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All right, then we'll go do about these gay people man. They got they got more rest. Maybe they can use whatever bathroom. They want me to Rumer Willis.


I get that mean to write I can't race against one. Well, I thought I was about equality but y'all starting to get preferential treatment. I do man. I'm all about equality. I'm all about everybody being able to live their life not be discriminated against because of their gender or sex who they who they lay down with the night though. You should not have an advantage over anybody because of your sexuality.


Preferential treatment.


That's a big word preferential treatment know what preference or Treat Me is I'm just saying you got your own vocabulary and got your own words how you express that I'm saying. Nobody should have a preference. Do bats have an advantage based on their sexuality race or anything right now.


Wrong, I love gay people.


I do.


Hey, I just don't like a.


Just calm down. You come up like a homophobe. Okay. I know it's a fake work homophobe. Nobody's actually scared of gay people gay people made up. Nobody's actually like a rock in the phobia scared of spiders ain't nobody scared of gay people.


That's a made-up. Turn Buddy's radical leftist. People is horrible people. I have not met not one person terrified of a homosexual but I will say this there are people.


That wishes harm and want to see harm to gay people just because they gave their those people do exist in the Bible.


Where have you been?.


Let's get to the topic at hand. All right, y'all heard he's gay ABC say man before we move forward. We are comedians we make jokes.


We're not here to offend anybody with comedians. I'm also a political pundit. All right. All right now just because I say something cuz I say something and don't make me a bad person. I'm just joking you are you coming to get my word across or my opinions across the message. I think we all need to laugh. I think I'm time to do things with going through that people need to sit back and just get over yourself. You don't say yeah, so I came across this online today and it was the gay ABC's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.


I mean, that's what I'm saying gay people y'all got more racing us. Y'all got yours on ABC.


Why can't we have a spade ABCs?.


What's next to Black ABC's white people ain't got to own ABCs ABCs a little say something. I put my foot down how yo get more rest than anybody else cuz they've been depressed depressed white some white people.


Goes through oppression some more than others, but why y'all get y'alls own alphabet people have jumped in line in front of black people didn't put stones back. They make it a whole lot of hay weigh the gate but it wouldn't let me say this. Okay, the gay ABCs I came across has been online.


Innocents nice white woman I'm sure she's nice. She seems like a nice Sushi means.


I think she has the best intentions. She has the best interests, but I don't excuse because a lot of people have some great intentions and it did some horrible things. He's the most evil things have been done in two societies. It's literally millions of deaths across the globe has been done with the very best intentions. Please try not saying this lady is on that the same playing field, but you just putting it out there. So the ABCs I'm just going to let y'all see the video.


Hi real estate.




He is called.


How old is Nicole Kidman worth it buddy? And he could have been final boy.


Speak to the Ben circle. Jerk.


See, it's easy Deadspin.


Will be for me equality not like that. I believe in equality and what's that for? You don't want to.


Women ABCDEF phone number a b c d a b c d e f g.


Skip Gigi sucks H H is for homosexual.


I just enough no ma'am. I'm coming. I'm only gay BC Benny got rights. I got rights to.


Hey, let's do something. I'm seriously L is For Love and we'll move on pick one more Letterman.


S is for sucking.


R56 honest stop playing around this is serious about the kids till the original ones. It's meant to teach the kids ABCs.


You teach your kids to be like to be homosexual like when they when kids said C is for coming out the natural thing for most kids like series 4 coming out. What's coming out mamma what's coming out daddy whale sewing you see in that conversation is going to start yet how many stuff about learning the alphabet? It's not all about learning how to be gay the kid. How old is the kid kids? Probably preschool that kid ain't ain't ain't stepping but no sex. I got another daycare, but no Gentle Dental Care about none of that digital safe.


How do we miss Dell?.


Good with me Champlin. Come on L is for lubrication.


Answers for the strap on.


P is for pig.


How you know about that?.


Hey the alphabet.


Was invented to teach a language to teach kids the alphabet. You people are teaching kids on how to be gay. Well, if you're not well, that's what you doing. I was the term I would use is indoctrination. If you can teach your kid to be a racist. You don't think you can teach them to be gay when they grow up. I put it to you like this key take take take a hundred family say gay parents and kids was adopted.


You teach the kids to get abcs you watching two people the same sex showing one another. I mean those kids going to be gay. Like, I don't know how many times Eddie salad with daddy daddy was a homosexual. I went in that and so Daddy plug-in somebody or so Daddy getting fluid.


What you do with this is a free country. I'm not entirely against it. Don't get me wrong. I don't think you should be discussing these topics when they're at a later age. Should I put for start learning about sex in like six Sons gray? I mean this kid just kidding don't even know how to wipe his ass, right yet. You might be even drinking a bottle where the kid ain't thinking about no erection that kidding think about going deep inside of her anal cavity or Sugar Walls.


That kid ain't even think about building stuff block plane and play teen thinking about busting donut. I mean you teach your kids at that age how to treat people fairly and stuffing be all that good stuff. Don't discriminate but you teaching I mean to get abcs. Hey, man.


I called him and I guess what she's going to be a heart.


Little baby girl clearly see some of the things you said. Oh, look at that girl with look at border going to be a heartbreaker. Do you got to lock them up? You teaching kids to be straight? No one's teaching your kid to be straight by saying those things sexually or that kid is going to be determined by their kid. Do not determine that somebody gave me see if you're actually teaching kids how to be a heartbreaker Westminster have to do about being straight. He could be a heartbreaker two men and women.


I'm a heartbreaker too. Many women just a minute. Don't get a taste of this. You know I'm saying,.


I'm just joking Keith. Don't get all homophobic on that.


Yeah. Hey, I need to think that you said doesn't make any sense. No, nobody raises that kid to be straight or gay you're doing that. You're raising your kids. Nobody else. I'm doing it. Like I don't raise my kids to be straight. Yeah, we raise your kids speak a normal parents would let their kids figure that out on their own.


Yeah, I mean I was about to say this before so this video I firmly believe you can indoctrinate kids when they grow up they'll be either confused or they'll be gay teeth that you can take anything to a kid that age. They can soak up whatever they see ya then. I mean the first time I saw pornography I think I was in 6th grade. I thought was the funniest thing ever know you didn't get it was kind of funny. That was fun. Cuz that was what how old was the 6th Grade Nothing was bigger than he is and why he's a grown man that little pecker.


Billion sided pave I said it was a 10 year old boy get a piece. But if what if I woulda saw two because I saw two men middle already been over this mean I'm not kidding. You could teach of course. Everybody knows that they're bad news that that's why they doing it.


I mean who raises a kid to be gay or who raise a kid to be scraped her kid to be gay because the typical relationship of typically men or attracted to women women are attracted to beer. That's the typical thing the percentage that's gay in this country. Who knows they never did a sensors on that right? Maybe I should ask that on the census. You can't ask if you here legally or not, maybe to start asking that gay question on there. So you get better understand how many gay people but what the big problem I have with this is nobody's country, you know intensely child to raise that kid of manipulate their kid to be a certain way.


I mean like if your father and your mother is a dr. diggle diggle want that son and daughters to be doctors. Yeah. I mean, it's just a natural reaction to have an education. They want their sons that I mean, it's just natural like gay people. This is how this is this year.


Natural progression for gay people. I'm going to teach my kids to get abcs cuz I'm gay. Yeah, I mean but your kid decides if they get not cheap. Yeah, nobody. I don't think when I raise my kids. I don't need to sleep raise him to be a certain way. I teach them to be good kids do right do the right thing and you know, don't treat people bad.


The boy boy who sold for you ain't nobody going to tell her parents that kids like my boys have bought him like no boy toys. I ain't buying Barbie dolls. Now you can say I'm in the wrong if I say if I treat my my son grows up and he's gay and keeping my thoughts. That's just horrible. I was still love my kids, but you know, I'm just being brutally honest what's wrong with saying you want your kids to grow up and be straight gay people when they adopt kids.


They pretty much want them to be gay. I mean what why else would you have the gay BC's? Yeah. I mean you kick out. Dr. Seuss thing I'll bring this and yeah. Yeah, I mean, I don't even know if I'm allowed to say I want my kids to be straight. I think I'll be labeled homophobic for that and I'm just being honest.


It doesn't make me a bad person. Like I don't want my son to grow up and be a murderer. Yeah, that's a bad Camaros man has a bad compressor constantly compared to murder.


Yes, very bad, man. I didn't mean it like that. I mean, I want my son to grow up and be a on a cab driver.


You don't say download comparing them to cab prices.


My point is is everybody wrong you being straight and you don't want your kids and Dachshund a dentist is nothing wrong with a straight person saying hey, I would rather have a I would rather have Street kids. Kevin Hart said if he found out his kid what he say, he said he was going to come and pick up a toy house. And yeah, I didn't say that. I was still love my kids. Like I have a daughter or daughter. She's gay and that didn't change how I feel about her.


Yeah, you know I'm saying, I mean, my son's babysitter when I was leaving a friend's baby sitter. Yeah. She was she was gay. She was good with my kid. She's real good people and didn't start off as friends. Should I tell my truth man? This is my house. Ruth my house.


Let me let me explain what I let them know your truth is Doug true. That sounds.


Like I had I had a couple straight people come in my house, right and it was horrible my kid couldn't stand or that black woman. I said that babysitting a workout you want chicken walked in me much like Gargamel.


Dim the Smurfs document just had that mean.


Zootopia Folly stock price.


Let off easy, you know, yeah, you know how people take rejection but then we find another babysitter. I saw the picture I sent you that she's probably going like this. She's gay tomboy looks got short hair white girl you like I'm thinking she's gay we interviewed didn't turn away because I'm not homophobic already knew that person was gay before you can talk to her. I just look at you gay.


Have you people to come out of clothes telling everybody you gave everybody already know you guess they just they said no you just pretty much with don't I knew that I knew you liked that man. It was a relief but you come out the closet. It was really a relief for the people around you just thought I thought I didn't didn't didn't matter what time stop being a brat. She was watching my kid for about a year then she said hey, I got up got to have a talk show so we sat with you with her, right?


That's a pronoun her cuz she's a woman. But anyway, she said she's going to start transitioning this first time we ever came across anybody that wanted to be a babysitter.


And you know, I start seeing a little changes a voice and stuff like that, but I'm not sure what really happened cuz we end up moving. I didn't really see a draft attention and you know, she didn't grow a beard anything but a voice changed voice change a little bit you can hit crack, you know that a little.


Yeah, crack man, and I heard a voice that that that that shit was deep deep.


But you can hear a voice crack, but I felt about her. I mean it's like you didn't know what's going on. You didn't understand what you didn't I didn't even bring up to use the same age. This little kid that's running the gate ABC's I left it out, you know, so if you think I'm homophobic because I would rather much rather have kids that are straight over them being gay a male point of view of a male Sun. Where is a male point of view and it's also a Christian point of view.


If you very religious and you believe 100 then you totally against I'm open to I'm open to.


You know working with gay people living with gay people are having a normal conversation of relationship. Where can I get the IMEI work around a lot of gay people? It doesn't offend me. It doesn't bother me that one bit. I'm not terrified of gay people and it doesn't make me a bad person with my brother bad person. If I would rather have a straight child and have a traditional family, especially if you can raise your kids and you can indoctrinate them to be gay. Yeah. It makes you what's the word it makes you are not tolerant.


Only if and when your kids you end up being gay and then you like close to Dawn them take him out of your life. That's what makes that's what y'all should be against people not being tolerant of other people's light head out of its if I if I was in toddler, no other people's life style to buy was homophobic from the moment. I saw that girl's picture in that I would never called her if I do find out she was gay if I was homophobic or what have you people like to come all these crazy words out of never harder and harder to find her when she's told me she was going to be star transition how to fight from the get-go if I was fearing gay people on or if I was entitled if anybody's life.


I'm open to everybody. I just don't put up no bulshit. What if you have came home one day she is reading your said the game.


Pics of baby sees he's freaking for that it is played and she washed them just a damn good babysitter.. America right there not supposed to overdose prostrate people are horrible.


But yeah, the closest video of man teaching somebody did the ABCs again ABCs at that age. That is totally inappropriate mouth. You had to be a certain age to even your parents had to sign off on sex education dog doing this and preschool kids gay turn a woman terminology. The deal was for drag what's drag show. That's when a dude.


That's just crazy. That's just indoctrinated. You teaching kids how to be gay your teaching them that.


How about just continue to take a poop to be nice steak. Be nice. Just teaching how to kiss people all kids are rotting. Anyway, they're not nice scared just teach kids people to be tolerant of other people's lifestyle and just be nice. You teaching kids gay terminology gay slang what gay people do that you was for queer what's queer will look here boy this one.


I think it's wrong. Lot of y'all might not agree with me with some of the things I said, I would rather have that's just how I feel unless my opinion. That's that's what I would want for my kids to have a traditional family. I would wish my kids go to me saying I wish my kids could be a professional basketball player is nothing wrong with that. It's nothing wrong me saying I would rather have stray kids. I would rather have a kid that's got to hide it rather have a kid that's you know expert math.


There's nothing wrong with somebody's expressing their own opinions. It's my life is my mouth at freedom of speech. Yeah. I know you don't mean any ill-will against it was just that I just don't want my son just to be just banging or getting banged. That's crazy as hell forgot you like damn. I must Take This Waltz by beating grown up. This dude is out here. Just getting invaded.


Walking around like he can give birth to kids. I've been just as it doesn't that does not make me homophobic and I still I still love my son but he was doing the invade no getting invaded my daughter just gay. I love her more than anything and I will never stop loving her horrible. When is a female cuz you know, two girls getting like that hot.


Do do do like all mannequin all the nuts bouncing everywhere.


I'm just joking, but you know what? I was going to say something that closes off to do, you know, if that's the my opinion but you know, it's crazy, but they know I picked up on with the whole lgbtq movement movement. I noticed like in a lesbian relationship. Yeah, there's one just like feminine very woman like you did another one.


Autumn looks like, like a dude getting way to dress the way the sound Where They Carried himself. Yeah, I never had a man is one of the top and other than the bottom. Yeah, I never understood. Well, I'll need to understand. I'm not I'm straight. I just need to be tolerant of that white stuff which I am but I'm not for teaching. I'm not for this preferential treatment of gay people get.


This is preference and you you cannot tell me a damn man. I don't care how much a gay man has sex with another gay man. He cannot have a baby. No, no, no no deep people walk around. Somebody damn man could give birth to a penis with Candace Owens and some other guy forget his name. He said some men can have babies. He was a trans activist. I don't know what he was. He's in the moron.


Man cannot give birth to a damn you got to stupefy now. He meant by that was you just say but he took the biological man out. That's that's just plain words, man. You got that check stuff like that from a semantic many play with them playing games. Well to you man. I thought he think y'all can have kids or trans man can.


Dino Man.


Hey, man, be tolerant of other people. I'm just saying I'm just a Women in Transition into a man. They live the life is a man so they call him a man now, but they're terrorizing. You know, what even though my man. Imma do the one thing of biological man cannot do so. I'm going to give birth which proves you in a minute.


But you live the life of the man anyway, and I'm all for people living their lives and this woman, even though I disagree with her tactics and he speaks to families racing at kids today have the right to the right to do so just like I have the right to teach my kids to know my ABC's that's that's what makes this country. Great again. I have the right to my little boy when he wants to talk. I don't have to give him. I give them guns and cars.


An explosive explosive explosive.


Anyway, all right. Anyway, if this video offended you in anyway, come on, man. Let's go by and said come on man. You have your opinions. You have your own rights and freedom to do what you wish. I have my rights my friends to do what I wish you had more rights than you do believe in equality right bet the gas bet. He said he equality would you can do I can do something totally different. It's a quality right there. That's a quality right now. That's a quality me saying that you can raise your kids.


Maybe seen these monkeys don't know my ABCs.


I think I think what is displayed ABC is just a ABCs ABCs.


With April.




I like that Alpha be banging banging breath. Yeah, see it's all right, babe. That's enough. It's for Domination.


Ego ego this is the toxic male at the ABCs.


That's the toxic male height man. I'm done talking about this Mike Lindell true patient. He needs our help. Here's a man who started from nothing build a great company great products have seen Rock Bottom has seen the words ran through drug addiction. Yeah. I mean this man has accomplished so much that he's the epitome of the American dream. He worked hard has a successful business great products and just because he supported the president United States. Yeah. They taking him out over 20 stores that ban them on social media and he's having a tough time even Market in his products.


Yeah in this country. He's a man of principle. He is employees. He's got a great product and just because he has different political opinions big Tech wants him to go away, but we're not going to let that happen when I said they want to crush this business so support my calendar.


Go to and use discount code hard twins. Get up there 60% off. Yeah, we take care of our pages in this country.


I Hold On.


I know you say it be later. I'm going to do me and we doing. Imma Do Me free country.


Don't say don't be offended because I have different opinions than you and Kim you already said that list of all of its effect know are you done?.


That was a damn good show.


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