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Well, Senator, you said Hearnes. Senator McCain. Not like a good old fashioned hard.


I apologize, I'm from the south. But anyway, Senator Rand Paul is having a mellow turn today. Hey, Dr. Forcillo, now check it out.


Dr. Fauci, in a recent British study, David Wiley and others found that no symptomatic infections from covid-19 after following 2800 patients for several months. In fact, there have been no reports of significant numbers of infections after acquiring covid-19.


Naturally, Shane Crotty of our virologists at La Hoya Institute for Immunology concludes from his experiments that the amount of immune memory gained from natural infection would likely prevent the vast majority of people from getting hospitalised as a severe disease for many years.


In this study, which was published in Science, Dr. Crowdie showed that antibody levels stayed relatively constant, with only modest declines over six to eight months.


Dr Crotty reported that notably memory B cells specific for the Spike Protein, or RBD, were detected in almost all covid-19 cases, with no apparent halflife at five to eight months after infection.


In other words, Dr Crotty found significant evidence of long term immunity after covid infection. Furthermore, Dr Crowdie noted, Bissel memory to some other infections has been observed for as long as 60 plus years after smallpox vaccination or even 90 years after natural infection with influenza. That was a woman who got the Spanish flu, still showed immunity 90 years later.


So rather than being pessimistic towards people gaining immunity after they've had covid or had a vaccine, studies argue for significant optimism. And in fact, there have been no scientific studies arguing or proving that infection with covid does not create immunity.


There have been no studies showing significant numbers of infections. Of the 30 million Americans who have had covid, only a handful of infections have been discovered. In fact, The New York Times reported last fall more than 38 million people at the time worldwide had been infected with the coronavirus. And as of that date, fewer than five of these cases had been confirmed by scientists to be reinfection. Scientists interviewed for the article concluded.


In most cases, a second bout with the virus produced milder symptoms or none at all, given that no scientific studies have shown significant numbers of infections of patients previously infected or previously vaccinated.


What specific studies do you cite to argue that the public should be wearing masks well into 2022? I'm not sure I understand the connection of what you're saying about masks and reinfection, we're talking about people who have never been infected before.


You're telling everybody to wear a mask, whether they've had an infection or a vaccine. What I'm saying is they have immunity and everybody agrees they have immunity. What studies do you have that people that have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection? If we're not spreading the infection, isn't it just theater? No, it's not a vaccine. And you learn to mask. Isn't that theater?


Now, here we go again with the theater. Let's get down to the facts of the studies that you quote from Crotty and City. Look at in vitro examination of memory immunity, which in their paper, they specifically say this does not necessarily pertain to the actual protection. It's in vitro.


And what can you point to that shows reinfection? There are no studies that show this.


Let me finish the response to your question, if you please. The other thing is that when you talk about reinfection and you don't keep in the concept of variance, that's an entirely different ballgame. That's a good reason for a mask. In the South African study conducted by J and J. They found that people who were infected with wild type and were exposed to the variant in South Africa, the three five one. It was as if they had never been infected before.


They had no protection. So when you talk about reinfection, you've got to make sure you're talking about wild type. I agree with you that you very likely would have protection from wild type for at least six months if you're infected. But we in our country now have variants that are circulating in reinfection.


What study shows significant reinfection, hospitalization and death after either a natural infection or the vaccine?


It doesn't exist. There is no evidence that there are significant infections after vaccine. In fact, I don't think we have a hospitalization in the United States after the two week period after the second vaccination. Yeah, you have a death in the United States.


You're not hearing what I'm saying about variants. We're talking about wild type versus variants and now being there.


What proof is there that there are significant reinfection with hospitalizations and deaths from the variants? None in our country, zero.


Well, because we don't have a prevalence of a variant yet. We're having one. Can I finish? We're having one one seven.


That's becoming more Dommett policy based on conjecture. Now, you have it isn't based on conjecture Aryans.


So you some you want people to wear masks for another couple of years now you've been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show.


No, you can't get it again. There's almost there's virtually zero percent chance you're going to get it. And you're telling people that have had the vaccine, who have immunity, you're defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks have been vaccinated. Instead, you should be saying there is no science to say we're going to have a problem from the large number of people to vaccinate. You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy, tell wearing a mask after they get the vaccine, you won't be able to get the vaccine, give them a reward instead of telling them the nanny state is going to be there for three more years and you got to wear a mask forever.


People don't want to hear it. There's no science behind it.


Well, let me just state for the record that masks are not theatre, masks are protective.


And we as a community, they're theater. If you already have immunity, you're wearing a mask to give comfort to others. You're not wearing a mask because I totally disagree with you.


Dr. Fauci man, Dr. Fauci, if a deal is EWR policy, you shouldn't split it if a Usaia. I think you don't know how to spell that, Dr. Fauci. I think Senator Paul's. Argument was this if you are the cult, the Chinese virus, and got over it, or if you got the Chinese virus vaccination. So funny, that is so funny, you say Chinese virus vaccination and you great Charlie's Chinese is vaccination. If you've been that, you have immunity to the virus.


So he asked Dr. Fauci, while we ask in Americans who've got the shot, who had it, Widing continue walking around with a mask and then he put the question to him, like, you've got the vaccination, Dr. Fauci. Yeah. Why are you walking up any to mask? Isn't that theater? Yeah. And then what's his face? He said, I'm not sure if I understand the question.


I mean, I'm not a doctor. I want to say every damn word, doctor. Senator Rand Paul said, yeah, but Dr. Fauci tried to make the argument that, oh, this is for people who don't have the vaccination, who haven't contracted the virus. Yeah, Senator Rand Paul just last year took the vaccine or got a. Why do I wear a mask? You didn't answer that question. Yeah, I think he did answer. I think he answered at the end because I guess he just got lost in what the senator was asking him.


Yeah, he got lost. He got lost. And he got lost in all those facts again. Right. He's pulling out studies how you have immunity to the virus. So if you got a minute to the virus, you can't get sick, you can't get sick, you can't spread it. So why are you asking people to wear a mask when they feel they're being vaccinated or they called it key? You cannot spread it. People can't contract the virus you or you can't contract it.


Or if you do contracted your symptoms, you won't even notice or they'll be very mild. Yeah. Is that his question was very specific on that. Yeah. And he also brought up the senator. He's like there's only five known cases of people who got. The virus, yeah, and they got it again out of over 30 million people, just like 38 million some around there. Yeah, there's only five documented cases. So but then Dr. Foster said, no, that's you still have to wear a mask, even though you had him.


You have got a vaccine because you still got to wear a mask because there is variance. But then he admits that the variants are not like prevalent. They're not everywhere. He said there was some in New York, some in California. That's a big coincidence. Those are liberal states.


I think they can't because they are liberal scumbags. But anyway, it's not prevalent. Yes. So he answered his question a roundabout way, but he didn't want to be too specific cause him standing there to mask on after he got the vaccine makes Dr. Fauci look like a jackass. Yeah, it makes anybody just wearing to mask who has contracted the virus. You look like a total jackass. Yeah, but he Dr. Fauci kind of cleaned it up at the end just a little bit, he said, because there's variance, but then he admits they're not prevalent in society.


Yeah, but the obvious. Hold on. Let me say this. The obvious question is, is everybody saw Dr. Fauci several months ago when he said masks don't work right now. Remember that? But he later clarified this is what he had to say.


I wanted to bring you some pretty stunning comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who basically just admitted why and how the government lied to us about the efficacy of wearing masks. Let's take a listen as he explains the real reason they told us not to do that.


What about a month or so or two or three ago when people were saying, you don't really need to wear a mask? Well, the reason for that is that we were concerned, the public health community and many people were saying this. We're concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the 95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply. And we wanted to make sure that the people, namely the health care workers who are brave enough to put themselves in harm's ways to take care of people who, you know, were infected with the coronavirus and the danger of them getting infected.


We did not want them to be without the equipment that they needed.


Well, so since he had he he meant well. Yeah. He was like, I got to tell this white lie. It's not a black lab. It's just a white lab here to say a white lie because he was scared the public is going to run out and buy all the masks like there was buying toilet paper, which is going to keep the doctors, the nurses, the medical professionals without any mask. He's like he figured if they die, we're all so we're going to sacrifice you guys.


You guys can die, but we cannot lose our medical professionals. You have to understand when you have to understand it, you have to die. We need to keep our medical profession. Yeah. So do you trust a guy? Yeah. I mean, if he's willing to lie about something like that to the public. Yeah. It makes you think, what else is his main line about you? Because he's admitted this is the video where he admits why he said what.


He said it right. I mean, I think we always show that video but just showed it, you dumb ass.


Had a bad moment, Polygram, to take you to the doctor. I think you got that bad. But will you do it right now, right? Yeah, with all four shooting videos, we talking about duct falls.


But then Dr. Foster later clarified with this statement that if you could respond so that we could understand the difference between the virus itself and the variance and the reason for a mask.


I'm sorry, ma'am, I can see. If you could respond to the questions so that we could all understand the difference between the vaccine in controlling the wild type versus the variants that are out there and the reason for wearing a mask, I'd appreciate it.


Yeah, I mean, yes, first of all, when you have a variant, you have an immunity that you get which convalescing Sarah and the same sort of thing.


If I vaccinate you or me against a wild type, you get a certain level of antibody that specific for a particular viral strain. If there's a circulating variant, you don't necessarily have it.


You have some spillover immunity, to be sure, but you diminish by anywhere from two to eight fold the protection.


So the point I'm saying is that there are variants in now circulating. The point that Senator Paul was making was that if you look at wild type only, there is some clear-cut credence to what he's saying. But we are living right now in a situation where we're having a dominance of one one seven, which was the original UK. We have a very troublesome variant in New York City, a five to six. We've got two variants in California, a four to seven four two nine.


And we have a number of others. So we're not dealing with a static situation of the same virus.


Now, Daija, here, what this do said, you know, we need to wear a mask forever because there's always a possibility of some kind of variant is going to come out. Yeah, that shot, that vaccine that was always contracted, there's going to be a variant. So you got to keep wearing a mask, keep your mask. And every time a new person is found, you've got to take that vaccine to. Yeah, but you still got to wear a mask forever.


Yeah. Because it's going to be another variant eventually. Yeah. If you listen to Dr. Fauci, answer Rand Paul's. Question, there's a variant, there's always going to be a burn, even though they're not pregnant. I think we should wear masks, even though it's not prevalent throughout the United States. It's not even prevalent throughout the world. I just think, in my medical opinion, everybody needs to wear masks because it's a possibility they could be a burden, even though there's not a ban.


He even admitted that there's no burn. Yes. And Paris, New York, California. But it's but it's not prevalent yet, even as he said that it's not permanent. But you got to wear a mask. Why? I don't know. Because he says it might start a new outbreak because it's a different variant of some meat and stran. Yeah. So you've got to continue to wear the metaverse level. You have some protection against a variety if you contracted if you've had the vaccine or you've caught it.


Yeah, but it's not as it's not as effective. As it was to the initial strand, yeah, you heard everybody. We all. For the rest of our life, we're wearing a mask because Dr. Foster said so, it is a damn fair comment. Now, you said it wrong. Well, you got to wear two mask for the rest of your life.


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