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I'm Jon Meacham, author and historian, I'm proud to present a brand new limited podcast, documentary series called It was said in this new series that I've written and narrated with my Peabody nominated Partners at Sea 13 original studios. Also in association with history, I guide you through ten of the most historic, impactful and timeless speeches in American history. Please take a listen and enjoy this trailer of It Was Said, which is now available for free on Apple podcasts, Spotify, radio, dotcom and wherever you listen to podcasts.


Something is happening in Memphis, something is happening in our world, and, you know, if I was standing at the beginning of time with the possibility of taking a kind of general and panoramic view of the whole of human history up to now, and the almighty said to me, Martin Luther King, which aid would you like to live in?


History is vast, complex and often contradictory. But in many ways, the trajectory of humanity has been shaped by moments in which a single person approached a crowd with something important to say.


But there is something different about tonight. There is something special about tonight. What is different? What is special? I'm Barbara Jordan and a keynote speaker. When visionary leaders captured the imagination of a nation, let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans when disciplined communicators speak truth to power.


What I have attempted to pursue the truth with some diligence and to report it, even though, as in this case, I have been warned in advance that I would be subjected to the attention of Senator McCarthy when compassionate brethren embrace the pain of the grief stricken by recognizing our common humanity, by treating every child as important regardless of the color of their skin or the station into which they were born, and to do what's necessary to make opportunity real for every American.


By doing that, we express God's grace.


The simple act of delivering a speech, while not the sole agent of change, has at times altered the course of history and shaped our concept of the past, present and future.


The America of John McCain is generous and welcoming and bold. We will have a difficult time. We had difficult times in the past and we will have difficult times in the future because we are a great nation. Our challenges seem complex. It will always be this way. But as long as we remember our first principles and believe in ourselves, the future will always be ours.


I'm Jon Meacham, and this is it was said, a new documentary, podcast, series from S. 13 Originals, a division of kadence 13 in partnership with the. Join us as we take you through 10 historic, timeless speeches, which still resonate today. They inspire powerfully and will for generations to come. We have to be patient and wait. We hope that we can all be patient. We do not want our freedom gradually, but we want to be free now.


Ten moments in time, immortalized by the spoken word. It was said, will be available starting on September 2nd to listen and subscribe for free on Apple podcasts, Spotify, radio, dot com and wherever you get your shows.