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Yeah. Let's start the show. We got a damn good show for you today, man. Damn good show. I think it's going to be one of the best.


Trevor Noah. It's a big time star right down from South Africa. You know, he's an immigrant showing how racist this country is.


He came here for a better life and now he's a superstar. Yeah, he's living the American dream. Yeah.


But, Trevor, no proof that this country is racist.


But Trevor Noah, I'm confused everybody else. I'm confused out to check this video out because this has to stop.


Right. Or at least if you insist on a gender review, you should do something that helps the situation.


The water is pink. It's a girl. And aside from all the damage it can cause, celebrating a baby's genitalia is starting to feel very outdated. Like given everything we are learning about gender, gender reveal, parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know the actual gender and to pitch in some cash for the fire damage. And honestly, I don't even know why we need gender reveal parties. You know what we do need, though?


Race reveal parties.


A bombshell confession from an African-American history professor at George Washington University who claims ties to the Bronx. Jessica Krook revealed in a blog post that she is a white Jewish woman who has been pretending to be black for years. She feigned being black and Latino. Now a white woman is saying that she is canceling herself, revealing decades of deception. Crew has been teaching African culture and history at the school since 2012, often posting as Puerto Rican. The 38 year old, born to white parents and raised in suburban Kansas, is seen here addressing the New York City Council in June.


Thank you much power to all my siblings who are standing up by black and brown siblings.


Crew is apologizing and says her whole life has been based on a lie.


OK, first of all, you can't say your life was based on a lie when you are the one who made up the line. That's not how it works. Your life is only based on a lie when someone else told you the lie.


Trevor unlost. Yeah, it's a lot. It's a lie if you pick your own race. But it's not a lie if you pick your own damn gender. A Trevor who's right and me.


Who the hell's right in your jokes there? You got these two jokes back to back? Yeah, I mean, right now you look like the joke. Next time you do your show, make sure you proofread and read the jokes. Of course, you don't want it to look like an ass.


I mean, look, you say gender is outdated. You know, it's outdated. Well, black people are certainly oppressed. That's outdated. We got rights now.


It's 20, 20 gender outdated. Given right now, my gender is outdated. Look, gender gives the parent structure. I mean, it's a tough decision. I know when a kid comes out and you see a penis, like, what should I do?


Look, Trevor, aren't you glad when you were born, your parents made that tough decision to call you a boy because. You know why you got to choose between your legs. A South African child.


I mean, just imagine if they didn't know what to raise you as a boy or girl. They could have sent you to school in a dress one day with some Jordans, the next day in a tutu with some flip flops. Yeah, gender gives the parents structure. I mean, how else are they going to dress you? Yeah, they're going to be confused. Now, I'm all for people when they grow up. Yeah. When they become adults.


Just like, you know what? I have a child between my legs and I'm amazed. Too many toads in this video.


I got a penis between my legs. Just go with science up until you and don't let me finish. Stop. Cut me off. I understand some dudes grow up women. They grow up. They say he's got a penis. And he says, you know what, I'm not a man no more. Yeah. I'm not going to look at science. I'm just going to use my imagination going forward. OK, cool. I'll call you whatever you want to be called.


You won't be called Chiquito Kiandra, whatever your name is. They they I'll call you your that. You know why?


Because we're tolerant of other people's lifestyles. I'm talent.


But you say it's dangerous to that between your kid's legs and no nothing. Dance about our gender reveal party. I mean you said it was dangerous. It could cause a lot of harm. But what harm? The baby's not even born yet. What if you just everybody just I mean, that's a small percentage of the population that decides when they get older they want to live their life. The other. Yeah. And now now you want to do that for everybody.


A planet, an entire population, 99 percent of all people date. They want to be what they are between the legs, you know? I mean, so why are you going to apply that to everybody? Yeah. Why are you making this gender so, such a difficult issue? It is very simple, yes. Based on science. Yeah. I mean, if you can pick your gender, you should be able to pick your race. I mean, like, I could come out one day.


So identify as a white man from Little Rock, Arkansas, that loves country music and have strong conservative values. Yeah, if if I can pick my gender, why can't I pick my race? Yeah.


I mean, seriously, who the hell is writing these damn rules?


You should look up the word hypocrisy, Trevor. Yeah, because that video has all kinds of hypocrisy coming out your mouth.


You make South Africans great again, aren't you, from South Africa? I want to make South Africans great again. Oh, trouble, but you know what, trouble there's a savior on hurrahs is protecting us from all this leftism. Yeah, all his lefty issues is lefty ideologies.


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