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I'm sorry to say I ain't young like you asked. I watch every bad thing think.


Hey, I think about them both. But I'll tell you I. Oh no. This like a bucket list for me out everything.


Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode, Hotbox, and I'm Edinborough, and I'm Mike Tyson.


Mike, we got Bootsy in the house. This is interesting, but MO three in person. Welcome to the hot box, fellas.


So what are we doing? We'll see what's going on in your life. Then you just come home with something.


Yeah, I came all my life. It's unfortunate. I've been just taking out various things. I just about making music. I got I got my local. I got my clothing. I got my potato chips. I'm just glad I'm not supposed to check this. Right.


Who are you? Who are you? What happened? What happened to you? To make you the way you are?


Oh, you know, I come from the slums, you know. I know we all come from the slums. Yeah. But there's something about the slums. Like it's something I know about. Let's talk about me. Well.


Oh, see, I'm from the slums to know what blew my mind with my I had to have my mother with me. I had seven years the Robin Hood had with the police. I had to have I must have been nine or something.


But for some reason I had a need and I style like close this out of the blue I clothes and somebody punched me in my face. He became my good friend to me, but he punched me in my face and took my hand and blew my mind. That blew my mind. Ever since then I didn't understand a word and people were picking me take my money. I became not a nice person.


I heard people who just really bad stuff happen. How did you. That's who I am now. I'm an insecure kid. I'm really scared all the time. Everybody thinks I'm fucking fearless.


What changed me?


Well, what would you get when you know it's not like the way you are now that has nothing to do with the way you are now. Cause you that's just the way you think. The way the way you think about yourself in the world.


I just think about always going for the in the world.


You know, with that, what's going further forward is just expanding. It's just it's just it's just making a better way for my kids. You know, I got I got a lot of hustle. I mean, I got a lot of hustling me from from always one when I was a kid, I always wanted when I was a kid. And why did you want? Because nobody in my family really. Hey. So I always wanted to look like Calvin to the drug dealers and shit.


And and now I just I just got a hunger for one more. That's just that's just a part of me always wanting more like I'll I'll never sell off a shit I've got, you know. And then I came home from prison with nothing when I came home with nothing. So I've been on five years and I'm just. I'll just refresh. You know, I feel like prison made me a better man and it made me smart and made me it made me a business man.


Yeah, good. Good. Pat.


So what are you listen to, oh, this one one. How do you feel about other people's feelings? Yes, and a lot of people talk about fucking gay motherfuckers, homos and know.


I know a lot of times I need to shut the fuck up. It's just it's just I don't you I don't know.


Maybe all I'm like, you know, maybe maybe half my mom. I got on my ass yesterday, so I need to shut the fuck up but want to be on my heart.


I just I will you know, I got I got to say, you know, sometimes if it's nice, I'm sure your mother said this is what everybody says, that only black people, if you're nice to say, don't say that at all. Yeah.


You know, sometimes, you know you know, sometimes it's hard to say to yourself, you know, I don't like myself, but I don't know how to change you. I mean, like, I didn't like myself for a long time. I did a lot of shit to people. But here's who I am, I'm I'm an abused kid that abused people to this day, I've been abused anybody, probably myself, but I'm still a predator. He can't stop all that.


All of this is a survival mechanism for predators that everybody's way, the right people's way to be friendly with the right person. So we have power. You know, this is human nature that happens without even thinking we do that. What I thinking.


So that's what I want. That's always wanted to die. I was wanting to kill myself, but I couldn't kill myself. And I got to deal with who I am. So I got to change myself. I got to find out who I am. I got to look into myself and find out who I am and why and why do I say these things about certain people?


You know, why do you say things about a person who might be a homosexual? Why do you say that about them? Do you fear the possibility that you're a homosexual? And by disrespecting you for yourself and being a homosexual, I think he may like homosexuals.


No, no, no. I'm straight as an arrow.


I'm saying, you know, I'm going to tell you what I really if you're straight, why are you I think I really I really I really commented on a Dwayne Wade situation because I got offended because because as a child, you know, that's why I really got offended, you know? And that's why I will say if it was it was a month ago. Nineteen year old, 18 year old person, I probably would.


I know I wouldn't say why, but I feel like I feel like, you know, I'm just happy, you know, I'm not judging you.


Yeah. I think I'm here judging you. I'm trying to understand you. Yeah. You know, and I got some demons doing and in my world when it comes to demons. Yeah, OK.


But just tell me why it was just like, you know, I just feel like, you know, that's a child. I feel like a child. And I at twelve can't make that decision. I feel like I feel like that's just how I feel, you know, and certain things I talk about like that. I just feel like I just feel like that that was going on too far, you know, like, you know, I agree with you.


You know, I'm calling you calling him or her, you know, like that that's just gone too far. You know, at twelve years old.


What took that? This I agree with you 100 percent like I agree with you. Right. Me, I agree with you. But check this out. Who the fuck am I saying anything we can't? You know what I think don't mean the motherfucking thing. You know me, but I got a big ego. I think I'm somebody who helped the world because I'm like, hey, you know me. I created this fucking image. I am like that, no, I am whatever whatever people think I am.


But I know I put that, I put I put some scary shit out there.


I know out there, you know, because I'm afraid I you know. We have to know who we really are. We think we know who we are. Well, fuck, who the fuck are we to make a comment about money like what you want? What happened to you think that you saw somebody coming to my life? I think that I can make comments to my life.


My mom say the same bank, but you who I am, I think I could make a comment about somebody else's child. But, you know, I say that and I and I and I stand on what I say, really. You are said. I say that and I stand on what I say.


I just feel like, you know what of your child.


I realized about myself something like say fuck, I'm wrong. You may be married.


Yeah, I'm married. And being married is a war, too.


Yeah, I know. But it is a war of love, you know. Yeah.


The love with love is so inconceivable. It's free and with all around it, but we think we think we have to pay for it. We think it's very difficult to have. We think we don't do something going to kill somebody for we can't receive it and buy it.


Do you ever feel like this is my life for you can. Even though you may like if if there's your soul mate, why can't you feel that way when my wife had to go, give me another one coming like this? I mean, I if I like my wife, I have to go get me another woman. When I feel like that, you know, that you've got to you got to. This has got to be like the mother fucking the wives and.


Oh, whatever, my man. Well you, you, you provide I love this because I'm the same.


Thank God you've got to cook, clean, whatever you want.


You have the same mentality that I'm saying that just for the thrill. I agree. You know, I come home to you. That's just for the thrill.


We go for the beach together. We just just. No, no, listen, we just love this.


Like, I couldn't control myself if I couldn't get my love out in a marriage.


But I suppose suppose your wife really she did it because of you. But now she's getting a divorce. She doesn't like it anymore.


Right. Right, right. That's holding a lot of threesomes. What are you doing? Oh, I beg off a little bit and speed it back up.


You know, how do you feel about self-respect and self-respect? If you do, how do you feel self-respect, being a branch, doing yourself? How do you feel about the, you know, self-respect? Explain it to me, huh?


Explain it to me. I might have self-respect is the illusion of you. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel you should be treated? How do you feel?


I feel I actually actually I treat people with respect.


I treat people with loyalty, those who are loyal to you, who deserve respect. I mean, I like this.


This is interesting. I like him. And listen, I'm unique at one time how to handle somebody deserves respect, respect.


Go be respectful. How you hiding what you do for me? That's what I call my respectful like, what the fuck do you do for me to get respect? You know, I'm saying.


What do you do to him to get respect? Oh, I'm there for.


Oh, he can go to jail. I got them. I feel our bond him out. Oh, she anybody you know I'm there for him.


Do you expect him back from doing that? No, I just, I just, I just, I just want my legs. Not the time. Just don't flip on me. I, I'm a put us in position to get the money. I want to flip this and that's the last thing that came begging me.


Listen, let me explain this to you. I'm older than you. Yeah.


For you can't pay anybody and flat within the soul of the DNA, they're not tough enough.


Yeah. Yeah.


This is like me. I came by friends and I don't like my sons are going to buy some money I don't think was going to like who I am. So I do. I am. And I paid people money. I like money. Like I look, you know, like this car. I drive the houses I have, you know, I pay for that shit because I'm insecure. I'm afraid they won't like me. They know who I really am and they shit I really do.


And I really like that. Might be weird to them.


And I would like to know who you really are.


You want to tell them you really want to tell people who you are, but that's holding you back. That's why you do it in such a crazy way. Like I don't give a fuck. It's something you want people to know, but you don't like it about yourself and you hope they don't judge you. You know, I miss who I am. I'm everything. Who the fuck I am, and I'm not ashamed of who I am, but it bothers me that I'm that way, that makes sense.


I'm not ashamed of who I am, but it bothers me that I'm that way. Why am I that way? I've got an image of something that just totally lost with that it's not about. I'm such a fucking contradiction and lie to myself both a contradiction and a lie to what I represent, that what do I look like, the heavyweight former champion. This is what former chancellor prevent.


Whatever Manly is for my first. Who we are, we would we Americans that way, that's the way I am, I'm that way we take what we want, America takes what they want.


And that's that's the same toxic energy that guys and mature and insecure, we feed on toxic masculinity to hide who I really am.


Keep it real, Nick. We respect them niggas that are killing the when we feed them, we don't think of nothing negative to them because we want to be that em.


And you want people we want people to feel like we feel for how they feel about us, the way we feel about him. Fear. Yeah, we want people to fear as well.


I come from a place where I want to look at my career. I kind of figured I was afraid. I wanted people to fear me.


And you say you knew you was going to beat them when you looked in his eye. When you say you knew it was over, when he looked in his eyes.


So the guy during that time. But you see what I looked the day I saw that guy in the ring, I knew it and I put his arm.


It's like Quitman. You know the bitch. Yeah. You know the bitch. Yeah. How much muscle they have. How big is you know, the bitch. Yeah. Just like the.


You think that you ever have some kind of kindness to people and a feeling, I guess, can you ever apologize to somebody, anybody?


Oh, yeah, I used to, yeah.


I apologize for the way you I, you know, I meant what I said, but I you know, I shouldn't say this about your job, you know. I mean what I said, I do have children.


Yeah. I mean a woman to have a. We should mention, I'm so when I was young, I was so I was so in love with my dick in know. Well, yes, on my deck when I was a kid, that's why I have a. This is beautiful. I don't know what it's just the blood brings me back to fucking the beginning. I mean, there are people who don't smoke, but you know much and I wish if I can just bring me back to life.


Thank you very much. Do you study shit? You you in this business.


Now, I'm trying to get in. I got a couple of dudes trying to make me a that shit. But, you know, she got to hear my, you know. But I heard you got all of them because I'm a marketing genius. We can make some money. I do a lot of good stuff. No, it'll be an awesome marketing for you if you were kind and considerate people feeling to be worthy of listening.


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I feel as you know, I like to think I ain't got no money for computers for nobody you know, like especially for the gay community. My tour manager gay. I got cousins. No, no, no, no. Listen you love everybody. Yeah. Just don't love yourself.


You're a good man. So I know. I know you like me. I'm a good man. You're the man you have to believe. You're good man. You know, you don't have to make nobody happy. You don't have to kiss nobody there. So but yet let people know that, yes, you're a good man.


And every time somebody makes you mad that they meet him after they control your emotions, until you feel that this motherfucker make you feel a certain way because they say my thing, you're in my control, your life and your emotions, your mood, you're not going to live like we're not living and human beings won't live long after that. Why do you want confrontation with a guy like me? If I didn't have competition out with nobody?


And if I if I beat everybody in a scary way to be confront me, I find the enemy. I find somebody to fight. I fight myself. That's all I know, what fighting confrontation and chaos over the dictator, chaos, that's that's what you can't it's fun to get medical care.


Oh, fucking I'm in the paper hit and they got beat the report about this and I fucking paid them in and out of this fucking ticket and never saw 40 bucks in his life. And I did this and I just became an asshole because I was in the care of the people. That is the crazy nigga that what it was like drug addicted to being an asshole and getting in trouble and seeing my name, being a loser and stuff and just tearing itself apart.


It's just as much powerful as building itself up.


You know, I was the biggest fuck, you know, you mention it, I know you are. Is that the way people fool you ain't shit, nigga.


You have the pimps and the port. You nothing, nigga. You better fill your needs. You better pray, motherfucker. You know the same shit as the sky is high to get away from life. But life keeps getting. You have to obey it. Keep you tight, avoid it. You want to wait. Let me take your daughter away. Let me take your son away. When you love a family man, let me take your wife away.


When you have faith, they should never be a bitch, motherfucker. He looked at me all about making it better. I'm not the way to be proud of.


And I know think we should be knocking on the door. I mean, no, no, never. You know, I respect that, too. But listen, to be that, you know, you know, I want to go through what I went through to become that whatever this stuff is.


Right, whatever it is that made people want to tell them we love you in your car, whatever that stuff is that is suffering.


Yeah, well, I suffer and making you bitter and trying to find a way to forget your pain and enjoy the moment, because death is very close and we have to be calm.


And not only that, we have to become friendly with them. We can't just wait for it because we have to be ready to accept it, because then we're going to suffer. God is not going to take us. We're not willing to accept it. They would think about think, but I know, Diane, with respect, I really wanted to try you all that shit you did, trying to kill them, you still alive, that means that you have to change your life and become the reach your highest potential.


And you, motherfucker, you get afraid. Don't be afraid of then you be a beautiful man in the world. I respect for you to be the gentleman and being kind to yourself. We don't know how to be kind to a father being kind of myself or fucking my little girl or buying a bunch of cars, planes and stuff and how that's what I was being nice to myself. Being nice to myself. Just being grateful for what I had.


And that wasn't anymore. What I do.


I lost the election and people stolen stuff. I didn't know what the fuck I wanted that stuff for.


I was just taught that you had that your life would change. You will be happy if you had all that stuff. I didn't know happiness was in between my brain.


I didn't know that the happiness was things. You know, you got a lot of things you don't seem pretty happy sometimes you really can. Thank you. You know, when I just had a slightly meager to look at and I wish it would take much, that will just put me in that mode because I just I don't know what it's like to be beat up and taken shit from I took you from the way know that world and live from I take them from you.


You're a bitch if you see him around and you don't kill him. That's my world. My take them from you in the Yale kill you and you see him around you doing and you're a bitch every time I may kill you for the fuck out of here because that's where I come from. Somebody else, they don't even have nothing to do with this guy. You don't even know this guy. We know your situation need to kill them. We all deserve to live that way to them from not back.


You're nothing in the world I'm from.


Yeah. Can you believe that Shimoda kill you because you don't want to take your shit back. You don't want to confront him about your stuff that he took from you.


That's just the way that's the way I guess everybody did that they'd taken advantage of being hurt, been manipulated, been sexually involved. And these guys are savages now. You know, they've got to have never been taken. If I could have never done that. Every time people come into my neighborhood, they're afraid when they see them. And that's the way that way is being abused. He's been hurt. So now he has to be the king of the fucking jungle for that won't happen again.


Right, if I go to that neighborhood, right? It would be like a. And allows all my general life. Well, vote for my best. Why are you still here, though? You never look at it from that perspective. Why am I here? That's why I said, why am I still here? Because I haven't reached my potential to be the best I possibly could be. And by being at the same time, even a year away from people who love you.


I really am afraid by way of confrontation, they think they they think they don't they think they're rational. They think they got the brain, they think they know everything. But what they want a confrontation they want to fight to find is more important than making love. You know, like I want to be right. That's what people's main object I want to be right. Being way more important than being happy. And I want to be right about me being right, meet them for my special, I'm smart because I'm right on everything and I want people to think I'm smart because I want to be in that crowd of smart people.


I want to be accepted by them. The dog that I act like animals. I want to be accepted by the animal crowd, the thug life crowd, whatever it may be. That's the I want to be accepted by the way I conduct myself.


I'm conscious of my pre-eminence because this is what I wanted to be, except I'm really conscious, you know, and most people want to they think they think what they have to say means something.


I have a voice. And that knowing that their voice can cost them their life. I don't know what Wherley, and they come from a scholastic world and they're talking to people who don't come from somebody from a Faberge world.


They're making it out of here.


Somebody from Scholastic World is going to confront somebody with going to do something with some stimulating feelings, their opinion about the way this person is and I'm from the school, that's when I'm confronted Savage and he don't listen to what I have to say. And it's not going to turn out the way they want it, the way they believe their minds are not going to turn out that way. I'm the savage that I don't have to make up my mind, the inferior.


My, my, my, my, my, my dog, my talk mediæval, my life, my slave, I could do what I want to them.


They're inferior.


And I'm and I'm a rational guy. But in my deep mind, I believe that somebody's superior to the people and for them to come at me from the world that I that's always been my enemy. That word of mouth was always an enemy of the black people. We built that those who have the schools of our back and now they're going to use that weapon against us with our people.


Our consciousness supersedes the education our kids receive. And I can't believe that they're smart enough. You know. People need to study their enemy. The 30th. I have a feeling in my control they have no emotional intelligence. They run into a situation, you know, like many times in my life, people believe that, hey, I'm going to confront my pankin and I won't let the world know that I must kill them with that mentality. I'm from the world and I'm not that big, strong guy who thinks he's a bully.


And they got fucked up and went to the hospital. They got to them everything. And that bad things happen, right. Bad things happen, bad things happen, but. It happened because we were both misinformed about life. What happens in the aftermath of the ISF, right, like I was say, when they can control my emotions, I'm them my master. It's like when he controls people's emotions. That's why he does that, he gets response from them after it feels good to control people.


You know. That's the power is power, we're the people that sticks and stones can break my bones, you know, the words will never hurt me. No words, everything.


Yeah. They are the sticks, that's what we are, who we are because of our words and I had. Yeah. Thank you, brother. What's running through your head, Boosey? I'm just my my justyna all kind of game right now. No. Is he making me eat?


Oh, I feel like getting them out. I love you because we when we when we talk about our pain and our pain hurts people, they beat us more.


But we tell them we're in pain and unbearable pain of people because we don't know how to directly explain it to where they can comprehend, because if nothing else, that's offensive.


But it's our pain, you know, me and them to some people.


How can we say that? I mean, you know, I could be so open like that. And it's just something you don't tell people. You don't say that they're people, but this is the world we live in and people don't want to hear about shit like that don't happen. Hurt people, hurt people because they hurt, you know, because that pain has to go somewhere. The pain and the fear, it's like you make with your boxing career.


You were the you emanated fear because I was projecting how I felt. Right. I just I thought some people. Yeah, we all fear based everybody. You react the way everybody does because of fear, you know. I mean, but life is the willingness to die. But I respectfully, I could, you know, understand life and life is driving you crazy. I want to die. Fuck you. Fuck almost you. Fuck I. I don't understand me.


Why am I feeling this way about them.


I don't know them you know. And that's how it is. You don't know these people. You know who I am. I feeling that way about something. I can't control what I can do. I can't control myself, I can't control myself. Everything else can control me but me. It just control me. Don't control me, close control me, my wife control me. And we like to give our powers up and then but we never control ourself.


Supposedly negative because we were so accustomed to being slaves that we give up power. So you gave your power to your wife, your woman, your home. What do you gave your man to give you power up to?


Who think for you? Explain it again. You have a manager, agent, the control manager did not check this out. Check this out. You have got to go to a. Hey, how about bills? Hey, how's that? Hey, what about this? Can we go over here to Europe and take care? Hey, I saw opening here for this all you ranch. Can we do that?


My personal assistant. My assistant. Yeah. No, I don't.


Yeah. That's who I go to for really. Listen, take this guy. He's your sister. She, she, she's your sister, but she's your sister. But she's your brother.


She knows more about your life than you do. She can't be your sister. She has to be more than your sister. Yes. Use the word to make yourself feel superior to know. But she was. She controls your world. If it isn't the same with me, too, I'm not making I get a little bit too, I'm the same way I was. I know what you think. I'm I'm smarter than you are. I'm teaching as I'm doing the same thing.


And we all know the guys like us.


Check this out. Street niggas like us right now. Why? We have people around us, all these people, and we have all the good stuff constantly. But you got pretty much around them a lot right to life, 24 hours of day. How how much how many hours are your crew around you and pitch it and get high a lot.


Well, no wonder why. Because we can't live. We can't live with ourselves. You can't live what I think with alone just by ourselves in a room alone with us, because we have to kill ourselves. So this takes the time we know kind of like we are, nigga. You know, we know. We know, we know who we are. We know where we came from. We know who we are.


So this is this is this with us to find out who you are and you accept who you are, that everything that happened to you and things you that everybody you accept who you are, you know, we bring up you might not be the kind of nigga, but it would be awesome if everybody offended, you can go to them and say, hey, will you please forgive me?


You know, that might be too much work for you, but that's what we do. We have to push ourselves when our struggle. There's no progress. We can't be sitting on our laurels, have all this chain and shit.


And I said, well, I have to. And in order to have my shit cut in me, I have a bad ass graft. You have the bad ass. And then I looked at everybody else and I wasn't happy. And then I look at these poor ass motherfuckers live in Africa. That's not worth nothing. They've got nothing. They are doing the fucking water and they drink. That's what they call give them some kind of time. You know, the water got malaria and but they know they're going to die and they still drink the water, but they fucking they're happy.


They always smile and they have nothing they can they have nothing to take care of it if they should have. Didn't invite it but they poor and a big possibility for so fucking wait, wait.


They're still starving. They have no food. They can't even quite like crystal.


There's no water in it here. They just crystal you know, and but they're happy because they, they don't expect anything.


All the shit you talked about, her life is not going to mean that no more.


So before this happens, how do you make with the how did you make some kind of comment redemption with yourself? Fuck the world, fuck people what they think with you. How do you get happiness and acceptance of yourself being who you are, what you hate about yourself, how you do that, how do you accept what you don't like about yourself and embrace it and say, I will make this make me who I am because it made you who you are.


But you don't like that path. And if you got rid of that part, you wouldn't be able to, you know, more you be average, mean nothing.


That's who I am, the part about me that I hate, but if I got me to that point, I mean nothing. I wanted to embrace it and she said, can you get rid of that part? No, no, that's the name of the game, is to love it, learn to love it.


But I'm asking, like, can you can you can you ever get rid of that? Well, that's why that's why God gave it to you. You have to be able to you have to be that way that people still going to feel that way about you regardless.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Check this out. The way that you still feel, you and people remember, like you said, you own, you're on a different path. But people still look at you probably like that, Tyson.


Not if they see me. They notice a different guy. I think I know more if we believe whatever we believe we associate with. Great. It's true.


This is what we believe.


I love this plot, though. You think you ever know. Maybe you will. You think you ever. Get the power back that. I had to do a lot of amends and stuff I had to go to. Oh, so you don't have a woman now? I have a state.


You know why we have women? Why men have women. To make this realize they were men, you know, and, you know, we need to think about this. I'm 54 and it's is lot I realize that. I mean, if a man's not intimidated by his wife a little bit afraid, that means he's not living his life right by his partner or her partner, whatever it is.


Yes. At the end of the night, a little bit afraid if he caught them. I let them know.


And that's what I said, we think I'm an idiot. How many times you been married? Three times. Three times? Yeah, but I say it's my mother's love that you want the sole woman, any woman that we associate with because they remind us of our mother, even subconsciously, right.


Where she could be educated.


And she had the personality of your mother. Something about her. I mean, I like you anyway, because I'm attracted to my mother and you had the characteristic, right? My first love, I fell in love because when I back, I think she used to console me like my mother. She used all the mother fucker. This is the hear me like my mother and I would like to say, no, no, think this was just awesome.


Listen, I know you said no sex, but no, I didn't work because of sex, you know? I mean. We look for a mother and I love her, but our mother could never be a lover because I love I would never love with, like, a mother. She's in a woman in love with, like her mother, love and know how much a slave, how many people she fuck for you bring in them month if not in love.


You, like your mother, loves you.


Eventually, she turned her back on that. Eventually she turned on you like a dog lover.


Like your mother loved that song. Yeah. Listen, listen. Hey, you. You know the love like. Hey, listen, man, there's some Reishi.


I listen to me look. I look at my you. I know. I look at my wife.


They don't take you listen both my my ex-wife. Oh my God.


Got away my I got a Mac I got to see somebody. They know this.


That's why I brought no I'm not a lover like my mom love me that they wouldn't you know, it wouldn't you know, make it to you know.


I know why. Because I survive even though she she does everything she does for you. Listen, everything she does for you is for her survival.


Everything your mother do for you, for your survival right now. Listen, that's great. Listen, I tell you, something is not over, right? I don't you know, it's not over, you know, but it's not over. Yeah. Life worth living. You know, you got you got to go to see what you got. Yeah. You got to forgive yourself, you know, given that you were hurt by. No, no, no, no one.


Hey, listen, I about when you're here by yourself, I want some of power. She got that. She's giving you a bad street.


Oh well, you're being a woman. That's like we live in life on life. Oh, man. You shot something again. No one should do the. No, no, no, no, no.


Woman Oh, my. Oh, I loved our own game. No one woman. Oh, my love. You know, and she fuck it up now like now listen, you know this that ain't no good. I got I have a me when I was fourteen, you know, and I've been, I've been, I've been the name of the game is to stop the trade where I was stop these fucking dysfunctional relationship like my mother.


Father, it stops here. I'm the first of my family. It's going to stop here. We going to marry to live. We die together. Boosie, Mo, changed your life?


Well, the M.O., let's talk about where you come from and that pool that make brother.


You you born in 1990 to the present, I was 24. So listen to what he told the first guy coming out, the rapper who inspired you, seeing him daily going to be on me.


You are willing to luchino Mr. Lutin something like. That's all set, but as far as Street Street, what will that mean?


Well, you're doing a TV interview strophe, accomplish something.


And I love you for saying that people like to say that this is true.


I never got no. Oh, no, no murders and no school. And so see it out of jail time.


And I like I got my AP some VVS, you know, I used to always have this even to this day where we have a really cool clothes, expensive clothes and stuff and. I always do it for, you know, sometimes the way I feel about my interest and coal to hide the way I feel about myself, you know, the way I dress and the illusion of who I am.


None of us friends as well as my mentor. When you meet somebody like right now, none of us are who we appear to be right now, none of us who we are really right now.


And we would talk talking. We love each other. We finally but none of us who we are, who we are right now, who we let need to see right now, we are I'm not this person.


When the lights on and the cameras out, I'm by myself or whatever I'm doing. I'm not this person. I'm not.


Oh, fuck. Who are you then? Who are you that somebody I might not even like the one to be associated with.


Oh, it feels weird, huh?


You feel scared. Yeah. When everyone is.


Yeah I feel contemplatively.


I shouldn't be. Let me be happy. I'm extremely ambivalent. I don't understand the concept of happiness and happiness is at this moment right here where this is happiness and it's gone. Hey, that's some bullshit.


So when you want in the ring, you were unhappy and you are. Now, now, now, my set, my perception of happiness and happiness now from no, no with it. Yeah, I don't listen. No, what I've been my whole life, I've been a computer. My whole life I've been somebody. You say, Mike, you do this. I can't live on my own without cause I'll be dead. I couldn't live. I need somebody to give me what you need me to do.


Who do you need me to hurt.


I need that. I know I can't live my own life. I'm a fucking pimp and a prostitute. I'm going to be my fucking life. How am I going to do that? No, no. You taught me how I live my life. Let somebody little hobby.


I had the right guy to tell me what to do.


Yeah. The guy with my best interest, he won everything he told me to do. He would do it for me.


Did you feel relieved after fights? No, I felt relieved when I retired because I knew I had to fight them, I had to do it again. Week after football games, I was relieved for that moment because it was the farthest away from another game I would ever be until I was just an athlete, which I didn't like the concept. What did I think about my opponent? I didn't like what I thought about my opponent.


Now, from the way I think and live my life now, I didn't like the constantly what I thought about my opponent, the build up to really hate him.


And it's like you created a fucking villain and then of your enemy. I listen.


I listen to a lot of things you didn't say.


I wouldn't shake their hands. I was hit their girlfriends or their wives. I was just I was out of control, but I had no self love and I showed it to your computer.


Yeah. You're programmed for destruction. And listen, this is what I understand about my life. Oh, listen. Like. Everybody loved that guy, that guy hate no one to believe that no more. I'm this guy not because of that. I'm this guy right now because of the guy. He came in my name.


I'm scared of that guy. Buty my, my, my. No, no.


You know me.


You don't want to watch every fight. Yeah, I see that behind, like, the closed door.


Like Mike, when you don't want to fight my dad on gambling and got us a new TV. Yeah I remember they wouldn't.


I know nobody was like this guy.


They wouldn't inside me like Mike Tyson was a Muhammad Ali went from the who is like Mike Tyson without people. Yeah. It's like he was all the people he was though.


The check the check for that guy we love.


Right. Well, hey, guys, we got to wrap this up. We had another interview to hear, but I love talking this morning. I appreciate you coming in. But, you know, I think the information is important. You got to be kind to each other. We got no chance without that.


Yeah. We could do ourselves because, you know, absolutely search my bootlicker. We kind of people that have a good feeling about them. That's the first step. Boosey Thank you, Mo. Thank you, Mike. Thank you.


No, thank you. But I'm very grateful that we all are here together. We woke up this morning to give our opinions to life that really, really don't fucking matter. But in our own self ego based life, we think we're somebody. That's right.


Until next time, everybody. This has been another episode of Hotbox. And I'm Aaron Brown.


And I'm Mike Tyson on both of my surroundings. Thank you. Yeah.


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