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Before I call them and they suck my Dick Python nigger, oh, fuck, I'm fucking home, I got my fucking time machine and.


All right, I'm listening. Yeah. Anyway, Mississippi man, they have to see that I had no right that no one will live in.


So, yeah, everybody, welcome to another episode of Hotbox and I'm Living Proof.


And I'm Mike Tyson.


We got a very special guest. Well, with the group now. Yes, check this out. If they're talking about Vincent Bragge, CEO, founder of Concrete's, it's a great organization. Great company. Why don't you introduce your people and tell us about concrete's absolutely.


So Concrete's is essentially a advertisement agency. So we focus on marketing, branding, PR, things like that.


I think the thing that makes us different to any other agency out there is we solely employ incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. How much they get paid.


It depend on the project that the together and then we got to collaborate and it really just depend on the project, you know, and the brand, how we work and with the budget or whatever.


So it's structure from a standpoint of 10 percent of the company is actually owned by a network of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. So we profit share if that means anything.


And now also based on the ideas that are given, they get there's a fee schedule for that. Once we kind of narrow it down to like five ideas, then they also there's another fee schedule where those five ideas or those five people get paid. And then once we get to the part that goes into production, then they actually get a bonus for that. So.


So, yeah, that's how they get paid. That's awesome. So awesome.


So I mean, just go to the. Yeah, please. Please.


So we got my man, Rick, Ricky Cody. This is one of my brother's idea time with. He's an original company from Ricky Southcentral.


Yeah. Yeah. Vince from L.A., I am I'm from was OK, and so we got Joe Nixon, who was also the co-founder of Concrete's Joey Nixon.


So it really makes Joe Nixon from South Central Los Angeles as well. And then we also got Tony Welsh, who is our director of influence and also our accounts manager at Concrete's, who's just a queen within us.


So, yes, he's a queen. Go ahead.


I'm from Detroit, Michigan. My name is tell you what, I'm a councilman here for Concrete's. She used to have that big money, so.


Right. Yes. So I think this is what we have in common.


We all come from shit. How many bad, shitty places that we never want to go back to. I took a trip to see Brownsville, Mike, and I don't want to go there anymore. No, no. I understand where you come from.


They can't be there. Understand the easiest thing on them. So we like for us, we never had a hero. But you are our hero because you come from where we come from. Yeah. And we understand you when you leave with your flaws. And I don't think I should have just. Brilliant.


Well, you don't have anything that I succeeded because of my flaws. Yeah. You know, my my flaw that I don't really like myself because I didn't come from the right side of town. I'm a fucking products of prostitutes and pimps and shit and all that yucky stuff that I love. All right.


Yeah. I can't let that stuff and be the guy that I am because it's not good for business. You know, I miss that guy, though. We literally used to steal cable to watch a fire. Uh, you know, I'm saying, what are you going to tell him?


That you don't put money?


You know, whatever I like to contribute, man.


I was still there to buy goods to treat. It was a treat for me to to get A's and B's in order for my mother and my father to give me Mike Tyson's points out. Are you serious? Because that's something that I wanted. You know what I'm saying? You don't understand. Like, it was just and when we finally found the code to play you, what? I'll actually get in there and you won't laugh in two seconds. We like man, I'm not fucking with Mike because he didn't even let me get a punch.


I wish I understood that part of my life, that part of my life. It just doesn't exist.


Because you are living.


Yeah, the the fucking the punch out shit. No tendo fight.


You think that I'm man and what it would be like to watch yourself fight in life. You know, man, I never could understand that being in the ring. And I, I saw everybody, I hurt anybody. I hurt my friend voices and stuff. But I wasn't a part of that.


And I'm, I'm it's all about me that moment. But I'm not a part of it in that way because all about me. But I'm not a part of it. What I want to experience, what they experience, what made them happy, what made them want to be around me. I want to know what that feels like, because I think being around me as fuck, I hate being around me, so I want to win. What's the feeling that makes them want to be around me?


I want to feel I feel it because I want to feel like that. I want to be around me.


Everybody that makes it a winner, no matter what channel people want to be around, success in winning.


And, you know, when you come from nothing and I see it, it's like, man, that's my man. He went in and, you know, he come from the bottom.


And, you know, that's like, you know, they give less juice to energy, you know what I mean? Like, that made me want to go.


If I used to go to the Hoover gym and just try to get what I seen for me, like, OK, you know, and I got knocked out a couple of times, you know, I see that.


But, you know, it was just the fact that I was able to just had that drive.


And that's just because we've seen, you know, we playing punch out and we watching the fights and, you know, we're going to get some boxing gloves. Let's go fight in the backyard, you know what I mean?


So, you know, it's funny when you hear a perspective from somebody else and you think, what what? You do it to become that person. And it's not really what they're talking about. I mean, that's just from being from Mike Tyson. This guy got creative from being a bully, is working with, like, trying to kill him, least worrying about protecting it, not being safe.


You guys know, not being safe.


Motherfuckers coming in the house all straight. You know what that's like.


So I think about all that came from my shame and stuff.


My all my success is my shame is that with the war, my success comes from my shame. My parents can't come from far off, though.


Who, who, who who created that narrative like it come from income from anything.


The dirt. They come from floors. Yeah. But this is where it gets tricky. It. Can we embrace the fourth? A lot of us can embrace who we are. I think that's the beauty of what we do at cocreator, right. Like our mission statement, our mission is to literally change the stigma of how society views people with criminal history. But then also how do people with criminal histories view themselves? So I founded this company on a belief system that creativity without opportunity is what lead to criminality.


Right. So where somebody might look at Joe Nixon, who successfully robbed 27 banks as a bank robber, I look at him as a strategist or someone who might look at Ricky Koelie here as a as an ex drug dealer.


I look at him as an entrepreneur and a logistics expert. How do you get this from this communication?


Exactly right.


You look at somebody like Tony who, you know, first of all, operated at the highest level of of a drug empire that that we know today and in our culture and dealt with the money, who dealt with the relationships, who manage those relationships and made sure things was intact.


That's a skill set that's that's transferable into this corporate arena. Right. So like I said, we brought you a gift just to kind of show you an example of of the work that we do. So my man, he created a line called Rich Sex.


And it's a luxury which sex, sex, sex and coal is it? Tell me about that. Yeah, let's let's close it out.


So this was hey, nobody bought me a joint yet. Thank you a lot, guy. I really got power here when I'm really in control.


So when I put it out one by one for you, right.


Yeah. So right here is the novelty gift bag.


Hey, man, you got these fucking little joints and his visit with the blunt. What does Clifford do? You kill him.


You're killing me on the fucking park. The fucking the roach joint.


Come on. My coming out of the bag. Yeah. Lytham really good for you. And so to the cameras already. Very the camera protect you.


Well, so with a booklet to tell you all the instruction, all angriness now is all playing bass is all organic, all natural. I thought, what do I tell you?


OK, you don't taste nothing else. You do. You might not use condoms, but they but they come with this is made in Germany.


It was formulated. It's a lubricant. It's a body guard lubricant.


I didn't use a condom with the both of you, but I did right here.


We got the massage oil and I have a seaweed version and I didn't bring but oh this is a massage oil. This is something that you take on your vacation when you want to be with your wife. I want to just party have fun. This is just a complete set of everything. You need to just keep your player resume and your Mac and going there. Here we go. We got this toy right here.


It's the bad me as a cockroach. Yeah.


Yeah, the top it likes it got different different species. Oh, yes, Lord. OK, and I realize listen, though I realize this stuff sometimes my ego is not my reality. I think that I'm making someone happy, but really, I'm not.


And then when I find out of this, what you don't like with them, this is this right here.


This is the enhancement vitamin is all natural products, ingredients, everything all natural.


And that's going to keep that's going to keep you that's going to keep you popping for that day cause it's going to keep it crack. If you don't have it about three days, you get stopped, you is going to relax and when you get back ready, it's going to go back hard. It's going to be right there. Waiting for your thing will be harder than you did.


You know, I'm sure your house is being like been I'm sure you live in a big old house.


So you got this wife just in case you don't feel I run to the bathroom. You just potful, Antonovich, your wife's.


So you want to run to the bathroom, you just clean up, that's why. Now here's a candle and this is the moisturizer candle. So you can burn is is is is beeswax, coconut oil and one other ingredient, apricot.


And it's all natural, you know what I mean.


And you can pour it.


You got any sage, any instinct you got to create.


You know what I what I do got though that you don't like if you don't mind. This is the rule freshener so I can spray somebody. Please go ahead.


Yeah. I mean I. Hmm. Hmm. You know, you can keep this in your car, you can keep this in you wherever you put it on your bed, you put it on you, you put it on use of body spray and then stuff. No, absolutely. Yeah.


And then these are unisex. These are oils, all natural essential oil. That's the 100 percent or natural oils.


They want to know we tried that. We want you to ask why we brought you a gold candle. Oh.


There you go. Oh, and then I got you.


So this right here is a body hand lotion. I could check out that you up all natural everything.


This is the massage oil. Everything is organic.


Natural. I love organic soaps. Yes. So here you go. Shower gel this all again.


I'd make you know, I mean, you know, you can put a rope on the bar making things happen.


So that's what the boss will see. Right, if you want. I just had this at the office. You know, this is the big bottle of the room freshener.


Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I brought some stuff, but my mother loves love. So what is it that you're doing that she loves you so much?


Man, we just being BNSF, we create the brands, we take brands and take them, put them on steroids so that we harness the creativity, we harness the creativity beyond and behind bars. So we focus like every single person that's sitting in here. Did time I got hit with a conspiracy charge.


They gave me one hundred and twenty one months in federal prison for selling drugs. And you know, this man, he was huge. And the weed space, this guy, Rob Banks, she was money laundering anything, right?


I was in prison out here and I was free in their arms. So, so.


So tell me this. So was it more that controlled environment did and and it didn't allow you to just be my you had to follow rules and didn't have that structure. Besides, when you had to deal with customizer where you're. No, I'm saying. Was that missing?


No. What was it. No. Oh no. You see why I'm out here? I'm going to tell you that in the air oh. So you were running you were running show? Oh, I had a girlfriend, my girlfriend pray to God, it's just it just I love that whole thing.


Oh, I read the books and I'll read you. I love my power is the power that every night I go to my room.


What do you want to eat tonight? Whatever we want. And we we did whatever we wanted to cut the guys would bring women is just fuck nigga. I don't deserve to live it. I get mad at myself. I get jealous of myself. I fucking want to break myself down. I want to hurt myself because I don't deserve that I got too much shit. What the fuck do I think I am. And shit nigga, you get all the shit.


You don't know about that part of the game do you. Shout you know.


No, but that part of the game. The fight game, huh? You don't even know what the fuck we are, but we think we do. Our only objective is really appropriate, the time I've prepared the Sadef period and the meaning of life is willingness to die. You know, he just, you know, just he just threw away. You just said that that was profound control. You know, you had to be when you when you were in there, you wanted to do something to beat the system, to beat it.


Absolutely. And listen to what people go for. They no, no. You go go there.


Now, you know, we all did, you know, because I did things that I just had to do just to see that I could get away with it, because that's what I knew that was the norm of getting away with things. But it wasn't like after afterwards I was like, shit, I'm ready to go every day.


I was still ready to go, but every day I was fine is something that I could try to get away with, you know, because we were addicted to that. Our personalities, my personalities.


I was addicted to getting away with things, a crime or that power, you know, but that's how we.


Yeah. You just we all did that time together.


Yeah, I'm I'm talking about we had lockers apart, lockers with food in it, and some people in laptops, they get the food, everybody in the cell, 80 percent had my food and they're like, yeah, yeah.


No I think go to him. Go to him. Go to him. Go to him. Go to him. Right.


So I mean, I think it was also that too, was just controlling our environment and and really wanting to put ourselves up there.


I didn't realize we had more control and then we had up there and we can get it. We could break the law and we can get we can't break the fucking law, but we could break into something.


Yeah, I didn't I didn't realize how insecure of a person I was until I had to sit down and listen.


And that's more important than having sex. I remember being in a fucking nobody didn't have in control and be out here and fucking everybody and having nothing.


That's pretty heavy. I didn't really have. No, I have. You know, that pretty simple. Yeah.


But I mean, for me, I didn't really get to know who I was until I went to prison because you got all these people telling you you did you that they pump you up because of course they want something from you. So they're not giving you the true essence of who you really are. They're just it just all about manipulation. And when you get there and you buy yourself and you sitting there and you like them.


I got to figure me out. I don't even know who I am, like I thought I did, but I didn't because I was getting false information the whole time, because all those people went on with their life. All the people you with help in doing things for, those are the same people that made it.


And you like to trick me.


No, you took yourself. Exactly. You were looking for that. You were looking for their what? Their validation. Exactly. Their validation is with the new. And that's why now I don't give zero fucks. No, no.


That's the whole thing. You have to care. No I care about. No, no, no.


That word that you don't give a fuck have to disappear from your vocabulary. But now you stop that. Now you don't care anymore. You can't grow. Yeah, well, either you're not going to go to that no more. Not now. That's your math because you're not going towards that no more. That that prevented you from moving on. That stops you when you see that that's what you say, that whatever it is that you say that made you say fuck that, that stops you now that's your master.


Yeah. I don't say fuck nothing. Yeah. I want it all. Yeah. You know, because life has a better fuck you had.


I just, I just I mean when I said that I just don't want to fake.


No, no listen brother, this is what you should you know, in prison words mean a lot. Be careful what you say now what you're saying.


Don't say nothing by accident. Yeah. Because that's what they believe he's mean.


Yeah. I would look that at the whole situation is like, I'm not going to change my nature right.


Like I'm always be kind and giving and, you know, objective, I just have to change, like the individuals that I spend that time with and that I can give them.


All those people are lessons for us. Anything that came in your path was that lesson. So you learn from the lessons, but you can't like my mother always told me, don't change your heart because I did. When I first went to prison, I was bitter. I was angry. I thought everybody, you know, betrayed me. Right.


But I had learned I betrayed myself. This is what I did to myself, you know. So I took all that time and I reflected on my life. I started learning who I who I am, you know. And then so now I walk in and I think and I know everything that happens in your life every day is a lesson. All this everybody in this room, this is the lesson we get from everybody.


You know, I try to be kind of humility now. You know, I don't I'm not bitter. I'm not angry at nobody.


Even that person over there might go to the store that that person was mean to you. That's a lesson that's teaching me, you know, not to be that person. Right. You know, if something was going on in that person's life.


I wrote a book called The Music of Life, and I was the same way. Right. I'm bitter. I'm like, man, these people told on me, you know, these people betrayed me. This person wrote me no letters, came to visit me. And it's just one line in this book that changed my whole perspective and says everybody plays a role in the drama life. And when you think about that, if I don't go to Shakespeare, shit.


If I don't if I don't go to prison.


I don't create concrete, right? I don't meet Rick, I don't meet Joe, you know, I'm saying if I don't go, this is the most beautiful thing that I have to contribute to the world as far as legacy goes. And so when I when I when I read that. You know, everybody plays a role in the drama life, I'm I'm I actually became grateful to the people who told me I actually became grateful to the people who I felt like betrayed me, because now I also realize if it wasn't for those steps, you know what I mean?


Then then I wouldn't be in the shoes that I mean I mean, I'm sitting down with Mike Tyson.


I think sometimes it saves your life. You don't know. We don't know the reason we don't laugh. And I don't know I know this. When I did that three years in prison, a lot of my friends that were close to me started dying. Yeah, I always hung out with them. When you saw him, you say with Mike and he saw me that way. And so everything with her, even before catching a town, I went and fuck it.


I thought that would have died within that prison. And I was again, I was understanding who I was, realizing I was never the person who I really believe I am. I was just an illusion of myself. And I was more addicted to the illusions of myself than I would my reality. Absolutely.


Yeah, I think I think all of is just even just having this conversation is the prime example for the individuals that come behind us. Right. You know, I'm someone who like when we drink, we go out. I always say this toast. You know, we want to do a bigger and better than those that came before us. But we want to also set the tone and the precedent for those that come after. So when you look at your story or you look at Tony's story or Rick's story, my story or the story of concrete's you see.


That our past doesn't define us. No one one mistake, 10 mistakes, 50 mistakes, we all make mistakes. But we we all first timers at life, right? This this our first time.


No, no. It's the first time that we know of. Right. Yeah, right.


Listen, but no one makes it even more important than that. This is very this is very simple. This is very fucking small that me, you and him and all of us, we know what happened to us. You know why we the way we are. And we can't hide that, even though we put in the map. We all know what happened to us, you know, we all know what should have happened to us because we're in a situation where it should happen to us.


It is no secret, but we all think we hide the secrets of our pain. We all know the same thing. That's why we're in the same place for. You know what, this is dope for just people to see here. You know, I'm saying you have so many people that scarred by the environments they grew up in and, you know, especially black folks, we don't we don't go to therapy, you know, saying we don't we don't talk stuff.


They do go to therapy.


And we listen to that and we listen to people. But that is only therapy. And it isn't that that we listen to therapy, soap opera for men.


Right. Right.


But I think this is something that people can listen to as well as therapy and learn like, hey, just because we went to prison, just because we messed up in life, like look at all the beauty that we do. We take our our very own cocreator and created this brand from concept to execution. And it's here it's a tangible product where you could actually say. This is worth every penny, this was made with love and determination and every every ingredient is specified.


It took four years to build this brand.


But listen, I'm in place and I'm going to make this is fucking fair because we all agree on what we accomplished and we've been in prison with something special. And I really wish the great if people had been in prison. Right. That's true.


Don't what? We've been in prison. Great men and great women been in prison and got executed. And they, you know, and they still were strong, you know, but we're letting the people know that we're somebody that's with prison, that we're still special. We still control the world.


And everybody I don't care who you are in this world has my death on drugs. They're locked up. I don't give you the riches. But I came from the your family that you got somebody you love that fucked up from society, the opium, the gun. We all feel that. We all feel the pain of people we lost. I love everybody, people that we don't know. But that affect the way that we love and know, somebody that we love.


We want to kill the person. They killed them because the person that we love is fucked up and now we're fucked up.


We don't even know that that's all right. But someone we love with fucked up.


Now, I just had to bury my baby brother two weeks ago. Two days ago. Oh, right.


That's right. And this is something that's about people like us. And I'm just saying people in general don't care about black people that come from where we come this way. People came to before we got there. Right. So people we. In a weird way, we handle death better than a lot better than anybody that ever lived. People come from forward. We because we we we anticipated we expect because we know what kind of contact is going to get you killed.


Yeah. And I mean, even if there's nothing like that was going to get you sick out here in the street where you live your life, we know that because we've seen it over and over again. And our parents told us what they've seen over and over. It never changes. Right.


You know, listen, it's the food.


This is what I felt.


I look at planet Earth and family and it's a fly on the wall of the fruit fly and only live for three hours. But for three hours they have to be born. You have to absorb who is acknowledge who he is. B, a young kid, be able to get a mate, mate. I mean, soul may and then die, right? But this is tricky, but the female for three hours, so I think they say he made it so he's going to after they make the go to this fucking with they go fucking so far.


I mean, I'm fine. I'm going to fucking die.


So they go die and it's like 30 seconds or a minute left and they're fucking party in the fucking the party.


They grab the all lit up because they light up. They are the party of their party, the party and the lights go out that they party till they die.


And so they let the women who live probably fire. They're flying to where they have to drop to see that. So they fly and so they fly. And where it is, they dropped it. Fucking Cesar with some shit and or whatever, manure or whatever it go, it drops the eggs and whatever. And it goes like ten billion of deadly million. Mean he can't believe his grandmother and so many of them. And this is the process within five hours.


And then they go here and they drop the seed right in this water, in this manure and no shit. And then they die.


And then it goes over and over again because they bleed, they give, they give birth to them. They drop to see where they were born, that the mother this way they were born.


So they fly and they drop the seeds. And it goes like that since the beginning of time to now. And it's going to go on to the next beginning of time, to the next 3300 billion years.


And they know.


But this is where it's tricky. Whether they know their purpose in three hours, we don't live for 30 years, don't know a fucking perp, they'll try to figure it out. Yes, we know we are here, that we're fucked me up the most. They know their purpose in three fucking hours. We have 30 fucking years and we don't get our purpose.


So when you make that coming to see me, we don't know if we will more than just this one. Right. So do you think we got to keep coming back to find our purpose?


No, no, no. Listen, you don't gotta find that purpose. Then they just give us a purpose. Even if we don't, you know, this is our purpose for our purpose is just to live for three years and shit and aids and drugs, which is to educate someone else, is to inspire somebody else to understand their life.


That that's how I feel. You know, uh, the pain is beautiful. Yeah.


You know, me. And death is even more glorious than life because that's when you really begin to live. Uh.


You know, we nothing to be afraid of, definitely being worried that this is going to the motherfucking party in the history of the fucking parties, you know, going to meet the flight motherfucking women of the history of fly women, five minutes of the flight five play the flight, everybody, the flight. But we're going to be there.


And the families, that's the best that they got to give me. I'm talking with Casanovva, all these men that they're going to be there right now.


And that's why I'm on the street.


And they have so much determination. I fucking can't stop being a street nigger. You don't care how successful I get. This is who I am.


You fuck, you know me.


Fuck I fuck.


But the reason I'm supposed to be that way, I hate fucking being that way. But that's who I am right now. That's just the way I am. Why can't I. Why do I.


Why can't I get. Hey guys. Take what I have to say. Fuck you nigga. Shut up. I kind of. Hey guys, that's not necessary. Guys, come on. Let's be nice. I love it. But what I have to say to him, a fucking kick in your fucking head. Why does it have to be the what? I have to say that fucking with his wife. I don't say that. I feel like you guys don't respect me.


And I said my fucking thick head. But I think I'm around street, Nicholas. I think I'm around savages. If they see me weak, they're going to kill me. So I've got to put that fucking image of toughness all my life, you know, come around fucking scumbags. They see any weakness that they can't get hurt or they may not die. Some shit like that. They're going to try you.


That's the police believe. That's how we feel. That's hot. Last night I said I mean, I told you the reason I had to put myself on the time out because I felt like that old me was about to come out.


And then he was like, well, how would you feel if I was angry?


What did you tell me? I was going to jump.


I felt like it like, you know, who can I ride over there? It's not good to have somebody, you know? That's how you feel. This is the game.


This is the day. That's when I found out, too. From fucking who? The Nigga Finnegan. One of these guys. When someone gets you angry, they're your master.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. See, that's what they call your intelligence master, you know, controlling my emotions.


I don't want anybody in control of my emotions anymore.


That's why I said I'm a I put myself on a timer because I know if I get that angry, you have control. And I don't I mean, it's important to to wise man.


Money is a fucking tool. Yeah. To a poor man. It's money he's got. Yeah.


We talked about that also and that's the thing. And that's what we had to learn, like managing the illusionist, is that all the more you give away, the more you will receive.


It doesn't seem that way. I know. Came in that way, you know, I'm no pussy and all that stuff when the guy gave it away and you gave it.


Listen, I used to think I have no business. I gave it all.


Got too many. Holy shit. Right. You'd be surprised what happens then. You start giving stuff away. You'd be surprised. The power of emptiness. Yeah.


You know, I was emptying make more room to bring more in. You don't listen. Don't be so attached. No, no. To that. Happiness is in here. There's no happiness that exists out here. That's what we know is happiness don't exist out here. Only in here. The illusion of happiness is out here. The reality of happiness is in here.


That's enough to have you when you have I mean, what you still have things. But you felt like you still. I had so much I mean, I had so much, you know, like I could do whatever I wanted to do at a time.


But I still was unhappy. I couldn't even figure out, like, what's making me happy? Who am I?


No, I mean, tell me that how'd you get this door to my house?


Wouldn't it make you happy for a moment. For a moment. Made you happiness for that moment? Because that's what happened to me.


I always say big ass house because like, damn, you got a big house.


It's so let me I said, but come inside, you know, and that it's not safe inside the house, inside ourselves, inside us. You never come inside.


And people never got what I was saying because you can see all this, all this is beautiful. You have all these people around you and you still cannot feel the love. I feel more love now than I've ever felt. And I don't have the riches. I'm coming.


I can't because, you know, I believe in me, but in a whole different way. But it was I couldn't figure out why. Why wouldn't I'm happy I go buy what I want. I can go do what I wanted to do. Like you said, the beautiful house.


She was my neighbor, you know, but come inside. Things don't make you happy. You know, it's not about things. You know, you have to find it. Like you said inside, I see you with another young lady.


She's a very attractive Asian woman. She was there with your crew.


And I had met her and she got room for me like she knew me. But we talked. And so and then she brought me to her house. She just wanted to show me her. She had some amazing stuff. Mm hmm. She had some really scarfe, you know, with the bed in the tub right in the middle of the living room. It was amazing. And I was just when I found that she was a member with the crew, but she was just showing off.


She said she was just showing you. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. She's not she's trying to figure out how he likes it. I mean, that's good. What I want other people, I don't know, have a perspective on myself. I need I need other people to give me a perspective.


You know, I don't know who I am and I don't want to know who I am because I want them to tell me. I don't want to I want to grab that illusion and fall in love with that illusion of who I am.


I want to a in my. And that doesn't exist. That's if I make it a bit scary ethnically and on reality. That's why I am making afraid. Hmm. If I had the baddest man on the planet because he's afraid and that makes sense. That makes sense.


Yes. It's like when I what you say like on a bully or you pressed up against you have to come out. Yeah.


Yeah. He can't be with her in this world. And I say to myself, if I, if I know even that much, I thought he was the baddest motherfucker that ever lived. I mean, I don't think so. And and even though he might with my shit, the first thing I think we really think so. And that's not even him antagonizing me. That's just me saying you're going to believe you are a bad ass motherfucker out here.


That's with that's the. I want to get my ass kicked then.


Yeah. I want to get fucked up. And that's how it is a prison. And coming in with that tough guy, it's a dubious 15 years. I want to be fucked up. He don't want to get fucked up. I know. I know. I really am going to get fucked because I'm who I am now. But I just want to do this because. The arrogance, his arrogance offends my arrogance, right? He's a bad motherfucker on the planet.


I can't believe motherfuckers. Let me get away with that. Hmm.


I mean, you know, I mean, yeah, that was great marketing.


That is my is right there. That's a great read.


I understand. Like, listen, I says. Like in my browser, they look at this guy's just came up to me and said I did a bad month and he got to kill him, I'm to fuck him up. He I think I believe they 100 pounds. So I think you can fuck with this guy. 250. What the fuck is even in this guy's face. What is it.


I don't know. But I'm scared of those guys too.




It has to be expecting that, well, you can't ask. I mean, I know it's happened really to hurt everybody, a little girl, everything. I'm scared. I am the kind of guy where women hurt you. I come from one woman or two women. You can't touch your mother or your sister. You know, they were hurt you if you disrespected them and you made them look bad in front of people, that's all that matters to them.


They go to them, they will put the demonstration down. They will let people know why not to fuck with them when you're fucking die. That's where I come from.


I think we all come from. Yeah, I know you. That's what I'm saying. It's real shit to try to disrespect your sister, your mother and your family with disrespect. You like a stranger in the street where I come from. Yeah, we come from they will make you feel you if they why they don't love me. They want to come home. That's why young kids, they are all. Now, listen, I'm nine years old.


I'm staying out at 3:00 in the morning fucking hanging out, drinking snack and chain, snatching people's pockets out their wallets, robbing their houses and shit.


OK, Mike, you were the Flocco, huh? To break into the house? No, I was just fucking I was a street urchin.


Yeah. Anything they can do, they can get money. We would throw at the little, you know, you guys no blackpoll. I was just a piece of shit like that. I mean, my life didn't mean nothing to society. My mother left me nothing.


My father well, I mean, we were those people, but with big egos.


My father, a mean motherfucker who took some the shit I got some other one.


How far was it to do the cartoon? Mike Tyson. That's my picture. I love that so much. It's just so I'm watching it the other night. Right, because they come on Adult Swim, so I'm watching it. And he's sitting in the room with the lawyers and the lawyers like, look, she won't. Forty seven million dollars.


Mike Tyson, like Mike said, what if we just got married on Friday is actually Tuesday and you just got a lump sum of 47 million dollars on Monday, said she.


And I said, I came here on Monday.


Oh, I'm by myself at 12, 15 and night crack up, like I'm just sitting around with all of us. I said my mission had to be the funniest shit in the world to do. Man Tell me about the kid with the kids, huh? You guys have kids? I do have.


I have a son, Cyrus Majelis.


I got my first baby on the way. I have my first one on the way, nigga. Yeah. Yeah. Really.


Oh, that's because that time that time I came I didn't, I went, I got, I went down at thirty four so. Yeah. And I part I live, I just you know my background is what made me, when I look at a woman I'm like I can the fuck with her or I can like really fuck with her and the girls at that time in period.


Yeah. Women. Yeah. Well I'm saying but you know when I came home, you know, these are some of the things I want to do, like I wanted to get my life in order.


I want to create something. I wanted to create a family. And that's just where I'm at now. I'm forty four, you know what I'm saying? So I'm at that point now, you know, like, I got my my girl was she four months in.


So thank you. I found that it was a boy on Sunday. Yeah. I was a son.


I have long since I can thank you. I had a kid since I came home. How he he almost three. Yeah.


Graduation is very interesting.


So while we're in there champ, we made a vow to one another that we would name all of our sons if we have one, a middle name. There was there was going to be simular. So we agreed that it was going to be maximised. So Vincent, he had his son first.


So his son is Cyrus Maximus. I just found out that I was having a son. So his name is going to be Jackson. Maximus Rick was in agreements with such, but when we're incarcerated, his brother passed away. So instead of carrying all of that, his son will be Prince Charles because his brother's name was Charles and yet sickle cell. So you know what I'm saying? These were all of the plans that we had.


This rich concrete's this is stuff that we discussed in my sale. Cookie. This is coming again. Yeah, that's that's my that's that's impressive presence. How we did time in federal prison.


We executed on every day. We talk about love. We walk in the track. You talk about this. What I would do when I came do this, we all said what was going to do.


And it is what we're doing. We're doing it. And we don't let we don't let anyone in our circle. Like, if we don't know you, if you were in there with us, beat it. It's just that, you know what? We'd be your arrestable. You're a whole nother level.


Well, you have a different camaraderie when you leave prison with, you know, we call us up brothers when you like them, when you come home to the street, seeing you around your friends that you've been on all your life. But then you've got these guys that you guys shared the same the same pains and hurts and moments. I understand to the guy in my room.


He works with me now. He's been with me for 27 years.


I was just seven. Yeah, well, it's like that that BiOM can't you can't recreate that bond. It's almost like you can't live without him.


You know, he thinks I'm cool with that around me, but he's close.


Yeah, very much. I get here my family. That's what I've been around. Joan Rivers, old Jewish comedian lady. And she had a she had. Assistant, but the system with a drug that he was he had issues and stuff and he goes disappearing every now and then, then one day he just disappeared and never came back and everybody was happy. He was gone and she was just devastated and he couldn't understand why she was there was this guy might have been stealing and stuff like that.


And she said something to the effect of that. She said, you know. When if from win, when you win a time when you say you remember, then remember winning the person, not their. It's almost over. You know, they'll give you a number that means the movement of change, because there's nobody that can remember when remember when we first started the goal to get to where we are now? You know how important that is to be with me when you succeed, you know, because the growth of fashion mythology and then you then you look around.


For these people, we're the people that remember when we first started, but we fucking had to get free food or free lunch until some fucking day with some food, some shit, and then you say, fuck, who am I?


And then you got to figure out who you are.


And then you got to figure if you want to be this person and fuck, you know. Yeah. Yeah.


This is one question that I have to ask because my fiancee makes me access from your history of coming up.


When you came up, you had interactions with our current president right now. Yeah. And just from a personal level, besides what our community and us what we believe him to be, do you view him in a certain way or was it always personal or just maybe?


I think I know him differently. Yeah, I know him in a way that. So far, this is a very interesting conversation. Listen. This is the same man. So, you know you know, some of our leaders, I mean, say some of our leaders said he's this guy this way, but these are some of the same people who are with this woman. I came to all of the conventions and he was they were all comped.


You know, I don't mention a name that the people are saying this is really good. No, listen, are really good friends with him and know him at the level where they could talk shit to death and stuff and their friends like that. But now they got a chance to do it while he's on a big world stage. And they don't really mean that they like him, but they could say that to him from a friendly family that he used to be like.


And they have they're not in the circle. They can't be his friend again. They want to be in his circle now, but they're not in the circle no more. They're not able to go up to him at any time and call them or shake their hand the more he's unacceptable to them. So that makes them feel a little bit less important to our ego.


I can see that. I can see somebody that we always could talk shit. Listen, listen, listen.


Yeah. And not listen.


You know, I know people who used to sleep on the floor and stuff. They started hooking, selling stuff. They became billionaire and big stuff. Right.


And. We still talk to them the way we talk to them, like he slept on the on the bus, on the couch, and that's how these people do the Donald Trump, you, Donald Trump with a regular guy, everybody is friendly with his very socially knew everybody. And he he knew that that that was egos and had a lot of money and stuff and has more money than him. And he's the president and they're hating on him now.


These are his friends. They all in the same city. They all hung out together. They probably went to the same school together. They all know each other very well, like Mueller and went to the same school they were. All these guys would do the same with the school together. And this is just the Jersey Shore.


And they get jealous to be jealous, too, because they don't really let it be about who you are. Because you. Yeah, yeah.


It's very easy. It's very easy to be jealous with him to, you know, really arrogantly, very easily, because they're jealous. I just put it out there. They just wasted supporting me money wise, but they didn't have my energy detail.


Oh, I didn't have my vibes. You don't know why they would be mad about those things.


And it's just what it is. I just have to look as if I looked like difference in told before with fuck all of them suck my dick python. Oh fuck, I'm fucking home.


The guy got one look at my fucking car. That's my insecurity, my jealousy and my shame and all that shit in my Mr. Tyson. Right.


Listen, listen. Yeah. Anybody misstep and now they have to see that at right. That that was the wrong way of living. Yeah, I like it. I like it.


I was the one we live in but I'm a I'm a proof that the room because I'm literally the opposite now.


Yeah. And you have to go through there to get here. I would never get here if I didn't go through. But you like what you went through.


You encouraged us so much like when we were we do tons of podcasts. We've been an entrepreneur fast company. I often let Mensing come when he said he was going, I'm stopping everything. I'm no more means the champ is here and you just mean so much to us, man.


But every time I'm like, you know, you made the right thing. A fun time of my life, everything.


Who are you? What are you fucking what? Who are you to meet me. How did you get into my presence? Some fucking bullshit. Because I'm uncomfortable myself. And when you're uncomfortable with yourself having lots of love, you show it by striking out on other people and other things.


It's it's crazy. I read one quote. I don't know, it's anonymous author, but he said the first person to raise his hand and violence is the first man to run out of ideas. Absolutely.


And I never wanted to be that man. That's what happens when you start cursing. That's because you ran out of time.


You ran out of ideas. How to express yourself. Yes, same as fuck you, motherfucker. That's me. I fucking I think I have to come to me. I have to go like this if I'm doing anything. This is so fucking funny fucking niggas shit today. Yeah. We just had to negotiate because this is nigger shit.


Fucking black people get locked up no long time for fucking minor cases. The motherfucking probation for this is that nigger shit I cherish.


Would you allow any of your children to fight for.


No, no, no, no, no. That's not what they're going to make it like this. They got colored television. Rolls Royce is fucking for what they should. No, no, no, no.


He has all this shit. But he he wants to prove to his father, I'm somebody, and then he fights somebody like me. That's nothing. I never will have nothing that hurt people.


Hmm. How's he going to do how he gets hit with a hard fucking right hand.


Oh, yes. You heard I'm laughing at his mansion to go back to. I live in Newport Beach. And this man fuck this shit, he hit with a horrible fucking bring in the guy. Got a lot of shit worth to go to. Yeah. You know, I got to go back home for the shoot skeeball coming to my window, my hip, my love. I might have lost my sister or my mother something. That's what I'm going back to.


Even though I lost, nothing changed. No one felt sorry for me and got me in the house. I mean, I'm still both will still come through that.


No one gives a fuck and we fire because my going in there ain't much now because that's who I am. That's where I'm from. That's why I'm not. I know that so fucking well.


Any first time that advice that you can get for us being first time fathers like that, you would give someone if it was just one thing that your shitty dad.


You mean shit. What what are you going to do? What are you going to do? Come on, tell me. What are you going to do? I mean, I'm just. What are you going to do?


You got a baby that right now he's be his mother. He's on his mother's titty. What are you doing it. What are you going to do? This is you. All right.


What do you need?


Like you said, a shitty father they like actually, when you say, what are you going to do?


This is what we do. This is what happens to our children, our children, our mistake and our grandchildren, our perfection.


That's a real shame. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I don't know of my son. I mean, OK, OK, we all know their mistake, not their mistake, their mistake on our perception of them.


Yeah. What you think that you could do for them to make them a better person? And what if it's not you? They're not going to be good. Right. Thinking if I'm not in their life, they're going to be shitty, they will be probably gay, they're going to be fucked up.


They're not going to be the way you think they should be. So they're going to be fucked up. I know one thing I know I grew up in foster homes and all we do. I have an opportunity now to control the narrative, to say, OK, me, the things that I didn't have growing up or what I can do is I can provide those things to my child and give them the opportunity that I always wanted to have.


But I just didn't want tell you something. The first part. Right. Yeah. Blow your mind where you love these kids. You love your baby. You love your baby.


Yeah, he certainly you hate him all the time. Elaborate. More elaborate.


Listen to Karume. He took them to school. He gave a roof over his head, gave him a great looking, great family.


And one day he's gonna say, fuck you. Yeah, it's kind of nigga who the fuck you think you are. Fuck you, nigga. That fuck you up, yo.


Oh, yeah, I know that already, Mastin. And now you have to teach and now you just do it right.


This is where my son, my son looked at me right one day. Oh he like six months old. I said these my titties. He looked at me. I was fired.


Yeah I know. I said, you already know he coming for them for my spot. I have a nine year old son. He's in competition with me before my fucking wife, and he's neither, but I know where this goes, so I think that's really interesting. So I always say things that we're together. And she said, I'm coming with you, Nancy, baby. This is my fucking you're my wife. Now you tell us the too fucking much.


You always like jumping me almost like he was a man.


If he was if he was a teenager, he did give me the ability to see the shit that he said.


Like I'm saying to my wife at the baby, please give me anything once you get it in nine years, you know, and fascinated with his mother is totally in love with him because they're fascinated.


I have three sons. I do so. And then and it's different. It's a different love.


I don't know. I just so, so fascinated.


Why can't if you had it, it's just it's just it's a different type of love, you know. Yeah. See, my mom, he won't call me to say, daddy, I'm hungry. I need my food. He'll call his mother, his mother and we're in the middle of fucking photos. You will be in the middle of traffic. We got to pull over. She's calling him to say what you need and giving them like you have the baby.


You make them. You can't be that. You got to get it. That you got to hear the word no. He got to get the fuck out of here and get your own shit. He got to hear that shit, baby.


Yeah, you do. As I got older, I realized that.


Yeah, that you have to be like that for the mistakes I did in my early life. I know. I have to explain to me, the young lady explained to me that you have to learn from your mother, father, watch us, because we're not going to be here long in your life and we're not going to be. And then we what we teach you, you're going to have to learn. You'll learn more in life as we go.


And then you could teach your children and you could tell them what we taught you. And they'll learn even more than we could ever teach you. They'll learn more than what you could teach them, because as time goes by, we'll find out secrets that we never knew when we were alive about the world. And you got to explain that to me. Even though the game is played, it when they get out of here and then they explain it and then they know they can explain it to you, what you've been telling them to keep playing it.


Mom, you know, I got a letter. You got a letter because your children are not your children and your children don't belong to you.


We take them for ego. They don't belong to you. They belong to the future.


Why you saying that to the future just as well? Because that's where we can't go. That's the place we can't go.


It's said that as we're coming of age that our first love being a male is your mother and your first love being a female is your father. So that is their first love.


So when I'm when I study that and I'm listening to what you're telling me, I'm like, that is really true.


No, listen. You have my wife, yes. The only reason you have a concern about it reminds you of your mother. That's the only reason you would have only fucking read the only reason you want your woman to know.


We know he wouldn't be with her.


Missing people. I'm a Latino, just like me, my little girl. I'm giving birth.


Yes, there isn't. Listen, listen.


If she wasn't like your mother, you wouldn't pick the shit that she's fucking that.


You think that's so fucking crazy, right? If she wasn't like her, you wouldn't take that. If a mother, my wife wouldn't like my mother, I wouldn't take the Schicchi do counseling session the child and Mr. Collywobbles says. Yeah. Now it's not that I have a bad relationship, I know. But my mom really like growing up. She wasn't really there like that, you know. No, no, no, no.


Listen, it's just like a woman. You can't get her to pay attention to you. Yeah, I wanted to pay attention to me. I wanted to hold me and love me like she did. The man that I know. Yeah. And that's all we ever want, especially, you know, like you said, Miles, this is our first love and my mom can't let another bitch love me. She gave me she got me in this world.




So we were absolutely sure that they're comfortable. Yeah. I envy keeps us in our comfort zone so we won't get hurt enough. And sometimes we allow our egos to lie to us.


We don't want nothing like our mother, the mother, my mother. From a personal perspective, it's a disaster, but it's something about how loving and caring that hitting and no one could see that we're trying to get.


I know one thing, though, I can say they have in comments that I can think of they complexion, although it is a very complex issue.


You know, why are we laughing? Because we even brothers, men, whenever we allow women to even Fula. That woman can't because she can give birth, but she can be caught. We are a mother and then we become like our father, but we are our mother because we've been nurtured for nine months. And then everything about our father is pretty much gone. And if we do nothing about our fathers, there is because the process didn't go away, because it's all about our mother.


That's who we are. That's why we keep fighting. And we're looking for another because we look for and fucking hope that we don't even fucking would never want to be seen with in public the death of my mother neither.


So that's why you think being women issues tune in? Oh, absolutely, because this is the person I love, but this is the person I love. But I don't like my reputation. Yeah, I can't do it out of her reputation as fuck, but I can't I can't leave her either.


I'd rather be with her our reputation to be with the president and people in the world. This is to love and to love is something we can't control. Even that's what we get mad at our wives husbands because we love this mother fucker.


You never thought I love this motherfucker. Yeah, I believe I love this motherfucker. He gave me some shit. This motherfucker. Wish you did. I love this motherfucker. Right. Kill with the love that I still tried to kill.


But then you got to realize and then you realize you're doing all this shit because she has so much control. You ain't killing nothing but your fucking passion about love. And you know, you can't live without it. I'm going to kill her. That's when you make love to you try to kill her.


He told us that he hated you. So, listen, it's all this is the perception of killing. The passion is dying for. I don't want to feel that feeling now. It's gone. Thank God.


I love you. Thank you, baby. Everything was an illusion of leaving you. You leave the kids game broke up, then have to change your bank account and now you fuck them. Who? I thought the fucking illusion and shit ain't going to happen.


My reality that I love her and she loves me. And we're going to live together with the kids for the rest of my life. But that fucking whole illusion that we built up that bitch is going to be mad. Fuck I she's looking at that guy. Wanted to be the guy that I love you baby.


That's what it boils down to that in the end.


But most of us are terma most of us are made of turmoil. Yeah.


And we have to receive peace and that's why I create so they can help bring the love back despite back working people find this man.




Where can people find the stuff that we got rid of. Sex cult dotcom weird sex co dot com rich sex. I like Rich is a great name.


Rich sex and concrete. We work together.


We help with marketing just like this is my project. I would say politik pounding something like that. I that you have a black, we get black from the ghetto, it goes from the ghetto who superseded all the expectations.


So let me have to put that out.


We are from the ghetto, but we supersede all like taking on people that are from the ghetto.


Yeah. So some marketing PR company. Yeah. So it's weird. Exactly.


You say that again Tony. So just to wrap up and let everybody know, you know, what you guys want people to leave with about concrete with one of the we partner with one of the largest PR marketing company in the United States, not all over the world.


Seventy two and Sunny.


So they believed in us so much that they want me to have sunny, seventy two and sunny.


They believed in us so much that they partner with us. So we are the more we're doing great things, we help in a lot of people.


I believe in you guys take the believe. What can I do to be involved. I think the easiest thing that we would like people to leave for because we got to kind of demographics, right. We looking at people who have been through what we've been through, formerly incarcerated creative's, incarcerated people who are creative to actually join our movement so we can actually enter into this space. You know, I have people who I love that I've been living for, I think in years, man.


Listen, in the to my family, I have to do the bit with them because it's like me. Is we seeing somebody that you love him? It's not a fucking thing.


Being outside of your nice 20 year, 25 year, 28 year later, you're like looking at him and you one guy, he doesn't change one guy. He loses a little.


And I mean, it hasn't been for him 28, 25 or more, but this one guy but this one guy knew nothing, staged everything, but he has a little girl, sister reach and touch.


No, not exactly. I will tell you, it's going to blow your mind because we're praying people.


Have you ever been when you're locked up with the kind of just doing the time and it was just beautiful during the time you've had happened and you say him, I thought you meant by this negative thing, that double life triple H m you know, hopefully, God bless, you know, what's the best at the time like that?


Quietly was another chap, Michael Knight.


He was in federal prison fighter.


The Fighter. Yeah. He did his time just like that. Like I just wanted he was like a Yoda to me.


I was like, Oh, this is interesting because Mike was a fighter. So Mike, with bad energy, you did like I was back and now come from ground zero. I know. Bad trouble, bad. She was bad. She was looking to beat people complain that those the bully people intimidate them. And I'm so happy that you find themselves. And sometimes people find a kingdom in their ass.


They find their world in there. This is not for them. This world is not for everybody. This is to some people, this is my living. This is a this is a dead life out here. You know, man, I can't live the way know I'm magnificent. I got talent. I'm the to but no one still listen to me. My fighting, which I think is my deliverance. But it's not. This is my living. More people listen to me in here than out here.


And that's all we want to do is be listen to her.


And they really don't know about you. You know, you're working out, working out, you know what I mean?


And sharing all the great some of the things like I like sometimes I can just take inventory of my life at this point in time and I can be sitting there and I'd be like, man, I'm not at my best because I was at my best when I was locked up.


And it's full of the same thing. But I worked out my mind was clear. I was reading books every day. Yeah. And I come out here and, you know, I'm looking for but like I said, the war, I had that same energy.


Yeah. And I can just take it with me right now. I would be so much further because the discipline. Yeah.


You get out here, you get you know, when you come home, you kind of stray a little bit and then you got to put it back together, you know what I mean? Yeah, little. So no doubt the first year I was strained, you know, I'm standing I was like, you know what? OK, look, I got enough is enough. I got a plan.


And it's all about not being discouraged. Yeah. Listen, I've been knocked up, beat up at the kids fighters. The people I knew never to get discouraged. I knew I would get my day, would continue to try hard and believe in myself.


I think that if I lost, I needed to act like I didn't wanna fight them again. I felt like I knocked them out the first time. It's all about what you believe, you know. And and when you think about me, I'm a nothing guy. I'm really not I'm not an educated guy, but I. I got believe in myself and believe in more powerful than anything. Confidence applied properly was superseded. Genius. Yeah. Yeah.


I think that's the biggest, biggest thing for concretize I heard. 20, 200 knows why try to get investors, I went to different incubators and accelerator people told me know that there was no money in the incarcerated population and I believed in this things so much that I funded it out of my own pocket and pushed the line. And now we are a global global brand of everything and everything.


No investors, just like you, like you, explain what they did for a living, whatever they did. And that was the way I look at this. My my best point was that I was born from pimps and prostitutes because I look at myself, I say, I know I'm beautiful. Something that he went from. I have the same concept is something that he went for me, you know, because if I looked at me, I'd be the I know something I would want from me.


Well, you know, we associate with let me introduce him to some of my friend, my girlfriend, stuff like that.


And there's just the conflict is not the issue, but my belief in my mind that I'm beautiful and sexy and that I project that to you. You want to get fucked with and it's all sexual. My whole life is a sexual thing, you know, but I try to I try to not believe that. But that's where I was born from that world.


Right? Yeah, me too. Your parents is everything. Your parents. Yes, your parents. Right. You know, I mean, I don't have shit to go to, but I have I look beautiful. My the place I go to is going to be like a shit where you the smell shit dog still come in and shit. But I look beautiful. You know, people's perception of you like I was explaining earlier to someone that was here, you look at a cop that is uniform, you look at the dope dealer in the corner that the uniform that they call the way pimp that they uniform, it tells you who they are, the way they identify with that title.


So it's like for a long time I'm like all I'ma ever be is a drug dealer, you know, I'm out or a jacker or whatever, you know, I'm saying. So you start to identify with that that uniform you talking about. Yeah.


And listen, this is something you're not going to know that you are that person and you're still that person and you meet in person that you never think is like you. But he's like you. And that's why you got in business with him deep down inside, like you, he's been to you. But you have to know his life. You don't know what happened to him. You see most of those guys listen and they treat most of those guys that in politics and governance, they were gangsters, too.


They had a little white gang. They had that kind of Irish gang, the Greek gang, you call me. And they had the they came the people from my neighborhood. And we're doing good. And that's why we let them do bad. Right. When I was doing bad, they were feeding me. So now I'm doing good. I'm a feed them. That's the thing. Neat. Oh, that's just what you do when they come in.


That's the kind of guy like that. I mean, it's that kind of guy he's looking out for these guys, keep these guys fed, keep dignity that their family respect them, their kids and their wives respect them. And I have to say about that and shit that isn't actually Seznec, it's better to have it all that bullshit. We will keep our dignity and pride. We take care of one another almost like a communist community, so to speak.


Let me clear that up. People might get offended when you say coming. But he was a hero.


Oh, absolutely. He was a great man. Hey, listen. Cared about his community.


Let me explain something about. Great. We admire greatness. We worship almost greatness, but greatness doesn't mean goodness. Mhm. Most of the most and I've met a lot of great people and most of them weren't good people.


So I decided I want to be a good person. Yeah. And greatness doesn't mean shit to me and my greatness, but my goodness. Yes.


And and I decide I just want to always be kind. You know, that's kind of good to be here.


I think we have the kind first of festival people just become, you know, and I have been crying all the time.


My wife, though, is you know, it's easier to just because it's just easier. It's, you know, so but sometimes.


But not being. We sometimes evoke things from people that would never be evoked from them if you were kind to them. If you ignite their personality, offend the ego, they may come up with something that saved the world, something if it's a sane belief system or something, people have to be tested. I struggle. There's no progress. It can't be. We can't feel sorry for ourselves. And sorry for. I feel he hurt his feelings. Fuck your feelings.


Life is about surviving. We can live life as much time as life in a short time. Is not sure if how you use the time to make it on. Life is short when we do nothing, we do nothing. Life is short and we say, well, after that life is short. When we when we fucking illuminate in our mind, life is fucking longer than it. You know, you're being one less person, you working in mind if I was going by 10000 by the time, as long as it's productive to work doing nothing, not productive and it's fucking short, but it seems like we're doing nothing.


But it's over and nothing has been done. Nothing been done but waste of time. Yeah.


We can do some kind of do something for the people. You know, this is, like I said, a kind gesture. I think for me, one of the things that was crazy is when I got sentenced. The judge basically said that I didn't have any victims, that my victim was society and I got to prison and I thought about that like I've seen, you know, like if you kill someone, they have programs that allow you to reconcile with your victims.


I thought, how can how can I actually rectify what I've done to society?


Do you know what? The society of those people would think of a drug dealer with a drug dealer. Oh, yeah, you knew what was coming. Ah, no, no, no, no. They got their word for it. OK, what is that? What they have to do.


Whatever they did, it's a crime against humanity. No, that, too, but what did he do? What did Germany exterminate?


That's exterminating community you the whole Boston native and Puerto Rican thing and Mexicans. That's what he told me. He said, you know, we know which drugs your drugs bring guns and your guns bring violence. And we all know what drugs and guns have done to the city of Youngstown.


Now, mind you, I don't mean I had a lot of time with my girl. I am a camp, a training camp there. Really, you know, Carson, Ohio, things like a fight. That's a lot of your young, talented young girl. Got a bunch of world champions after night. And listen, and Youngstown is really a gangsta for my time. And that's where the big mobs go.


They give the decision to the guys in the big cities and they send the money to Ohio and Michigan and Ohio, little towns in Michigan, Ohio, not the big one. Here are the bosses because they know how to keep quiet and nobody knows who they are.


You know where I say you act like I fucked up Youngstown like this before out a giant.


What is your job or how did you come to rectify that for yourself?


Well, I think what I was trying to say was like concrete cases, my my rectification. This is my ability to have the men and women that I represent and serve actually contribute to society in a productive manner that that I feel is essentially the same concept. Right. But. But now we're fueling the economy, now we're giving out jobs, now we're giving people a second chance when they get out of prison to to to be what we consider productive members of society.


And so, you know, to me, that's my mission is to rectify the same day.


I do like most of this is, you know, not a matter of fact. We we got a business with British Tobacco, American British Tobacco. And I think to give them my money back to the community, you know, I mean, if I ever if I have the ball because I'm such a materialistic pig, right. If I have the to give all that money back and have, I think nothing that my wife and I do, every little thing, I happen to do what I want.


I would think I would be somebody I would be thinking had the guts to get rid of that money. Normally what I would use the money to take advantage of people, use it to make my my ego from scratch here and think they were giving it away. People I think after the show I of people I don't even fucking like, you know, give away the motherfucker you always despise and that's the greatness.


And you want to give it away because that's the goodness. Good thing. Great. I wouldn't have done it at thirty, thirty five for thirty to forty.


I was ready for me to do it now. Yeah. So awesome. So can I can I shout out the website, please? Please tell us where to find you. Maybe right here. Let them know. So concrete CEO in seriatim on all social media platforms is concrete's CREB the number. I'm sorry to hear the number eight teams at CREB, the number eight teams.




Just so awesome that it's your magazine, Fast Company magazine.


Whatever we wise ad week for what a great lot of great pub on. You guys are doing great work. I mean it's also look at me personally. No go ahead.


I, I g is Miss Tony Scilla because I'm all about love so. S t o n yes. A l l love this Tony.


Love and great love and grace. When you guys are saying that maximum stuff, I would say, wow, that is so crazy because my fucking my fucking was that other person you are.


You're so fucking fucking megalo maximus my friend.


Of course. Yeah. I say that to myself every day at home and I'm this guy and this guy does this and that and I love it. And then I come out to really far away from it, you know. U.S. to us, not without risk, six code or I see a particular wealth baby. Yes. And I want to buy these old Greek mothers for 14 B.C. that wealth is not fucking.


My wealth is your happiness and happiness of my own job. Your wealth. I'm money.


Show Michael at concrete's dotcom e mail. That's my e-mail. Which you know. Yeah, you got it. Yeah. You have. You have to work with me. I just came home. I think I've been gone for 17 years, five months and I just came home and they have me on the cover of magazines. I'm here, I'm getting back acclimated. I don't even know how to turn on my phone.


Just work with them. I didn't I just sat out my my actual personal trainer about this.


You know, that's the is to make you know, it's funny with laughing, but listening. He is worth, you know, how much time you know, how much life he left behind all my life he loved. Yeah, that's a whole high school kid that's, you know, like, yeah, that's a man, that's a young man. A woman. Yeah. They can give birth and leave the family.


Yeah. So you guys are doing incredible things, man. Appreciate that.


I want to be involved and do something to cook for you. That's it.


We say that right here on the joint. We want to cook with Mike Tyson. Let's see what people definitely guys.


We got to do things like we do. We do like golf fucking tournaments, the cooking tournaments.


Oh, yeah. We got to do this. Show me me. Yeah, yeah. We got a cooking show.


I know, I know. She's all right. This is we cooking and we have but we give me to have a gallon when we get to get Black Tide in a few minutes ago. Oh things are happening ok. Yeah. God is great. I do it. Let's get it. Got it. Right.


Well, guys, thank you so much. Vince, Rick, Joe, Tony, thank you so much for joining us today.


Yeah, I sure appreciate that.


Hey, everybody, thanks for watching this episode of Hotbox. And Till Next Time. I'm and I'm Mike Tyson is over. Right. No more interview. Well, yeah. Yeah.


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