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Yeah. Got a new show for ya. Get these bangs going. Got a damn good show, huh? Get the bangs going. Yes, but for also remember, you can always put your tunes are official twins dot com because you are a patriotic T-shirt today or maybe a hat to show off them bank or maybe a white privilege card or maybe some bird products. Come on, use this Karakol Chinese vase, aggy, 20 percent of. Tibet and Beijing's growing in.


And a look at the Biden shirt, that quote is going to go down in history. Is one of the most nonsensical, most idiotic, delusional, absent of thought.


That's lots of old time. Joe Biden, that's what you can be remembered for and that and following up the steps to the hill, both of the steps, Joe A.


We'll talk about Senator Ted Cruz, Krypto to the border, the great senator of the great state of Texas. Will we be without Texas? Texas is the heart of this country. One where we were foundation and this great nation. Yeah, if every state was like Texas. Behaving unnervingly. There will be an off year. And a bunch of stupid people is going. Not stupid. Just lack of education, I de Cruz, all right, when he would done a document was going down, going down, they're going, oh, down to Boder to seven boatmen to crisis.


Yeah. This is what he ran into. Maybe to the people.


Please feel the need to the people. So you work for the commission or your senior adviser. You were hired two weeks ago and you're instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken in this respect because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it. Please respect that. Will you keep standing in front of the pictures so you don't take it? The rules are arbitrarily designed to keep the American people in dignity and respect. That's all we ask.


Well, you're asking is this dignity and respect? Let me speak to the people. Let me ask you. There's a point to ask you, sir. There is a pandemic respecting the right to be asked you. Are you respecting the rights of these? This is not a zoo, sir. Please don't treat that. You're right. And this is a dangerous place. Please don't treat. And your policies, unfortunately, are trying to hide them.


I understand you were instructed when I came down here. I respect the people. Give them back. That's what I want to fix this situation. We all went up to the administration for responsible for these conditions.


Please. Many crazies hail, please follow the rules, please follow the rules, the rules. Have you ever heard of the Constitution that's got you breaking the number one rule and that freedom of the press? And for you, it is safe to say he's not a member of the press. We all are a member of the press without a free press in this country. Yes. How are we to expect things to be documented when thing goes wrong? How can we ensure that everybody that's elected is held accountable for their actions the first time?


And that's the whole reason why we got freedom of speech. Freedom of press is to keep everybody honest. You, Tomball, follow the rules. You make up your own rules. You supposed to be abide by the Constitution, First Amendment and a dictator. Saddam bad. An operative down in one. Yeah.


You talk about follow the rules. You're not even following the immigration laws. Joe Biden is not even enforcing our immigration laws yet about follow the rules with Joe Biden's rules. No, we follow the Constitution. Yeah. Yeah. Do the hell is wrong with you? Yeah. Yo, do follow the Constitution right now. Make up your own rules as you go. Dicterow rule where you can go down and document what you know because Trump believes in the Constitution.


Obama, Obama, when he was elected, he didn't he didn't like the press out. He did like people out from taking photos documenting what's going on. Freedom of the press, the freedom of the press is one of the most important things we have in this country. It balances powers. It keeps everybody honest. Imagine if Joe Biden could control our press. He can dictate what they put on TV. Do you have the president, if you have a president of United States administration, running the press and controlling what they are doing?


You do not have a free country. You just pretty much showing Joe Biden is a damn dictator. You having him dictate what goes on there? If you don't have freedom of the press, you have China. Follow the rules. Oh, my gosh, she said, this is not a zoo, I'm like, hell no, I know it ain't a zoo. They dance, they treat gorillas, betterness the gorillas have more room. They have the monkey bars.


They have bananas. They got swink.


They got tree limbs. What did these people got? You got these people, it's not like they in a damn goldfish bowl laying around like sardines look like somebody took a damn jigsaw puzzle. It just dumped it on the floor.


That place looks worse than a zoo, they treat lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, snakes, betterness gorillas. I think it's gorilla, no Dhoruba.


Hey, let's get serious on this. Yeah, potoroos, this is not a zoo respect to people while simultaneously have people locked up in a confined situation like this during a global pandemic. You're saying respect to people respect the rules when you follow the Constitution. Yeah. And these people, you have no respect for them. Or you would have taken care of the situation. This is not a zoo respect to people.


I mean, take I mean, I don't think I could ever be a politician. I mean, like, Ted Cruz is like, be real nice. I mean, he's been forceful. But if I was damn elected official. Yeah. Let's sit on a horse from Nevada. Yeah. Both of us got elected. I'm down and she's Tombo Follow says, look, I'm senator from Nevada. I'm here to document what's going on at the border. I'm here to fix the border.


Yeah. Now you need to get the fuck out of the way.


Senator Hart said that. Piss off, lady. You know what's funny? Immigration. There that they don't have a problem with. The detention officers, they don't have a problem with who has a problem with it. Joe Biden has a problem with the ladies there because Joe Biden, Joe Biden sent her there. That's the only person that has a problem with this. Yeah. Joe Biden, when he ran for president, he stood on this platform like Trump was treating immigrants so bad.


And if he's become elected, he's going to make things better for everybody, the immigrants. That isn't that. And this is the worst this situation has ever been at the border, because what Joe Biden put out there, that's why all these people come this why these kids are coming, because they know Joe Biden is in office. He's just going to let us into the country. When you knew Trump was going to do that, Trump was going to let you in.


He was keeping you in Mexico doing your paperwork down to your cases. Heard, right. But we now know Barnes, and that's what that's what's led all these people to come forward and cause this these people showing up in Botten T-shirts, they got people on tape faom saying the reason why all these people, surján, even the Mexican president, said that the whole problem is because of Joe Biden and his policies and his lack thereof is not even enforcing our own immigration laws.


He's he's not even willing to allow freedom of the press while he covers this whole crisis. And the thing about when Trump is in office, these Democrats, these are liberal, they call them concentration camps. There was there was left to go. But at the very beginning, they denied that there was ever a crisis to begin with. Now they're still they're reverting back to that, saying that it's not a crisis. When you got people packed in a box like this land, they don't even have room to move.


If everybody stood up, you came to walk two inches without bumping somebody. And they still not saying that this is a crisis during a global pandemic. They look tired to all I'm laying down. I mean, this day, they still in their. But. Well, if you walk twenty two hundred miles, you'll be tied to a I mean, they always. I don't think I told them what to do in about eight minutes. Hyperbole. Remember, it's in a little boy walk two miles.


Like a walk from here from California to Virginia.


Yeah. Yeah, they walked. But anyway, I like they're always laying down.


I'm like, y'all walked on football. Lazy, lazies. Hey. Well, maybe I should say that, but just because they seem to sleep, maybe that's why you all in the position.


Well, maybe you just lazy and get sort of somebody stop throwing bread crumbs and handouts are like, hey, we can do this. Hey.


I know, I know I'm a horrible person now, I'm horrible stating the obvious, I mean, I'm just pointing out the fact that people who sleep well, you know, they're always wrapped up in these damn aluminum foil blankets.


I mean, this is horrible. That's just the thing I hate about this, the worst man I love to like. If you want to be an immigrant in this country, the more the murders could be built on immigrants. The thing I hate about this whole situation, these people are not following the guidelines. They are making up their own rules as they go. And then when they get here, they don't accept our countrymen. They still hold allegiance to Mexico.


They send all the money to Mexico. They don't even accept our core values of what our true American and freedom are. If you do this stuff, that's the most that's what pisses me off. Well, that's where they're from. They have allegiance to where they from. Even if it's a shithole like like my wife is from Jalisco, Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico City. What's funny is about her and her family. They came in for a better life.


But it's like when Mexico is playing USA in soccer, they always play for Mexico. Yeah. Mean it's just because that's where they're from. They're proud to be where they're from, but so proud to be wearing. I don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say you can't go right. You're going too far once you go back where you came from.


You can buy your tickets and celebrate with Mexico when he USA and soccer. They always are. You got to come here live in our country. It didn't matter if I if I grew up in Somalia, right, did a soccer team. I'm a refugee children, all the people I come here and I'm not from Somalia. I'm American.


I will I won't want to be American first. Most definitely. Mexico is not anything like Somalia. Really. You could have fooled me. You Cristel, Somalia, Somalis. I'm not saying they got they have a South Park cartoon on Somalia that is a bunch of pirates, thugs. I mean, that's a dangerous civil war. They killing each other. Yeah. You're not doing that. Mexico degassing. I know. I know. They just ain't got no opportunity where the cartels man, they chop people's heads off hanging up.


Yeah. But pulling the pants redefeat. That's crazy as hell. Jim Cocktail's man, the evil man, but I think that's the norm in Somalia, that's the norm in Mexico curtails drug cartels. I mean, they run a country. They just as bad man, they just as bad but you as human, we we went to Mexico, we came to a four way stop. Right. I stopped for like 10 seconds because everybody was running a stop sign.


We pulled off a damn cop, pulled this off and say, we didn't stop you crazy. Hey, you know why kills was we had American plates, was in full uniform with the Marine Corps. Yeah, he saw us and he saw us for money. And he said, you need to follow me to stay station. I said, nah, I heard if I just give you some money, you just let me go.


Shut up. Let me talk. Right. I said, I heard if I give some, I can go right, but I didn't bring a stop sign. It's a year I saw how much is he said how much he got. He's taken everything I said. Got 40 bucks for what is good enough. He just took my money. I don't like country me. Well, I'm not going to I'm not going to drug cartels. That country, we don't been in Mexico when my wife was getting her papers, man, see, that worries you.


That place is a shithole.


And I kind of sympathize with you people. I wouldn't want to live in a shithole even. I kind of feel for you, man, because you ain't got nothing is no opportunity there. So when I see Oh come on, man, it's like I understand where you coming from, but you got to follow the rules, you know, you got to follow rules when you come here legally. Just makes I mean, you happy when you get here, but then you feel like you always got to watch over your shoulder.


You can't do certain things. Just do it the right way. It just makes it a lot easier. A guy was joking about go back where you came from. You got to put that disclaimer where you said go back where you came from. I was joking. Uh. Well, the joke man, of course, everybody knew that, yes, some would say go back, we can have this joke meaning joke in. A.B., I guess first on this, let's get serious on this back to lady.


Follow the rules, you follow the rules. Yeah, your president is a dictator, you're supposed to be freedom of press. Yeah, if you if the president can control the press, they can control the narrative. Yeah. And they used to call Trump a dictator. When you say and by the rules, the rules of this great nation is our U.S. Constitution, First Amendment, freedom of the press. Those are rules. You should be barred.


You talk about this is not a zoo in respect to people. Why you got these people caged up worse than animals then gorillas. Utamaro, respect to people. And it's like everything I do is I think was so hypocritical to say this. And then you, like, do the exact opposite. I'm well, do you even listen to what you say and follow rules, respect to people? Look, you got to people like it's like every word it comes out the mouth actually projected.


Yeah. Everything that comes out the mouth, it's like crazy. And it's like people on the left, they support everything that comes out of the mouth. It's like. It's like, can you see what's going on? Yeah. And everything you said you meant well, but you contradicted. Everything you say, everything that came out of your mouth was a contradiction of what this country stands for you, your president is a scumbag and the dictator. Anybody that owns our media owns this country.


Will you not allow anybody just to take a picture or to document what's going on?


Yeah, it shows that you're hiding something. You're a communist communist countries behave that way. Yeah, it's like everything but Brennan, he's going to fix the situation. He's got great ideas. He came in OK, just work to mask. I mean, you going fix the border? I mean, look at everything he touches. It just turns into a disaster. Yeah, everything. Can you walk upstairs? His son's a crackhead. I don't think he'd crack it.


He sucks on glass pipes. Then you see that picture with that one? I don't know his crack. Well, I don't know what it is. It's a it's a certain strong.


I mean, like like everything around him is like, yeah, if you if I not a label Crump and his family. Yeah. I mean just would but his family is. Yeah. The son. I mean, I just don't get it. Yes.


Everything they say about Charles family is but Joe Biden family actually does it, but the press doesn't say anything. They just give him a pass. It's like they don't even care they like. I don't know, just like freedom of the press, I mean, but is it is freedom of the press covers like covering for your party, Dick. You're affiliated with. Is that what freedom of the press supposed to be covering for each other? Yeah. Like the press, if they actually did their job, they could keep both sides honest.


And how great would this country be if the press actually took advantage of the First Amendment of the Constitution and did what they supposed to do? How great with this country be?


That's a shout out to CNN, MSNBC, all you liberal, mainstream, lame nuts. Your not doing your job yous. Yous spit out a certain narrative, anything that's remotely against but don't say it anything remotely bad about Trump. You push it like it's a real issue when it's not making enough. Biden's son. No. He had a laptop incident would have Trump Junior went to the store with that and a computer left it there. It's got all this crazy shit on it.


Man Day.


What a day would it have been to put all those pictures in a damn pop up picture book being Barnes and Noble?


Don Junior's greatest moments don't just get sucked off in a.


Data, but just because they're your yoga is liberal and the things he came at, you are not going to cover those. Yeah, because the media pick sides, they don't do their job. And that's part of the reason. I would say chiefly, that's the biggest reason this country is in a position to say now is because of the media, not actually because of the politicians, because of the media, because all of this. Yeah, it's OK to have different varying opinions.


But what you see on CNN and MSNBC is majority of it is 90 percent just garbage. I'm not saying FOX News is 100 percent accurate, but there are a whole lot closer. And then CNN and MSNBC, I mean, everybody's an asshole to me. But on the left, a majority of all the assholes in this country are liberal. Big time assholes. Geurts, scumbag's crackheads. The. Like Lindale, true patriot, he needs our help.


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