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No, I had the most fun last week, I want to marry all my girls, just chill for five days as laid on the beach. What about five days? Let's talk about I read about aliens for five days and I'm fucking work. I know. What's up. They're not lying to me. No. What do you think about Sarah Palin, bro?


Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of Hot Box, and on that front, I am Mike Tyson.


And Mike, we got a great gesture. Oh, man, let's bring him in. Let's go. We got the man. The myth.


Kirner, Kaiser, Vanessa. Yes, sir. What you got going on, Burning Man? You know, I just been grinding Big Bro just knocked out this album currency we recorded in three days, Fire Out of Doobies.


Wow. Classic records. Three days. Three days. I just dropped Archibold album. I said went crazy. I charted really well. Just having fun with it, man.


You know, it's three days typical for a recording session or was an inspiration.


You know, for me I feel like this like when you when you hustle like this, because I got you know, we'll get into it later. I got a lot of shit going on. So I go go crazy for about, you know, a couple of weeks a month and you lock him for three days and all you focus on is that music. And you know that your time is money and you know, you're spending money on that studio.


I just I get cracking. I'm I can't do a whole album to a year and just relax. Like I'm about this bag right now.


I used to watch them and they'd be in it for months. Yeah, four months, you know, for a year.


Yeah. Some people be like, really overthinking the process. For me, it's like, yo, it's almost like therapy really though.


Oh for sure. Because you're probably getting out a lot of emotions, a lot of energy that you've had stored up. As you guys know, the week games, crazy man.


And you've been in it for a while, almost almost was 18 years, 1988.


You're the most Gary Payton sells. Well, you know what Gary Payton's POBRE right now, it's one of the most popular. Yeah. I mean, first of all, I think he's one of the first guys, you know, as a ballplayer to go on a bag like a Wheaties box, like that's really Gary, you know.


I mean, and what was involved in the pack speaks for itself, too, like, yeah, you smell this motherfucker. It's just so loud, so different.


It's a nice cross he got us is really he got himself a hell of a cross for him. This is really good. It's like he's different than the one about the smoke.


Now the one we're going to smoke now is like real like player, kind of tropical like how long has Gary been in the week game.


Our relationship happened really randomly. We're on the Internet and we're we nicknamed it Gary Payton because it was Feenan number twenty and we were kind of on the Internet calling it that. And he hit me up to something, you know, really reputable people. I know. You know, I mean, he was like, he want to say what you don't like. Oh, shit. He pulled up in the wide Range Rover, man, just like a gangster.


Brown pulled up. And in Oakland, we had some lunch and we really got a vibe from my bro. Like, we can really pop this off on the legal market because we all like and he was down.


So, you know, for my understanding, he actually got. Let's go. Yeah.


I mean, it's a great name. It's such a good name. It's the glove, baby. It's so much.


Yeah. And it's powerful to love. That's good. It's cool too because a lot of ballplayers smoke man. And so shout to Matt Barnes and all the boys out there. Yeah.


For, for them to be able to use this guy to smell good is the high in the high form of fucking thinking in the mind helps your body like that's why we call it high. I figure that's why we say that is the highest form of thinking for sure.


Yeah. Now that opens the creativity option. I mean that's how you knock out in three days. I was all the different weed. All this show make you feel different, you know. I mean, so that's you just get your little heartbeat and get your mind running, you know, go in there, go crazy.


What are those two strains? So these are brand new. It's orange push pop times, wedding cake after they're both the same crosses, different numbers. So no formlessness. Good.


Usher's five. No, no.


I said no, no. Nine is five. I believe number nine is fire. Me and bureau were smoking hot last night. That's one of our favorites right there.


That number nine, we will be. He's the best. Yes. In the car park. In the car. Oh, man. I did that thing a bunch of times. And you have to learn how to survive and you should be able to do that.


You guys got a beautiful building here.


Thanks, brother. Yeah, we love it.


We have good vibes to it with a labor blueberry lemon cherry. Real quick. Oh, I love that. Yeah, it's just fire right there. Yeah.


You get to taste like, you know, it's just like that's a four way cross. Right. So lemon cello. That's lemonade and cherry pie. We cross our first lemonade and cherry pie. You know, you kind of get what flavors come and then we hit it with the London pound cake, which is cookies, sherbet, tangerine, Ojai. It's a four way cross. So really just these breeders, man, they just got a lot of passion.


Let's just put some wizards. Yeah, there could be lasing rogue and sell all day. But yeah, we really care about that flavor, you know what I mean? I think when I met you in first in Vegas, I gave you some lemonade.


Yeah, I'm crazy to go with them to make sure I have a sample because in my opinion, you exactly have a sample now.


But, you know, it's a craft. We like to spoil the flat. You know, the taste buds may be really nice.


It's nice right here. How long is Cook? He's been around, you know, even for a minute now for a minute. But I want to say, like I tell you the at least ten years. Wow. Yeah, ten years. Wow. I only know that.


Yeah, it's been a while. I'd be forgiven. I mean, I remember I put the video out with when I was rocking cookies for the first time. Like in 2009 nine, I think so, at least 10 years, and there was around before that, so yeah, 10, 12 years.


I remember Cookie. Yeah, we did a good job with a man like the Brandyn. Like besides it just being a strain, like the actual brand and the colorway and you know, this blue, we, you know, we feel like we own this Calaway Blue and it's good to know that it's great packaging, but the colors is very alluring.


You fuck with it.


And then if you feel it like Felix, I was like, well, you know, it comes across to me. Well, there's the high there's a lot of love for the plant in the company. I'm obsessed.


Yeah. I've been obsessed with since I was a kid and I've dedicated my whole life to this. And we trip out sometimes because now it's such a big business. Right. And you know, my job and I got like 30 jars like this at the house. I have to go through. I have to find and pick what I like and name and create an identity, a logo. And it's my job.


I fucking love my life. It's it's amazing.


That's what we say when we come here. I can't believe this God, man. It's just we're blessed to be in the position to be able to one, curate beautiful menus, but to to influence what people are actually smoking out there. Yeah. You know what I mean. Because I really want to see it when it goes around the world to be just like what we're smoking right now. Yeah, there's a lot of fufu out there. And my friends that don't care about it don't give a fuck what people are going to grow in Arkansas, places that never were able to experience cannabis like this.


I want them to taste it.


Yeah, that's how I tasted that. Lisboa, please. Once you get into music, how did how? Because you've I feel like, you know, you we can I'd love to hear the whole story, but I feel like you've come up with your music, your cannabis business. Entrepreneurship has sort of come right with that, you know, to be an open book.


Bro, I've always been a fan of music before I made it. And when I first started making I was younger, I had a little extra money to play with because I was doing my thing. Like a lot of other artists that came up, I was hustling. I wanted to do some of my bread and just by being a fan of it, I picked good beats. I got a good album covers, I got good features, I did group albums.


I kind of learned how to be an artist the right way just by being a fan of it. So I think when anything when you do something out of passion, you're going to win, you know? I mean, so the music, I just stay consistent. I got about 34 albums out and I'm independent as can be, and that's amazing. What about 20 billboard plaques and. No, just my shit pops as an independent artists. And I think just the passion and the work ethic is what gets a cracking.


And I learn every album, you know, like every time I do a new album, it's a new experience. I get, say, practice as I go into the gym for the mind. Really, that's I feel like.


Was there anything really interesting about this latest experience with currency that you've already sort of download downloaded personal order for?


Yeah, man, not currency.


You've been out for a walk around or walking around for a while. You know, what I liked about it was that we've known each other for a long time and we've done records before and everyone's always so nice to like.


Oh, it's beautiful, right? It's beautiful. People always ask what's up with a group project? And so being able to do it was dope. When you jump in there with another artist, you feed off their energy. So I'm looking at him like this currency. He can rap. He's looking at my Gisburne.


He does his thing, he can rap. So you start getting that energy where it's like a friendly, competitive kind of I mean, and it just makes everything come out better. Would you like working man?


I love to work with Deejay Quick. When I worked with him, it was amazing. Loved, you know, he came in and he set up everything on the spot NPC that made all the big records and we made an amazing record. So shouted D.J. Quick. And then most recently I did a Latin crossover record. I don't speak Spanish, but I did a record with this group and they spoke Spanish. I spoke English. It's called El Chiloe.


And actually it blew up like globally and it's doing really well right now. That was cool because it's all I've instrument limited sets, though.


It's called El Chiloe. That's the album. That's the name of the album and the title song. So but got the video. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it up.


Yeah. And that's cool too because I brought a live instrumentation. So vibe when you're getting high motherfuckers playing like yeah that's the bass and the guitar like it's, it's like I feel like I'm in a fucking band.


I like to ask you about my going. Oh yeah. I just had ten million views in less than a month to. Yeah.


Oh chiva first thing when you put the L and you see the of them that she was talking about fucking as fuck and they pay the bills though they've got to find a more classy way to do aspro like they got to do a more low key.


I put a little square in a you do an excellent job with that here because we actually splice it into the conversation and people go like we did. This was with Postmus and Snoop and everybody I talked to was like, that was the best that I've ever heard in my life.


Let's check this out.


We go to yeah, it's got to be fun to do a video like this. This is a totally different video than I usually do. I usually do a street like style videos. And this was like, you know, they have a bigger platform, Aziga. Player. I lost my job. Oh, you mean good looking at me, I mean, my my acting debut well above that, bro, where was the site where you do this shoot?


Kind of by the great line I hear all the way back to the Bay Area. If you live in L.A., up to five in this case, out to Chris. He's a star man. He's selling out arenas on their own boats. Like this is a big collaboration. Right.


Let's watch how to be flipped off the price of the brain smoking on the back burner. You the whole vibe of the bar shift.


Exactly. So this is the first time someone's really did this in, like the urban Latin music. Like no one's done this yet. They were the first ones to flip like this. I love it. Mom and Pop. It's a fresh new sound. Like People is like, OK, and then it goes back.


Baywatch is that looks good. And what the brother did looks dope. And do you work into all of your deals, your video deals that cookies get some some screen time. You know what the best thing about the shit is?


Bernanke, bro, this is so good. I don't have to pay nobody nothing. They want to haddish it. Yeah. Yeah I know what I mean.


Like you want your weed on the on camera. It's like you guys wanna smoke some good but then cool. But now it's all organic man. Everything we do is organic. Yeah. It's awesome dude.


Well cookies in T Ranch have a little collaboration know and I've seen the product yesterday.


Yeah. Store. I seen it in the store. I'm not sure if they dropped it yet, but I've seen it in the safe because I'm like a week out. When I go in there I want to see everything that's going on.


I want to see what we got and that's just fire to take over the world. What are we. Oh, that's what we're going to do. We got to make a phone, Mike. Yes, you know what I mean. Yeah, not cookies, dawg. We got one in Melrose on Melrose out and we got one in Maywood, which is kind of by downtown L.A. for those that don't know.


And Dr. Green Thumb, which is B Rosewell got in there, which is a, you know, close family, you know, mafia well and all that every day.


Yeah. I think it's going to be big. It's over. Oh yeah.


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Don't forget to use that promo code podcast. Watch and we're going to have some fun. Ain't got no.


What's your favorite part of the cannabis industry? I like because you guys grow, you do concentrates everything. Everything, everything from C to sell.


My favorite part of the business in general is knowing that I'm providing shit that is smokeable. That's good. Like I like I like knowing that, like, I really go to artists and I design these designs and I pick these Fenosa not name them. And more importantly, I know that when we do a deal in Arizona, the good people of Arizona are going to smoke fire. When we do a deal in Chicago where they really need this out there, there's good vibe.


We're going to bring that good out there. I like knowing that when we come, it's like a breath of fresh air almost. Oh, we really loved it. Yeah. I mean, yeah, yeah.


We're very high, you guys. We're in here blowing down big guy. Yeah, I seen it. I was watching. We stay high quality, stay high. High. I keep it very high.


It gets meditative, you know. Well you got, you guys got a mellow spot with really comfortable furniture and everyone gets high. So before we came in here, I was out there blowing it down with that one too.


So yeah, it's a nice. Vibe, when you can just do that, everybody's chill and you know what the thing is, I'm always I always think this is fascinating, but of course it's like you can be in here. Everybody in the building could be smoking a joint, blowing smoke in the air. And it's still the air is super breathable. If that was everybody in the building smoking a cigarette, maybe they could get a fucking headache. You couldn't even be in the building, but you swallowed a dry.


Isn't that interesting? Yeah. So when people try to tell me the.


Oh, well, you know, you're endorsing smoking because I play, you know, and I was like and I'm like, well, you have no fucking clue that this is completely different than what you're endorsing.


Good, good vibe. And you're endorsing like, you know, meditative positivity, changing.


Has anyone has anyone on the show brought you guys in Belfast yet? I know everyone comes back and gives us stuff you don't have to say name. I'm just curious.


And they bring this stuff when they come in most of the time. What do you think? Yeah, we always give anything to anyone anymore as people are pretty cool.


I think things decent. You know, when it's next level though for me, like I know when it's really next level, like this weed is next level. Yeah, well, it's just it's a different vibration, you know, some weed, you smoke it and right away you just feel a little bit off.


We won countless cups, so, you know, our ego is fucking soaring. Hey. Hey. You feeling stoked about you know, I don't bring to mind no bullshit.


Yeah. Yeah. So but yeah. Man, you know how it is. Yeah. You know, there's a lotta pranksters out there, a lot of fucking people doing it half assed or just for the money.


There's a lot of people groan just for yield like this shit. Yeah. This is really hard plant to grow. This weed doesn't grow like big and fat and chunky. It's a pain in the ass.


But yeah. And the more you put into it, the more you're going to get out of it. I agree. I agree 100 percent. Yeah. I love it. Well there's got to be there's going to be like some sort of cookie's tent at the Tyson ranch.


And I tell my mom, I mean, we got here and then the kind festival show my family was at the first mission.


We don't have time.


First of all, my and we don't have the business meeting that I need. I need to be in the group. Tonight is the formal invite. I'll pull up to I'll pull up. But I think this is off the hook. I pull up a little footrot over there and chop it out.


But you guys have the title, Tyson. Kind of a shitty one. Is it, Kyra? Is it the third one?


Where is it that this is down the street? The thing with them is this was an advertisement right off the time. Oh, yeah.


You know what? I've never told anyone this, but open up cookies. Palm Springs parklike in two months. I'll be out there a lot more, I believe.


And you're always going to be out there, too. Yeah, we're popping up everywhere.


Look what we're doing doing. Well, this isn't crazy. Awesome video. Dreya guy right here. But somebody did an OK job here. This is like a B grade breakdown compared to Tracy.


You guys got AC over everything.


They've got everything. Power, water, whole deal.


And is this an event like people rent this event out and do something over or we are going to have that in the in the Tyson ranch space?


There's going to be a whole, what do you call it, a half size sized stadium, a concert size that will be partying as well. Going to be a lot of concert music university.


There's a whole festival ground you can rent out. And do you know we could do anything there?


I want to throw I want to throw the basketball like Tasers out there when we get a new strain or something. Yeah. You know, let everyone come to private little by little, the same thing like.


Nah, nah, especially we're going to roll some as Gary Payton loves my flag right here. Yes. Yes. Gary. Oh, I feel like I'm his Cal fucking grandfather.


What's your favorite weed to smoke right now?


My fucking little diesel. You love that sour. I can't stop. Remember, we got some for you in Vegas, too. That's what you wanted that sound. I was it. You get the right idea. Yeah. Yeah.


I love Jack career Jack.


You like that good man. Oh, you know what? I brought you some. I remember he likes it. He was so nice of you. This right here.


It's called Melanda. It's one of our brands that we acquired and partner with from grandiflora. But that's a good city right there, brother. Oh, yeah, that's my boy. Hey, that's my boy. We do hear about. I've been waiting to smoke with you, man, for real, because I met you in Vegas. We were we were able to blaze there.


So will you that do you want to use this? Four years ago, I got to strap it on. All right. You sure? Yeah. All right.


We went in to grow, remember? We wanted to grow you 6000 some buzz in Vegas, and I'll never forget there was a big old bird like a big old collar Mike walked up to me, if I could just squeeze the shit out of it, smelt it, and then when he walked away, that bitch, you still can't make it up.




And then I was like, damn, I just crushed a..


But it bounced back and we actually smoked and my. By contract. Wow. Yeah.


Because he walked up to me is like I had some Mike Tyson my boy crush them off and we kept track of it. I put a little ribbon around it and when we harvest I smoke that bumba. How was it that it was fire.


Of course I'm a little heavy handed to knock me out, you know. Yeah, no pun. On the bay from San Francisco, California.


Wow. Yeah. Love it, dude, where do you live? What's that like? That seems so cool of, you know, the Bay Area is different in L.A. in a sense that like there's just a hustler's out there. My folks out there, Hussin and it's not so fast paced, like business wise in the bay. It's just it's just hard to explain. When I come to L.A., I'm just boop boop boop boop boop. When I get back to the bed to be around the players in the house as my Ledbury.


Yeah, I lived in San Fran for about a year in North Beach. Oh, by the way, do you ever go to Broadway? All the time.


All the time. You probably have some random, you know, situations in some of those clubs to work and there's like a fucked up group home almost. They come back all the time.


Broadway's a street where there's like nine strip clubs on my street.


That's the best street. It's the best street. I spend a lot of time, a lot of strip, unfortunately. But Mike, you'll appreciate this because you said this when you got back from San Francisco. But I felt like it was very East Coast. That was a very east coast while I was in there. I loved that place, man. The Bay Area is nice, but I know I can't fucking take the fucking high fucking slanted as far the hills you deal with.


The roads were it's little much, man. I try to avoid those trees since I'm born and raised. I know exactly what street not to MABA.


But you know, when you're high and you're smuggling, you boys in your car goes up like this and then you got you, you know, you have the clothing. You got to be right on time. You go back live. You life in cars. Boom, boom, boom, boom. I'm fucking fiery. Yeah, man, I don't like that stop. Especially when you're hot boxing with a weirdo that's driving in. A motherfucker is looking at you.


You're like, do look, get over this fucking hill park like this. Yeah. Bay is good though.


Man area.


I bet the Bay Area, a couple of dozen Bay Area, another stronghold of talent and a lot of creative thinking about the E40 man.


Oh, definitely. A lot of my folks come out the bay. Definitely. We've been too short to short man.


Of course. Recipe's Mac Dre recipe's. Jack, the Bay Area got a big influence on music too.


Man Like absolutely on the independent music five one oh man.


Mike Novales Pitmen. The Bay was the birthplace of the counterculture. Yeah.


They started they started throwing down, you know, Huey Newton. Yeah.


And it's always been real, like just next level when it comes to like politics and know just very free spirit, very forward thinking, progressive minded motherfuckers laying in front of buses back in the days in the bay when they were protesting and shit about it.


You know what's interesting, too, is the highest the people, the areas with the highest levels of consciousness, San Francisco food or the people doing the most drugs.


Yeah, he's that interesting. I've done a lot of drugs, but the most psychedelic smoking, the most weed, the most things happening like that is obviously we are talking about the toad out there before I came in.


And have you done the toad?


I have. Wow. Yeah. Amazing that I did a reggae in the river and actually was the easiest way for them to fuck.


Yeah. I look around young people, my boy jambox me, my boy try to box me. He didn't really tell me what I was going to feel like. I did a lot of acid prior to trying this. Yeah. And I had bad trips on our society. I wasn't really feeling the vibe anymore, you know what I mean? And so when I hit the road, I hit it. And when I blew it out, I felt like my whole fucking body diagram.


I know.


And I was like this, like just tripping like like just stripped down my boy, put his hands up, was trying to swing on me, is like, what are you going to attack me? I'm like, I was lost.


I was gone. I was just feeling it felt like Lord of the Rings when he put the ring on and take the ring off, like it just was like whole outer body experience. And it lasted for like fifteen, twenty minutes and went away. And then I hit it one more time was I was like, wow. And then I ran away from the RV and I came back just tripped out. So yeah. Reggae on the river is definitely a crazy experiences up there.


What's reggae in the river. Yeah. What the fuck is that.


I mean that's an event that's an event in Northern California where we used to go sell a bunch of but sell drugs at. But it's a it's like it's like a festival or three day festival. You sleep outside. You can't. I used to go up there fuck bitches smoke big make money foo camp and it was just nonstop music for three days it was cracking and it's in Humboldt County. So we know about you know, you know it just was big.


Yeah. Super big. It was tight man.


So it's still happens. Now there's a thing called Northern Knights which I just got put on the headline and that's just going down July. So we'll see what it's like now.


What makes you happy, man? My daughter's. Yeah, my daughter. How old is she. How old. She's eleven. My ten of a ten year old.


You know, when you work like this, bro, did the kids keep you happy, man? And I just got a couple Labradors too that keep me happy. Two dogs are the shit. Yeah. Dogs are, you know, so up to the house makes me happy because I'm really there. Too much moving around a lot. Yeah.


I find as I get older my life. Literally becomes about. Creating as much good shit as I can and reaching as high as I can in my professional life and then my family.


You got to do what you want to do at this point in life, man. And the goal is now and what I've been working towards is to work with who I want to work with, not who I have to work with. So I want to be here right now, which this legendary shit.


Thank you. I'm here. So it feels good to be here, too.


Feels good to be able to do that kind of shit because I could have to be somewhere else. Right. You know, working. And so to be able to do this as my as my career is fucking blessing.


On that point, would you say there are times in your life where you have been in that situation where you have to be at that place where you have to be? Absolutely, yeah.


Rather than where you want to get in that studio motherfucker studio money and then grow houses that, you know, I used to have to be in when it was not legal that we were, you know, putting money up, put our names on them, come in that day. You might get robbed, you might be raided, but I should be really like, you know, PTSD.


And I say, well, yeah, I think that's an important thing. You just hit on the highlighted for me was getting to that place in your life where you can be exactly where you want to be, where you want to be.


You have to go through those times and, you know, trying to build courage. Yeah.


You know, and reach you know, I had the most fun last week. I went to Malibu, my girl, just to go chill for five days as laid on the beach and read about aliens for five days. I got high. Let's talk about and I read about aliens for five days. And then I woke up. I'm fucking woke. I know what's up there. Not lying to me no more.


Do you think about it? Tell us, bro. I mean, I want people to think I'm nuts, but I really think this is we are an alien.


I feel like a lot of people think that. I feel that that the aliens are been trained in technology with the government. I feel like for sure, because if you look how fast everything expanded, you know, I mean, within six years, why I don't think the aliens even fucking with the government.


But I think that I think that a certain small group of individuals that have a certain amount of money have access and technology and knowledge that we don't know. That's why I think, you know, about the Nazis, the tall whites with the Nazis.


I'm fucking on it, bro. Yes, it's crazy.


And I believe I mean, but the Nazis did the Nazis were building UFOs because an alien race came to them.


And they're called the tall whites we've been talking about in the studio all week. Everyone's looking at me like I'm nuts about the tall whites so that whites helped them develop weapons and technology, bro. And they were on a hype to take over the world. Manischewitz. We're both librarians. Yeah.


Yeah. Oh, the what happened to somebody? Him.


So when the shit went wrong, barracker was like, fuck that. We're going to go join this fucking war and do it. We got to do and shut this shit down.


You got to be better than what Americans these guys were alien alien technology to you. I couldn't do it. It's a crazy thing.


No. Now they just admitted that they have hello footage. There's thirty million pages. Unclasp now unclassified information.


That's a Gary Payton is Power Palace Dome picture smokiness I'm reading about in the book.


But yeah, man, there's all the evidence in the world now that they're admitting that there is that there is aliens.


And here's a tricky part, though. So do the aliens want they want to make sure we don't destroy each other from with nuclear weapons because every time they're seen, it's by a nuclear base when it went down in Roswell, as they just did a nuclear test the day before.


And so they're like, man, you motherfuckers are crazy, greedy about the fucked world up.


That's why I think I'm trying to get hold of. Yeah, for sure. The aliens.


I want to I want them. Yeah. I want to know what's up. You know about Bob Booza not talk to us about problems.


Zarzis, I don't know, aerospace engineer who back in the early 90s, late 80s, early 90s, maybe even late 70s, early 80s, I can't remember. He came out on the Las Vegas news talking about how there's a super secret base Miles from Area 51. Absolutely. Area 54. Yeah. Area 54 where there's this lake, you know, the lake. What's the name of the lake? Oh, no, there's a lake out there where there's a super secret base where they this government agency, these agents brought him there blindfolded and put him in front of a UFO and anti-gravity spacecraft.


And they were like, we need you to re reverse engineer this image and figure out how this thing works and what this antigravity shit's all about.


I mean, Snowden to do that guy from the. Yeah, he admitted that there's an alien shit going on if you Google is crazy. Really?


Yeah. He lived at Google. At Google.


Yes. They are telling you Google's my my fucking soul like Jesus.


He wants to know what's up. So Snowden.


So he's he's he's you know, he's definitely tripping off right now, but. He's going to know it and he's gone back. Snowden brought to light the CIA responding, spying.


I mean, he brought that to light. But here's another thing that if you want to get Trabi, Snowden's in Russia being protected. Right. And there's some little weird conspiracies about the knowledge he has that he stole about the aliens and what Russia could do with that knowledge, man.


So that's how deep you want to go into it, that whole white space aliens control America. I mean, that's fucked up.


This might be true. Melillo that's in Forbes, guys.


That's in Forbes magazine looking for. Yeah, that's not like it's not like weird alien today. Yeah. You know, look in Forbes magazine leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Shots, snow dembrow, I hope you stay safe, brother, because you are playing with the major game right now about these motherfuckers going to try to kill you, boy, you might be.


Oh, yeah, I know. Yeah, he's he has got to get Snowden on the podcast live from Russia.


Snowden on the path to that be epic.


Well, I need to know what he knows about Snowden on the pod. Like, what do you think about C, look at this. Brother Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.


A lot of proof that that could be true.


Well, you know, a lot of people have to wait, wait. You know, about a project kind of like this.


It's kind of scary to think about now. Project Paperclip. Hmm. The Bohemian Grove, the citrus, a project paperclip.


After World War Two, America brought all the all the highest Nazi scientists and people over to work in America.


I don't know about that. There's too much conspiracy, at least now here's what they said that's out there.


It's public domain. They said that one of the captains in Hitler's army disappeared and no one could figure out where he went, which one. I forgot his name.


But they said that that machine that they were developing the bell, they said, look them off for gas prices.


They'll work space. They're send them off of guess. But I just thought about them in the Illuminati. Look at this.


Yeah, Illuminati, I want to know. So the Luminato people asked me, Illuminati, talk to you.


I'm like, fuck, you know, put the Mike Tyson down with the Illuminati motherfucker. Look.


All right, war low. Yeah, that's crazy. I got this spaceship, that fucking spaceship in the 30s.


Bibel. Here's what they said.


Tudo mean when you see in the video that New York Times just post about the Navy Jets that tracked aliens for a week. Yeah. And it just came out everywhere around the world on MSNBC, CNN, the way they fly, they have. So Nikola Tesla invented free energy, right?


Just off based off the world. And what it gives off, whatever. I'm not smart enough to understand it, but they said the reason why their spaceship was going left, right against the winds up and down with no gas coming out is because the bottom of it was like a fucking crazy turned up. Solar power is just fucking vibes off the energy that the world gives you that doesn't need no gas or no nothing like that.


I write some bullshit gone down, man.


We just need to figure out how to get in touch with them so you can see what they smoke. And on my period, well, you know where they were. Some people, the mythology behind where cannabis comes from.


Hmm. I'm about to blow your fucking mind, too.


I'm a trooper. Dude, let me talk about lube. So there's this tribe in West Africa called the Dogon tribe. And every they have a year long cannabis festival. Mm hmm. And they have all these cave paintings of a time in ancient time where beings from another from the star knew it. I knew it from the serious star. I know you're serious. And they star the two dog stars. This race came down from there, brought Broaddus Cannabis Blue Dog plant to bring us peace man.


Look, let me tell you something. Let's put it in there. Way candidates come from.


I honestly believe that zero because this shit does you not all people. I've been in parties with different gangs who are not killing each other. And I fired up some of this kind of shit and motherfuckers like vibin over that joint and the style weed and and shit does bring peace. And I believe Daley is created to ah, shit, the aliens bring cannabis serious.


Be the Dogon tribe, the origin of cannabis I thyroxine shit.


Are you serious? Let me talk to him. Take a look at the word cannabis. Ever wonder what it means? Cannabis is a Greek word though its root is African in Greek canne means canine or dog and bis or by is the number two. It is the dog too. So cannabis is the two dog plant.


I smoked some shit from Africa when I was in Amsterdam and this dude brought by a bunch of weed.


He had hellishly that look like this. Chrisley Smelly said if you want to smoke the best one, says Landro. Shit, whatever he had and it was ugly. It's like a weed.


And as a joke, I rolled it up and I hit Ashim before my show. I literally asked my assistant and my boy if I was dying. My heart was beating, so I she was strong as fuck. How strong it was ugly. Didn't look good and it was from that mouth. I said over there that leanness of strain. Man, they probably did bring it there.


I believe it. Yeah. Dude, I think all the kids out there. Asep in Africa.


Yeah. Yeah. Well how about those guys. The strange Argin.


That's my big brother. We're doing a breeding project with him right now. He wants me to come down to the Congo and do some work with them, but they're doing amazing things over there. Yeah. Do you think it's weird that the government funded. He admitted that there's UFOs and they don't know where they're from and there's that they've had encounters. It's like after all this time, like because they had a whole program where they debunked it, where anyone that says they make them seem like a fucking idiot on air and it's all a joke.


But now they're admitting it. Like I said, it's like a different time in the world now. And there's an article just came out that said by 2050, we could all be extinct by the rate of climate change.


Yeah, you see, now all this shit is coming out. Cannabis, the psychedelics, all that shit is emerging into our awareness. Just cause, yeah, we're supposed to we got to fucking wake up.


Yeah, they just legalize shrooms in Oakland. Yeah. Yeah, I know. Wasn't that interesting. Like Oakland and get high marks. Denver.


I got an office in Oakland. We can go out there and go to office and live out but so decriminalized.


It's so, it's so I mean like if I get pulled over in Oakland.


So I'm sure you're fine. Yeah, I guess, I guess so. But I don't think that because people there's a lot of controversy over, you know, does that make them legal? Can you still grow them?


And in the bay, when we get a gray area, we're in a trap or die. So we're going to use that. It's legal all the way to the fucking end. Yeah, it's always legal. Google it. Yeah. So sure. But yeah.


Brother, is there anything you want to. What else is going on in your world.


What's new man. Just expanding his brand and building my other partners. Brands like grandiflora and shit, making music, trying to live this life. Vibe's papers. These are new you know this my paper company. And you know there's only one big guy in the paper industry. So there's been some beef. You know, motherfuckers feel threatened by your boy band because I moved me and I work hard, but he's just trying to cause a lot of, you know, talk, you know, I like a good man.


That's good. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. And there's good vibes behind him, too, you know. Yeah. These are curated for the connoisseur man for what we're smokin on right now.


That's don't be mad up that Gary bro.


My boy man blowing on that man. Let me touch them.


I let you get away. The thing I love it. That's that's how you know it's good he was blown on that motherfucker, bro.


It is good isn't it. Yeah. I'm a lead. The rest of this. What you think it's erby.


It's got some fuckin some ancient herb s and some of those.


Sounds like the shit we got that first is like an appetizer. It tastes really, really good. Yeah. This is not you.


That's like some fucking grown man. We right there.


Some Bossley. Yeah. It's fucking good man.


I appreciate everything you do man. Appreciate you guys.


I'm excited. I'm excited about the club to the fact that we got you guys urban the stores. We're going to blow the shit out. Brilliant. Yeah, we'll get you. There's got to be I mean, if this isn't happening already, Cookie's got to be at the kind festival. You got to be. Yeah.


First of all, a lot of stuff we got to do. Yeah. There's lots of international shit. Go Cookie. You have you you showcase it there. We're going to pop it off.


We're going to do a taste test. I'm going to talk to the boys when we get out of here and see how we can run it for a private event for the bartenders in California to come out to the Tyson ranch with burn with Tyson Tyson's new flavors and let them mushroom stew.


Oh, yeah, we'll definitely be in good standings with everyone. If we do shrooms with them, it's going to be a yeah, it's going to be all good memories. Excellent. Except for a few that.


No, no, you do shows like. Yeah, you like them a lot. Can't live without those really big time. I would fucking swim with you did. I will.


I would like I go now that I'm a little older and I'm more apparent because I might be rich one day. I'm like scared to do drugs but I him for sure doing it probably the best it ever for sure.


Like fuck. Yeah. Yeah. Just show him. And he's definitely a salmon bro for sure. Yeah. Appreciate you guys having me for you. I got some, I got some of these out to John.


I've got to appreciate that brother. We high. Yes we are. We highest giraffe pussy nigga. Yeah. Extra high in my great episode brother. I think it was where people got to wake up on the aliens. Manfro, wake the fuck up. Yeah man. Read a book. Get off fucking Instagram.


And as big as this universe is in this galaxy, you really believe we're the only fucking sophisticated civilization out here that's just ignorant. I believe at one time the civilization of the planet Earth, I believe they exist at one time if burnt out. Yeah, they do. And we're going to do. Yeah, it's burning. Right.


And we're burning when we get burnt out. Don't man bottom line.


Yeah, well you won't feel a thing, but you know what universe will be there to get us through. Hopefully there's a big conspiracy if we get out man.


If aliens brought weed to Earth and we're ambassadors are we here on earth man know. Keep us around man.


I think they want to help us. I really they're like, yo, you guys have you guys have it by the fucking balls.


I wish I knew who we were. Man Don't fuck this up, guys. You know, don't fuck it up. Don't fuck it. Don't be like the Roman. Here's another thought for Romans. Here's a thought for you.


What if the aliens are actually just us from a future dimension who have evolved into this new race? The community that we're like fucking. Yeah, we're coming back to our younger selves to say, stop fucking this up. Oh, no.


I think when it's over, it's over. It's over. Oh, yes. No, I think the same thing is fucked up. I think there was no, I'm. I don't think that we hit this world, this world for this world. Yeah, I wonder where my soul is, my soul going to go, though, because I got a lot of soul. Is it just turned off?


Oh, you're going to be just gone. Oh, you're going to be there. I really get really worried about this. I might ask you, but yeah.


You will be there. Yeah, I hope so. Yeah, I'll be there. I'll be there. I'll be a dog in my next life.


We'll be smoking one again in the next life. Fuck yeah man. God willing. All Joe.


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Face to face.