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You won't be able to touch me. You ain't never found of one thirty five in your life. You too ugly bee champ.


How do you fight like a fucking magic man? We're fighting Sushko. Hey, everybody, I'm Jeremy Piven, and I'm Mike Tyson. We are here at Hot Boxing with King Ryan. No shit.


Ryan Garcia. How are you doing, man? Doing good. I know when you have the opportunity to walk down the street and say, I saw your fight.


Is a lot of that going on? Definitely. I'm just so blessed to be here. First of all. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Joe. I mean, to have me you know the problem, brother. And yeah, that fight was a great moment. It was it was a chance to show people who I really am. And I think the fight just to me, it meant to like. To let people know, you know, you're not who people tell you are, you know, you're not a piece of shit, you're not a bum, you're not anything, you're not a social media star.


You're who you choose to be, you know?


I mean, like, did you think that about yourself? No, no, no, I didn't. You know what? You know what? You know what it was. It was. Having that moment and like, can I pull it off if that moment comes and I get a show who I am, can I actually like what I believe, you know, cannot be anything because you get knocked down and got up and one that shows who you were, I think to speak for the character, I think to the people would I think to myself, I kind of knew I had that in me and that's why I was able to do it.


But to the people definitely showed who I really am.


Yeah, that was a wonderful victory, too. Thank you, man. Thank you.


I saw you throwing those hard shots before you entered the ring, and it was a trip. You know, it was almost like you knew. Well, you tell me, man, I want to speak for you. Did you know you wanted to prove your power in this fight? I definitely prepared myself to, you know, keep down those blows as hard as I can, you know, as many times as I can if I have to get over real bad intentions.


Yeah, I like to. I like. Ah, keep going. The tell me I'm close with Devin Haney. And what do you think about him is in your future. Definitely he's in my future. Of all those fights I want to. Do you want to fight Davis. You know the two rounds is on Friday and days and days with David. Where are you taking the time to think he's ready? He's ready. Yeah, but I'm ready.


I'm already really want him. I see it. Second round, knockout corner right here, man.


I must set him straight because, I mean, take no, I don't want him to see his name again. Tell me his name. I don't you can call him whatever you want to me adjuvanted. You call him whatever you want. You can make him seem like the baddest creature on the planet.


Just know what you do.


Well, I can't believe anybody called our tank. Nobody ever called our tank man.


You know, people may be afraid, but I know I know what's going to happen is second round knockout, mark, my words come back. You know, we're going to win. Come back here. We'll talk about it. And you're going to ask me how I knew.


That's what that's what you're going to unleash. This is incredible confidence, man. It's confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence without thought that indeed.


And, you know, he was talking about bad intentions. And I think, Mike, you have a reference for throwing punches with that.


Oh, yeah. My mentor told me it was bad intentions have no emotions. Yeah. It's a fight in the ball controlling your emotions. No one fighting is really unnatural, even though it is something that God gave us. And I don't know why, but is it unnatural? We're not made the fight because that's what we have to wrap our hands, their hands, and that made to be hitting people. And it's just something, you know, attentively enough.


You know what I've always said to myself? It's about being calm, that chaos. Oh, absolutely. It's a chaos. But if you're calm and that you could see a lot, you know, that's cool.


But when you go to the level of calmness, when you liberate yourself from yourself, when you can see yourself working. Yes, exactly.


You're almost like you're above yourself inside yourself while yourself blow my mind. Right. Know, because this is exactly what I feel.


It's like people are asking me, how do you get in the zone? I don't know. I feel like I'm there, but I'm not there. So they ask me, how does that happen?


I say it just comes about it's got a form of relaxation. Well, it's got to. But you have to work as well, you know. Oh, no, no. It's not going to be like giving to you. You need to work for it.


Exactly. Because you have to think if you really are going to believe God doesn't do well. When he told me over this exact exam that you put in the work, you know, he sees the work. He put it in the work. He did put in the work a lot of people make.


In this generation, don't and it sounds like we're a couple dudes talking about back in the day, but and I'd love for you to speak about this, they want their cookies now. They want to skip the line. They want to take a victory lap.


And they don't see all the work that you put in, you know, or that might put in to be in the position that you guys have been in.


Well, my idols and my own people I look up to are like Ali Léonard de la Hoya. There's a lot of people I look up to make so many so many legends.


So as I look at, you know, what is this so many guys that are great at certain thing that just marvel, you know?


And and that's where I want to be. I want to be like Ali. I want to be like those legends. And, you know, the only way is to is to take risks, to gamble like anything in life.


If it's going to be something amazing, it's going to be hard. So I'm not scared about hard. I'm not scared about, oh, man, you're going to it's going to be a hard fight. I want it to be hard because that's the time I get a shot.


Well, I was told by my mentor, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Yeah, well, you know, it's always known to take great risks.


But were you you were a little subservient back in the day to Don King and other people choosing your fights even though you wanted to fight someone. It wasn't really your calls. All right. No, it wasn't my call when I was younger, but I would fight anybody. It was anybody they chose. They would fight, though, right?


Right. And now and you guys correct me if I'm wrong, but there are a lot of guys in your position that would not choose what you're doing.


You're going into the belly of the beast and called out the beast and he's calling around. Yes.


Here's the thing. I see a lot of these fighters and, you know, they're all talking about Asabi suicide and whatever they want to talk about, it's like that's not what boxing is about. That's not what it's going to be. That's why boxing is not where it should be. And I'm here to make a change in this sport. I'm here to bring it back. That's why I'm here. So I'm going I'm going to do whatever I can do.


I'm going to keep content out. You hear me, Tank? You see it. You're going to watch and you're going to know. Stick around. That's all I'm going to show. You should be taking that fight. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Me. Can I say something real quick? Thank them. I say to my friend of mine, Jeremy, if you do not take this fight, your legacy is forever tainted.


Nobody nobody will ever remember your name. Nobody. The money's there. I know you love them like was. They don't take the fight next. Your whole legacy forever is tainted if you don't take the next fight.


Oh, my God. God damn thing. I never heard no shit like that's amazing.


But because we're living in a time where people want to make the most money possible, so they would take five easy fights before they even stepped up to take this is I mean. Exactly.


And, you know, it's like it's like you you want to learn, you want to get better. You want to be the best version of yourself.


They want to squeeze out all the money they can. I want to squeeze out all the greatness I can. Wow. There's a difference in this goddamn. Let's have it, we just have to have sex is great this. I want to embrace vicious mediocrity. No, I'm just kidding, no, I don't know. You know, this is the deal about greatness. Some greatness chooses you. You don't choose greatness. Yeah, it's not something you choose you.


That is amazing. It makes you feel happy. But you know what's going to come about? It is going to be hard. Yeah, but this is something I always. That's what I learned. I mean, a lot of great people, but most of the great to meant they weren't good people. Hmm. But you have to deal with that perspective. You'll be great. Good. Are you going to be both? Hmm. I we'll talk to the great meant they weren't good people.


Well, selfish people. I can see that, but but I could also see a great person being a good person. I could see that as well will be hard here. Yeah, exactly. But that's I think most of all, my man or I feel at least good. Ali was magnificent. I met a lot of them, though, there's a lot of great people, you know, most of them are selfish, right? Yeah, some of them have right to be so.


But it's just not right. Even though you have the right to be that way, naturally, it shouldn't be shouldn't be that way. We should all take our beatings in the end and yes. Be humbled by Hemostat instead of being buried by them. Did you used to be selfish? Absolutely.


That's all I know. You know my conscience with my dick.


And I thought, oh, selfish. I'm the youngest champ ever. I deserve how hard I work. I come from nothing.


Right? Yeah. And then life told me, you know, life humbles you. Yeah. Yeah, and. Pretty deep right there, no doubt the. If if you had another chance, would what would be different? Nothing, nothing. To me, you paved the way for myself, really? You are like everybody because it teaches me. You know, because there's a lot of great things you did, you know, the things you said, you know, like the outrageous things you said to you, it's like, man, that's bad.


I don't know. I don't want to be that person. But to me, it's like you gave the fans the same entertainment you you didn't know, but you were making somebody's day by getting them excited. But you you did it because I don't know, for other reasons. But, you know, you were you were getting people excited. That's what I want to do. I want to get people excited when they hear me tell you, give me excitement.


What amount of time that, you know, sometimes I'm dark, but I'm an entertainer. She's my mentor. Yes. That's the world he put in me to entertain people. And I think it's all about intent.


What is your intent when you're saying is it to really hurt that person or is it because you want to give people excitement? I want to give people I say these things because I want somebody to be like they I want to watch him fight the listen, listen, check this out. This profound you want to excite the people, but in order to fight them, you have to hurt him. I came back here where you had to be in order to get them, you got to hurt him.


I just I just hope they don't hurt too much.


I know it's got to hurt a lot. You want love. That's what you want. Greatness and love. You got to. You got to earn.


You got to like Lee Woombye. Yeah, Mike. I mean, you are you've articulated in the past. When what specifically when you say you punch with bad intentions, there was a time when you were working towards something very specifically when you were punching people.


Oh, go punch right through them. My objective was to go to them right through their brain, through their gut, hit the punch through them. That's my mentor, T.J..


Yeah. My mentor is very combative here. He didn't take it personally. He knew we're in our business. Our job was to hurt people as much as we can. And that sounds pretty weird, right, when you think of a nice old man. But that was just our business. We were in the business. We're beautiful people outside of that. But during that process, this is what we do.


We heard people by teaching you the sweet science, that duality of how difficult it is to do what you guys do, all the angles, all the preparation, and yet you add that element to it. A bad intentions, you see, is the nice and humble and everything and the rest of the way, the nice kid and the fighting with those are the characteristics of a killer.


Oh, he's so nice, you know, big time that he gets in the ring.


Yeah. Like that body shop? Oh, absolutely. Shotput, Loopt, Kambalda, oh, I felt it and I felt it in this time.


Listen, I saw you here in France and then I put that shit on your head on you left.


But right now I see this motherfucker leave me out of that.


It would be good to see you guys, you know, have a have a moment where, you know, Mike was mentoring. You know, I would love that. I would be honored if my side man like horoscope. Yeah. Leah. Leah.


Oh, fuck. Megalomaniac. You can't help it. It's good stuff. You don't need a baby.


Everybody got to see a Maleo too, so. Yeah. Hi. Yeah. What about you, Mike. What's on cancer. I'm like sensitive time together like the carpenters and. That's right.


Mike told me I need to be more sensitive so play me the Carper's The Carpenters the other day.


I get that sometimes from my mom's side, you know, sensitive chip. I do sometimes. Well, I think that's also the way people see you, because you're a good looking kid and you work hard and you have these fans and it's almost like. I don't know if some of the people realize, first of all, how hard you hit, how hard you work.


Do you think some people, even like Luke, didn't realize you're power walking in and they took it for granted?


Definitely. When you take first glance, I mean, you just don't know what's within me. So. That was the that was the thing I think, you know, the fighter and I'm sure studied he had to be aware of your point. He saw the people you fought and stuff, and they're respectable people. You're knocking them out. But I don't think that he was. That you're perseverence. I don't think when we got up, I don't think he thought you were going to get up and then if he did get a up to this to have bitten you something, he didn't expect that kind of perseverance.


And that's what I love about boxing. And that's why he gave in, because he was my best shot. Yeah. Oh, God.


That was the best he could have landed. But the thing about boxing, like it tells you the truth, no matter what, it's going to tell you the truth. And that's why it's the most honest sport in the world.


As soon as the two guys get in, you could tell and you could tell what they are hearing.


That's one of the reasons I'm fascinated by what you guys do, because I always get a second take. I can always, you know, fine tune it and make it better and continue to grow.


And I know, Mike, you're you're a natural born thespian and that's your that's your journey right now. But what we're fascinated by is you get one take and, you know, there's you know, you've got to get in there and you've got to thrive in that moment. Which is. Which is. Which is, you know, why we fight. Because the more flyoff. You know, fighting two guys in the ring is everything what life is about, who's going to give in under the pressure?


My. Yeah, not necessarily helping, but who can take the most useful life? Yeah, we can really take it before the other guy give them. Exactly. Is the pressure going to make you into a diamond or are you going to just fall under? That's really what it is. The perfect thing about boxing is it's unperfect. Yeah, but when you get a second take, because that's not what life is about, you don't get second takes.


No, all you get is an interesting scenario psychologically, because when you think of first, you think of a guy in the ring punching you lover. Is that pressure in his marriage is the thought of being hit, which is a million times worse than actually being hit. Isn't that crazy? I don't know. Said no sense in the mind, the mind of the enemy. You know what?


As I said before, I go in the ring, I'm saying to myself, I hate boxing like I hate is the pressure so much. It's like, what the heck? But like, that's real talk. Yeah.


No, like, I'm thinking in my head, like, this is horrible.


Why in the world would anybody want to go that way to anything that's in my dressing room? I'm, I'm a wreck. The mom is a wreck. And then I start walking down the aisle and then once I'm in the ring, I feel like I'm a God. It's different. Is that different? Oh, that's a different feeling, man. Going through that weird and scared. And then you're transforming just like that. And people like, what do you feel like?


I said, I don't even know the exact moment, but it's like and then you're like you're just you're just sometimes my dressing room.


I thought I was going have a heart attack, a pass up before the next thing. Or is it time to go out or something. Boom. Disciplined so much of a variable to being great with what you guys do is it it's how you handle that moment because the guy you're facing when you think about it, what's crazy about Mike is. Everyone he faced was bigger than him and weighed more than him. You know, I mean, it's this open division.


It's another added LMR division.


I mean, that shows how special Mike is now for him to be finding these giants. And Mike is never looked at as me being special, just my it was my youth. I wanted to make my mentor happy and make him happy. I had to hurt them, I guess. Not be bad to hurt them. Yeah.


Hearing that from Mike is just confirmation. Like that's what makes you great. You ain't fighting for yourself. You're fighting for some greatness.


His greatness is doing something very, very difficult. But the simple truth is that for greatness, people make greatness is what they're talking about is honor. You can't win on. You're born with this shit. You can lose it in the process of some people, in the path of winning on it. We lose it. Yeah. Yeah. Because you don't know we have it. We're born with it right now.


Is is there something, maybe even subconsciously, that you maybe wanted to get knocked down to learn that lesson, to see if you're capable of navigating it?


That's a good question. I don't know like I don't know if that Knock-down was meant to be or were not. I really don't know. But before I went to the fight, Michael was a hurtin' a moment. I'm in the locker room. My uncle starts a little tweak and I'm like, weird, it's on. Don't pay no mind. I'm in the ring. I think about my ankle for a split second. I look up and I just react.


It's not that I wasn't ready, I just reacted. And then I get hit and people say, you see black. I seen light. I see crack.


Yeah, I see no black. I see light.


And then I was like, oh man, I'm on the floor. Felt great. And then I was like, you know, I could get back in. I wasn't losing the fight.


I just got caught and I went right back to it. But it's for like it's me. I didn't feel embarrassed. I didn't feel out of control. I just said, hmm, OK. It felt kind of like it was right. It was it was a very special, crazy thing that shouldn't have happened but did happen.


But I'm happy it did now, right?


Yeah. I do think it's a good thing that that happened. Absolutely. I bet you most of the people like the old school guys. So that was good that. Yeah. So now you know, you can get back up now you know, you don't have to panic. You know, that happened. Take it. Yeah. He kind of what had come back up and continue fighting. Yeah. Is there anything he could have done differently to avoided that particular shot.


Well, listen, I know that once he got up he kept his head down, but that's perfect. Yeah. Yeah. So that was up there for you at least. Yeah.


It's really going like that because I had to be a little tighter. Obviously Luke is a pretty good rangefinder. You know, Sardis is disenrolled. He was faking a lot.


So, you know, I put my head up and he cracked me. So I was like, you know what, I'm keeping his head down.


And just like, you know, or you have your head down, um, it's just those little I find thinking that with the tenth of a second timing. Yeah. The slowest guy. Did you see it hands faster than the second. Even the slower. Faster than the second. Can you believe that. What I will flow in boxing. Yeah, you know, a second fucking say that that's too slow.


Go right back.


It. What's what's the worst thing you can do in the ring? Is it is it for a moment, doubt yourself or what's the never that you shouldn't even be in if you doubt yourself.


The purpose of fighting to build character. They make you enthusiastic about finding. So can you imagine the ego thinking about they're going to represent God, the one day rain with God, you know, the ego of a fighter? Yeah, sometimes they think they're God. That's when you get could get humble real quick. Yeah. The thing is, you ask the question, what was the worst thing you could do before getting the ring is not working out hard.


Oh, that's the one. If you want to know. The worst thing is not to be in the work has a four round fight to feel like a 12 round five, you know, and work hard.


Listen, I know what I always tell people.


I was a fighter, but being conditioned to not be heard and be out of shape because I was heard during the training and they said, Mike, what are you going to do? As I mentioned, that I had to fight, hurt and be in shape to not be hurt and fight out of shape.


I mean, so to message you, you don't want to be gassed, you know? No, no. You don't want to doubt that. You get that some guys that could drink a fifth alcohol go in there and fight or fight. Great. But without it, they're bums. That's OK because they need to be relaxed, right?


Yeah, but out of that bomb. But they smoke, they drink their liquor and they're going and they're lying.




Alcohol is such an illusion though. That's what it is. They put his hoping to buy a bottle. That's crazy.


Faith and hope that. But even though it's killing you little by little.


Yeah. You know, like every kind of like cocaine, it helps you at the beginning and it takes away so much. Yeah. So losing, like I remember saying that it's all a loser, all would love, you have to like all these songs.


Sometimes when we went, we were in prison for my memories. You know, you're young now, but I know you remember probably being poor things happening. You know, you know the bad things that happened in your prison today. But anyway, that's the stuff. The rage is the sort of thing in life, right? Yeah, but we never forget it. That's the torture. It exposes the greatness, but we never forget. And that's the pain.


And you can tap into that pain. Oh, absolutely. That's that's your friend. Yeah. No doubt about it. That's that's definitely the case with acting.


You absolutely know, the actor's nightmare is you're thrown out on stage. You're in the middle of a play. You don't know what play it is and you're lost and you have to dig your way out. What's what's the fighters nightmare? It's a nightmare that you guys have had.


No, listen, you've been humiliated. That's a nightmare. You're getting beat up and humiliated. And then we don't realize that expose who we are. And that's what makes the people love you even more.


Yeah. You know, you're absolutely exposed.


There's so many things that you could be scared of if we're going to fight, I guess so many doubts, so many things trying to make me doubt myself and. It could it could be from the way in the press conference from the fight, but to to be honest, this is just all things like that's an illusion and it's.


I know. And I told myself without that, you wouldn't be able to perform the way you and I think that came into my mind was just crazy before my fight, the dowser trying to hit me.


And I said, it's all an illusion that I remember.


Mike said I was like, this is an illusion. I'm about to go in there and destroy this man.


That to me. And when I when I hit that stage and I seen those people, I mean, it was my moment. I just let myself be free and I knew I was going to do. Is it different how low you went to 22? Mike, how old were you when you became heavyweight champ?


When I listen to you, it's like a dream. I if the way I act back, the way I believe what the word value is just like a dream. You have a little kid like him. Yeah, absolutely, man. But it's it's different now because you were living, for the most part, under the radar. You're in the Catskills training the you know, he is navigating a world and doing it beautifully where so much of it is being documented, you know, and he's embracing it.


But our reference for people that are on YouTube and they're using that medium are people that don't really work hard, you know what I mean? They're using that medium for their own profit and gain and they may not be really skilled. And this is something different.


Well, and that's awesome to know a lot about them by him. This changes Boxun by him being involved with that instead of people knowing them and afterwards they know him in the whole world. Now, this is good for information. You know, don't get caught up with it. Yeah, but then you have to understand that the biggest narcotic in the world is what I mean.


Oh, the no dopamine.


That's the biggest narcotic in the world. And I'm teaching this right now. This I have more power than food and cocaine. And whatever you think of the powerful drug that everybody wants to be a part of, they want this in their life forever. Some people can't live where they want to die in front of it, you know? Oh, no. This is the no, this is a stem of your greatness. This helps you show your greatness all over the world.


That's what I that's what I do it for. That's why I do social media. That's why I make sure that, you know, I reach as many people as I can, because to me, I look at others like I want to inspire as many people as I can. I will I will not stop to the day I die to reach more and more people, just to give them hope and to give them passion and to give them something to fight.


So you want to do that? Do you want to do that, though, forever to the day I die.


I will never stop and I will continue for the rest of my life. I promise. That's to everybody watching. I will never stop to inspire the whole world. I love you guys. It got you already.


You know, they got me right in my sweat because, look, I'm the same way once they were.


Listen, once, you know, once you turn to I'm a humble motherfucker. Once you turn this on, hey, I'm the king of the world, I'm God. I don't know. I'm addicted to. I'm addicted to. You got me there.


Oh, you got to do is this I was like, well, I don't have but if I come on.


No, I love it too. I can't live without it now. I got you.


You're addicted Mike.


But you've done the work.


You've you're not defined by this. You've done the work on yourself. I'm not defined by this, but my whole motivation was like, I need this to show the world to see me. Right, exactly. I want the world to see me like I want to be champion of countries that don't even speak my language.


That's that's exactly what I was listening to some of these great warriors. Exactly. That these guys. And he was and I'm king of so many countries. I'm king of country. They don't even speak their language.


Yeah. It's heavy. Yeah, that's going to be right there. That's how I feel. I want to go. I want to reach people that don't even know what I'm saying because they can feel your heart. You don't got to speak the same language. People feel your heart.


And that's what I plan to do when you want to do this stuff because nobody wants to do. You do this when you can't do nothing else. But when you want to do this and it's not for money, the war, you have a death. You have a really dangerous person. Yes. A real dangerous person.


And they can feel it. They can feel that. They can feel that intense when it's authentic. Exactly. It's beautiful.


I want to see what Tank and all these Gandelman think about this guy talking like I don't know what they listen to. What he said that my time NewBay the next guy, they sometimes even some guy, the guy he was in, I don't think he was experienced enough to find ways to talk crap about fighting. That's all right. Be my sparring partner. I thought they were tough and they'd be my sparring partner.


Out of that work out, it worked out great. He became champ in. That's right, but that's cool that you took them under your wing like that. No, he thought he was a tough guy. Then they take him on my way, view you fight good enough and you can help me improve myself here on the team. OK. The objective with me to break his spirit that he was talking so much shit when he saw me, he knocked the guy out there and he saw me.


I want you I want you to stay where they are, like 10, five, ten. OK, why don't you come spar with us? Anybody thought they were tough and was saying, I want to be my sparring partner. They were two months with me, said you had you laugh, right? Well, however you want to call it, that's still ultimately a gift for them because you're giving them an opportunity to see who they are. Oh, absolutely.


I don't find that they know who they really believe there are. You know, but they got some work to do. Yeah, but then they continue to stay with us and they became better. Yeah, that's the way to go about sacrificing.


You know, I just want to know. You know, he's still going to be a hero of Baltimore. He's still going to be, you know, that man in Baltimore. But this is my time. It's my moment and it's my era. It's not yours. But you had a good little run. But it's not you're not here for a long time, I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm here for a long time. That's that.


They are vicious and shady. It's hard to say that it was even warmer. It's going to last a split second. You won't even know what hit you is just like that. It's just lethal.


It's going to be it's going to be a very calm out, just a very boom. It's over.


And I'll pick them up, too. I'm a pick them up. I'm a little. But he is so much different after this is like Ricky Ricardo in fucking gloves. Right, fucking entertaining. He's fucking gorgeous talking shit. This is incredible. Yeah.


So yester didn't forgive me because I can't quite remember right now.


He didn't really call people out like this is where I could call people out to stuff. But you know, I could go for my school and he picked everything up and he's using everything, you know.


A lot of people paved the way for somebody to ask one of the massive megastars.


Yes, for sure. No, absolutely.


And he's one of your mentors? Yeah, I mean him. Canelo Yes. Banan so many people. I'm so blessed, so grateful to have so many amazing people around me. You know, I can I can write it up better me for you to have the pound for pound champ. Right now, Canelo Alvarez, you got Oscar de la Hoya, you got Bunyard and so many people along the way. I can see this young man. You're your own man.


We liberate yourself from them. But, you know, they're great to be on your table from the time you need to liberate yourself from them and beyond birth and establish your own domain around, you know, and then have to share with other people unless you want to. You're right, Ashleigh, every fighter wants to do that deep down inside, even though they love who they are when they help them, they want to liberate themselves and be their equal might to be the equal of Oscar and Bernard.


And right now, I want to be the equal and look at them like this. I don't want to look at you like, you know.


But it's interesting because you're in the mix with Canelo, so you're side by side with him. And I think, you know, from where I'm sitting and watching you, it if it affected your presence in the ring. I mean, when you're around somebody that, you know, is at a high level at the moment, if you're not naive and ignorant, you're going to become something because, you know, the only way I wouldn't be able to gain something from that, just seeing it is if I was ignorant and stupid.


You know, I'm not when I get a grasp of something, I want to stop, too. I take it to a whole nother level. You know, my whole goal is, you know, Ali was the greatest. In my eyes. I want what I want to do is to be the last, greatest ever. I mean, he he put that there. But I want to be the last, greatest ever. That means he paved the way.


He showed me what it could be. But I to be the last one to do it. There's no one greater than me after that. And that's that's my dream. But you to be an entrepreneur as well. Let's do it all. Yeah. No, really, you could do that. Be an entrepreneur and control your own destiny and write your own check the way for somebody else to have your money. Before you get it, you know me to my you know, no checking your money out before you get it through.


They don't check you out and check that the only way one check nobody else. I'm the boss.


Let's go. There you go. But, I mean, you learned the hard way. Well, absolutely.


Absolutely. It's good to learn that what I learned. There you go. Some people left the company. People went to that. I went I went to and they still them and they killed themselves. They all did. And Stephanie gave up her life. Right. You know, and I was going that direction, too. And then all of a sudden.


I met my wife, I know for a year, then we got together and things started changing. If I don't even know, maybe she had the good luck but just started changing rapidly. Yes, I've definitely been an angel in your life. Yeah. So I don't know if you take this box of stuff too seriously and get caught up with greatness. You know, I just what I found out the step from is only one step from the limo to the gutter.


Oh, I think back. Yeah.


You know, I'm sure your parents missed that, too. Yeah, that's real. Oh, that's thing is real heavy. It's very heavy. If you step out that car that got it right there. Right.


So don't get used to that limo. I think that you can't fall any moment. And I will tell you that. Yes. And you touched upon it earlier. You said something about. I'm not a God and I'm not a piece of shit. And if you're somewhere in the middle, because you can see yourself and have and as we were just saying earlier, you know, it's it's a narcotic and you have all these people celebrating you and following you, and you can get drunk on that and forget who you are.


And the more you know who you are and your presence and grounded navigating that, that's brilliant.


Well, you know, our greatest act, you know what they are and they're not. Oh, no. What do you say they they're not balanced to extreme, either blow up or did the right one or the other, and that's how these kind of guys work potentially backwards.


You said we're like, you're not a God or you're not a piece of shit. You know, when I call myself king of the ring, the way I look at it is like I'm king in the ring, like I'm not, you know, to me, God is king of all. So, like, even when I stepped into the ring, when I pray, I take off that crown and I bow down to was higher than me. You're not getting higher than God.


But ain't no man on this earth would ever make me bow down. And that's fat all day long, every day.


Anybody who steps in that ring to me, they will go down. I love it. I love that guy.


OK, I can't believe I wish we had we got to know. We're going to have to do we're going to have them. Right. Both of them had the same time.


We have that to like that, you know, mean no competition.


They buy a B emission that comes with that. You know, they should both write their piece.


Mike, I think Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Yeah, but no fight. But Mike, you just have to be ready to step in the middle.


No, listen, listen. This is the deal, right? We are to the two men in that entrepeneur. When they get in the ring, they're fighting the right now. The entrepreneur. Yeah. I got to take off the phone. Yeah, thanks. Oh, my God. Fuck up, nigga. Hey, guys.


God, I love talking marriage shit over here a at make a baby to well, too. I don't care. You all pause to rail to where you're going to sleep to. Yeah. It's not going to hurt I promise you. Is not going to hurt. I don't care what you got. Yeah. Yeah. Oh that. You better open up. You're going to need a ladder to me. How are you. You, you don't need a ladder to hit me.


You're going to need a StairMaster. Boy you won't be able to touch me. You ain't never fired a one thirty five in your life is different. This I don't care what you do. You got nothing. You ain't got nothing. I don't care you to only be champ and phenomenally boy. I'm pretty good. I've never seen I like we are you going to have it all going to take. But you could talk to me. Have a good time.


My head is hanging on me. Oh don't worry. You don't hit me with that shot. You don't need a StairMaster boy. Yes. If I put a keyword keyword would have if I can't fight with this nigga man. What we are worldwide television. Can you fight this fucking magic man. Let's go. Let's go. Hey you guys. Your face the world. Hey, I don't know. He said it next fight. There are no going back now.


They will go back. Hey, you better commit to it. Find that baby. Sign me because I love you. I'm dancing. I'm happy. Look it. But not the one you. Hey. You have got to get it all, let's get it out to where you got this threatening and I'm not quite sure what to make of this kind of thing. Whoa, go, go. There you go. Out of five minutes. The man he took and half the time you're going to fight this nigger the next fight.


Talk to the World Bank and tell him that they're all shit, the whole world. And then we go down. Let's go away. Who is set in stone now, baby? All right.


We got it all got. Thank you, brother. Thank you. Let's go back to the phone. I think I'll call you back later.


Oh, fuck.


History, you know, mushrooms.


I've seen it a couple of times. Yeah. Know mushroom before the shit.


Blue is the to. I was the for that was show business. Didn't make a joke. It's got a knockout.


Oh wow. You've got to go right away. And you man. Man fucking interesting.


The fucking Leo want the world to see you.


This kid knows how to seize the moment and the Ricky fucking Ricardo comes out right. Oh shit. I love it. I don't believe it.


Wow. I'm just happy he confirmed it on this. Yeah. We're looking for, you know, going back now. They know going back. Hey, what's he saying. Yeah. And the cameras are on. Have you heard it? He cannot if he goes back. You heard it.


He said his legacy is you don't even talk about legacy.


But it's interesting because when you started calling him out, he wasn't coming back. So, Mike, he really forced his hand.


Yeah, he sure is a would kill you, motherfucker. I'm fighting you, motherfucker. Yep. I'm a fucking kill you, nigga. Your father could have said that, but he felt that and energy. There was no coming. Man, come on. You got to fight, motherfucker. I guarantee you stinking of that number two in his head right now. He's seen to. Oh my gosh. Two, he's going to have nightmares thinking about to stick around his beautiful baby got.


And should go, and then we got these two guys fighting tank man. Please don't be embarrassed.


How how can he not? There's no way after this. Right is going to be so hard.


How do we get to instigate this beautiful and amazing.


Beautiful. We're going to have to be ringside.


Hey, there's no there's not going to be any people at the fighting. You know, the pandemic, if we find them, is still in the pandemic. We have to watch from here like we did Malfi. We had to watch at the office. Yeah, but we wish you well.


Thank you. Thank you. God willing, things will open up. Hopefully.


Hopefully we had a little bit, uh, my last fight. Like six thousand people.


Really? Yeah, really. That's so awful. Yeah. I would love for you to be there. I would love to be there. This is a super fight. Whatever they to call back in the eight days, call them the little giants in know.


The big time baby. That's right. And this is what's interesting to me. Well, I know people don't like me to say this to your father. You don't relish the the you know, how much money you know, you get your shit like most Philco. When I was I trustee, I had no idea about him. When I let other people think that you got to be your own business man and you should write checks to these guys personally.


You know, you're right, though. Yeah. That somebody with a bag holder checks with you. They have your checkbook. And you should check if you feel like giving the money to the whole world and going broke, you should be the one to do it.


I love the. So you understand that now more than ever, what we're getting into this business, leisure entrepreneur, that's what I learned. I entered it for my honor. They already had. That was the fucking least. I believe that with a bomb like this guy. And that's how people take advantage of you to take advantage of your insecurities. It's like insecurities make you great. You know, they make you vulnerable as well either way, right?


Yeah. And you trusted that these people had your best interest not to trust and give a fuck.


I want the glory and I don't want to knock out Tankel.


And now you got me. I feel like I wish he was right here in front of you to have got to think. Well, you've got to think like the ones that beat him nowhere else. I'm going I'm going closer to God and go, oh, I like that.


I like and I can't stand a guy that is hey, that's going to sit with me for a while. Just you saying that that's what we fight the good God that is that's really what it is. We want people to look up to us. Yeah. I don't look OK.


I just think that that stuff we want people to love and we don't love ourselves. But you've learned to love yourself. Oh, absolutely.


It is a tough job. The inside job is really tough.


Yeah. And he already has that love, he is this is an interesting dude right here, man, really interesting fast this this drug to take the love that you have for you and just give it to this.


You give everything you got to this and have nothing for yourself. And I think I'm OK with that. I hear you. I love that. Love that I thought I would I'm OK with that. OK, I'd rather just give myself to everybody else and, you know. Let God see me as I am, and that's it. You know, that sounds like you're talking to Karl Marx and I don't know. I don't know. I don't know my method, like, you know, socialist with the world, I was, you know, I should help people and stuff like that.


But then how could people know who they are? I can. You said how can people know who they are? If no one every time they get knocked down for my help them up instead of them getting up and self. So it's not weird. Yeah, in a weird way, a lot of help and people were hurting. But thinking about me taking my son Heathsville, but making sure he has everything he doesn't have to work for, and I still struggle.


I mean, who he is.


Yes, I do. He I forget me. I'm living my life. How did he know who we are?


As sure as. But we give him every time he hurt himself. I'm putting the bandage on my wife and putting the bandage on them and stuff. You know, this is an interesting way to look at that. You know, if I was that way, I wouldn't be here. We would never be here.


If somebody loved me and took care of me like that, I would never be here with you.


That's right. But you're giving in ways you don't even know it. Both of you inspiring people, you know, there's a lot of that going on. Well, you have to make sure you're inspiring the right people. You can't control that. Well, yeah, but I don't want to be like the guy in Catcher in the Rye and he inspires, you know, different kind of people.


I know. To me, it's the message you put out, you know? I mean, because that's if you put out a message of hate in this that, trust me, is going to inspire somebody to do some hate, inspire somebody to do good. Guess what? That's going to spur somebody to do good. What's the message you're putting out there if you put it putting out? All I care about is this.


I'm a squeeze in all this, you know, just like bull, you know what I mean? You're going to inspire somebody to do some bull. But if he inspires me something good. Trust me, the right person to inspire will reach.


What I'm hearing from you is you honor those that came before you, you're talking about Mike and Ali and all these other guys, and they're people of your generation that don't necessarily have a reference for that.


And you're showing them hard work.


You know, the Southbridge, there's a lot of selfish going on in the world. And I would just like him. But then he's going to reach this day when he realized what the fuck am I to whom I think I am, that people should listen to me. And then when I thought that way, then I went to the history of the state. And you've been there. Yeah. What made me get decided to think that I'm somebody. Mm hmm.


You know, why do I think that this world can exist without me? And why do I think if I die, which in my mind, my greatest perspective.


Well, it's interesting because when you're in that ring, you have to be totally present and feel that there's no one that's greater than you, and then you have to somehow shut that off when you do.


No, no, no, no. How do you do that? You you're saying all you control is one thing over and they. What a second. And I used to have that energy.


To me, it doesn't go away until you start training for that next fight or something because that, that, that, that feeling you don't feel away.


And that was different for me. I was on all the time. I was on every second of the day. That's why I got in trouble with to charges and stuff because I was always on.


Yeah, I was always on. I didn't know the discipline. I didn't use the discipline, the if I fell in love with that illusion and you went through that journey phase yourself.


And I think in certain ways you could be a great mentor to him, you know, to Ryan. And and you know, it's interesting because we were having these moments and it feels so natural and we think, oh, we're going to see each other tomorrow.


And the reality is, I don't know when you guys are going to see each other again, you know, like gonna take in the second round.


That's ugly. I'm going to fight. Right. That's fight. But here's my question. And forgive me for even throwing this out there.


Is there anything that you wanted to show him? Any adjustments, anything?


Because the reality is, Mike, you're off doing your own thing and he doesn't know what he's going to figure out.


And he's 22. But all this shit is about is your baby and your family and. You've got to prepare. That's why you need to liberate. You can prepare for your family. You know, these people that they have family. Do you think they're going to take care of your family before their family? And I'm not I'm not I'm not going to beg them if they need to liberate yourself. You need to be your own boss, you know.


And I don't care who gets mad, tell them to come see me. I don't think they want to know, but you know what I'm talking about and I know what you mean. Yeah. We are all afraid to confront these guys, we. They thing about your family, your babies, they have two baby girls. What about them? Nobody mattered, but. That's real talk. That's that's real hardship right there. Yeah, nobody matter.


Don't care whose feelings are hurt, right? Absolutely. This is not a feeling game. This is a business. This is objectiveness. There's no filling the void. What's right and what's wrong. Objectiveness. No feelings, right or wrong? No great stuff.


I knew there was something different about. You have two kids. Yes. Yeah. There's there's a level of maturity from this guy that you don't see from 22 year old kids because you've had to step up and I just walk with God.


I feel like that's where I get my knowledge from. So I walk with God every step of the way.


That's why I just let God to you to take care of your family first. No, I'm serious. No. That's why I go any book he can burn your book. If you don't tell your family nothing, man. Is it it's a. You got to do that. It's just it just has to be second nature, and he's right. I can't I can't worry about whose feelings I got to take care of my family. I got to make sure they're good at all times, no matter what.


So you see him up here talking the thing that's going on in other people's pocket.


Before he gets some of that money, you know, but people are going to be shuffling that they need the wrong guy, even if they're not, he needs to be his own man.


You know, it's like I should have been earlier, young guy, and you still love those guys or whatever, but look at them as equals. The people that took your money and did you wrong, have you let that go and do you forgive them? I'm not mad at nobody. There you go. That's right now, God, and that's why she says, imagine if I gave up and killed them and now I'm in jail for the rest of my life, right.


Jerking off all the time.


So, yeah, nobody wins a fucking from people stabbing people when I go home for them. A totally different kind of person writes the man who wrote the rest of my fucking life because of these scumbags. Right. There are people that did her to hurt them and then they're in prison for the rest of their lives.


Forgiveness is nothing more than forgiveness is more powerful than a bullet. But given that, I'm just very grateful that I don't have to hear that word much, that I have to know and people have to forgive me, God damn the power of that, you'll learn one day. You know, if I stayed away, you were, you know, some of that stuff you have come around, you understand that in understand compassion that. The man with seven Muslim passion.


Do I really kick my ass for. But whatever you went through and the reason you forgave is the reason why you're right here and doing great. Yeah, that's the story of Jesus forgiving. Yeah. Yeah, forgiveness.


Well, you have a Jew in the corner, but I respect Jesus. Jesus was a Jew. And you know what? I still feel you. We can all pray together every day in love all around. I don't care, I don't care about religion. All I care about relationship with God. That's it. There you go. Religion could go a million ways, you know.


Yeah. When you think about the way you think a relationship with God, you think about the many people got killed over with people who certain because they believed their God is the only God put God in perspective.


This is the way in my in my humble heart on this subject is people always say, oh, my God, this way makes that how you know somebody if you're not close to them, how are you going to know God if you don't are not close to God or ask God, can I be close to you?


You're never going to know. I'm never going to know who you are unless I talk to you every day. You you're not going to know who I really am unless you talk to me every day. That's my perspective on it. It's all about having a relationship with God. You can spin it any way. Christian, Catholic, you go any way you want. To me, it's relationship of God trusting him and just getting close to him everyday. Talk to him every day.


You'll find out sooner or later.


You have looked at the history of God. Oh, I think I'll Netflix, I've seen that with. No, no, it's not like to Netflix don't have knowledge of the history that you took my stuff with Morgan Freeman.


You push it over, you look at the history of Guardian people being perspective. This is what their perspective is. And I just can't come into reality either. They have so many different names over to the time of life changed all the way to Jesus Prophet Muhammad. Yeah. You know, so many different Indians. But at one time they were Samarian, but they were the same story, but with different names. And then they turn into Roman and cricket and Greeks and Americans and Africans.


Now we are all the same. But at one time these same DTG, that they were different when they got their religion from God because, you know, I'm a Muslim and I watch them and submarined they they they then they prayed like this to back then. I think that's probably where. That came from this and this and this and I need and I said, wow, that was Islam before Islam with a thousand years before it even existed.


Right. You know, religion little more than. Listen, they have to and under Africa is this country that under Turkey, they've all lived in Africa 9000 years on end, and then there they found an altar where people would worship to, as we know, that God has been worshipping the 9000 year. As we know, it could have been dashes what we found, it could have been maybe the country that's been worshiping God, we know nothing about God but that it exists.


And us. Yeah, it God exists in us. Yes. Just bottom line, our brain is not sophisticated enough to fathom God. It didn't make us that way. But we still try. That's what I'm saying.


Like it's always you were never going to have like an understanding is just you got to you know, you've got to know that God is forever is to me, it's like change is always change, change, change, evolve, change.


God's will. What you think our rules are. Really? I know you read the book and a book club rules basically what humans think they are, you know, regardless of what we do behind closed doors, you know, I will I will stop our humanity, you know, for my humanity that we will come from savages and we are taught to behave and act like this, even if we evolve this way. We taught to be this way because if we didn't act this way, we get punished.


Probably hundreds of thousands of government, but some people evolve more than others and some people stay and animals have the energy. Yeah, we have serial killers, you know, they don't always reform to the human status of all of them and law and stuff like that. Yeah. Do you guys feel like when everything aligns, like, for instance, when you're in the ring and everything's come to fruition and you're totally present and you're on your highest vibration, that you're closer to God?


I'm only close to God when I'm alone. No, I don't feel I don't feel when I'm in the ring, it's my ego in the ring, I've only only experienced God when I'm in the presence of quietness and silent.


But you did say the gods of war have ignited your ego. Yes, but that's that's selling tickets. And I got to let it go.


Man, you got to understand, like, some stuff is just to get the people going.


I don't have my ego to take advantage of my ego, my ego take advantage of me. Right.


You know, everyone has to be quiet and go inward and. We all pray to different gods, but that doesn't mean that someone else's God is any more or less legitimate than yours.


Listen, no, we know, we know we worship we worship the characteristics of God and the characteristics of God is in all the books. That's just what it is. Yeah, well, that's characteristic. I know I have the characteristics of a whole bunch of religions, but I'm a Muslim. But, you know, if I was just a straight Muslim and I didn't know any other religion, then I wouldn't be a white Muslim. Bonnie was thinking about my religion.


I understand everyone else as well. I'm not I'm not the only person in the world after understand the world to understand life. I understand God, right, guys like yeah, like Ryan just said, it's it's all about change and evolution and growth.


Don't be afraid of that.


No, God, people are scared. God doesn't want us to kill nobody. God doesn't want us to kill animals. You know, if that's the God we believe in, you know, I believe any kind of kill in any kind of any kind of human animal in the form of self-hate. That is my belief. Yeah, and then. You know, you need a little protein because you got fights coming up, so, you know, there's no I've I've eaten I've eaten fake meat during my fight.


Somebody offered me that to do like I do affect me and stuff like that. I think that's the future. Good of the future. You still feel strong? Yeah, I still feel strong, too. But listen, I'm gonna soon be blasphemous. The eat. Me animal. I think animals, you see how powerful that the network is now. A man 20 years. Well, certainly, and we're going to all be and if not proud of me, but this is not real me.


And just as healthy for you, probably more healthier.


Yeah, they have to figure it out because I've been dabbling in that for a while and they've got to get it right. I mean. I mean, yeah.


Because you suddenly you look what is in the papers. I would listen bit more sodium than I was in my.


My fridge raided yesterday and I took a piece of that, and that's why it's impossible to get away with the whole family. Got that? I do eat meat.


Yeah. This is this has been heavy, right, in a good moment. I know, but listen, this is only Evelio, so he's not like most people will absorb everything but a leadership. Deals the capital to this kind of knock. The darker the Capricorn, because is always on the top. Nobody can get them. I'm a Leo, but my rising is cancer. That's why I can identify with your sensitiveness.


Yes, you do kind of seem sensitive. Yeah, I don't want to admit it. What are you talking about? I'm just sensitive. I don't I don't hide from the truth. So I play. Karen Carpenter is too sensitive.


I didn't say too much.


You know, I said I said, well, what did you say? No, no. I know it is very sensitive.


My that is sensitive for me, Rob.


No, the only thing that. Karen Carpenter was too fucking sensitive. I said I didn't realize you were this sensitive and I don't know what my sensitivities is.


Powerful music. Yes. I love you to listen to me. Listen to something.


Music educates people, you know, there's something like my my father, he. He can listen to jazz, no word, but he knows the words to it and there's no words ever written to it. The jazz is just code.


It's just I love it just beyond my content. Oh, it's cold. It's cold when you think about jazz.


Jazz is is is improvisation. But everyone's on the same page and they know the rules.


And it's like boxing. You're in there, you've got all the tools and you have to go to school for piano. Jazz playing Dad the deep and powerful. Yeah. And then once you only know those guys only stick together, those guys on the same level.


Music is so powerful. Well, I mean, think about you have to choose your walk out song. You know, to connect. Yeah, I've gone through only now to walk out songs that are without, you know, kind of that powerful feeling I felt in the first one. A superstar from Lupe Fiasco. If you are what you say, you are a superstar that have no fear. Bumps what I say I am. I better step in that ring and not be scared.


You know, meet's right. And listen, you know, we go out to our song and it's been happening since the beginning of human beings during war. We're going out. What I draw is whatever it is, demised, whatever it is to do it in time of war. Drums of war. Yeah. More music happening forever than human beings. Yeah, that's yeah.


That's great, because we have this visceral and I started thinking that connection to that music, you know, me and music does something to its spiritual. Spiritual. Yeah. It's spiritual for sure. 100 percent spiritual.


It was at a time like where you're walking out to like a single note or what we know sometimes when I was playing God, I just walk out through music, you know.


Oh, my God.


But you felt that, right? That's something you felt. Yeah, I was a dog person back there. Yeah.


Man, you chose to play funeral music because you listen, just like I put my whole life into the world seeing this day, I put my whole life into this. Yeah. Yeah. So and and I didn't like them. I didn't like the fucking affection I got back the future.


I'm sorry, but now you lost the relationship with all this. It's fun. Absolutely. Life is a comedy now. Yes. And you learn to you know, you keep your personal life to yourself. Knowing that, you know, I have this my wife and I have discipline and girlfriend and I would go live this long, and then my wife explained, hey, you got you don't have grandkids and they're going to look at you in a certain way.


So you need to change your life and stuff. And then they just started working and I met Rob and then I did the total death. And I told my whole life change. I heard all that. I've seen every podcast of yours.


I did the told and I got a podcast I was on. The park is just crazy. This is crazy. Look, this is I don't know. I don't even think. But it's magical. Yeah. You know, I don't know what happened. I did it all. My fucking life lost 100 pounds.


I just forgot somebody. Right.


That was right in I tragedy that Western Australian the millions of dollars that just fucking 54 and you know, what the fuck am I doing? The biggest show of 2002. When am I done with it? This doesn't have nothing to do with my ego. This is me. You're just kind of grateful. How are you grateful for that?


I am totally I never knew what gratitude was to us, to this to this moment, you know, and this and what the fuck. I think I am to be fighting people and making money with everybody stuff. You're just like, thank you know, I'm mean, very grateful.


I give it away, you know, I'm never I've always been there for them. I did something for somebody. It was only for myself and aggrandisement I was getting sent down the road from. I never knew the power of just being kind and, you know, I had I only used it for my I knew I only used it. For myself and Diceman, but, you know, just to be actually caring for them, I never really knew that.


And I want anything back. And I've experienced that and I was powerful. Yeah, unconditional love. Oh, absolutely. I'm so selfish. I never know what it's like to be selfish.


Well, but you're also very open and transparent and and raw and real. And people gravitate towards that in a time when everyone's on their best behavior. You're saying this is me, I'm flawed. I'm trying to evolve and be the best person I can be.


Well, we also do some people hide the fluidness really good judgment and we're all flawed.


And it's just that I don't have the energy to hide anything. You know, I don't have anything. I don't know what I'm going to die for one another to use all that energy, Heidi. And what I'm really I was made to be, if there's God, God made me this way. Hmm. I guess he made you that way. This is our personality that we got from God.


And that's the double edged sword of social media. Social media made you not want to show your real self. Only the best parts of you. You know what I mean? I think, you know, the moment you start just being like TransFair, like you said, transparent, really just this is me. I'm going to every day I'm at work to become better and better and just be that better person the next day. People have to respect that, because if you don't, then you're going to be just denying yourself because your self is like that to nobody's perfect.


Nobody there's it's impossible. You're not. You're just not. You run into a hole. You run into a brick wall.


You get old out the same way. This guy I wanted someone to vent, but then you're going to realize this country is a country of entrepreneurs. We survive. You know, entrepreneur. You're not really going to survive in this desert you're accustomed to. You know, it's this whole world is a business. One big goal sort of being the business school as well. Yeah. If you know. Are you willing to make your claim that you have to prepare for your future?


You know, you're not going to fight? Well, I know feel like it at the end of you might wake up tomorrow and never by the way, you might work with my family and do this shit. No, I don't want to give this big with to motherfuckers all my life before every fight on my terms.


This just sucks. No, I said I have a love hate relationship with this.


I know he's only 22, but how long you've been doing it? Since I was seven. And even after his face, it felt like a couple photos of the damage to the in the profile, right?


Yeah. And 100 rounds of hell no. Why though. That's right.


Because that's developing as professionals. Is there some reason, man, those fights were like the scariest thing in the world. I know. But listen, I wouldn't agree. Damaging no. Know, like one phony kind of the all the Russian guy can go to. But the real deal is that once they've got 18, I assume it happened without even thinking you start where you start getting better. That's what I don't know.


What do you make? So a great amount of time from now. I mean, I did pretty good, like I said, amateurs. Yeah, maybe. But the problem is the that 15 fights in one year.


Yeah, but Mike, you were thrown into the deep. I want to hear about your story. You were thrown into the deep end, the pool.


You were lying about your age from the jump. Yeah. So you were a kid. You weren't even old enough to fight these men and you were. And so you got thrown in the deep end of the pool. You had to be my mentor.


He come from the old school. He means he thinks you should fight as many fights as you can as an amateur. You don't care if you lose the win because you've had that experience. It won't happen in the pros. Exactly. You know, no matter how many times you been knocked out in damages, I've been beaten damages. Then I turn pro. I'm fucking invincible. You know, it's just like you said, I'm defense, which is beyond you right here, the same guy, but you're not the same.


It's something also happened to me when I was seventeen before I went pro, I went through this just anxiety, panic attack it I never like you know, I never had that stuff too. Yeah. And it was right before I went pro. And, you know, to me now, looking back at it, obviously, I feel like it taught me to learn about myself.


And it's the start of my my spiritual growth, the start of my just knowing myself better and just understanding of who I am and who I can be. And, you know, and I just going through that experience comes back to like I want to tell kids, like, when you're feeling these feelings like is it may feel like I'll never end, but it's going to teach you a lot.


And I want kids to know that you'll be you'll be OK because some kids won't even notice what it is, because, you know, you don't ask those type of questions or you think that, you know, you're too tough to not feel scared or not feel like you can't breathe. You know, there's so much things anxiety can make you feel like, but you're not alone. And people are here to talk to somebody, ask them questions. Somebody has been through it.


I promise you that you're going to be OK, I promise you. And just know that that feeling will pass. And you mentioned breath. It's about breathing. It all comes from the breath because that panic attack is about the shortness of breath. Exactly.


Especially if you don't know what's going on, you're going to see if you do know, you're just. Your path. I knew what was going on to get me going and fight another human being. I was scared to death. Yeah. You know, and then you start.


And then I realized this is where I found it in the whole game change. I found out they're more afraid of me than I am of them. And then everything changed.


You're going to fight, motherfucker. I'm a fucking kill you. I was out there that gave you a different perspective and perspective. I was them before the fight, threatening the mother, the family, the family, my colleagues. You said I was. I shake the fuck out of your fucking hand, and that's the only thing I regret. I wish I could. I wanted to talk like a human being to do. But in order to be what I wanted to do, I had to be a savage.


That was your way? Yeah, that's what I knew. You know, somebody like Alexis Aguayo, he's a gentleman the whole world before he kills, you know, he's a monster. He's going to kill you. He's going to fucking kill you. We're going to kill you. Hold your knife. You talked about how great your family, your your father, when you go to an intellectual love story with you after he kills you right now.


But I've seen you in the ring. After you've knocked someone out, you hug them.


You learn that from him. OK, yeah, I learned that from him and treat him like he's still my hero.


The man and I all over the alley, we got left. Bali inspired me because I was in a reform school and they played the movie. The great finale came in and right away if I want to be like him. And then I got transferred to another place and that this other place, it was a German named Bobby Stewart, who used to be a boxer. And I said, hey, can you train me with anything? I'm a trainee.


I want to be a fighter. You get your grades up and you start acting like you have some sense. And I think about it. And so I got my I got an honor roll and he started teaching me. And then one day he had he had a little bit of like a broken nose, black eye. And he was mad one day and I was mad, but he was mad because his wife was angry that I don't want you to buckenham, you know, and they said, don't worry, I'm going to take you somewhere else and this guy's going to take you to the next level.


And that's how I met class wife offered me for Molly.


Yeah, all family is all from back. And then I veng them without fucking Trevor Berger. Can you believe that? The events to me and nobody before that fight did you have that feeling that you could avenge him? Was it like that was my mission.


Mm. Is my mission a knockout in two rounds? Oh, I no who the, you know, attack here? A shit man, you know, man, you got to remember that Baltimore man. I think that about you know, he's still going to be a hero. Not if not if he doesn't fight. You got to you got to fight me.


You talking mad shit. And I hear shit like this in our league. He merely embarrassing people in front of my face after we call and tank man, what the fuck?


I mean, think of a think about from this perspective, people saying he's not ready for tank. He went from proving it, knocking Luke out. It's legit. Right.


And by the way, you would love for him afterwards. I would took a page out of my book, which is great. And now not only are you stepping up, calling him out, but you're calling out the round.


You know, this is what all these young guys, they should learn, all entrepeneur, the not fighters. We're not going to fight a fight. We want to talk and say, listen, this is the most money that both is going to make the whole year, probably five years from now. Live fight. And matter of fact, let's get this guy out of this. We don't need this guy and we keep more of their money to ourselves.


OK, sometimes I tell you, if a love and I break you up and you're not going to get this, we want to save this money, but we split it before I decide to look after anybody else.


Right. You feel me, right? Yeah, totally.


The Bellison guys like Mannheimer decided, sometimes we are afraid to confront our guys. You know, you know, I mean, we don't know when our friend, nobody in the ring will be afraid to confront these guys and that's something all these bad guys, we kick their ass, we know and confront bitch naked and that bit, you know, I mean, they want to do that to your money.


I mean, you. They're taking advantage of this, you know, this is this is the money cow right now, right? I mean, we're making money. We're slave masters, you know, my only slave master that don't have no contact with anybody. You. I don't want to own nobody. We do business. Well, I mean, my before you beat yourself up, the reality is to get to the level that you guys are at.


You have to be so singularly focused and then you see this guy, well, he must know what he's doing about his dealing with finance, I don't know, finances. I've been I've been grinding so hard. So you do feel a bit subservient to them if Bellison know your finances.


But get everybody else, will you, and you have a trainer and a lawyer. That's your life, the trainer and the lawyer. Sure. Everybody else is just even if you do go on. Yeah. I look at some people I love. I want to look I want to look like me, you know? I mean, because we've known each other forever and this is great for us. But we love you is up to you to do it, you know, information me taking my you should have your own checkbook.


I don't care. You just what you should have is a fucking kid. I go, wow, I'm talking about and I think, you know, you had children.


Yeah. The children, the whole game got to change. Fuck everybody. Fuck them then then fuck you.


Let's change this contract now. It's ready to go right now man. Right is ready to fight right now. I can feel it is Busson our.


We got to be fighting in both arenas, we got to be fighting an entrepreneur and every defense theory that things pirogi going to entrepreneurship.


Are you feeling all this also it in? I'm just you have to be your own bed. And like me, I'm on business, you know?


I mean, if anybody I choose to break off left because I choose this, nobody else will do it for me. You're beyond me. I know it's tough dealing with the 22 year stuff, but I remember the two babies. Listen, that's why I was left with nothing. And I have all these babies. You don't give a fuck about my babies. They don't care about your baby. This is the real yeah. You know, worke, anything you mean, even though you're savage in the ring, but you're a bitch and then there's people on you.


Oh, no, don't feel bad, it happened to me, too. Not to happen to the greatest ever, and you're never too old to learn. No, I've never, ever. You have to face your own fear that once you face your fears, your faith, anybody. You know, this is where everybody that you fight is not to anybody and being able to help you, not your friend. Yeah. Remember that young man? Thank you, Mike, I appreciate you.


This has been amazing, you guys. That's cool, and I want you to love it. Now, Jeremy, come on, I'm soaking it all up. Listen, I have worked with him before. My little boy. My girl. My girl is 18 now. Wow. Are 18. He doesn't want any. Listen, this is. I know he must be hanging out with Karl Marx and figure this guy the know every time I give me the note that I don't need that I need probably 20000 bucks instead of the fucking 50000.


You know, he just I don't know. He's a missionary. He goes to Haiti and all these contacts. Incredible on the word of God that if he got it from you, that's a part of you.


He wants to help. The world doesn't want everything. One of like I had, I gave him a Cadillac truck. He got rid of that. He wants to get this Rangeley shit. And if this is interesting, all my insecurities never going back. They're never going not even the gig on the Browns. I don't want to go beneath my living. You know, he yes. He throws away everything that he had a lot of wealth. And he is live on the wealth.


My Carsey, of course, just because I want to know if there is anybody you would ever want to fight in history, who would be. The killing of. Wow, I thought I was going to be a boxer. Oh, my God, we thought, you know, he thought it might be possibly George Foreman. You didn't know Ali. Of course the court is possible. Like you never know.


That of these guys is not physical, emotionally, right, spiritually, everything is just right there. Actually, that's the fighting and fighting spirit.


And I'm not physical, but the spirit, the physical body spirit, Ostrer, when it comes down to it, is the spirit of spirit.


So why Achilles? Why Achilles is the greatest warrior ever? I mean, yeah, I want to find somebody when you have the guy you want to find, that's the true test. Yeah. When this is over, I'm going to greet him with his tomb was very. I want to go to Greece to go there you go. I'll document it. Yeah, I'll be so random.


I see my guys go to Greece. I wanted to know what what was before me. Why am I this way? Why do I think about this call? And I found out what glad I found out everything was fine and well, you know, it was started. Gladiator's started a war. They captured guys that were born. Hey, I bet you this is money that this guy could kill this guy. I don't know. And they put him in them.


Fight each other. I don't even know. And they say if you win, I'll give you a certain. But if you lose, you just act. You better win.


Yeah. Yeah. The ultimate that's the thing. You got to actually you kill enough people. You win your freedom. Oh yeah.


There's already some guys that just got so know they don't want their freedom. Stay there and do it. Did it till they died. They didn't want to. Is one to keep entertained because they're entertaining. Yeah. The gladiators. The slaves with the most. Biggest superstars of the whole Roman Empire, right? I'm sure. They were breeding some serious warriors, listen, like they had this room, there must have been I must have said yesterday that it's just like that.


This is why we have this that we learned from the Romans, the Telapak cultures and shit like this. And they had the whatever they got Highwood, they had it. They was really old, a couple thousand years old, was old and no one else that they had a chipping of the fucking Gladdy. It's like a bath. Like they got that the fucking chipping of a gladiator on the wall. I don't know his name, but was the guy that they will adapt and change now and change.


We learned all that from them. All the stuff that. And you know that that the spirit will go from body to body, do nothing. And my wife thinks I'm no my wife doesn't think I'm tan, but I believe this personally. We have, once we die, go somewhere else, give it to somebody else, see what they do with it. I mean, maybe our children, maybe. But I get the spirit.


I think there's a reason why you're so fascinated with Achilles. There's a reason subconsciously, you know, we don't know if that spirit entered your bodies, our bodies. We don't know. I would have to say that I'm glad that we got that spirit.


Alexander the Great we got you know me. We got that spirit.


Listen, when you think about this, I know it's weird because when you think about the bloodline, they go all the way to my bloodline. Then everybody calls everybody, the Romans. Everybody does. Once the Romans conquered that conquered the Greeks, they interbred with the Alexander. The bloodline is in Afghanistan. That's what they that's why they look the way they look. Well, Abboushi Herath Alexander. Yeah, yeah. I mean think about it. You can't explain why you guys at a certain point took the box in the way you did, the way you embraced that gladiator spirit, you know what I mean.


Like there's some things that are unexplained.


Yes. You worked your asses off, but there are other variables that are unexplained with spirits.


Yeah, I think about like when I was a little kid, people used to pick on me. Can you imagine? You would never think that same here. You know, people that kicked my I mean, do whatever they wanted to me and they think that I would turn out this way. Yeah. When I was a kid, I was scared of confrontation.


Like, this is the right to wear glasses. And that's why come I took my glasses and they put it in the fucking truck like the milk truck, put it in the gas tank.


When I was a kid, they put me in a garage, they hung out. They hung like a knife around my like over my face. And I was just, like, so scared I couldn't do it.


All I would say is, let's box. Right. But I mean, I was so scared I wouldn't want I wouldn't even dare think about street fighting. I would have to be forced to fight this game.


Now, those same people will kill somebody for me. Exactly.


Because I became the same people that bullied me. That's a part of your journey. Yeah, that's what ignited your spirit.


It's like I bet you those guys are still around, man. They're over. I mean, yeah, I'm watching the little guy, the same guy every day did. But these are the same kind of would have picked on me because I became that guy then, you know, it doesn't stop. You have to become them because they get that love even without you knowing it, even though you didn't do any crimes with them and nothing you become known as the only way they show you love.


They feel that you're part of them, even though you don't do crime with them if you're part of them.


That's where they really, you know, some cases where some people have they want them to fight for like what he's talking about, one people some people want somebody like that to fight for. They have energy. They have the killing, people killing. They want to make to fight. They want to do the right thing. Right. Well, they know how to do a fight, but they how do they put that in the right direction? Right.


I know, man. And never will be fighting the real tough guy, but not tough guys, you know, tough guy for the street. But the real tough guys, you know, they want to be behind something like that. They see positivity in him. And I think that you can rub off on them. It's really crazy about these three guys are like they want to change their life and they believe they could change it to somebody who from the neighborhood, they changed their life.


I mean, look at Manny Pacquiao came from the you know, the literally the dirt poor you could in Phillipine and not they're not going to be a fighter, but is being associated him with them.


They become entrepreneurs and they become successful in another way.


I can't even imagine how many people Manny Pacquiao inspired in the Philippines from then. They're coming from nothing. I mean, to me, that's like who if I could get in the ring with before I go is Manny Pacquiao and just to be in the ring with the I wouldn't even you hear me talking like what I talk to think I can't even do that with Manny.


I just let's fight because, you know, that's Manny Spirit Budig. This is the thing about fighting. What your job is and find when you're a professional fighter, a teacher hero. Mean, you just put it out there. I think he heard you. Yeah, I think he'd be honored to get in there. You have to be your hero. Yeah, it's going to be painful.


But that's when, you know, you are probably going to say you're saying he has to be Manny Pacquiao. Yeah. Be my hero, Larry Holmes. Oh, dear. But you also beat him for Ali. Yeah, but he was still a great man. Yeah, and I know fighting OK by Faith Ali duplicate. He's great. He got up off the floor a lot of times. Yes, he did. He did some really scary people.


Did did Ali whisper something to you when you were in the ring. You get them for me. Get them for me. What did that feel like to have Ali say that man?


Oh, no. I had a really I was just a dog person back then. I guess all I knew was about hurting people. Imagine that that was my whole goal in life at the time that I want to love all this stuff. Everything we do and life did all this for love, even just fighting, knowing that this guy has my back. All this is love, everything, love. Everything comes from love. You wanted Ali to love you.


And when he said that to you, didn't it? No wonder I wanted them to respect respect me. Yes, as a peer.


Yes. And he gave you your marching orders? Yeah, but even then, I it's always I always knew he was the greatest. Even I know the crazy stuff, I was merely the greatest, the greatest, he knows how to be better than me and he made me yeah, I could be great. But that's that's humble. That's respect. That's perspective. And that's one of the reasons why we were gravitating towards you. You don't you may not understand that, but part of it I'm fighting is the emotional.


The most emotional thing in the world. That's why I love it, but then I hate it, but then I love it, and I know if you if you if you don't have those feelings, then you're nothing. You're dealing with life, you're feeling you're dealing with feeling everything, you know, you think you really hate it, but the hate is love because you think you hate it, because if you really hated it, you still be where you started.


Loved it so much. You love that karma so much. You die for it. It makes you powerful. That is powerful, but that's what it does, is the drug that inspire people. If if. Let's listen. You could have people you have people who live free and live with children, Asscher in poverty, I work my ass off. Yeah, it's all about that. Need to die for them. You know, a selfishness, we want all the love and I deal with it to my kids, check me to collapse my kid and they check me.


So I have to come to I have to be humble. Totally. My dad wonder. She's 12. She thinks I'm a. God, complex egomaniac, and then I thought, you know, I have to be this way because some people broke me down and beat me down, so I had to believe them something here and see that she goes to a philosophical she reads books and stuff, doesn't know what life is. Life is not a book.


Life. Life. Exactly. And you can't get it from no books. Deal with life. My kids live a great life, but they don't know what I did, where I come from, where they all come from. They think we were born like this.


They have no idea that they were born like that. They just come from the gutter.


You know, they're there to keep you humble, man. I remember talking to Bruce Springsteen and he told me that his kids don't think that he's cool. And your kids may not think you're cool, man, but that's part of it. You know what I mean? It's part of it.


Listen, I know. I know. But all I know. But that bothers us. I know everybody. We can make everybody else jump, but not these guys. We he makes you humble. Yeah. My God. My dad. I really don't care if I'm on TV.


Nothing, you know, my evil. Listen, take this my ego into my daughter's world, to the level of the baby. How to have the footage of the creative fighters, deception of God. She went like this. I don't know if dad and I had bothered positive. There, there. I really only see that they are just. And you know what I mean. I didn't. I'm just. Dad, devil humbles you. It's beautiful.


It's a beautiful because even me like. People always, you know, want to hug me or whatever, you know, like and just a little thing where I want to hug my daughter and she pushes me away and doesn't care. I'm like, that makes me feel like, oh, my gosh, you know, he's like, it's nobody.


Even the little things are like, get old. You don't understand this. Everybody kid in the world will listen to you, but you're with them. I mean. You have something, something. What is the FBI and the wants to come and tell me financed by me, you can let your hair down, go right back in the room, give them food for free. They're going to run to the door because it's the balance of the universe.


But they're closest to you, you know, so they may subconsciously take it for granted. They don't have the prospect now.


They see my flaws, the people, they see me arguing with their mother, who he's not really a nice guy.


Like he's smiling, everybody hugging me. He's not really that guy that bothers the kids or why these people. He loves these people more than he loves me.


I kill my kids. Don't treat me like everybody else. Kids do. Because they see things at home that these kids don't think. I'm not a cool guy at home, as I am of the public, and sometimes when I come home, the kids, like my wife, have the time to go over, how good is you that that you love them even?


I hear that stuff.


Then I know my good dad.




I mean, listen, we all have many sides. We're all flawed with many dimensions. And I was just told to do this. And I hey, I want to talk forever with you guys. We need to come back and do this again. Like I said after the fight, the second round, we would like to phase two rounds and maybe even go to Greece.


We don't know. We could do it.


Like we need to have my way here, come back to us, go, oh, my God, this guy is so awesome.


He's great. Inspiring so many view from this guy. I know this guy was like that Ricky Ricardo, but I think that figure is so entertaining.


Thank you, Mike. Yeah, man wearing your style, he looked good. Yeah. He cares. He put together. Yeah. Consciousness appearance. Yeah. Man, we're proud of you and we're in your corner. There it is. Let's do it. Thank you guys for listening. All right, the greatest of all time, future, greatest of all time. Hey, come on, you better get out here. Thanks, man. Let's go right in to wear out.


Do you think? I'm Gerry calling from the Jerry Callahan podcast, so here we are again, another silly conversation about a meaningless made for TV sports event during the time of covid. That's right. The NBA announced that the All-Star Game will be played on March 7th in Atlanta. The NBA Players Association and the league finalizing what a condensed All-Star weekend might look like and how to manage the quarantine and the testing protocols. Why is all this happening when the players and team executives are skeptical about how this is all going to work?


What do you think? TV contracts, TV ratings, sports or money? The All-Star Game numbers have continued to slip as fans see these events as a nice thing to have, just not necessarily a must have. Players can opt out. Many do, which is why the league's come up with all sorts of gimmicks each year to make these games more fun for the fans. I have news for you. Fans don't care about any of it. So do us all a favor.


NBA scrap the all star game and concentrate on getting through the season. That's what fans really care about now that the big game is behind us. The NBA and the drive to March Madness takes center stage in the NBA. The Lakers bucks at 76 is look good early, but the smart money might just be on the New Jersey Nets. This college, Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan seem to be the teams to beat. And let's not forget the NHL, the PGA and the UFC to all season long bet online that has all the NBA, college and other sports action odds and lines all for free.


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