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Yeah. Got a new show for ya, got a damn good show. Uh huh, but we should also remember everybody, you know, always photos. Twins are official twins. Dukkha pick, you are a patriotic T-shirt today or maybe a hat or maybe a white privilege card or maybe some bird products. Use this calcu Chinese virus aguy 20 percent of ye. Now, when I first came across this in my feed and Instagram, I thought this was a joke.


I thought it was fake. I thought it was Babylon. B says, no way in hell this could be real. Somebody pulling the gag. But I did some research because that's what we do here on the right conservatives. We just don't believe everything we see from the left or the right. We go out and yeah, we go out. Fact check. We've been doing this little fact checking.


We're doing us a little fact checking. That whole article, man, that whole story. It's missing a lot of context. Well, when I first when this story first came across our fetuses in the Oakland area, if you make less than fifty nine thousand dollars a year and your family three and you got a child or whatever, you you are entitled to this free money. Right. And it makes me think this is taxpayer funded. This is like welfare or whatever, but it's privately funded is charitable donations.


Yup. But it is true. It's only for people like if you are a legal immigrant, you're entitled to it. Everybody's entitled to it except white people. Yeah. If you got blue eyes, blonde hair, automatic disqualification.


What? Because it got blue eyes, what it is, is I mean, I had no idea that was white people in Oakland. I'm black and I would never live in Oakland. That's just way too much diversity for me. Me, if you why you can't be conservative and white in poor living in those three, don't go together. You got to be liberal. You got to be I mean, the writing's been on the wall for decades. I mean, the right has left just these highly paid black men start to leave an area.


That's the sign you need leave. I mean, go to say Warriors Day playing. OK, I'm yeah. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell is the Oakland A's stood out. I don't know, man, like there's a bridge going in Oakland when you leave and you go in and when you go into San Francisco, there's a reason why they call it the Golden Gate. It feels like you're going into heaven because Oakland, that's a.


The art got lost to old man, I thought I was going to. I have never seen so many hot mama Khiva accidentally booked a hotel and Hoagland's staying here. You're crazy. Say I did accidentally book. I was saving some money when I saw a show in San Francisco. I've booked a hotel in Oakland. It look good in the pictures is a huge mistake now on Expedia. But they didn't show you what was around that place. Oh, the pictures were real close up.


Yeah. That's like why are they taking pictures of corners? They say this money. Is to what was the term they use because there's a wealth gap between blacks and people of color to whites like whites. Yeah, it's like three times more than they make three times the money that people of color in the area. That's crazy. Three to one. Yeah, that's crazy as hell. Three to one. But yeah, I mean, they say it's racism, but they all can be racist.


No, no. I've met a lot of poor I mean just just racist people out there. Yeah. But every poor black person I ran into, it wasn't because they were a victim of racism. It's because they're dumb ass about that. You said we stop cursing me. I just. I'm sorry.


And I thought I knew there was white and poor idiots. Yeah, dumb ass, they made poor decisions. Yeah, ain't no rule is no exception to that rule. If you make a bad decision, I don't care if you got the blue as the blonde as her, you can be sucking a glass dick on streetcorner corner. I don't care what you look like. All right. We need to stop cursing. What's wrong with you? They can't because we're.


Might be a little vague, but I mean, people name their kids Dick, come here, Dick. What do you say could be a DeChambeau first name, last name, both would name that kid Dick White people. I never seen a black boy, a black family, and they name is Kid Dick. If he does, he's going to get his ass whipped every day. Yeah, but I tell you what, black people do come up with horrible names.


You see these names.


Black people come, oh, they got dick way beat bum cuisia. Nobody. I mean, white people come with some bad names, but black people come in first place hands they.


Hey, let's get back to the topic at hand. Are we talking about that probably funny discriminatory program. I mean, it's I mean, it's discrimination. Yeah, it's discrimination. If you're poor and your family tree and you fit that income requirements, you should maybe get that money. Shouldn't be based on your skin color. Yeah, that's that's but the whole training program was to try to close that, that the wealth gap, wealth gap between blacks and whites, that's the whole purpose of it, is not to help poor people.


It was to help close the wage gap. That's the whole purpose of this. But it still is racist. Is discriminatory. Yeah. I mean, but house five hundred dollars are going to do that. Yeah. I mean, what incentive do people have if they're getting this money. Well think about it. Shut up. Let me finish talking.


OK. CNN every Friday, may, you never know, I'm trying to make a point, and then you just take the subway on Friday, man, I'm going to make sure we change your tampon for the show, man. All right. Let me make this point. Hold on to what she was going to say. Let me say I was going to say because this is important to you. Let's get face on let's get serious on its face on.


Let's get serious on. This is serious. We talk about poor people here. He cannot. Can I say one thing, for goodness sake? That's a whole lot of corn bread and rice and beans. People being good.


Yeah, Mama now we grew up poor now, Mama, with 500 dollars a month. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, we gooing corn bread, she put it. But on it we eat pinto beans, rice, potatoes. We even got black pepper and salt.


Now no meat, but we're going to be we're going to be well-fed. Oh, you remember there was meat, but only daddy got to me. That's right. Daddy got to meet you. Try to get Daddy's meat dead.


Wampanoags and then what they mean momma cooked a breast. I didn't impress them. Baisley Kumaris and then Rice imitated my daddy came and beat the shit out of me.


Hey, let's get back to this first on this. That's why I don't hit my kids. No. I never laid a hand on my kids because when dad was whip my ass, I was like, man, if I live through this and I have kids, I am not going to beat him in an inch of their life. Your dad, it was crazy. No, Daddy. Daddy was crazy. No, Daddy. Daddy told you so don't.


Rezwan beat me because I love you. This is hurting me. Way more is hurting you. Hey, before we get back to you to paint a picture, daddy, daddy was a light skinned black redneck walking around with a 22 pistol. Did have no permit or anything.


Actually, Dad was a convicted felon.


He was 18, but he was a drunk, but he was a good man. I learned a lot from Daddy watching Dad growing up. I learned a lot from him. He didn't tell me what to do. I just watched him make all his mistakes.


They have said, don't ever look here, boy, don't you have a drink and don't you ever gamble like no watching you. Daddy, come home drunk, tear the whole house up. Yeah, that was when dad was young. He cleaned up. He cleaned up when his daddy do crazy man Daddy was damn light skinned.


Yosemite Sam, he looked like a black Elvis and a big ass sideburns. There was something else, but Daddy told us you work hard because daddy had to go to work on the. I mean, if we ever didn't go to school, we skip school, dad beat the hell out of us because Daddy didn't finish high school and he knew education was poor. So that's why he beat shit at us. He didn't want us to end up like him.


We skipped school with about. That would roll it down. Oh, yeah, we had the bust with Jimmy Hopkins. Yeah, you was right yesterday, the one the dumb down boys honestly, what they call real big ass, right in the whole neighborhood in front of an old white people because it was the white, they would be to hell out of the ass in the car with him, took us to school crying and ran over the with the blacks that we bought from my white friend rode over them because, hey, man, let's get back to the topic.


Was Thommo, let me say welcome say get serious on this. This five hundred dollars a month. I mean, is it going to really close that wealth gap? But this is the point I want to make. Yeah, you own it. You only qualify if you make on a fifty nine thousand dollars a year, which. So yeah. So what incentive do these people have to make more than that. Yeah. If they make more, more than 50, they lose this money.


Yeah. Kind of crushes, it kills your creativity. It crushes your desire to do better. Yeah. You know if you make more honest money I'm not going to get this 500 dollars a month. It also makes you more depending on your government. So how is this going to change anything, if anything? It's going to it's going to make it worse, you idiots. Yeah. And y'all making a very crucial mistake, you think? I'm pretty sure it's going to be a lot of people just going to need this money to feed their families.


I'm not saying it. Yeah, but how many people you going to feed their bad habits? Yeah, they are going to be going towards cornbread and beans and potatoes. I'm thinking prostitution is going to go way up.


I'm thinking a whole lot of crack. It's going to get smoked, too, because, you know, there's good and bad people, these poor areas. You're assuming all this money is going to go for good, but a lot of this is going to get squirted up in people's homes. A lot of yes, I don't know if I'm a crackhead. I'm getting five hundred dollars. I'm happy as a pig in slop.


You don't get high and you're going to go find your prostitute, the money's going and you wait for next week and it was a good week, but that is the cold, honest truth. I mean, debt, the whole entire region. I mean, to buy a house in Oakland. Yeah. The median price for houses around around nanocrystals.


I mean, check out this little hole for sixteen hundred square feet and only nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars. You can have this hole in crime. OK, that's like you pay it how much you pay per square feet. You're paying like six minutes smartarse for just four damn square foot. Yeah man. I mean Oakland is a shithole. It's not because of racism. It's because of people being trying to do for themselves just because of poor leadership from politicians.


This is a horrible policy. Horrible. Why don't you bring opportunity jobs to the area so these people can work? Yeah. Put up about 15 Amazon just put a dam and 15 Amazon distribution centers that you just need one now.


Not many jobs that create any, but five of them and a big placement since I never seen so many people in my life and place places so highly populated, I could not stand it. Traffic is like seven lanes and it's like bumper to bumper. Yeah, I never understood why damn freeway always comes to a stop. How there's no lights. Who knows? Can somebody answer that for me? How does a freeway stop with no exit? I tell you, too much diversity.


That place is overpopulated.


Yeah, that's a sanctuary city, too, right? I mean, everybody says go Oakland. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is everybody. So if it is. But I'm pretty sure because it is a sanctuary city, it's a liberal shithole. Yeah. I mean, everybody gets money except for if you're poor and you're white and you live in Oakland, obviously you're liberal. That's why you still there. I mean, you got to ask yourself, I mean, what is this?


Yeah, I even if it is privately funded. Yeah. It's still racist. It's still discrimination. I mean, you should qualify it no matter what your skin color is. But but I'm pretty sure this is a test for bigger government in those areas. No, the mayor said that this is a test. Yeah. So they can see how it works. Yep. And then the federal should jump on this program. And guess what? That 500 dollars is your own tax money that they just refund into you.


They're not give you anything. It's just your own tax money. In some cases, it's your damn kids tax money. Yeah, because they're going to be paying us back. It's not really our tax money is just driving up the debt. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's how it was doing.


But yeah, it sounds it it the initial when you went when I was little but I heard some like this old man is cool man. He's a politician. Give me some money. They trying to help me out. But no they're not really trying to help you out. What they're really doing is they're grooming you because they want you to depend on them for the rest of their life. Yeah, their career is already established. They know they're going to be taken care of.


That's how they suck you in and make you more dependent on them. They're not helping you with it. Really doing is oppressing you because you're not going to have the drive to go out, learn skill, learn a job because you want to stay within that medium income. You know, you never want to go out there and make a couple hundred thousand dollars. You become a multimillionaire. No, you get. You get. You settle with that 500 dollars and to Dallas is no real money.


Yeah, you come complaisant and you depend on your government and that money ends up ending up in the wrong hands. Crack addicts, drug dealers, prostitution as well. All that a lot of that money is going to not all of it. I'm not saying everybody in Oakland or crackheads. I'm not saying it all people in Oakland are bad, but a lot of this money is going to be in in the wrong hands. It's not going to be in the correct family's hands.


It's not going to it's not going to change. That is going to actually make things worse. Go make things worse, man.


The more you cut way, man. You'll be trying to close. Now, we've been talking about it for like a half hour. Let me tell you this, what are you going to tell you live locally, are you worth five hundred dollars a year worth more? Or if you think you are worth more than five hundred dollars and get you a job, go out and get your career. Do so much life. If you don't feel like you, Marty, that you are a moron.


You are dumb ass. You're lower. Take it easy. You're no good. You're just you're dumber than a box of rocks then. Hey, settle you only worth five hundred dollars. You just a sorry I can't do any better for you. So don't take your little chump change. Be happy. That's what you're going to amount to. Five hundred measly dollars. So sad, this is for the mayor of Oakland, Nechirvan, he was being a little mean no man's tough love man.


You know, your wife is your life is worth more than five hundred dollars. Brother, look, go out there and get this is the best country in the world. All right, shut up.


Let me stop. You worth more than 500 hundred and you make your point, let me say I hate people that can manipulate me. All right, let me say something. Go ahead and say that I'm tired of talking to these fools. This is for the male. A vocal, I said the reason why the majority of these people in a situation that they're in, it's not because of racism, it's due to a lack of ambition. Yeah. How was giving people money, 500000 money, going to incentivize people with no ambition to do better for themselves?


How is this going to change anything? It's going to make things worse. That's what my brother is trying to say, but he was just being mean about it. You were more than five hundred dollars. Yeah, this is. To you worth more than five hundred dollars a month, this is meant to be motivational. Not to put to get the hell off me, that is, come out there. I man, I'm tired of you putting your hands on me in a video.


It's it's in my ear. It's good. You know what, you can put that in your ear, right? Well, you lack ambition. That's all we got to say. That was a day, so he. Lindale, true patriot, he needs our help. Here's a man who started from nothing, built a great company, great products, have seen rock bottom, have seen the worst. He ran through drug addiction. Yeah. I mean, this man has accomplished so much thing.


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Yet you're actually being fair.


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