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Use discount code, Chinese vase aguy 20 percent of. Nobody is talking about this, Vice President Harris, I'm not going to say a first name, I can't pronounce it right. Come on, Komala, like the rest, remember, like the rest of the big fat dude is from Africa to see with all that has done so far, he's just match.


Oh yeah. He's my mama. I even see that may not do just pops in my mind. He never said anything. He had pain always.


Yeah. Well I like him better than I do vice president. At least he has some damn personality. So they know what it's about. Yeah, they might do. But anyway, some of this video, the vice president walking on Air Force One, that's military personnel right there, saluting her for cot for saluting her, got good form, got good form on. The only only reason why you wouldn't salute him is you didn't see him or you're blind or you may feel they are beneath you.


Peasants' Those are soldiers of the United States of America. Komala Did you know if a white supremacist jumped out of the bushes with A15 and tried to blow your head off? These soldiers would jump on top of you and take the bullet? Yeah. But you can't conclude them back. You know what, come on. Let me say this, Kumo. And do it lot, Christians watch us. Yeah, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I know what you want to say.


I want to unleash the air freight starts with an F year, ends with the letter. You start off with the letter. F ends with another word. It starts with B. Damn, that's taking it. Yeah, I'm going out because that those two soldiers will lay their life online to protect his sorry ass woman. Hey, what did Twitter say? You know, Twitter is a damn liberal. I wouldn't even call a liberal. It's a damn leftist.


The echo chamber, the couple who want to know they're defending her. Yeah, like like Twitter's like like the media. Now, what did Malcolm X say about the media? They're the most powerful entity there is. They have the power to make the guilty look innocent and innocent, look guilty. So all they're doing is covering for her. Yeah. They make up like a white supremacist. Joe Biden is your savior. Yeah. You think Mr. Hat can save you?


You know, you do like I do, Mr. Head of the South Park, but he looks just like it's like there was imitating, in a way, just what they said on Twitter. The US vice president is not required to salute military personnel experts. In fact, checkers report, OK, fact checkers, in fact, check this. She does not have to salute. They fact checked it. But why would you not salute your damn soldiers back?


Yeah, I mean, yeah. I mean, they salute new. You have to salute him because fact check this thing, I remember, man, when I was in the military. Yeah, I remember. I remember I was in military's good old days Marine Corps. Semper Fi of Dokes.


Yeah, right. About 19, 20 years old. I was a young but serving my country. Right. And whenever you saw officer, you had to salute him. And not one time did officer see me salute him, walk by and not salute me back. My fact I saw Officer come my way one day. Yeah, I flex some flex luger's having a bad day. I was having a bad day. Me. Right. Sorry. Like I assume you guys got last computer.


See me walking back sir. No sir. I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again sir. I mean, they're saluting you, why wouldn't you salute back, like Kevin said, if somebody tried to harm you, did would take a bullet for you. You can't salute them back and you don't. You know, if but never got off the Air Force One and fell down the damn service to the president. Yeah. And you president. And that could very likely happen.


I mean, if I seen on the news, if I fell down the steps coming out of Air Force One, I would not be surprised if they are going up the damn stairs. Yeah, you can't even salute the damn soldiers. Joe Biden follows up the steps and turns around and salutes everything. Yeah, women sit on that. Joe Biden, who the hell was he? Salute this. Do fill up the stairs, stop, turn around and saluted everybody but y'all.


Some idiots. Plus, just to nightman idiots now you got to go a little bit, Hornady. I mean, both of you two jackass, you look as simple as just saluting and look out turn this into something. I mean, you messed up something just so simple. Salute them back. Yeah. So Bob falls up the stairs, turns around, which are just two heads together and come up with a better game plan. Yeah. Yeah.


I'll figure things out. Yeah. Read that out. U.S. Politics on Twitter. U.S. vice president is not required to salute military personnel, experts and fact checkers. Report. You know how I feel about fact checkers. Yeah. On Monday, a video circulated showing U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris boarding Air Force Air Force to without saluting military members. However, as the military news website Task in Purpose points out, there is no regulation that requires presidents or vice presidents to salute the troops.


The informal tradition of saluting military personnel started with President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Snow's report Cement Ronald Reagan in Grateful Town Needs to go. If everybody had a degree in Reaganism, in Reagan economics, his whole country would be a lot better off. I mean, you're like the commander in chief. Second in line if something happens to. But those are your troops and I salute you. I don't see what's so hard about saluting them back. Plus, it looks it just looks better than just walking bomb.


Yeah. Like, I think you've seen the wind was blowing. He blew his head off. Yes. Trump went, got the man's hat and put it back on his head. Yeah. You can't just we can ask you to chase down. That's all we ask and respect that troops salute them. It takes less than a second. Yeah. Get your phone down. You can pop in a second. Black. Yes. See the former head.


So we got to do. You won't get hold it for president, I'd be like, yes, prisoner here or wait up, salute me. Get your ass on the plane. Hey, I just want to say one other thing, man. I mean, you shouldn't have to have a playbook to tell you what and what not to do. This is common sense. You don't have to think it's just the right thing to do. He's saluting it to salute him back.


I guess you're not required for somebody to have to say you are required to do that. Says a whole lot about you. Yeah. OK, it's not required, but. Yeah, think about it, why don't you just let me put it like this, you walk down the street and you see you or you walk into a beer and you see some transplant. A lot of people just walk past a tray. Some people pick the trash up and throw it away.


It tells you more about that person type of person. Is it like this? Is that it says you just think you are above everybody like these men or beneath you? Yeah, I feel like garbage man walk by trash all the time. Don't pick it up. It depends on what the garbage look like. If it's a use kind of you to use a different analogy as Bednarik, what you kind of do, who everybody walks by garbage. I mean if it's a use kind of wind is blowing, I'm not picking it up.


But if it's like a damn bubble gum wrapper, yeah, I pick it up, but I, I pick no kind of drink. What are you talking about? I'm just giving you an example. Hey, I'm just saying, Kev, you should have made a bad example because that is a damn good example. You asked me. I messed up. No one should ever be expected to put up a pick up a youth of. You just say go, but you just stay calm.


You just said the economy could be anything. Well, thanks for clarifying. Garbage can be a crack pipe. Use Khanum are an empty box. The kind of pick it up. You know, I got a better analogy, but Kamala Harris, one of the people should go to Grosseto. You take a basket, go to court.


She could push the shit out in a park like this stupid basket bag. Yes, but she just pushes and hits the car with hoops. They need to do that. Hey, you know what I do that to man. Do what? I don't put it back, but I'll put it up on, like, sub so it doesn't really I'm lazy. I just leave it. I put our global. That's good enough.


I got to go. So he got Tavernier's. We got to come up with some. Well I mean I think you're right. What you said says more about her. Yeah. I mean just because quite it just looks better. Yeah. I make jokes from the other day when we did it he totally forgot to pick it up. Oh shit.


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