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All right. We usually don't like talking about tragedies like this. Yeah, yeah. And we like our viewers to be lighthearted, but I think it's important that we do discuss this topic, right, because we need to paint this picture to the left and the right and the right. How the media is pretty much destroying. Yeah, this country is destroying race race relations here. It's it's it's just tearing this whole country apart. Yeah. Like, when you look at our TVs, that is not journalism.


Yeah, it's tribalism. Yeah. Black versus white. Gay versus straight. Christian versus Muslim. Yeah. I mean I, I don't even look I mean I look at the news from CNN, I look at Fox. You need to when you look at the news, remain objective, remain objective, don't believe what you hear on Fox and really don't believe what you hear on CNN. Yeah. Do you need to take this information from both sides and you need to make your own decision, own determinations?


Yeah. This country is the greatest country on this planet. Yeah. And as proof, there's millions of immigrants that's non-white, just trying to get here, risking life and limb just to get here because it's an opportunity. But the story that we want to discuss today, it's happened in North Carolina, involved a five year old white kid by the name of Cannon. In it. He was just riding his bike, his mind, his own business man, his own business.


His sister's was out there watching him ride his bike. And when a neighbor by the name of Darius Sessoms, who happens to be a black guy, just came over and shot the kid in the head. No. Yeah. And to our knowledge, they were neighbors. They were cordial. They know each other. Yeah. They're Sessoms, the guy that shot the five year old in the head and killed him. He actually sat with the kid's father and think they ate food.


Yeah. He broke, you know, broke bread together. Right. So which is really bizarre. Yeah. Well, the main thing we want to say in this video. Yeah. We're not going to paint black versus white in this video. Yeah. I don't know what was the motivation behind this killing. I just know it was pure evil. Yeah. And it was a tragedy and everybody should walk away from this video knowing people come in all colors black, white, brown in every way in between.


Yeah. Again, the reason why we want to discuss this story is not to exploit death like the left does all the time. They if these roles were reversed in this story, if Canon was a black kid and he was killed at the hands of a white guy, they will paint this as a white supremacist and we need more gun control. Yeah, this will be this will be mainstream news. Yeah. But because it's a white kid and it's a black man who killed a white kid, you ain't going anywhere.


It's not. And it just doesn't surprise me because the Chicago one young black kids where this happens routinely. Yeah. You don't hear. No, Mittness. Mainstream media because it's a black kid died at the hands of another black person. If it was white involved, there would be front page news. That's what we're talking about. Destroyed because the media is pitting left versus right, black versus white. Yeah, they're exploiting black death for political gain.


That's why we're doing this video. Don't tell, especially to black folks and especially to you. White people on the left is feeling guilty because you're white. Yeah, they're exploiting both of y'all. They're using white guilt and they're using blacks to destroy this country and they exploit in a racist past to this country. Yeah. To exploit you emotionally. Why? Why why are they doing it politically motivated? Yeah. The only reason why they talk about a black man down at the hands of white man is because it gets hit, it gets these and it grabs votes for one party, the Democrats.


This is just a white kid riding his bike. He wasn't some guy getting pulled over by a white police officer punching a cop in the face, taking his taser or getting into a altercation with a couple guys holding a shotgun shotgun because she was supposed to somebody else's property when you shouldn't have them, when they're trying to make a citizen's arrest, you grab that gun. This was none of that. It was just a white T. Yeah, this should be mainstream news everywhere.


Yeah, but the media is telling black man and the exploding white guilt that black men are being hunted down like animals. No, they will leave out very important details, very important facts. Black Lives Matter started on a lie and it's proven by Obama's Justice Department that hands up, don't shoot. Yeah, but Mike Brown does all the lie. That was all a lie. And that white police officer that was cleared, they ruined that man's life.


Yeah. And you still see people today, black people and white people who are feeling good because they like wearing a shirt saying, hands up, don't shoot.


Yeah. These people have not did their research, so it was clear he was justified in shooting that man. Yeah, that's why I went to this video. The only reason why you you won't hear about Canon in stores like Canon or about kids can engage in inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, because the media can exploit them. Yeah, I think it's sick that the media does that. And that's why we have riots going on in this country. Yeah, not because this is a systemically racist country.


The media has done an excellent job in painting to everybody. Yeah, a lot of people in this country that this country is systemically racist and the white men are actually hunt down black men. That's why I can't see how black lives matter, because now it's in sports. It's an NBA to NFL black kids, eight, nine, 10 years old, be exploiting them because they're watching it and thinking that life doesn't matter. And that's the whole point.


Yeah, this is all politically motivated. That's why I'm not going to look at an NBA game. Nope, not going to look at one game. I'm not going to even look at the playoffs because which I'll stand for y'all standing up for a lie. Yes. That is all a lie. This is what this is meant for people on the left and the right, because I see people on the right starting to fall for this. Yeah, you're being applauded.


Yeah. Evil comes in all colors and it all should be put it put in the forefront when it happens, regardless of race. That's why when you see stuff like what happened in El Paso, Texas, with that mass shooting, that's all we should have got news. But if that shooter was black, he wouldn't have got front page. They put it in white mass shooter. What would they say? We need more gun control. He's a white supremacist.


He targeted people of color. Yeah, no, he is a radical. He was an evil person. Yeah. Why are you going to divide us based on that man's race and based on his. Because no evil is evil. Yeah, they do it because they can exploit people for votes. That's the only reason you're going off half twins dotcom and pick you out.


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