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This is James Andrew Miller hosting creator of Argents, a podcast that takes you deep into bold beginnings and singular success stories in television, film, sports and culture. I'm very excited about our next chapter because it centers on a personal favorite of mine, Cameron Crowe's Oscar winning, almost famous, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. I sat down with Cameron and the cast. They were hilarious, raw and surprising. Please enjoy this trailer for it. And we look forward to you joining us on the next Arjun's.


So, Russell. What do you love about music? To begin with everything. I am a golden God. Hi, this is Jim Miller, and Origins is back, he called me and he's like, well, everybody's out. And I said to him, I'm like, Cameron, I'm not going anywhere. I am making this movie. You tell me when this doesn't come around very often. And I want to be in this movie. Origin's Chapter six, almost famous turns 20.


He made friends with them. Well, it was funny because they make you feel cool. And hey, I met you. You are not cool to celebrate almost famous 20th anniversary. We've managed to put the band back together again, including the director and writer of the film, Cameron Crowe himself, plus Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, Patrick Fugit, Zooey Deschanel, Jimmy Fallon, rock stars, Peter Frampton and Nancy Wilson and more.


It became our life for six months and we really went there with each other pretty much from day one.


We were just locked in playing a rock star and it's not going to get better than that. In my heart, I'm rock and roll. It made my experience pretty incredible.


It's what it's like to be a fan, to love some band so much that it hurts. Almost famous, the project that brought them all together was a semiautobiographical film based on Cameron Crowe's early life, and it would be his first film after scoring a smash success with Jerry Maguire.


It's a first movie that I don't think I was able to tell and also didn't have the money to tell it when I was first starting out.


Being on the set of a Cameron Crowe movie is unlike any other.


So the story behind the film is almost as dramatic as the story in the film Bridging the Gap between childhood and adulthood. Every generation goes through that. He does this with adolescence and does it with cinematic qualities that hold up to the test of time. Joined as it all unfolds with Arjun's Chapter six almost famous turns 20. Subscribe now on Apple podcast, Spotify, radio, dotcom, or wherever you get your shows. It's all happening, it's all happening.


It's all happening.