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Hey, what's up, brother? I love you, brother, but somebody was talking shit, you know, so you.


What are you, ugly motherfucker?


I got to know you all about.


Oh, which one? Which way you want. Whatever you want. Oh, wait, you forgot something. Something came in the mail. This one is say franchise baby. Franchise baby. Hey, it's Jeremy Piven. Welcome back to Hot Boxing, it's champ time.


I'm here with the youngest heavyweight champ of the world, Mike Tyson guys, and I'm here with the second youngest champion of the world to female Lopez. How ya doing?


What's up, champ? No, you know, a lot of mean nothing. I'm excited right now.


I'm like, I'm talking to my idol right now. I'm pregnant. Thank you. And I'm very thankful that I had this opportunity to thank you all for for having me here. And of course, hard work pays off. So this is where shows and. Yeah, man, I think that's the hardest part, though, is taking it all in. They the hardest part taking it all in, because I want more. I'm not happy, I'm not satisfied yet anymore.


What I can tell you one more Barkman can give me to put my foot in a neck like, oh, you want to hurt people. I want to hurt them. You know what? You know what I love about you, Mike? Is that right there? You always wanted your foot on the neck. And I love that because it's the best filament. Just that's what that's what I'm believing that that's that's what the people want. Yeah. Of course people want.


Yeah. It's all about finding the best. And I miss that. You know, that's why the biggest thing right now is just trying to make those type of fights happen.


So we we just talked up a fight yesterday with the guy with the tank that guaranteed the next fight going to be with our man, Ryan Garcia. Right. Because Ryan talked about so bad. God damn.


Yeah, but you had to for the fighters when you got a guy who is afraid of no one, he just beat the pound for pound best fighter in the world. He didn't blink.


And who you like to fight next for everybody. Everywhere. Does anybody want them right now?


All the guys at my division, whatever it is, Devin Garcia tank, what is my mandatories or anything going up to 140, then we'll talk about forty seven.


Have the right way. I'm truth here. Yesterday with some guy. You have these guys numbers he's talking about. When I look at this guy wants to the star is licking his chops cause someone caught my chops because that's football.




Mike, do you, do you, do you recognize this energy and is beautiful, but we need to have something to match it. We need some kind of. I know energy might come in.


I know, but but you're looking at it. And this used to be a space that you lived in, no doubt about it.


That's why I'm getting excited about it. Makes us an instigator at this point. He just wants to instigate it.


I love it. Yeah. But, you know, I think the biggest thing about it, though, is that guys like yourself, legends, I call it, you guys paved the way. And I appreciate the sport so much. But there was one thing that you had one said is like. The way I love the sport, it can hurt you, though, because it could break your heart many times, many times, and that's what he's been doing.


You know, I love it. I love the sport.


But my biggest thing now, my goal is not about just the financial funds.


In order to absolutely get paid, we risk our lives. But the whole thing is about making the fights happen that people want to see. We did it. Well, now the goal is to keep that going, you know what I mean? And but the hardest part is that the bells don't even mean anything. It's like they devalue the belts when you're world champion.


Well, you can't. You're not. You got to move the all very you know what I mean?


The word world world champion. You know what I mean? Definitely. When when you became world champion, you was on top of the world. Yeah, I became world champion and undisputed world champion. And they trying to diminish that.


They trying to tell me about that. What would make you think you have all of those and then they diminish it because they just can't believe it happened.


They can't believe a young cat. They say that doesn't have the experience like many that they believe or when alone they pretended like he was the guy out of the box. And in order to come over here, you see a young kid, a young cat. He's hungry. They didn't expect me to do what I want, what I did. And that's why a lot of them, they want to see another. They want to see it again. They want more.


They want more. And that's the best thing about it, because we always going to make them want more. However, you know, I think this year, twenty twenty one is is driving me more to just be just Euphemia when it comes to fight over the years. Not no. Cofferati is just Teofilo Lopez as the third of the year. I want Father of the Year and I think I got BBWAA and the Boxing Writers Association of America and they should be proud for the invite you to Denver.


Yeah, I'm so happy. I mean, all this is crazy. Melodist comes in, but I am enjoying the moment I'm taking it all in. But it also it gave me the it gave me the boost that I needed and that hunger to to drive more. And I think that's going to be a lot of problems for everyone else out there.


How are you able to quiet all that noise? Because you got a guy that they were building up as a pound for pound, probably maybe the best of all time. And no one really gave you a shot.


And you had confidence, even in your interviews leading to the badass, you beat a bad ass.


Everything he said about he was a bad and you never doubted yourself and you were able to quiet all of that noise and continue with your clarity of intent.


How how are you able to pull that off? The faith of God, believing in yourself, knowing that that, you know, no matter what others say out there, no matter if they they always people are always going to talk. That's just how it goes, right, champ? Yeah. And the thing is that how do I make them talk in a positive aspect, whether that's just by winning, man, just staying positive, staying focused on on after other bullshit.


I'm not worried about what people saying because they don't know what I've been through the struggles and I don't know the hunger that I got. I got to make a statement. I got to make a name for myself. And that's what we did. Man Theophylline Lopez is in the history books alongside my right here.


And I'm glad you guys share a similar background in the way that in the amateurs you were you were robbed.


Yeah, I won the Olympic trials, the U.S. Olympic trials, and I couldn't represent my own country, the United States, my my politics, a guy words like this guy was so bad.


I mean, they even if we talk about the Olympics in Oribe, I don't like getting real deep into politics. I know you have to.


But, you know, like some of these guys are drunk and everything about the judging fights and shit, you know, taking bets from some of the coaches, you know, these coaches, the got guys that they plan on establishing pro careers, were taking bribes and they're motherfuckers. It can't be a dirty business.


But you never left it in the hands of the judges, to be honest, most of the time.


But listen. Right. It's just not right. It's just not right. And, you know, some of these kids my commit and are we train for this shit. We put every inch of our blood, everything we ever believed and that God gave us believe him. We put it into this shit. Yeah. So if I had to have someone else want to take that from us.


Yeah. Oh, boy. And we always they always have their little shiny crew. Do they want to win, you know, protecting those guys. Exactly.


And you felt that in your last fight. Oh absolutely. Absolutely.


Was it silence after you beat him. Oh heck. It was like it was like a funeral, Mike.


It was like everybody just quiet. It was like dead. Yeah, dead. Like they didn't want to acknowledge that.


How you do this and this is how the game works. It is. Now, you take his man to the world's greatest fighter. Mm. Probably all times I beat the man who is the man that beat the man that beat the man. Yeah. No I'm. The man when was the first on that happened for you, for Larry Holmes? OK, and Mike, possibly the man you beat the man. There you go. Thank you. And it's incredibly intimidating until you step in the ring, you know.


Intimidation is really bad, but fear is beautiful. Their fear is beautiful, intimidation is ruining your day, but the fear is just amazing if you know how to manage it when it's properly managed.




You think I get it? You could feel like you alive. You still alive. You know, you're not right now like you're not human, right? I mean, and I think that's the whole point of it. Never underestimate the power of fear. Hmm. Yeah, yeah, you think of feeding of a cow, but the two don't even exist in the same room.


Yeah, I mean, if you're ignorant, you don't have fear. And if you're smart, you have the fear that it's your psyche's telling you you have to make a decision. And, you know, sometimes ignorance is bliss, you know?


So who's next for you?


Right now? What we're talking about is we threw out the contract. They just passed early this week with Australia, with my mandatory. However, you know, if things go south, you know, the whole thing. Next is David Hamilton, the last guy from Australia before he falder, right. I see. No. Oh, no.


Haven't Haney did you call him the email champ of the world?


He is the champ of the world. Most email me. You know why? Because with with the WBC, what had happened was they they elevated him through email. So they told him, hey, via email that due to the fact that Lamar ended up becoming franchise, they elevated him to lightweight. But he never fought for the title. Hmm.


So I just called in my email World Champion, because it's not OK to have no deal with the no man. OK, beautiful. Beautiful.


Oh, oh.


We're going to talk shit going to function. Oh yeah.


I mean but overall champ. How old. The 22 23 country. I can't imagine being twenty where I was at all over the place. You have to go. You cool the earth all over the place.


I'm, I'm cool. You've got oh sixteen. I got sixteen fights. Yeah I real. Yeah. Yeah. You know that.


I was my biggest thing. Oh man. I got to give you champ is that I admire one like a lot of things from you and what I picked on throughout my years and coming into the pro game about four years ago.


But learning and watching, observing you since I was little and since I was like five, six years old, since boxing, I think I can remember five and six and just just watching everything.


But the way that you carried yourself. But what I loved the most was that you had that rage.


You had all of that. There's times, Mike, there's times where I want to slap I want to slap him when there's a promoter. Was anybody I do. They pissed me off. But I got to calm that down because there's there's other things that I learned from you and all that you've guided me to be to be where I am now. And I appreciate you that for because I have a lot of what I drive off of is anger. What I drive off of is that rage or the or the neglect or whatever that people don't want to accept or how to work.


They should. I mean, you know, like a guy like me, I'm not a guy. I get raised two month, I'm not a guy and two men and my rage is still there.


That's something I'm still learning, you know. But do you have any children now yet? Listen, this game is all about, you know, have egos, get involved. But this game is all about establishing a future for your family. That's what this is all about. Yeah. I guess you have a period where your ego is about all this is about establishing something at the end of the game for your family. And I follow the tradition of fighters after fighting the dying.


Oh, absolutely.


You've got to respect the sport. And I think that's the main thing. When you respect the sport, this is what all comes with it, you know, and and being around those that have been successful and have made a name for themselves and have, you know, their legends like it's interesting you gave it up to Mike's rage.


I drive off that because the way he whether there was even a press conference. Oh, you know, I love that. I missed that. That was what it was. But you can't do that. No, I can't slap a guy. I can't.


But I feel like you channeled some of that in your last fight. The way you were talking about Lomachenko. It was real, for real. It is everything that we say, whether we people think that we just talk. A lot of people now understand. We talk the talk, but we back it up.


But you took that rage and you worked and channeled that beautifully for the entire fight. And you never lost the course. You stayed on it. So it wasn't like you were a slave to your rage. You managed it.


It's it's all about composure. A lot of people don't. You got to stay composed. I kind of what he was trying to do, you know, he was trying to take me in the deep waters. So I stayed composed about all those things and just. Slowly, you figure everything out, and I just adapt that that's what it is. You just adapt and, you know, we dismantle the Matrix, whatever, you know, and like that.


All you did was, was that I'm not even talking about physically. Was that mentally exhausting?


No, no, no, no. Good to be 23. Yes. It's what's exhausting now. It's you got to find that drive still. You've got to find that hunger. You still got to find what's what where. You've got to find out why. Why am I still here? Why am I why did I get all these things? I need to find my purpose in life. And it's not about just becoming a world champion, but becoming a people's champion for everybody out there.


I know a lot of folks, you know, I talk about due to Mayweather and all of that, I want to follow that route. But just be you, you know, that's all going to just be you and do what you want, you know, and try to influence others in a positive aspect, in a positive way. That's why I've always gravitated towards you, because there's an MC.


There's an authenticity about you. You're not you're never I get a sense that you're not on your best behavior because you want to be loved. You are your authentic self. And that's rare. Mike's definitely that way. Yeah, absolutely. Life is we are following life journey, you know. I mean, we decide to follow it this way. We could go on authentic.


What would you tell your 23 year old self is it's too late and 23 days on this mission. You know, he's in God's hands now. He's no longer my me.


You know, this would seem difficult. And he had his own journey for the man. Nobody can control it. This is just destiny. But God. Yeah, you we all have our own journey. Absolutely.


Throughout the years, though, like seeing how everything turned out, especially like these last two years, I mean, a lot of fighters were passing away, you know, and it was hurtful to see that some that I knew very closely. You know, it's stuff it's tough. You know, we put our life on the line. One thing, though, I thought about ten years, fifteen years, you know, but it's up to God how long he wants and it's up to my body, how long I need to be in the sport.


However, like Mike said before, I think about your family. Think about all those things so little by little thinking about that I've minimized amount of years. I will be pro, you know, I think about retiring if everything goes well, get as much as I can from the sport, use in good ways to connect with others networking and have other investments outside of the sport and retire about thirty mentally. OK, remembering my kids names, you know, and all those things.


And the only thing that does hurt me is. Don't like the world, don't, don't, don't discredit it, because you're losing, you're losing, they're devaluing the sport champ, they devaluing the sport. I wish I was in your time like your prime, your your era, because that was the real fight game. That was real men fighting each other. All these other all these guys not nobble, but they.


I'm sorry to say, but they soft, they're soft. I was just a bunch of crooks, you didn't care about anybody putting guys and he just seen guys get hurt, guys overmatched and everything. So that didn't seem exciting. But it is on the hands of the people who didn't care about them.


Yeah. You know, but the game was rigged. You knew it was rigged. Absolutely.


And then, like, you solve the problem, you knocked these people out. So there was no question you didn't put it on anyone else's hands.


But was still a slave at that moment. I was knocking people out, but I wasn't I wasn't liberated from myself. I still had promotors. Yeah. You know, who's always in my life and in my pocket. And if I can't make a dollar, they're not going to make. Let me make a dollar.


Yeah, it's the truth. I'm starting to learn it now. All these guys are sharks.


Yeah, but that's what happened. Normally, the old wise man takes advantage of the young, immature, naive youngster to the young to understand the game, and then he moves on and take care of himself and liberate himself from these people.


That's why I got my own promotion. Take over promotions now working on all those games, a lot of young fighters that definitely we're going to be like just so. Yes, absolutely. And then the main thing, you know, instead of the promoter, the middleman, I learned that I only know that way. It's just that they need a lawyer and the trainer. And will you handle your deals and you're working with your father?


I always I've never stopped. I mean, people have tried to put me against my own father, but they did that.


They do that to my father. He give them back.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love this. We love you for everything. Room and bathroom. Let's keep in mind, you know, you have an interesting relationship with him. My father.


Yeah, that's my guy right there. I mean, he he you know why he brought that confidence out of me at a young age. And little by little, as I was winning so many things, the national Golden Gloves, the Olympic trials, the Olympic qualifiers, becoming outstanding mailbox for the whole tournament, just things like that for him just while winning. But the confidence level and he brought that little by little in the process, it just got bigger and better and better.


And now is to the point where the sky's the limit. I don't even to a point where I respect all fighters. I go in that ring and I'm not ever going to underestimate them. That's what Lamar did. He underestimated us and that's why he got his ass. But yes, 135 pounds, right?


Yes, we do like the moonlight in one hundred and forty pounds. He was up there. Oh, of course. I can't do that on 140 right now. You got there's two guys there about a fake. One is Mexican Jose Ramirez. He has the two belts. And then the other one is Josh Taylor from Scotland. They're about a fight to become undisputed at one forty. So once they do that, you know, if I won fight, I want to challenge them and go back to life with you.


Of course you could do.


Yeah, but you you know, you you could probably even go up from there if you wanted to, because your frame is still growing.


Yeah, I'm leaving. What do you walk like with what do you walk around at if you don't want.


My pops always told me, you know don't go past fifteen pounds, don't go past you know if Max twenty.


So right now I'm at fifteen pounds with the money. Right now of course ain't no money, no food, no money.


Of course the only division that I have right now is 35 47 and you got the heavyweight division and then if anything 54 or 60, you know stuff like that. But absolutely I get them. You know, the only thing is that a lot of people I've been at this way for seven years now. I'm 23. My body's growing. I'm filling in even more. So, yeah, absolutely. Eventually the time will come where I got to move up to more than forty.


These guys just coming up to my my weight division. Right. You know, I've been at this division since I turned pro and before that.


So you work with your old man. Yeah. And he's he's your mentor. My my father was my acting coach from the time I was eight years old. Yeah. And he was hard on me. Really hard on me. I mean, and it's tough love. That's what it is. A time when I was in rehearsal, my father said, there's one actor in this room and you it you know, it hurt. It hurt. And it was it comes from them.


It comes from love, that tough love man. It was brutal. And it almost you know, it almost made me quit. And you come back stronger. And this is this is a rehearsal. And for you, this would be practice, you know, I mean, this is not even like notes on a take or being in a play. He was he wanted me to continue to work hard and grow and was humiliated me in front of my friends, but all for the best.


Have you had moments like that with your with your old man those times? Yeah, of course. I had to move away from and kind of subtract all of the friends and everyone and and just focus on one thing that was my career and focus on what was that task. You know, I love the sport. I still love it to this day. It does break my heart to see how how how these crooks and how people end up, they don't see that they are really hurting the sport by doing what they do.


But however, you know, my father, he was someone I always look up to. And, yeah, he was always hard on me and nobody was for always to make me better. And, yeah, it's tough love. I had always, you know, those times, you know, even at my my childhood years, in my my teenage years, I didn't really gravitate to that. I didn't really have that time to party and spend with friends as much.


No, they don't realize the sacrifice, do they? People don't realize how ugly it is. Ugly, but it's worth at the end. It's worth it. Is it worth it, Mike? Oh, absolutely.


Absolutely. Absolutely. Yes. And liberation is were you champ of the world this you have a different perspective. It's very hard to be. It's really hard to be humble. Being champ is really it. Is it. Yeah. I just think just think about it. You know, if you use your imagination to think everybody in the world my size and if I could be I mean people that if I that they'll have to be boxers because everybody in the world, my world really wanted to talk to you.


Let me bring up the audio. You kept telling me to call them and call them and call them. Hey, what's up, brother?


I like. How are you doing, man? I'm doing good.


I was just thinking, man, I love you, brother, but somebody was talking shit, you know? So you are you clean?


What are you, ugly mother fucker? What you up to, my man?


Oh, yeah, you're trying to tell me you want to fight me?


Oh, no. Yeah, we go. We talk about it. We're going to get it. We're going to get it. You want the pretty boy first. You want this. You want this man first.


I think he needs to know you want a belt as well. Is this the one that you had yet to. Oh, whatever you want. Whatever you want. Oh, wait, you forgot something. Something came in the mail.


This one didn't say franchise, baby. Just want to say franchise baby. Oh. Oh oh oh oh. He said you are a yo yo.


But we going to make it happen. We're going to make it happen. Let me, let me, let me see what they do in Australia first. You know, we don't like what they see in Mexico.


I haven't been in that fight. It should be the next fight. Right now.


I look at the World Cup and what should be the next fight where you tired body. The whole world's listening to you right now.


Devon, we got him on the hot seat right now. He's not even sure about it.


He's not even confident about it. We're not even confident about it. He's on a bike. What are you gonna to do? I'm going to try and talk. Shit, man. Do many talking shit, man. The whole world. You got a billion people looking at you, man.


Let them get away with doing your his sacrificing him bro for that money. Whoa it is man.


Yo, yo, yo. I don't know what he's doing bro. He's going to get you hurt bro. We're yeah.


We're happy. Everybody I know nobody. Hey even them and be that man we need to be. We are talking about this kid man.


Come on. Oh absolutely. Man you need to keep talking. You're welcome. What are you going to do to this guy or this guy? We're going to knock this guy out. You know, I hope he doesn't run as much as you know, you ain't.


Man, come on, bro, yo, you better respect the trading of the year, but he ain't going to do shit you better. Right now he ain't going to say anything I say everybody believes I am between an idiot, bro, and we did it the hard way. OK, you didn't win the Golden Globe Nationals. You didn't go to the Olympic trials. You did this shit in the amateurs. So just shut up. You're lucky that we mention your name.


So just appreciate, bro. Appreciate. So you're saying there's absolutely no way? Well, they wanted to know they wanted to know the Taliban fighters were could apart. And so all that talk that he did back it up right now. Hey, listen, all you I thought about it, but he just said yesterday, I'm on the spirit of baby.


Marie-Jo said, we undisputed man. That's the thing. Is that everybody. No, I try to explain something to somebody. I think she's a champ.


You browse for clues, you're going out with folks going out and you got you got to fight and be happy because I don't think I cabooses fight is happening, man.


God is with you, bro. They banned us from going over there to Australia. So you're lucky we might get you next April. We're going to do it in April. You better start getting ready right now.


April. May, you're going to get it. You're going to get it, baby. You're going to get it. You have a prediction for this?


Oh, we're not going to be before six rounds. Are you serious?


Come on, Devon. Don't let them tell you how much I my way.


When you got to get on the show, you got talking shit. You got to learn. You got to practice on. Now, you don't want to fight for tune up bro. Come on. Got practice. You got to play far left overs bro. Fight Nakatani. Fight, fight. Follow my taxco bro. Come on. Show us something bro. That's how it was back in the days when Sugar Ray Leonard. Yeah, like I said then why are you trying over here and try to bullshit.


I said you are social media dude bro, you know. And you are the guys are corrupting the people. I know you know what to say. We all tell is right here. Calm down.


Okay, Coach, I'm going to be. Don't talk to him, coach. Not right now. And nobody gave me the seat.


I fucking took it.


Yeah. What are you going to say?


I want to see them put in some work. Damn. What are you don't you letting these guys go with dad. You've got to go you man don't talk.


He believes everything his father tells him. So your party take the fight when you guys going to fight, you guys don't fight next April. Make the fight. And I May and I was the one I told my son to fight.


You want to say thank you to me? Goodbye.


So was it even paid attention to you know, we're listen, you got a billion motherfuckers looking at listening to your right.


Hey, listen, I say nothing bad about your. I'm saying your party's goal is convincing unify my son was he shouldn't he's going to sacrifice you.


Ain't nobody disrespecting your father, you know, disrespect about but me saying he felt as though he was waiting for the union to even bring it down to point where I'm ashamed of Obama.


We wish we never fought.


When I win an amateur sport, we was too scared to go to Club National. We're happy when you Boxster.


Oh yeah. And they lie about it. Don't lie about it and you lie about it. Tell me that you sat down with your headgear on and your gloves on in the freakin ring after my son whooped you and you didn't want to come out to the sixth round. That was a lie. You know, that was true. That's why I know we're going to beat you. That's how I know we're going to be. He high. He's hot right now.


Oh, we got to go.


Bobby, you remember and see came up to me, Flosse. He came up to me, goes, hey, you good champion champ. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. That's why this is excitement.


This is a city where we talk the shit and we make the fight that that's all about sitting in the corner like this, like saying what the fuck happened? Like my father's lying to me.


What the fuck is he talking about, man? We're going to yo, you know what?


Everybody's going to believe me.


I've be drinking everybody else high right now, pops high right now.


We don't smoke. We fight because everybody's going to believe me when we fight in April.


Y'all, should we do a raid, a stadium or like the. I'm thinking about stadiums. You're in Vegas and Vegas. I'm thinking about football. This kid is like, no, I mean, we do it all.


Oh, we don't. We all make that happen. No.


Everybody else had a bad day. That's all you've got to say. You had a bad day. That's it.


Go on. Shit. No more. Well, you know, sometime you don't know what happened. They had me that was yo. That was three years ago.


So it is better if you got the video. Why don't you post it up? Because you the guys didn't let me record. Yo yo look. Look out. Every time I go to a gym I want a record. You ever going to be to these belts?


Yeah. That's going to be the. You know, I have oh, yeah, hey, hey, we got to give him a chance, we're going to give him a chance. Bobby, we're going to give him a chance to take them. There you go, champ. There. I love you. I put the threat to you by talking shit. But you know what's going on. All the people in the world can read to book.


You need you to watch. You're not even sure about it. I'm going to beat your female.


Thank you very much, brother. Thank you for your time. Don't worry man.


I fear is God and only man I respect as is my father. That's that's interesting. I know the fear is gone. Yeah.


So you can have everything in one time and just like that lose it all. God it's humbling. That's why you as we speak. That's why we're chasing Loma. Because I like that. You know what I'm saying.


I wouldn't put it behind us, but it's kind of anyone that has that kind of sense. The Haney's, the Haney's.


They just want money. And his father, willing to sacrifice his son for this fight is fight.


And by having a hard time doing thing.


And if everybody down the line, everybody like how many times you was fighting, you'd fight like about four times a week, a month right now for fifteen times in one year and one year.


Right. For you to get to that level, you had to fight guys to get to that level. Right, to earn it, right? Absolutely. OK, so why can't that should happen nowadays?


Well, nowadays you have star star power, five star fighters, even more than even guys to really put in the work. And that's that's more money star power with more money like that. I think I think I think that help in boxing. Yeah.


It is helping boxing by whites. But yeah. I mean legacy wise is not. No it's not what I did. Nobody's going to know who's the real champion is. They're just throwing the word out.


World champion. We do it in the hallway during like that's why I always have money. The reason why they have so many votes is because if he was only the only ten, what's the possibility all 10 of those guys are going to get a chance to fight him? Fifteen those guys who have many belts, many opportunities to have championship fights and make money. Yeah, everybody gets paid more money.


You know what? At the end of the day, everybody's going to know who's the champion anyway. I have to do. Absolutely. He's got to be doing it right.


And this is how we do it. Mike, this is someone that told us, me and my father, a long time ago, he said. They put them in front of you. You beat them. So that's where they put in front of us, we beat them and we've been doing that and we're going to continue doing that. We don't care about staying on the field. We just care about which we are going to stay on the field because we have that confident level of it.


Yeah, these guys are shook.


They shook once and you can see it in the eyes. Eyes never lie. You always saw it. I love that about you. Whether you was your heart was racing before you walked in the ring. I watched the documentary. I watched it. I keep up.


I keep up with this will be the guy I think I always will be. The guy who had over all. Wait, what was it though? And then make it seem like nothing happened. What was it though? Was things that I always grab from look at the eyes. You never look away. And when they turn around, when they look the other way, that's as Mike Tyson, right? I was right there. And as far as all the time, you need to see a little switch.


But it was different. It was different. It was Mike Tyson coming in, scared to death to the ring. Once he stepped in, looked at the opposition, he knew he had them and he was afraid of me than I was.


Yeah, you go, you know, that's what I found that I love.


What happens is that a lot of a lot of the guys, you know, thinking that Lomo Felt is the same thing all these other fighters are going to feel when they whoever it is next, whoever it is in the near future, whatever it is, they're going to feel the same thing. Aloma felt this is not a game. This is not fake, is real, real, recognize real.


And when I see that and I see it in the eyes, I want to see you fire. You know what I do?


You know what I do when I look at them. I go into the so when I'm fucking taking it out. Yeah. I'm like, your mom.


What about me. So I'm a oh huh.


Kirsti because I want this one is too small a small guy and we remember we moving up of course.


Nice though. It's nice. Yeah. When, when you get when you got into a fight. Right. The most important thing is not about being scared. Right. But it's about stepping to the big lights. Look, Campbell didn't have that. Yeah. And I already heard he got loose in his head. Man, he could beat this kid. He could beat it easily. But he's not going to beat him because every time he step to the of the big to the big stage, lights will choke because they don't think they're worthy.




Oh, no. There's too much pressure. What moment, if anyone will be anyone with no chance. And, you know, he could do that. He was born for that shit. Yeah. And that's why he wins these guys.


He's talking about you. Me and Mike had that in the gym. They beat your fucking ass. They could be anywhere in the world in the gym, gym rat. But once you get once you get Balcon, they put some lights on, put some fucking people with some popcorn and some beer and he is free.


I shook Jamie if he's going to drink some beer, but from right friend, this motherfucker was so green that I brought up because that's what happened to Luke Campbell with this little kid.


I was saying, well, he could be everybody in the world in the gym. And Freeth with this punk rock, you know me in my time at that time, I used to go find and this little girl and I used to have to find them like this for me. Yeah. Yeah. They don't do it under the bright lights. Yeah.


Some got it. And something that only comes every 25 years. Bike. Yeah. You know one special person like that, you was one of them you know.


And my son is coming now and I from the overcoming the fear making them feel your friend go. He loves the spotlight. You know how I taught him that since he was eight years old he had his first fight. You're not going in there to beat this guy. I'm going in there to entertain you. But you are an entertainer. Yeah, but in trying to understand this and fighting. Yeah. The more you hurt and the more people love you.


Oh, yeah. They know you can't just be an entertainer. There's been nothing entertainment and the in this world is really dismantled.


But anyway, I got to that point because I wanted to say something and I really believe this is new because I think you passed that torch into me, you know, the day I met you at seventeen and you bumped into me and I wanted to hit you in your face. And then when I saw your face, I was like, oh, my God, Mike Tyson, you know, I love hanging out with this guy, like, you know, like, who the hell is this guy?


You know, like, wow, you know? And then I started following bothering bother you that you were sitting down, they were giving you champagne. You mouthed the girls were giving you champagne in your mouth and I was still bothering you. Was with a tall dude, real tall black dude, real tall and and then the guy was like, your Ledley Mike is going to hit you, man, leave, leave. I was like, no, I don't care, man, I don't care.


And and you finally came and he said, Come over here. You came. You gave me the autograph and I left. But what I believe in will moment with me all night and leave me alone.


So so I really believe that that was the I was you know, he passed me that torch.


I was still on my father's side of the year. Just unbelievable, man. It was my father's ball. You do to write. It's unbelievable. When I was a little kid like Wolfbane used to train in cars school and I see what they do in the car. You have probably a sponge, but can I carry a bucket and carry a bag? I use when I wanted to be the errand boy, I sometimes want to be involved with whatever he did.


That must have been beautiful to me. Watching them people throwing billions upon dollars is beautiful.


That's how you got it. I learned. Find out one lesson. I was like 11 years old and I was in this reformatory and they showed this picture of the green. And then I came and I want to be like him. And like a month later, I got transferred to this other institution and there was a guy who used to be a professional fighter. And I told him on the basketball shirt. So I got him out. I went and I went the honor roll.


And then he started teaching me how to box was.


They must have been really hard when, you know, with your trainer, your real trainer. Yes, the way I no, that was just once. But we always talked about he was old, the guy he was sick. And he always told me that he possibly may not be around during this time, but we had been on a mission to win titles and we did it make her people. You did it. And I mean, like, I don't want it to sound like it's a brutal sport willing to hurt people.


That's just really to hurt, allowing them to know they can never beat you. There you go.


That's you. You know, that's what boxing is all about. Boxing, you know, and the time of boxing with, as has appeared, is just a total surrender, your total destruction.


But that's not what it is. You know, there's a lot of feelings into it. You know, people think that you just got to go out there and kill another man. You know, there's a lot of feelings.


You have to control those feelings like the best in the world. Yeah.


Because of the violence you control, you know, no doubt about it as he's talking about the conscience of conscience, you know what I'm saying?


Well, control the feelings because, you know, just a test from God. You know what I'm saying? He's putting all this pressure on you. OK, you did this. Now you're going to have all these people around you trying to take your money. What are you going to do, Mike? You know, and and then you got to realize, you know, damn. And I got myself into another club and then another level. And that's why I'm that she just keeps on breaking your head.


You know what to say. And I think that takes a true champion to do that. You know, can I ask you to handle it the right way?


Agree. You any advice? I always pick up things from you, from when I was saying my advice. How were you able to all that all that anger I rage eventually. How are you able to tame it? How would you able to find that that piece in a piece in you? Because now I see you, you, you're very content and this will be some people never find that piece. There's not a channel that does that word. Yeah.


They never find it. Yeah.


So I guess find fine but I think that's the that's part of it. I mean you can't have everything right.


Well I'm not going to say that you got, you got everything, you know, you have family and it depends, depends what you think everything is. Yeah exactly.


For me where everything is is family man. You can have everything. This is all for me. It's it's amazing to have the accomplishments and I appreciate it. However, you got to love yours because and that's I have that separate. This is all for now. And I know who I have those as my loved ones that I enjoy, because you can never get that, you know, I mean, those are people from when they see you when you didn't have anything, you know?


I mean, and that's the thing. So there's only a few that you get like that. Everyone else, they love you. When you're winning the money, you lose or you have a bad night, it changes. So it's a lot of pressure for sure. However, you know, you've got to learn how to channel it.


I learned about family. I was I'm a family person as well, but I know with family. Even though we love them, we need space and, you know, a family needs space from us and we need space from now. Hmm. You know, well, you talk in immediate family or I'm talking about blood family.


I'm talking my blood family, mother's in-laws, stuff like that. Sisters who have weird boyfriends, brothers, got weird girlfriends. And we got to deal with that because they're madly in love with their relationships and stuff. Yeah, that's what it brings to the house. Forget what they do, but what it brings to the household, then you issue, then it's your problem. And family is really a trip. I love my family, but my family is interesting.


I mean, I agree with stuff like that. Oh, well, in my family, I'm the sucker in the family. I'm always going to lose.


I find I'm the same way that kids don't think I live my life.


I wish I had a relationship. I think I'm cool.


And yeah, you know, because I let him do whatever he wants, you know, I'm only there to be with him if he wants me to be with me, you know. You know, I really wanted to meet you, so that's why I'm here. Thank you. Thank you. And it's been an honor and man, it's just amazing where you were born in Brooklyn.


Yes. We're talking about Born on Fifty Third Street and Third Avenue with Bensonhurst, Brooklyn now.


I mean, and hey, Rich.


Oh, no, that was I was born. I looked at my medical center. That was at sunset in Sunset Park.


Sunset Park since the self-support on Third Avenue. And I'm fifty Third Lutheran Hospital. Yeah, it was an amazing moment because the doctor was telling me what you did with the camcorder because he was telling me to bring a camcorder, but I didn't get it because I had two daughters. So it's right there. She was telling me I was going to have a boy because I didn't know they didn't know the gender that she was telling me, you got to bring your camcorder.


Don't forget the camcorder. I forgot the camcorder downstairs while my wife was going through pain and stuff and I was just running up the stairs and and he was the first one that I saw, you know, coming out how I come out. And he came out with your face really tight and and you peed in my face. That was crazy. You go, Yeah, that's a good entrance.


What if your me. Well, my father was a Spaniard and he heard from Spain, you know, a real Castellino Castellanos like the perfect Spanish, you know. And, you know, those are like the the best the best language in Spain. So my father was born. He he he ran a rice company over there with my with his sister and his seven brothers, you know, and they all passed away, you know. So he had me when he was when he was 52 years old.


Yeah. Yeah. So imagine me going to Spain and and seeing my my cousins and stuff. They're like fifty years old, you know what I'm saying? And they probably passed away by now. So, you know, it's crazy. But yeah, my father went to Honduras and my mother, you know, the great Cuban fighter.


Do you feel your fellow Stevenson?


Yeah, he's a bit like this, but there's only one more Lopez. Yeah, yeah. There's only one thing of him. They don't want you to fight him. Well, you around that area. Yeah, it was because I remember they wanted to fight Muhammad Ali, not.


Yeah, I'm still in my family, but they were real good friends. And George Foreman too. Oh, George Foreman actually went to the Olympics. I was watching him fight.


He thought it went right up to George Foreman and he started winning the Olympic Games. Seventy one.


That guy was amazing, man. Want to punch a man? He won.


He's three time Olympic medalist who I think he won three Olympic gold medals and he won the fourth one because they said they were having some political issues and they they let him go. He was just beautiful.


I went to the house when I was a kid. He wasn't home.


Oh, yeah. He died poor. He did real poor. How does money poor when I said, well, yeah, he died. What I mean with our money. I like that. Oh that's right. That's good. He died without money and you know, that's how, you know, that's how that that country is, you know.


Well he once said, what is the million dollars out of the million people who love me? They go, that's true. That's why. Because he never became a real you know, he never became a pro, you know, and he was tempted. They were giving him five million dollars for that fight they had with George Foreman. He had a great life there, though. Uh, anyway, um, the Cuban government had them believe the U.S. using them know, using them for use of politics, making this crazy.


So you guys I mean, it's so intense, your relationship and you somehow managed, I mean, to navigate this and you're still so close and yet you give him tough love.


No, not well. He was just raised like I raised all my kids, you know, with a lot of love, you know, and we we did a lot of things, you know, watch. Always take a a few of the bad elements coming in, I took him out. No, you want to give me a you want me to give you the storm time bad elements again? You want me to give you the story? Go for going outside.


I remember this day like it was yesterday, bro. So because it was you know, it was shocking to me. And he was like 14 years old. He was hanging out with some guys outside in the backyard, you know, like we had like a field, like a golf field in the back. So I go, you know, with my son. I go outside and I see him far away and I say hello because I call him, what do I call?


And I see him that he looking at me, but he ain't moving. So I said, wait a minute. Oh, me.


So I he's still standing and also and I see him fucking book. Right. Like he just started running fast so I ran in my fucking car. Oh my turn on the key because I don't know what's going on and I start chasing him. Right. And I caught up to him and I grab and I said, what are you running from man.


Oh that he always goes away.


And I said, so then I was like really pissed at him, but then I said, Are you hungry? He goes, Yeah, I'm hungry. I said, come on, let's go eat.


Take me to take me to China. Chinese buffet.


That was the best eating and eating you needed. But I mean, I started noticing the situation, so I grabbed them. I told them, listen, after my house, you got nafs if you don't get me straight A's in the next semester because I know he was a good student, you know, he went for me so frickin abs. So he's not going to school. So I told him, listen, if you don't give me because, you know, I just didn't want to take him out because, you know, you was in the 11th grade or 10th.


I was going and I was friends. So I was I was not I was a freshman going into sophomore year.


So I came and I told her, mom, if you don't get me the next semester, boom aifs. Well, I grabbed them because we agreed on it and I put them on the home school and you know, I saved them.


He did, because that's when I actually got to know myself, my, my one's self at least a little bit.


I'm sure it wasn't for that decision. I mean who knows where I would. A lot of parents don't understand that. You know, when I was a young kid, I was sixteen. I would do all kind of shit to get kicked out of school. And my mentor would talk to the president and they kicked me back in school. Oh, my God. I to I didn't want to go to school is one of the back four times. All I wanted to do is be a boxer.


That's the way he was. That's the way he was. You know, he he will he will sometimes lose, you know, bad decision.


Oh wouldn't that I cry all the way. I would cry for I will be great for me. No, he used to run away from me at eight years old and I didn't know where he was at. I was quite good police officers and he was only like about it maybe a corner way like around the shame and stuff like that. And well that put me through a lot.


But I let him down and I just yeah, I'm from the same fucking way, so, you know, so it wasn't easy, man.


You know, that's why I tell a lot of people, you know, everybody thinks that this was easy. This was not easy. I mean, we broke a lot of walls to get what we have right now. And people don't understand that, you know, we was never even considered a top ranked you know, it was looked at all. This guy is going to end up being one of those guys that, you know, is going to fight to lose.


You know, and I told Bob from the moment I walked in, my son is going to be the next Manny Pacquiao.


I told him that I just won it when I was there. I wanted to kill everybody.


I didn't kill my he's one of the fucking killer because that's the moment you are able to let go of that devil, that person that everybody in with their family. You see right here, you look at them all day. Anyway, they were this close to me I was looking at you was very scary. I, I won.


I wanted it. I wanted it so bad, you know, I always wanted it, but I was still afraid so. But I wanted it so bad. Where did that come from? Because it felt wanting it so bad, wanting to kill them is my mentor. Because mother, I never had an ego. I never thought that I deserved anything. I don't want nothing more than the UFC gave me an ego. Yep. A big one too.


Yeah. Um mm.


He was, he was just like, you know, not like me because he was a great one. But I'm saying like in the sense that I think the same way, you know, he was like, you know, I like you kid.


We believe in our PED, we believe in who we train and prepare to die and kill for them. Exactly. You know, we got stories with spine. I've had people try to come with their lives.


I've had people kick oh, I'm talking about some of the officials that had their favorites. And to talk about him go, oh, yeah, going at them. They know they did me dirty. Oh, no. There was a couple of them that they they brought me right. They have their favorite. The damage.


Of course they still do. They still do. We went through the Olympics through that. You guys, they've both been robbed. Yeah. They get energy from these guys when they go pro they get money.


This is what you did. But look what you did in the sport because that made you better.


That's a lot more fun as I was the half way. And just because they would disrespect me and rob me once I turned for bomb everything, so I went clicking. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. You think about all the greats. You think about Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school basketball team. He regrouped, doubled down, worked harder than he's ever worked. And that's a part of your life.


Learning about life is about not giving the man who we gave up and started getting high. Yeah, I just started a family thing. Let me give it nine to five. The thing is, I haven't had the greatest yeah, I missed the great laugh, but you didn't want that life. No, I wanted I wanted Ali. I wanted all these guys to know my yeah. I wanted to be friends with them. And they who love why they want powers want to be equal with them.


Yeah. And that's what you want, PARNAS, this right here today is a moment that I'm just always going to remember because I just want to tell him like he's a real one, just like you, a real one.


If the real ones have to know this, this is what normally happens to the real and the real would normally die with no money. So he needs to know this is just a platform for the future. His babies, his grandbabies and stuff, we forget that because their ego gets so inflated with the camera, we get so devaluated. Oh, no, no, this is a narcotic. It's like a sack, you know. No, no.


It's like a baby. Did they know your baby? Give me everything you want. Exactly. I mean, you you're losing everything, you know, but it's going to take away so much.


It's going to take away too much and it's going to change who you really are. This is all about if you allow it, though, exactly what if you are all about you have to have told them that. I've told them that it's all about family.


You get money, you put it away, you have interest so your family can have a future that you have the same life that you like. That's what success is. Success is living the lifestyle you have right now, 22 and having family members. Yeah, that's success. You have the same lifestyle from 22 to 62. That's success and success. Yeah. Yeah, it is. I think a lot of it. What I learned is.


But there is one thing though. You got to it's it's a it is a drug. And what I've learned is like you can never there's no such thing as too much success. I don't believe there is a day when we have what we want. What do you consider success? What you just said, taking care of your loved ones, your family, and making sure that they have something for them. They set their own goals. They don't have to.


You change the life cycle is the hardest thing to do, especially at this age starting. But that's my goal, that I'm forever.


You know what? Do you know what? I'll take a look. Parents burning. I'll take the cuts. I'll take the I'll take the bruises.


I'll take it all for my family because I love them and I'll fight for every every parent's burden is not being able to have given their kids everything that they had when they die. That's their burden. And I don't want to die like that.


You know, I want to make sure that everybody's right when I when I go, wow, well, this meant for me to be there because I had a great life. I had a great it's just a shame to have such a great life. I wish my children have a tenth of the life that I had. There you go. Exactly. And that's very rare that people I given my life, it's just a miracle.


But when you think like that, your life is such such a much better, you know what I'm saying? Because then you realize what you really want to do and it makes and you can make it happen then when you have a time to live life.


I realized everything that I have never have. I don't want it anymore. That's what I was told, the exact everything was illusion, then changed when I had my fucking 20000 shoes. Nothing changes that would make you happy. You still had the same girlfriend, the same friend, and nothing like boom went to work for them and then, like, boom, hey, it didn't happen. And then give them everything. Everything is the same.


There's always going to it's love. Yours is more of from what I got from rapper J. Cole, who I like in his song, it's more about you can have a nice watch, but it's someone that probably has a better watch than you. You can have a nice house. Someone has a bigger house than you, but it's all about what's in there that you love and about looking at where everybody else got. But what you have there that you got to accept and appreciate and love.


And when you do that, God gives you more blessings. Man, a lot of people I may be an arrogant son of a bitch or a cocky son of a bitch, but that's when it's a sport. I love it. I'm hungry. Can nobody take that away from me?


But there's a difference between being cocky and being arrogant. You have confidence because you've worked so hard and you sacrificed so much and we and you and you can back it up. That's not being arrogant at all. We know that's what it is. You're arrogant if you don't do it. You know, I'm saying. But we do. We keep on doing it. And I do the total. I do the talking.


You go walk because it's funny because I get judged right off from the cameras. But the moment they meet me, they're like, oh, man, you man. Humble. Oh, I think he was like and I was like, yeah, it's just I give the persona what I am because when it's on I'm like, what's up? Who's ready? Yeah, the moment is off.


I'm like, I can just I could relax. Hey, just remember they're all about clicks, OK? They're going to try to monetize any, anything they can write and try to distract you. But don't let it fuel you, you know, but don't let it take away from knowing who you are and your trajectory. It's weird. It's almost like he's he's really evolved for his age. It's like he's the father and you're the son sometimes.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Because I remember when I was 12, I a good father and he's going to be a great father. And I mean, it looks good on you, Mike.


That was to God that I like the way he be the one with the with, with the like God. One of the lines. Oh yeah.


That's about it. Right. That that's what. No, I can't say that. That's one of the best ones that he gets that money though. That's why I praise myself very much. Now listen quick.


I hate to do this, but I'm being told to wrap it up.


You know, in closing, I know I know how before we you know how some of these guys got Mayweather Rangi. Canelo, I'm champ. Yes, I think you train what you want with trade with me, brother. Listen, I want to walk you in with Devon Haney.


I can't do that because I know Damon and I must be very nice to you, I imagine.


I know I don't want this guy to be crying and shit is out of them. And then those guys overall, man, April, May.


Looks like we're going to just take it on.


Whatever your fights, we're coming for the real fight for everybody back to back we fight.


We had three fights back to back off the top 10 dudes, all in the top ten. And you guys are walking through it right now, all the time. Now, they want us to keep on fighting tough guys, but we've got to try to get some money.


You know what I'm saying about national parks and about that's why you got to fight those guys before you fight these guys. You fight before you fight the mandatories back. Right after this big fight, you fight a guy, then you fight a mandatory.


And that's our the only problem with you guys is that people look at you and they understand that you have no fear and that you're not ducking from anybody and you're walking through this.


But we may have been making money.


You know, you no longer believe that.


You know, that's why I fought so hard to fucking constantly have money. Yeah. That's why I told my son I want him fighting at least three times a year. My goal was beautiful. I just dream of doing. Well, you tell him that to.


My goal, though, is not to fight for a check. That is not is the goal is just to fight because I want to work some hours and I got some rage.


And that's beautiful. That's cheap.


But you still need to make the money. I'm not doing it for free is not good enough. I was going to ask you a question before we leave.


All right. Do you see fear in Roy Jones eyes before you when you are you beat his ass up? Because I was not a draw.


I'm just happy that we made some money to help people see how diplomatic is. We want to make from nineteen eighty five. Come on, man, listen, that guy can have a show.


That's right. And speaking of a show, we're honored to have you guys. It's been incredible to be around all these champs.


Thank you for having so awesome having it. But I'm always talking to the crowd. I know that problem and I wanted to go for this. Yes, this is your high without getting high. High off the high. You can't get with cocaine, heroin. It's something that he's going to when he gets that adrenaline, you're going to say, fuck, look at those pictures. You're probably going to have no hair. And she goes, The fuck, I was beautiful.


Yeah. Let me tell you one thing before we shut off the he's a two two different persons like we all are. When he goes in that ring, he transforms. Yeah. When I learned about him and that person was when he fought in programers in the Olympic qualifiers in the finals, this guy was knocking everybody out.


This is old, but. Yeah. And he went in there and I looked in his eyes and I said, you ain't scared, bro. He said that, watch what I'm going to do to this dude. He went in there and put a freaking the guy never even had him. And he won unanimously, one of the final of the tournament won everything, and that's the day I realized he had two different people, you know, that could channel it to Channel 10, that fight, you know, so he's a kick in hard, but he's afraid it will be a fight until they die without a fight in different fields with different method.


And he's just getting better every time he fights.


But I couldn't do it again. I couldn't do any of this these belts and all this if it wasn't for the likes of you, Ali. Sugar Ray Leonard. Listen, I mean, I'm the same guy, but you guys paved the way for the same guys. You took my my too. Yeah, I think that too. Because when the man had me crazy. Well, and once you keep that in your head, you're going to keep on doing it because other people are going to look up to you.


That's what it's all about.


It's about setting an especially on Honduras that they never had anything, you know, that countries never want anything. He's a first world champion.


They want a lot. Just I think they have a lot of plant medicine there. Yes.


And work on something over there. I know everybody.


I know everybody on a platanos. OK, we might need to go to Honduras. You got in touch with me. That's why I think that's why those people were over there all the time. That's been going over there doing some planting.


That's right. Next. Right. They're going straight to Colombia, man. Yeah. All that land was beautiful.


We could take some peyote, go to Colombia. We may never come back. Mike, that's OK. You don't understand me. I know my love from Brooklyn. They go to Honduras, Honduras, and they got like crazy. OK, OK, what are you doing? Then they showed me the picture with the nurses and nurses drop dead. OK, and this not forgot it, but you know, it's all legal there.


You get anything you don't want done to your body. Well, listen, if something goes wrong, who you want to sue, right. You know, you start right in your mouth right now. You have a suit.


I hate to be the bad guy. They are shutting me down, you guys. I got to be the bad guy. But but you've got so much gratitude and you're a hard worker. And we love you, man. Thank you. We're in your corner. Thank you very much. I just want to see some fighting going on, man. Right. If I could get my hands on happy record, then it's just that we had this fight.


It won all those battles with the covid man. It's just. Yeah. And everybody's going to remember that fight because of the covid.


Hey, listen, my heart is good over this bad, but I'm not going to stop progress.


Hey, man, you'll be fighting in front of crowds before you know it won't stop progress. Thank you for having us back, man. Yes. Thank God bless you. Pleasure's mine. The new champ and Mike Tyson.


Yeah, we talk hoops on Robert Auris new podcast, The Big Shot Bob.


I would have loved to play with LeBron because if you get down, get up and get to where you supposed to be, he's going to find you feel like he got robbed for MVP. But with Robert Horry, we cover the floor and we talk about everything. And so your youngest is a teenager. So he's going to high school right now. He's doing everything we assume. And, you know, I'm running away from the team that brought you the big podcast with Shaq.


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