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So now we know the humans can agree. Now we just got to put it in Atlanta. My wife just called me. I'm sorry, please, everybody, my wife said, how do we stop him from chewing socks and other people thing? How do we stop doing that in New York City?


I got people a one bedroom apartment.


People got together in their apartment with alligator tag and then he got busted. Bunch of alligator in the tiger got to finally try to break up.


He got a big chunk taken out and they found out, hey, ma, ma, ma, Rahzel is not going to like it. What are you doing?


Do you stop them the way anyway. That's what I'm saying is like it's a lot of pent up puppy. Welcome back to Hotbox, and we are here in paradise. I'm Jeremy Piven. And I'm Mike Tyson. And I'm Cesar Millan. Yeah, maybe all day.


And we're eating what, guacamole and drinking Paloma's. There we go. Salute, salute the Mexican passport. And you got the guy. So there you go.


Mario Lopez loves his mother. Mm hmm. But that's what we call it. Pinyon.


Yeah, we call it Paloma's. So you've created your own paradise here.


You know, when I came to America, I wanted to become the best doctor in the world.


I grew up watching Lassie and renting team. So I thought that all the dogs were just like Rin Tin Tin.


Yeah, right. So I say, I'm going to go to America. I'm going to learn from Americans, and then I go back home, you know, because Mexicans, we don't go too far from home or mom. Right.


So but then when I saw the situation in America about this connection and the lack of communication and they were not creating trust, respect and love, I said I need to create a place where people can come and learn natural, simple, profound, when people can actually understand energy and the psychology of a dog because people were trying it like a human.


You know what I'm saying?


So if you change the way dogs learn of you change the way things are, you're not going to be able to create what you're looking for, which is that honesty, integrity, good shipment of real life.


You didn't trust you didn't think he could make guacamole.


Hey, I did my guacamole for little guy lunch truck. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, no guacamole. Tell me the superfoods are good guacamole. I don't care what you get from a superfood. I'm beginning to get away with it.


But you have a culture where that's that's you grow from the north of Mexico. So we we got the good food. Yeah. We got the good seafood. We're known for the food, you know what I mean.


So you did you when did you know that you had an insight into this whole world of the animal dogs.


Yeah, I grew up on a farm and especially those in Alabama and my grandfather say never work against Mother Nature, always gain their trust, always getting the respect. And they're going to give you a beautiful gift called loyalty. So I grew up with those moral values.


You know, I didn't know I had anything to offer to the world. I knew that I had the passion, you know, which is I wanted to work around animals and especially dogs. You know, until I came to America, I realized that I can offer the knowledge that my grandfather nurture in me, you know, otherwise I had no idea because I didn't think our dogs were extremely connected watching. Interesting thing. You would think, wow, those dogs understand English, you know what I mean?


So that naive ness at that time, I didn't realize that I had anything to offer. That's why I came to America. But America definitely allowed me to to to know who I am in the professional world. Right.


Yeah, but I mean, there had to be a moment where you realize, wow, I know how to connect, you know, you know how to break through it all.


But that's when. So I used to live in Englewood and Englewood to South Central. So my first dog psychology center, I started in nineteen ninety nine is sixty four Street in South Central and the hood.


Right. So they used to call me the Mexican guy who walks a pack of dogs because I used to walk Rottweilers, pit bulls and German shepherds off leash, 40 of them.


I didn't know. I didn't know. I didn't know it was illegal.


The work of leash dogs. I didn't speak English, any papers or anything like that.


I believe they you know, they just say, you know, I mean, because they they just thought that I was crazy. I guess so. So so that's when I start, you know, people started looking at me different.


You know, that's the Mexican guy, you know, that walks a pack of dogs. So you should go call them.


And that's OK. So I got something going on here. I was just walking dogs because that's all I knew. It's all you knew, but how do you think you've always known this? I mean. That's the part that's the part of the you know, they wants you so that what I love about America is how much they love dogs, right? So the value of a dog is another level. I was giving me the express. Do you know how many wealthy people when they die?


Yeah, well, the plane next to me with my everything.


Listen, you like you like somebody say a girlfriend, a wife and a dog in a trunk and leave them there for them. Open the door for you. Be happy to see you.


I remember that, right? Yeah. Yeah. What. Well, are we playing unconditional love.


Yeah. This is so hard for people to even conceive of that for other people, even though they say they love them and they marry them. You've seen them actually people sacrificing their life for love. Very rare. Yeah. Yeah, it's very rare. Yeah. Yeah. So that, that, that's actually to, to, to experience love at another level, which is really a which, which I seen people like throwing birthday parties for dogs. Dogs get to see Santa Claus in America.


I've seen dogs getting marry, you know, I mean I never see that. And I'm in Mexico. Right. I dog you know, it's in social space. A dog is to protect the home.


That's back in my time. You know, now people have to change their mentality thanks to the show.


But but the what we lost, we look for that. We receive only in the dog and have to trust. Yeah, well, we love. That's what we love now. Everybody has a price and everybody pay for my money and they have a place, you know, and that's the thing with a dog.


It's not about money. Fame and power is about natural, simple, profound. So that's so what I said about energy. The energy you have, they don't know they don't know Mike Tyson as Mike Tyson. They just know what's his energy.


We had, you know, at one time in life, man had been rolling with a pack of lies. There's no way that couldn't have happened. It had to happen. He's had to meet the game. They have them. Now, imagine the beginning of history time. They had to roll together. No way they had with one another. Yeah, that sounds crazy. There's no way that could happen or to cheat. The cheat is more like a dog than a matter of fact.


The legendary ancient kings doing it with cheaters. Right. And you watch some cheaters. Honey, honey. The boys were bored so they could do with cheaters and they probably did it with lines, too.


And then they took dogs. The Rhodesian Ridgeback. Yeah. How is that possible? What to teach a dog to hunt a lion.


The burbles the Rhodesian reach. It's a different type, but it's the same. I mean, it's hunting. Right. But but it's the thing is, look, you can you can create a dog to a border collie. They just do that. Right. That's the amazing part of humankind. Right. That we can actually grab a specific behavior and grab a specific target and and create a breed specifically for that.


But we don't do that anymore. Right. So so then that dog was bred for that now lives in the city with no jobs. Hey, you said it. So it's the dog in America has become unemployed, even though he's he has a degree. Right. So once you get a purebred dog, what you're getting is a dog with a degree.


Right. So, OK, fine, we're out of work. This out of work. So so make mistakes like an Instagram model. Still make mistakes. Well, there is a way it makes mistakes is because it doesn't have his energy put into work. So what I, what I done for that is I created a backpack. So when you take a dog for a walk, you put a backpack on. That's a job. You said you need to give a dog a dog, is the dog on purpose?


You have one here, a backpack for dogs? Yeah. Yeah, I send you with one before you leave for four months. Yeah, yeah. So the point is, no matter what breed the dog is like the Boy Scouts, right. So kids who was a Boy Scout, no matter what race the kid is, he carries a backpack.


Right. And now he has a mission. Right. So anything with a mission, anything with a purpose becomes a job. You get it so so once you have any purebred dog, that's why a lot of people say, well, it's easier to deal with mutts. Yeah, because they don't have that specific ability to to to achieve a task. Right.


You know, a Labrador is a Labrador, a German shepherd, a German shepherd. They're all dogs, but they're a different breed. So we all humans, different race. It's fascinating, it's in their DNA. Yeah, it's been bred into it, you don't have to teach a dog how to swim. You don't have to dream like pigeons.


Say this, for instance. Why is one pigeon worth two and one with two million? Why that's true. I don't know why. Because who his mother would know who his father was incredible is because of their family bloodline odds. Because he will to to. This guy was to try to fit the two million. Please tell me you didn't ever pay two million dollars for a pigeon, but I would is worth it. I love it. We do.


Yeah, I understand that because that's what you do. Getting perfection is this perfection minute.


OK, it's perfection. Yeah. And I'm in it.


So. So what would the characteristics of a two million dollar pigeon be like? Well what could that pigeon do? Like a coy?


You know, sometimes you know what? Sometimes they trace them back from the Crusades bloodline. How would you think that'll work? Hmm.


But let's say that the dog that he. Way back there. The dog that he once the debate master, was sold for a million dollars a puppy. A million dollars, but he comes from like four hundred years old, generation of Tibetan mastiff, you know, so you're buying the generation you buy in the bag.


You just lucky sperm club, you know, lucky sprinkler. Absolutely.


Yeah. I never heard about that.


I actually have heard about what the pigeons have. Look it up. Yeah, no, it's for a pigeon.


I met Coye. There was a million and a half million dollar coin. McCoy beautiful white entitlement had to be something different. What was so special about.


Well, no, first of all, was the color. It was perfect.


White and the round red circle on top. Perfect, just freaky, perfect. The guy is on porn now, that's it, they show him, they transport them in his own plane thing to do.


And this people are so proud of this.


And I'm you know something? You know what? The stork's polygamy to stork's. They eat the Clayface. And not that one that I have to have, because we tried to put a net and put a net over the past, I got caught fish right there.


They come to eat their stocks. So it's kind of fascinating because, you know, I had originally reached out to you because I was not connecting with my dog. My dog was giving me attitude. My dog would take one look at me and just go, I own you. That was that was a look my dog was giving me. Yeah. He would look at me, like, just totally not not interested. That's Mars. Yeah. So you've got the same problem with your dog.


That's because you let them my history with dogs and my relationship with dog. The reason why I, I don't end a particular kid for the dog, but I have my cat that would relate to my mother and then my conscious they before anybody even comes my coming my house, my dog or my cat, they really at the door before I even hear them before leaving the car there. They know that somebody is coming. Right. They could hear until Tuesday that we could never even imagine doing, you know, and they just see things, hear things that we can never imagine hearing.


And I would think this is my conscious.


That's why I say with my dog, the most interesting way to look at it. But it's sensitive. I've always thought somebody is coming to my door before they even ring the doorbell. So your initial contact with the dog is everything, when I go to people's home, you, us as dog owners, we establish that relationship. And if we if we show them too much love without it being under nothing, it's nothing wrong with the love is just the order of.


So first you have to gain the trust, the respect, and then you give them the love and respect, love. So I believe is in order for things. So it's a formula of rituals and symbols. So to be a champ, there is a formula to be enacted. There is a formula. You know what I mean? As body, mind, heart. Not just because you love to be an actor, you're going to be an actor.


You know, you got to put the body, the mind. The heart is in order of things. Yeah. So we know that anybody that has accomplished things know the investment of the body in the mind is first you have to gain the trust, the respect of the people so they can give you the love, you know what I mean? Not just because you're somebody or whatever. You're going to get love right away. Now you've got to it Internet.


We all know that. But when it comes to a dog, people say, no, just give them the love.


But that's how I end up with a TV show drinking to America to have a TV show, you know?


I mean, and I came to America to learn from Americans so I can go back home and open my own business. I wanted to be a vet, but because I come from a low income background, my parents couldn't afford it.


So the next thing to work in the behavior of dogs, where can I go and learn? There's no one in Mexico at that time. You know, there was that I can actually want to follow. You know, it could be my role model.


So you had to you you had no examples. You had to kind of carve out your own path.


Became the first dog whisperer in the world right now. Now, a lot of kids want to be that right. I created my own profession. You know, I created my own path. I created a dream for a lot of people.


And I created this is the first dog psychology center in the world. You nobody has this. Yeah, no. There's no way in the world this is the first one, you know.


So obviously, you know, call that temple the Temple of Dreams over there. It was my vision to become the best in the world. I just didn't know I was going to become. Call the dog whisperer, you know, I was going to stay in America and then help generations of people to connect and a natural, simple, profound way, you know what I mean?


And I just I travel the world and do live shows all over the world. Have to learn English, of course, and to speak English and to teach people, you know, in their language about who they already love.


Because America really love dogs. That just didn't know dogs, so one thing is you love things, but if you don't know how and then you just have an idea. You know, right, you have to make it reality, you have to make it tangible, and the only way you can make a reality intangible is body mind.


You have to execute what's inside your mind, even if nobody knows what the hell you're talking about.


Right now, you have you know, I train people, rehabilitate dogs. What is that means everybody's tired. Before I came that you're supposed to train the dog, I said, what were you trying to do when the human doesn't know anything? How can a human be a good teacher when he does he not being trained, you know what I mean?


Knowledge. And then is the affection. Did someone train you or you kind of how did you know that was just me, that there was nobody to look for you? It was no no role model to look for. No, they think I'm doing it right. Yeah.


So I figured the right thing.


You know, they throw around the word gift a lot, but it was a gift for you. Yeah. Way a mission is a spiritual mission. Yeah.


Yeah, absolutely. That's what I like all of that stuff, you know, because this is part of that mission is better than not getting to know yourself without all the crap that you that you pick along the way, you know, because, you know, you attract a lot of things and then that pollutes who you are.


So I want to know who am I without any toxicity of the world, my environment, parents, you know, Sinaloa, Mexico and the border and whatever, whatever happened, I want to see myself without all of that calm, comfort, love and joy.


I want to I want to see that part of me.


Without that. Yeah, without all that. I want to see myself without all of that, with the animals. The reason why I love animals so much is this.


Look at this. So this plays my goal for this place, for people to come here is to feel safe, peace and love.


As soon as you walk into my line, I want you to feel three things safe. Peace, love from me. I want you to get calm, confident, love, joy. And then I'm going to give you the information how I got there. Right. You said to me, yeah. Yeah, I definitely feel that being here. And it's interesting because you also along that way became famous, I think, for fame. I know. But then you have to navigate that.


Yeah. And that's a whole other animal. Tell me about that.


I could ask Mike. Tell me about that. That's right.


You know, in situations like that, you have to ask them. You can let fame imprison you. You have to liberate yourself from yourself. Yeah, but you need your knowledge. Yeah. You need knowledge.


The world, the big school in a teacher. I know. But before you get to the real teachers, you go through the dark, you know what I mean?


And so I have a foundation, you know, Susan Miller Foundation. And my goal for the next generation, America, is to understand how to stay connected because you're born connected, you're born want it.


You want want it to become you want want it to be confident you're born, want to love you want to want. It's a joy experience. Joy you're born want to feel safe. You want want to feel peace and love. You born all of that.


So it's not something that you have to go to school to to achieve it.


You are born with it.


But if you're role models do not nurture and nature of that and then unfortunately you're going to lose it. So yes, you can become money, fame and power, but doesn't mean you are happy. Now you say it doesn't mean you're calm, doesn't mean you love, doesn't mean you have trust, respect the love.


And then what happens is you have to go back and, and, you know, reconnect to your real self. That's what people go to India and people go to Peru. Yeah. They go to find themselves the enlightenment thing. But you're born your spirit before your flesh.


You can find all that wherever you are. Yeah, you should. I think the whole world should. All that to you. You could bring all that to you. You give some and all that to you. It's already in you. Yeah. Yeah. You're alive.


So since you're alive, your spirit, your instincts and your heart, what you what you don't have before you arrive is the intellect.


You don't even know what your name is going to be. You don't even know what language you're going to speak. And if they call you, they're going to call you a white guy, black guy, Mexican guy.


You don't know you just know that you want to be safe. Peace, love, trust, love, honesty. Do you love the comfort, love and joy?


And, you know, you have to use your body, your mind and your heart to move forward in life.


You know, all of that is instincts. His spirit is heart, you know what I'm saying? But when somebody does it, nurture or nature that and then you lose track of it and then you start looking in the wrong places for guidance. Right, because when you're a kid, you're looking for somebody to follow, right, because at that moment, you can only follow, you can lead. But if you have the wrong role models, if you live in the wrong environment, and then you start absorbing the wrong energy, behaving the wrong way, and yes, you can become money and power.


But at one point you want to go back to your spirituality, to your instincts, into your heart. Well, that's why I love animals so much.


I think animals like people. You have the right experience and what they engage with the right people, the right energy, because at some point in my life, it was no way I was going to turn out to be who I was. I was going to be shot kioko today. It was no way I was going to turn out to be here with you. And I think anyone can change a person, a dog. I don't believe I believe anybody could change when they prepared to change.


That's right. That's right.


Well, that's what I call surrender. So once so once you enter into your calm surrender state, that's when transformation begins. So you most powerful state of mind is not happy, go lucky or confident as your calm surrender, because that's when you listen.


You learn and you heal. So most people have difficulty with the word surrender. Yeah, you see what I mean, because they see it as weakness, but surrender means open mind and calm body, calm surrender.


So when I teach a dog or when I help a dog, I just help him get to that place. That's why I do exercise. First, I calm the body. I attract the mind. The mind opens its nose, eyes, ears.


That's why words are everything. Yeah, it was a great they really just everything worth everything is how we perceive the world. That's right. We perceived as most of the time we perceive the wrong. That's right. We're not used to having encounters with those words.


I tell you what about words, because English is not my first language. So I start hearing the words dominant, right.


Dominant. So Tiger Woods dominated the court. So I tell the dog people, oh, you have to be more dominant and then some people will feel offended. I don't want to hurt my dog. Wait a minute. The Lakers dominated the court. Right. So it's semantics, right? I mean, is I didn't invent the word. I didn't make the language. I'm just. OK, so you don't want me to use that. OK, what words are American OK with with the leadership position.


Assertive, they didn't like it either. What about confident? You see it so it's like, listen, choose the word that you want.


I just want the feeling, I just want you to feel calm and positive.


So you call it however you want because the dogs don't care what you call it, what the dog cares, how you feel. So if you're not confident, you're not going to lead, you're going to go back in the pack, you can't lead, and the animal world, they don't follow instability. We're the only species follow unstable leaders.


Yeah, yeah. Only animals follow stability.


So I was saying earlier to Jeremy, if you're not the highest calmness, if you're not the highest positive, if you're not the highest love, if you're not the highest joy, you can say, I want to lead the pack in the animal world, you can't don't even don't even register yourself.


Yeah, they don't they won't use you.


And you can't lie to animals about how you feel because it's way it's like impossible to believe.


It's impossible. It's like waves of energy they're going to pick up. They don't have the rationality so they can care less what you wear, what you call or, you know, whatever.


However, they they it's like saying, can you you lie to God. No, you can't. You can't. You can't. You can't. You can't lie to an animal and you can't lie to God.


Guide dog. Because as I say, we never try to hide the animals. That's one thing. He was never lied to them. Oh, my clients don't let animals. What. I never lied to you because you know them. I do everything I ever did my burden.


So that's why your dog doesn't like you might.


Oh, God, I don't believe you like to leave him.


Yeah, no, no, you can't lie. It's impossible to lie to someone who doesn't have rationality, you know. I mean is he just sees right through you. Right.


It's like when you go to TSA and you get this metal detector, well, the dog detects your bullshit like that.


But or a rat or whatever. It's so interesting because basic some basic stuff that you do right away that I do sometimes instinctively with dogs, but sometimes I don't, which is just to hold on to your power and, you know, be very calm and they will sense it. They'll come to you. Yeah. You know, but the moment you try to, like, fan boy out for assistance, you they haven't earned it. Like you're on your hands and knees.


You're doing that stuff. And they're like, no, I got this guy. Yeah. This and there are of dog runs in my houses in the movie.


I can't I can't sleep. My wife, he sleeps in between his house. Talk to him, Caesar. Talk to him. I don't want to change that sound good. That's that's different. That's different. Yeah, he's not a dog. He's a child. Right. The child now. Yeah. One day. Listen, one day that my wife went outside and one night she closed the door. I forgot it was do some guy she left mother thought the whole house with a heartbeat to think that we lost the whole house was quiet and we just wanted to tell the thought of and I jumped in the car and my daughter jumped in the car and that we both within the call is looking for this crazy dog that was just next door hanging out with his friend.


The fact that a household changed the whole energy in the house changed what we talked about. We lost them. Yeah.


The dog makes you human. The animal makes you human. You know, definitely. We have family ties. Yeah. The trip.


Yeah. Yeah. What what are these dogs know that we don't realize they know. Do you know? What do you mean? I mean, we all make mistakes with these dogs because we don't realize. Go ahead, sir.


Oh, no, I think we don't know God like they know God. Our perception of God, I think they have a clear perception for their perspective that we have this, in my opinion.


I like it. I like your opinion. I believe in that. I definitely believe on Earth and God are connected. You know, we need to experience ourself, our home and our families and a very genuine way and a very honest way. A very respectful way, very loving way. So if you connect to that vibration and then you align yourself to that, you know, vibration.


Yeah. You just hit on it. Yeah. You connect.


Yeah. It's like five G or four G is which one are you vibrating that you connect. That's why you know the twin brothers of the world, Deepak Chopra is of the world. What they're help trying to help humans is to connect to vibration so you can achieve your vision. You say help hundreds of thousands of people.


Correct. But only with the ones that connect. The other ones are like truly that. And what I'm saying exactly.


Yeah, but but I was 13 when I say I want to be the best doctor in the world, you know, so I said it to my mom and because my mom agree with it. And then that created the vibration of accomplishment. Right.


And then when I was 21, that's when I said, Mom, I'm leaving. Where are you going? I'm going to America. I'm going to go because, you know, I have to be old enough enough for my mom to let me go. And so that's when I moved to the border and that's when it took me two weeks to jump the border. And then I was homeless for two months after I closed the border. But it's that vibration.


Is that the focus, that vision, that trust? I don't speak English. I didn't know anybody. I don't have an address. I didn't have money. They come from low income family. But my point to the world is that if you connect to that vibration and then whatever you want in life comes, comes for you. So if your goal is to have a dog to walk off leash, just connect to that vibration.


My clients, that's what they want. They can see their dogs walking off leash. Like what? We see homeless people walking with the dogs off leash. They can't see it because they're afraid. So if your insecurity, if you fear controls you, your hesitation controls you, you can vibrate at the level the nature vibrates because animals are not born to be on a leash. We're the only species that put things on leashes, on everything. You see them saying they're born to follow you willingly, willingly, not because you make them.


But I understand. I understand it's a leash law, but it is a way where you can teach where the animal feels calm, comfort, love and joy with that leash.


But most people do. You want to go for a walk?


And then the dog superexcited the dog. You can't control him anymore.


You know, it's so interesting. You're dealing with people who their lives are fear based. So you introduced a couple of words and that word offends them, right? Dominate. No, no. Bring it down, please. No dominant confidence too much. What right do you don't I mean, that's our fear based. And we're dealing with a culture that's dominated by that, I mean to say dominate, but very easy.


But but dogs are they're not dealing with language or anything else. And so they just see, OK, what's what's this energy? What's this vibration? And they gravitate towards it.


It was the energy and what is the activities and then the repetitions. Right. Because I want you have to repeat so you energy your activities, your repetitions. So calm, confident, love, enjoy, exercise, discipline, affection every day. Then they say follow, play, explore, because a dog can only do three things. They follow the player explore. Kids follow, play, explore, but as an energy activities, repetitions. I like to say things in three because it's easy to remember.


Yeah, you see what I'm saying says follow, play, explore. That said, you follow somebody, somebody is following you. You play with somebody and we explore, play, explore. Everything's in threes, even comedy is in threes, so threes, yeah, very powerful, yeah, nose, eyes, ears, your eyes, nose like look honestly, Terry Lloyd, you know what I mean.


No, no. But since we learned this, I've always thought since my opinions, I've been doing this 10 years old and I believe. Well, from information I received, and I think that they were born for us to take care of them because they can't take care of themselves, who are the pigeon that within the 18 months down in the wild, the degree 17 years were? When they care for 17 years, you have 16, 17. But it's just why these birds here, you know, I mean, everyone figured why there's so many of them, if they're not supposed to be here or even the ones in the street.


So if he dies, to my knowledge, no purebred, but the puppies come from these birds, right? That's just a little assistance.


But I'll tell you one thing, Mike. I'll tell you one thing. I'd rather I'd rather rescue a dog from the streets of Mexico or any third world country than a purebred dog. Why? Because that dog knows everybody. He knows how to cross the street. He knows how to tell you. But I'd rather have one of those. I just have to become a friend of him and that eventually for him to follow me. And that's it. I don't have to put him on a leash or not.


But he will teach you the streets street. Smart, right? Exactly. Did you get a purebred dog? You see how to teach them freaking streets. You are teaching what not to pee or not to charge.


You know, this is three dogs retain the instincts of a dog that it was bred and that you have to train him and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


You have to tell him what to do with three dogs is ass ass.


You have you have housecalls. She really gets back. A street dog will leave you.


The house does not leave you because he depends on you know, I angry because she is independent like you say he could do without you. You could give someone else the street dog outdoor cat.


But once you gain the loyalty of that, you right. That dog depends on himself. The truth is animals don't need because they can find food, water, shelter, family.


They don't need us. You know what I mean? The kangaroo doesn't need you.


An elephant doesn't need you.


Well, doesn't need to do happen either. They don't like how we taste. They don't either, because the really desperation. They don't like sharks and they don't like human beings flesh. I don't blame them. It's like a dog thinks it's like the devil of dogs. Yeah, we're not organic. We're now AA1 or Galson to kill you, though.


They want to kill you. But that's because you enter in the wrong place, because you bother in their territory and they feel threatened to their family. You know what I mean?


When when a shark or a or a bear or a lion hurts a human or kills a human, it's not because he's looking for that human like sharks.


Before you know the hunters, I'll be sure to hang out with sharks before I heard the.


How did it go? Beautiful. Were you afraid before? Absolutely.


Yeah, absolutely. But I'm one of them. Afraid if I do it right. Well, then I'm afraid of I'm afraid if I'm afraid of this girl, I would do it whatever it is.


Right. That's a self-esteem thing we were talking about last night with the dog. Yeah.


And they don't like the taste of our flesh, so they don't want to eat us. But when you flail around and the fear manifests into that behavior, that's when they're going to take a bite and they think that you're a seal or something.


Oh, the sharks. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you're in the wrong place, there's just like anything that moves, they have to have the they have no prejudice. Whatever moves that they have, KUCB, they attack. You have to do nothing is attack. Right.


Let's see the square that you know, that you and they say with a shark, if you pee on a shark, they'll go away.


But you can go and you have to piss. I know.


Well, that's the whole thing. You have to be so calm. Can you imagine being so calm that, you know, can you imagine being in the water, in the water?


The water goes the other way.


But but the but the point being, you you have to get into a place of completely eradicate any type of fear. Right. Which you would be almost impossible. And then once you can do that, they'll go away, which is insane.


But what I was told about filming, I've been attacked by a shark, a bull. So he says before it happens, it's just dead silence. Yeah. What happens if you have Birgeneau, him dead silence, the burden that they must be aware they hit around. So that's where they pick up. But he says, did you hear the attack?


Yeah, well, when they're hunting, there's they're quiet. So when a dog is you know, I see a lot of people walking their dogs and they're going to a hunting mode, you know what I mean? And that's why it's not good to walk a dog in front of you because you put them into a hunting mode as well. Tracking Mohanty pulling mode. So a lot of dogs is walk around there scouting for dogs. So it's this silence.


So when you when I'm reading a dog, you know, as people call me and say, is my dog aggressive? Now your dog is hunting, which is even worst aggressive dogs.


You know, they're expressing themselves with a little bit of sound or a little bit of movement.


The guys who are hunting. They're scouting for it, so so you open so the dog is a domesticated species, but they're still hunters. So the whole point of that you're not supposed to allow is to bring that instinctual side of hunting. That's why it's very important for a lot of people not to play tug of war with a dog before you get the breaks, like the rules, boundaries, limitations, you know, because when you open that, you bring in that side.


You know, and it was this girl was the squirrel that's killing something, you're giving permission to get excited, right? You said so because the dog lives in the city. Now, you don't want to have an excited predator. He's a predator, right. You know, and you're always looking for balance. If you're saying they're not in front of you, they're right next to you or they're behind you. Yeah. And you're you're establishing that first.


So the handicapped people are doing the right, you know, the blind, but the dog is next to them. Homeless people just don't have money, fame, power or a home. The dog is in the back of leash.


So the handicapped and the homeless are the only two humans in America who are doing it right. My clients put a harness, a flex, a leash, and the dog is just all over the place.


So that is why they're never going to be able to take the dog off leash. They have fights, encounters in the sidewalk because the dog, is he already in all the trees that he just bats? He said so for them to pierce ownership. You know, so the other dogs, I'm in the opposite direction like this. Why are they so fascinated with. It's almost like they're reading emails when they are just like tells you who they are and in there, for example, you know, they get all their information on Mars that is intact.


They will know that he's intact and he has a sperm and that. So then they will start to get all the information. They're also calling females that way, you know, they do.


So happy Mars. I can't believe he's just happy. Where is he? Right there. Yeah. I'm so happy to see him like that. Have you tried this one? No, I think we. I think it's like, oh, OK, this is it tells me to eat this parade with that little avocado on it.


OK. Isn't that funny? Food can make you a better person. I believe you.


Is happiness. Wow. Just a little in the cake has a little kick.


Not just enough. I never take a kick on this before. Yeah, that's good. Yeah, that's good. And a little bit limit.


How far you from the places that you food.


How far is it. Firestone or whatever.


We order the food from St.. OK, I found this coming, I found this to be a very. Isolated place. This one is pretty isolated. I really I, I would like to be where I'm at now from Newport Beach to live like an hour. I like that this like I would pretty much like that. You Burbidge as far.


Yeah, yeah. Just have everything you wanted to you have to go to Los Angeles, you know, like I've been a busy man. I never in a million years, I used to be younger than my twin and was never the same. You all do all those white people. So, no, the main thing I the place they would give me all the wrong information.


All right. Right now I'm up there. They can't get me away from me. Right. Can't get me to go and live with nothing.


Yeah. It's just it's interesting. You know, people view telling you who they think you won't like.


Yeah. Never to me if I have a dog live up there, especially labradoodle, I love it now. Going to take the whole family dynamic. Yeah, yeah. Dog allow it brings compassion in the house as well. Empathy, compassion, no doubt about it. Yeah. Yeah. People see you with a dog and they see you differently with me and anyone with a dog.


Oh yeah, you know what I mean. I look, I can I can we can be in a meeting with Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, whatever you want.


You put a dog in it. Everybody talks about the dog.


And the whole discussion is looking a little bit heavy with you. Barking Yeah. Stop, stop. Yeah. The energy is getting to see things.


It's a great mediator is a great you know, I've been with Republicans, Democrats, whatever you call it. It's all about the dog. Yeah, you know, the dog is the family, the dog is hard. It's funny. You could be on stage, you could be the best actor in the world. If a dog wanders on stage, everyone looks at it.


Will he do it here? Yeah. You've lost. Yep. You've lost everyone's attention. That's right. That's what kind of fascinates that period. Is that genuine, pure, you know, like a little kid is just a just genuine and honest, totally present and whatever, you know, whatever.


It doesn't always, you know, ruin the scene or anything like that is just I just feel like running.


I just feel like walking as fast. I just feel like really nice French Montana here. Yes. I want a massive I got so jealous why I won one of those things and I think so that's a good energy.


Whatever he has, that's a good energy. That's actually I love the energy.


Super calm. Yeah. Miles that would be perfect for, for Mars. Yeah.


I want that right now. Yeah. I thought about it at the end of my time. I had great energy that I want to dominate my wife. I love my wife enough that we can give a dog like that for my. Yes, we're fighting like hell for this dog about the war going on my health and fitness to be a massive. We talk to him about the war going on right now, how how big do these dogs get? 75 huge.


Seventy five, no, 110, 171, yes, no, not 75 in the event that 40, right, that 40, 175, five. And that's muscle.


Oh, this is a that's a huge bone is bone density. But tell me about the beauty of the beautiful car. Yeah, like a small tiger.


A lion. I mean, I know I have a small small lion is huge small.


Why do you think you wanted to get out of Tiger? Tiger. Why do you think he regret you gravitated towards one earlier or down?


My insecurities I guess. It's powerful, you you want to be seen that way, huh? You wanted to be seen with a tiger? No, I wanted something that ferocious to love me. Mm.


That's pretty cool. That ferocious to love me. That's weird, huh? Hmm, yeah, why do you want somebody ferocious to live because he because he can never love himself. He's alone all the time and he meets a woman, is not breathing. Time is going to kill it. It's going to kill her. He doesn't want you to look at him. If you look at him, we see you acting like we're going to kill. You don't want do we want to be alone?


And I want them to love me exactly 100 percent. I put my ego and I have my cat. Wow. Wow. No one can come around me, my kid, nobody. How old was he? What do I get I got it was a couple of months, but probably lived 14 years. Wow.


And you were you were able to hang out with even when the only time I ever got bitten by a cat with I was given the line to get them, but I got shot and he bit me.


But that's the only time I ever got hurt by a cat.


You could have given CVD before you get the show. You're taking the shot and taking the shot. So, I mean, that's why we've been saying, yes, it is wrong with a no, the right ones. A lot of people are killed or bitten by A and stuff like that. Somebody in the family was trying to give them a hug and a cat attacked them or something. I heard a lot of stories that you had to wear masks because if you walk behind them, they grab you, you know.


So I ran into a cat. You said energy. I can't believe I had a cat like that. Can be, but you can't hang out with me, so.


But what was your energy then? What was your energy when you were around the cat like to get in like the cat is right there. And how do you just accept it?


At first I had to show I was strong and all that stuff and then I just pure. And it was wrong. It was just pure love. She was both to the both of the house. To them. Yeah. There's no way you're scared to be cynical. What do you think when he gets older, remember, I get back at you so you just want to show love. And then by doing that he makes mistakes too, because then the he know the that.


And if you get somebody else, everybody else is the target. Pretty much.


So you knew instinctively when you first met this cat, you couldn't show any fear.


I didn't think they will feel your fearful, madly in love with fitting into my mind. Sometimes I had to learn about the cat work because sometimes you have your cat, your cat is different. You can't go to somebody else's, can go hug somebody else. You can't do that. That's why I'm like that. The hard way in the cat world. You have to feel them out just like the guy he. You can go in there now.


Yeah, but dogs were like the same treatment, you know what I mean. Those were like the same like respect. Come on, give me respect. Let me gain your trust. Right. And then we can be friends. Try to respect the deaf people with that. With the cats and the horses. Yeah. Like horse people like no, no. You can't just run into the horse, you know, because even if they if a horse person is going to teach a child how to be with with a horse, they tell them to be calm, keep distance in bite.


Don't let an inmate trust, respect. But the same principles can be applied to a dog. Those are the same principles you apply to yourself. You don't just want to love when you want to gain the trust, you want to respect the person you know.


And then there's the love, respect, love. Absolutely. You know what I mean is like but with a dog, people just want to break all the rules and then they blame the dog. That's the part. That's the part. Like when people say, oh, pitbulls and Rottweilers and German shepherds and all, simply they just blame the dog. There is no knowledge behind instincts as all reaction. So you can't blame someone who reacts. He doesn't blame the lion.


He doesn't blame the tiger. He doesn't want they don't rationalize. How can you blame somebody who does not rationalize? Why would a dog be any different? You see how the media is always going after the pit bulls and Rottweilers, Jim and Chipper's and the 70s. People were afraid of the Doberman and the 80s, people were afraid of the Rottweilers. And then on the 2000s, people were afraid of the pit bull. So every 10 years, whatever breed is popular and powerful, they blame it.


But in the 60s, where the German shepherds, because they were used for civil rights, so Chipper's Doberman's Rottweilers dating back to the Nazis, you go back, they want to tell you the Holocaust.


You see it.


I'm saying, but but it's not the breed. My point is not the dog. It's not the breed.


Is the human behind that? Absolutely.


Because Lassie and renting renting. These are German shepherds from the Little Rascals. They pretty much got stigma's just like human races. Exactly, though. Exactly. So right now is the Mexicans.


It was you got the pit bulls and stuff.


Yeah, exactly. Right now, the pit bulls. So the funny part is, is the dog whisperer.


And and my my right hand was a pit bull.


So it's a pit bull in a Mexican changing the world.


But you they never say, oh, it's a Mexican and a pit bull. Changing the world is a dog whisperer guy with his dog, Daddy.


I would like to have that title is that Mexican guy that changed the world? Yeah, because that was, you know what I'm saying. But but then, however, the manipulated. I love the opportunity, though.


Love. But when we're all Americans, we almost lose our race, yet we come home when you were in America and you know, there's just so many races, only just Americans, it doesn't make it.


It's a human, you know, I mean, with different cultural background, animal dog breed.


We have our own like we have American. That's right. I mean, we have English language. We have American literature in there and a little bit of culture because it's not that long.


It's not along, you know, culture out of the word that a noun is the guy that age probably invented to do that with fancy words came back into existence with the hip hop artist. That's right. Hard rock give you a lot of words came into existence and they're still.


Yeah, I mean, it depends on your background, like I grew up in an integrated culture and there's not a lot of truly integrated cultures that you can grow. I was the only white boy in my football team. I didn't know any different.


We hung American football of Americans, American football.


So you hung out with people because you connected with them? That's right. For no other reason. Right. And so that's I have a very different perspective and that's my perspective life. And that's the way it should be. It's not always the case, unfortunately, but that's education.


Yeah, that's the knowledge bar, you know, so kids have to learn at an early age that it has nothing to do with the breed. As long as you understand energy, you connect with the animal. As long as you connect, you understand the psychology of that particular species. Diagnosis years, nociceptors and then doesn't matter. The breed, the breed is just the cultural background. So do you want to do you want a dog to retrieve? Of course you get a Labrador.


They naturally do it right. You know, you want a dog to protect, but you get a Rottweiler or a German shepherd that they're naturally do it, you see it.


But if you just want to just have companionship and connection and relationship, just get a mutt. You get a mix, dog is perfectly fine. So what kind of advice would you give my dog died recently? What kind of advice do you give? How old was he was he was young man. He was not not even quite four years old. He died in my arms. Do you jump right back in? Do you take some time? What is grief?


Right. Yeah. Yeah, there's more to this us, you know, so we Mexicans, we celebrate death so we don't stay too long on the unhappiness, you know, you know.


So it's so you have to go through the grief because if you bring another dog to try to to, to fulfill or to heal. Yeah.


He's going to find you in pain. Right. And then because you are human and pain, you can't really lead, you say.


So I might as well just honor your grief. And I mean, I don't I can't even imagine that moment that we thought we lost the whole house changed. Well, that one second we thought she was he was calling the whole fucking house changed his guilt. We met him a way just to hold a second. So quick.


Yeah. So fucking quick. Yeah, it was over. It's everything.


All, all, all the things that you're saying. About dogs are the same about humans. Yeah, you know what I mean. Yeah, you have to know yourself, you know, in order for you to enter into different relationships, assess and evaluate what relationship to enter as your tone scale as long as you're in a comfort level enjoyed do it. But if you're not there, don't do it. Just don't.


Hey, you came some kind of even some fixed conclusion that these guys could be people that we once loved and then came back checking out. But something I think like past life. Yeah. Bugs flying a flight from, if they might give me forgive me, of my daughter for my love with me and I'm going to get away from it, you know, I kill it. I think that all the time. Probably my mother has stomped on. I don't feel nothing.


I don't kill any kid with bugs. Think maybe I don't kill anything. I'll kill anything. The best of my ability to kill both. Yeah.


And I don't know, makes you human empathy compassionately.


I do believe what you just said. Yeah. I believe that, you know, the body dies and the spirit continues on this evening.


Where does it go? Yes, right. Even though I know we're all willing to be a cause to listen to complexed, you know, I've got to dislike somebody to be in one with God.


It's just too complex. They don't even make sense to me in that perspective that we have to kill people. They got happy. I just don't understand. They could be true. But my mind is calm. But that's why the pack walk.


That's why all the different species that we went for, for a walk, it just shows you that as long as everybody trust, respect and love doesn't matter what species they are, it's about the connection. It's about the communication. It is about the relationship, trust, respect, love. So it doesn't matter what species you are. That's my point. Yeah. You know what I'm saying?


So it doesn't matter what race you are, what religion you are, what gender you are, if you're handicap or not.


You know, handicapped people make dogs normal because they give a dog a job. Normal people make dogs handicapped because they don't give him a job. Interesting. You see him saying so that. So to me, the most important part is, is can you create trust, respect and love with different species?


Yes, I can just I again. Of course. Again, I just did. You know what I mean?


So it's still a great metaphor. Yes. Right. So it doesn't matter what religion you are, what gender you are, what age you are. What matters is can you can you align yourself with calmness, confidence, love and joy.


And if you do and then those people who are in the same frame of mind, no matter what race they are, you're going to click you're going to be coming back. I think you'd be a good president for the United States.


I think we need someone like him, a great president, a great speechwriter, one. Yeah. Know you know, you got you know. You know. I know you feel. I know you don't you know. You took what I know you have to be you you know that you navigate by something. Yes, of course. Of course. Of course I know the world. The camera's not here.


You know, you got there without a doubt. You're not doing this. No.


No, OK, no, I'm I'm not smart enough to put myself when somebody is helping me.


That's right. And I tell you one thing. Look at this. I'm going to jump on down, Mike. I'm going to jump on that because I'm going to tell you how I chose the coyote. So you have a spirit of spiritual coyotes, you have emotional coyotes and you have physical coyote.


So when you jump the border, you you you have to hire somebody because I don't know, you know, anything about America. I just it was just a dream. I needed to go to America. I had an understanding of people and any family. I don't speak English. And my dad gave me one hundred dollars. That was his life savings.


OK, so two weeks I wanted to keep the one hundred dollars I had in my mind between my my soccer, my and my shoe.


And for two weeks I, I that's what I did. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. And I get caught every single time, every single time. And one day this guy comes skinny guy smoking joint, dirty, skinny, everything. My mom said not to follow something inside of me say follow him and the guy say I charge you a hundred dollars. Who said that, you know what I mean. Then on top of that, what's this?


We cross the border. And he said, well, you have to have a tax. You have to catch a taxi so he can take you to San Diego because it's just the border. Right. This Aniceto right there. And they say, I don't have any more money after this. The guy pay the taxi, the guy pay 20 dollars.


That's and that's when I wrote my first book. I said the angels that you can see. Yeah, you know what I mean. The second was Jada Pinkett Smith. Right. Because she paid for me to learn English. That's how I learned English. Wow. So I saw it with my broken English at that time, I told Jada, you know, I would like to have a TV show or radio because I want to teach people. I saw the need of teaching, so I never teach before.


I came to America to teach, but I felt free and comfortable to tell Jada I would like to have a TV show or a radio show.


Well, for that, you need to speak English. The next day a teacher came for a year so I can learn English.


So there are angels that you can see. Absolutely, without a doubt. But I'm not here because it's just me.


I'm here because I follow that voice, you know, and and I'm a I'm a my fate is super big.


The beautiful part about being poor is that you pray every day. Because government doesn't help you, so God is the only one who's going to be there. You love the family to death and you work hard. So my instincts high level, my love high level, my faith high level. So that's that's what pushed me.


So you're not poor anymore. Do you still pray? Of course. Yeah, I really. Because I want world transformation, you know what I mean. I so I have a tag now is better humans, better planet. My goal now is not to become the best doctor in the world. My goal is to educate the whole world.


Yeah, the whole world. There is three kinds of people, Mike and the dog world, people who love dogs, people who are afraid of dogs and people who who hate dogs.


And I can train them all because it's not about a dog. It's about that. It's about the energy, the people who are afraid. Americans are the twenty seventh most happiest people in the world, you know. Twenty seventh.


Who's the first Mexican? You know, that's what's happening there.


Why are you so happy that the Netherlands is number one?


Yeah, I can see why. You know, it's a lot of weed, that's when I was, you know, doing the taxes are paid for. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes. Everything is a socialist, it's is more communist than anything. But they don't say those words, but they still have brought dog fight. I go to the Netherlands a lot. Look, you got to win this and this whole thing. Yeah.


This is I go to oh, this is so I said, wow, that was a Freudian slip because you have a tattoo of my on my shoulder.


Yeah. And I have to do. To me, this thing is my to the.


This is in my deepsea, this is my tattoo, the earth, they go, you know, symbolism, formula, rituals and symbols, all everything about my insecurities or tattoos, my clothes, everything.


Felt a little insecure guy. That's where I come from. Not now, but it's still it never goes away. Yeah. Yeah. You manage it now. Oh, this is what mean. I understand poverty never goes away. I don't know how much money you ever get. Yeah. It doesn't go away and. You think your money worth over everything, you can't solve that your poverty, your degree of poverty blows your mind when you get to blows your mind do get no.


But I didn't make that one.


So if I ever do anything good but go for it. I think one of the reasons why so many people gravitate towards Mike is he's not afraid to be truthful with himself and and transparent, you know, to say those things that he just said. Well, that's come surrender very few people. Yeah. That's kind of surrender to this.


Right. That's a that's counselor at this camp. Surrender is I mean, you have your good side and you have your not good side. And if you're comfortable with that and be able to speak, you motivate, inspire more people that if you try to hide things. Right. Because right now, the world, in my opinion, my humble opinion, they need to hear males and females talk about both sides, the yin and yang. Yeah, right.


So do you need to speak about your light and your dark? Right. You need to speak about both and your weakness and your strength because everybody talks about strength. But that's not real. We didn't set the whole entire planet to the fact that the planet is polluted. That just shows you that they would just if we do that to Earth, we do it to ourselves. Right. The greatness of a nation, it is more progress can be measured by the ways animals are treated.


That's Gandhi, right. So the way you treat the planet and the way you treat animals, that's how you treat yourself in the frame.


So so in denial in the animal world is call avoidance. War in the Middle East is a fight not dealing with your own self, that flight, so the world is more in a fight flight avoidance than a surrender state. I told you earlier, the most powerful state of mind you have as you can surrender, right.


Because this is where you you assess and evaluate self harm, family world.


By the way, do you you have CBT treats for dogs. Is that true?


That's what we're trying to do. Oh, yes, we do. Yes. How does that so. How does it work? My dog. You mean he gets on a plane? We get on a plane, he freaks, he can't deal with almost like a heart attack. You know, he gets really high tension when he gets in the plane, even even though, you know, you're a big baller.


We're talking about a private plane. Mike, I hate tell you. So your dogs on a private plane, but they don't know.


You don't know what I'm talking about when I talk about Spirit Airlines talking about a private plane with Mike Tyson still panicking. That's interesting. Yeah.


That's why some of the great warrior leaders say they always have film slaves. They hate you, just human.


That was the job. Hmm, in that God to human, that was just this girl sitting in her car, you have to bring him back to Earth.


We get carried away from the ground.


Yeah, that's right. That's all.


That's why you need them, because they keep you grounded. Yeah, right. Stay grounded. Stay connected right now. So so. So you always have that connection. It's about being connected. That's what we need animals. We need plans. We need crystals. Right.


You know. Did you have anyone in your entourage that gave it to you straight and they kept you grounded back in the day or.


No, listen, I'm a out the incoming nothing. They mean nothing. If I lived my life said again, if my mentor didn't tell me nothing, they mean nothing. I'm. Simple to me, I just have so many animals immediately at the moment, I changes like the bird changes, you know, the image changes, the dog changes, the turtle changes. Whatever I have, I had a kangaroo changes. So they keep you to stay grounded.


Stay focused. And exercise every day, eat healthy every day, you know, check who you hang out with every day, you know, to be to be what I am is just a lot of people do Varanus, right, was you have to stay.


Was there ever a species that you witnessed and you went, this is one species.


I don't know if I would be able to see the personality, not the species. Yeah, I want to think that two of the human species that got more often this guy, but his personality is like other. Yeah, animals, I'm OK with it. Yeah, sometimes you could even like. If you were to encounter silverback ape you, you would be OK with the silverback ape. So once you do ayahuasca, you're going to have your spirit animals coming in.


Oh, shit. Yeah, a gorilla came out then. Yeah. So that was your spirit animal the other day. Yeah. OK, interesting. I don't mind. I don't know why I just said I don't mind. It's beautiful. You have to be guided. You know what I mean is that something has to guide you sometimes as people, sometimes his intuition, sometimes the situations. And sometimes this is just that particular animal, like Daddy, for example, you know, my pit bull daddy.


That guy guided me through the worst time in my life, you know, to the worst 60 years.


That guy was right.


There was a pit bull who helped me raise my two kids, who helped me go through the whole entire 16 to this first 16 years of my life in America. And it's because of him the guidance, I think, a story about this guy before he passed away. So that's so you can see how in tune this guy was. OK, so I'm going I was filming Dog Whisper and and this Belgian Malinois develop fear for people, OK?


And but the dog was trained to find cell phones in jail.


OK, yeah. Cell phones. Yes. They somehow they somehow cell phones enter into jail.


OK, so this guy will find your spouse that finds it and well, he became afraid of people. So when I went in when I went to see evaluate this dog, this dog was under a table and the trainer and the owner of the dog couldn't get him out. I couldn't get him out. And I said, you know why? Only one one guy who can get them out. And my dog was in my R.V. at that time. So I went to the RV.


He was waiting at the door. He got out of the RV.


He we never been in that place before he went he navigated touch. The dog knows that dog came back and follow him to the RV.


How do you explain that?


How do you explain that as he's he's you know, he's an alien. He's like, you know, spirit animal. Yeah. You know what I mean? He's special. That is a special. That's what he has all this.


I'm a strong believer that the dog is in the bear family was he didn't know that females. I was around the bear before a grizzly bear, Kodiak. And I thought, no dog, no.


Then the sheep, the same thing.


No, there's no super powerful. That's why you don't have to touch talk. Let the nose do the work. 60 percent of the brain reaction is controlled by the nose. The nose is there. So the dog, the dog born blind and deaf. And when he dies, he or he before he dies blind and deaf.


But he never loses his nose. Nose, eyes, ears, nose, eyes, ears. So that's why I always say no touch, no talking eye contact, let the dog come to you, let him smell you, let him feel your energy. Then he will remember your scent and your energy. So your scent as your name and your energy is your last name. And then from that point on, he will remember the rest of his life in a good way.


More calm. You want to be calm, claim your space calm, confident, and that from that point on you can gain his respect.


That's good stuff, man. It is amazing. I'm freaking out over here. I'm trying to think about my dog, my dog. This is this is what my dog does to me every every every moment. What is this? He will call me all night. My dog will live. I live in New York, live on top of my head and my hands up. He put some food on me all night. Stop my wife. He just won't stop me.


I like it a lot. Well, I know.


Definitely grooming, healing. You know, it just soothing you. So there is a there is a reason for it, but there's also limits. So you can have limits to how long can they do it? They do it among each other. But once the other one is done, that's it. So they know that it's limits.


But if you don't, they just get it, especially if they have a drain energy.


So if the dog has a drain energy properly, the dog is going to bark, the dog is going to leak, the dog is going to chew, the dog is going to dig.


So the dogs, the barking at the window, you know, when your neighbors complain, but the dog is doing is draining his energy because normally they don't bark that long. So barking is communication, but they know they're not supposed to do it for a long period of time, so the only reason why they do it for a long period time is because they haven't drained the physical energy. So that becomes an outlet if dogs can smoke or drink. And America will be a lot of dog smoking and drinking because they had nothing to do.


What are you doing? Nothing, man. I'm just going to have a drink, right?


I have a dream. My energy my mind is not occupied. So it would be a lot of dog smoking and drinking in America if they were doing it.


You know, it's interesting. Mike brought up bears.


Did you know that when when a bear eats human food, it forgets how to go back into the stream and catch fish for himself? It doesn't. It no longer it gives up all those ways. And now it just wants it's just going to come and beg for food. It's such a trip. Everything that will feed the bear. Yeah.


Because they'll just keep coming back and that's the bear and the wild. Also, the guys who run the trash trashcan and stuff like that. That's why you see these bears trying to get into your home in Alaska. It's a sweet it's like having a sugar daddy. Yeah, you just become dependent on that sugar daddy.


Also, we we we eat a lot of sugar. So, you know, I mean, muscle stuff is a lot of sugars they get, you know what I mean? So they get addicted.


I pack like ice cream, any kind of ice cream and vanilla ice cream. Hmm. Yeah.


Cooking cream to whatever was like having a whole addictive. Yeah, it's sugar.


Biggest drug in the world. Hmm. Indeed. Yeah. Biggest drug in the world.


I think the biggest narcotic in the world of this cameras I think would be sugar. Well, you think you know.


Yes, I think that it has been a downfall.


Yes, I think it did it down. Great white people. It couldn't stop loving themselves too much.


Hmm. I see something not natural about it. It's not it's not like what we're supposed to have this conversation.


Yeah. But it's just supposed to be the three of us hanging out. We're not supposed to document put it all over the world. Then someone saying, oh, man, these are some. I think that was cool.


And I look I look at good. So I'm going to do this and I maybe look better if this is a drug. But I got so caught up with this stuff, almost killed myself. Imagine thinking about that. You're thinking that was somebody really special, you know, really, really thinking really special. And I had to have the privilege of receiving preferential treatment after like that word.


I would think of that stuff, man. You know, I had to be beaten up submission. You know, when you there were submission that I had to be beaten in submission, I didn't give up. There you go. Might have to give up. I'm not a quitter. I'm not a quitter, man. I had to type out because I want to live in that world. In that world. Yeah. And type up as big right there.


You learned some great lessons, but there are hard lessons.


Yeah, but I've learned from the. Never learned them at all. Yeah. I mean shit life is beautiful.


I never thought of it that way. I see it as a drug.


You're absolutely big if you have a chance to see yourself the way you want to see yourself. Can you imagine that power to actually see yourself the way your ego wants you to be seen? Can you imagine that power? You could be anything. You may start thinking about it now. Can you imagine look like you want to look in your mind, your heart, your whole. So take that. The whole world.


I love you even. That you could never you can never be too late, you can never be too proud, you can never be too sure, you can have nothing to love and it's just crazy and it can never be everything you have or your floor.


It's just everything that makes you. So imagine that all your flaws are just everybody else's birthday. Yeah, I read that. And it's definitely it gives the promise of immortality your floor that everybody else's birthday.


Exactly. Oh, I didn't thinking like that. I never thought of it that way. My biggest lesson right now. That's amazing.


But you've navigated this and you've stayed true to yourself. You know, it's not like you're a different guy than you were, you know, before you had the show and after. It's not. You're the same guy.


No, I just speak better English and I just explain things clear. OK, but the Mexican guy, the hardworking guy, the spiritual guy, the guy who loves his mom and his family, his country and and the opportunities in the world and and just changing the world are still the same way. So that's why I never saw it that way. I saw it. This is one way to help the world, you know? I mean, because to me, I just want to make sure the animals have a safe peace and love environment.


They accomplish exactly what they could accomplish without us, trust, respect, love, and for people to really imitate honesty, integrity, loyalty. You know, this is the pat code. This is the pursuit of happiness. This is living in the moment. This is unconditional love. You know, they don't have a problem using their body to to do it. You know, they live or die. Baby, live or die is all about the pack.


I just think animals have to take care of them. I guess that's what I believe because they weren't. We be with honey, no hunting them down. That's what they still do know. But that's what I think that would be. Yes. The thing is, hunt these things that they made to be hunted. Yeah. And we all have and maybe some when we thought about that because we were in that, you know, we were just in that field in order to think that we in those kind of people.


And as you learn compassion and you learn empathy and compassion and all that, once you learn, I don't care who you can to be a scumbag. Once you learn that things change or you just change.


But that's my mission in the world to to trigger that empathy and compassion, you know what I mean? To trigger that even for the people who love dogs, like I said, three kinds of people in the world. So you will experience you were Spanish people. They love you. People are afraid of you, people who like you. So you can experience those three energies.


You see what I'm saying? So for me, the goal is how do I take away your fear from dogs and your dislike from dogs? Because as best for that, for you not to live with it, I'm not telling you to adopt a dog to get a dog. I'm I'm just telling you to get rid of fear, to get rid of hate.


It's not healthy for your family. They just go with people. They're not like dogs. They're just going to always be like that. And that's what we have to do as people learn to live in that sphere. Yeah, we have to learn that. Thank God everybody in this world don't think the same way. I think thank God they don't think we I think and that's why we have to we have to we have to work with the with the objective that we don't think like we do.


And we have to live with the fact that things that we don't necessarily understand we have to live with.


Well, that's what we have to start with next generation, which is the children, because they don't know anything else except whatever they they learn, whatever energy they feel, you know, whatever they get influence. So if we teach them at early age to here, trust, respect, love, honesty, integrity, loyalty, exercise, discipline, affection, rules and limitation, front of the pack, near the back of the pack, whatever you fit in the pack, you were born for it.


And you're going to be the best out of it because we need you in the pack. Hmm. You know what I mean?


Nobody has a special. It's just you were born for that position. But we just have to make sure we nurture your strength, your skills, right, so you feel special exactly like when you were 13, you went to your mom and you said, this is my plan.


She could have said, you're crazy. But when I was 10, when I was 10, I live in Mexico.


So when I was 10, I went to my mom and say I went and say, I'm going to be a drug dealer, you know, and my mom will if you want to kill me, that's what you do.


And I didn't know that, you know, just everybody around me, all the cartels are there, you know, so we don't have only one. Pablo Escobar. We have ten. OK, so are movie stars are cartels.


OK, so, so so that's what you look into and so on. Our Stennett said that and my said no. And then when I was 13, after watching Latin Rin Tin Tin, I said, Mom, you think could be the best doctor in the world. Nobody ever wanted to be the best doctor in the world, you know, but when when I said with such a conviction and it was nothing to do with drug dealers said, you can be whatever you want.


That was it. And that was powerful. And baby, that was it. That was my mom. Believe in me. I believe it. And then, of course, God already believed it. So we were the triangle, you know, and I learned this from my dad.


But if I were to tell my dad, dad, dad could be the only one he said would get a better job. I learned this from my dad and my grandfather.


Yeah, how not to work against Mother Nature. That was my grandfather, my dad, because I grew up on a farm and my grandfather, you know, he died one hundred and five. He never went to school.


So it was instinctual, instinctual, instinctual. But look what I learned. Yeah, you know what I mean. So I learned respect, honor, you know, love to the family, hard work, integrity, loyalty. All of that comes from those two guys. But the belief comes from my mom.


You know, so the hard work and the whole pack code, that's my as my grandpa and my dad, the whole instinctual thing, live or die protection direction them, but they believe in and the passion, the unconditional love.


That's my mom. So I got that. But things got I told my mom that because she shouldn't hesitate to say, you can be whatever you want.


Right. That's what I wanted to be the best in the world. Over there, you couldn't dream to be an astronaut or wear a fireman like kids to here a police officer like you don't want to do that over there. You know, astronauts nowhere in the world.


It's my experience, I believe in the power of belief. I've been always a student in the power of belief. And I've always been successful in believing, even in whatever world with a good or with a bad. I believe that's right.


That's right. That's that's that's exactly that's exactly right. You can be a bad person and and good at it. You know, but that has to do a lot with who's who's guiding you, you know, who's who's your parents, you know, who's who's your role model because you don't know right from wrong. You just want to be the best. Look at this.


Oh. Who's that?


That's Diana and the pilot.


That's all you guys have got. Irakli, who's down on your shoulder? Diana Yeah. She's beautiful, isn't she?


Oh, I think she likes. Don't you got to loosen up?


My goodness, we. Oh, my goodness. I want you to relax. Let me look at you, Rocco.


You turn around and let me look at you, dude. There's my handsome boy right there. What do they say?


She's a sweetheart. She's very gentle in it. Yeah.


Yeah, that's right. Yeah, she likes that.


That was amazing. That was an incredible hot boxing session with Cesar Millan and and my guy, Mike Tyson. I'm here. I mean, my God, it's just the beginning. But we're honored to have you, man. Thank you.


Appreciate it. Thank you. Glad to talk. We talk about animals.


We talk about the moral code. What what empathy, compassion, what animals can do for for our world. Better humans. Better planet. Yeah. So happy to share with you guys. Yeah. Welcome to the ranch. You guys are more than welcome. Come back. Yeah. Just with that cameras.


Yes. Yes. We ourselves.


Yes. This is just the beginning. Thank you guys for joining us. Yeah. Thank you.


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