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I was telling my co-host that for you two years ago, I saw you at the Playboy Mansion. Well, you obviously know what you mean by showing you how you really are. You are the girl I love. I spent many days at the Playboy Mansion.


Wow. Oh, wow. Wow.


Math episode of Hotbox than ever in Britain. And we got the one and only Evan put it down on the tab, introducing the one and only Super Bowl champs. Fastest man in NFL history will go so fast and then NFL history will. Well, I don't know about that. I mean, I'm sure at least I mean, arguably. But, you know one of them, right? Oh, yeah. Top top two or three.


Oh. So tell me that what speed do you have to establish that?


OK, so this is it, guys. There is TV speed and then there's real speed in football is a real speed. OK, so when you go talk about real speed, speed is measured by the 100 meters in any Olympics. So if you if you talk about people who play the National Football League who ran great 100 meter times, you talk about Bob Hayes, of course, who was a world record holder, nine nine five jump to.


Absolutely. And you know, the guy now who is in the league who played the Kansas City, he's run nine. He's good cheetah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's Tyreek Hill. Yeah, he's good.


Right. We talked about real speed. You got Sam Graddy, you got myself.


You got Ron Brown, you got James Jet, James gets me and Mike keeps Nehemiah was he was hertel. He was hurt but he was fast but he wasn't, he was probably ten flat to him one which is amazing. Yeah. How about the rocket. Rocket was quick with one hit.


Oh yeah. But Rocket was quicker. Yeah. But if you talk about top ten I'm not sure make rocket makes it up to their agreements. A top ten down around ten I think ten, 12 to 18. But when you talk about real speed is different, I mean newscasters say oh my gosh, he's fast just because he caught someone who was much slower. So it makes someone appear to be fast. But real speed is something that it's got to me.


Two guys claim they're the best in the world. They're going. Exactly. And that's what it is. And that's that's what U.S. saying, because people say, oh, you're saying both people can beat Usain Bolt in football? You have no idea. It's not even close. First of all, in track, you go off a gun. So your reaction time is a little bit different in football. It's off your reaction time, so your time will be quicker.


So you actually going to beat Usain Bolt? What's the name again? You're talking about Justin Gatlin with Gatlin. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, but, you know, it was this is it Twilight years. I mean, it's like when he was at his top when he ran nine five nine, no one was close.


I mean, Tyson Gay was a close and he ran nine six. So but Usain Bolt is a different because it's an incredible speed. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think that can hurt is our hurt human being or especially because he's so tall.


Six six six six. Right. And think about it. A guy six six is in front of a guy who's five eight at 30 metres. Yeah. That's not supposed to work that way. But, you know, he's an anatomy. He's really fast and he's a great talent and a great guy. A happy guy, you know. Yeah. He's always like for sure but is just on the part or he'd be a great guy to make them on.


Yeah, brother, that must be incredible if he had a lot of pressure on him back then, of course. But he was so confident with the guy. The guy through that. Yeah.


The size of Mike Tyson. Gay. Justin Gatlin. Oh yeah, absolutely.


And also his countrymen. What's your name. Asafa Powell. Yeah, superpower in 1972.


And then Yohan Blake. Yohan Blake was nine six. So those guys are in a different stratosphere. There's nine six.


That's like four, five guys, six guys, maybe seven guys. And then there's nine nine nine, eight, and then there's ten in the bubble. So tell me.


What do you think? How do you recover from that after the races or how do you how does your body feel from this? Well, the thing that people don't see all the hard work. I mean, when you go out and box, my people just see the results like, oh, I know the same thing. I mean, you got three months or four months of training. And during that period, you knew the exact same thing as we think about it.


You looking for a Democrat? We started November.


We start November 1st to run in June. So November, December, January, February, March. We're kicking butt. We're on the beach. We're at the park. We're running Hel's. We're doing weights. We're pushing, I mean, everything. So what happens is when you run 100 meters, you run further in practice, run 300, 400, 500 to get ready to run. So when you run 100, you can recover faster because you're already you've already done it.


So it's a lot of training. I mean, a lot of training goes into that. People don't realize you just see the end result. Yeah. So as a real athlete, you know, we all know we've been there. It's not what you see on Sunday or what you see on a Saturday night when the boxing is all the stuff before have to Monday through Friday and make sure you have football.


Do we have those guys get in the gym and could beat everybody at the game and put them in front of the screen and put them lights on, put them popcorn. They fucking. Yeah, they're called practice, practice, practice right here. Oh yeah. Probably run like hell. Yeah.


We have a guy one right now who is he says he's from Trinidad but we have no idea where he's from and he claims he he's run ten four before 100 meters.


But at practice I mean he just practice never runs. So I think he's afraid to run really because he doesn't really want to expose himself. Because I want to. Yeah. I want to run against the best. Yeah, that's right. I want to run against the best way to push myself. So hell yeah, absolutely.


Be so pissed off, especially being an offensive lineman and going against the defense every day and like dude I'll throw some nasty. Oh yes. Rush move. Absolutely. For sure. This beat beat the hell out of me and then we get into the game. So I'm watching him. He's just getting ragdoll. The guy on the other team. Exactly. Yeah, I like that dude. So. Right. Say nothing to fight with my son with this bum.


I'm not going to grow up. Right to what though. Right. Do I know.


Because the nerve I mean I think it's a nerve the pressure of competing because competing is different and that's right.


To make the champ absolutely. From the great was right. When you practice your practicing when you win, it's for real. It's for real. You know, and that's a different animal. We all know that because we've been there. So that's interesting, man. It's very interesting in the competition. That's when all of that training just happened. Oh, you're not thinking in a game. You're not thinking the game. You just reacting. Just unbelievable.


Carl Lewis in his day.


Carl Lewis taking my call it Carloss great Carl Lewis. And I actually made the first junior Olympic team together. And then we made that first Olympic team together. We broke the rules working together, the four by 100 meter relay call ran anchor. I ran second in Helsinki in 1983, the first time any team ever gone under. Thirty eight second we ran thirty seven. Eighty six. I ran second car ran anchor imit king from Alabama ran first, Kevin Smith ran third and it was amazing Helsinki.


But Carl Carl was a guy. Course Carl was the same boat of his time. I mean he was undefeated in 100 200 long jump. He you know records and he was just an amazing athlete. Really, really amazing athlete.


Yeah, he worked out pretty good. Oh, your car car worked out trying a lot because he well, he very long jump and he ran 102. And so you had to I mean, track and field you you can't hide because it's you, it's a clock. If you don't do the work then the time is not going to show. So call had to work hard. And I've been around some amazing guy like Walter Payton, of course, in Chicago.


Walter Payton is I met Walter before I was drafted by the Bears. And so we become friends. And so when I got there to have that friendship with them and see the way he trained and where he worked, it was amazing. And this guy was so strong. You ever train with animal? Oh, yeah.


He told me what I mean. You have to work as I can get you back. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Mike, to you, he was amazing. That's amazing. Walter was one of the he was first of all, was a practical joker. He would do anything. You wouldn't know what was happening all of a sudden about a firecracker go off at your feet up the. But oh yeah. But he was so strong his his forearm with like this wood here.


So he hit something like that. Oh you always in shape. Always. And remember Helio. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah we do.


We do. He goes up saying to what you saw oh my gosh. It like it kills you. You have. Oh. Played against Lawrence Taylor. Oh my God. I got a great loss just I was OK with that.


So it's OK. Lawrence Taylor now we lost they won the Super Bowl the year after we won it. So we were met on a Monday Night Football game, the first game of the year of the two Super Bowl champions. So I played a flanker. So I was on the left side. And Lawrence landslided on to the. The left side of his defense, so the the coach called a play where I had to go back and crack back and forth from here, the wall to launch, which is about 20 feet.


So the first time he called, I go in Lawrence and see I hit him here. I knocked him down. Oh, my God. It's all cursing me out.


It's like, you know, I'm going to kill you. Then and then he goes up to the coach. He goes over to the coach Dick and starts cursing Coach Dick out. If you have a good. Oh, fuck you.


I remember seeing exactly how they thought. Mike, the coach called the very same play the very next time. OK, so I line up again. Last look at me go, oh, are you going to the same thing? I go, Oh, I hope so. As soon as the ball snapped, I go towards Lawrence. He turns around just like that in my head. I like oh knocked me. I told you I get you. I told you a little bit.


I was like, oh yeah. I remember I thought and Lawrence and I talked about that about three or four months ago. We laughed about it was really fun. Mike, that's the worst thing.


One of the things in the life and times of LTA. Oh, yeah, right. This guy's not him.


He was he was great. You guys are very similar, man. Yeah. Oh yeah. My you want your money. That right. But yeah, you were amazing Mike. I mean just you beat guys before they go in the ring. Really. Yeah. Because they were intimidated and Lois like that. I mean yeah.


I'm kind of to make you look like Oh yeah.


Lawrence Taylor can't I'm a dude, I got to do what I gotta do. But, you know, it was not pretty though, my first time on the field to see that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That's always. Oh well to me. Oh for sure. It was crazy.


The first time I got him I knocked him down and he was like, but that was, that's my bad luck because I don't do that. I mean I when I was small that's one of the nicest plays man. Oh yeah. NFL I was cracked crack and you got to hit them high. You can't hit you got hit like right here on the shoulders in this area which was really hard, but he didn't see it off balance because he was looking this way.


Brown Oh yeah man. He got up like he was. I almost ran, I almost ran to the locker room. I was like, man, yeah, we we joke about it now.


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Tyson, I got to tell you guys a story. It's the it's the worst bit of hazing that I've ever I ever experienced or saw. It was second hand. But when we were on the Bears. Right, it was training camp and we'd go to in Platteville. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And one morning, our rookie lineman, Kyle Long, he's late, late and like, we're all ready to go out to practice, padded up, taped.


You know, it takes a fucking hour to get ready for football. Right? Right. We're all ready to go about to get on the field. And Kyle comes pulling up in the in a golf cart with some assistant and he's like he looks exhausted. We're like, dude, did you go out fucking partying all night? And he's like, did I just sleep in my car? And we're like, what the fuck? Why did you do that?


And he said, Well, last night when we went back to our rooms, I got in my bed and I'm just sitting there looking at my playbook. And all of a sudden I see this movement on my blanket. There was a tarantula in my bed. One of the vets had gone and put a fucking tarantula in the dude's bed. I'm like, before he got back to his room. Because that's what they did, the crazy story. I didn't sleep the next night because I was like, motherfucker, that's probably running around, probably.


Absolutely. That's great. Oh, training camp, stories of courage. Do they make you sing your arm out?


Oh, yeah. How did you guys do that?


So, Mike, when you're a rookie comes to the league, they use it to make them sing the alma mater in front of the whole team. So they always mess with rookies. They make them pay for stuff they make them do. I mean, everything was crazy. I mean, that's the way it goes with Ricky. Yes. Funny. I mean, I have some stories with the Bears and crazy man Barry Sanders. Oh, my gosh.


Barry Sanders. Like your team. Oh, my God. The got caught course. I you know, I used to sit there and I just sit there and watch Barry on our defense while he was there.


The offense, the defense was there and there was crazy. He was crazy. His moves, because he's so low to the ground. I mean, he make moves and guys go here and he's over there.


It was just.


Yeah, I mean, he if he didn't retire, he'd probably have twenty thousand yards. Yeah. I mean, he was amazing. Amazing. Just a great guy. And of course, Jim McMahon was a quarterback who was really crazy. He was still here. I can't say he was he still is crazy. Jim is crazy. I see him on the golf. He was the man. He's he is crazy. He was good. But you know what?


Jim was right for our team at that time. He was perfect. We had Decha who was crazy. Yeah. Ed McMahon, who was crazy. So they both were like, you know, butt heads, but they were good for each other.


What the guy you had from Browns, Otis or Wilson? Oh, this was amazing. He's great. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, exactly. Yeah. I stay in touch with Otis. Otis. I mean, we had three of the greatest linebackers. When you think about go to where Mike Singletary and Wilbur Marshall, those guys, I mean, I would take those guys over anybody.


Those guys were making history of the league. I think arguably one of the best defensive in history because they could do so much at four to six defense. Just put so much pressure on guys. I mean, those guys, they worked hard. We train after practice. We have a hard practice. We stay out there another twenty, thirty minutes going through drills and running and doing extra things. So we really were dedicated to winning.


I want to talk to you about the Bears because the Chicago fans are some of the best fans in the world.


What are you part of 85? Bears are great. They're just and the funny thing is about the bears is when I came there, they they had a good year. I think they made it to the playoffs, but they had just released her locker. So there's of tension. Yeah. But it's still like no matter how the bears do, it's like last year was the eighty five bears. Right. And this year we're going back. Yeah.


You know, well until until that happens again, I think the 85 bears will be revered because think about it, guys like totally. The city hadn't won a championship in almost 60 years. Yeah. Since 1960 or whatever. So the eighty five bears came and Chicago was always known as the second city, you know, and people thought, oh, New York. That's right. Right. Oh, Dallas, Chicago somewhere.


But so we start up in Baltimore and bottle what championships were made of and we brought the interests of the entire world. I mean, we did the Super Bowl shuffle, which is a big influence. Yes. Yes. Yeah. And I helped produce and direct that and write that. And so we became like the folk hero around the world. So people the interest of the NFL grew, I think, by 30 or 40 percent that year. And so we also helped save football that year because we brought light back into the league.


We got maybe you sort of me a touchdown. Oh, yeah, that's right. Yeah, yeah. Free with how's he doing half the way. No he did. He's actually he almost but he actually. Yeah I think I told him yeah.


He, he was down to like one hundred and ninety two and a pound but now it's like about 300 or so. But he has a challenge. But you think about it, Frige was two hundred, three hundred and sixty three hundred seventy pound. We call the biscuit because we take this away from 400 sprint because I remember that France can stand on a big fridge, can stand underneath the goalpost and jump and dunk the ball. Freak out. Yeah.


Six four two three three hundred sixty pound freak out. Think about it. Oh yes. Explosive. I mean it's thousands like this. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So he ran for a touchdown. He tried to throw a touchdown. Yeah exactly. Oh call it a touchdown. But now he was, he was good. He was really good. Good tackle. We had a good team.


Let's talk about your stories with Hugh Hefner. I'll start with you. Yeah, what you heard of the Playboy Mansion, is it girls?


No. You know, I've been in the guise of strong figures in that country or wherever they actually say, hey, go, it might make them happy.


I say, let's say this. I have fun at the Playboy mansion. I mean, I was there. I started going when I was in college. I could make the Playboy all-American team. Oh, sweet. So I started going in college before I got drafted in 83. So I was at the Playboy Mansion from 79 to maybe a couple of years ago. So I've seen everything at the Playboy Mansion, seen everything and done everything. So it was really it's a really amazing place.


Oh, grotto is. Yeah, the grotto is great out of the ground. Guy came in late.


I was always high and I was hoping for a bath. If I wasn't coming in, I'm back. Exactly. If it wasn't for nobody am. I was always quite awake and I just knew what was happening. So I was good. But there's a great place. I mean, it's it's a male's paradise, really, when you think about it.


And, you know, it's a place where I think you sort of leave your egos at the door, you just go in and from a fantasy standpoint, just enjoy it and not get caught up in it. So who's not there, who's there or whatever and just enjoy yourself by being there? It was great, but he was a great he was a great guy, wasn't he?


Sounds cool. Oh. Looked at from this perspective, he didn't know me well, I knew my neighbor didn't know who I was, always showed me exactly who absolutely no family should expect for me. Absolutely beautiful to me. Yeah. Who actually took care of you? Awesome guy.


That's awesome.


And that to me as the parties I mean, like I'm like 4th of July parties, I would go on movie night and movies with them and, you know, some of the other stuff. A Midsummer Night's Dream movie. Yeah, the movie. Like the movies. I remember I remember the movie. The movie was not important.


Everything around me is absolutely cool. And it's at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills. I mean, come on, guys. It's a Playboy mansion, right?


Oh, yeah. Ladies, really nice understatement. Oh, yeah. Yes. Beautiful ladies there. They're all great. And they love them, you know, because he was American. Some of the American dream, you know, he was he was awesome. And he treated them nicely. I mean, they they got what they wanted. He, you know, helped him out and their careers and and just still there. I mean, all that stuff.


It's just part of that's what I did when I was helping grow. I know. I know. I heard about that. Found out. That is very charitable. Like, oh, man. Yeah. Everybody there is going to call your house. Everybody does that for you. Well, but why not show the world that?


So that's the beautiful part about Mike now, right, this heart. Oh, yeah. No, I know Mike has a heart to go. I mean, Mike, you know, you may not remember this. I know this, but I was in boxing for a little while now. I was I was a manager. I met a guy named Laman Brewster, who.


You don't remember the man of the accident, right? Oh, yeah.


Jonathan and I met Laman from his first from zero to eleven. I was his manager. Yeah. I trained him on the beach every day.


We went to the gym, Gold's Gym, and we get those other guys always talking. Yeah, yeah.


And then he saw Sam Simon, who just passed away a couple of years ago. He came in and bought him out and just, you know, he left and then that was it. So but yeah.


I love boxing. Yeah. Boxing is pretty cool, Mike. I love boxing. I'm a boxing professional. I mean, I've watched every one of your fights. Thank you. I was to one. If not, I saw some of them live. I saw them on a TV and then I saw videos. But, you know, I just when I first met you, you may not remember it was in Beverly Hills. Yeah. It was a charity event.


And I came up to you and I say, Mike, I really got I know who you are. I'm a fan. And we talked about that was cool. So I was like, really cool to to finally meet you and to interact with you, which was great. And that's respect and do some activist stuff. Yeah, absolutely.


Yeah. I was doing a lot of acting and television stuff. I was on the TV series for a couple of years out on the West Wing, a couple of years. And so yeah, now I'm sure of the meaning of my life. So and afterwards we're going to get you to say a couple of things. But I'm shooting a documentary and I'm doing it myself. So we're taking about two or three years to really do it right.


And it's going to be interesting. So awesome, dude. Yeah, I've done a lot in my life. I mean, I make the Olympic team to make the Summer Olympics in the Winter Olympics.


And you were on the team that boycotted boycotted the Olympics in the Navy. Nineteen. Now, tell us about man. Yeah, I tell you one thing. Nineteen ninety. Maybe I was nineteen in 1980.


Oh wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean it was, it was I was Carl Lewis myself. Renaldo Nehemiah. Edwin Moses. Oh yeah. Oh the mother was made. Oh he's cool movie guy. Thin guy. Yeah yeah yeah. Word Mike. He was undefeated for like one hundred and twenty races which is almost unheard of.


Oh yeah. In the 400 meter hurdles which is a crazy technical event.


But Mike. Yeah he was a Oh he was doing with weed.


Right. Not to smoke. Yeah. But he's cool but he was, he was cool. He is kind of cool. Got edge because he's too fucking crazy. He's so cool. He's edgy. It's obvious that he's edgy. Cool is that. Oh yeah. But he was amazing. So we all made that team together man. Went to you know we had an alternate game which has Ashurst. I want to go in that game with Ashin, but we have actually more people, more countries participate than the actual Olympic Games in Moscow.


Nadie we boycott it because the Russians were in Afghanistan. So President Carter thought we shouldn't go, which we all thought we should go and beat them in their own field. What the bad thing about that, the some the Winter Olympic team in 1980 went to the Olympics that summer.


We did hockey. Yeah, the hockey guy, they won, but so they didn't let us go, which was really sad. But we all were cocky, ready to go again and next time. But it didn't happen like that. But, you know, I mean, you you get one shot at life.


Sometimes you don't give me the chances of being kidnapped. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. This won't last. It won't last forever. You're right. Is your mom. You have to go somewhere else and be right for you next. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For the next year. It's about understanding boxing.


I yes, I'm a very lucky guy and I am grateful to the creator. Whoever. I never. I never planned. I never had a plan B to get out, right? Mm hmm. I never thought about it. Don't think this will last forever, right? Fuck you. I'm no fucking. Right. Right. Right.


And that this and that.


And the fact that the first one is going and fucking going.


Everything else is fucking right. I said, what happened to that?


And that is just so cold right now for at times like that, you're going to have a fucking lawsuit on that fucking tax.


She's got to deal with the fact that, yeah, you got twice now.


My money back. Come on. No, that looks just like me.


Yeah. It's a life, though. It's part of life and it makes us who we are. You know, it's one of those things that, you know, it's a ride, you know, it's a roller coaster. You know, you got ups and you got downs and it's just you got to ride it. And when you're going down, you got to ride it. And you know what I mean?


Like that life is about giving the jihadist kids that. Don't you exactly keep fighting hard that what you want. Let me in life and you keep fighting hard. I don't give up. Right.


You know, I mean, that's all true. I don't give up and give up. Exactly.


My friends gave up, died of a broken heart. Yeah. I'm so actually crying for loneliness actually. Yeah. I think it's all over because they don't have the fucking money. Right. They think it's over. These are great people but they think right on the money because the society thinks that, you know, that's a measurement.


Society's wealth is here. You've got to be a certain way. But you don't. It's all in here. It's all in here. You know, it's all in the heart.


You know, a lot of understanding to me that we love. We granted you made money. We're the champions. Right.


But we love you because I have money that's, you know, don't matter because we have a lot of self esteem. So I was OK. That's what I do. That's what it's all about. You have you're absolutely right. Love you anywhere. You don't love yourself to realize the good qualities that they loved you anyway, right?


Yeah. When I'm trying to tell people, Michael, is that every morning and every night I look in the mirror, I brush my teeth or whatever, but I want to be able to like that person to you, like that person to see the evidence of that.


Oh yeah. I really like that guy.


Like so you like that guy because the things that you've done and the things that you're doing and thing that you know and think.


So if you do that then it's all everything's great. But now working like you liking that guy in the mirror because you are a very special individual human being. No one's like, you know, one's like me, no one's like you. We're all special in our own way. So we have to understand and give what we can. It's all about what's that dash in between you're born and die. What are you do in between? What was your day?


What's your destiny? That's big.


And you have a big dash, Michael. You know, you you've think that you inspire so many people by what you've done, you know, in place that you come from you come from nothing. And then you build this thing and it's like it's all good, but we can see it. It's all grit and gut and heart and just, you know, savages and just do your thing because that's what you have to do. And we realize and then we see the system side of the pigeon and that thing, you know, it's like, wow, this guy's a beast in the room.


But yet he loves pigeons because it's like a bird. It's like it's so indicative of life because we birds, we want to fly.


But yeah, we want to be tough to want to do tough things. But the pigeons man, that was like, wow, that's really, really deep. So I really appreciate it. I learn a lot about you through that, not even talking to you about it, but I understood what it was.


You know, I don't know. You know, I come from that from not being aware. Right. And then also and you somewhen now know how to really what to do when you got here. Right. Right. I got to do here. Right. That I deserved it. It's again, that's that you deserve I think all of you to be covering yourself. That man this is where I supposed to be. There's no problem with it. That's OK.


But the thing I like to say also like, you know, time is our most valuable asset.


You know, we can never get it back the time that we waste, the time that we need to find whatever. You can never get it back. So we have to be very conscious of our time. And that's why I appreciate your time with that. You can spend with me and my time was worth coming here because I respect you that much.


I'm so grateful that you helped me. And life is about our journey. Absolutely. But we meet and our journey absolutely. Because I do not be overly sure. Absolutely.


And it's just being I'm really happy in my journey and absolutely. My journey. Right.


Well, I just want you to if you need me for anything, but I'll give you guys my information if you need anything, whether it be whatever you can call me, I'm always going to be there. You really sure will.


Do you use any CBD? I don't yet. Yeah, but I got some of the cream that I'm going to try. Yeah, man. So I'm going to try that. And I just I've you know, the guys look, I, I've never drank, smoked. I've done drugs in my life.


Yeah. Just because. Like what. Yeah. What is that. Well I'm always the designated driver for sure. When I got my girlfriends and friends they always go, OK, you're driving OK. Right. No problem. And my friend. So it's a problem but. When I started this athletic thing, when I was very young, I saw, first of all, I saw people drink and smoke and they just abused it. And so I was like, oh, that's crazy.


Then I said, OK, I'm an athlete. I want to run as fast as I can. Be the best athlete I can if I drink is not really going to help me. If I smoke, it's not going to help me because it's going to clog my lungs. I won't be fat, so I'm just not going to do it. So I decided very early not to do it.


And I'll tell you a story which will be in my my documentary that when I was probably a high school, junior high school, I had a car so we would go to practice, track, practice, all the guys for guys. I let the guy drive and I said in the back the guy lit up a joint or a cigarette and I rolled out the window, stuck my head out and go, What do you do? I go, I don't want to smoke.


You just got to inhale. No, they started laughing. I started laughing to say, Oh, my God, your country, you're square. And I know you're right. So I laughed at myself because it was it was funny, but it was OK. And I said, Guys, it's OK. It's just that I think for me, from a mental standpoint, I think it's going to help me be the person that I want to be.


From an athletic standpoint.


I have a sixteenth and they just totally don't believe in. That's great love. Yeah, it's so interesting. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, you know, but the thing about is that I never talk bad about anybody. Does I encourage whatever.


I mean everything in moderation is OK. Everything's in moderation. OK. Yeah. A lot of my friends drink that much brand smoke whatever. I just. OK cool. I have it in my house. Yeah. Yeah. The great thing about CBD though, I know it's you know. I know I what I believe I've been researching it. Did you have any concussions when you played.


I probably had a several but back then it's smelling salts and go back. Yeah. Can you see one thing. Yeah.


OK, come back in guys. What are your do you have any benefits through the league. No.


Yeah. You don't write that you to retire. I think you get two years and then all your benefits are basically over. I mean we say benefits your health benefits. I mean. Right, right. Because guys have to pay for insurance and it's so expensive but something should be done about it and we're trying to do something about it. But, you know, it's a long journey because it's such a system. I think, you know, because I do work with the insurance company, we can do it probably is going to cost us fifteen, twenty million dollars, which is probably a million dollars per team per year to get all.


There's nothing that's probably twenty thousand guys, fifteen twenty thousand guys that are ex NFL players that need insurance. Yes. So I'm working on a system to try to do that. But it's such a machine that talk to you about it's not terrible, but there are huge gaps. You need to have lifetime health insurance. Well, and the thing about it, Mike, is that the young guys don't really care because they're doing nothing. They don't realize they're going to be where we are in ten.


Ten, twelve is a guy. Fifty two. When I was twenty. How old? No, I know you do.


Fuck know about me. My mom, my mom and dad was only thirty and I was like fifty six. Sounds like you got to. Oh yeah. Think about it now. I'm fifty years old. I was like ancient.


Well you know the NBA guys have lifetime health insurance. I know they do. Believe me, I know Congress has lifetime insurance payments. We got to get it.


I mean, we have to it's a 14 billion dollar industry this year. They make 14 billion dollars and two years ago and growing. So, I mean, I think out of that 14 billion, which we helped create, I think we should be eligible to be able to at least have health insurance. That's absolutely because our pension is really not that great either. Think about it. I played twelve seasons of the Football League. If I retire and get my pension at fifty five, I make thirty four hundred dollars a month.


Thirty four dollars a month in California.


Gets you Bucknell. I mean make your food, make you pay for your utilities.


It won't pay for exactly what's going to happen. So as I can. No not so right. It's the poverty level. So it's like yeah so but if you wait to sixty five I'll get eight of eight thousand dollars. But this is a key here guys. Most of the guys in the National Football League, they die around fifty four to fifty five years of age, so they're not expecting you to reach sixty five to get the higher amount and that's why they do it.


Yeah it's all, I mean it's all a plan. They understand that if you wait then you're not probably not going to get there. Very few guys are going to get there. So I'm going to try to beat them and make sure I get there. Yeah. So that's why I stay in shape and, you know, do my thing and everything else, so. Oh yeah. Plus I do other things. But I was I was very fortunate when I first signed with the Chicago Bears.


And so I've taken all my money. I put it into an annuity. So I have a new money that pays me for the rest of my life anyway from the Bears, which was good. And so I decided not to take all my signing bonus and I put it into an annuity, which was great. And so it worked out really good for me. And now I do that now with my insurance. I do premium finance insurance, so I give guys insurance.


Now there's no premiums and they get a residual income for the rest of the life starting in fifteen years, which is good because in fifteen years, you know, some guys would be 50, 60, 70 and they worry about it. Six figures, which is cool.


Premium finance insurance is not for just your family because life insurance is for your family, not for you. It's for when you die. Yeah. See, premium finance gives you money while you're living. I must have health insurance, right, because I had an operation and of course, like three hundred thousand. Yeah, you got to have. If not, then I do not think about three hundred thousand dollars to pay out of my pocket.


Oh, listen. Oh my gosh. I had no idea fucking surgery because. Come on, sit down. Oh yeah. Easy. You got the get just by going in the E.R.. Listen, I will never play this shit, you know. Oh, you the insured. If I pay for your doctor. Yeah. I come my pocket. So what? You know, I stopped going to the doctor. It's. I'm not going to stop me now.


Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah.


Yeah I know. Oh yes. Not very easy. And if you ever feeling bad, you go to the emergency room. You're looking at, you know, it could be several thousand dollars people we doctors.


I have insurance through science as well. So I really you should talk to you about OK. Right. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah for sure. That's what I do.


I didn't realize the reason that somehow I filled my check.


I mean the receipt that I had to get these you know every one. Eighty thousand. Yeah. Something like thirty eight thousand three hundred eighty thousand for an operation. Yeah. Man yeah. They get you, I charge you for everything they charge for everything. I'm telling you, it's not fair.


If you look at the breakdown of anything that you owe you a scalpel, that's all you got to pay for.


Everything is crazy. Somebody had a cup of water to drink bugs.


What do you do if you don't have enough to do this?


You're fucked. You got to fight, man. You got to scrap. You got to do what you can do, man. It's tough. Dad can't afford it.


It's tough. It's tough. It is tough. It's tough out there. So that's why I go back to the average man. We have to be one nation.


Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And then it becomes real. Yeah. Can you. Because you know, boxing, you've experienced it. It's actually absolutely. Yeah.


Fucked. I know. It's a terrible system.


I don't know. What do you do you have any thoughts on. Well I think it's going to be universal health. Yeah. I mean like some other nations like in London, other places you don't pay for health insurance, just go to doctor is paid for by the government. But our government. All those. Exactly. Absolutely.


But our government, when you look at education, paid for the education that they killed me.


Oh, yeah. Oh, me too. I mean, I think that I'm still fighting it. Yeah. Oh yeah. I to think I'm still fighting.


I'm not going to think I'm still fighting so that I can make to ten, twenty billion.


I you know, still fighting. Yeah.


It's crazy.


I mean think about a guy Rachel Tyson. Fifteen, fifteen years ago when my daughter was in high school I was paying twenty four thousand dollars a year for high school just for one, don't I too.


I mean, to a daughter and son. And I was paying, you know, around that for my son. Then when she went to college, of course, she got a scholarship, which was great because she had academic scholarship, which are amazing.


And but right now, college is probably, what, fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year. Yeah, think about that for years.


That's two hundred and forty thousand dollars. Yes.


All those trips to make the trip I'm making right now to go to Cairo, whatever that was, 400000, whatever that goes to the education. Oh yeah, absolutely. I'm not getting no funding.


That's no fun. I'm paying the no tuition.


That's absolutely. I've gone gone and the tax is gone. I don't get nothing. No play around getting a weed, no fun. Nothing out of that money. Oh God no. No. And it's not funny. No it's real. I don't know if you have experience when you have money in a substantial amount of money in your fucking account and it's tough to win doing exactly.


Oh yeah. I go down. Oh yeah. You look at it go. Oh really. Oh yeah. Absolutely. It becomes any moment it's going to be nothing. Exactly. Yeah.


You know me right. That last check. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No it's a real thing. You gotta pay the bill is that they got pay to live when you, when you grow up it becomes real. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I tell my kids. Stay as long as you can man. Don't worry about it. You know. Do your thing for the future my kid. Never prepare for the future. Absolutely. Realize how good you have it.


You don't realize your parents are teaching.


You don't realize at all how good you have it living at home. Not at all. It's crazy. It's crazy.


Amazing on something more positive. Mike, you're going to Cairo brother tomorrow. Yes. Will see the pyramids. Holy shit. Are you going to go in there?


MAN seven four five. It is and natural one that I think three we want to go see.


Good. That's awesome. Pyramids, the pyramids. I was thinking go to England, England, Stonehenge, OK.


And a big man, big man. And then go OK. Yeah, ok. Right.


I don't think that's one of the one that's not OK.


Oh you mean the one is OK. Right. Right. Yeah. You haven't really ever been there. I've not been to Egypt. I've been to Africa, but I've been in Egypt. I went to Algeria. It was good, but it looks scary. You had a seven star hotel in the middle of it like a bomb, the building when they saw band.


Well, that's crazy in it. When I was in Africa, I saw a mansion is probably worth eight to ten million dollars and then a hut right next to it.


If I could make with the little the tin roof and like, just wood and like a little video and then another big house, another man, another five million dollar house. It's crazy and scary.


Very scary. And Michael said, scary. You know, it's scary.


People don't realize how good they have it in America. Best country tomorrow. I've been all over the country.


I've been all around the world to this country where racism has abated. Listen, imagine a country just because I'm big and strong about you and you can't go to the police right now and the right now in the world to make a valid.


You can't go to the police. You go to the police. The police could take you right to them.


Take you back to. Yeah, yeah. It's barbaric. Yeah.


There are some things happening around the world. It's crazy. And the U.S. is the best country by far. And even though, you know, we go do crazy things right now, it doesn't really matter. It'll be OK.


It'll just itself, you know, it's just part of look at our historical violet and you can see him right there, but he has the answer to it. You can't violate any other country to the rest of your life. You look at this guy, right.


And could have nothing happens. Yeah. So we have rights here, which is scary, scary, scary, scary thing.


Fox really. So what do you do these days, man? So we got this documentary. Got the documentary. That's crazy. Don't take me a couple of years to shoot it. I'm doing financial planning through life insurance, annuities and, you know, doing some stocks and bonds. And I have a bonding company in Vegas. We do surety bonds for companies when they're building buildings to guarantee and I work out a lot, you know, I go to track UCLA Jam.


I got a gym at Gold's Gym workout. I still compete in Masters. I have a Masters world record for my age group. Follow me down. I have I broken thirteen world records in a span of thirty five years. Hell yeah. Really. Yeah. So I love what I do. I love running, I love doing all those type of things and I love my kids. I have two kids, my son's an artist, my kids, my, my kids.


Twenty seven and my, my son's twenty seven. Thirty, thirty one. My daughter just got married last year. My son did a painting of you and he sold it like right away. It's really. Yeah. It's made you just he just did a big Spike Lee which I must show you. It's, it's eight feet by eight feet. It's amazing. Huge. Huge. So he want to do something else. Have you see him on Instagram.


Yeah. I mean he's on Instagram. Gabe Gault. Keep going. Yeah. So if you look at it and I'll show it to you might which is it's amazing. The Internet is good. Yeah. It's not good here and out here. So I'm on my here. I texted to somebody Mashonaland picture any idea of Spike and my daughter's in real estate.


My daughter got married last year to an amazing guy who I really like and she's in real estate. So I get that that's pretty.


Despite. Oh, wow. So I'm here because no biggie is. Yeah. Good. You can see how big it is.


I think dope as hell. Yeah. Yeah.


He's six. See the one. He did it Mike. Yeah. I got to see that. Find that one. Yeah. Was it, is it a fighting shot. It's no it was a shot with Mike Jacir with his boxing gloves I find it. So we did one of the dude. The Big Lebowski. Yeah. I think Lebowski might be in this Jeff Bridges. Yeah. That's shit right there. Yeah. That's my shit.


Yeah. Big Lebowski. Yeah.


So but he's he's really, really telling that the first thing to do about pain with the first stroke, what do you do. I don't think we got to get Gabe on the way to do that.


What's the first thing you think of the first stroke. What am I doing. The first stroke is what.


Right. The first stroke is this imagination. OK, you're you're imagining what you want. You can't say I don't. Yeah, I know.


I look, I have a little bit orthotic artist, artistic drawing abilities, but nothing like him. So first of all, you come up with an image and then you got to draw the image and then you paint the image or you paint the image on the image.


So it's just it's a lot of things work. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. He's really cool. He's done a lot of good stuff.


An artist is different anyway. They have a fucking. Oh yeah. In fact they think differently.


They have to. How do you do that. You put it put the mirror and they put in their mind. Yeah, exactly. It's a Czech project, right. Absolutely. Yeah you're right.


And what like materials you use. Yeah, exactly.


Because he uses, you know of course acrylic paint and spray paint and you know, all our medium mix medium. So he does everything. Yeah. Which is cool. It's awesome. Yeah.


It's one of those things that I want to have you back for it. Yeah. I saw. I loved it. He loved it. Yeah. It's really cool. He really loved it. So it's like this huge. Yeah. He's here. He's in and he loves. Well, you live in Sherman Oaks, which is near me, I lived through I live I live in Encino, yes. But his gallery is at my house, so he comes in paint like.


So I see him a lot.


That's Sherman Oaks and the 80s and stuff.


It's always a nice girls.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, that's what I mean. Oh yeah. Yeah, exactly. Would you go any clubs in Sherman Oaks.


No. No. In Sherman Oaks. It's called the girls. Right.


Yeah exactly. Yeah. Yeah. That's about one of the things guys I to tell you about the Winter Olympics and I was in 1988 when I'm at in Calgary, I was there with the Jamaicans.


Oh yeah. Yeah. I remember the movie Jamaican bobsled team running. Oh we are called The Office for the Feet Down on their luck. And God, you come. You know, I didn't try it, but those guys came to Calgary. Oh. So it was great. It was amazing and it was great. Oh yeah. So that was great. That came with no winter call. So we started giving them like winter stuff to race in and and wear.


The bobsled was just terrible. So they had to get a new bobsled and of course they weren't very good, but it was just the the image and the excitement of them being there.


And of course, they made a movie about it and it are really cool. The guys were great. That's so cool. It was great.


And all the guys you competed in played and all the athletes. Right. From the Olympics football team. Who do you keep in touch?


I stay in touch with my football guys, you know, like Otis and Richard, Dan and Jim McMahon.


I to Jim is big into Canada. Oh, I know Jim and Jim is big, obviously. Marcus Allen from my best friend Stan. Talk to him. Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson. All those guys are my buddies. You know, I hang out with those guys, Dr. J. I see him a lot and hang out with him. Dr. G is so cool. That's cool. Doctor is amazing. And I mean, I hang out with a lot of these guys.


I mean, they're really amazing guys. I see them all the time on the golf course because we have a golf tournament, a lot of celebrity golf tournament. So I see him a lot there, which is good. I mean, because you go around the country, they pay for everything and you play golf and you don't have to play golf with your buddies. So that's a good thing. Great. That's great. Oh, yeah, absolutely.




I never in my life I hit the ball. And what happened one day when that might go away, you got to give me the ball and I swing and leave my hand.


Go on and hit this car I think. But the thing about the thing about golf, Mike, is this.


Everybody started there. If I started the play. Yeah. No matter where everybody started, couldn't hit the ball. No other way was this was hard to hit is hard to hear. It's this big hard hit.


But it's a great sport because it's a great business sport because you have the attention someone for three or four hours that you get deals.


You can learn a lot about someone if they cheat, if they, you know, whatever I walked or they plan on what you can do and you can play, but you can put to them, which is good. So especially in especially celebrity golf tournaments, because you play scramble and it doesn't really matter bottom. So it's really good if I play a lot of golf. I love golf. It's awesome. What's your handicap? I'm probably about a ten or twelve, depending how much I could be surprised how many people cheat and go, oh yeah.


Well, you know, really. Oh yeah. Even golf did that for me. I cheating. How the fuck. What the fuck is that cheating for so long. They want to score by watching you. How are you going to cheat and you know. Oh you I understand everybody's watching you in front of everybody. That's crazy all the way over there. I know. I just dropped the other one here. Is that right? Oh yes. I got it into I got it in for actually many there.


I know it's crazy. That's acid trip. It's a trip because they've got the handicap to be lower. Yeah. It's not working. They want to just say, oh don't worry. Yeah that's that's a give me and the pass from here. The wall. That's it. Give me know how to get Marisa to give me. That's like going to put four foot but that's a two parter here. Maybe it's it's a great sport though.


Awesome. The midst of those times. You. Oh more time. Of course I could do it again. Of course.


Well you also I think, you know, you miss the camaraderie with the guys and the people, the fans. You miss that. I mean, especially in a team sport like football, like track is individual sport and like boxing the individual sport. But you have that camaraderie with the team and you're there, you're training in training camp or and then when you get for the fight, you all together, it's all for one thing, is that you go out and win, do your best.


But I miss I miss that. I miss the camaraderie with the guys on the bus trips and going in town and going to movie. Yeah. Going to different cities and coming out and playing the game and and have that that genuinely like a.


Guy, you're a guy you're playing with and that brotherhood that brothership and they understand that we're all fighting for one thing that's a win win, a Super Bowl, and we're able to do that, that one year that was so valuable and powerful. Oh, yeah. So, so powerful.


Well, I thought with was a box of the damages that we routinely do for somebody else. And once it became official, it came to money. Oh yeah. Boom. Oh yeah.


I mean it's like it's like different. You have your guy, I mean like someone has a different division and it's ok, it's like OK, cool, you know. But if someone you're like OK, you got to because you got to fight them one day. I forget that because I don't want to feel nothing about you. I just want to knock you out of the thing.


So yeah. Oh yeah. Absolutely. For sure. Yeah. It's crazy. It's crazy that sports man sports is look if I was a coach somewhere or parents, I would require my kids to to do sports sports. Teach you so much about life. I mean builds character. It builds character, it builds camaraderie. It teaches you how to work with a team.


I mean, to be able to be on the team and to be able to work together is what life is all about.


You don't come. You overcome your fears of being not good enough or, you know, even if you're not as good as that guy, you can work toward that. I mean, sports give you an opportunity to work to be the best you can be. I mean, look, I'll never be a boxer like you, the boxer that you were. But I could work to be the best of my ability.


And that's what this is all about. It's about trying to do your best to psychologically isolate yourself. Absolutely.


This guy that I talk to and you know me and I'm listening and I'm listening to Beth and they don't have nothing and they've got to have everything and nothing much is absolutely right to themselves. Right. But they they got it all they got. All right. Absolutely.


And it just it's very interesting. Different guys are like, right. You're right. Because of the mine and mine is crazy and I can play tricks on you. Oh, you may not be your friend. Your mind is not your fault.


I don't meditate. I just I think clearly I don't meditate. I just think clearly. Yeah.


I never I've never you know, I, I look, this is what I do in any situation. I don't rush to judge anything. I take a beat, you know, I think about how it's going to affect me, how is going to affect my kids, my family, the person around me and me in the future. And then I make a decision. So I try to never rush and make any decisions. So when you think like that, because we get you know, sometimes we get in a situation where we're like upset.


You've got to make a decision but go, OK, I mean, take a beat. One, two, three. I mean, think about what I'm doing and then you do it. Did you react? So if you do that, then you make much better decisions because it's all about making a decision. We make a decision either go to the left or go to the right. And if you in a situation where you're upset and the left is making you upset, you can go there as opposed to if you sit and think and go, wait a minute, that's danger over there.


Let me just go this way. Then you will make that decision. And that's what I try to teach my kids and people I talk to. I go, look, when you're in a crowded situation or in a situation where you're angry, don't make a decision. Think about it first. Think about how is going to affect you housing affect your family. You're surrounding the person you were affecting and you in the future. And then you make a decision, then you'll make a much better decision.


And that's what I try to that's what I try to do. I try to do that every day in my life.


And it's just a part of who I am.


You know, you've programmed yourself, programmed myself to do that program myself to do that.


So many people, you know, in this day and age, they don't have any clue about how to do that.


So they don't because they've never done it. I never heard it either because they were beaten into submission. Oh, yeah, I can do it. I have to be beaten in submission. Right. My main objective was destroying myself. Right. I didn't consciously not.


I'm conscious of it because that's just the way you because you don't know anything else. That's what you knew.


That's when you live. And I was dying to live. Yeah, I'm dying. Right.


Yeah. I was very fortunate in my that, you know, when I look at my future, I had a great mother and I still have a great father. My mother passed away a couple of years ago, but I had a great mother and father who was always there for me. They let me make decisions early in my life, like to go to college. I go, look, really, I'll tell you where to go to college. You go where you think you should go.


And then if you don't like it, then you blame yourself. You can't blame me. What I thought was very smart for me. And so they were always there. I still always there. They taught me right from wrong. My mother taught me how to cook. I can cook anything in the kitchen. So so I don't really need anything. I agree. I do it myself. So my dad taught me my dad had a sixth grade education.


He knows how to tear the engine out of a car and put it back together. He knows all general plumbing, electrician, carpentry, he did all that. So he taught me all that stuff. So little stuff around my house. I can do all I can do electrician. I can do a little plumbing. I can do, you know, carpentry, I can do all that stuff so I can of course. Look, I don't mess with mechanical cars these days.


It's crazy. Yeah. Yeah. But everything else I can do, I mean when stuff brick around the house because when you got a house like, you know, there's always something to do every day.


Always someone to do the plumbing. Yeah. And the kids you get one thing figure something else is always something. So so I can do those little general things, you know, because I'll call a guy where I can be there in two weeks where I need you now, so I just go and do. Exactly. And so I go and do it. So I was very fortunate to have those type went from going in and finding YouTube, YouTube, the.


How do you fix the leak? How do you promise not to. Yeah. And she's like, look, idiot, you do it. So I just go and don't need that. I just go and do it now. Yeah. It's cool. Oh yeah. It's really cool. It's good to learn. It's interesting. You know, I'm only 31, right. I've owned my home for, I don't know, four years now. It's interesting.


I'm like becoming an adult life change.


Oh yeah. You know, before it was always the man had to work and the woman had to stay home. Now, the Obama Family Network. Yeah, together they work together.


After I got work together. It's crazy because that didn't work.


The mother stayed at home and the father just working. That didn't work. They think, oh god. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. And it's a different day. It's crazy, especially in California.


It's got to be we have to be in each other's presence as much as possible. Yeah. Yeah. Right. You know, communicate communication. Understand communication. That's key. That's another thing. Absolutely. That's what you want. Yeah. That's what you want. You got to tell him what you want. Tell him what you got to do. So we all on the same page. Yeah. That's where everything is about being on the same page.




Absolutely. Willy, thanks for coming back. This is great. I thank you. I appreciate it. I mean, appreciate that. Any grandkids. Not yet. My daughter. Say a couple more years or so. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that. At some point it'll be great for you. You'll be a fucking bat. I'll grab my kids, man. Oh yeah. For sure. I'll bring my kids in there. I run them all the time.


Yeah they got. That's enough. Now those keep running Todd out.


Hey man, that's a great thing to instill in your kids. Oh yeah. For sure. I know. Exercise and fitness and taking care of your body.


Right. But like I'm, I get my son to do another painting but I want to give it to you when I look. That's what I want to do is I want I want you to find the very best picture of you that you want something that you want. I want this kind of mean cool. And that's what we're going to do. OK, I think I'll do this and we will to give it to you.


You tell us what size you want. We'll make it. That's I'll probably get a family pain. OK, whatever you want me. OK, you tell me. Thank you. My pleasure brother. Thanks. Well thank you. Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm going to quick selfie Michael here with you.


Boy, I'm willing. I'm born in 1960. Let me just right this age, my brother. Oh yeah. Great episode, Mike. Thank you very much. Excellent episode, everybody. Thanks for listening. Remember to subscribe on YouTube, tell your friends, tell your family we love you guys until next time we're out of here. Out of here. These.


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