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Dana was my boxing coach when I was when I was a teenager. I remember sparring and he was telling me like, I want you to try and fucking kill me.


I was like, OK, OK.


So so I connected with them clean as hard as I could with my right hand.


He just was like, that's what I'm talking about. And then just started wiping out. Anwar Evans and Iman Hotbox and with Mike Tyson and B.J. Fucking Baldwin, their brother, what's going on? I don't know. We want to hear about your record breaking stunt man. We also want to know about your fancy partnership with the gun. Oh, thank you. Would you do that?


Because that's the one time I mean, the therapy that Sammy Davis Jr. and Rob might notice when he's just sitting around with the gun is about me putting them back in.


And you do all that stuff the back in the to pull it out. Not really.


Sammy Davis used to mess the experts. And really I didn't know that I had to check that out.


And I'm been in Off-Road Racing long distance endurance endurance racing in the desert for a little over 20 years. Now I've got seven series points championship. I'm the only person to win the Baja 1000 two consecutive years and drive the entire distance far without know is really far.


Oh man.


It was eleven hundred and sixty seven miles in 2012. I was in the car for 20 hours and 15 minutes and then the following year I think it was like nine hundred and thirty miles and I was in the car for about six hours.


But I'm in the car that long. No. What happened. I catch this illness. What's it called again. The sciatica that I can't get you to operate here. Really? Yeah. Wow.


No, I, I'm in the seat that long. You're operating like crazy.


I get really tired. I mean, I think the the biggest thing for me is the mental fatigue, you know, because it's like one thing we only in the bottom one thousand you only get one oh one thousand. 1967 was I think it's origination, but you only get to see this the same corner one time as it relates to like other forms of racing. You do laps and and thousands one thousand mile lap.


So you get one opportunity to do everything. But still claiming that they may still be playing with Sammy Davis Jr. and demanded that one. Yeah. With that show called something 500 the ball five hundred.


It was something that I think they did do some racing back in the wild, wild Worldfund to that effect, the same way every crazy person was on this race to get something, whether it was football, no one was drive. How many people you got driving with you?


Well, I got I got my navigator. And then for most of Bolland, thousands that I've done, I have driven the entire distance. It's the the race. Yeah, it's yeah, it's it's off road race.


There's about 300 cars and trucks and motorcycles. There's probably 40 of them in my class in the unlimited class, which is the class that have great women drivers to do the race.


Yeah, there's a there's a few there's a few good women drivers surprises in the Spectra class. But yeah, it's it's super, super competitive.


It's my truck is basically everything that you can put into something that looks like a truck and make it go really, really fast over a really rough desert. It's makes about 950 horsepower.


It'll go through three and four foot bumps, one hundred and fifteen miles.


So what makes the categories you said you was an unlimited. So like what makes the different categories where they are?


Well, they'll have like a rule book for all these various classes, like we'll take I think it's class nine.


It's been so long, they'll have like a stock full truck will have to have stock suspension, arms stock sized shocks, have to run stock frame rails and then have to have like an engine that's similar to stock.


And then everything else can be upgraded so that that rule books like twenty five pages of all the stuff that has to be put into that truck to make sure it qualifies for the truck was a real competitive truck.


About eight hundred and fifty thousand. Really. Yeah. My my rule book is one page.


It's got to have a factory production grill and have factory looking lights, but they're just stickers. Everything else is up and there's really not much the fatality rate with this stuff anyway.


Ever died doing that. Yeah, people, people die, you know, occasionally at the bottom. Thousand people get hurt all the time. A couple of people die every year at the bottom thousand. It's pretty dangerous. I try not to die.


It's not fun on fire six times. I've, I've, I my navigator missed a note in 2015 and I was trying to pass somebody in the. US at 2:00 in the morning and I flew off a cliff into a rock the size of a school bus and I went from I was going 96 miles an hour on the road and I got it slowed down to about 71, 72 miles an hour.


I went from 70 miles an hour to zero in about 15 inches.


So before you do this whole thing, like you and your crews, you guys are out navigating the whole the whole course and making sure you get every single little nuance.


And I can't even fathom what you said to me. I just think about.


I I'm 15 and he's going to like a fatal car crash from like a regular production vehicle is like 33 miles an hour, you know.


So if I didn't have my five point harnesses on and then I have a head and neck restraint that keeps keeps me from having basilar skull fracture where the base of your brain breaks in your in your brainstem.


If I didn't have that, I would be dead at half that speed. So there's a lot of protective equipment.


But, you know, you're still why you want to do stuff like that. Oh, it's it's another dimension in motor sports.


Like, there's one thing it's one thing to, like, go around a track and you have a bunch of people watching and it's on TV and you get, you know, 500 opportunities to hit this corner of that corner or whatnot.


But when you have all of these elements that you can't control, like Rockwall on the left and a 100 foot cliff on the right or a blind jump off the cliff, yeah, it's it's pretty good.


Plus, passing the 100 foot cliff you don't think about, like passing in a desert race. You don't get to see much because there's explosive dust, you know, in front of you from the car that you're trying to chase down. So it definitely ends in early detection.


So what made you say this is what I want to do the first time you say, wow, I want to do this?


Well, I always liked driving cars, you know, like I learn how to drive a car.


When I was six years old, I stole my sister's Corvette when I was nine years old and drove it around the neighborhood for, you know, about 15, 20 minutes. I got a little bit of trouble for that, but I was like racing. And I was really, really good on on dirt bikes when I was a kid. And I got an opportunity to race with the Barbary Coast team and like a small, limited production buggy.


And then it just evolved into a trophy truck racing. How many trucks do you have? Yeah, how about that?


I got personally a personally.


Well, I got a Dodge Diesel. I've got Lokey, which is a 1978 Chevy Blazer that's fully built out like like a pre runner, but it has a motor that's a lot smaller. It runs on pump gas, it makes about 600 horsepower. It's got lots and lots of wheel travel. I really enjoy driving that. And then I have six support trucks to pre runners and two racetracks, not a one to see.


I knew for a while my be to go back for a while and how you know him, B.J., I know through mutual friends. Yeah, mutual friends. That's one thing that sticks in my memory. When those guys were like they were like messing with you or something. What club was that? We were at Drays or something like that.


And I'm like, oh, isn't that terrifying?


He was doing that to these guys in the elevator. They were trying to get tough with them at drays at that mosfet party.


And I was like, fuck, these guys have no idea. They didn't know who he was and they were trying to get tough.


I'm like, dude, he will vaporize you.


And then thankfully you had that so you didn't have to do it. Know like that.


Suzy Suzy barked at them. The guy pushed the button in the elevator and the door.


So I was go back home.


My wife and I be cool to me like, yes, I went I went right with a one time and it was, it was an experience because it felt as if like we was completely out of control. But the way he would move and shift in a car, you knew he was in control.


But there are some times that you got a lot of you know, you got a ride with you.


I would tell you it had changed it.


It just so so so I was I was talking to Rob about getting you in the truck. And he was he was saying that you're like, now, fuck that, I'm not going. And I try to explain it and maybe you can explain it better. When I get out of first gear and go into second gear, the fear is gone because of the stuff that you're hitting. And at the speed that you're hitting it, it goes well beyond fear, fear.


And you just start to try and comprehend how is this happening and why. Is this not breaking my back and charring my teeth out and how is it going this fast?


So you don't say it feels like more like I stand in a truck driver, OK? I don't know. I can't follow this.


I mean, he he had us all on a side like a two wheels and just the obstacles he was able to hit get around and like, you know, how like got us. Oh, shit. Moments when you drive in. It seemed like he may have had those, but you would never tell because he was as cool as a cucumber, just like.


Move in, move in that thing slow, actually. That's the end of accidents, and I'm always praying before I get in the car to go home again on the plane.


You know, you got to get a car, LBJ, man.


I got to tell you, friend, the racetrack Sunday, because that compared to Matus after much excitement for me. Something then you'll go.


I'll talk to you. Don't even feel the bumps. Do you really feel the bumps? No, no. They got a shock suspension on on the car that you just like you feel like you float.


My socks are like as tall as him this big around. I've got to imagine my knees to have to pick up, choke me to crash each other and all that stuff.


Yeah. It was up for a commercial. No real stuff.


The competition was oh the derby interpreted profit in each other. So and one when they mouthed, you know that thing for you.


So this will make you a little bit more comfortable, like take like an average really big truck.


I can t bone that truck and my race truck at 70 miles an hour and back up and drive around it. That would not be any damage to my truck at all. That's how strong there.


Now, how many times do drive, but I might not be that strong. I make fine particles over here and over half a brain shattered my heart. I'll be oh, I don't know how much time you drive in each and you own one of these these Bahah races and you have like this.


Oh my God. I felt like that. Just that was almost it for me.


It's very, very rare. I like to make sure if I'm doing that, the juice is worth the squeeze. So if I have to make a certain amount of time to squeeze.


Yeah, for sure.


Because, you know, it's it's if I'm operating at 100 percent of my ability, that's not really fun for me.


I would rather you know, I like you could probably relate to this as relates to fighting.


I like.


To beat people that are really well known in embarrassing fashion, like that's fun, but being in like, you know, a vehicular fistfight for 300 miles for several, several hours with one of the best guys in the world and then beating their ass, that's not fun during the time that that's happening, because I have to take a substantial amount of risk.


But afterwards, like that moment, you know, never, never leaves me because I remember how much risk I took, what I got away with, you know, as relates to calculated risk and that I beat some of the best guys in the world.


You know, I've often been an athlete and anticipating being. That's something you're juggling with your ego, too. Yeah.


To talk about the interest that had no interest in racing on and in the psychedelics, you said you were interested in doing it.


Well, you know, I've never I've never done anything like that.


And a lot of my mom, not a lot of my sponsor, one of my sponsors in particular, feels a certain way about about marijuana and drugs in general. So I can neither confirm or deny that I've ever done anything.


But I hear and I believe that marijuana is a performance enhancing drug. In addition to being a recreation. I've done a competitive jujitsu, edgy, competitive jujitsu for 15 years. And I trained with some of the some really, really good fighters. I talk to you about that.


But I, I would have never gotten my purple belt if it wasn't for, you know, some help from some stuff that you're involved in.


Yeah, I just I never had a respectable. Relationship with my ego. Yeah. And to do that is just breathtaking. Yeah, I'll definitely have to look into that. I've been thinking about a lot this last year because I see Rogan talk about it. I've seen you talk about it with Reagan a bunch of times.


Yeah, it's been. It has been it's been a crazy year, but like throughout this whole year, just got your mind. Just thinking that I want to know. Oh yeah. Somebody tried to murder my girlfriend and I. Of course, they don't even talk about the fact now we've got to talk.


I mean, just no, no, it doesn't bother me really at all.


You know, the person I didn't know, it was like a really strange thing.


You know, we were in a parking lot getting some dinner and two guys, like speed walking, you know, walked up on Torini, my girlfriend, and one of them had a gun pointed at Tori and didn't ask for money or anything and started a gunfight, you know, so and of course, I've been doing, you know, defensive tactics and lethal force.


But I really. Oh, by the way, I forgot the guy.


So the dude was like, you know, really a big, big guy. He's probably an inch taller than me. Probably outweighed me by like 80 pounds. He's really excited about the opportunity to murder both of us. That's what kind of I got the impression from you and and I, he started shooting at, you know, Tori and me all the time, time, time he started shooting at you.


Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let him get any closer to Tori, so. And he had he had the gun out the whole time, didn't make any demands or anything like that.


And I assume that he was going to engage her for whatever reason. And that's when. Stuff started popping off and we got in a gunfight, he shot at Tauri twice, shot at me six times and, you know, I shot him in the face from 25 yards away.


So you do a lot of the defensive tactics, stuff and training and stuff like that. So how much of that was just like just training anything?


It was very unfair. It was very unfair because, you know, I'm as far as I know, I'm one of two guys in the country that can draw a gun from concealment, engage, target five yards and put four rounds on target and under seconds so I could draw and put four rounds on target under a second.


I do a lot of balance of speed and accuracy and very, very high level, high proficiency, defensive tactics, training from concealed carry with a pistol, some really, really good with with a handgun.


My girlfriend Torie's got, I don't know, 20 world championship titles and competitive pistol shooting. So we do a lot of that.


So for somebody to try and murder us with a handgun in a parking lot, I don't think that they saw that coming.


It was really, really unfair for them. But I wasn't going to let them murder my girlfriend and myself. I was just out trying to have a hamburger, you know. Yeah.


So but I honestly, I don't feel one way or the other about it. I wish it never happened. But if it had to happen, like we're saying about talking to God, that's be the question I would ask, because I didn't have any fear. I didn't have any anxiety. You know, I wasn't worried. I just saw a problem that need to be solved.


And that's not characteristic about it.


Yeah, that's you know, in my mind, it's almost like, you know, that was a part of a plan or some some type because we were in a good part of town, you know, wasn't a lot of crime or anything in that part of town and was having hamburgers. Somebody started shooting at Tori and I. And unfortunately for them, they picked a gunfight with two people that know a whole lot about gunfights.


So now, since the whole situation happened, I bet your training with the defensive tactics is a lot more is a lot different when you approach a situation. It's just not training anymore.


Yeah, it's it it has changed me quite a bit. I've increased my proficiency of the firearm more than I ever thought I would. I've been studying ballistics for nine months and testing all different types of ammunition, different bullets. I had bullets fail in that particular exchange and they didn't perform how I thought they would have. I thought they'd be able to solve the problem a little bit better. I. Through this exchange, I didn't think I'd be I'd have to fire more than like two rounds to get this person to stop shooting, but I had to fire 10 rounds, which was very, very surprising.


Bullet selection for somebody that's concealed carry holder is super, super important. And it's not something that a lot of people talk about or know a lot about. You want something that if somebody trying to like in our case, you know, somebody's trying to murder you for whatever reason, you'd want to have the tools and the fuel in your platform to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


You know, but yeah, I've I've learned a lot and it's been kind of a crazy 10 month thinking about how have you been able to package that knowledge up and kind of like share it with people as far as like on a seminar basis, point of view type of thing or not?


Not quite yet. There's still I don't want to do that until I know everything that there is to know, you know.


So like, for example, one thing that nobody thinks about velocity of a bullet. So I had a bullet that was supposed to perform very well. Velocity wasn't exceptional. It was very slow for a bullet.


And while I was being engaged and she was being engaged, there was a lot of movement taking place.


And at 14 yards, my bullet didn't get there before the threat moved out of the way. So seven to ten inches off point at eight point of impact at 970 feet per second was the bullet.


Yeah, I got a little bit better, but now my bullets are for concealed carry and for some of the people that I have gone to classes with and how I got four four different types with the best ones depends on the application.


So ideally, like, what if that's too slow?


Ideally, you'd want something that can stop somebody that is trying to attack your murder, you or presenting lethal force with the knowledge that that projectile is going to perform inside of a certain depth of of threats tissue.




And not exceed that. If you're exceeding that, not only are you wasting kinetic energy, but now that projectile has passed through that person. Well, who's behind them? They might they might not be somebody that's with them. It might be in a crowded place. You don't ever want to accidentally strike somebody that's not involved, an innocent person or something like that. So a lot goes into bullet design to make sure, you know, police officers use some pretty good stuff, but it's definitely not the best.


So I've learned I've done a lot of math up here as it relates to that shit.


Yes. There's so many specialties. You got the specialties with the drive in. But just as much as specialist with the drive in, you are with the firearms and education that goes along with it.


Yeah, you know, it's the same thing with everything, like, you know, you're world champion, you're world champion, I'm world champion.


If you put that bandwidth into whatever else, like baking a cake, if you really, like, fucked up on some shit, like, I want to make the best fucking cake, you know, in the world.


And you dedicated six months on, like baking that cake. Your cake would be bomb. Right. You know, because you know how to get there, because you're already you're both already, you know, world champ, multi time world champions.


So it takes that mindset to get everything figured out and find every possible avenue to gain an advantage and performance. So, yeah, there's a lot to go. There's a lot that goes into it. It's been pretty interesting.


Just listening. Yeah. Yeah.


Maybe you'd be amazed what my neighbors don't hear. And I neither can confirm or deny where my test facility is, but.


Right. You got to have a lot of land somewhere where you can you know, you should I mean, I've seen it that way. When you shoot them, the bullets come off. It looks like a Sprague's like mist. Yeah. You see them. Yeah. Yeah. Dylan in one thirty four. The one with the six barrels.


They're fun. How many guns you own with us. And you have quite a collection.


Honestly I encountered in a while I've been building, I've been building like pistols, just like a modifying Glock pistols and building like a really, really high performing Glock pistols built like five or six of them in the last ten months just.


You build them yourself. Yeah, you start with a factory block and then do a bunch of crap modifications and select different barrel types and optics and light light and laser combinations and making a perfect gun pretty much.


I'm very well tuned. I'm strictly I'm anti-gun. But I believe some athletes do need to be shot.


Yeah, I'm anti-gun, too. That's why I carry a gun. Mean if you can't help but shoot.


No, now you're right about that. I believe the thing that is just real life is just like that.


Yeah, there's some people that are, you know, inherently evil and then there's some people that are maybe psychologically wounded that you only because you think.


Yeah. Yeah. Hold off on our psychological like me.


How many I'm curious, how many altercations do you think you've been in in the last ten years? Does anybody ever try and mess with you or anything?


Yeah, I give what I like. How does that go? Because I'm like I'm always like, you don't like Dana was my boxing coach when I was when I was a teenager.


And then I got injured and stuff like that.


And I've Spartz some people that, you know, are not that Great Dane White. Yeah, I'm sorry. Dana White. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you know that.


You know, I did not use your boxing gym as a boxing training to kick boxing trainer. No, just like regular boxing trainer.


Yeah. Yeah. When I was 18, 19, I was the other part of the track. Yeah, it hit it right.


Oh, man. You remember like Tito and him. We're supposed to spar. Yeah.


I mean, I don't know, you know I, I like Tito but.


Has got hands, Dana's got a hand. Oh, he's got Dana got eight, has got here.


What did strike me as somebody got hands because he's got a confidence with them, like like I wish the motherfucker would get confidence, you know what I'm saying?


He's got hands and he's got granite in his. I remember Spaan. I probably spotted him like 10 or 15 times. But I remember one time in particular, I was feeling like really filling myself. Like, I was like really crisp, really fast, you know, for just, you know, regular guy, because I've been training so much.


And he would always just wipe me out when we would when we would spar. He'd be nice.


But then he would you know, he must be watching his father. Would you like. Oh, my God. He used to just say, let's check this out.


Well, I remember I, I caught him, like, slip in a certain way, you know, just caught, like, some behavior. And I knew where he was going to go when I was going to slip. And, you know, I wasn't a I wasn't a good boxer by any means or even mediocre. But I could hit really fucking hard, especially with my right hand. And I remember where I thought that he was going to try and slip to if I fainted and I tagged like as hard as I could with my because he was telling me, like, I know you love me.


Stop fucking around. You know, I want you to try and fucking kill me.


I was like, OK, OK, so so I connected with them clean as hard as I could with my right hand hard enough to wear like my elbow hurt and like my shoulder hurt.


I hit him because he was moving in at the same time and he just was like, that's what I'm talking about.


And then just started wiping, you know, he's really tough. Really, really tough. Wow, that's gorgeous. Just well, I'm sorry that Dana part just caught me by surprise.


So I've had a series of events from the time I was a teenager to when my son was born.


So I've had like I've had, like death threats. I've been at a party where fight broke out. I got shot at. I've had, you know, guns pulled on me and my friend. This is when I was younger.


So I don't know, like not many people have all that stuff happen, you know, to to to them. But I had always been a good shooter and I got my concealed carry permit when I was twenty one. And I started, you know, training here and there. And then I had an event with my son where some guys were trying to run me off the road and yelling at me, a bunch of guys in this truck. I had no idea what it was about.


And I was, you know, I was scared.


I was like, what is this? What is going on? And I had I was like, well, I'm B.J. Baldwin. I'll just drive away like nobody's gonna catch me. And I was in a truck that had big motor in it and I was just going to repeat traffic and go through the desert and leave these guys.


I don't have any gas. I'd like no range left on on on the the fuel gauge.


And I was like, shit, OK, we're on like Charles Bronson, Dennis in the Washington area, who I write to help me out with me.


Oh loves like shit like that. We are real life equal.


But yeah, in that instance, you know, I had my gun in my other car and I had my son with me was a year old. I was taking me to lunch.


Then you got the kid in danger of danger, man. I know. I know.


So I have no idea what this was about that I should always just come to the dangers of, like, Spidey sense of the game changer. I don't know.


I wish it didn't. I wish it didn't. But yeah, I, I had my gun in my other car because I thought I don't know what this was about. There's like four or five people in this car and they're yelling, tell me they're going to kill me. It's like, damn, they're pretty upset. I end up making it to this restaurant and running. My son and I like, sprinted to the restaurant, ran my son, and they came in behind me and I came out to deal with it.


I gave my son to the hostess and I came out to to deal with it. And the guy was like, super apologetic, is like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you had your son with you.


And, you know, I was behind you and there was a little rock that fell off and it broke my windshield. I'm sorry about a really bad day and I shouldn't have freaked out like that. And but after that, you know, because, you know, in my younger days, I might have gotten out of the car, you know, and been like, yo, what's up? And try to deal with it. And I could have gotten knocked out.


My son would have been in there in my truck exposed to, you know, the heat or something. He could have he could have gotten hurt, so I just trying to get away and then after that I just started I started doing a lot of defensive tactics, training, and I never left home without my gun after that, because because of my kids, you know, I just it rattled around in my head like that could have gone way south.


You could have you know, they could have ran you off the road, killed your son or some of these people had me really, really concerned and I was helpless. There's nothing I could do that. I had no fuel.


Usually I would just drive away.


But you know what?


What asshole that wants to run off the road is going to catch a world champion driver. Like who's going to knock you out in the club? Nobody. They punch you. They'll die.


No, that's probably true. But I don't give them the jab at first.


And then they go get him before the start. Right. Oh, my.


Do you remember going to Jet Nightclub in 2008?


And this is definitely something that can be good for the podcast.


Those are my savage out here. Yeah. Me and my mom fucking. Let me start with a.. With the nightclub.


Did you go there a few times or just.


Oh, I've I've lived there. That's my home. It's my living room. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


It was that was mine too. I knew like a bunch of people at the club. So that was that's a really good story. I don't know if I ever tell you the story here is a I want to know this is fucking great.


So my my son's mother and I were having this crazy fight.


You know, how close or not I was actually before and I was eating dinner at Yellowtail at Bellagio with a couple, my couple, my friends and these punks came up behind and they were like pushing people, you know, around, like through the crowd of Bellagio, like some some bullies.


And I was with two, like, really, really tough guys that were friends of mine, my buddy Jason and my buddy DIBP. And I saw this happen and I was like, fuck, this is perfect. And I pointed them out to them because I was like, you know, these guys. If I kicked their fuckin ass, it would be doing them a huge favor, right?


You know, if they got three of them, got embarrassed by one guy and I got my two buddies to back me up if, you know, if I have any problem with that guys.


So I followed them over.


I made sure they stayed like 20 yards back. Look like I was all alone. And I followed these three guys across the overpass on Flamingo and they picked up one of the, you know, the guy that plays the guitar for, like, some chick, right?


Yeah. So he picked up the guy's hat. One of them picked up the guy's hat, threw it into traffic. And I was like, oh, dude, I'm going to solve your problem. Death was so much fun of these guys.


So I went down. I followed a little closer.


I want to tell about this.


So I went up the next escalator and I made sure I didn't. I got up close. I made sure I didn't say anything was on the escalator because I just got stomped down the escalator.


I'm like Platten all this shit out.


So we get to the top of the escalator, I says, with all three of these guys.


And I says, I'm I'm here. And they turn around. This is who the fuck are you? So I thought you were looking for me. And so who the fuck are you? I'm trouble and then open.


Dana taught me this, like, don't ever like sucker punch anybody but open hand bitch slaps as hard as you fucking can are really effective. And they've proven to be.


So when I was when I was getting a little bit more complete. Yeah. Yeah.


So I said I'm here and I hook the first guy and he goes flying and then the next guy comes, comes up to me and I, I like palm his face as hard as I can and then they're like oh my God, this, this guy was, you know, is crazy. Let's get the fuck out of here.


Like they've squared up to me for a minute. And then they ran off like little bitches.


So after that, like, I was like, damn, I'm feeling pretty fucking tough. Like, I just bitch slap the fuck out of three boys on the street I walked to with my buddies.


I walked to Jet.


I was already, like, really pissed off because of some stuff that was going on with with my ex.


And I see over on the dance floor and we're like in shorts and flip flops, like they're barely getting in because we had friends at the door and I'm like, fuck, dude, that's that's Mike Tyson.


And my buddy Tim's like, What? And I'm like, Dude, that's Mike right over there. You fucking look over there. And Jason's like, no way. I'm like, Dude, I'm going over there. And you were with like twenty five huge guys that look like the guys that you don't want to bump into on your way to the bathroom.


I are that about the club. I don't know. I knew I knew all the bouncers at the club. I didn't recognize any of these guys. They're all the stacked in this table.


And I'm like, I'm like, dude, I'm going over there. Fuck this. I would never, like, go up and say hi to, like, any celebrity or anything like that.


Like I was like, dude, I'm going to fucking have to go up and say hi to introduce myself to my ex, just say he's awesome or whatever. So they're like, don't fucking go over there, you're going to get your ass kicked. And these are two of my toughest friends. I was like, I don't fucking care. They'll be a good story. So I walked out on the dance. They're like, I'm not going with you, you're on your own.


And I went I went down there and and I tapped John on your tricep. I was like, hey, hey, Mike. Just, you know, just want to say I'm a huge fan and and, you know, you're fucking awesome. And you started talking to me for like five minutes.


You gave me a hug. Then my buddies came down and you were talking to them. You're talking to all of us for five minutes. I'm like, dude, you're fucking shit, you know? Awesome. And I was going through, like, some weird boxing shit because I believe in ecstasy.


Yeah. And then I was like, Dude, thanks so much for the time.


Really appreciate it. And you shook. I was like, dude, I fucking love you. You shook my hand and you pulled me in. And you go, I love you too brother. And then you fucking were like, super, super fucking rad. Made my whole night for sure.


Everything was awesome. Yeah. Yeah.


That's a good first story man. And there's no there's no celebrity that I've ever seen that has gone through so many challenges and come back and so many challenges come back.


And so your journey through life, I don't think you realize how many people you inspire in a positive fashion.


It's fucking badass for sure, even though life is to be challenged.


The purpose that we live in, like the challenge life and I'm ready for whatever life had to give to me because I think I can give it good.


Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Now, that's what I tell some people that are looking for advice. You know, for me, I says welcome challenges with open arms and smile on your face. There's no way to get out of here free now we all go through this time before we die.


Yeah, 100 percent, absolutely.


I think it's a good note to leave it on. I think it's going to leave it on.


You have any children, man? I got at least two to talk about fucking.


Yeah, I like that a lot, but no, I got two children. I got my daughter Zoe, my son Jaden. They're awesome. You know, there's two different moms. You know, Bridget, I'm separated, but I got a wonderful girlfriend, was awesome.


She takes very good care of me and she teaches me how to shoot a little bit better.


We have two different strengths and two different hairstyles. So it's cool.


It's really, really cool. Well, thanks. Thanks for having me. Thank you, man. It was an honor. Brotherhood was super, super and.


All right, this is hot boxing. I'm Richard Evans. We had guest BJ Baldwin and this is Mike Tyson and finding you off.


And really, B.J., this has really been a pleasure speaking with you. Really mature. I appreciate it. Thank you.


We're out of here, guys. Thank you.


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