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Or maybe a hat or maybe some bird products use discount code Chinese buyers, a 20 percent of. Yeah. The Vatican made it official. Yeah, they they they dealt with all this damn Senate, they're not going to bless same sex marriages. I mean, let me read this. My Vatican says that the Catholic Church cannot bless same sex unions. Unions in new decree, the Vatican's orthodoxy office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith replied negative on Monday in a formal response to a question about what the Catholic priest can bless same sex unions.


The decree was approved by Pope Francis, who has previously endorsed the extension of legal protections to same sex couples in the civil sphere. Look, let me say this. That's another reason that the Vatican added in a statement on Monday that its response isn't intended as a form of unjust discrimination. It makes sense. Clergy and members of the Ill TCU community reacted to the church announcement and discusses its potential impact. White House press secretary circle back to the media on Monday that US President Joe Biden continues to support same sex unions.


Look here. You see what they call yeah, they call it same sex unions. OK, look here we talk about marriage. Marriage is not a social construct by society. Yeah, it's a biblical construct by the Bible. Yeah, right. So I want to say this is funny that I come up, make this public, make this official. It's kind of like this. It's in the same sense as, you know, you've got to come out, make it official.


If you're transgender, you can't race against other girls. Yeah. I mean, why do you why why do we have to do this? Why do you have to explain it? I mean, everybody knows how to read men, race men, women, race women. It's like that, like those racist and stuff. Men, women. It's not been based on what you identify. It's been based on science. Yeah. Your biology. It's not what you it's never been based on gender, gender identity.


It's been based on biology. What what you want man or woman. You can't, you can't. You can't pick it. Katusa, God gives it to you and now you come in, you can't pick what's what what marriage is in the Bible, you can't come in and do that. You can't take a biblical term or take any term out of English language and make it your own and just change things to fit your own agenda. Yeah, I mean, marriage is between man and woman.


The Bible says if you want to get married, I mean, no one stop you from getting married. You just find a church that, you know, would never would do it, forcing people to go outside of their bounds, outside of what they really believe in the police force. I'm going to take on your beliefs. That's not fair, because that's the reason why they took Christian out of schools to begin with. They wanted to keep church and state separate.


Yeah, because what was people saying? Oh, you forcing your religion on me? Yeah, I get a way of life on me now. Church in the state is separate, but now people want to get married. You pushing your beliefs on the Catholic Church and putting your beliefs in Christianity and Christianity and being Catholic strongly. I mean, all religions strongly oppose that. I mean, can you imagine was a Muslim, right? They go to mosque.


Could you imagine gay Muslims going in a mosque and a I'm trying to get a Sikh trying to bless my marriage.


They might take care of your problem right then. And I hate having it. You don't hear about that? Yeah. You never hear about that. They don't even open their mouth and ask for it because they know it's it's right there in the Koran. Yeah. Black and white and Muslims, they don't they don't put up with nothing.


You go to the mosque and aides are too many say they want to get married. They want they want you to bless their marriage. Just not know. Oh, they do come in here. Yeah. I'll fix that problem right now. Yeah. Oh, directly. I mean, we just speculate, but we know I never heard nobody trying to go up in a mosque. Muslims saying, no, I'm sure there's gay Muslims, but you never hear about it.


Hey, we're just making an observation, everyone. Everybody knows that you always hear about Baptist churches, Christianity, Catholic priest, Chick fil A. You see everybody always denouncing these private organizations saying they are full of hate. But I've never heard anybody calling Muslims. Fellate. Why is that? Maybe because they're stricter, but strict is not the word for it. I will say dedicated more. I don't know what you call. I'll just leave that alone because I don't want them coming for me.


I'll respect your religion.


Yeah. And Stand Your Ground. I like how y'all stand your ground. Yeah, but it was that gay people, man. I mean, if y'all want to have the same rights as married couples, I totally agree with you. You got nobody should be discriminated against. You want the same rights and privileges will put it as as you know, married couples. I totally agree with you. You should. Yeah, but it's not you shouldn't call that marriage because it's between a man and woman.


You could call it civil union. Now outside of church can still get married in the courthouse and still do all that. Why are you trying to go to the church where, you know, they say in the book, this doesn't work like this? Yeah, right. You ever seen a Catholic priest or Christian or Baptist or anybody or a Muslim go inside the LGBTQ and tell them how to run their business? You're telling you forcing your beliefs on religious will get those priest really telling them they'll call them sodomites.


They say sodomy, you call them sodomites in a Bible. Everybody knows they called the Bible. Well, I know, I'm just saying that for these people, they know what they are. I'm just saying a priest would tell a gay person, you're going to burn in hell forever.


They do push that, they push the barb on him, too. Well, you know what, just to play devil's advocate, I mean, I've had some sodomy, I've had some blowjobs. It's all sodomy. I will be right in here with the gay people. Now, you believe that sodomy to. You know that, right, you have anal sex with your wife? Yes, sodomy, we all some sodomites will blow jobs to sodomy, all the settlements, all those people, just like like I consider myself Christian, you know, we're going to be in hell right now with the sodomy.


That's what they come. I'm just using the verbiage, Bob. I don't think it's hateful. We're talking about the Bible here. I'm Christian over here. I can use the Bible. I'm pulling out my. We can say you're considered a sodomite. Yeah. I need to read up on I think that's what inspired Sodom and Gomorrah. Is that what that's what they talk about. His name is Sodom. This dude was sodomized and people more so like to kick.


The hey, Chris, don't be mad at me, it's in the Bible, I'm just saying the word of God. All right. I'm just saying, look, look, look, this is where I look at it. These were legitimate. If you want to be if you want to have a marriage or have the same benefits, there's plenty of churches out there. You go to courthouse. Yeah, you can go to courthouses, plan in place to go.


At this point, you don't care about nobody else's beliefs but your own. If you push that on the carpet, if you make I mean, Facebook, Twitter, the social media companies, they doing whatever they want to do with their private organization. Let me say this. Let me say something. Well, let me just finish this. If you're not in Facebook and Twitter can do whatever they want. Yeah, right. The Vatican church can do whatever you want based on what their beliefs are, based on what they believe in.


I mean, it's nothing it has nothing to do with being your race or gender or your audience. It's just their beliefs. That Bible, that this religion is black and white is no left or right. It doesn't matter what your political beliefs are, it's facts. That's what is grounded in that Bible between a man and a woman. Yeah. For you to force somebody, then you're forcing your lifestyle on them. Yeah. Let me say, you don't want them to force their lifestyle on you.


I stop beating a dead horse. Let me do some talking.


Yeah. Maginnis, everybody, you're a priest, right, that most priests are celibate, right? Yeah, that's a priest, Catholic priest here.


Yes, celibate. That means you can't bust nuts to all the centers out there. Yeah, you can. You just walk around not just full of guys, big and swollen and regular, like two apples. Right. And then you have two gay guys coming in. Want you to. What do you say? What's the term that most Americans you want got to women, you want them, you want those Principlist headman's? I mean, that would drive me crazy to prisonlike.


Why y'all get to have all the fun? I mean, you're making a mockery of my devotion to the to God and people. I mean, you are you don't say you you don't think that's what you're doing, but that's what you're doing because you don't treasure other people's beliefs and opinions. Magonet.


You give up sex, you marry pretty much gone, right, yeah. And they come in now, Tumba, bless me and you know, they're at home, sodomised the hell out of each other. These dudes ejaculating, they have in all kinds of fun, and you supposed to just come in and be like blessed if I'm a priest, I'm jealous as hell, I'm a B man. I got to walk through life with these nuts big ass to apply and y'all get to have all the fun, you know, and it's not going to go down in my church.


Yeah, I've been married to the God. This is what I believe in. Yeah. You have your beliefs. I have my beliefs. Don't force me to break my own vows, my own beliefs just to make you happy. And if I don't do that, it makes me a person of hate. No, I'm just a person of God. I got beliefs. I got a religion I have to follow. I have both have taken I'm not doing anything wrong just because a your feelings are getting hurt.


If you believe in marriage, you believe in God, right. Yeah. You want to see hate, wait till you get a judgment day when you think you think we hate. Because if you read the Bible, you know don't judge is left and right, he will judge you up and down. You will be in hell burning and screaming forever that I've read the Bible, not the whole bottle, but I've read like a quarter of it. You man.


I said, man, I'm going to hell. Everybody's going here. I don't know. Not one person that's not going to. Hey, a book you got. Yeah. We all sinners, you just got to ask for forgiveness. Right now, we'll take advantage of that. I've got to take advantage of that. You ain't you ain't your son, didn't you? What? I'll take advantage of that man. You listen to Christian one have to do that.


Beg for forgiveness every week. You know, Christians, a true Christian Sands. You see Jeb, what's his name? Jimmy Swaggart.


And you got a prostitute. And he got sort of told his whole congregation he created hey, I met my. So that when I was a kid, I guess what mama was like. If you're going, hey, I was Kosice up like everybody, son has come like this up, just joking me. Yeah. All right, get serious on this. Like this in the Bible says if you will. Look at another man's, if you covet that Naples wife, thou shalt not covet that neighbor.


I mean, this involuntary I mean, dude, how many times you see the woman like, oh, man, I like take deputies. Right.


But women, you do the same. Yeah. So that's like only men do they go do it to go do it to Sidonie. Lead women out of there. Oh man. Women tend to act like they are innocent. Man if you was all innocent, why do men get in so much trouble. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean it goes both ways. But anyway I think the church did the right thing. The Vatican. Yeah. You have to respect people's religions.


You have to respect their beliefs. You can't push your own beliefs on them even though it might hurt your feelings. It's just it's just you just have to have to be an adult, be a human being. It's what we're not we're never going to everybody's never going to agree on everything. Yeah. When does your rights trump somebody else's rights? Exactly. Beliefs. That's why I say a lot of times, man, and people might say this sounds crazy, especially people and left.


I think gay people have more rights than normal people. I think. Without a doubt. Yeah. Look at this tweet that came over the weekend. He says this is about the ability China pass so you can't discriminate, discriminate against gender identity, which pretty basically means you can't discriminate against anybody who identifies as up to six. I was like, that sounds good, right, but it's a double edged sword. They take it, take it before they take it too far.


You can take a man who identifies as a woman. Now he gets to compete against women sports. Now, that same person can go to a place of business and if they need it, they can apply as being a female. I mean I mean, there's some some point in time that that bill is going to do more harm than good. You have to there's too much. But you want to show me a tweet? Yeah, I want to show it to you.


Like this tweet. At first it was Batho. This was at The Insider. They say it first it was bathroom bills. Now Republicans want to ban transgender athletes from playing on teams that measure gender identity. At least 36 bills are moving through state legislatures and support supporting unleashes another assault on trans rights. Nobody's saying a trans athlete can't compete. They just have a biological male to live your life as a female, you have to compete with other males.


Yeah, because it's taken that right. Yeah. And you got these men taking advantage of women's sports. You will never see a woman transition into a man and dominate men's sports because men have a significant physical advantage over women. You think you go see a woman one day in the NBA just crossed over LeBron James Duncan in the face. You ain't going to see that. Never. You never go see a woman, biological woman transition to a man in any sport and dominate me.


You're not going to see that. Yeah. And the reason why I say trans people have trump everybody else's rights, cause you can have a trans female whose biological male in horrible relationships get get, you know, assaulted and battered. She has no place to go. She can go to a woman. He can go I mean, she can go to a woman's shelter. Yeah. But it was a biological woman's place. And yeah, at that transgender athlete can compete is a female.


I mean, at some point time is going to turn women's sports into a sideshow. It's going to turn society into a sideshow. One of these days, the WNBA is going to be majority of male athletes. Yeah, you women are nothing more than you're cowards. You don't think it's going to go for the women? I say to you because I'm not just standing up. I ain't seen one. I seen a high school graduate, high school girl stand up.


I don't see no grown woman stand up to this cowards. You are all charismatic. Virtually all your jobs is going to be gone. You're going to be a bunch of men. And they all look just like women, though. Some of the good, they're going to get it. I've seen some.


I take that back as a joke. I don't even know our window. Well, some of you can't tell me yes what I meant. Yes, which meant getting to. They stayed on the good, you know, because I can I can see through it, I did see some transman. I was like, Wow, man, yes, I do. Yeah, it's crazy, man, what they can do with drugs and stuff.


But in a way, man, we are checking out transmat. Let's get back on topic. I'm done talking about this. Hey, I'm tired. Hey, let's close it out, man. I'm closing out right now. Look, the church the Catholic Church did the right thing. Yeah. Respect people's lifestyles and their beliefs. Don't push your beliefs on another group of people just because you want something. Yeah. I mean, always get married. You just have to find the right.


Go to a courthouse, the courthouse to do it. Vegas. Yeah. Keep politics. Keep on walking is out of religion. It doesn't it doesn't go together. It doesn't even go with normal society. I mean it's just getting too much at this point. Need to take a page out of the Muslim faith and don't put up with this.


I don't they do not put up with it. You can fry. Yeah, but it's not. I said enough. Yeah. When it comes to the Muslim faith, I mean they, they are strict with their command, with their religion. I mean, I wish somebody as Christians would stand up for their faith and you just let these people walk all over you.


Well some Christians believe that. Yeah. But they give an man a special. He's Baptist church. They try to jump on the bandwagon trying to force them and eventually they're going to give in because a bunch of these people just cowards and salesmen. Yeah. Anyway, Michael and Dale, true picture. He needs our help. Here's a man who started from nothing, built a great company. Great products have seen rock bottom, has seen the worst. He ran through drug addiction.


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