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I used to watch Mike's fights and just be like, oh, man, he is the I used to work on this is what he was like. What are you fighting with fucking them in? Yeah, it's. There we go again. So you fuck. Yeah. I'll be watching you punk ass. I listen.


My real name's. Bloody hell, yeah. All right, let's bring in Ed, you want me to bring her in? Mike, go for it. Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of Hotbox. And I'm Ed in Britain. And I'm Mike Tyson. Mike, we got a great guest, awesome guy and a friend to this.


He's done a hell of none other than the one and only Benzino, Boston's own brother.


What's up, man?


Champ, man. It's a pleasure, honor. This is you know, I'm saying one of my idols right here, honestly.


And I been the same since, you know, since you retired, honestly, to be on this is your day to day.


Man, what is it like this if this is what this is what I was about when I saw you coming in, because I was just not long ago looking at some YouTube shit about Whitey Bulger. Right. Wow.


So I'm saying to myself, what kind of motherfucker? You know, you look at everybody looks up to me. Hell of a he's a bad and he's the baddest motherfucker in Boston. There's never been a ferocious savage gangster like him before.


And he then told everybody, I told you not told him the mob for the cops to give it in a mob that had been made their living. No gangsters ever done that played both sides of the law and never been done. I mean, the crazy thing, really, when they when when they found an ex-con with 30 guns in his wall, imagine having to live like that.


Your whole life is terrified with your woman and stuff living like that.


Yeah, that's man. That was I mean, they made like two or three movies about him. The Departed Departed. Jack Nicholson played him and then Johnny Depp played in Johnny Depp.


I don't know what movie was that with, like Mass. Oh, that's right. That's right. Yeah.


I remember my father my father had a run in with I know him in your career. You can go to work, go. Wow.


Yeah, yeah. My dad had a run in with him. I just remember the story told me was that I was him and his friend Jimmy, God rest. Jimmy and Jimmy was like a bank robber. And I guess him and Jimmy, I don't know if it was over a woman or whatever, but they had some problems and it was in Southie and and I think they went to Whitey's, you know, the pool hall where Whitey was at.


And I just remember my father saying that when they got in there, they had locked the door behind him. But he said that at the time it was like three guys. And they said Jimmy had bluffed like he had something. And he was like, listen, anybody move? I'm going to give Whitey one head. So you lock that door. And my father said that he unlocked the door. They just took off, kind of caught him shoot and man shot, shot the car, but they got a part of it.


But that was the story.


White folks went crazy life, man. Yeah, that's insane. I mean, my father made big up to Snopes. I'm not no hero.


You know, I'm saying that I'm grown up in Boston.


Hmm. Yeah. What was that like? Well, you know, again, I was my father's son. My father had a pretty, pretty, you know, solid reputation in Boston, you know, I'd say no. He dealt with some real solid guys up there. And I got to see that life at an early age. And I mean, you know, I would go visit him in the feds and, you know, he'd give me a little notes and I'd be taking the notes to other Fed joints and passing them off.


And I mean, I was you know, I was young, you know, he'd had me doing little things out there.


So it was like I got kind of exposed to life at an early age. And, you know, Boston, what I what I realized was, I mean, it was segregated, you know, like with Whitey Bulger still segregated.


Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. I mean, you know, Whitey was from South Boston and South Boston is pretty predominantly Irish then like the North, and it was predominantly Italian. And then, you know, we're in Roxbury and Dorchester, Mattapan, we're in the hood.


But, you know, it's, you know, born two years ago, it was all Irish, right?


I mean, almost the whole Boston.


You know, John L. Sullivan came from Roxbury, Massachusetts, the first heavyweight champion. Do you know where the term the paddy wagon came from? Yeah, from cops.


It was for Irish. It was it was for the Irish. It was called the top hat called ackers. They would call them the paddy. So there was for them.


But there were paddy wagon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow.


You mean Boston is a tripto you know, because. Yeah. I mean growing up as far as you know people of color, it's you know, I mean you really could do to mend it.


Yeah. Difficult races. Yeah. Busing.


I remember a lot of times you see I was in a club in Boston when it went, when they were both in Roxbury.


People into OK, wait at the until. Yeah.


You could pull it up on you to see a lot of times that you put up that stuff, you see black, white and the city of fifty three, you know, seventy seven seventies.


That shit was in color. See that's the, that's the whole crazy shit about the said that it was in color like they were savages. You they need to be.


Look the humanity you know I've seen this, I've seen this that they grow.


They would, they would you would get on, you would get on a bus and you know, and you would go into these neighborhoods and they would be little young white kids like this throwing rocks at the bus to my mother like this, like five years old and so wild because you don't think of, you know, a city like Boston is having that history.


When they hide it right, they hide it the most.


Yeah. I love Boston, though. Yeah. I love this city. I can. It's complicated. It's complicated.


It's tough. You can't help but the level you can't the love what the people really stand for. Black, white, whatever. Yeah. And people they're hard. Yeah. Tough people are tough people. Yeah. They want you to die for you and kill for just real shit.


Yeah. You know, but they don't fuck around now. He's right about one chance to fuck with them. And another thing is like shit like even though Boston might have been racist, like I didn't grow up hating white people. You see, I'm saying that's what's so crazy because, you know, again, my father I know I met some real heavy Italians and different men. You know, I'm saying that well, you know, so I was I it's you know, you see, you don't want you want to have the same you want to be the same playing field for black, white and everybody.


So you see where it's not the same playing field, but it doesn't make you racist. Like, you know, I'm saying throughout my whole life, I've always been hooked up somehow, like, you know, even with Dave Mason, some source, you know, he's Jewish kid man. And yeah, I was with him all my life, you know. So how did you get connected to him? Because he was a Harvard kid.


That's how he was going to Harvard. I was in a group, you know, gang banging, doing my thing. And we had a group called The Almighty. I was so and we was wild as fuck this Marvin Hagler from Brown.


And he's like about a mile away. My mother is one Rocky Marciano Marziano from Brockton.


Same thing. Yeah. Marziano tough town man. Tough talk them. Blockbuster Brocton. Yeah, Brocton is a few champions and Brocton, a lot of boxing.


So was that your introduction? Like my. Yeah, man, we need to look at the longer.


This is great. The Lakers evaporators crazy as hell. Here I am doing what I used to watch Mike's fights and just be like, oh man, he is working.


This is what he was like. The what are you fighting with fucking them in in there.


Yeah. I mean, you're fighting and yeah.


We got to get you know. So you sweat. Yeah. I'll be watching these podcasts. I listen Mike listen. I love Mike. Well he's Mike. You don't understand how like for real. Like you don't understand. Like you're like you probably do. You probably know.


But man dudes from the hood if there was no Mike Tyson, I don't know how to do something. Hood would really get that that motivation. Maybe because you've motivated so many guys just to be something to watch how you just went about your business. You didn't talk too much, man. He wasn't with all that rah rah rah. You just go up in there and. Saying, I don't think I've ever seen anybody with a more lethal uppercut, like you could just be right here like punch.


You've got to come from here, just here. And just it's the youngest, which is just one of those.


Well, you know, I wanted to make my mentor really happy. I was one of those guys that my mentor adopted me. And my whole purpose is to make them happy. And I'm happy with knocking people out. And that's to the best of your ability. Yeah, quick if I can. He looked like a great artist. He looked like the, you know, from the documentaries and everything, like because the model look like a great man.


Incredible. Yeah. His wife even said he would.


He has had so many more visits, more to the floor, you know, when we got the painting of a madman, somebody who this artist who was right behind him.


Yeah, that's big man right up to the Catskills.


I actually recorded I recorded some music up in the Catskills, went up to Boston, not far from the Catskills, not too far out.


You just go straight 90 and saying, you know, we got some strippers from suzerainty. We shot a video. We used to go to Holyoke, Massachusetts, Boston with kids with polio feel. Matthew Springford, we know that if you were in the region, that you go to Boston to fight for the finals. And then I won the Boston Golden Gloves and stuff. Damn, I didn't know that. Yeah. When The Boston Globe I didn't know that when I first started, you know, I had to get knocked out to learn to have a say.


But if you make that mistake, I don't care if you're the strongest man in the world, you make that mistake.


You never got knocked out the way you knocked out. No, no, not a knockout. And you made a mistake. And you got and it cost you. That's what it's all about, not about being knocked out. Right. Right. I made that mistake in the cost you had.


What was some cost more than others because. Man. Boy, yeah. What was a knockout that you really remember, Mike, when you got knocked, you got knocked up.


I got all of them. Yeah. Well, I was never unconscious and stuff. Yeah.


No, I remember all of them. Yeah. What would happen. You just. Stars and then let's pop up, this is interesting, you never know what was going to happen, some guys. The Buckland, the barkway who left right, right there, knocked out, yeah, they're out, but the fight got really nice out. You got the guy knocked out a boom and he's out, but it's like a chicken.


After you chop off the head, they still run around. Yeah, they're saying yes, the nerves they got boom, boom, boom.


But it's like he's he's sleeping, but it's his nerves and his nerve still going. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. The fight they'll find. They don't even know what it is. They're just all nervous.


Have you ever been worried or scared when you're not somebody out like that? Like is he all right? Like that guy?


Like, yeah, yeah. You hit a guy, you don't feel it. Yeah. Like you missed him.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The bad. That's just the cleanest way to vote. Cold nory snow on the snow. Yeah. Hey, listen, man, put him to sleep later, but this is crazy. Their hands walk sometimes you hit a guy and. He's conscious, everything's cool and he's not hurt, but it's like, yeah, I've seen that a few times, it's cool, everything's cool.


Oh he's like, fuck.


Oh he's doing the Macarena, he's doing it in the back of the fire.


He's like, wow, the lady going nuts about what's the what's the matter. Yes, yes, yes, yes or no.


The body's not meant this is what human beings do our hands. And that meant for hitting.


That's why they always break apart. It's not meant to be beat on. Right. That's how it's so easy for us to be brain damaged, detached retina and think of our bodies.


And I mean for that stuff, it's amazing that some of our past stay together the way we get hit, like, yeah, football stuff that we still have a jawbone and stuff stays. And it's a little bit that's the one thing that I fucking do it.


It's a little fucking more. Right then fucking Pete, the kids guy. I can't believe it's not going with them. I hit it.


Yeah. Oh.


Because you have a doctor and you always worked with.


Yes, always a doctor in my corner. Keep a doctor in my corner from a cliff. Anything. Always try to best have the best health as possible because this is a funny business.


You see a guy get beat the hell all his life for twenty years get I mean get Bashar that's like the best.


And then he's really articulate and talking well twenty years later and then you get a guy, the guy hit one fight me.


I had two or three good time and he's talking funny to mention God you know, it's just you don't know how these people work. You know how life is. You don't know how people are structured, how this soul is structured. Their body is structured. We're all different. That's what's strange. Yeah. That's really strange in every way. Some of us. Well, you know, from, let's say, a million years ago, some of us are descended from hybrid species, from mongoloids and some other.


But in that right form. Right. Got you. And we built differently. They were structured differently.


So I guess with the formalised structure, even though we think we look perfect, you know, who who are the anybody that you hit keppen was like, damn, hey, went down after I hit like you. Your heart is like your heart is fucking way.


The whole of your shit.


Just the fucking guy you got to you got you got to shoot this motherfucker, man. So who was the one. The one, the one that you hit was like, God damn, he went down you fucking holy holy shit.


Yeah. Yeah. The fucking monk.


So is that, is that not everybody can take the same punch too. Is that different. Is that all different.


Not like or is it like if you hit somebody in that same spot everywhere they're all going down.


Listen, human being the human spirit are amazing, right. If you fight with a guy, you don't win in the fight.


You fuck this before I go. He's great, but we're going to fight. So he hit you with some good shot, but you just resisting kill you and your mother fucker, you set your mind. This is what it's going to be, right? We're going to fight. I ain't going down from the first pound. Go fucking with my tail and we're fighting, you know, me. And he's anticipating these punches. He's anticipating these hard punches hitting him.


Right. It's in his mind. So they hit a boom. It's not as hard. He thought they were fouled. Right. So he's fighting back. Right. And then he gets hit with a point that he doesn't see. Boo.


Now it's all about nothing. The punch chicken, the guy we don't see the point that you're pomi him with that point. If I could take a pretty tough boom, if you see it coming, boom, he could take it boom. He could take that up. I haven't faked it with momentum now. Were tricking them.


Whoo hoo! I'm tactically. Did you watch coming up, tactically like Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, my father up.


Fuck. Yeah. Yeah.


You mean motherfucker. Tactically, yeah. It's tactic game. It's a motherfucker. Yes.


Beautiful to his. His family shakes his head and head move putting it play football. Oh man. To death. It's in his prime. It's beautiful.


It's amazing huh. Chavan with ninety and defeated. Yeah. All right. This man retired then crazy. I retired at sixty fights and defeated.


He had nine. How could anybody really.


I don't know. Our egos get bigger.


We come to reality and we look at ourselves in the mirror and we think wow what he did is amazing but I'll never see it again in my life. Right. You never see. I won't see it again in my lifetime. Yeah. Alexis OK, well go ahead. Like a hundred something win but not straight.


What's right do you think. A ninety straight win.


I mean they don't do that. You know, I won't seen in my life. You won't see anything. You know, it's incredible. He doesn't get the credit for that. You don't do that no more.


He fought anybody, named him anybody. He was a problem than anybody. Well, maybe they could do that in a. Excuse me, maybe they could do that with the artificial intelligence. Oh, Chavez, right. Yeah, but listen, Pete game right, man, how advanced we were when we didn't have a telephone cell phone.


And we had to remember all the numbers in our head and remember how to get to know we had not my. Yeah.


We not remember how we found an directly to be found loud foul play the ship. We get lost on instinct.


Fuck yeah. I've been here before. You've got to do that in case you get locked up because you ain't going to hang your phone.


You know, I'm saying so, you know, a lot of times you get locked up now you know nobody. No, you don't call. You don't send.


It just works out, even if you imperilling things work out for the better. When you think you are worth anything. You know, I'm out of my mind.


I got my fella from Crete to say, hey, you need this telephone call. You need to go to your social worker. You know, it's not as bad as we all think it is then when it does get bad, are prepared to handle anything, you know?


Yeah, that's right, man. The chance is all about not giving up in life.


You know, sometimes things are bad and he has got to endure shit.


Yeah, you have got to run for office now. I got my fucking and my first vote for you in a heartbeat. Yeah, I know. I can definitely remember that man.


There's no doubt about it. Any electoral shit you're saying. Oh yeah.


So what is boiling about now, what's happening out there. I mean, Boston's new people, huh. You don't you never know before.


But the problem with Boston is like the powers that be kind of suppressed, the culture.


So, you know, they don't you know, I mean, this not it's not like strictly strictly white town. Yeah.


I mean, you can't really, but you got to be sports up there when it comes to hip hop. See, I had to get a part. I had a hard time up there.


You know, if I would've stayed up the alley, did one hundred years ago, you know, I know it was no question, man. Like, it was just boys.


It's it's hard being in a big city and, you know, everybody knows you and everybody.


No, I'm saying because, look, it's not it's not that hard for the police just to watch you and you don't anything and try to mess with you.


And that's what was happening with me. You know, we had a rap group, but we was in the streets and a police gang for some talking. We we got we was on Tommy Boy Records and. Yeah. Did you know God?


Yeah, of course. Yeah. You knew him. Yeah. Well then business would go, yeah. I'm a girl from New York. I was a little girl. You know that movie, you know, I met but I remember my friend knew God. You know, the movie that they made that they made about him. Right. That was that was intimate. Oh, no, I didn't know that. Yeah, that was about.


But they did shoot that in Boston. No, they shot it in like Ohio.


So that's why I'm saying, like, they don't let you know like that could have been cool for the people, you know, get some, you know, some some roles and everything, but everything gets taken.


That guy from New York would have been had the mentality, egotistical guy, and he went up there, took over project to win this thing.


Yeah, yeah. Wow. Yeah, yeah. He wrote a book. The fact that he got a motherfucker.


My name is God. There's another dude named God in Tucson who owned a bar called the Meat Rack. What was that about you fucking crazy bar in Tucson to say they had a sex room in the back that he had. He would give people a fucking brand, his face on people's asses for lifetime. Fifty cent drinks, 50 cent beers.


I always wanted to buy one because they are a fucking total. And I realized, guys, it's inconceivable we can't even fathom being God or, you know, I won't even speak to us.


We won't even hear our calls. God don't even need a matter of fact.


If all of us died, God would be happy because the world will flourish.


You know, that's deep. We kill the world, you know, we got a fucking gas thing, we drink for a fucking oil, we kill the fucking icecaps, we see them saying things that go like this.


Coming up, the hills was that we pumped that over. Was it loaded heights? Yes, man.


I can't be no more oil than a motherfucker over there. What? They get them shoots up. I didn't know what the fuck is coming out of that, but after produces it, it's taking the shit and it comes out of there.


I should look dry over there.


I'm sure they're still getting something out of that dude that they would not be on the P.A. stories yet, to be honest.


I mean, this is we don't know when the first when the first hit or in the gut is up in the stands.


And how do we know if it's dried out and we don't know if it's dried out?


It just looks like nothing comes through.


I mean, it just the area they would they wouldn't be there if they weren't getting no money. The kind of things they wouldn't be there. These people are not stupid. They're not going to be there. They're not getting the money with the manpower, with the energy. They want to waste money. They want to make money. Yeah.


And boy, I mean, the Chevron refinery right across the street, I seen that.


I see a lot of wrong employees. I seen that. Yeah. Running the stores. What was this like? I loved them.


You guys put me on to come when I came home to that.


So dope serious come. Yeah. I cover the rising.


Come on man. Wow. You got out. You had you know I'm saying I tell you I'm not good. I'm not bad. I'm not trying to survive in this world. Baby, it's tough out in this motherfucker. Look at that, huh.


So is baby before the internet. Yeah. Anything but yeah. Before the Internet.


What is the source now is it's still it's still out there. It has new owners. You know, I'm sorry, but you know, it'll never have the. Yeah, that was just the time. And that was you know, for us that was like the wolf of Wall Street meets. I mean, I was just like, you know, like Mike said, like I was just, you know, like I was a street nigga who just, you know, I'm said I didn't know about all that money and it was so much money coming in.


And I was doing amazing shit like it was out of control.


Mean, I was I was out of control. Yeah. Yeah.


I ran I was in the 20s and then, you know, shit, you know, I brought my whole team with me. So I was that I used to be at the Beverly Hills Hotel in that bungalow in the back. I don't want to leave.


Well, I stayed there for months, rent a couple of hundred thousand dollar bills. I mean I mean, it was it was it was, you know, like you said, a lot of women, a lot of drugs, a lot of crazy shit, man.


But it was you know, that's the way with what this guy got.


Cock cock kocherga right. He's on the tour guide. Yeah.


So Win Win can't win at the time.


So this guy takes me and he fucking he put me up in a hotel on Wilshire Boulevard.


Was that the Beverly Wilshire Makushi FM Radio. Yeah, yes.


I'm up for like a year and a half a year and a half. One million dollar bill. Oh yeah. I'm living I'm only looking down in my underwear from the street car park to getting to the hotel. They would eat my food. How are you doing and how are you doing today? I'm fucked that we've got more money now. I got to go to Thailand. Well, now I got to go here. Oh fuck. And I'm going to drug I want to cocaine bin like a motherfucker.


Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, you know. Oh yeah.


I'm living a fucking life. I know exactly what he's talking about. Yeah. Like management and managing it and having all the cocaine.


You got all the money you well you almost feel like you're going to die. Yeah. Seven five oh oh oh oh oh yeah.


Oh you know. I know I like real talk like a fucking trip back then. Life was fine.


Yeah. What a fucking trip. Yeah.


I remember one time I was at the Beverly Hills, you know, and I, you know, I remember who I was with child whose own was I think I was opening up for him some or whatever. So couple of beans. I never really took ecstasy like that. Just so I grab one s..


Nothing, you know, I'm saying that's why I'm so I'm I'm kind of a girl. You don't have to come on over. So I took a novel. I just took like like I don't finish it. So I called like used to think this is what I'm saying.


The same night I said I'm getting. But then so I took like about six of them, so.


Oh no, look. Right.


So look like I started going crazy now couldn't my fucking jaw couldn't look. So then all of a sudden I couldn't move. So I was in the bed and I couldn't get to the phone. So I'm trying to get to the phone.


So I'm like, oh fuck, I'm getting scared at this point. Right. So I think the call to phone I'm in the Beverly Hills, fucking the bungalow. So I get the cord and I pull it over and I shut it down.


It's meant to be like a half an hour.


I finally get it and I remember bija it's almost like yo yo got to come in or some would die on my door. They came out. I just remember the. They just got a whole bunch of cold towels and shit and put them on me in the bed and she's like three days out, I'll never do that shit again, like, you know, Coke, New Coke. I just like you say Coke. You see what? Coke, Coke.


You think you got to fuck. I'm good.


I'm getting ready for the more you take, the more you fucking like mind. You go down the road you this to the dick is like no give me a like give me away.


The girl is like yo there's only so much I want some dick like going to a chill chill, chill the fuck out with me. Right.


Right. So that's like he's all good. Life is good. And you were with me. With me. You'll never do it again. I know. I mean just in general with the whole drug culture, like when I grew up, you know, I'll be 54 in July when I grew up. You know, I'm saying it was everything. Every drug that came on the block was this.


We tried this heroin. We sniff it. Heroin was crack.


What's this new shit's black beauties, Quaaludes. I mean, you that's what it was back then.


It was like you're selling them and then it's like, oh, just try it. Most drugs for everybody. So, like, you pick and choose your poison, you know, I'm saying so. But at the end of the day, you know, drugs ravaged our communities. We get it. Yeah. But it's like it's something that we have to deal with, like like in our culture and, you know, with drugs, just like with money and everything else.


Like, I was oblivious to this shit. Once we had the source and all this money, everything was coming fast. And I just was like, fuck it. I thought this was like I said, it was like Wolf of Wall Street.


Well, it's an interesting she's never going to it's an interesting thing that Mike's brought up, you know, since the beginning of time. There has been the phenomenon of human beings taking substances to try to feel some certain way, you know, and so, you know, it's just continued and perpetuity. So because it's not I mean, you have you have to do drugs.


We just do drugs and. Absolutely. Well, you do drugs and just actually can just function. Yes, absolutely. Well, what is what a sexual thing comes in, you know. Yeah, I know what you mean. No, I know what you mean for sure. Absolutely.


I was told the reason why when you own. When we get high like her, when we get high, we want to fuck the why because our brain tells us we're dying and we have to meet him.


That's interesting. That's why we used to say that, again, I want to make sure I is their research. Do you know that or is that your theory? No.


That we're getting ready to die. So we want to mate.


We know it makes sense or we want to get to know we get made that we get me to that we need to spread our. That's what I put this. And we're just we don't understand. We think we think with where we're driving the ship, we think that we got a ship right there. And we do. We really think that we don't the time it wasn't that nice to be here. We'd be dead by now. Well, I'm saying that I think that we're controlling me talking to you right now, but me talking to him, I think that I'm I'm smart.


And I'm telling you, this is just the right. But this is the play. I'm sorry. The script was already. It's already here. Yeah. I mean.


I mean, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I just think like scene with the sex thing is I always thought like. If we wasn't ever to have pleasure having sex, I think the world would be different if pleasure. You know, I mean, if the pleasure didn't come along with sex, then everything would be different. Well, it's interesting because listen, let me tell you this in a way. If a lion of a tiger, because I mean the tiger, if you see the female tiger out of season, they're going to fight to the death and kill each other and they're going to make love after they fight to the death.


You see the tiger, they're not supposed to be around each other. No, baby, when anything. Not alone. Maybe he'll kill it, right. I run this town. Nobody I want to share with. Nobody in my family.


That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. I see that bitch outside of breeding season. She's dead. What are you doing? My territory. Oh, that's interesting. If I take it things crazy. Wow. That's very crazy.


Well, human beings and dolphins, I think are the only two species that experience pleasure with sex.


Really get the fuck out of it.


That's some truth or monkey have to that to be a breeder monkey. Monkey is the one. Yeah. Because this one. Yeah. The monkey.


I see some dogs and they were smiling when he was humping and I know he was actually smiling when it was. Absolutely. I see my big smile also.


I've see dogs and the most I've seen that myself and I'm trying to explain this that most animal animal does not. Species of animals, if not 99 percent of them have a certain feeling when they fuck, yeah, yeah. You know, and we have a certain seen human beings and I think there's one particular kind of monkey.


Yes. It doesn't have a bonobos. Hi. Yeah, I'm cool. Oh, yes. Like, human beings have no reason to fucking fuck. Yeah. It's a particular species. Yeah. And the females are very sexually oriented.


Not only that, I mean it it's hard now though, you know, now I mean, like, you know, it's just like it's just everywhere now, like, you know, I'm saying like as far as I will even say, temptation's as far as like the attraction of a female attraction, sexual. We're more of a sexual world now than ever. You know, I'm saying. Yeah.


And I just think, like, you know, it's something that we're still figuring out as a species, you know, your species of humans. We're still trying to figure this thing out. I think I think that's part of the universal issue. Like we still as a civilization haven't figured out this whole control of yourself and sex.


You know, you don't say. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, beings and animals probably, too, had anything you could do with a human being, an animal. You can't imagine anything that has been done to a human being, an animal sexual. So what's the next level of sex?


It's probably not having sex, probably not having sex.


So to master yourself, to have it, to not have it, to massage yourself in a mostly between one another without having to master that, to masturbate to that strength of, you know, to see something more in a person, you know, I'm saying or something more because sex, sex, just especially being young, sex just it just, you know, you know, that's why women, you know, so, you know, they be upset because they just looked at it.


You just you know, when you looked upon as a sexual object all your life, you know, I'm saying it's hard to communicate like, oh, no, because people use it for their power to.


So we can't look at it from that perspective.


Anybody can use that money. You can definitely use the power. But how do you how do you use it without power on me? How do we powerless fuck me.


Your perspective on where it's done. It's just no way to think about it. Like you said, don't have sex I think don't have sex. Like of course you have separate but but just kind of like can't go deeper than the sex, you know. Let's go deeper in a person than the sex. Yeah.


I mean you just come to a place I think where you realize that the physical act of sex is, you know, unless it's with a person who you connect with on that emotional level, it's sort of a it's a trivial experience in your life.


You know, something real complex. Tuka sex is complicated. It doesn't have to be Schoettler, you know, to do it.


Yes, it's primal. Yeah. It's a lot. You know, it's a lot of fantasy, Lois, but it's not a fantasy. It's a lot of pre think and it's a lot of you already. You know, I'm saying it's not it's more it's more subconscious than it is actually having it because, you know, that's where porn comes in.


And that's where, you know, I'm saying it because. Right. Because you're thinking you know, I'm saying, you know, you have you have been with a chicken thought about someone else because she just, you know, say, I thought about someone else like you. Have you ever did that?


No, I. I had sex with a girl I know whether I won or lost. Would you mean. Like, I know I can't handle it. Really? Yes, really. Yeah. What? Yeah. Really? Yeah.


Holy shit, that's crazy.


Me, me.


It's like I had I don't know, I don't want to call it a sexual addiction, you know, I want to call it that. But it's just like, you know, I just have an appreciation for beauty. So I see beauty and everything like, you know, I'm saying like I just don't have a type like because I see beauty in something. And nowadays I just want a nice person at this point in my life. Like, I just was looking.


I see I made the mistake of looking at women as objects and try to think that, you know, that I'm going to really be able to find someone, you know, like I was just fooling myself. You know, you can't look at women as objects and think you're going to be loved the proper way or give love the proper way. So it's only, you know, I'm saying it took me a while to realize this man. You know, I'm saying that it really is about you know, I'm saying it took me a while and you could say, yeah, OK, of course, after all these years of.


But I mean, listen, you know, I'm saying as long as you figure it out, because then I could pass it to my sons, you know, I'm saying it's just that it's not all about the sex. Like now that it hasn't been like that, you can really dig deep into somebody. Because with me in looking at somebody, man, you want to fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. You know, I'm saying.


And then that becomes priority and I become that takes over. Yeah. Everything. Yeah.


And then when they leave you are you thinking of somebody's going to be fucking my pussy.


You know, I'm saying it's just everything revolves around a pussy. You know, I'm saying that's you know, so I had, I had it. I know I had to check myself to really like if I'm ever going to really be in love or give the proper love to a proper woman, I have to not look at her as a sexual act. Absolutely. It's the only it's the only way you never work on any other way. Yeah, well, I think a lot of men are dealing with that right now.


You know, I think a lot of men have that struggle, you know, because, you know, it's culturally it's just sort of been. We've been brainwashed into this into these roles in our genders and men and women, you know, some relationships and our growth with one another.


You know, you think about when you first met and you guys are making passionate love and you appear to be overwhelming.


And Pat, oh, God, baby, don't stop. And then eventually you're not the same. Keep it coming. You don't do that no more.


Have you ever have you ever had sex with a woman and just, OK, you know, you just matter. You have sex and you just. I love you. Absolutely.


Absolutely stunning in my mind.


20 minutes had been waiting for six years.




I met her for 20 minutes in my limo and we were then we hung out for six years.


Wow. I envy that. Too bad. See how happy. And that's that's that's what we've been through a lot. You just put your stuff together. That's been a lot of girls like that. I met and we've been together for years, you know, I mean, I on the wing thing, nobody introduced us anything. So let's just dissect that for a minute. Yeah.


You meet a person you have sex with and you say, I love you to her while you having sex. You look in her eyes. OK, now to you.


You're saying that from from a place of the sex to her, she's having that. She's like, whoa, it's it's affecting her different. So now you understand.


I'm saying because women have more respect, you got to find out who they are first from, who is she? What does she experience? Has she been fucking wounded from the 30 father has been molested by her uncle. Who is she when she hears that word?


What he you know, where she did work to her, where she comes from, where do I come from when I say we were I? What kind of guy? My wife. My mother's a path to my father, the pimp to me. Methane that could be game or could it be my only real feeling of love. Yeah, right.


I mean, that that's a lie. You see what he's saying. Oh those is what is it out of those. So you don't really know. Like you know. That's a pleasure and a pleasure. Feels feel so good. And you.


I love you. You know, I'm saying I fucking love you, you know. I mean like yes. I love you. I will kill for you. I don't want nobody else to touch you and you just having sex with her.


So that just is, like I said, that nobody's fucking mind.


She was like, OK, I guess it's OK. My take pick, go home.


If you need this car, stay with you. It's just I was in the street and we get out women a week.


We don't want nobody else to have. You're pushing me. I understand that. But you've got to take that out your head now. See, now, you can't do that, especially with social media, because now that because that'll get you perhaps my father taught me a few things. That was one of them. He's always in the penitentiaries, the cemetery. So he's a filled up because of women.


He told me that years I mean, years ago when I was a kid, I look at the men to the lot of women doing a lot of time because the men, a lot of women getting cut up after dawn, the faithful fucking men. Yeah, it's true.


Women listen, women do more shit for us than we ever dreamed of doing for them. Yeah. And I know that.


And I guess I got strung out a couple of times and I know some people did more shit that I, for me, stronger than I could ever imagine. Dying for them strung out. Right. Right.


You know, I got to leave that keeping in with Ed, do some really thought. Oh, even some really nasty things.


I love a I don't fuck with women love.


She says she love me either one of them from one of the has love changed from back in the day to now has love the concept the word change from back then. Because you know because we were on the same page. So you know what love was as far as family, a girl, all the different aspects of it is the same love as it is now. Yeah.


And I learned this because love never changes the female. What makes it what what makes that? What makes this country the feelings? Once we hear that word, we don't know what that word is, but we know what the concept of what it means. Right. Why is it love? Why can it be shit? I'm going to be pussy. Why do they have to be love? What? I love me. Well, why. Why is that.


Why are you on the. Why is it love. Why is it that. Why why can I can be why can it be lascivious. Why they love. Who got that? Why is it love, look and find out why the love was worth the length of love, but the essence of great. Yeah. Yeah, people hear that word, it's almost life and death. It is like they caused his death. It is love.


The essence of true love is mutual trust and respect towards one another. Compassionate love is eternal, rare and enduring. Love is kind, patient, innocent. It never seeks revenge. It's like a poem.


We've got to find a more, more, more, better definition in that it got to be something more deeper than that.


Love is not the emotion we go deep with. We got to where the love this filled with love comes from. Like what is it comes love in the form of a sucker. No, no sucker for love naked Rick James. No, really. Which may really be a form of love. Believe me, in the form of love being in the bedroom. Yeah, man.


Well, the word love comes from the middle English word. Love, love, love derived from the old English word, loofa, loofa. This is akin to old high German Liuba and another old English word, Liow, which means dear. So, I mean, that is just the upsetting description.


I go to the arbitrary world. Right? What is the original. Good question. Yeah. What is the original meaning of love? Because it's still kind of it's still kind of vague you. Well, this when you choose to be at your best. That's from the Huff Post. Fuck that. I mean, I don't mind the millennium motherfucker. You put that super millennial. I mean, I'm a millennial three year old.


I put that out there. OK, this is pretty good.


The love is also considered to be a virtue, representing human kindness.


Now, that's OK. You know, it's the deepest human kindness, really.


I like that. Really. But think about this, Mike. Helen of Troy, yeah, wars fought over love, pussy, pussy, pussy, Palin was involved was pussy. Cleopatra, Pussy Wars have been people have killed for love, Brutus got killed of a person with all of them. We also have to look at and see what he think. The perception of love. Right. To think I know of. Right. Not necessarily love, but this perception of the pussy.


Yes. It's an obsession.


No. And I don't want people to get mad at me and fucking you, too. But nobody fucked this around. Nobody can be honest. You love your wife. Yes. Think about leaving no one out of pussy. Deep shit, I'm bottom man. Well, I'll tell you what, that was deep, I was fucking deep.


I dreamed about my wife when I was seven years old. I didn't meet her till I was 18. We didn't get together until I was twenty. To 23. And. When I think about our relationship and all the shit we've been through, I fucked her up man during my time in the NFL.


You know, I did a lot of damage and it's a blessing that she's still here. Back here with me for you say that has been give me some. And that's how I feel.


Thanks, brother. And I feel that way, you know.


Yeah, I know you do. And hearing and seeing my wife didn't have a pull. That would still be my wife. Yeah. Because she's being with it's like a soul, just it's like a soul contract for me. We're spiritually connected beyond this should be on this road.


I believe that men have women for men. Women should make sure that women we need absolutely. Women.


And that's, you know, another reason like my wife is. My perfect yin and yang, do you know everything that I'm not good at? She's amazing and she's fucking she's an Amazon woman, you know, she's hard as fucking nails, but loves me, does everything for me, like you were saying, like he's done more for me than I could ever dream of doing for her. Very fortunate. I know. And I see that. And, you know, that's why.


And I'm married. And I got to be honest. Right. If I did, my wife did. My wife did, too. The one thing that I've written thing that then I wouldn't be with her mother.


I know brother, my wife. I love my wife, but my wife did to me what I've done.


I when I want that, maybe that would be love then. So maybe so maybe love has to do with that. Maybe love has to understand all these things. That's why no life shit.


If it's a lie, if it is a deeper connection then they wouldn't go.


Yeah I can't believe that this. Why.


Because she's not going to want to go. No, she's going to hold on to the very last and then you got to hold on to to the very last.


You know what I learned yesterday. Hey y'all a lucky man.


You got to forgive yourself. Y'all make me feel bad over him. No, brother. Listen, everybody has the same type of love I would love.


You know what I'm saying? Honestly, for real, I got to say.


Yeah, I've been searching for that.


Well, real time. Sometimes it's a motherfucker to that. Of course, times are just in there with the fire breathing dragon.


No, but I've been through it's just that I'm saying when you conquer that, that's all I'm saying. Like, you always going to go to that. But once you.


But if she if she still sticks with you throughout all that, that's that's the ultimate warrior.


I remember, you know, when I was doing my thing and being I couldn't get turned down, I told the police, just turned me down. I went to the police. They know the thing, OK? And I still get to know I was just so arrogant and cocky.


Shit. To be great at something, you've got to have the right woman who can allow you to be great at that because it takes a lot of time and effort and everything. Absolutely. And if they and now with social media, you know, they are going to want their social chaos. Yeah, it's chaos. Yeah.


Oh, it's ok. OK. I don't know. We don't know what is greatness. You know what greatness is. The definition of greatness has always been in my head.


Somebody that could do something that is so tremendously hard with the simplicity and greatness that doesn't have to practice for no, you have to work for it, right? I do every fucking day, three times a day to get that broken art down. But you do find it so difficult with the fucking simple Kuwaiti's. Yeah. You know, people get people. You knock a motherfucker out. How long? Three seconds. What do they get? Well, again, yeah, this is the motherfucker.


Nobody complained about that.


Yeah. Like, people will complain, man. We want you know, everybody couldn't wait to see him knock out. They wanted what people wanted Mike to knock them out. Ten seconds. So I'm saying he paid all that money no matter seconds. Go home.


Just you know, I'm saying see that shit stoked. Yeah. Because because for real people understand people like those fights were really like I mean, a minute and less and it's like, you know, minutes. So you pay in just four minutes, you know, every other sport you're paying for, you know, hour and a half know, you understand.


Like after the five of you in the fucking dressing room. Now you fucking coach fucking chips, you need a break, a sweat and you go play on television.


You can play can tell when you get the highlight, go. I got to get that. They don't look at me talking shit. That's probably the best you feel.


That whole time, right? Yeah, but nothing weird is just weird after it's all over now. Another human being, you know. Yeah, people still cheering, but wow. Yeah, it's all it's going now back to you. But in people's lives, forever, forever, ever.


Because it keeps happening. See, I'm saying the ones you don't say it just keeps happening every three months. You know, say it was another one.


It just stays in your head when I say 53, 54, 50 for nothing. Do you ever think to yourself, woman like, we all think that often times I'm talking, I'm talking. I might be in my fucking life house. And you were looking at my fucking big screen and I see my. Well, I'm fifty fucking three, the shit is almost over. Now, fuck, no, fuck hell, no, you have no way, no, I haven't, I really haven't.


You know, another 54 when all that happened, when I got done playing in the NFL, I woke up one morning and I was like.


Holy fuck, yeah, I'm thirty, I think what the fuck had I done, I feel like yesterday I was in high school were.


They're never going to die in your mind's eye. You'll never know it. Well, physical death I'm talking about from you, but you won't even know that when you go. You're not going to know that.


My mind is my mind is just is just here.


It's like when you come in, you know, that's a great way to be, you know, because I've been through so much. I mean, that's a great way to be someone you want to have. Well, that's my living today.


When you're just in the moment, I swear to God how good or bad I just I just deal with today because a lot comes with today. Yeah. Pills issues, kids situations. There's that third women today is what you want to deal with.


And then tomorrow, you know, I'm saying and then you want to keep trying to build like I don't, I can't.


If you start thinking like that then then that over does set in like that overshared. And believe it or not you start getting I believe the more you start thinking about old and all that shit, the more you'll be OK. Yeah, as long as you can live within your means, just don't go. That is just within your means. You know, you don't have to go without your means. I think my mistakes was just not just living past my means, but just trying to bring everybody.


Just give everybody. But love and passion means, you know, you don't need a big 70 million acre house.


And it's three. Yeah, I'm saying like. Yeah, for real. Like real talk. Like you're not even going to be in the rooms half the time. So you're going to you're going to have a house where you're not going to be in the rooms. So it's like you really just got to just, you know, say, OK, you know, you know, just have money. You know, I'm saying put make sure bills are paid and just understand that whatever you got going that's bringing in money.


You know, I'm saying make sure that that's going, because if that stops, you could have some put away to keep you going.


If you're used to a certain lifestyle, you see with me, it's just funny with me, man, because I've had millions and I've had nothing. I've had street money have. I just never felt it like I've never felt different, I've never felt like, you know, I just would spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend it. And then but I've never felt I just never felt different from money. I've had money, didn't have money.


It's just like it's the hustle with me. See, I'm just a hustler. So no matter what, I'm a keep hustling. And I realized growing up, you know, you've got to be a people person and you can't be mean mugging. You can't be. And it's like, you know, I'm saying yes. So I had to grow up and I had to realize a lot of shit I was doing back then. Like, if I'm going to be in this business, that's not the way to be.


And you got to check yourself. You got to you got to change yourself in the way you fucking, you know, be because you're going to be with people who don't know that type of behavior. And it's going to be it's going to close doors. So I learnt a lot. So now, you know, I'm in a great space to where I figured it all out, you know?


I hope so. I wouldn't I think, wow, I was going to have in my family because I think we're coming back from, you know, you're going to be straight.


Michael, why would I want to stay the way it is?


You're doing great things, man. And it's dope, like, well, you got to with everything they want to make. That's amazing, man.


Like you and I head to the yet now tell it to the todas ancient medicine. It's five immodesty. You smoke it. I've heard that you have an ego death.


It goes to pineal gland and. Oh yeah, yeah. You know more than fuck you know I watch the doors. Oh yeah. The movie with Valchek that. Yeah he was. Oh yeah.


You know he was doing all that and it makes you look at work in another dimension.


Right. Yeah. Yeah. I want to try that. I do. Yeah I'll try that. Yeah I want to try it. I want but I got to be around people that do so next time you are doing you know, setting it just. Yeah.


You know I'm saying yeah I do want to go to you know I've, I've also seen it on TV a couple of times, but it takes you to a different dimension. And I need to go to I got some things I need to listen.


You see certainly laugh at. If you have that feeling, laugh for like an hour.


I mean, that means for now, less time travel, and I don't say this time travel travel, that time travel.


Yeah, this is a 20 minute. You get one hundred like a hundred, 100000 years of experience and 15 minutes. That's crazy.


Yeah that's. Yeah. I got yeah. I want to, I need to feel that I need to feel like, you know, I'm the type of person I could take that in.


You might go whoa. Na na na na, I'm going to you don't saying I need to see some shit like that, I think you'd be you you'd have a good time. I'd have a good time. What did you see when you did it? I haven't done the Coke, but I've done I've done the step below it. So there's temptation and there's five there.


Yeah, I want to do the empty. I want to do like you do. I want to go. Oh, you want the riverboat ride rather than the space. Yeah. Let me work my way you know. Can't say shit.


You just get on the fucking space shuttle blast off looking at me. Yeah. Let me do let me do the first because I got to take hold again every time I come get me. Please put cold towels on. That sounds so awful.


We got to do it. We got to do it in the jungle. Oh yeah. Got it.


Like well I think a little like I think we should take a little retreat down to the Amazon.


Oh that's got to be fucking crazy. Blow your mind. Yeah. I believe you got the way. You've been too heavily traveled all over the world. You probably have kind of women before, but then you take to the torture. You have been nowhere. You see nothing. You had been with nobody.


Yeah. I need to feel that that sounds that sounds like something I'm telling you.


It shows you how small you are. I need that to the world. You're nothing. You're not even a see it's more than a fucking field.


Wow. Wow, the treatment changes your perspective, you know, and you've got to have that they got to throughout life. Well, ancient cultures knew this stuff. You know, people start going insane because they get stuck in the same old routine and rigmarole and their habits take over their life. So ancient cultures knew about the human experience and they would use these medicines to, you know, go to the get to the next level.


How did they get the medicine from the toe to the. How did he know who told them?


Well, in this book called The Cosmic Serpent, this guy spent years with this tribe in the Amazon and talking to their shamans. They said that the plants teach us these things. And for thousands of years, this knowledge has just been passed down fast from sex, food, even water for a year straight. And they'll just take every day. They'll take D.N.A. and they're just out in the jungle living off the land for a year. And they're literally, you know, toggling between the spirit realm in the physical realm, you know, and learning all of this information.


Well, I mean, the the Indians were doing that.


Yeah, absolutely. Every culture had their own thing. You know, there's peyote, ayahuasca, the toad. Oh, mushroom, opium. Sure. China, opium. But I just think you see a lot of people don't know that they had dens in New York where people would go for a long time.


Businessmen, everybody go and just sit back and smoke wouldn't be, you know, real smoke, opium.


Yeah, well, that's that's what's interesting about that 19th Marijuana Tax Act, 1937, because, you know LaGuardia. He was the mayor of New York, Fiorello LaGuardia and Viareggio allow short sugai wow LaGuardia and so the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act came down and. He had about 300 hash parlors in New York City, so he was like when this shit hit, he had, you know, a bunch of angry business owners knocking on his door going, you know, what the fuck now?


Or shit to legal shit. So he put together a whole board of all the smartest doctors and researchers that he could find. And they put together the LaGuardia report to prove that cannabis was totally safe and a valuable medicine and product. And here we are today, dude. And you've got your own brand. Yeah. Look at that fucking thing.


Good pass genetics from the guys on this, the Benzino G. So this is your company, Ben? Yeah, man, I'm over here, man. And, you know, I mean, man, it's a long time coming and working with the guys over the past genetics.


I mean, Joey and Jesse, you know, Joey, Geth know Joe, you know, I'm saying so, you know, check it out, man. Got some things coming out, you know, a lot of saucepans and. Yeah, I'm excited about it, you know, so I'm excited.


Finally, I can finally get a strain and finally get my name, you know, Oji Caribou's, the whole crew.


So I'm excited about it.


You know, I'm saying, nigga, beautiful packaging. Come on, tell me your name, your stuff, man. This is all that passed.


That is genetics is the benzene benzino OG Gasolina, you know, a ducktails. It was a a guy named Benzino Gasolina.


Oh my fucking character. You could Google go Benzino Ghasemi Ducktails Gasolina. I love. He was a playboy. I know he was a fucking playboy.


He was a pig and he was a pig. A fucking playboy pig. Gasoline.


Yeah. Gasoline he would I got and they go to images.


There he goes. Look at the scene with the scarf over the place.


Oh you know gasoline. He broke it. He's a pig. Yeah. Yeah. I don't like that. They like to make him. They're Italian. The pig. How did you you know, it's interesting stereotype shit.


Interesting at that time when they were doing it. I've had it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How did you get the name Benzino.


Yeah. Oh me and my mom, you know my man Trevor, he's locked up free travel. But I mean I used to be free to have a job out of reach out.


Yeah man. Trev's like benching five something man. Yeah. I'm say doing this thing man. You know, I'm saying oh I just love nigga. Yeah. He gave, he gave my name.


It went for it went from Ray Dog. I was Ray Dog with the Almighty. I was so and it went to Benzino because I was in the hood and I was having bands and bands but heavy bands, the three 300 defending our javelin just stuff.


Let me ask you a question. What, what hip hop was you listening to? Would you listen to hip hop when you when you was fighting for the Olympics and who do you remember he was listening to over the years? What was that?


Well, I think the Olympic trials at the time, I was who I listen to when the emcee I listen to the fat boy and stuff like that, Rick.


And these guys, that's all you listen to his hip hop, but it was a disco. Listen to rocking the disco RMV and some move and fucking rock and roll.


I mean, real fucking rock roll was rock and roll. Yeah, right. Well, would you listen to like.


Oh, in that realm. Sing it. You go to Frank.


Nah I'm in. And all those guys man you go to Elvis Presley when he had Flash Hound Dog and all this shit. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Flight path. Oh yeah.


Did you box to music because it wasn't really no headphones. So um so yeah. I brought you guys.


Thank you. I suppose you know the same thing. Oh yeah. Yeah.


Oh. Shadowbox to the music. And we listen to the fucking so what they bring on a speaker like what was this is what a norm that would be my boom box. Boom box. OK, OK, fucking locker room. OK, ok, ok.


You know, Earth, Wind and Fire and all that.


Yeah. Mix tapes like cassettes. Cassettes. Yeah. All kinds of shit for homeboy that made a tape for me and stuff. Had you missed that. You missed cassettes and that whole area.


That whole cassette era.


You know I'm saying cassette tapes, tape tapes and shit. Not very.


Listen no it's really a fun thing. It was a novelty. Right.


Fun. Right. But it was always in the way. And so many of them when you got guys get 300 or 400 fucking cassette. Yeah. Yeah, I know you got looking. I put them down to find one, you know, I don't want.


And then my mom said, get the fuck out of the way fucking up when you can.


I know it's like me having no tracks. I know. Yeah, that too. I remember my father had a war, a track and a Bill Cosby comedy track.


I'd never forget those one with a Fat Albert gang on it. I never on a track.


I mean, when we used out because we think they tracked me. This is like an extra show today. Tracks eight tracks, just didn't make it through cassette tapes because that would happen. Cassette tapes took over, sets came over, came out. Why?


Because the eight track with the fucking polka, it was like a video say yes. It was like a VHS wasn't reliable.


It would probably copy, right? Yep. Yeah.


So it wasn't a good but the eight track covers were little like classic. The covers. Oh my God.


So it was like oh yeah, my uncle's huge.


My uncles had all these incredible records. I used to love going through the thirty, forty five year long playing.


There's a lot of playing joints just kind of. Yeah.


Yeah it's beautiful man. That's kind of a shame because you don't get that anymore. Oh well streaming and we used to rob me my man sometimes man used to rob colleges for all their records.


We had a ten thousand collection of really. Wow.


I would, we would steal all the college, all the college and a record player always stole the record.


But no, listen, I was in my grandfather's basement when I was about his problems, like in 77 and to be real and the original Apache.


Down, down, down, down, down. And a song called Sex. Remember that down, turn it down and have sex.


It was the same as it was by the Bongo Brothers or the Bongo Band.


But anyways, that was the first joint I learned how to scratch on.


I was in my arms, my Uncle Eddie's basement, and he had he had Boseley posters.


He had a CB radio. No CB radio. No, no. That I was the father. My father would make me he was in a fed.


He would make me a belt like in the class, like in the feds called the Phantom.


I remember all that shit man forever. I remember that, I remember a lot but I remember that like that was like early. Like I love hip hop from Yevsey whilst still no Peachtree Beach.


OK, yeah. You fucking crazy legs.


No, listen, my my my wife, she defended her makeup artist marry one of the dances that had crazy legs crew.


OK, Rocksteady out of Rocksteady Dedicatedly Vegas. Yeah. Legendary.


That's crazy to train is the people back then it was beautiful. Yeah. There was a guy I can project a Puerto Rican guy off the hook.


They had like one there that they had one brother there. Yeah I think he was, he spun on his head.


I forgot to tell us about the source awards man.


Source Awards. Tell us, brother, how do you live become a star?


Well, you know about Source magazine, Dave Mays, you know, saying the whole staff, I mean, five mikes, legendary shit. It was just right that, you know, because the Grammys was jerking my focus so much back then, that figure like, look, man, we need our own. You know, I'm saying, yeah. And at that time I made it started really on Yo MTV Raps as just a read off. That was like the first one.


You know, I'm saying that was like the first source of what was the read off. You know, it wasn't even an awards show. But then we did the first one in and at Madison Square Garden in the theater area and God bless the dead body. Mac host while saying the first joint. Wow, yeah, that's true.


Black hosted that for the light. The lights were fucked up. It was it was real. Oh yeah. It was crazy.


Like it was a lot of iconic moments and social, but it was just a you know, a really a collaborative idea that we just felt like, you know, that that's what it needed at that time.


You know, I'm saying like hip hop needed to be recognized, you know, because like I said, the Grammys really wasn't recognized in hip hop. Hip hop was such a strong, you know, strong music, and it was a strong infusion to the culture that it needed. Yeah, something just to represent hip hop. And a lot of times people were really scared to deal with these artists anyways.


So we didn't you know, you don't say my came to, you know, saying a few of the rappers now have become pretty much what do you call them all domesticated now compared with. Yeah.


Well, then wasn't it the first time people got to see this East Coast West Coast feud? I mean, that was that was iconic. But people don't understand like.


You got like you know, even beyond what happened with the when it happened, when she got up and said what he said, and then like I look at the arm, if you look at those performances, the performances were amazing.


Oh, he is the first time you got to see really the whole entire bad boy cool. Like everybody on one stage and then the whole entire death row with everybody on stage together.


So just that alone to me was I remember watching it, you know, I mean, the part was that you really thought that at any time it was going to go down like, yeah, yeah. You know, I thought that it was going down because, I mean, they were deep. They were deep from the West Coast and they were in New York. So real. So New York was deep. So I thought it was going down.


But I think I think hip hop I think hip hop saved saved it. And I think when Snoop got up there and said what he did kind of save that when he said he kind of grabbed the mic and was like, yeah, I think I love you know, he that was a kind of a lot of people understand that was a kind of a different defining moment. And he kind of brought the tension down at that moment right there when he grabbed my keys.


You know, I'm saying like, that was. Yeah, yeah. But we got through it, you know, I'm saying we always had nation Islam scared, you know.




Did you ever meet a minister for Agriculture Minister Farrakhan? Did you ever meet Biggie? Yeah, twice. What was he like? Very cool. Yeah, it's very cool.


Super chill. Yeah, we talk. He came to my house one day and I was having a party and he came to the house and he thought, I am going to be talking.


And he said, Brooklyn too. So yeah, one of his friends named China man with a friend of mine, you know, back in the 70s who were kids like eleven and I, that we had to fly birds together.


And he said, Chinaman told me, you fly birds and stuff. You know, Chinaman, they are from outside of a club one night. And then all the stuff that happened, I went I went to prison and all the stuff all the time I came out, you know, the guys started killing each other.


You still fly birds? Yeah. Really? Are you going to have the bird thing on the ranch so people could actually see it? That's what they were thinking about. I think that video, people having that open area, thinking about putting some lions and tigers and everything on sanctuary.


Thank you. Beautiful deer, I think. But the bird thing with him doing it, I think people would want to see that. Oh, yeah. Because you really are the only person I've ever even seen on video, like, period.


I don't you know, I'm saying I've never seen anyone else do.


That was the movie Horse Whitaker.


I mean, in the movies I'm talking about, I'm saying the movie, the saying goes, all right, but that's the movie.


I'm saying, you know, I mean, I you know, I mean, because I know they do it in Brazil a lot. They do. They do it somewhere else. So I thought I was looking somewhere. Is it some comic maybe was a Brazilian or some country that they go to? I don't know. I do have to very, very few people don't happen. Even like you go to the royal family in England everywhere. They have to cut their rates.


Races is the big money. Like if you look at South African pigeon racing. Yeah. In Cape Cape Town, South Africa, it's like three million dollar race. You still got pigeons? Oh, I came to dine with him.


I die.


Have you had one? What's the longest once you've had for like one. How long.


Yeah, I had both. Seventeen year old. 17 years in the wild, they don't know from from what age to what age. Excuse me, from what age to what age did was.


I was a little kid. I don't remember. I was 17 when he had the band, at any rate, but he had the band is marked, you know.


So is there one now you got that special. No, they're all beautiful, I thought, awesome, you're going to fuck I didn't know pianistic like this. Yeah. You know, pedigree and they all know you pretty much. Yeah, that's amazing.


That's fucking interesting. That's amazing. I let them are we let them out you see in the locked up but you let them go way in the sky coliseum then they come back and they go to the companies.


So if you and your wife out of Central Park parents come up, you, you fuck with the pigeons out there.


Listen, this is what I do anyway. I'm at in the war. I thought I was a little bird. I figured since they gave me out to see some seeds for my cat.


You really I mean, you're pathetic. Think the pigeons come down, right?


Right. I grab them all the time. Wow. The most rapidly thought, McDonald's French fries and Boston Common. Yeah, they love some fucking French fries because they love it. We love all the people in the world originate from the pigeons in the street.


You know, Darwin took them back, and if he saw one street pigeon or something and he saw how white, one white he grew up, all the birds were white and breed them together.


Wow. And they're not one of them. They're white.


That's a street dove. No, the dove than pin the two different species.


That's treetop as a pigeon because pigeons. Doves come from where? When doves come from doves.


The species of pigeon. That's a species of pigeon. I didn't know that. Interesting.


But if they breed together, the baby comes out sterile, huh?


Yeah. I mean, you can't have babies. Interesting.


Maybe not as though Charles Darwin did that, huh? Charles Darwin. There's so much happiness, you know.


Interesting. I didn't know that.


The Galapagos Islands. Galapagos. Yeah. That's what he went there, really. They really were useful. Like to carry messages mainly since the beginning of time.


I talked to you Roman times and stuff like that, to carry messages with them when they started fighting with the Arabs and the Muslims, the Muslims to train in the Falklands to intercept the pigeons and find finally get the fuck out of here.


You know, hell no. Get out of here. Yes. Wow, that's nuts.


You. OK, we're going to get somebody. He's he imagined a picture coming in on his regular.


You know, the first time you see the Falcon like Falcon got, sometimes the Falcon have to lay, probably wait for him off his way in the and he dies because it's very difficult to get to the very edge, even though the falcon fast the very edge of the pigeon, very hard to catch. So how far can a pigeon go to carry a note?


Whoo! Check it out. Good question. I did 100 miles every 100 miles get the fuck out of here. That's like from Boston to Connecticut, like Boston. New York is nothing for a pigeon not to carry a message.


Nothing. Oh, that's all you do.


Someone like from L.A. to New York tonight to try to give them a run for their money. Maybe not even, you know, other pigeon or other pigeon of the pigeon people. Oh, yeah, all over the world.


Is that what they call pigeon people? What do you call a pigeon fancier?


The flyers, OK, flyers, they go 60 miles per hour, 100 miles per hour. Niggas in the hood loves pigeons, man like that. Those are birds. Those are parrots.


And so we've sent about pigeons right now who don't mess with these pigeons and stuff waits as long as eleven hundred miles.


This is what's been recorded here that's only been recorded. I mean, they go farther, they go to damn near Colorado from fly at nighttime.


They don't stop to see. And I thought they couldn't see at nighttime. They can see it. And I think they're like, yeah, Amasia.


How many Pittenger and.


Maybe, maybe fourteen hundred, now we 25000, but we got rid of so many, probably thirteen hundred thirteen hundred pages and they all like basically like they they consider their home, they consider their home what their health costs like 100 G's.


Shit. Yeah. That's my life. I make sure they're taken care of. Always clean.


Has a staff of a fucking clean every way they leave they go.


But you know especially a pit man I'd hate to be the staff those.


What am I supposed to tell a motherfucker?


You know, the first fight Mike was ever in was defending a pit. Yes, my, my, my bird.


And killed.


Yeah, I see. I seen that we still the ripped his head off. Yeah. Now, look, you know, they had to be, you know, he was just born bad whoever did that, because, you know, I don't think I was born bad. Some niggers are born bad.


Like you just got to rip a fucking pigeon's head off. He wasn't born bad. But that's just what the thing that's how you disrespect for my opinion world. But there's other ways to disrespect game.


I catch a bird like a rainbow bird class. So you catch the guy bird in this guy's asoka.


He caught a couple of birds probably during the week or last year something and he said, fuck you man. Fuck yeah.


That's a different dude. He needs psychiatric help. I bet you will. The game, that's the game they're going to pitch in game. Is this to be Châteauneuf rule over weapon.


Yeah motherfucker.


Just rip off this shit like we're not where the fuck this guy has his bird that you got your bird that also and he thinks that, you know, you went to work or something. He left his new brother. You fucking wait. And he's both fine. You want to let your birds out. Catch his new birds, nigga. He called my number. He waits for you to come out and he hit you over the fucking head with a Bactine.


It's intense pigeon war, it's real, the pigeon wars, do you breed them, you also breed them?


Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I stopped breathing because we got too much, but my friends gave 25 to my other friends.


We got to breathing again. Do you give them away, sell them or do you like what do you know?


I do. My friend told me that he needs some birds or something, 50 of them bird down here, breed them and stuff. And this is what's interesting about bird flu. I got 2000 bird right. And I had to sell my bird. I'll sell my birds or some of them. I felt like I'm want to give it to the bird. Right. I thought for what, 20 bucks or what? Ten bucks for a watch. But I got two thousand.


But I got to what, one hundred seven birds here that are the one hundred percent but another factory to another auction. So you so, so you want to use flipping birds.


Literally, literally flipping bird bird. He's literally you don't say be talking to fans. Hey you should tap. Yeah. Let's ninety five birds. Yeah. They'll say oh I wish I did 50 birds. We got them last night.


Those guys on the roof and the hood. Yeah. These guys have to understand nothing about these guys. Wow. These guys don't work. They have got to move in.


Like I was saying before, most people thought as the guys that are in the dock where the gangsters all the from the beginning of time know that pigeon coops, all of them Lucky Luciano, that they all have chicken birds, everybody for the birds. And the way you clap is that that's the that's the line.


If you train them that way.


Got you some people train whistle them with the clap, clap, clap, clap. So interesting, how do you name them, have you named? Not really, because I don't try to get too attached to them because they're going to die a little game. And I would be sad.


Right? Right. You know, and you have been sad. Of course, sometimes I cried over these, but sometimes the guy is too big.


He takes my birth and I can do you know, the big guy your and I call your birdbaths is the biggest insult that's cause of fighting or else getting somebody to tell those men later that it's like, look at, you know, your of little dirty anthrax.


Like, get them out of here. Big time disrespect because of my bird. That is very offensive. Wow. I just don't know what's going to come back after that.


It's like the streets to take it back. You know what's going to happen after that? Yeah. Benzino, do you have anything like that to rapid at a rapid grab.


Had a fucking rapid closure. Yeah.


When I was doing love hip hop, I had a rap. Yeah. Yeah. I taught the rabbit how to shit in the kitty litter race. That was pretty cool. That's good. I used to I used to call the rabbit jump in my lap. Sweet. Was it one of those big ones, I mean, I guys, I got to wrap that thing, but then then she grew, you know, saying I was I was an all white bunny and I just somebody that thought Khloe Kardashian and I don't know why I just named it Khloe, like.


Huh. Like Khloe. Oh, you know, man, you know, he's nice. He's cool. Yeah, Chloe's cool. You know, I'm saying. Yeah, I mean, Chloe, I mean, like I said, I find beauty in everything, Mike, you know, I'm saying I find beauty in everything, man. I think women are beautiful speech, that they're beautiful species with God. When God made what. Well, I guess they said women came from the rib.


Is that. No, it's not going to get in trouble. And I felt like you were talking to say that.


I was going to say, God, I'm a woman. He never got it. Got it on Trent Engeneic. God is part woman and part man. All right. So God made women. He no women just made because. Yeah, I've got to be politically correct regarding no one. When he I came from a nigger. Where know listen to that.


I didn't know that was I was going to say God, God the the. But I didn't know he was religious freaks.


You really don't want to hear from them. I like, I like the guy broke the mold with him. That's why I like that. Yeah. Because I mean think about women. Women are beautiful men. Women are beautiful men.


Oh my God. My life would not have been assisting her women. A beautiful. It's like the most beautiful artwork and everything, but, you know, I don't think no art, anything can can top a woman like women are the are the epitome of beauty.


You know, I'm saying I mean, you see a woman, you just be wow. I mean I mean, a woman's beauty would just take you over it.


Just take it all. I mean, we all love beautiful women. Absolutely. So you got your canvas brand. You're also opening up a restaurant. He has them.


Oh, yeah. I had opened at the Benzenes Quatro. Awesome xenos crab trap. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the locator is going to be the south to more open up in as we would have a grand opening for the mall.


Yeah, it's, I think the more hype around the more coming out of these people that actually I was in L.A. and I would be now could I work in a mall if I'm not, I have you all over the fun.


I was going to be stoltmann like the mall had flew me down there. They had heard about the one I did in Marietta, Georgia, said, man, yeah, you know, all the our sources and recipes was the food good, all the recipes of mine. So this is great.


Oh, no. I got lines out the door. It's incredible, though. It's all on my house. I'm Karlee feeling about that.


You know, Mike, this call oh, that was years ago.


The guy was a couple about that, I don't know, on the down the ladder. I don't know if my guy why I want to be a part of some kind of way, you know, I don't even know, man.


It's like one thing.


I think the land of that big family will disappear. You will see, you know, what it is, is a lot of trees. It's not that big, but it's just it is it's spread out in his trees.


So it ain't all you see L.A., everything's out in open Atlanta. Maybe you could be a couple of miles away. It's just so many trees.


You won't see it for months, you know? So, yeah, everybody took a bunch of black motherfuckers on you 24/7 every one day.


I love it. I go, I love you know, I'm just, you know, my friend is the hood nigga like I've been to again. I've been through so much to it's a blessing that I can still get love and, you know, so, you know, I love that I confront front, like, I'll be more happy. Let me take a picture with you. Come on. You know, I'll be more happy to take one with them, you know, go listen, man.


You got to fucking experience a fucking black face is nothing like that is don't fuck your though Miamis dope.


I mean, boss, every city got some different, you know, every place got some different lane.


It's got to be in a quiet fucking city at this point in your life. At this stage in my life. To get the best out of me.


I need me to Newport Beach. Yeah, right.


I can like I am fucking over this.


I'm fucked up over. This is no good. No more. The business is shut down.


Fuck, I can't be in L.A. no more fucking time. I burnt the fucking field. Fucking tied the finish.


Nigga, I need to be there. Nothing like.


No we don't know. No, no, no, I feel that now, but it's good like that love is good. Oh, no, it's good man. Like when people, you know, say like it because, you know, after the source had fell and everything that we know, the feds, it was an investigation and she was always the whole big thing and like pretty much lost everything, you know, I'm saying so, you know, with me, I think it hit Dave more than it hit me because I'm from the street.


So I'm going to get back out there one way or the other and get it with Dave. He went to Harvard and, you know, his parents, you know.


So I'm sure they they they was probably they look they probably wanted they didn't want that to happen and maybe maybe they think paved the way for these black motherfuckers.


You know, I'm I'm you know, I mean, the reality of it is. But the reality of it is Dave comes from an old school Jewish family.


So, you know, you just I mean, if that's how they tell you, you just have to respect that. And it doesn't bother me because a relationship was always a one.


So, you know, it's you know, I mean, you would like you would like you know, you would like everybody to love each other. But if it don't, you know, we still taking care of business. You know, I'm saying it's just shit.


I mean, you guys have kind of that fucking fourth place, man.


It was I was out of control. And so I believe it, man. It was shit.


I was the with comedian being in South Beach was great back then and it was out of control. And I confront I used to have hotel rooms like three Penthouse is just right there waiting just with all the keys right there. Just, you know, I'm saying like it was I know it was out of control. And then I had a club and xenos and I just I gave away more bottles than probably I don't even make no money. I lost a couple of million on the club.


I was just taking my money. The you like the beaches the fuck with. I wanted to be really one of them with here.


Get the fuck out of here. Which one. Which one got one is one of the give the Gibson.


They were able to be probably the most soulful sahuc. They were sure they had the younger brother and everything in between them and he owed them. Yeah man the fucking songs was big. He had Victoria Principal back then.


She was the one on Dynasty, Victoria Downs, whatever she was dope she was. Don't worry. Yeah. You love Saturday Night Fever.


Tell her to come off the movie now. Oh, that was the more stable they traveled the ship.


That was the good. How did you feel the first time you see him and he jumped off the bridge?


Listen, Matthew committed suicide to.


Yeah, but when the guy fell off the bridge, when he said I knew that was, you know, was coming, I was I knew somebody was off the bridge and it was it was fucking around on it.


Yeah. Yeah. That was the shit. Yeah. Fuck, man. So that's was dope because you know, the movies right there, we could talk about those movies and movies.


I don't know what they did important. I think ten, ten years or nine years old. Away we go. We're like, what, you have fifteen guys from Brownsville getting trained to go all the way up to 40 Second Street and then we get fucking terrorized.


We were going to fucking listen. We were going to court. You know, the train is going to change course. You're going to change. We had the orange red line over.


We went on the train with our crew neck. The doors closed.


We we were all but every smash and everybody ripping in New York trying to get off the fucking.




New York, trying to kick off the whole snatch chain, stripping people, beating the shit out of the door open.


We are going next stop. Yeah. New York trains different. Yeah. It's real simple. No, no. For because where and how many cars would be on a New York train.


It'd be eight of ten of them. Right. See, Boston is you know, I mean you could do it and then then you're going for like you're going yeah.


You could do all that shit like New York trains. You have the New York train going, you can't do it. You say now. So stop the next stop. You don't have no weapons. But that's like five minutes, sometimes ten minutes.


And then he fuck and see the Warriors. Yeah, right. Oh yeah. OK, so I got this movie. I did a lot of warriors was awesome.


What about doing the rise of Cyrus and show how Cyrus take it before he got shot. Remember. Don't say and show him how he ran the games so it would go all the way up until to the end. It would be happy because that's how it's really cool.


Yes, it would be the prequel. Yeah. The Rise of Cyrus. Yeah.


Because I was the king. You dig Cyrus. Can you do karate.


But he knew karate because his his boys was at the dojo, remember.


Yeah. Some guy in the seventies. That's what erotically I was a karate chop you remember on you never know karate mike.


That's absolutely the moon Chuck everything. Yeah. Yeah. No, Chuck. Yeah.


This is one other than the picture so we would go watch it. This is New York. Anybody from New York would notice, especially from Brooklyn. I'm skip school. Go to forty seconds. Seven Times Square. One person will pay to go to the movie, open the back to and let the rest of the thing right. We're getting the movie theater. Watch Caviling, oh, shit. And next thing you know, we get in a fight, an aggressive move, we see somebody there and we send him a fucking kicking it both up, robbing them.


And that's just what we did, the cop out and then jump in and start laughing.


And Mike tells the Robbins stories, you can see their feet and we just kick them and just I can't believe that right now. You could feel it.


I'm fortunate. I'm living with my family. I think that lot of people I love, I think that was the manipulative. Pick their pockets, just go with the pockets of yours. Run. It's crazy.


We used to do house invasions to oh, we did that. But with a lot of houses, we would have a kid. And I learnt this from the Jamaican. And you guys, they would have a kid that had no affiliation with the lock that we're breaking in the door. And they they were just jam and play with and also in the door with open pipe.


How does that work?


We used to go in houses and if the house houses up and Little Seymour Little Seymour in the house, man, that's the first time I seen to no. Like he individuated.


Oh my God. Yeah. We don't get shit.


It was times we even get shit out the house.


Sometimes friends of mine would be able to be after two months they fighting because they start snatching.


They don't want to just have a shit they want to see in the first place. You got to go to the bedrooms. First place you got here.


No, I mean, you got to get bashing. Each had heighth of not only Cathan and it's tough fighting in the fucking house.


You see in Boston, you had a fucking out that we brought into the fight. You two in Boston, you have caught these you have housing a ROBERGE. You had you know, I'm saying it was everybody did something even like Cossey. Massachusetts was happy for Cottee's back in the day stealing cars.


Yeah, I would never do that. Stealing cars. I mean I mean, they would just grab them just to get chased. Yeah. Just to get chased by police.


I mean, it was Chase, you know, from Boston, bank robberies, big heavy bank robberies, heavy bank robber like Charleston at Charlestown.


You know, the Irish not saying, hey, big time.


Yeah, yeah. My dad was locked up with a bunch of bank robbers from Canada, you know, saying so. Yeah, like bank robbers. Heavy in Boston, too. It was a lot of banks in Boston. You know, I'm saying, you know, because you have to have nerves to do that.


Chestnut's. Yeah, I mean, imagine imagine back when it was Rob Banks in the in the Midwest. Imagine that shit because there was no Policinski when the Midwest first started in America.


Yeah, man.


The reason why they was doing all that, because there was no police in the Midwest, like it was just still nothing there that no one else, one sheriff and no one else, they were more they had more artillery than the police.


Yeah. Baby feeding those people food, Tommy.


Guns. Yeah. And the police had that Bonnie and Clyde, they had fucking the Smith and Wesson six shot Smith and Wesson and these guys got Tommy guns.


That's why they was robbing banks left and right. And it took the army and the marshals to to, you know.


Special guys to come get it. Thank you. Thank you. My brother, Melvin Purvis, Melvin Purvis.


He came to get the beast. He was to be faced with a fucking Melvin.


Part of this was that's why I think in the way he's going to love it. That's why I'm a fighter. He committed suicide after that Benzino man.


It's been great having you in prison. And this was dope. Thank you, brother. Come anytime. Come any time. You're welcome back, ma'am. Thank you. Great stories. That was awesome, man. Thank you so much. Great.


We to talk about the nigga that took the camera from me before. Oh, yeah. OK, this one is the last. OK. All right.


So, look, I believe you remember he told me that that was my one Mike Tyson story.


So we had we had my club. Mike comes in, so Mike's fucked up and shit.


So Mike grabs me. Should be in the VIP section he's grabbing and he's talking to me. So, Mike, then she's about 18, 04 and gangsters in Providence. He was talking like he was getting deep.


I just I just was like tripping like this. Mike Tyson, you're saying this is dope?


So then the dude came over and he came, the photographer, and he put the joint his mouth, like, just crossed his leg. And he because he's trying to be and he's like, let's do you know, Mike reaches over grabs.


And because he had the quarter run by the fucking thing pozole because it dude small poses shit like he chokes him from the back with the cord of the camera.


A thing takes the camera off, snaps the camera in half from the lens to get one of candid cameras to the camera down to to get it out. I'm sitting there, right. So I'm just sitting. I say shit. Right. So then I remember he said, like, that's the enemy.


And I was like, oh, he's like, he's the fucking enemy. I'm saying, yeah, like he's the enemy because he got his arm around. He's right there. He's the fucking enemy while fucking right. You know, I'm saying come to find out later on.


And this was years later and I found out that Shalash was down King's photographer.


Oh, now that's how it all made sense, man. Did you know that. I know you do. I didn't know what the fuck happened.


That's crazy. That was that's my that's so that's such a good one.


I can't remember that. Come on. Come on.


That's a good story. Fucking champ, bro. Awesome. Well, thank you. Thank you again. In a million years now you know. Yeah. I know you're still very excited about with that, you know, same stories.


Adult stories of dope shall come by jailhouse.


We love you. Jailhouse come by more man.


Any time my love to greater love.


Hey. Oh, so we're out of here.


Hey, man, check out Ben Xenos, product genetics man. Ballston, go on, Dotcom. You know, I'm sitting on their Instagram. You know, I'm saying genetics. You know, I'm saying hi TV, you know, saying we have baby.


All right. Well, we're out of here. I'm in perfect piece of it now.


Melvin Purvis was a beast. Yes, he was.


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