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I always get like mini fetishes that kind of come and go and at the moment something really embarrassing. I for some reason I really like OGAs at the moment. Yes, it's Shrek, not necessarily Shrek, but just like imagining what subset of a task. Like, it's just I think what I like about it is I like something so big and so gross, kind of like overpowering something small.


It's fantastic. That was fantastic open with that.


Let's go. All right. That was it. Yes, he just did an hour and I loved it. I'm sorry.


I'm sitting here putting our our our zom guest into the contacts so no one gets her number because, you know, if everyone got her, no big ass big game over.


Do people know? Well, they're assuming there's a click.


Probably some sort of title with her name, and that's probably why they're here. How did we leave you?


You how did you. I hadn't her in the past about something I think of when she was selling her bath water. This girl was selling her bath water.


Were you interested? No. But I found it fascinating that people bought this girl's dirty bath water. Was it used? Was it legit or is there some sort of authentication? I don't know.


How do you authenticate that? I think the price on it was low enough that if you got in, it wasn't actually her bath water you weren't that upset about. I think she was selling it for like 30 bucks a bottle. Oh, but but I mean, what were they doing with that water?


With her drinking it, you know, smelling it, drinking. I believe she does it keep you young forever.


Oh, my God. Am I how do I buy about my. You have a great guest today. What else is going on? You're over there. Here I am. He's over there. I'm over here.


Open enrollment for twenty twenty one. Health insurance is happening right now. I know. I know. It's important public service. This is an important public service. Alcivar like just the old days.


Oh, I signed up for my new health insurance today. And I want to let people out there know in America that you have until, I believe, January 31st to sign up for health insurance for twenty, twenty one. Go ahead and take advantage of that.


That's fantastic.


Well, that was really nice. I it's either a tax penalty or you get into some sort of collision and you don't have insurance to take care of yourself because you didn't hear this message.


And impulsive, hey, C.J. wears a mask every time he comes here. Yeah. All this stuff. Is it because we're discussing, you know.


Yeah, I like it. You guys. I like another. Oh, he's got another job.


I love ways to come when they use that excuse, they're like, this is for your protection. I like in reality there's like you're saying it is. It is.


Ah sick fox. Oh no. The mask is the mask is for your protection. David got yelled at this morning at the post office because his mask wasn't high enough. Apparently it's got to go over 75 percent of your nostrils. At least it needs to cover three fourths of.


How did he not do that. Was it just like right here.


Well because sometimes they slip depending on what type of mask you have, obviously have like Matvienko, the mask. You can get them out of clothing that you don't need to worry about that. I'm sorry, my ear cut off. Where would I said mavor clothing.


Not on the mask with the smile on a great season.


Cut your year.


That's going to help my boy rebrand that. How do they yell at them? Was it like aggressive?


No, but he made a huge mistake in not filming. Doug, if you get confronted by Karen hello right here, you got yourself a viral clip. You go out, you go viral. Tick tock. You got it. You could become a social media influencer for the rest of your life.


You got followers. Do you remember when we were at your your house?


I probably you up uptown and the girl like you let us not wearing your mask because I took a sip or Jose took a sip of water. Just a quick sip of water. She's like, put your fucking mask.


This is where it gets complicated. How can I give my body the sustenance that it needs if I'm in a public place and I also have to keep my mask on, they need to create a mask that is so thin you can push your food through it.


Something tells me that micro organisms would also be able to move through and it would it would defeat the purpose of them.


A lot of people say masks are kind of pointless anyway, because if you could go through actually, I somebody said this and I looked it up and actually on the mask that I was buying, this is not good for viruses.


Really. Well, well, like, fucking great. I was like in the governor making out about a God is not a virus going, oh, fuck the question. Also, I had to sneeze the other day. Are you fighting anybody?


I say I had to sneeze. So I took down my mask. I walked into a corner and sneeze into my elbow and then I got yelled at.


I mean, I don't think I mean, it's funny, Jerry. Oh, yeah. Why don't you just sneeze into the L? Actually, that was what I was thinking.


And now when you're and nowadays when you sneeze or cough.


Huh. That's what that's what the other people are also.


We are really not. Right.


My what do you mean what do you see on your arm. Like a normal. Oh no. Welcome back. A year ago this was a good spot. I believe this is the acceptable spot. The weakness. Yes. It's not here. Don't Plesner.


Hey, if I do, I will flip on you. I see people sneeze in their hand straight up. I'm like, yo, you're disgusting. You're disgusting, sick, human.


What about what do I open aired free ball sneezes The ones that would know block you sneezed and just where you almost tuck your. How'd you get on the show? I actually ask that every day I go out at I get your hair, have its own arrogation out your tape. I just wanna let you guys know. I mean, look at my hair back. But I purposely let that shit curly today because that fucking comment, I am a chia pet bitch.


Someone talk shit to me after that episode because I called you out and they said Mike was culturally appropriating Georgia's beautiful curls because he's bald. And I was like, damn right you didn't hate it.


When people, like, stand up for somebody else, they what they believe in. Walt insulting. Yeah, they did.


They might come on bald. I don't know, a bald. And it's really thin and not in the way I want to be fat and bald. Just take one trip to Turkey.


You'll be good. Yeah we might, we might go turkey. I'll come with you guys. I feel like I'm fit enough. You don't need to go to Turkey to get a haircut. You can just do it now.


I know people know I'm going to get like plugs. I got to keep up. Huh.


Well, you still got that turkey money. Remember the turkey?


Yeah, I do. I do. Yeah. Yeah. We go to Turkey. We could spend that money finally tripping on the guys. Yeah. This is a this is a wild one.


Ladies and gentlemen, she is the Internet's most infamous content creator, banned from every social media platform. No. And you might have bought her bath water for thirty dollars a pop. She's crushing it on only fans. A patron is the queen of the Simps.


Felt guilty.


Oh, yeah, we are.


We're pretty excited to have you on. We've been trying to get you on for a while. Oh, thank you. I am so excited to be on this. This is my fucking favorite. I fucking watch you guys every single week, so. Yeah, that's amazing.


Yeah. I heard you. I heard you don't really do podcasts or in interviews.


Yeah. Well I've been trying to go through them recently because I didn't, I was cold turkey. I didn't do any anything until recently and then I was kind of thinking this was like must have been two, three weeks ago. I was thinking if I were to leave the Internet right now, I'm not saying I'm going to say if I were, what would I fucking regret not doing and doing podcasts would be one of them, because I, I watch so many podcasts, love all of them.


And that's something that I really want to do before, you know, in case anything happens, you know, not saying anything.


Well, what about what's going on, what's going to happen, what do you what's going to happen? He said, well, I feel like I'm going through what's like the younger version of a quarterlife crisis for life.


I was there about ten years is, you know, like it's like I'm going into porn. Oh, this is happening. I mean, I don't know. But just saying, OK, yeah. Yeah. Would you say now let's say just then let's let's talk about that for a sec. You have you have this is making big news right now and I think you've talked about another podcast. You have your first ever. Is it a true boy girl seen coming out.


Yeah. Boy, girl. This is it. Yeah. When does it come off? Twenty fifth of December. Christmas, baby. What a Christmas gift. OK. Oh Santa. Really deliver this. Let's so let's break. So let's break this down for a second. So, so first and foremost, why did you pick Christmas Day to be the release day just as a as a present to all The Simpsons.


Well I just thought I mean, I want it to be memorable. You know, I want everyone to know the day that my poem is going to come out for the first time. What's a date that no one's going to forget? Christmas, the birth of baby Jesus.


The most important date is really in the Christian calendar. Just a brilliant marketer. So, OK, we have it.


We have a devout Christian on set and I'm sure he's going to want to weigh in in a second by the name of George Janko. But I want to I want to ask you this really quickly to see you've been on your only fans grind. You've obviously, you know, been shooting semi adult and adult content in its own right for quite some time now. What is pushing you into into the what I would consider murky waters of to boy girl film?


Well, as you know, I've been doing my fans for quite a while and it's all fun. It's all interesting. Oh, good. But it kind of I'm getting a bit bored and I'm kind of I like doing everything. I like dipping my toe in every single thing. And I've always kind of been sexually explorative like I've done quite a few things. I mean, in my personal life that I like, I feel like I kind of want to try everything.


And I mean, like what?


Just out of curiosity, um, I've been to quite a few swingers clubs, so like people socializing sexual in. Yeah. And you switch. Right, you switch. Personally, I have never switched, but I was kind of hot like doing it in a room full of other people doing it. Is that your real hair. No, it's not. My style has brown.


So do you go to the swinger parties like that in the cosplay this night. This was before I did anything. Oh OK. I was bell Delphin so. I was like 18 and I just have my brown hair and I went and yeah, it was interesting.


I'm stunned by your accent. I said Australian at first. That's a British accent. South Africa. I thought, oh, OK. That's the one I always think of. Yeah.


It's like a mix of the two who who's the who's the part. Who's the guy who's the. We aren't who we want to know who the guy in the porn is.


It's my boyfriend. How long has that relationship been going on for the whole time I've been Valdo.


Hello. How long is that. Three years.


Are you OK? So. So the reason why the reason why, obviously I'm specifically qualified for this conversation is obviously I date someone who is, you know, out of the industry now and has, you know, made quite a name for herself in the industry. First and foremost, when it comes to the guy, are you at all worried about what the relationship looks like post this video?


Yeah, I'm I'm really nervous. Like I'm doing this kind of work, even as it is, is quite stressful on a relationship because this is such a personal job. And I mean, being naked so much in front of your partner kinda takes a lot of the sexual element out of it because, you know, it can't be sexual every single time.


You've got to put a storyline behind it, you've got to get the people invest in the characters that have arcs like this, obviously.


Yeah, but with the porn, I have started shooting already and honestly, I've enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.


How would you what's your what's your process though.


Because what do you mean you shoot you've started shooting a full feature film.


You got call time, 7:00 a.m. Either the the assistant production producer comes and grabs you in like are you shooting a bunch and then picking the best one. Like, what is the strategy here?


Well, everything that I've done throughout this whole journey, I've done completely by myself. So I've done like music videos and all this stuff. I do everything on a budget. I set up all the scenes myself. I add all the scenes, I've got all the lighting. You know, my boyfriend will hold the camera, but that's it's no one else has been involved in this whole process. So that's going to be the same for the and you know, we'll put out the lighting ourselves and our bedroom will set the camera up on a tripod.


He'll hold one in his hand. It's a very, very amateurish thing. I mean, we're not we've never done this before. And it's very it's basically I want to say it's us filming porn. It's also like us filming just us fucking.


And then seeing what looks good is that because I've consumed porn once in my life twice, and sometimes that amateur kind of raw vibe is a little more intimate.


Yeah, more easier. Is his face going to be in it or is he staying out of it. Strictly Pino.


He's going to be anonymous. Got it. Got it.


See so I mean, a test of courage, a step out of your comfort zone to the huddled masses, some polite hellos, the awaiting water testing, the resolve of the uninitiated, the first contact, the sudden shriek, the flurry of expletives, the realization that stepping outside your comfort zone is ground, but stepping back into your comfort zone, it's much, much better bring warmth into your home with our range of heating products for Nimona.


So so another and this is probably the biggest question I have. And I hate to be the, you know, the Debbie Downer. And I know the Simp army of Mel Delfine is going to be stressed out from even asking this question. But, you know, being being with someone who's out of the industry and still continues to suffer as a result of what she considers to be mistakes that she made.


And obviously, you saw this you've seen the same kind of thing with me.


How do you have a fear that once you take this step up from your, you know, a little bit more Javy, you know, self play and nude scenes, too, to a boy girl scene, that you're putting something on the Internet that you'll never be able to get off again?


I mean, that's definitely something that I've thought about for a while. Like the way that I thought about it was what I'm doing at the moment before I said, you know, right now what I'm doing right now is I show I mean, basically kind of masturbating videos, but it's all censored. Right. And I mean, this content as it is, I already would hate for my future kids to see. I mean, it's already shit, right?


So the way that I thought about it is like I've already gone down that line of not all of it being uncomfortable. So if I could make more and just do basically the same kind of thing. I mean, it's all shit, right? It's all shit for me.


It's just going to all this. All balls deep, it's no different, really, from what I'm doing at the moment, because it's all so awkward to show to family, so fuck it. So how does that work?


You sit down like at Thanksgiving, you're like, hey, grandma, check out this masturbation scene with the shotgun that like you show because you have a no no. Do they know?


Surely they've seen it. Does that says that dinner exist? Well, is there is there a dinner with the family right now? How is how is that set up?


Look, I'm well, I've told my mom and she is not happy. And my partner's side of his whole family, they all know and they're very like, weirdly chill about it. They're all fine about it. They were like, yeah, yeah, that's fine. So that's pretty cool it with my mom. We're not really on talking terms at the moment.


What about the Pops, the popping. Oh, he's he's not in my life.


So, uh, it's it's so interesting how I think some people are a bit more receptive to this kind of work, because I was I was curious how your family would take it. And Robin doesn't give a fuck. She's like, you know, I'm a sweetheart and she makes Mike happy. That's all that matters to me. So it's interesting how some people maybe your mom's a she bit more traditional. She takes it maybe a bit more personally.


Oh, yeah, probably. I mean, you know, I think it's easier for maybe I mean, this is just stereotypically probably your son to go into this type of industry rather than a daughter. I don't know if that makes a difference. Yeah. Well, I think yeah. I think some people like imagine if you told your dad and mom that you were going into the industry. Of course not. Now, Mom, what would you say right now?


I go. I go. Mom, I made a sex tape and it schleps and I'm selling it for twenty million dollars. What do you say my go, go, go. I'm saying I think there's a lot at stake here.


I think there's a lot of other moms out there that when it comes to it and you know, this is just a part of the double standard. I want to call it double standard.


But the way traditionally things have been, you know, daughters are heavily protected and sons are encouraged to, you know, spread the seed or duke or a camera or like do whatever.


Exactly. Bell This is going to go strictly on your only fans, correct? Yeah.


How much, how much how much is the video and how much do you anticipate you'll be making after the release of this video over the next month or so? Well, I don't know if I'm going to charge it.


Yeah. Like, you know, the pay per view thing. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that.


I'm still thinking about it, but I've seen what is it on what is it I think about? Well, well, well, no. Let me ask you, do you have a do you have a blanket deal? Like are you selling this? You should absolutely be doing a deal with only fans are.


No, no, no, no, no. Well, we have a site too.


But no, you could you could sell it for a flat fee or what you're what you're doing. Sounds like putting it behind a paywall. I'm just concerned for you regarding piracy.


Well, hold on, Belle. Do you have a monthly fee? Do you have a monthly fee right now to join your own. Yeah.


Oh yeah. It's thirty five. So thirty four. Wow. OK, so you're on the whole island so you're on the upper echelon easily in terms of what you charge monthly now. So not only will they have to pay the thirty five dollars a month to to get access to even being able to buy the video, but now you're trying to figure out what you want to charge for the actual clip as well, if I will.


I'm not sure. Yeah, I'm still thinking for sure. Well, what do you say as your business advisor? Obviously. Obviously. Thank you.


Lucas, how many subscribers do you have on your only fans?


I don't want to say that, but I never tried. I never did. I tried. I, I, I've actually been quite open recently. I decided. Well, I'll just say I think we're all like the main people on any fans are roughly the same. I think from what I know and at the moment it's like a Milliman. That that would put you at the height, that would put you at the very highest echelon, because from what I understand, the girls in America, the highest the higher earners are generally between like four and six hundred thousand a month.


And so if you're talking about from what I know and so we're talking about a million plus a month, you're definitely in the top, top, top tier of of earners on the program. Yeah, you may you may be. No.


Has anyone has anyone from the dance reached out to you and let you know that you may be the biggest earner on the platform?


Oh, one thing I know is I did have the largest withdrawal ever crazy like amount she took out of her account.


Can you tell us what that was?


That would I don't want to feel like I'm flexing.


This is because this is flexing culturists set us without us prompting you would be aflex us asking on a podcast. It's highly fascinating. Is not.


OK, well, it was two male and one withdrawal. That's good. That's good. Good for you. Really good for you. Wow. Thank you. So, so. So imagine, imagine this.


Imagine up until two years ago, girls just like Bell were going into this space and making these kind of videos. And some fat bearded 58 year old man on a boat in Miami was keeping 90 percent of the money.


OK, this the industry itself in the practice of what she's doing is not new. We know that. Right. But girls now taking the power. This is such an interesting dynamic right now. It's just it's interesting to watch whether you are someone like George who doesn't feel great about this. And we'd love to probably hear you weigh in on it, George, or someone who enjoys it.


It's it's a very rapidly evolving space. That bell you're on the on the cutting edge of.


I mean, you have to do if you're an industry innovator, you're a pacemaker, you're a metal implant that you put in your heart to survive a wave maker.


What's the pacemaker? You know, maybe Susan, maybe she's killing people that have pacemakers because the arteries know it's so it's so funny.


I saw a meme my editor sent me, and it's it's a meme of a boy talking to a girl and the boys, they send nudes and the girls like, no. And then she goes, but I sell them and he goes, You're a slut. Yeah. The irony, the hypocrisy in the way this model has shifted of putting the power really back in the creator's hands is I don't mind taking cash out first.


I mean, even just like your aesthetic, I'm looking at you and your background and your bet you're the pink bedsheets, everything.


It's all like you've become this this branded image that is Belle Delphin.


You got octopus in the background. You got your headphones on, his ears on it. You're like kind of a cat. You when you do that little thing with the tongue, sometime your tongue out.


And then and then I'm just curious how this cosplay roll started to morph and you became this social media icon for lack of better verbiage.


Yeah, well, I've always been interested in cosplay. I like being really into that culture. I like all of the I like my ex-boyfriend that I say were all like massive. And obviously I was like inspired by like them hugely. And I always thought cosplay was fun. I, I like anime layers and hentai is really hot. And I wanted to be that, I wanted to be the real life out of a girl. So I just like started playing and then I suppose it gained a little bit of attraction.


And then when I went sexual with my cosplay, it went pretty well.


So interesting. Mike, watch is a.. Hentai. Yeah. It's actually one of my favorite subsectors of pornography, believe it or not, what kind of enemy it is. There's just something about watching a tentacle beast with a 14 foot penis have intercourse with a normal woman. I think. I think. I mean, can we Panpan to Pam really quick.


Pam, I'm I'm so sorry.


My mom is that strange. But but but belt bell.


Do you think that now now hear me out on the hentai and the tentacle d d thing you do you think after you do the same shit for years and years, you go to swinger parties, you have sex on camera, you know, you've tried every threesome for some six under the sun, whatever it is. Do you think that all you have left is the hope that you can get penetrated by an octopus one day or some sort of demon, you know, some sort of demonic, you know, like helium balloon esque, iconic, you know, person like pop?


Yeah, like a psychologist, Gargantua.


I mean, completely. I feel like I'm already kind of at that point, like I've got I always get like mini fetishes that kind of come and go. Is something really embarrassing, I for some reason, I really like OGAs at the moment, yes, Shrek, not necessarily Shrek, but just like imagining what subset of a task like it's just I think what I like about it is I like something so big and so gross, kind of like overpowering something small.


I feel like that's the same. I feel like that's the same way I describe it.


It's a very it's a very Uhlberg dominant situation, like beyond a six foot four man. And you know, Belle, Delphin girl, it's sixty four foot man.


Yeah. Well how tall, how tall are you. I'm five six. OK, so. Yeah average. OK. Hi. I'm just the fetish thing fascinates me. Were you ever uncomfortable like trying or doing any of these things. Like I have this story I've told on here before where like I was presented by my partner with like the whip.


You know, I just I couldn't do it. I feel like I was going to hurt her both physically and emotionally. Like she's like, yeah.


And I'm like, I don't like I could kill you with this. I have a weapon. This is a this is battery.


Oh, no. That would be my worst nightmare because I'm like so into this. Right. And I'm always the one kind of bringing in. But I think the worst situation, I find a guy who's really nice, I take him home or whatever, or he takes me home and I'm like, oh, spike my ass. And then he's like, oh no, but I don't want to hurt you.


And I'm like, OK, well, let me make it very clear. The spanking, I don't have a fucking problem. I'm talking about the whip. I'm talking about the weapon.


Yeah, I find those super hot.


I feel really antsy because, like, you get spankers. Right. But I don't really like my pain threshold is like really high and just sex.


Oh, you're the girl that blue when you're being choked. Yeah. Yeah. How are you going to ask about the asphyxiation. Are you, are you into the choking and stuff like that. I it is the. Hottest thing, when you get to the point of, like, passing out and then you like you come back to reality during sex, so you so I feel like every time I get checked, I don't want to just get, like, choked where it's like I'm still that I love it when you get to the point where you pass out and then you come back into reality during sex.


That is the best. Well, hold on. What I know you guys are going to have a little bit of trouble with this.


No, no, no. That's very common. But I know what she's talking about. The fact of like, what if she doesn't come back? That's what I train part. That's the point. Does it come back?


Hi, by the way. I'm George. I'm coming in. You can't see me. But like, I was sitting here and I'm watching your whole your whole thing. But, like, you just come out so bubbly and so nice, like, who's trying to fucking knock you out?


Like, who wants to choke you today? Like, we're almost. Were you like, babe, I love you today. I want you to almost kill me, but don't kill me. Almost kill me.


I think it's super hot and I think it's so hot a guy that wants to kill you.


If you got accidentally killed during sex, would you be pissed she'd be dead? Would she be? Yeah, she would be. But but you can, like, hurt me.


You can like, you know, really how bad how many fractures have you sustained having sexual intercourse. Have you been concussed? What's the worst. You've actually gotten injured.


Oh, um, well, I've never I've never that extreme is kind of just like the most it's kind of like Luttrell. And I think that's kind of hard, but that's like my limit.


How was the blood drawn?


Like these metal spankers that have like metal like kind of rocks at the end? Yeah. And you use that and that kind of.


So is it just the one boyfriend you've had for the past three years beating the shit out of you or because is it you mentioned like finding a guy and bringing him home, like you're talking like you're not like in a relationship?


Oh, it's just one guy this whole time.


So so you leave him at the supermarket and you're like him to be back and pretend you don't know me. I think you're going time. But when you were talking about bringing other guys home or going home with other guys, this was prior to prior to saying for like example, that would be like a really awkward situation to be in, I think.


Oh, she did say that would be her worst night. Yeah.


It's that they wouldn't do it. That they would. Exactly. And it's and it's funny. And like I said, I think you guys, you know, take it back maybe a little bit by it. But I think that there's a large majority, a percentage of girls who like that sort of dominate, dominating spirit in the bedroom. Right. And I think, like every and every is completely different, but. The idea of erotic asphyxiation and what that does to the female orgasm is a well studied principle in the bedroom, and there's a lot of girls out there who find who find a massive increase in their in their orgasms through that sort of asphyxiation.


But it's a fine line. I just don't think there's.


OK, so the dude who killed his wife accidentally because he tried to do a Dutch oven and he suffocated her. Sorry, what's that now?


So he he tried to cover her and he absolutely killed her.


It's that one guy. He killed her.


He might be able to get off if you strangle a girl to death while you're having sex.


Like I'm I don't know. That's how that's homicide. Oh, they're changing the laws.


OK, is there a form you can find me that says, oh, yeah, all these people, OK, it's like, hey, you know what?


There's so many people dying from this. No, seriously, that's me. That's why I'm. I don't know that.


I mean I mean, it even goes as far as autoerotic asphyxiation. So there are people that when they masturbate, they'll actually just choke themselves out. Oh, I don't think you can. You can't pass out. You'll come back.


But it's all very it's all very interesting stuff, to say the least. To say the least. Yeah.


I think you have to try really hard to kill someone. Like, I think that definitely is like a big leeway within like even within hardcore BDM. I still think it's very hard to actually kill someone. So what kind of stuff?


Steak. It's more like homicide.


Like when these people accidentally kill their partners, it seems more like they defense. What kind of stuff what kind of stuff are you watching?


Well, like, I knew I was born and I really like, bang. Have you seen Mike's girl?


Oh, God Almighty God, I'm not going to answer that question. Well, they well, they were actually I was trying to link them up at some point, but she's in the UK, obviously.


And great question, though, Logan was the first thing that comes to mind. All right. So so what? So but we shouldn't have said that. No, it's fine. That's not fine, because now I'm an asshole. Yes.


We should talk about. Hey. I'm sorry, I love you. We should talk about YouTube, can we talk about you two for a second? Yeah, you got banned recently and then on it looked like within the course of, what, a couple of days? What happened there?


Well, I was just trying to log to my YouTube, said, lock me out. And I was like, oh, what the fuck? And then I tried to log in and it was like, this account has been terminated or whatever the nicest is. And I was. I, I was. Did not like that. That's my that's my main platform, you know, I was going to advertise metering point on everything.


They got to have fun. And even worse than that, right. Is something that people did because I haven't made the video about it yet. I'm actually going, for the record, for the most amount of sex toys. So I've bought thousands of pounds worth of sex toys to make a YouTube video about it.


So what I saw, are you going to fill your pool with sex toys instead of orbanes? Yeah, I was a very loud Hazra.


Is your jets'? No, it's actually my vibrator.


62000, getting information on me, seeing my YouTube saken down and I fowlkes thousands of this stuff. And this is the only stuff that you can't resell. Yeah. Oh my God.


Why can't you, why can't you bring it back to. She could. Oh wait. What. Oh you could, you could resell all of. My God you just sold water.


Speaking of which, I actually want to go on to something. Oh. She said she needed extra time to set up today and I'm scared. Oh, no, her eyebrows suck.


So in my first porn shoot, I wanted to think of something cool that I could sell because that's kind of something that I kind of do now. It seems like I do this. Yeah. You sell these trinkets. Yeah.


Little little collectible momentum artifacts. Yeah. So I was trying to think of something and then I came up with this idea. So in my first porn video I'm going to be selling.


Oh no, no, no, no. What is that. Oh it's a condom.


The condom that we use in the first video.


Wait, that's a used condom. No, no.


It's going to have been shot. I was at work, though. Multiple questions. One hundred questions. How many hit you? One at a time. What did you do, a brand deal for the condom or did you create your own mind? Oh, it's now I don't know, oh, it's our only chance, yeah. Is that yours? Yeah, that's my fantastic great. So great. Monetise their second question. Do you do you dis bludge the condom before you sell it?


No. So you'll you'll tie it off and sell it with the actual semen in it I think because like the commercial is good to have, I think we'll probably take it off.


Oh you're really going for it huh. Now, now here's now here's my last now here's my last question. Cumshots. Yeah. And this one and this one's very industry focused. Do you think the payout on that condom will be worth the detriment to the scene that is wearing a condom in your first porn? Because let's be honest, nobody wants to see nobody wants to see that Philadelphi asking good questions.


That is a iGate. That is actually something that I haven't thought about. So thank you, Mike. But I think what we'll probably do is thinking about it now is probably use it for like the first five minutes. So make it your business really fantastic.


Yup. You're seven.


You've had you've had a tough time staying non banned on social media. Even this video. I'm slightly concerned. Like, can we we can't I don't know.


She she she says we have to monetize her videos. Are some of the.


Let me also know because just I mean, is it one of those association things like are we going to get fucked.


Well for reperforming like Al Jones type shit. No, she's she's great. She's back on the platform.


Listen, she Bell and I believe has some of the most I would say some of the most reckless boundary pushing pushing videos on YouTube. One of the last videos I saw, it had her with a shotgun dildo in her mouth. I believe in also getting shot in the video. You got shot. Can we talk about the second shot, the what was it, a pellet gun in? Yes, it was a real self gun. Yeah, mine.


Mine already.


I have a snippet from that video because it was a music video, right? It was a six nine parody music video.


It did it get taken down the six party. One was the in fact, the one the one when I'm getting shot is plushy gun. And that got removed by YouTube.


I will check this out. I got lyrics from this. Can't believe I didn't make Spotify top twenty. But here we go. Here we go.


You never buddy. Can you get that on the screen. We're sorry. What he looks like you could be the next six nine.


Are you aware that you're just missing a few colors in your hair? You just add those on and you you even said you even said the one line which I now find out is truthful, that your mother regrets you.


I mean now. Yeah.


So lyrically, I believe that's actually a step up from from six nine oh oh God. I write those over myself and like I it was my first effort, like kind of thing like that. I've written that I honestly can't even listen to it back. It crunches. Yeah.


That's how most I think feeling most creators feel about their work, like it definitely made a a splash in the space. But when I Instagram you. I don't think you pop up or do you do you have an Instagram or. No, I don't have an Instagram. I go back and say I can't make another one. I try to buy a new phone and it just instantly bans me.


So you're really blacklisted, except for Twitter.


It seems like you found, like all the other adult girls have found, that Twitter is technically your best, best friend. Have you have you been able to stay Semillon Shadow Band on Twitter? Do you feel like you're not getting the engagement and viewership that you should be?


I think my Twitter is over and I like Twitter as a platform because it's like no one thinks of it as a sex platform or whatever, but it just doesn't censor anything like that. Yeah, and I think it just works. It just works.


And charabanc or not, dissemination shows up. Oh, so does the tweets. Who's more powerful nation or hairstyles fandom. Oh God.


I don't even get me started on do I. Do I didn't really answer that. And I said this on the last show. I believe that the army and the hairstyles nation, the one direction, the directions are more powerful and stop the Italian mafia that before. And I never got clipped in every one of the one directions posted it. Here's the problem. They don't have credit cards, so who is more powerful and what sense can they make a tweet storm happened?


Yes. Can they drive two million dollars in revenue to an only fans account off of a I don't know if hairstyles made no difference.


That's a good. Thing about Harry. It's a good point. And going to be wearing a dress on only. I mean. It's a solid point. I have a question. Yeah, were there any videos that you shot that were too extreme that you said this? Because I can tell you have this thing in you that really just wants to take it to the next level. So have you taken it there ever?


Like, oh, hold up, chill, chill out, chill.


Well, I love pushing the boundaries. I always have, like when I was younger, I pushed the boundaries to, like, humor, and now I guess I'm doing it sexually and just. Yeah, I love pushing it. There have been quite a few ideas that I've had that haven't made it because I'm like, I need to cut that off immediately.


I like what I just out of curiosity, um, so I wanted to I had an idea where I was going because I like faking publicity stunts like I did. I got arrested, blah, blah, blah, all this stuff. So I wanted to do another publicity stunt where like, oh, I've got a stalker and they're taking photos of me inside my house to advertise another music video where it's like starts off from like the stokers perspective. And then it's like going to a music video type thing.


But I was like, oh, I can't actually fake about like saying that I have a stalker or whatever, because, like, that's actually a serious problem I have in my real life. So it's like I don't want to encourage that anymore.


So so, yeah, you're sensationalizing the act of stalking. So yeah. You've got to be careful with that as a creator because some of those I going to see, I mean like. Oh like I want to definitely recreate that in real life.


Yeah. Yeah. OK, I'm curious, I just Google Bell Delfine without cosplay. You're you're great, you're very pretty girl, you're gorgeous. Oh, have you ever considered not just Al Elphinston, part of the Saffar Shimshon guys?


I mean, like, oh my defense. I like my natural hair all the time, and I just, like, wear normal clothes and stuff, so. OK.


Oh, so what a subtle ass plug for your only fans. Like, look, look, look.


Come on. Oh my gosh. No, Sean, it's too late. It's there's nothing you can do about it.


Would you just such a different bill Delphin than we're used to seeing one you dropped out of high school.


All right. Like this picture of this girl I'm looking at laying on the grass. Can't see. I can't see.


Well, just trust laying on the ground, laying on the grass with your hair to the side. It's very like traditional and very. Yeah, but that. So that girl dropped out of high school.


I mean. Yeah, yeah. I mean I look like during my school, like I look super different because I didn't care at all about how I looked. I was like that with a girl like I did. I was like properly, you know, that weird girl that no one kind of like engage much with. So I didn't really care about how I looked and stuff. And then it kind of got to where I was like fifteen. And I was kind of like, oh, maybe I'll try impress boys because boys came into my life, right?


And then I was like, oh, let me let me see if I can find myself a boyfriend.


Oh, you're a hard eater. Just just toying with the boys, huh?


Maybe. Yeah. You got to be careful for that.


So what do you mean watching this? Yeah. See, women wield a lot of power.


Autonomy with great power comes great results. Absolutely. Absolutely. She's like the Spiderman of the only fans were. Yeah.


What were you, what were you into in high school that you, you, you know that kind of made you weird or like or did you, did you grow up with confidence issues or issues with self-esteem or openness to building relationships with classmates.


What what was it that you think made you weird in high school?


Um, I always I kept to my like my own friendship group a lot. Right. And I didn't care for anyone really outside of that friendship group. And then I was like, I'm not out with them and everything. And I, I don't know. I did a lot of like I remember one time it was, you know, Mufti Day is when you go to school without class. I know you guys don't have uniforms.


You I'm sorry. You go to school without clothes. No, no, no. You got it. Cool. OK, cool. Yeah. So it was one of those and I remember painting my whole body red just like a member of the X-Men The Blue Girl as red kind of. Um, I wore one of those Spanish salsa dresses. Well there's like this, like that. And I, I like the concept of looking good. Right. Wasn't to me.


So I just wanted to be like, oh, I saw a red dress. And I was like, oh, I want to be red. So I'm going to paint my whole body red like I want to be red today. Did you did you have you ever seen the music? Have you ever seen the movie Carrie by any chance? It's a Stephen King film. It's probably it's well before your time, but I'll explain it. There was this girl that was kind of the outcast at her school, but she also was able to burn the school down with her mind.


Did you ever did did people pick on you like when you were the red girl? Did anyone have anything to say about that?


As a weird little I would say I wouldn't say I was ever bullied. Like I went I went through a really strange, like time when I was fourteen. I like I dye my hair and I started wearing makeup to school, but I still like I was still I don't know, I didn't get on with the popular people. Right. But then, like when I died, my hair and I started putting effort into how I looked. Suddenly some of these like boys in they're a year but started like noticing me.


And they were like predators, we call them. Oh yeah.


Yeah. Predator behavior. The senior. Yeah, sure. Yeah.


Like, they they'd speak to me and then one of them asked me out to a date. This happened so many times said the popular boy or whatever. He'd asked me out for a date. I'll go out on a date with him and then after that he'd never speak to me again. And this happened so many times. I have a lot of stories about me trying to impress boys. So with my first boyfriend, this this one actually this is the only one that was I he like Pokemon.


So I painted a huge Pokemon mural on my wall and he like mud kept. So I painted market for him and I just did it trying to impress him. Another boy I had a.


Yeah, that seems like he like my kid. Yeah, don't think that was a red flag.


It's not like is that like liking coughing or something like that? Like he's not bad, but you're not. What's the bird like? The weird dad.


Like the monkey. I think monkey was generation three. Got it. Oh I think it's generation three.


But that seems he's one of the starters. He's a he's a water. And would you rather like him or the Ben Shapiro against the wall. Bill. Bill. Yeah. To Bill. OK, ok, so you painted mugs.


OK, you sound like you put in an effort for these boys you used to like.


Yeah, I totally used to be the same and I mean I didn't really know how to show my affection. So what I do is I save up my pocket money for each boy that I liked. I'd like buy something. So I was really into like helicopters. They were like drones before trains was a thing and I thought they were so cool. Yeah. So I bought like this one guy, like a remote control helicopter just like show him I liked it.


That was just another time on Valentine's Day where I really fancy this boy. We hardly ever spoke, but I really fancied him. So I saved up my pocket money. I went into a charity shop and I bought the biggest teddy that I could. And then the next day I was like, I brought this huge thing in. And he was in the basketball court. So I I'm completely by myself with this huge Teddy walked in and I could just see how embarrassed he was because he was with, like, the year above, like playing like netball or something.


And he like took it and immediately stuffed it into his bag. And then I was just like, oh, OK. And then I gave him his Valentine's card. And then I just walked out the nipple thing by myself and he never spoke to me again.


Say, Yeah, you were just really putting yourself out there at a time that was that wasn't that wasn't so common for young women.


I was very forward if I. Yeah, yeah. My first ever boyfriend I have for day. And I begged I begged him to go out with me at the school disco. I was like, please, please go out with me.


I, I literally begged him and he said no. He said no.


Oh he said yes. But then we broke up the next.


Oh but why are you going to go to disco. Yeah. You go to the disco dance. Why are all these boys breaking up with you after the first day.


You're clearly a nightmare or something I think. I think back then I was just very obsessional. You know, I was I saw a boy. I liked him and I was obsessed. I was like, um, stand like a capable Stan.


But all of these boys at my school and now fast forward a decade. Are you still obsessional? Like, are you big spoon? Are you calling your boyfriend? Is touch one of your love love languages?


For sure. I'm little spoon, but I'm still very obsessional. I'm just I, I just love attention. I'm like I'm like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. I die if I don't get enough attention.


Do you say do you fall like do you fall like head over heels and like, like how in love are you with this current guy. Do you ever, you know, think about greener pastures on the other side of the fence. Do you ever like why are you you are so close to me right now.


It scared the shit out of this is horrifying slogans in my face. Are you are you deeply in love with this guy? Do you do you pick a partner and just devote yourself one hundred percent?


I'm very devoted like I. Yeah, I think, um, I'm happy I'm really happy with how it's going right now, and I think I mean, you kind of have to be if you're shooting, I was going to say, you know, there's no going back.


I know his people remains anonymous, but, you know, who knows?


Is it going to affect him when they ask you, this is your boyfriend easily identified by his long does he have a weird penis?


No, I don't think so. I think just normal.


OK, and what occupation is he? My guess. Accountant H VAT roofing manager h vac nurse h vac assistant. I know he helps me. That's all he. Oh. Do you pay him. Yeah, yeah, is he is he essentially? No, no, no. OK. How much you don't need to be on a payroll, Mike, that's interesting. I feel like it's not as abnormal as you think. I think there's a lot of vacation.


Only fans know, because if you break up, it's also your fire.


It's you understand that, hey, we're over. Also, you're you're homeless. You have a job, you're fired. Like Donald Trump style.


Val, the term Cemp has come to be one of the most used terms in Internet history. It is on the keyboard fingers of every 14 year old. Boy, in the entire world, what does something mean to you? Um, I just see it as like a slight obsession with maybe like an eagle, I mean, it can be anyone you can send for, anyone I can send for you guys. But it's kind of just I think it's a little bit obsessional.


You know, your tracking, what they're doing, you really care about their lives. You try and input yourself.


And, um, yeah, I think I think that's what I'd say is it is the idea of Cemp and Creator or and who they're sending for. Is there is there a dangerous aspect to that? Do you think do you think there's an element of of obsession that organically arises out of that kind of relationship?


Yeah, definitely. I think there's definitely a line. And for me, the line is where your real life is impacted by how much you like. Someone say, for example, you're spending paycheck's you don't have on someone that's definitely crossing the line or you're neglecting your family and your friends because you're, you know, watching this person so much like a twitch stream or something. As soon as it affects your real life, I think you need to sit down with yourself and just put yourself first because you never want to put your simple full ahead of you.


Great, great advice. And I think and I think that that's happening quite a bit on the Internet, quite a bit more than people think it is. And that relationship exists across the board for a lot of people. Why do you think people seem so hard for Bell Delphin, in your in your own words and your own thoughts? What is it about Bell Delphin that makes the same bomb drop fuck data?


This is hard. I have no idea. Maybe maybe it's the whole anime thing. I mean, anime is huge now, and I, I try to, like, dip into that more as much as I can. But did I have no idea. I see girls online and I'm like, why is anyone here when you know that person exists? You know, it's confusing to so many people out there. That's what some people might be the.


Your face. Oh, you, because you do those faces, you do you do faces, do you have.


Yeah. Could you make me a face and then maybe I could try to recreate the face, see if I could.


Like yeah. Yeah I'll try. OK. Oh my gosh. This is so much pressure. And now it's all relaxed here Bill.


Oh OK. Tongue. Oh my.


I'm actually reconsidering. You got it. No, that's that's great for you. You're really good at that. I just try.


Fuck fuck, fuck fuck. Fuck me. First time your mother's in the room right out first.


That's outlaw. Outlaw. Yeah. Why is your tongue green.


I was the whole MIRVs ass or something with the or blue.


So I when they're mixed with other things. Nice blue and green are the main colors I think.


And so Belle can you do the yellow piscine one week with the ticktock one. It's like the peace sign with the tongue and the eyes thing. Yeah.


It's, it's, that's why that's. I know. That's why. OK, so this is why. Geisen So this is why they sent that. That's part. Oh Logan do you think that's part of the reason. Oh yeah. I've never seen anything.


That's a ten out of ten. Yeah. Tucker's emulate her so she's the Bryzgalov only fan.


Exact. Nice. Nice.


Do you practice this in the mirror. No, it's just um you know, kind of like when you're taking like loads of photos, it's kind of like, like go see faces. I'm like, oh, I don't know what to do.


I'll just go, you know, I got you hoodie bell. Who do you up for beyond beyond your boyfriend.


Do you have any Internet creators that you that you set up over Internet creation.


Could be, could be, could be porn stars. Could be Internet creators. Any, any digital entertainers that you simper.


Oh. Oh, you don't have to make that effects. I'm not saying you shouldn't make them. I'm just saying you don't you know, I don't feel like they're necessary. It's just an interest in my porn. Um, I just don't feel obligated, you know. Anyway, I know I do feel like lazy people, but like. Oh yeah. No, give us give us a call, Bill.


It's not I mean, just three.


I'm. What about girls first shut up. Well, I'm trying to help. She's having twins of Joe. I mean, I like Riley, of course. Nice what you've done.


I hope you pressured no one to know one girl seen before. Oh, you want it to be guys with a clip, repulsive clips. It's going to do great. I think girl on girl is probably more sought after for Riley.


OK, fair enough. All right.


Let's move on to the guys, Bill, so you have two more fuck. But I don't know. I don't know. Oh, shit. Oh, it's fine. It's fine. Listen, you have only Jesus. Oh well George can speak on that, I think. Would you say he ships for Jesus? Here we go, pal.


Welcome to you. Just open up the Holy Trinity Danger Zone. You have arrived now. Prepare your mind and body. All right.


I'm going to lay it down on. You know, honestly, I have nothing.


If you're happy, then then good for you. But I just want you to know I'm coming from the heart. I would say really think about that decision you want to make because it can really alter your family life in the future. So I know money is quick and it's going to be amazing. And I get that you've already done that type of content, but really just pulling the trigger on that, I would want you to just kind of just sit with yourself.


And if you really do sing for Jesus, pray about it.


And if you don't know is what it's whatever. You respect the advice. Thank you. Do you have the Debbie Downer sound?


Want wah wah.


Have some fucking fun, George. No, no. Then go, go get fucked on camera. OK, ironically by Bell your girlfriend. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. My girlfriend.


Strangely enough, my girlfriend and she, she's a she's her real name. Shauna. Well now you have all this money, you have so much of it hoards. Some would even say what do you do with it. What do you do when you're not on camera. Do you spend money, you go out. Do you eat cereal?


I, um, I think I spend most of my money on takeaway food. I haven't like I we still drive the same car. I don't I'm not into brands or anything like that. I buy cheap as fuck clothes. I didn't spend my money really. I don't what I. Well I'm, what I'm saving for is I really want a nice big tree British house and that's what I'm saving for. Oh. So I want to farm. I want some cool animals.


That's actually awesome. Yeah. That's awesome.


You should definitely get that and grab yourself a first edition Bassat booster box of Pokemon cards while you're at it.


No, I just suggest it's a good investment. It's really good to hear that you're saving up for a house. You know, not a lot of creators will do that. They'll go straight to the car. They go straight to the designer clothes, the drugs, even any drugs you're doing at the moment?


No drugs? No, just be off. I'll be like, oh God. Yackety drugs in the future.


Sure do do do you do drink you drink or party like do you go out. How's your social life.


I mean my social life is nothing at the moment because of, you know, kayvan and stuff. But once everything starts coming back. Yeah. I want to go out, I drink. Oh.


So you get recognized in public. Well it's weird because when I've come back to the Internet, covid is going on and I've been wearing face masks and stuff and I've got brown hair. So nothing interesting. So that's it's been like a secret weapon goes out.


She's got like a kind of you're like you're like this. It's funny when she goes out, that's her costume being herself. It's it's like the opposite. Yeah. Yeah.


You have you have you been to the States.


I did. I went to the pornhub events. Why do I feel.


Oh yeah. Maybe my senior year. Were you at the one that just happened. The last one. The two thousand nineteen one. I won best celebrity top. Yeah that's right. Oh fantastic. Any other trips out. I guess it's all covid now at this point, right. I mean after all this is over then. Yeah, I definitely want to come back. I only went for three days so I need to come back and slay some collaboration.


I was the I was going to say, if you come back, that's your quickest route from a million to a million, five a month. And by the way, like have you talked to Riley? Have you been introduced to her?


Yeah, she I met her at the the point of it was she's so nice. Yeah. I definitely want to meet up with her eventually. Very cool.


Yeah. I think there's a there's a lot of potential for you here. Untapped potential indeed. What is your this is my last question.


I just like try to understand, you know, people like when you take off the pink hair and you have brown hair, what is your day like? What's your are you on a workout regimen really.


Like what type of cereal you're reading. I wasn't fucking around. Like, what do you have for breakfast.


Great question. Um, well, my my eating is really weird at the moment. I'm like just eating, you know what beef jerky is. Squash. Yeah. Yeah. That's a South African version of that called biltong. And it's basically like even dry. It's just really dry meat. And that's kind of what I eat. And it's dry meat gobbling me. Yeah. Just try me, Diana, I mean, during the day, I would go for, like a walk or something.


You wear the wig when you go for the walk. No, no.


I mean, see, this is one reason why I really like wearing this wig is because I didn't like attention in real life anymore. I like you know, if I go outside, I just want to be able to get done what I need to do if I'm like at a bar or something, I don't really, you know, I just want to be with my friends time. I don't want to deal with anything like that. So I really like this.


And that's why I'll wear this as much as I can to be like, this is fine. And then when I take off, I'll just, you know, be a normal Maribelle.


You'll be Maribelle again. No one calls me Barry, but, you know, they call you Maribel's now.


OK. So, yeah. So it's like a cheat code.


You don't always have to be Delphin Bell. Delphin, what what else are you what else are you creating beyond? Are you doing anything else that you want to talk about today. You're doing twitch or anything or like what are you doing in your time beyond creating your only fans content and your semi occasional YouTube video?


Oh, well, I'm just trying to think about like what kind of avenue I want to go down and I'm not that sure. Yeah, I'm going to do to music videos soon again, because that's like a really good way to be sexual in a video and not have it taken down necessarily. I mean, it shouldn't get taken down. It's like a cheap way around you to kind of see I'm going to do two more of those. And then I think after all this porn is down because I really want to work on the poor.


I'm really like like hardcore. I want to make it the best quality I can for, like, the next six months. Yeah. After that, I think twitch streaming would be really fun. I'd love to do that.


I think it's like speaking to people more collaborating would be really I think you would, I think you would absolutely clean up in that in that realm. And there's a lot of adult stars or ex adult stars that have moved on to twitch now and have pretty, pretty popular twitch channels. So I think it's a it's definitely a great route for you. For sure.


For sure. I'm going to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Yeah. It's been fantastic talking to you. I think especially after hearing that potentially migrating to Twitch's what are your aspirations? I think you do a great job there.


Oh, thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah, of course. But thanks for coming on. And Paul, seriously, this was awesome. Yeah.


Thank you for having me take off my bucket list fucking up. Amazing. The world. You can't go above it.


We'll we'll stay tuned on the on that Christmas gift. Oh. I'll find a way to watch you tune in. I'll tune it out. The uh.


Yeah it's been awesome. You can follow her on Instagram. No you can't.


You can follow on YouTube maybe.


Maybe Twitter, bhel. It's been amazing. Thank you for coming out of it. That's all we got. Hit that subscribe button and we'll see you guys next time.


Take it easy. Bye.