So I got a subpoena to support my feet on Assad's you my wife's football. And I am able to think I'm in junior high about Chicago to elementary school. Let that stop him. Look at how you use success. You know why? Because he worked hard. He made good decisions. Yeah, you know what I'm saying? That's the key to being successful in America is not about your skin color, has no do how hard to work out.


But yo, yo, like like white people don't have to pay for credit. Oh, I'll just give you a call. You ain't got a great you want this job to a job. What's your name. Tom Smith. You are Irish right. You're hired. I mean they jump through the same hoops as everybody else. How come the richest demographic in this country is not white? Yeah, it's Indian. No, I'm not talking about black, but Native American Indian.


Yeah, cheap, cheap, cheap Blackfoot. I'm talking about red dot India. You know, the highest they are like they're darker than I am. How are they the richest demographic in this country? Why? Because they make good decisions. I don't think I've ever seen a homeless person from India in America. They're real big on education and self accountability. Yeah, Nigeriens. This is a richer demographic in this country. You know why they got that black American mentality?


They have been enslaved by me today. They come from a different country and they see the opportunity they we have here. And they've made the most of I've noticed a lot of black doctors. So she talk to him like, oh, he from America. Yeah. You could tell he's from Africa. Yeah. You know. I mean, I'm just so sick and tired of all this white privilege.


How come annually you got millions of immigrants down south here, Latinos trying to come here, trying to come here? I mean. Well, they got the KKK and Nazis waiting for. Right. And they're not coming from Tijuana, Mexico, right at the border of America. They're coming from thousands of miles away, not on a truck they welcomed. Hundreds of immigrants die each year trying to come to America. Yeah, because they know this is the land of opportunity.


If they can just get here, they are risking their life and limb to get here because they know there's more opportunity in this country anywhere else on this globe. Y'all keep preaching to black Americans how racist and how inferior black people are because of their skin color. To make me sick to my stomach. I feel like I'm going puke all over Keith. Don't do that.


Hey, look, tell me, one country on this planet, it's better to be a black man than being a black man or black woman to be a black man. Yeah, OK. Tell me what country does better than us to be a black man. One. Just one. We could be waiting all day, Dana, you know why? Because this is the best country, not only on this planet, in this damn universe, you without this country, Hitler will be still living.


And on top of that man has played quarterback in the field. He's not what man? Brother looks like me, he likes it like he got there like year pretty good office horse to come and pick you up. You got a t shirt today. He'll give you 20 percent of disturbing discount code Chinese. We call it Chinese because sometimes we make t shirts. Great de.