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Who would you like to see them fight next to a Feo Teofilo? All right, so you heard what Mike just saying? No, no, no, no. That's not his fucking name. I forget the name Mr. Lopez.


I heard what the champ said. They were running scared.


If I didn't, I could go. Yeah, I could get a little bit. They're trying to fuck words in my mouth. You said it, Mike.


No, I did not. I did not. I I gave my. Welcome to Hot Boxing with Mike Tyson.


I'm Zab Judah and I'm here with Mike Tyson and I'm here with having a Dream Hainey and the driving and I'm here with the Edge, the great oh, we got to win big time names in this country.


So this is fun. This is fun.


The champ is in the building. Wow, brother, what's going on, man?


And I'm happy to be here. You know what you got in the horizon? You know, I called you because of the situation.


It's a lot of big fights to be made. I'm one of the ones that's calling for these top guys. I'm always calling for these fights. I don't see nobody calling for me, but I'm the main one calling for these fighters. Well, gentlemen, we had here peaceful TFN. Lopez said he would kick your ass.


And that's why I got you on the phone. Yeah, but he just said at an interview. But in reality, when when it comes to actually putting a fight together, that's not the case at all.


Listen, everyone did something you would have probably knew. His name is around here acting like he's the king of something and he's the king and nothing. This is the best motherfucker in the world right now and the most feared man in boxing, similar to both what your two gentlemen experience coming up. Everybody say everything, but they don't say that they want to fight. Not next. But right now, he's asking for everybody right now. I mean, you got to know how this shit feels.


You both to 100 percent of reach, the pinnacle of the sport and everybody plays the politics. But I know the game.


Everybody talks shit, but no one.


But now with social media, you know, fighters like him are able to have companies. He started he's young, he owns his own company, and he's able to dictate and negotiate fights on his terms. It's very it's such a unique situation, him being a millennial. But the more that his career goes, you know, these are times that will define his legacy, being able to get in the fight at the right time.


Well, this is the time, you know, I have to agree with you in a time where I see more fighters, even like like fluid, I have to give them their more enterprise orientated than we were when we were fighting. Right.


You know, so much in the pride and they have connection that we we had connection, but we were playing game. We were playing.


No, you were trailblazing. You guys were all trailblazers. And, you know, and got and it's not even a blueprint. It's a green print, you know. And you said it time and time again. It was you know, we said a shout out to you who you told your Vontae Davis to take the opportunity as a as a fighter to reach out to another fighter, put the lawyers together, negotiate. And you know and you know, from our perspective, that's that's the way to go.


So let's get right to it. Who do you want, man? I want the I saw minium is Timo Lopez is Ryan Garcia and he's Davis. And then it's me, Dimmeys, the top four dogs in the lightweight division and in boxing. And there is a price to be made either or whichever whichever one to Mainfreight that I want is to pick one, because that's Florida votes. And that would be the real undisputed king, Ryan Garcia. That will be a huge fight.


Of course. Take Davis. That will be huge fight, of course. But I went on about right now I'm at a point in my career I'm making great money, but right now I'm chasing about.


So, Pops, what's what's the hold up with these with these fights that's being made with loaded with him all the time.


And I wouldn't even say it's the promoters. I think that it's the fighters because they should be stripped.


I agree. I agree. That goes back to the organizations who have loyalty, certain loyalties or certain biasness towards certain fighters and then allow them to. But then again, with social media and and platforms like you you have here and voices like that, you know, that strip and shit and that under, you know, not given the fighters, they're just like Mike McCallum, who was a hell of a fighter, and one of our trainers who said he said to me, he says, my nobody wanted to fight my nothing.


But Mike told me, he says, don't let them do. He says, don't let them do what they did to him. Killed. Right. So so that's why I campaigned. You know, I do as much as I can, you know, about him, you know what I mean? Just to let people know that he is the baddest motherfucker in the world. Right.


It's hard to point to where it's like fighters don't even care about the bears no more because, for example, Ryan Garcia, just for a time eliminator to fight me, to find me for the world title. And he want to go find somebody else. He want to go a different direction. So it's like this is the first time in history that I ever heard where two fighters, meaning Luke Campbell and Ryan Garcia, fight for a title eliminator, fight to go fight for the world title.


And he still don't want to shout at the world title.


I don't know what you know, what rules should be made. Fighters can avoid fighters and have to fight them and will have to be more.


That would be the same as if when you when you had the opportunity to fight Barbic, you know, and you decided to go for someone else or that when you had a top opportunity to be a world. Championed as a mandatory when Devin had an opportunity to be a mandatory, it was against what was to be considered the best one of the best fighters in the world. And Lomachenko and Devon stepped up to the opportunity and unfortunately for the people, as fans didn't get a chance to see Devon fight Lomachenko.


Right, because Lomachenko decided to opt in and become a franchise champion. The people don't understand it, but it's it's a way of glorifying a duck, you know what I'm saying? But like I said, you know, the platforms like this, we get a chance to tell our story. Well, all that he went through.


And would you fight with his name, the guy you mentioned, Lomachenko? Of course. I think that that would have been a perfect fight for me. I've been saying that Lamar is beatable. Lamar is beatable. I kept saying it over and over and over and over again, and people wasn't listening.


People will look at them and show them. Show them the time you've been we've been Deliman Lamar for forever. I was even more than army. Like we didn't reach out any time trying to make the fight happen. And he didn't want to make it more. That's when the WBC made up a franchise title, not even a franchise, but a franchise title. And that was the elevated moment to be the franchise champion franchise champion. And that's when I fought for fighters don't need No one.


Well, that's why I said pull up the DMZ, because as a as a promoter and being one of the youngest promoters in the game with the belt, the only thing you can do is reach out to the fighters.


That's the only thing he can do as a businessman, only to amplify the promote himself. That's right. You know, other than that, he's working for.


So this is what the DMC, my first DM was January 14th.


Oh, my Keno lottery in the early in the day is getting good now in October 31st, continents going down and it didn't help you. I need you at I can't lie to get my changeovers or any pay per view. Baby, I'm available lying a little bit on the back of a fight. No, Morhaim would generate millions. Oh.


What else is he supposed. What else is a fight? The last the last thing he said was, I will keep in mind. I will keep it in mind, you know what I'm saying?


So I was just a different kind of fight. I was say, you keep my dick in your mind, you humiliate them, you that have no dignity when it came to fighting them fucking with somebody, that it was a testament.


It's a testament to a fighter that, you know, like I always say, you guys paving the way and him growing and maturing, taking you, taking your advice with the Lombroso, the world, the TAFE, most of the world, and to be professional with them as much as you possibly can, you give them a chance to make it happen.


Yeah. To get a chance to fight them, fight them, fight them with the most interests, you know, you have. This is all but think you, your family, this right here, just the platform to take care of your family.


I thought this would be what I feel like is is so many fights to be made out there that we need to make these fights happen now because, you know, pretty a couple of years down the line is going to be some new fighters. They're going to be some more fighters. I've got to find out, what do I do with the guys who are avoiding me? I just kept fighting, kept Shahid, and they weren't going to do me like sugar and sugar.


Ray Leonard was such a master. We await. You are three, four, five years. You know me. You get slowed down, boom, hit jump on you.


Unfortunately for them, Devin is younger than everybody. Yeah, that's good too. But it's not about age. It's about desire.


The fact that we still have the same desire then he still I, I respect, you know, what it comes to, you know, you know, you guys had opportunity and you guys see me. I kind of did the same kind of thing. We went when it was time that I wanted to go with the champion. I call it happy now, but he was going left for me. I went to Fort Hood to three guys and trash them to make the champion look at me, to make everybody go that you have see.


But now now we got so many Internet thugs and reporters that's been talking shit. So now it's like, oh, I go find somebody. It's like I just win. If I gamble now, they don't value. Gamboa began Gamboa for and had a tough fight with Tank. And I go in there and I go in there and I don't get touched. Now is Gamboa was washed out get his Gamboa was dominated.


So it's like in a way that he's never been dominated before. Respectfully, Tank had a couple of black eyes. Terence Crawford got bust, you know what I mean? And Chappe was looking just like like he's looking at the end of the fight. And, you know, like you said, it's about feed your family. So the first thing that we learned coming into it is to hit and not get hit.


Right. And that's spot different. I get it. Boxing, I if I was go in there and I was to go in and knock a guy out cold, but I took some punches and I took a beating in the process, I wouldn't be happy. I wouldn't be happy with that performance. I went in there and and I just boxed clean, didn't get touched and clean and hit him multiple times. Perfect performance for me, I've been around them from day one, and that's if I sit there and start getting hit back and forth and punches like that, that's my style.


Definitely never hit. That's not his style. He's a clean boxer. You know me. Stick to your script. Don't let nobody day.


Oh, that's this or that. And this will get you to the top. That's why you have to work the game as that win. Keep winning the fighting because that would be call fighting. Right. I have friends who are fighting it from. Thank you so much.


More than fighting this boxing baby, the start started is something. That's what it is. The art. That's why they hate you in scale for sure. All right. I'm still paying the bills, man. I watched you. I watched you sparring with I was, of course, Stephenson. And that's all you got to do all night on and. Yeah, yeah.


And that's what you got to do. The fast guy were hitting them the all day. Yeah. Devin, I love when I be watching when Devin get aggressive, you know I'm talking about.


Yeah. Yeah.


See that that's that's what's the difference between me and his other fighters that I could do it all I can but I can be, I can I'm but in the process I'm still smart. I still got a ring I.Q. I didn't been in there with the best of the best of the best and I, I've been around the best like you like that. And so that's just what separates from these guys I respect.


I'm always young to like being around. I like being around them. Told my friends I was around that picture of him showing off and stuff.


Yeah, I guess you guys are heroes to the community, man, because those are times that it just gives like Devin, we were there. It just gives us that much more. It gave us that much more motivation. Just being around and seeing you guys in the cars and seeing the commitment that you guys had, you know, to the sport. And when I say that, you know, people, reporters and, you know, give shit to the fighters, but to be a fighter and to get in the ring, man takes a hell of a commitment man, you know, just to show up on fight fucking night.


You know, I'm saying you have to win either side on both fucking sides. Dig, dig. Underrated.


And I don't and I know people probably will agree to me, but they wouldn't say publicly it's a form of insanity. It's a small form of insanity involved with that. How do you going in the ring with a guy you don't even know? I never did nothing to you. Then you want to kill like he just fucking attacked you. Family is something that's called discipline. Yes. And that's what people don't understand. This is art, you know, and there's no emotion involved, but it causes so much emotions that people watching it.


Would you consider a genius like did you consider that when you were in your sport as a genius? Was it anything that you felt genius like or you or you. I felt divine. Divine, yeah.


I felt that was the Gulf War and God placed me here, do this and represent him. I feel like that, you know, like I feel like I was designed to do this.


And I believe and I believe the way that I love God was jealous of me because I was getting too famous and big and he had to put me in my place. I was sick, do what I was fighting. I was really sick. I believe in mythology and all that shit I used that I used that as my ammunition and my inspiration to fight absolutely never been beat up.


I've been punished and I've been beat and not by him.


Like they say, Jordan, he when he would have games, he would try to like make up reasons to like I might go for sixty because a reporter said this about me or he would make make up reasons to go in there and play even harder.


Do you can you see how old are you. 22. Who won this one time? When you get older, you realize how fragile the human mind is and how gentle our security is and insecure in the human mind. But it's so powerful. It runs the world, but it's so much afraid of itself. What is it afraid of? That's what I never understood. What is the consciousness afraid of that doesn't allow it to reach its highest potential. And that's just, by the way.


Yeah, but but they still live. I mean, they still champion the 22 year old and stuff and they have they haven't yet.


They just I wish I was I'm the youngest champion since, you know. How do you handle that? It was just too much going on. And I always wanted to be the guy from the neighborhood and nobody fucked with, not because he could fight, but he was a cool nigga he could wear during his clothes and the way he fucked, you know, that was my journey. That's what I wanted to be. And that's what happened to me.


Well, I mean, you know, this happens to well, legend has it. And you've been open about it. And that's why I say just meeting you and then your story, because the legend has it, is that you have all the talent in the world. And the one thing was it was drugs or drinking or partying or something like that. So we took that. And then with being with Floyd and Floyd being in there and obviously him saying he doesn't drink or smoke and Devin roll with that, that he was like, you know, you can have all the bitches, the big houses, the cars and shit, but you just stick to your craft, don't smoke or drink.


And that was pretty much the blueprint from the green print, from what you said, you know, from what we heard right there. Yeah. I mean, you know, I don't I see you guys, like I said, as heroes and legends, man, who paved the way for the new guys to come on, come on, come along and revolutionize once you guys have and what we are talking the way for independent enterprise.


Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


On the Enterprise, I feel like me being at 22 years old, I got a Rolls Royce outside. I got a mansion. I got as much money as is what I want right now. And I could do what I want when I want. And I'm doing what I love. I'm blessed. I feel like I'm blessed. How are you ever grateful?


How are you dealing with. Oh, no, I just feel like. I just feel like I'm being like I've been here and I seen all this coming. Like I knew that this was going to come. I knew I was going to have money. I knew I was going to have fame. I knew I was going to have built I knew that this time was going to come. So it's like it's here.


So it's easy when you have all that right. Only even people pay attention to you because you're the champion. Exactly.


And that and that's that's what I loved it the with all that stuff, people don't care about that. It makes me hate them more. Yeah. Yeah. You're the champion. That's different.


And that's what make big time different. That's what made me work so hard to continue to stay the champ. And you know, even more I want all the boats out. It's not only about money, it's not only about fame and it's about legacy. And I want I want my name to live Laybourne much longer than I ever will. I want my name to be mentioned with the greats.


Mm hmm. And Undisputed will be on this beauty, you know, subindex. That's good. That's no hard to make it harder to be with the good. With great. Hmm. You know that right now.


Elaborate on that more. You know, I've met a lot of great people, but they weren't good. Mm.


You know, they, I mean they, they were great about them but they're good aren't they. Were compassionate and shit.


Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Wow. Oh, no, you got to get out, get it, man, you know what I'm saying? And take every day as a blessing because it's a present, you know, and work from where you are. You know what I'm saying? Like under the sun is when you are like, you know, just to see you and I say to watch you in the sea with your daughter on the tennis court and shit over here, you look out your window.


Right. Right. And then to see you out there. And then I was like, whoa. I was like, man, because, you know, you hear shit, you hear the stories and shit like that, like you are fucking party. But no, but listen, it was like five or six. Yeah. But thing and no one. My wife is. Who's that. There's going to be world champion. So it's like she's become a world champion.


Had to be world champion, right? Yes, sir.


And that's why she's doing the same with the green print that you've you know, you've maintained resiliency and through through the whole thing, you know, and been example for your kids to be, to be, to be better. You know, my kids are better than me now. Oh, great.


Right now my kids are better than me, you know, because I and my daughter, she's 12. I'm locked up at 12 I and that's my daughter, 12. I'm locked up at 12 right now. And she's the smart ass 12 sport have every day. Yeah I can. I used to rub children like that. Now I raise children like crazy. Yeah.


Life is great. You had them boxing a little bit for a while.


Do you still know he is letting the midst and stuff. You know I don't know. These, these guys sometimes understand we're fighting and fighting and commitment. Fighting and sacrifice. Yeah. A lot of sacrifice. I know how you know I'm not saying and I to you. Yes. To it in your blood is going to be the best. That's my money. Money is not going to help you become champion.


The desire to be the best is what see here that desire and no diet.


But it was ironically, the way we found out, or at least that I saw it was we were on the football field and Devin was the running back and he's like the best running back in the league. He gets like probably four touchdowns or something, a game. And the quarterback, his father as a coach and, you know, and so the quarterback gets a couple of touchdowns. And you know what I mean is we supposed to go home happy, but Devin wants the ball all the time, right?


He wants the ball all the time. Devin, Scorpio, Scorpio.


It's is doing what he thinks, right.


He wanted to he want the ball all the time now, which I know he was competitive. Right. But at the same time when he was at school, he went to school. He was fighting. Right. So he's fighting. And then, you know, in our community, whatever we I got to go up to the school made me happen to go up to the school in the middle of the day, you know, and especially if I didn't blazed.




If I can like what the hell is right about that. Right. So the principal is looking at me like a like dad in my eyes, like, what's going on in the house? I said, Devon, what happened? He said, the kid was about to hit me. I said, oh, he wasn't supposed to say that right now in front of that, you know, but you want to you want your kid to not get hit.


So you say if somebody is about to hit you, then you hit him. Right? Right. So we left out. Oh, I threw the first punch. That's the first punch. So, yeah, that's why he was someone was in trouble, huh.


So that's a mess. Yeah. Yeah.


So you're there doing rounds of further response. That's a must. Yeah. You got to swing for me. It's going to be a fight though. The first punch. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So, so we left out of there and I looked over at him, I said, man, you know you playing games man. You know, the kid was just talking right. And I said, you know, you know, you think you know how to just fight with everybody. So I'm going take you to the gym. Right. Unbeknown to me, you can't just spar the first day. What is the chances? I'm a fine a kid for him to spar.


Now what I know with Devin. So we take him to the gym, but it's a kid there that he's doing like some karate and, you know, and he but now he's doing the stand up boxing. So he's moonlighting between the two. Right. Right, right. And so Devin comes in, you know, we take him in the gym and I whisper to the coach and the coach looks at me like I he got some fresh meat back and said, look, this first day work, I'm like, so, you know, they puts on the thing and it's Derek Harmon.


If you guys ever want to ask the question, department former. I don't know if there was ever a champion.


I don't think I don't think I ever became champion. It's a tough fight is good.


Tough fight. He was the first. He works over the top rankings. He was he was Devin's first trainer at that particular gym. They said, yeah, sparser. OK, so they last Devan up. And the kid, you know, I never forget because the kid had some little, like little Velcro shoes that little kids wear so they don't have to. Parents don't have tiny shoes up. They have got on their one. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.


Knock the kid out of shoes. My promise you knock the kid out of shoes.


I was like, oh, what? We left the football field and it's the first day. First day. I said, what the fuck? Right after he's you know, now Dave wants to go. It was normal she'd get some fucking, you know, whatever, go to the store, get a juice, get some candy. Right, right, right. And the whispers to he says he says the kid's a natural something.


That would be a great fight. Right. He said he's a natural. OK, tell me this and what a few like that. But at what age was Devin when you knew I. This is it. Stop my day job.


Focus on my boy, because this is going to be the one I had probably when we got it when we got to the gym, when he got his own gym, because I was like, fuck what? How old were you?


Don't know. Little. Little. How old was I? A little. I was always dead.


How were you different. I was younger than that. No, I probably temporary like to ten because he because he taught me he didn't have much as far as started. Richard still.


No, no, no, no. I wasn't my first one. My first was our first person was our Richard Staley the first one which Richard still then he got a chance to host here.


Well, I tell you, I'm I'm a one time we got in the car with the San Diego.


But you're not Arizona, Arizona, Arizona, Arizona. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was it was a crazy feeling like it I me, you and Tim Marshall and Marshall, and that was it.


And we had to fight like we came to a town where they had it, like they, we fought they guys that they grew the whole Jim was against the whole town with the guys like this. Yeah. So it's been a you know I was about to say but I knew I was that it was cool. It looked like who you got. I'm like, what. I got my girls by the way, we're sitting out in here. What is this go for Devin for this kid, like a popular kid to kill, you know?


Hey, I still know his name today. To this day.


He was popular kid came in with a big symbol on.


And I was like, I don't want none of that going to stay good boxing and just boxing, don't I know. There I look. I got it. You know, he is you know, the whole building was like this.


Yeah. You know, how old is he? How old is he? He is a major man. He cut that out, man.


That was I went to a lot of tournaments with me and I was something that I was pushing. And I would love to do that. I would love to be crazy because I remember when I did when I was a kid. That's the best part of my life for twenty minutes. The jacket and tie your medals in your head between them.


I've always seen epic moments, you know, and one of the times over at the hit factory when you guys part time. Yeah. Is he ready. Yeah. Yeah he was.


I said, you know it was I like his the way he loved it, his enthusiasm to how he paid attention to like what was going on was different because we had other guys that had kids in it temulum they were running around doing this, doing that, playing with the man.


But Devin was like this student. And I said that that I tell people about it.


And I'm like, oh, he I tell people to this day, nobody hit me hard, is apt to hit me right back, hit me with a body shot. So it was an uppercut to the body. I wanted to jog my first body shot when I went down in life. I'm know when I first started boxing. Yeah, yeah, I went down.


Make no mistake about it. You know, the greats and legends you guys did, you know, did it the right way. You know, you didn't coddle him. You didn't baby him. You know what I mean? He got to go in there and go get it. You know what I'm saying? And, you know, as times, of course, and even with the young fighters to who look to want to get fighters to come on and help them get famous before they're famous, you know, we've been through that part and it's better for a fighter to to stay stay the course, you know what I mean?


You know, do his program, you know what I mean? Versus trying to get people to come on board and to cheer for him. People going come. You know what I'm saying? I've watched him stay the course. And now I see that, you know, he's he's getting some some just do. And you just like you said before, state being a champion.


But that's why I win when young fighters come and they want to spar, meaning want to be around me and everything, I don't go easy on them. Oh, you can know if you if you really if you really want to, you know, make it to the top, you've got to go through what I've been through. If you want to be around me, you got to go through what I've been through.


You've got to run the chance to honestly listen. I was in before with him, my mentor, Cus D'Amato. Well, do you tell the guys to do your best? I know the kid would do your best. I feel like I'm fighting. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they're trying. So for now.


Now, you guys are you guys going to say that right now on Boxing Day? Because people say that you're not supposed to. And I've watched you spar many times, you know what I mean. And paying them to pay a person you. Are you going. I wasn't that you know, I didn't see you go. This is my shop. A lot of niggas in the U.S., they don't like my job. My I'm the boss and your job is to kick your butt path, and if you don't kick your ass, you're fired.


And I got it from him that something I got, you don't kick both ass if I ever have a job like that thing.


One thing my one thing, my dad and Stormy installing me since I was a young kid was what you do in a gym is what you're going to do in a fight. Yeah. So if you could be bocian in a gym by Bush in this bar and you want to play in sparring, you are going to try and do the same thing.


Yeah. Got to get the respect out the gate. Fighting is only about being smart. This is a smart man game. This ain't no tough guy sport. Right? Tough guys go talk funny. At the end of the day, this is the thinking man's game. Only thinking man is the best in this game while the 25 fights.


I don't think he's lost around, you know what I mean? So in terms of, you know, and and we're getting paid, he's he happens to be out of his out of his group. He's the highest paid in the lightweight division, you know, but politics and the platform, like a big platform like ESPN, will create a narrative like maybe this fight shouldn't happen. But fortunately for us, you know, we're working hard. We keeping our nose to the ground and we keep screaming for these big fights to happen.


I got one for you. What's your biggest worry with Devin overall mean on life?


Love like you watch and everything happen with. Oh, biggest worry.


That's easy. Is is getting caught up in somebody else's dream versus staying on your on his. You know, he spent so much time on his dream. You meet people that come along and now they have a dream. You have, you have a wife. She has a dream. You have these are the friends you met. They have a dream and and the different to them right now.


Look and talk to them about that. You talk to them. Good. Good. I like what's happening right now. I need somebody to tell me, you know, I was going through my shit. Yeah. But you know.


But he knows, right?


No, I definitely I something but but what you have to do is validate as a champion that he don't owe nobody shit. No.


You see, I'm saying, you know, you don't know if we know what you did and that somebody, some people feel survivor's guilt, you know. I mean why do I got to they understand that whole thing, but God forbid they have to. They think, you know, because because it comes across easy them all. He had to do that fun and all this comes to them. They had to know with the different energy they gave you this people think I'm a do.


But, you know, you're special.


You know, I ask them, just like I'm sure that you went through and you went through like every other that I say I. I look over at them and said, hey, where did all these people come from?


I said, who the fuck is she? All these people just the other day it was you know, it was.


But it you but it's a journey is his death. It's like it was the prophet and all those guys death many years ago. He's been death by life, right? Yeah. This is one big school. The world is one big school, a school.


I would hope that he, of course, would stay focused on his dream and not of the course of his dream, because he's he's meeting people. He's he has money and all the stuff that he tends to want to because he's a good person. He wants to help their dream. He wants to be a part of doing so. Now, he's asked people on to this to this thing. And I think it makes it harder. It makes it harder on you because he has something that he's been seeing for a long time and he's starting to see it.


And sometimes you'll get derailed by meeting other people and fucking doing some other shit.


My life life teaches him what his parents and humans can't.


Right. Right, right. Yeah. Oh, 100 percent. He could charge up what's going to happen. I said just like you. I said what you do. I saw the game in charge of quick. You know, he the game turned them out.


You know, he wants to be a champion and happen. He saw somebody you watching somebody see that's Sugar Ray Leonard and somebody I think made me want to do this shit. Well, I live with the first one. So Sugar Ray and the. I forgot. No, I want to do it now. Oh, yeah.


Who was the who was the first person you've seen in the gym?


It really inspired you to believe this need this.


I would definitely. What would you say that is. There sure is. I mean, yeah, because I'm in the gym.


I was somebody that I could touch, somebody I could go talk to. I could call anytime I wanted to. So like I he inspired me and he was champ. So it was like I was able to just like crazy before it even happened. So I think they're always thankful for that. When I was in 1986, when they were, you know, taken up, I knew his father for me coming to my kids, me. So I followed them, my car and I met that when I was twenty.


How old were you back then? When I was twenty eight, yeah. My daddy, when he woke him up.


Yes, I was there. Yeah, that's what he talked about. He made. Got four in the morning, they run each other and we know who's home sleep, and my dad came in and waka, waka, waka.


We get up, coming in was like, oh, we in trouble.


I have I think Mike was standing right there with, like, though he's dreaming. It's like Tyson.


Tyson. Oh, it was crazy. How does that impact, you know, it's crazy. Like so we went to the gym that day that uses in the gym. We might like the food trying to go crazy.


Mike always says when you came to when you came to our gym, that was just crazy because you came in there. And we I mean, we we went off of just inspiration and motivation by that day for I don't know how long, you know what I'm saying. Yeah. Just that you even just came to the gym is after you were, you know. You know.


Yeah, I understand what I mean by having somebody around you. You can see and touch and talk to. It was the same way for me. I was going to, you know, make this happen. Now, Whiteaker, you know, I'm I'm I'm talking to these dude in, like, penalities, pound for pound, the best in the world. And I'm like, yo, yo, what's up with the he tell me, do this.


Do I do that?


Like, I ran on my own. The champ, Ramadi and other people are looking at me like hell.


You know what?


I guess what the small me like, you know, like big bro like them is crazy because I remember going to fight with that and the like fans mobbing him and, you know, meeting like damn like I hope one day I think, oh mommy like that. And now I go to the fights and you can't go out there like Troy.


I'm thinking and I need a rag. I need like a washrag. I love it. They added another day and this is very relevant. But I love the way he did it every day, you know, and this is my shot. I want even though this corporation I thought they were going to take away my dignity once we got corporate, but this is still me doing what I wanted.


Nothing testament to you being a boss man, you know, trailblazing this just all kind of bullshit through man. You know what I'm saying?


It's all about it's all about surviving everything. You know, like we lost we lost a brother. Should be part of it. Should be the stuff.


Yeah. That was a bad motherfucker. Wasn't the best. Right. The best one. The greatest one. The greatest. Oh fuck. Did you remember. Well it it's over there.


Zipser guy everybody to. Yeah I know.


Could you think about what you think when they brought you over Mike's house.


I remember Mike told me to shadowbox. He said, let me see what you got. He's a B but I but I was young so I was nervous. I didn't want to shadowbox because I was nervous. I never, I never met Mike Tyson before. So it was like, damn, Mike Tyson wants me to shadowbox. And so I just was standing there with my hands in my pockets. Mike was like, come on, man. Shutterbugs, let me see what you got.


But I never did it. And I thought about it stuck in the back of my head like, damn, I should shadowbox.


I should I should I should be short on what I had.


But I was nervous, you know, I was starstruck. But, you know, it's crazy how life works out.


Like, we don't even know nothing about life. I guess what you know, nothing that we see you now. Yeah, yeah. Now, now, now, now.


We could play my highlights some some. You know, now you could see me on TV.


See that. So like, I've never asked you. And then it's a two part question was that. But, uh, you don't speak much about your father. You haven't your father or one was your father in your life or, you know, before the big game.


I just I just finished making the well, I finished just paying for a beautiful headstone for him. Yeah. Oh, probably a month ago. Yeah. Good, good. Yeah. That's that's that's the beauty in me. Right.


Didn't even with that as you and I were going to heights of being world champion champion and everything, did it ever come a time that someone was trying to pit or come come between you and I. I would have tried to do to stay stay strong through it all, because I see you guys still out the gate.


You know you know my father, anybody I know my father, you know how he is. My father, you know, he's an alpha male male, you know, and out the gate from Young Pine when the Golden Gloves and doing all the stuff he told out the gate, he said it's always going to be separation. The higher we go, somebody's going to slip ahead and say, hey, don't worry about him, come over here with us and do the things you did.


Tell me the same thing. Yeah, let go. If come between, my cousins would say the same thing to me. Always worry about somebody stealing me. I think you're going nowhere near my father that we have to have a contract for this and I think. Because even then, I didn't understand the world went with me. I'm leaving, he said people were off this stuff because he wanted to buy me a Cadillac, the car. And I said, I don't want to cry.


I want to be here with you to know people will give you things to make to you. I I'm going away.


This is my I never understood that. I'm not going to let you. I'm staying here with you. He said I didn't understand what he was trying to do. But I understand now the people are going to give you money and take you away from me. If they want to take me away, take me away. I didn't think I was worth anything, but he saw the future. The me.


What age was fifteen when I first met you. Twelve. Thirteen. OK, yeah kid. Very formidable years. Yeah, I got him out as soon as I got out of jail institution I went over to living with him. I was different. I would do stuff and then like you know, like, you know I would be with him some hip hop. He had a family, the father street. It was scary though because he would do street shit and then get back in the car.


No, no, no, no.


I just love the way he this he said his father was a motherfucker.


I swear he would just reach the right get back in the car. We all in the car.


He like, you know, be together forever, right? Yeah, that's it. That's the country. You know, we're together forever. Right. Right. Yeah. So he never had to say, don't let your you just tell us people won't try. Right.


But you already know what time it is, you know, we got and we watch them come to God. How many brothers you got is is ten of us. They ten of us.


So you know, and he would tell us, you know, we have ever been to the end of the time we began to.


Right. Because once you know you're in when you're talking to somebody with them, I don't know somebody else's culture. Certainly it's what you did. That was a great flight. You have cousins go over and say, excuse me, said, you know, this is you talking to me from Ray.


So I did the opposite because I always thought somebody was going to steal me, you know what I'm saying? He had to be prepared. So if they stole me, then what would my king do? And you know what I mean? And my absence. So, you know, that's that's the cycle of life. As I think as a parent, you try to prepare your kids to do better than you, to take care of you, God willing, just like you took care of him and and said they don't because you understand that, you know, in life it's all kind of different people as parents.


That's just what we do. That's just what you do, what you choose, what you can be a fucking parent.


That and that's the responsibility of. Right.


And that's why I sent you out at 5:00 in the morning. Fucking world champion, you know, bigger than life in the mist, rain watching your daughter when nobody else would motivate and talking to our man. And, you know, that was one of the times he was going. I'm trying to prepare. Prepare, right. Exactly. And so with with that with that, we started early giving him giving him what the people were going to give him anyway because he's destined for it and having him prepared in a way that he's has the millions, but he's ready for tens of millions.


You know, I think I think he's already prepared.


I see, though, with still determined to fight. Right. Exactly. Exactly.


Because, you know, that wasn't part of the bargain, right. When I knew that he when they said that he was a natural and he had talent and he got a chance to meet the greats and, you know, to Mike McCallum's and you and and Eddie Mustaf was and everybody then him being successful or being rich wasn't part of the bargain. That was the part that I was going to do, was going to be determined that, you know, he wasn't going get back door from from nobody.


He was going to somebody that was going to represent him and represent his word and not the word that that was compromised by whatever position the manager was in, you know, just straight up off and do it right.


And that's one thing I always say that I admired about you because I watch you from day one and you always. Even though he was the top 20 winning other professional appeasers still right there in got the information, then you moved on to another chain and got more information. And he was never afraid to say there's a kid over who's living in Vegas. He the kid over in Philly. That's the number one. I he must be like, what?


Practically everybody we go in to Philly to find this guy.


So why should they get they get in The Sopranos and pull up in Philly, going to jamming with Leroy Jones that we look at the Leroy Jones there. Hey, how are you doing with the same weight?


We want to spar like I seen this. And I was like, wow, this is amazing.


Well, you know you know, the reason why I did that was obviously you were going to get good work. But what what I learned getting older was it was nobody tougher than nobody. It's no street or city that got no niggers is tougher than no other niggas. And he had to know that. He had to know that it was a skill that he developed and craft. Yeah. You see him saying so once we went to Brooklyn or went to Newark, St.


Shakoor many times Shakoor been a bad motherfucker all his life. So so we went knocked on his door you know we went and of course knocked on Jabateh Davis door first time in Baltimore at his gym. The second time is when they sparred at Floyd's gym. You see them saying so it was about you know of course we came up to, to, to the gym, up to our boss and you know what I'm saying? And did our thing in New York.


You know him? We went to London, you know, and I'm sure like with your daughter, right. You you want her to play around the biggest people. So when that moment comes that she's it's just it's just another day. So fighting someone that was a top dog in the United States for Devon, that didn't mean anything, even as a kid, because we went to knock on the door. We went and then, of course, got good work from all of them and got something to work on from you.


Really familiar with them, from sparring with them. Right. When I was coming up and only bothered everybody, that was the top guy.


Exactly. And that's why I feel like I know all the guys. That's where somebody can just come out the blue and say, oh, I'm the best. I'm this I'm that.


Because now, Brian, I know you give me a secret then, because everybody what guy that you spart that you thought was really bad and then you knew once you once you did well with him and Spaan, you know, you felt you was you was ready or, you know, it might be two or three guys, but with gone down no more in the young college of William.


A lot of. Yeah I know.


As a young guy. How old was you when you started? I did fifteen. Fifteen. Yeah, yeah.


Much, much for me. Boxwood, Purnell, Maxwell Purnell and Gina Jones tells me he told her during the height of her that he had a stronger hand. He was good though. He's a Brooklyn boy. Him Kevin Kelly. Yeah.


Tough guy. Yeah. Jones is tough. These guys, you know, come out of New York.


These guys you had you had to go against your knee for me personally when I saw him in the ring with, you know what I'm saying? Because I knew you wouldn't go you wouldn't go coddle them. And when you came and told me, you said he ready cause he read it, you know what I'm saying? And and then even in that, I don't know, because, like I said, it was a compliment to Mike who said he saw Dave when he was 16, Spart Shakoor.


And then when you because he turned pro at 17. But you had probably told me like when he was like 16 to cut him loose. Like I wouldn't him when you said he was ready, you know what I'm saying.


I kind of still I remember Devona 11 went to Mauthausen, his first child. Oh my God. We were running.


We was driving. And he said, what are we going up there? You can see I said, look, we're going to go we don't end up all the way up there. He said, yeah, we're going to run Legendary Mountain.


And that's when I knew Devin was he he was full. He stay with me the whole time. He did not stop.


He stayed with me. It was cold. I mean, it was cold. I think he stayed with me the whole time all the way up. I was in top shape. I was going for a championship fight.


I think he was playing a miracle. I want to see you find a miracle.


Yeah. You know, and he stayed with me the whole time. And we had we had a good and I smiled. I said because he ready. I said he ready. He got that because that run is no joke.


Anybody you know, I got to go. You got to get some sleep on March Austin a you can't just you can't just do that.


Just after all, nice is straight up the mountain. Like you start like you start in a straight up. Ain't no fucking five mile straight up.


Straight up. Oh it's in the air is thin up there.


It's crazy but I think I still, I still run that run to this day when I train up all my fights.


Yeah. Mickey Bass told me, he said, he said cause I had to have the ambulance come and get him. He went up there one time that he had a heart attack. Yeah. Who? Mickey Bee.


When he was running. I believe I have my, you know, rest in peace. My God, Jimmy, he was up there. He got Jimmy.


Jimmy got out and said, I'm I'm running a few miles with you.


He started running. And as you know, he's a he's a way. He's a way. Oh, he's a good girl.


I pack it up. Pack it up. Let's go, let's go. Let's go back to that hill.


And by the time he got back, he calmed down and he was good. But that mountain of the Arasu. But then, yeah, I seen people get up there for the first time. I think they oh I'm in top shape.


I could do this and do that and get it hurt the best Ozzy brother and lose it.


They don't know that the guy with Miami is Miami because he just got up on Miami as being a spot to train like. Like I said, now what? Now what do you guys think? He says you lose weight. I'm like he's like because the humidity. Right. So you lose the weight. Good. And he says he wants. What do you think? What do you think we got? Because we've trained all around the world.


Right. Go, go, go to Miami to hang out there. You need to go to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and train and train our way.


Well, yeah, I can attest to the story. I had a similar situation, Larry.


I had a penthouse that was staying in South Beach. I bought it when I had just won the title. I had a condo that I was staying on and my father didn't know I kept it away from him.


Oh, so? So he was training. We did our training camp in Hollywood, Florida. So every day, you know, when he first got there and we had the hotels and everything in Hollywood, the camp was set up in Hollywood. But I had my crib on South Beach.


I never I know. You know, I so, you know, couple weeks go by now. My dad. Yeah.


You know, so we love it.


I said, you know, I lived down the road for a mass. I'm tired. I know. That's why I got to drive and all that, you know, he said, yeah, come on, I want to see it.


I want to see what you live in. I'm like, I got we got a lot of stuff. Listen, let's do that tomorrow. Another day. Let's do it today. So I'm like I so I figure let me take it with me. Let's detour your sneakers in the mall. We go to the mall, do other stuff, kill like two hours. I'm like I you won't go by the hotel you like.


Nah. I wanna see your house.


Oh my God. Dance. We go over to South Beach.


He see my house. Anyway, long story short we get up to the Caribbean. All right. He's lucky girl. He opened the cargo. Damn aren't as bad as. Yeah. You know. I see. I see. Yeah. I bought the black curry so if I close it look it's black in here.


It's got nothing on the outside. I don't even get distracted by.


He said come on champ is no way in America you go everywhere and state you are living right. You say that he said over the course of his brother, it was maybe opium, right? You can see all the glass. I was mad. I had to get out of it. So I say I was using it.


I got away with it for about a good four, maybe maybe six months. I got away with a good six months because my training camp thought it at the end of my end of the fifth month. So I kind of got away with it.


You know, I like it there because it's hot and you can get it, too. Yeah. You know. Yeah, that's way. Yeah. That's what you're going to sit out the way, the way my brother.


That's what makes you the good godfather that you are with him because you always kept it real with him. Yeah. I got to it.


And you know, and it's a lot of a lot guys in the show because I'm getting really high.


You know, he he know one thing about it is I'm always going to keep a little you know, I'm not going to lie.


I tried it. I did. I got up. I went running every day. I was running Big Brother. It's not it's not the right, not the dedication. It's the view, the environment, the luster. As you know, the more you run, the more it grabs you like, oh, my God, look. I see. No, I see. But I take that as like, no. You taking off your glasses whole lot.


I know. I know. I've heard all of it. I take it as motivation. Like, yeah. Like, oh, I'm around. Know I'm motivated. I run it down right now. Ocean Avenue, that's off the Rolls Royce. They talk. But you hear me out real quick.


I got to say this. I take it as motivation. Like you make me want to run harder when you see all these all these by females and see all these nice cars and make you run hard.


And I don't want to do this shit. I think I know that some people do that when I see that things that I've off in order to run think when I get ready to change my clothes and get out, I says Crazy Champ is getting hot. Yeah.


This time we're going to bring you we're going to bring you some more strap. We got Beverly Hills exotics coming out. You know what I'm saying? Oh, now what are you talking about?


Some some good shit to smoke on that.


And I'm not going to get Champ here. I've got a few businesses too, though, that he could plug, though.


He gets we got him into the CBD. That's my CBD company, Dream Road Transportation. That's my transportation company.


You know, we weren't going to let you let you transfer him on transport cars.


You know, we could transport anything now. You know, it's a beautiful thing.


And I just transported by my Rolls Royce here right now. So, you know.


Yeah, it's I do. My goodness. I go I bought the truck for them.


I just got I just got a I just got a monkey.


I'm like, yeah, yeah, my mom beat you.


But the thing about Tiger, what is it about energy though. About energy. I had to I was lucky I had the right cat doesn't get bitten much lying in bed mean like me.


But no, I don't know if his monkey didn't being like with some like like his former people like was white or something because he got different energy and he already got like an attitude. Right. So I come up and I'm not I'm a smooth guy. I just try to come. When he said no, I said no.


I said no.


No, you don't me you don't like your monkey. You don't like you be moving too fast around if he like to just you know, you got to be mess which he messed with.


You got to your yourself. You don't mess with nobody else. Yeah. They only have one. Yeah. You just got to work your way. You got to give and take about one person. Really. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. I thought I was just going to rub his head or some shit like that and he wasn't, he wasn't having it.


What kind of monkey. How a capuchins how big it is to. He's like probably this big.


Oh it's the hell we, we're talking about noise. Yeah.


I was in my closet the other day and all I hear is screaming but I'm thinking is like a human with the watermelon, a lot of fruits and vegetables.


But his favorite is white watermelon.


Eat a lot of water. How the people get thing. Yeah. I mean you see he knows the meat to the meat of the the monkey, you know, some monkey, the devil. You know, you don't eat monkeys, but he eat like insects and so they start feeding them off my fucking meat.


I'm not coming off for real. That my fuck. Yeah they do.


I know. I saw one. I saw a monkey on the name. I saw monkey grabbing another monkey broke his arm off and they gave it to me. Then they eaten what I think is right in my life. If they eat nasty, they.


Mike, before you guys, who do you want to see? Who would you like to see them fight next or not even next, let's say now?


Well, I like to think you could. Stevenson Well, he's at one thirty. So next year. Next year. Next year for feel to your feet.


Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, feel, I feel. Yeah, so you heard what Mike just say. No, no, no, no, that's not his fucking name. I forgot the name Mr. Lopez. Come on, man, be nice. I can not get away.


But now, what about Ryan Garcia as a mandatory event if Ryan Garcia and thank Davis don't make that big fight happen. Should Ryan Garcia fight? Definitely. Absolutely. Thank you, brother. Thank you. Absolutely. I think I think a big fight with him. So let me ask you this.


If he was winegrowing fighting there, he said if I and Garcia. No, but if he was Ryan Garcia, would you fight them in Haiti or would you fight?


I'll fight Tank because I don't want to get a chance. Watch and get beat. Yeah, I might get beat with this guy if I see he going to look at this, like from the last fight, even right before the round table knocked out the last guy he was fighting, he took punishment.


He was getting our bucks. He was getting box. You know, it took a minute to get inside to catch the right shot to get him. You know, I'm saying he's going to Biswal, Ryan Garcia, look at it. Why fight a boxer? He's a boxer is a clean, but he don't put in a hard, smart fight for you. He figured maybe would tank. He could get lucky in our boxing, ten or twelve rounds, whatever, you know, I mean, which makes it easier fight.


That's what I would look at. I wouldn't get a wallet if I never got two box. Yeah, I'm around.


So I heard what the champ said. They running scared and that's what they doing. I feel I didn't know I got a low, but that's not a fucking word in my mouth. You said it my no, I did.


I did not realize.


They know like I like Limbaugh, but it's guilty of everything.


I know. That's how they listen. No, no, I'm a big noise. Everybody make noise. And my nephew, but there's no mistake about it is you to do nothing to play with.


And you're a historian of boxing and you are a historian. You don't fuck around. You are not going to be on here with him and telling him no bullshit. That's why I say that I respect totally about your no no. Off the record. You know, off the record, he's the baddest motherfucking and the best in the business.


I've been wondering these motherfuckers how long I've been with him. I don't want him so long as long as I've been one with Amazon. I like get ready. You have very good memories of mine. He's coming. He's coming. You know, people always say, what is he keep talking about and watch. I kept my eye. Tell my wife the baby. I'm the little kid. He's world champion now.


The world right. That just undermines everything Bob Arum has said about Devon. No one. No one who Devon is and him being this ten other lightweights is better than him and him needing a bigger fight for or bigger profile. And I'm saying, Bob, my people we got we got fans, we got people that's going to buy it. And we also got haters just going to wants to come and watch it.


I like them. But you're talking to a promoter, right? Right. Exactly. I love his job. We got to let the world know that part because Devon's a promoter already. He's a he's a promoter as well. But I think he's a promoter that's more transparent than the other promoters because he's a bad motherfucker. You understand? I'm saying, Mike, if it wasn't for my fact, wasn't that good, maybe he would play the politics that the other fighters is playing.


Well, you have to understand the job of promoting. Well, the path promoted the path promoters. These are whores. No, these are pimps. And they're taking advantage of the product. They know how how expensive it is. There's no value. They milk the value out of it to one day. Sometimes it never happened. He may wake up.


See, that's the difference between me, between me and a lot of other financiers. I knew my value and that's why I didn't let no one just try to buy me out or, you know, trying to, you know, take everything that that I stood for, everything that I believed in. I became my own promoter.


He was on show box. He did. He's a shoebox of lump, you know, Shadow's shoebox. They did. You know, that's the platform that you go to as a gladiator that you were willing to fight anybody and everybody, you know, as a young body of FBN with no time with my time.




Yeah, I didn't fight to in that fight tooth. And I fight for you. So it was shoebox. And everyone on Shoebox has a promoter coming from Mexico where he had ran up like seventeen fights or whatever, and then had all twelve, twelve, twelve fights, OK. And then and then went to, went to shoebox. Now man yes. I think he was twelve.


I was twelve. So that's why, that's why I love I am proud of you. Like what. My boys. Yeah. I did that field of school. Amazing. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's like asking me was it exciting. Yeah.


I guess in my wife transition though you know me and my wife.


What was it that was the we have all the pimps hustlers and played baby drinking my daughter's magic and the people intimidated the guy that came with a different energy. Oh you know of everyday energy. I love living inside me in the Hollywood business.


I wanna see the success that he does. He deserve to be. Yeah.


He watched you watch and help me. Yeah. He was talking about the show.


He says I know the legend. Yeah. No joke, man.


So is this some kind of New York thing that if you're from New York, you just got to ride with New York? No, no, no.


I mean, I know it's a Brooklyn thing like that, but I think now that he said to me, is there Brooklyn? So you give it some real now it's just that we understand doesn't give you a different kind of New York, but we understand the pain, you know. Yes.


Oh, yeah, I'm beautiful. Yeah. You know, coming from different zones, like, you know, we came out of Brownsville and that area is a whole different type of energy.




It's different from the energy that's in Harlem with with ZIP because it's more like how, you know, all the Brooklyn guys go to Harlem.


We always like all the Harlem and say, I was up here with us.


So that said, Brooklyn niggas take it, Harlem niggas make it. Is that bullshit that I'm not in a conversation? Not the majority of comedy we've. Yeah, the Harlem ladies, this from Brooklyn. Yeah, they move, there was fresh food, they were fresh brown. You come home, that's where they set you up to. Yeah. Unless you zip, you know, everybody loves.


Come on. Coming from where we came from, we didn't have a lot. So when we see those guys with the flashing of jewelry and all that, that that's food. That's why they bring that shit up and all that shit in the house and they'll bring that shit out. You don't think that was funny? Very funny. But I always wanted to be like when I was a little kid and I remember I had the Robin Hood hat and a guy who became my friend, he died and he took my hand and punched me in my face.


Wow. What was that about?


I and all my life, my brother became brain surgeon and stuff. I became a street nigga. He did something and it got that life shit suck you. And it's just like being someone that's a young guy to come and fight against one being a life line. I don't I don't know how to even explain to them. Once I got locked up, I went to Spofford. You I saw all the people from my neighborhood on my block who I thought disappeared to move somewhere.


They were all locked up. It's like being home to me made it major. I've been locked up so much when I was a kid because it was all my friends are there. No, it's going to kill me. And I just I don't know that bullshit about boxing.


The boxing business is worth it in the streets. The boxing business is worse than the street.


It used to be that you got any more. Now, fighters are so much more enterprising. And we were. Yeah. Devon. Yeah. Yeah. Twenty one years. Twenty two years old and. Roland, 22 years of my ego, yes, sucking absorbed me, I can make the right decision on my. My conscious with my dick at 22, my brother, when you came over here to the gym and you said fighters are prostitutes and you said it in Las Vegas, I said, oh, shit.


I said, you said, what the fuck you think? And see things like that. You don't understand. We hang on to him, you know, and people around the world, we hang on to your words, man, because you mean so much to us. No way, brother. The guy comes from my community. We think we're going to a guy that's going to, you know, do the right thing. So we go to the Bastille until we realize we don't know our worth, till we realize we are we are to deal.


That's right. And we got to go for the best that we ought to do. But everybody should be coming to me. Right. You know, I left home when I was explaining that Mr. Garcia. Right. And he didn't want to and he didn't want to look and he didn't want to confront the fact that he should be proud that he bought the house. Those are the things that they should be proud of, not that their great father doesn't last forever.


He's not to be a fighter for too long. Right. You know, it's about this is a platform now. You have this platform. Now what you have to take advantage of. It was definitely the platform that's all fighting this for the platform.


The next level life and having fame and fortune was one of the biggest things you bought to this day and make you happy. That makes you happy if we let them make me the happiest.


I bought a lot of shit. I'll be honest. They make me the happiest. That's a good question. I don't know how to bought a lot, but a lot of stuff for other people.


Um. Just make me happy to even have it, to give you happy to to buy stuffed, happy to to be able to buy other people's stuff. I can't say I can't pinpoint on one thing that made me the happiest, but I want a lot of stuff that make me happy. Yeah.


Happy. I want to know like happiness is not happiness is not. Happiness is in the moment. Life is in the moment.


What does it mean when you when you look at it from him and I'm watching and I'm saying to what makes them happy? And when you identify with one thing, then it's over with, you know, and then it's like, OK, car makes you happy or a house makes you happy. Right. Then it's over with. Your happiness is over when you got the car. But for him to say that a lot of things make him happy and it's not one thing and he's just happy and he's happy to have it to give.


I mean, I think that's not mean.


He'd like to have a gift, like when you see it, like, wow, I'm happy that I did have it. I got that gift for whatever whatever is free. Like, wow, I did that.


Yeah. You know, I'm saying that's what I mean.


I didn't mean like in person know I know exactly what you meant, but like I said, it's just like I know a lot and I'm, I'm happy.


I'm happy. Most important, I'm happy that I'm happy to, to be able to buy, to be able to buy stuff, to be able to give cheap, to be able to, you know, give back to to my people or my people can rely on me and believe in me that if they need something or if they had a rainy day or something like that, they could come to me. And and I know that that I'm happy for him.


So I was in the video store and I was trying to buy. Sure. The same. Right. So I'm totally like, yeah, I even get let me see that right there on that show.


And I haven't got that like it never got back.


You got a pirate again. But I'm a girl and I still got every everything to deal with. But you know what though? And that we definitely need to let parents and kids that that do grow up, that didn't grow up, let's say, like you or like me, that grew up with an opportunity to do to chase their dreams that they don't lose focus fucking around with them knuckleheads that don't have fathers in the house, that don't have mothers in the house, that don't have people that really care for them.


And they listen to the streets, that bullshit in the streets, that little, you know, be down with me for a minute, tires until a whole lifetime. Hey, you know what I'm saying?


So, yeah, I was nothing. So my family is parfit. Fuck me. Lt fucking blew my mind. Right.


I'm my what. Small jail. I'll go to jail. Oh you were in the children and it came to video of my talks.


Yeah. Really blew my mind how much I was there too. I was out there. We were all kids. Seventy eight.


I was just, I was when you know I was going to be a one and next year crazy.


Wow. I saw a picture with you. You want to fly away when he was when he was young. Went when you came to Vegas. What, what age was was he and when did you notice that he was like like Fallujah? My father like I went, you know, that he was special.


He always had confidence, you know, he has always had come. But one day I was and maybe it was Cleveland. I was at the National Golden Gloves, the national championships, whatever. And he seems to tie things very humble with the will you please watch me fight? And he really looked real good. I just know him from his uncle and his father and stuff. And his grandfather cut my hair once from and in Hudson, New York, you see knew right then that he was going to be.


No, no. I knew his family before. I knew he even existed, OK? I knew his uncle.


But the first time I saw him, did you know that he was going to be great? My son play professional and an amateur as an amateur. I only saw him fight the one time the Nationals and he won at the professional, his uncle Raj. He kept saying, Hey man, this guy is better than me clocking me. That's just that he stays in the gym. You know, that reminds me of me because he had stayed. And even when he's not, he look see, he's not.


He's in the gym right now with time. He's in the gym. Even if he's not training, he is in his whole life and style in the gym. If they got home, boy, they got good. They put it in the gym. Yes, everything. The gym is our life. Whatever you do that the fourth circle that is involved with this mentality, you haven't see somebody that's been in the gym and it didn't work out for him sometimes.


Yeah. That had the gym that just gym rats. Yeah. It didn't work. Well then what, what was the reason. Why didn't it. Who was the person. Why. Why it didn't work.


Because he had, he was, he was meant to teach people named. They made everyone have different roles. Not nothing or nobody, nothing. They don't know what they're supposed to do yet. Hmm, that's deep, Kevin Haney. Yeah. Thank you for having me.


These very humble and kind and nice and that and giving. And that's the sign of the killer. And boxing is very kind and like, you know, I mean, what else would you pay me for?


Now, you heard what you said, Tejo, come on out the woodwork and let's make a real assessment of Lopez isn't going to be a world champion.


That's what we need to do.


See, if I come out the bushes, come out the bushes and you do what Mike Tyson did and you do with that, Judit. And did they seize the opportunity when they was mandatories? You knock it off. Now, you said you the king and we in L.A. right now.


There you have it here on boxing.


I'm Zab Judah, Bill Haney, trainer, father to the number one fighter in the whole world. Devin Haney, the number one fighter in the world having to dream Haney.


And I'm Mike Tyson. And I didn't say nothing bad to Mr. Field.


Lopez, knock it off your alone out there. What now? We're going to play it back and we're going to run it back five or ten, ten million times. But don't worry about it, Mike. You have been up. You have been a blessing. You our God, you are a God to us.


And he said, T.O., come on, go and see it. All right. What he said, thank Davis. What do you think about Tank? So what you said Tank needs to talk to make the fighters to tank, talk to Devon and then make it happen. Or is that a fight you want to see?


Well, listen, I would like to see. Yeah. Like to see them fight. All those guys. All of them. Yeah, I like them fight. I like him. Feisty misperceiving too low and way too little right now. We'll see. We'll see.


When you talk about Stevenson now you want you want the whole world to vibrate. When Devin Handey and Shakoor Stevens is going to be the biggest event I want to be in right now is what I ask is good right now.


Now we talk about the future, but what can we say now? Because we started talking about next week.


Well, usually, yes, but you just said who wants to fight me and say, who wants to fight me right now? Who wants to fight me? You got hundreds of me who want to fight no war fighter in the world.


I want 35 pounds. We wait. We wait in the driveway and we tell them to say you're the greatest fighter God ever created.


I'm the greatest I'm the greatest fighter God ever created. Hmm. Oh, I see, Nancy.


Soon the world will know if Big Brother.


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