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When we were younger. Jake told me he wanted to be a villain in movies. He said, I think I have a good villain laugh and he just made the movie his life.


Breaking news we robbed of the podcast, it was all said and done, and then we go scroll on Instagram as we do because we're social media addicts and my brother has put out quite the message. What the hell is that to Conor McGregor? Look at this. Look at this.


I can't believe this. What you Irish. Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you're probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now. Or maybe you're because you're sick of your wife. I mean, she's a full time. You could do a lot better, but happy Monday. I sent you a fifty million dollar offer this morning. Fifty million dollars cash pool funds, the biggest fight offer you've ever been offered. But you're scared to fight me.


You ducked me because you don't want to lose to you to your own one as a boxer. I'm Turino. As a boxer. I just came off the eighth biggest pay per view event in history. But you want to fight Dustin Prober, who has less followers on Instagram than my fucking dog. And that's a fact. And in a way, you're a fucking pussy, too, you ugly fucking bitch. You said there's zero percent chance of this fight happening, but there's zero percent chance of you getting some fucking pussy.


Connor, you're scared, Dana. You're scared. Sign the fucking contract, you idiot. Jesus fucking Christ, Irish bitch. There's no, no, no going back, no going back from that. Why, what just happened, we had to talk. We have to talk about it. This is it. Because why is this why is he on drugs, do you think? Is John like heavy fucking drugs or something like that?


I. This one's tough. Somebody said to this, I don't mean this figuratively, I mean literally, you're going to step in the ring or knock down someone who can really do you harm and you will be carried out in a hearse, get mental help. You are picking a fight with the best striker Emma has ever seen. Get help. What what what the fuck was he, bro? Those were not, like empty like YouTube or things. Those were horrific.


Fucking said his wife before. He's only following his wife until he's only following Conor McGregor's way. What the poor girl? What did she do? Why was.


Here's the thing. And he said good morning to you. Happy Monday.


Here's the thing. It's always tough when you see people wading into waters that they don't understand, like like we've seen koner in public, like Koner will kill you, Connor will kill you, like he's a fucking psychopath. He has no problem doing severe. But like, bro, let's put it this way.


No matter what Jake did to Nate Robinson or to Dadge, Connor McGregor is a trained murderer, a trained killer like. Imagine if Jake all of a sudden randomly saw Connor McGregor in the next week, Jake's life would cease to exist. There would be nothing he could do. He would be broken in half. Do you think you kill him? You would kill him?


You don't think he'd send his goons first? Does he have guns? I think the answer is there, but I don't think his goons are quite as scary as he is, though. But I don't know. But I don't know the Irish goons. Oh, like the real ones over.


And I hope they don't send the goons and confuse me and Jake.


And then I'm getting good luck and getting stopped by survivors goons that McGregor said the dude I'm looking at the contract here, Jake. Paul has acquired a backing for this event.


Who's willing to guarantee a purse of fifty million dollars for Conor McGregor to participate in the event? Holy shit.


If that's true. If that's true, then what you just said, why not Connor?


Why would he not go in there and fight? Jake, this this concerns me. I don't think he's the one. Huh.


I don't that's a hard stop. Yeah. I don't think Conor McGregor is the one. It is just funny coming from me, right? He was fighting Floyd Mayweather, like I get like like fighting some top tier, high caliber fucking after coming at it with respect and humility, at least not he sent them out. Yeah, yeah.


But like, you know, like, yo, I understand Floyd B Connor Floyd's older. All these older guys. Forty three. Yeah.


He boxing a while. Conor's active. He's active. Hey hey man. He Yeah. He still beat up Connor. Yeah. I totally hear you.


I just I don't know, something seems a little safer for me.


Maybe I'm just saying. Hey, hey, hey. Denial. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey buddy, you you have a big fucking war. I want to water it down the way you're going about it. I would want I wouldn't want either of them but I think yeah. I guess we're just fucking lunatics.


But this post getting mad engagement, a lot of comments. What do you think it was the fact that he said he can't or he went after his wife?


What if I can't? I can't take it when we were younger.


Jake told me he wanted to be a villain in movies. He said, I think I have a good villain laugh and he just made the movie his life.


He really does. So he's the real life villain. He really is leading.


He's really so much like you and like, you know, that I have to start thinking about it like that, like he is that he's the joker. He's the fucking joker brow. Like, he's very much in a lot of ways become the joker of of the scene. You know what I'm saying?


And so it's almost like at least you you can't say that you wouldn't expect this from Jake Paul right now.


It's what a can you, though? Because all of us watch this video. I was blown out of his mind and I was like, believe it.


I thought he was sending that to you to, like, test it. Like, you know, you guys send each other videos like, hey, what do you think about this?


But he just went straight to like also who the fuck is guaranteeing a fifty million dollars on honor? Blakely Like, who the fuck is putting 50 million dollars on that fight?


Oh, my God. McGregor said he wouldn't do it. There's no way he's doing it. He talked about it. I thought he did or somebody did. That's what it was.


But, man, it's going to be hard to ignore this one. A lot lot of a lot of attention going to be coming towards Conner's way.


People are going to want a response, yes or no, whatever it is, people people are going to be curious to see if Connor just takes takes the fight or wrote on it and just says, like, yo, like people make videos all the time. I'll give it for 50.


No, no, not in no dollars. That's a different story. But we've seen we've seen Jake Paul contracts in the past that people were just like, yo, no one ever saw that. It's not a real concern. I bet. I bet.


I don't know. He had that big check. Well, you saw that.


Come on, take that to City National. You cash it, right?


Like Happy Gilmore, Happy Gilmore. You made every goal that you could ever get on the Big Sur. Happy. Sorry, we're out of the small taxes and I want one of those big fucking jacks.


Do you think he's going to get some cash from other fighters, like, hey, you're this is your profession. You fight for money. The guy offered you fifty million dollars and you're not. Do you feel like people are going to start saying, OK, not not real. That's a fight.


That's a fight you take.


You have to run, but not a bunch of fighters.


Also, if you are Connor and you tubers chirping at you for fifty million dollars in my eyes, like, yeah, I'll beat your ass for fifty dollars for stealing.


It's called taking candy from business. That's fine. That's fine.


I love Jake obviously but this one is fucking dumb. Sorry. Sorry. This one is fucking dumb dude. Yeah. Yeah. This is, this is how you whether this is how you give him. He's retired and he also cries. Do y'all never do something like that. And then like fights the best fucking boxer to ever be in the ring. I hear he I would rather fight Floyd Mayweather than Conor McGregor. I'm serious. Conor McGregor is a southpaw.


He's bigger than Floyd Mayweather. He's younger than Floyd Mayweather. He lost to Mayweather. Way active. I understand what you're saying. Yeah. OK, so did everyone else. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah.


Yeah, he's just a precision striker. Knockout artist. Floyd is not. Hey, Floyds, not he's just not he's over older every day, he gets older every day I get better and I understand the discrepancy between I get it, I get you know, your merch should be it should be denial for yo.


And think about the the show did not. Yeah. I guess he's the best and he's never lost and he actually beat up Connor and he's still in training every single day. None of that means anything. And what was that all about.


Yeah, but I don't know. I don't know why. Yeah it's called denial bro. I don't know why I would rather fight Floyd than Connor. That's what I'm saying.


You know, he hurts, you know, but it's still fucking dumb. He still beat up car. You would fight Connor if you were me. And you have the option.


Yes. Why? Because Connor fucking lost against that guy. So why would you be like, you know what? I don't want to fight number two on a fight. No one is safer here. What the fuck?


I don't know, dude. Connor, bro, you OK? I hate to break it to you. Mayweather wasn't trying when he fought. Conor. Hey, I know. And guess what? He's probably not going to try with you. Hey, fuck you. Hey, I'm your best friend, man. Fuck you on. Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The the big the bigger problem is that there's a lot of show there's a lot of show that goes into the fight before and after the fight.


And one thing's for sure, if you're talking about the lead up and the post activities, Floyds the easier fighter there, you do not want to be sitting across on a fucking table talking about the fight coming up in a week in front of Connor McGregor.


That man is a fucking monster is a wizard with the wit a wizard. I got to go back to the program we had that. We had to speak on this. All right. All right.


Jake, Jake, Jake, congrats though on some. Welcome back. Then, Boss is the number one podcast in the world. You? Not anymore.


I don't know how to say this, guys, but our two streams in a row, we got nah, we only got one in a row. What we got to talking about, I had I got one personally. And then the year after we got the best podcast we got twenty, nineteen, twenty twenty best podcast.


Did we really know we didn't write the song. I did not know. One of those is my personal one look short form comedy. Twenty fifteen. The Preview Awards last week. I did not watch the show because I know we got nominated and I know that there's no one else that is like us, like there's no who else could.


The award manager Tony Meghann got it.


No time making can it. Three great shows.


Uh, Jay Shaddai. Jay Shaddai has a podcast on purpose. One best podcast. Twenty twenty. Did you say on purpose that was the name of the show you. I'm so sorry.


So he's got a he's got a YouTube podcast show.


That's right, yeah. Jay Shati is his name. We had him as a guest on this podcast. Really great guy. Congratulations to the Jedi. But I got to say the. It doesn't feel great, you know, losing, again, something it just feels a little bit weird to just because of the whole, you know, scoreboard and all with the viewership and the know diversity of gas and the whole.


I was surprised. I mean, this is a great thing. Health and wellness. Nothing like it. Yeah. Nothing fucking like you're not healthy and. Well, you know, what are you. But at the end of the day, it feels like you rigged someone stole the votes like an election.


I want to reiterate. I want to I think Russia was involved. Are you fucking saying a number of hackers are J.


Knocking J. I love James. He's great. And if I'm being honest with you, he's providing extreme amounts value to people.


You know, the fans weren't happy about it. They let them know on Twitter, by the way, they were a dog and a poor guy couldn't they couldn't even just humbly let Jay win his award. But I checked out his YouTube channel and I was immersed, you know, right away. I saw I saw the type of content that he's making. And, boy, it's not like this this type of content. He's out there now how to be a better person.


We're out here talking about it.


That's it. They're dicks only. It's just it's just honestly, it was that that award seemed indicative of the streambeds as a whole. We weren't going to win that award this year. I watched that show in. The first thing I noticed was, God dang, this is a poor representation of the YouTube community as a whole.


I'm sorry. I'm just going to fucking say it, dude. Like, I I'll speak for myself. I want to drag you guys into this fucking quicksand, dick sand. But it seems like the Oscars, like all the other award shows, they are more concerned with just straight inclusion that they don't care about the show or the direction or or representing the community as a whole.


It just it just seemed like a.


It seems like they used an ancestral cast of characters every single year. David Dobek, Eliza Koshi, Lilly Singh, and that's kind of like like where's the UK's the U.K. not like invited like.


Oh, yeah. Do you know what I'm saying?


Like, it just seems very weird that I don't know. I hear what you're saying. Exclusivities always good. Fantastic. But there might be a I don't know.


I don't know because I do hear what you're saying. The the agenda of the stream is I don't know if it was actually geared towards. Representing the YouTube community in a fair way.


Yeah, I know this is some of them were spot on, dude, like a Mr. Beast, one creator of the year, which I thought was a thousand percent accurate last year, and they gave it to Tanne.


And so and so, you know, no offense, Etana, but Mr. Reese is a fucking insane.


And everybody a lot of the people that that got awards deserve the awards. But all I'm saying is it's like I deal with these, like entrepreneurs and new businessmen all the time.


They come up to me and they're like, we've got this new product here and it's going to it's going to rival Poland Spring. We truly believe this is the next best water. And I'm like, well, what is it about your water that makes it better in Poland Spring? And they're like, well, let me tell you this. Our headquarters is represented by only two men. The rest are women, three of which are African like people. People have started leading with inclusion and exclusivity as opposed to having that as a very important part of the.


The puzzle, do you know what I'm saying? I don't know. I think I feel like I know what you're saying, but I'm saying like instead of worrying about the product or worrying about what people think about the product behind doors in the company and more so the company, they're like, yo, we want to make sure that we have pandered to every single group as opposed to just putting out the product that best represents the audience.


And our buyer do believe it's important to go really far down that road and then it'll kind of level out to a more natural. Yes, I think it's all very. Do you think it's necessary? I think we may have reached the point of like, OK, OK. I personally think we've reached that point. It's just like it's become just so important to to lead with that that I think people are starting to forget, like, yo, you have to put out a product that is either representative or better than your competitor.


Yeah, you know what I'm saying? I don't know. That's just me.


But no, it's all good. Another another another award that I felt fell into the right hands was my editor. Hey, and congratulations to my editor.


Hey, did you won.


We won the streamy for editing my vlog channel four for first one. Yeah. Yeah. His first streaming for four years now. He showed his reaction. Video wasn't even wearing socks just at his home. I saw that pop the champagne with his girlfriend afterwards. No, he was wearing socks. No shoes.


Excuse me. Excuse me.


Footwear isn't my thing, but yeah. Congratulations. It was it was really cool to see his work.


I don't know, recognized after working with him for for so long and I know how hard this dude works, he's insane. He's he's editing a Floyd Mayweather reaction video right now for the vlog channel. Next up, we got a music video coming out, I think, later in this week. Twenty twenty to twenty twenty song goes like this. Twenty, twenty.


How about you go fuck yourself? You're the worst hero of all time, going to pick on someone else, Carol Baskin's in it. Dude, you secured the bag so you can order cameos from Carol Basken best. Three hundred dollars I've ever spent in my days. Look at this. I said, oh, my God. Because there's there's a line about Carol. And I wanted to get her singing the song. And so I requested a cameo of her.


And this is this is what she said. I'm not going to lie. She fired some shots. Cool cats and kittens. It's Carol Baskin from Big Cat Rescue, Luke and Paul, you're not one of the cool cats. No. You rude to me in 2020.


But I am going to show you that I can take the high road here and sing along with your song.


You might regret it, though, I can't sing any better than I can dance, I could pause it right now, right here, like I just did. But I'm not gonna because this next part's pretty good. Twenty, twenty, how about you go and yourself, you're the worst year of our time, go and pick on someone else. I was ready to rock out and now I'm hitting my rock bottom 15, 20. All I want to know.


Well, all I want to know is, is twenty twenty one going to be any better. Stay cool. Gets.


She said it wasn't cool. Yeah. She's. What do you think of your song. That's the.


No I think that was the first time you heard the the hook, you know Carol Baskin's singing the hook. But do you think she killed her husband?


Like does that strike you as someone who somebody would say she whacked him, whacked him. And do you think what do you think, George?


I don't know. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't watch what was going on. I just watched the means and stuff. That's all my knowledge about it is.


But just based off that. Based off that video. Yeah. The one thing that I thought was I could pay that money. I could pay, like, good money to listen to her, like talk to me to sleep, like tell a bedtime story. Her voice was just like I was like sleeping, listening to her. Also, you spent three hundred bucks on a person that might have murdered their husband of an alleged murderer.


Yes. That's crazy. It's nice. That's the way the title alleged the other night. She seems very nice for murder.


Right? Hold on. No, allegedly. Allegedly. Yeah.


I'm going to shave my head like I knew what I mean. Yeah. Yeah, allegedly.


Like she has been accused of it. We're not sure, you know, she hasn't been convicted. But yes, she did kill that song.


The wow. That's to yourself.


Yeah. Yeah she yes. She, she fired some shots but you know, she did take the high road music videos coming out hopefully sometime this week.


Let's say you shot that all day yesterday. Yeah. I put out that video on my YouTube video last my YouTube channel last week talking about you leaving YouTube forever. And people were upset about it. I mean, rightfully so. There's a lot of people are upset, but it looks like you're going to have another video on your main channel before the end of the year.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like I said, we got the Floyd Mayweather like, announced like, how did this fight come to be? What's over my original thoughts type stuff.


Nice scripted video. Yeah, I have a quick YouTube. I'm here also in that video I tried to.


I try to set you up with Michael. Michael, you ruined me with a girl, you ruined me, Mike, with with Valkyr.


You set the Internet on fire with this. You really pissed off the gamers.


I don't think it really reached like a fever pitch. I think it was it was all just a misunderstanding.


But basically, for anybody who didn't see it, I, I you know, I ran into Navjot, Matt, Navjot, friend of mine, a 100 thieves headquarters, did a little walk in a burger testing there and, you know, in a very relaxed way, brought up the idea of Logan and Valkyrie potentially having a, you know, a meeting of some sort and that Logan was, you know, semi interested in the situation.


She did not take too kindly to that. I don't think she was also she wanted to make it clear she wasn't also she wasn't, like, super upset about it either. She just thought it was or wasn't happy with with your action.


Yeah, well, you're you're unprofessional. You you asked her boss about her dating life.


Yeah. Oh, I have a problem, and you brought you dragged you. You ruined me. I know. And I hate you. I hate you. Look at the headline Valkyr. It hits back at disrespectful Logansport dating rumors. Well, there was no dating rumor, no doubt that I was confused with that narrative.


That was never that was never well, that that was never a thing. But that's the whole that was the whole issue. So. So and I hate touching on this again, because I know I know we should stop.


We really I haven't heard about us. I love it so much. I really, really quickly. The issue was just like me, a matter of friends. And so, like she said, you shouldn't talk to my boss about that. First of all, I don't exactly look at I didn't look at Matt as her boss. I kind of figured they, like, work together, like me and Logan work together. Like if you ask me a question about, like, Logan's toes or something, I like like how small Dick is, I'll answer you.


And I won't be offended by the fact that he's my buddy. It's not my boss. He's the guy. My home is my partner, like me.


And we're on the same level.


You just fucking say what you said that be great. So we've got to build an audience that don't understand. What did you say that I thought I delivered that message that made its way on Twitter and she responded to some something that like, yo, we need to keep this girl away from the Paul brothers, which is probably right. She was on his feet everywhere. The haters hate all of it. She was like, no, no, no, never, ever.


No, no. And then so I had no choice but to put a gift that doo doo in the Deuce's just so much. Yeah. Yes.


I you know, I was embarrassed and because of my friend embarrassed me.


No, but I didn't, I didn't actually you didn't really give a fuck.


And then she addressed look I had to put this dude. I had no choice.


I'm out now. I never would never want to be seen. Don't include me. That's Mike knowing he fucked up next. But yeah, it's all good now.


We're sorry about. Yeah, I'm sorry on behalf of Mike and I'm sorry for just existing.


This is what I'm trying to do is realizing I'm sorry if I was ever here. I'm sorry.


Other news coming out this week, Logan. Well, I don't know what's more important. You got a little pump in Logan.


Logan Paul is getting paid.


It looks like two hundred thousand dollars to fight Floyd Mayweather, who saw this to two hundred thousand dollars. And they started to really catch fire on Instagram. It was being posted on a lot of different boxing websites. And I looked and I was like, who is reporting this new story? Two hundred grand. They're paying them to two hundred to get in the ring with one of the greatest of all time. And I looked reported by one of the utmost professional reporters in the space, a man by the name of Daniel Kim.


Also known as Kienzle, so people so people are posting the stories, they're like, oh yeah, you know, boxing insider Daniel Keam has reported the story. I'm like, you got to be fucking kidding me right now. So you should see me.


I need to know, what was it, two hundred k like two percent of the end.


And he got five percent. No, no, no. A million upfront and five percent. No, I got I got 50 percent.


I thought I've seen very got 50 foot.


We got 50 and I got five. Yeah. But here's the here's the problem. And we know the Internet is, you know, ruthless this or, you know, does this all the time.


You know, the comments are all like, wow, I would have thought he would have got more. Nobody in there had it in their mind to say, like, wow, maybe Daniel Kim is not the most almost before on boxing news, you know what I'm saying? Like, did anyone I can think of that?


I don't know. Maybe they're just getting right into the news and they just kind of forgot about I realize everyone's talking about the money for this fight.


Everyone wants to know, you know, what Guy Floyd to do this fight. Was it the money, Floyd Money Mayweather? Is that what he liked about it? Did he like his cut on the back end? I say this. You're way off with your estimates. But you never know. Oh, no, I actually told him on my last night, my last test, which I probably would if my manager would kill me, if I said I probably would have done this fight for free.


Shut up. Shut up.


Maybe that's why when people read the number, they think it's possible because they're like, yo, he's getting so much like free press and love out of this. And it's such a life defining moment, iconic opportunity.


This is some legacy shit. I would I would have done this for free. This is the coolest thing in the world. I get to grace the ring with one of the best boxers of all time and attempt to take his fucking head off. That's cool to me. I'm excited about that. But no, I didn't I didn't take it for free. I'd probably make a good amount. He figures.


I'm sorry. I'm fucking like, you're not going to say it. Forkball like eight figures, bro. Yeah, count it off.


I could buy so many Pokemon, you're making 60 like so many Pokemon cards, first edition cards just just set a new record, three hundred sixty nine thousand dollars for a ten three hundred sixty nine thousand dollars box.


I understand people are rating them in, pricing them. Well, who's actually buying them? If someone did someone buy it for that price? Yes, it's sold for that amount. Yeah bro. Yeah, it's crazy.


I, I hate to shit on that, that whole beautiful space right now, but if you're getting in at the three hundred sixty nine thousand dollar price point, you're holding the bag.


I hear that. So I think it's going to go up. Actually, I know it is.


To why, Michael? Unlimited, unlimited. Unlimited. There's no ceiling for Pokemon as long as Chass keeps shooting flamethrower.


That's just seems crazy to me. I'm sure Daniel Kim has some thoughts on speaking of life defining moments, getting the ring, Floyd Mayweather, ten million dollars. Our our co-host Giorgi is a stand up comedian.


I can't believe it, George. Congratulations. We talked about it last week. George went to Arizona to do his first stand up comedy show, opening up for Jokowi, professional comedian who we had on this podcast, very famous, very successful comedian.


You opened up for him at a show in Arizona for, what, 500 people? Five and a person? Yeah, we did ten shows, OK.


Wow. But you originally were only there to do four. I was only supposed to do one. I was going to do one because obviously, like, it's not something I'd never done before. I was really fucking nervous. But do when I got on that stage, I was like, oh fuck, this is my lane. This is my life. You knew it. Yeah. Yeah.


Like, I like, I, I don't like to set expectations because talking in front of people is scary enough, but trying to be funny on like fucking. All right. Be funny and everybody's like I paid a lot of money. You better be fucking funny. That sounds like a nightmare. It was it was terrifying.


It was the first time I've ever gone up. And right before they call my name like I was pushing down my throat because that's how nervous I was. And I just went up, bro. And I just like I blacked out and I watched myself back. And then the owner came in with the partners and they were like, there's no fucking way. That was your first time. Amazing. And so, yeah, dude, it was it was an experience like I was it was really, really humbling to, like, I got to perform.


And then right away, I saw one of the greatest comedians performing who also become your mentor. He dude, he like will yell at me now, like he'll like like for example, like, I'll give you one example. Like he's like don't don't fucking crowd work. Do not fucking crowd what's crowd work when you get on stage and you like you know, I like you, you lean on the crowd so like you pick on people.


Yeah. Yeah. I was not allowed to talk to anybody.


Why was that anyway. Come on. It's my favorite. He knows I'm here. He knows that I could do that and I could do that and he knows I could do it. And he's a DJ at it. Like if you watch him like holy cow, I watch ten shows and he does it bro. I watch ten shows and I swear to God bro, I've never seen anybody move that quick.


Mentally, every ten, ten shows, not one joke is repeated. Wow.


This guy I was watching him and was like I will never be able to fill his shoes like he was on a whole fucking life. That's not true.


He's not doing it forever. I know. God will how good you can get it something. You just do it. He told you.


He told me bro. Like he was gassing up.


He's like, yeah, you like you've got her. He's a you guy. Just takes time. Yeah. It's going to take time. Why does he not want you to crowd work. That's because he knows I could do it. So he's like I don't want you to rile anybody but yourself. So that way if I have a tough crowd or say somebody does want to work with me like I'm an established comedian, I don't lean on the crowd to give me material.


Interesting. So, like, I went up there and I was just telling stories and it's I taped all of my takes. And from the first take to the last one, I'm like, crazy different.


You can see the improvement. Yeah. And in the beginning, like, I was still making people laugh like crazy. But you could tell I was nervous because was talking to the quake and I was like, oh my stories. And he's like, oh good. Yeah. And you just gave me a bunch of notes. Like every day you break me down like he's like we did this. Don't do this, Bob. Bob is fantastic. Yeah.


Did you feel like you were in some sort of flow stay up there yet.


I felt like he was my brand new. Like let me give an example. When I met you, I was doing music and I was doing everything. And then you were like, you sat me down. You're like, hey, I'm going to develop you online and I'm going to build you. And this is the lane you're going to beat and you're going to be successful at it. And so I was kind of like like like the silver spoon of social media, but I did my work and I got there and this is my life now.


And he was doing the same thing and I felt the same way. How you were mentoring me in the beginning. Very cool. And I was like, oh, this is this is my new chapter. Yeah, this is my new job. I think that's really exciting for you. Yeah. You're so natural at it, man. I told you, this isn't an overnight thing. I would plan on doing this for the next decade. Yeah.


And in ten years you'll be selling out stadiums.


God, it was so fun doing it was a it was really this moment, this I knew I was going to be successful in it and this is it when I was doing it. And I'm like, man, I could perform in front of three people or three million people. And I would in and of pumping in front of people, bro, like it was. It's not like a camera like we could cut this, but like hearing the crowd fucking roar or what I say something that's like too much and they're like, oh, this is like it just gives you energy bro, but you feed off that shit.


I love that. Every time everyone knows this about you, George, we call it the George Show. The harder people are laughing, the funnier you get. Because I feel. Do you do this too? It's like a compound effect.


I like fucking just feeds into, you know, a monster. What was going on with the did they cancel covid down there in Arizona? The show's in because we can't even eat outside.


They were like, how brother six feet. It was like not even six inches. It's just so the current state is so weird. I actually was thinking about this the other day. covid is worse than crack cocaine. covid is worse than crack cocaine. I'll tell you why. Let me explain this to you. When I was smoking crack cocaine, I was invited home for Christmas, now, given everybody would hide their purses, they would hide their bags and put the cash away, the presents couldn't even come out to the Christmas tree until they went directly into the hands of the person opening day to be delivered like like by armed guard, because I would pawn any fucking set of golf balls, socks, whatever I get my fucking hands on, bro.


Oh my God, I was dangerous. But my mom said, I love you so much, you crackhead son.


You come home, you eat the fucking ham, you crackhead, and I'll go home every fucking year. I was there every fucking Christmas. My mom called me this Christmas. I'm not even a crack anymore, said, you can't come home, motherfucker, fucker, you ain't invited. Too dangerous, too fucking dangerous. You can't you can't come back. You can't come see my mom every Christmas since I was zero. Well. One, I don't know if, but do you hear what I'm saying right now, there are people that have been going home all fucked up, a meth and shit, and now they can't go home because they're because the families are like, yo, you're going to kill baby chasey, bro.


Because you you're you can get sick, bro.


Yeah. Arizona is going Foxboro like I did. I just like what's up, Arizona?


You guys are open and they cheer for like 11 minutes, purposely sneezing on each other like they're just like like fuck it was fucking gross brothers sharing drinks and fucking I was like guys like no. Like let me put it this way.


If one person in that room had it. Everybody, let's be if I can say that, actually that's fucked and I'm Gentex, it like is it like a South thing like I don't know but they don't give a fuck. They don't give a fuck. I know. Like three people while I was visiting, they're like, yeah, I've covered.


They're going to stay inside for a couple of days. I don't know, fucking weeks motherfucker.


We end up seeing. Do you see him in person or those people. Not fucking OK.


I don't know. I had it. And guys, I'm trying to get why I still can't smell anything. That's it. Guys, this is what did you hear what he just said.


This is what he got too many times mean. We do have we do have a test on it. Should we should where are you going to go. My nose. Yeah. Great. No, no, no. It's it's blah.


I grabbed the butwell without a second. It's all fun and games until George tests positive right here.


Right now. Well that's fine. That would just tell me then call then I just go home and quarantine myself. Listen to me for saying we're being responsive.


You're smelling is still affected. Yeah. Dude, it's sad. I've never got to smell what my puppy smells like still. Ever, ever. I do want to be clear that we're not we're off the jokes, you know, on my mom's life, because there's a lot of people out there that are very much like Arizona and are, you know, the at death rates point zero fucking two percent man.


And now have my friends. Yeah.


You know, I'm saying, yeah, guess what, dude, you're not ever going to smell your fucking friend's hair again, you know what I'm saying? Pheromones. Yeah.


Yeah bro. Is that are you being fucking dead on. Yeah. It hasn't affected me just yet. Hey that's the stimulus hasn't hasn't affected me just yet when it comes to like mental state because like I thank God I could see in here. I think those are the two things that I like. If I lost any of them.


OK, but if you had to lose one, which would have been why I would want I would want to lose my hearing like you want to lose here.


Because if I had to choose if I had to choose, I don't want to. I'm just saying you make it sound like you want to keep the visual. Yeah. Yeah. I just so I could see and not hear you guys. I feel like like listening to Mike and you so you'd rather look at me when you guys fuck you.


You're a beautiful guy that knows that does it for you. Listen to me bro. You'll never smelt. The only way I could see this would be good. And you have a girlfriend will never happen is if you got hooked up with a chick with like a stinky box and you're just hooking up there and she's like, I'm really sorry. Like, I have this infection this week and you're like, I can't smell nothing. No, no, nothing.


My girlfriend Killelea shit on the floor and I have no fucking idea.


Like, I'm so glad she's not paying attention. Yeah. Let's go. Can you zoom towards girlfriend with a dog?


It's important that we see exactly what's going on over there. I was talking about you shiting.


Do just that. Just don't worry about it. You can watch the episode on YouTube.


Do you want to know why time is out right now? Because he just found out his dad has never smelled them before. You do. It's like it was breaking news.


So we. Yeah, we don't know the long term effects. No, but there is one effect that scares me. So every once in a while, like every three days, the whole day, I would smell something like fucking gross. Gross.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah.


Like there's oh there's I'm not kidding. There's days out of the week where I will not eat anything because if I smell anything will make me gag.


Oh yeah. That's the I don't want that. Just smell farts every one and three.


Oh it's worse bro. It's fucking worse and it's like yo and let's be like a porta potty like everywhere.


Let's be honest, there would never be a worse time to get covid than like the week before the vaccine comes out.


Like if you if you ain't taking that show, let's talk about it. About a fuck that Pfizer shipping them out to company on fire trucks, on airplanes. Vaccines are arriving in Canada.


I think some of the first first shipment to the UK is on. If I got a FedEx from Jesus Christ himself, maybe, but like you would, you're not going to take the call now. I'll tell you why.


Now you have the antibodies. Well, all but supposedly they're only good for six months on the can we can we set this up a little bit more to. Yeah. So so the UK rushed approval before the US. They and got an earful from the FDA and the FDA said you pushed us too fast. You can't get it approved. Now, the FDA goes in a perus from Pfizer as well as another company. And I believe the rollout has started getting thirty thousand dollars.


Yeah, yeah.


And I know front line workers, front line workers and of course, the White House staff, which, you know, people are fucking up in arms about because, you know, they want to go to events. They want to go to an Arizona see Joe Kois perform. And now they're all getting vaccines before fucking doctors and nurses. Right. I've been seeing some of the side effects. Well, already.


Well, not well, not personally. I haven't seen them online.


Well, Bell's Palsy is one of the is one of the side effects that the people that were involved with the clinical trials is facing. Can you pull up? Wait, did they say they couldn't trace that vaccine?


Bell's Palsy, please. What is Bell's palsy by the condition that causes the temporary weakness or paralysis?


The muscles in the face for how long?


Pull up. Pull up vaccine. Bell's palsy. I'd love to. I'd love to pull up the exact situation. I was reading about your.


Why you shouldn't be worrying about getting yourself says it says it says you won't get it, why you shouldn't worry about it or maybe you will get it, but you just shouldn't worry about, oh, four people out of the twenty two thousand so that there may be a picture of the people that got the bills.


No, there's no chance to look at me and grab a pic while you're there. No. The pictures of the people. Wow. OK, so it is temporary. It is temporary.


And someone also asked me, ask me this, I was fucked up. But do people who have faced forget it. If you already had Bell's palsy and you got.


I see where you're going with it. What I say first I say drop it and it's a touch you hold up. But it says this is consistent with the expected rate and the general pop, and it's not strong enough correlation to prove any casual connection, a causal connection between the vaccine, the condition. So so maybe it's not a case.


So why don't you want to take the vacation, the vaccination while he's on vacation? I don't know, man. I don't.


I don't I'm scared of that shit, dude. I don't like I like my body to heal itself. And if I'm healthy enough like I had it and I recovered from it, I want my body to do its thing on its own.


Before science comes in, I'm going to say that you're an anti back. I hate your narrative. You. Oh, well, here, here's the thing. The polio vaccine.


I think if you're scared and you want to get it, then by all means, please, God, go get it. This is coming from the do the got chickenpox last year. I got chickenpox. Did you get chickenpox. I did not get chickenpox. I made it up. Oh.


You should have just agreed with that one with a lot of anecdotal story. But but listen to me dude. Anti vaccine. That's scary.


Broad scares a lot of people because I know you risk what have you risk, like, you know, you're just hanging out at the fucking playground.


You probably wouldn't be. What are you saying? Like, if, God forbid, I gave it to somebody, OK, if somebody was scared of getting it, then they should get the vaccine. I think anybody who's scared of it should get the vaccine. But if I choose to not want the vaccine and I catch it or somebody else who chooses not to get it catches it, that's their responsibility. They chose that life. What if you gave it someone and they die and it's someone's grandmother?


I mean, listen, I could be driving accidentally hit a red light and kill somebody. So why not smoke crack? Because I don't like it. But what if you just run into a car accident? I have insurance. Have you ever felt like murdering someone like. No, but yeah. No, no. I mean, they'll be fucking weird if I said yeah and then like a couple podcasting guys, like, I wouldn't kill Hitler. Like, who the fuck.


Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't want to kill anyone.


This is a this is a crazy number, but it probably you would you feed me the tigers. Never would you feed him is not a cool cat.


That's why you would feed me to tigers. Great way to dispose of a I don't think the Tigers could get you through that jacket.


Can we please can we please stay on the sauce. If you had to present a card to get into places to ride the bus to the go to the local theater to go enter the club and you present your covid vaccine card.


Yeah. And it became a necessity. Yeah. Would you do the vaccine shrimp strictly for convenience? I mean, I could probably bootleg one selling fake I.D. at all.


You just feeling. I know because they'll have QR codes on them. I guarantee they'll have some crazy shit with QR codes on it that you can't just fake IDs, fake covid vaccine cards.


I don't I bet the vaccine is going to have some sort of test and a 15 year olds could get into a strip club.


I could probably get into this. It sounds crazy.


By the way, can I get in trouble for saying everything looks good so far? We're getting in trouble for tonight. Listen to me. This hardcourt, this is already happening. Yeah, there are. I just saw a performer. I think it was it might have been bad, but I don't remember who it was the other day that you would need to show proof of your vaccine to go to his shows. Yeah. Yeah. And so you can actually if you looked at it.


But but this is something that the fringe right. Yeah. And I'm sure the fringe left has feared for for ages. Yeah.


There was going to talk about the zombies for sure this time of year. It's that this pandemic was going to get created. It wasn't going to have any really serious effects like it is going to have a point zero one percent death rate and that the government was going to come out and be like, yo, you know, we've got this this this vaccination. And then the and then all of a sudden they were going to start rolling out rules. Know, if you're a U.S. citizen, you will you know, if you have a green card at first, you'll be deported if you don't get the vaccination.


And then it just continues to fucking right and then it continues to roll in. At the end of it, they're like, yo, like your tax rate has is is eighty two percent.


If you don't get the vaccination, then you find out. Then you find out that people that got the vaccination started acting a little bit differently. People that were people that were outspoken against Trump started all of a sudden not being so outspoken against Trump anymore. It was almost like all of those ideals that they had in their head started to slow down a little bit. Alex Jones started to play by the rules after he got the vaccine.


And Ben Shapiro all of a sudden thought that socialism was good after he got the vaccine and that he him was a cool pronoun to use.


And all of a sudden, all those people with those crazy ideologies started acting much more tame, tame and yo.


And I know it sounds crazy. No kind of audacity. That's the shit that I'm scared of. So you're saying the covid vaccine is a mind control vaccine? Potentially.


I mean, I think if it God forbid like this like this is my conspiracy on it a year injecting these people, but we don't know. Listen to like, how are you giving us something to protect us from something you don't even know about? Like, they don't know that much about it. So how did you find a cure about it? So my thing is. I think this is like this is really fucked up for me to say in my mind, it's like population control.


I think there's going to be like something like 10 years from now. I think it's a side effect from that.


And then people are going to go, OK, OK, stop, stop. We have to stop right now. And I have to roll this back to where it will be. OK, we are we're this is we're having fun. We can't they cannot look at this and be like, yo, they're trying to talk to General Gen Pop out of fucking get in Jackson Hole. And I know I know you're not. And I'm like, oh, we can't be the only people thinking these on just because we're vocal about the idea that the cholera vaccine.


Could be some sort of mind control to make you a more tame member of society doesn't mean we're not telling you to take it. Obviously, I'm going to inject your arm this I'm going to go with this random medicine that the government says, are you?


Yeah, dude, bro.


I know. I know. What are the side effects? Like a like a like a weird. Like you grew a third arm. Here's why. Here's why I would do it. Because I'm a sheep. And if they tell me, yo, you got to go into the club, you need to the vaccine, I'll big bad boy right here right now.


I don't give a fuck and it'll be something like a war like nothing even that's about like what these members are gonna see. My friends remember the guy in the meet, my friend, please remember the guy in The Matrix just watched all three. Of course I do. That that just said I love the steak. I love that he loved the taste of steak. And they're like, we could get you out of here, you know that. You don't have to leave here, bro.


And he's like, oh, no, no. He wanted to stay in. Right. He that guy want to stay. And he just wanted to be made big in the Matrix money, all that shit.


I'm saying, fuck away. Give me the snakes and matrix me bro. I don't give a fuck about being a sheep. Me and this kid want to just go to the club, buy me and this kid want to go to the club. If in ten years his head starts to fall off and I got to carry it around in a satchel so we can go in there. I don't give a fuck because it's going to be a Louis Vuitton satchel, bro, but out of necessity.


Which is why I asked you out of necessity, if your life becomes overly complicated because of your stubbornness to refuse to get to the get the vaccine and comply. Would you do it? I mean, listen, I'm not here to cause any problems. Me feel like I'm not here to cause problems, like I am just worried about my well-being and my family's well-being.


So as long like if I if I waited like a year or two and everybody's like, all right, we're good. No one's dropping dead from this, then, like our mom, you go first.


Now, that's not the mom part, but that I can get behind. I don't want to be the first round. Yeah. Like, I want to see if I want to see if somebody grows like a fifth dick in the first couple of weeks. It's been like that for like a just a strange dick that just starts growing out of the right temple.


Like if that starts, like if Tim Dillon's coming on the show this week, I got to ask him if he got the vaccine and he comes and sits down, he's got a dick coming on his face. I'm not getting the fucking bag. I'll join you and your fucking outdoor shed that I was. You want to be a dickhead. You are incredible. That's why you're funny. Thank you.


The vaccine, right. The vaccine is really.


Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Stop. What is the most important people. Stop. Let me stop everyone. Danny. Danny just made a point. She said, well, this is. This is government shit.


They're rolling it out to the military in the first line. Workers first. So it's got to be safe. Do you know they tested acid on tear gas, mustard gas, the military. Why they were the first fucking people that fuck marijuana. Yeah, every psychoactive drug it's ever been tested. Cocaine, all of it. Yeah, sure. OK, I'm going to buy the word Hitler started that.


M.K. ultra drugs. It's not a conspiracy conspiracy theory.


No, I'm not. And what happens if they inject them was just water and then humans?


No, listen to me for the for the to test the efficiency. So they do get placebo efficacy.


What if the government. I don't know what is the government's on our side. Huh. No, no, no. No matter what they are they are going to say, what does that mean? What if the vaccine is strictly just that? It is that it probably is at nineteen. OK, virus. Can I just elaborate real quick just before anybody who looks at me like a crazy person? I'm not saying the government is coming after to kill us.


I just say they haven't made enough around you for sure. I for a Syrian boy like me, I don't want to die.


I don't want to die making sense, you know? I mean, like, let the other, you know, they should do. And this sounds really, really fucked up. But hear me out. I think they should test it on like the people on death row first.


I know that sounds. Oh, God, George, you can't. Kim Kardashian. No, listen, I'm saying like the really fucking like the Hitlers of the world, the people like the guy who is like, oh, he just we just found a guy that raped, like, all these little girls, like, tested on him for that.


Like, if he goes superpower's and now they're like super villains, all about the Earth and fire.


Dylan, what the fuck did you just hear? He's actually making a good point. Fuck. What if. Oh, my God, this is marvelous.


What if it gives a superpower power in the present day? Because it's a good thing our army had it first, then OK, what if it doesn't give them superpowers? Now we're back to square one. Wait, let me let me go back again really quick. This is tough.


This is why we didn't win the award, by the way. What the fuck what the fuck are we talking about?


We're exploring faster than it ever rolled it out before. And people were like, oh, yes, yes, it is.


Or did it just like, why are you taking so long to roll things out, bro? Help us fucking out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Think you can bro. The government. Can you can I borrow everybody with our tax rate. I could do where the fuck I want. I could get them up.


Do you know who the second people that got that MK Ultra tests or MPL just not a conspiracists documented. Anybody watching us can feel free to look up M.K. Ultra. That stuff has been declassified. This is real life shit. First people like I tested LSD, other mind altering drugs serum's. Where was the military, who do they roll it out to next?


Based on Georgia's last statement, people in prison, they were they they, you know, in a culture program, they were rolling out acid to black prisoners to test the efficacy of LSD in exchange for heroin.


Two prisoners, the U.S. government, two prisoners, yo, if you take part in our test of this, you know, very small mind altering drug called acid LSD, not going to do anything, like we're just testing it out.


We will give you heroin.


This happened like think so. Take drugs, so take drugs for more. So when people start questioning the motives of the government, it's not that far fetched. This was only 50 some odd years ago that they were testing LSD, not just on prisoners, not just on military, but on random U.S. citizens, pregnant women in San Francisco on acid, bro. Oh, my God. And just studying the books, they were they would sit in think was called Operation Bluebird or one of I can't remember which one, Operation Blue, you actually know.


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That's blooey to dotcom promo code. Logan Great. Etman, thank you.


I felt good today. That vaccine stuff is interesting, is a super, super interesting conversation that's going to touch every one of our viewers. And so I just don't know how you can not be having these types of conversations or at least thoughts with your friends.


And may I add one thing before, because I just want to make this very clear. When you're doing so many prefacing today, stop with the press saying, no, no, no.


I cut the prefacing. That's the fourth time I'm going to see the fucked up. Just say it.


No, I fucked up. I just want to I just want to correct some shit.


When I said let's do it on the prisoners, I wasn't like, line them up and do it unwillingly. Like, if they volunteer, that's the soul.


If I would if a serial rapist is like I'll do it like yeah, yeah, yeah.


I like regardless of what he did in his life, I don't, I don't want anybody to like torture him like. Yeah. I don't even know if that makes sense. I guess.


So to clarify just the fact that you know what that's like, that's like his version of me. You know, we've talked about it on the show before.


I said, oh, you just said you're not big on torture to George, not because I can't believe it.


I mean, the better under the Geneva Convention for sure. We should have a torture expert on the show. I'm not even kidding that do how do you do that type of job?


Oh, no, no, no. Not that not a torturer.


I'm saying someone who is like studied medieval torture. I thought you meant what he meant. Like we were going to pull a CIA black site. Like a black site. Oh, you do that too. We should do that. And he comes in. Do you? Huh, now, I couldn't I would I would I would take a vow, I'll say this right now, and I hate to fucking say that I would take a very, very, very short waterboard like like very fucking I'm not talking like for this show.


For this show. I wouldn't.


And we didn't even win the streamy. We get the money. We get the fuck. Little pompous son broke the fucking news event today, posted a photo of it and everything.


A little pump junior. Really little. So that's my question.


What is a tiny, tiny micro nano, even littler pump chode pump or is he a little pimp as drome call?


There's really no story there. Nothing. No, I mean, it's been a weird week for celeb Shila Bouffe.


The Buzz on The Daily Show.


I don't want to be. I don't want that. Wait, what? I love him. Oh, no, wait. Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well, actually, you know what? The reason I want to be an actor. Let me deal with this properly.


Let me set you up. Yeah. God, we're going to do it because he because of his reaction. I want because he doesn't know. So Shila Bouffe, Qalibaf Labov. Yeah. The the bus Chalabi. It was alleged or accused this week by Twiggs, his his wonderful musician girlfriend of a host of offenses ranging from, you know, sexual battery, assault. What what else do I mean. Oh. And giving her an STD, knowing, knowingly transmitting.


And she called them infectious. And not like romantically infectious and so and so when she says when she drops this, then Sia is that Sia as the singer, the singer comes out and says that she also was kind of like swindled into a relationship with him while he was married, I believe, to his old girlfriend, Mia, his who's who currently.


Long story short. He's very sick like he did, he's he's very sick, like and I think SEIA even said, like, you have to feel some compassion for him. And that's not to discount or say that he doesn't deserve whatever it is that is deemed coming to him. But, you know, he's clearly got some fucking issues, dude. He's got a major a major mental illness problem. And he's got major substance. He does. He does open about that to you.


Yeah. Oh, yes, he'll move that whole mosaic, all the Honeyboy Honeyball while we watch it was fantastic. Twiggs was in that movie. I think that's where they met. Oh, really?


Yeah. So this is God.


I hope this is why I hate being on the podcast is this I voice my opinion and I just got to get another preface. Just saying I'm OK with them.


These are touchy subjects, but I'll just fucking say, dude. All right, what do you hear? My thoughts.


I've learned very quick from being like behind the scenes and watching in front of the camera. When it comes to relationships, I feel like when they go public, there's a lot of one sided things. So I don't know what he did. And I don't think at any point should he ever be disrespectful or harmful to a female. But if a girl seeya said that she was messing with him while he was in a relationship, to me, it's like, what do you do?


Well, he said like he had like Kondor. I don't think he was very upfront, I guess, about the fact that he was still with me. Oh, well, he didn't calling it being a dick. But I think it's in this situation, it's criminal. I mean, I think when it becomes criminal, being a dick is just the is the lesser.


And hey, hey, hey, we've seen this story before.


How often do we see some some some fun all the time. Johnny Johnny Depp is the biggest submarine out with him, knows what's going on.


That's a absolute disaster. But I think I think the way that it was approached, especially by SIA, is like and also by Shig, I mean, Shyu was, you know. Yeah, his statement is pretty clear. Yo, like I'm not going to. Yeah. Look at look it up on Google Jakiel classic Jay Paul line.


Where do you want to know some of those on Google. And look it up. Go Google. Google.


Qalibaf responds after allegations surfaced in a lawsuit about hurting women shooting dogs.


Oh what's Jesus. What? I'm not in a position to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel. I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression. Only Rhasaan rationalisations. I've been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I'm ashamed of that history and I'm sorry to those I hurt. There's nothing else I can really say. Accountability, I guess, I mean, the only thing the only thing I would have added to it, because, you know, I've said things like that myself in my past and not online, but to people that I've hurt.


And generally, it's nice to have some sort of indicator that you're willing to do better.


No, I'm against that. If you know it and you're not acting on a way to fucking fix it, to me, it's like that's a fucking moot point. What if he starts acting to improve now, then yeah, there's I'm I'm not.


And if not, I'm always down when people want to, like, make a change in their life.


I fucking hate when people know that they're doing something wrong and they use that as an excuse, like get your shit together. You shouldn't be hurting yourself or people around you. But but that's what I'm that's precisely what I'm saying. So I think it's important that you you either make a statement to or start to do better. You have you have to start if he puts this statement out and then six months, because he's been fucking up for years since murders, assaulting people, beating.


So like you see this apology come out. And I think the biggest thing that upsets people about either Hollywood or even when you deal with someone who has an addiction and you've heard the stories before, there is no promise to improve. And that's what I just that's what I'm that's what I'm saying is accountability is actually super empty because all he's doing is going.




No, he's not. No, he's colonizing, which is great, but no, no, no. But he didn't. No, no, no. I don't even think. No, you did.


No, he didn't really apologize. What do you expect from me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, um. What what what do you want. Exactly. Exactly. And so like going in. But but what it does is it's it's kind of smart on his part because what it does is it buys him sympathy. And he's like I never said I was gonna do better. He's like I never said I was better. You saw my thing.


You just said I didn't. You saw my you say, you know, you saw my thing. You saw I died before. I didn't say I was going do better. So I'm still doing bad. I'm just I'm still running on that energy. You want me to do better when I'm I'ma do better. Tell you, y'all might start doing better. I'm not going to do better accountability. I get that vaccine accountability is cool, but that's that's fifty percent of the battle.


What's the other. You've got to work. You've got to put out a fucking work.


If I can wake up every single day and be like, oh man, I'm sorry for being a piece of shit, but like if I'm not going to fix that, like, that's bad.


It's not a good thing. And if you have two people coming down, fuck, I know.


And by the way, it's not fifty percent, it's a ninety nine percent is what you do that saying sorry is great but doing it again is ever is or not doing it again is everything.


Actions, actions speak louder than words. That is one of the most important fucking things. Like how many times you know these serial fucking cheaters. Bro, I'm baby I'm so sorry baby. I'm to. And they keep fucking doing it bro because got empty promises. It's about actions and you smile like shit on it because people are going to be like, well George, you don't know. This has been an industry for so long.


Seems like a perfect and you and I flew by your head but you wouldn't have noticed it.


I probably would have done so. What I was saying is I forgot what I was saying. Oh, yeah.


Like people are going to be like, oh, yo, you he he's been in the industry since he was a boy about the last week. Like I said, accountability. Why the fuck are you still in the industry? If it's if it's if it's destroying you, why are you doing another movie? That's a great that's such a toy.


It's hard to switch something. No, it's not.


It's all you know, I don't give a fuck if you're a shitty person or you're a shitty person. It's hard. He said it's high time, bro. It's not hard to not do another fucking movie. It's not hard and true. If it's breaking your mental and health, it's not hard. What if what if, what if what if we found out that you are to break any pattern? No, it's not. By the way, I'm not saying stop forever.


Get your sanity and check and then come back to work. Don't fucking be like, oh I have a problem and then go to set and listen. And I'm saying this because I love the guy. I've never met him personally, but I love his work. I hope that he succeeds in life. But that excuse of, hey, this is how I am. Fuck that.


If that's how you are keeping in check, go fucking fix yourself.


Get your shit in order. Come back to work because I want to see him in movies. I fucking look up to him. I love that shit. Yeah, you're selfish.


He listen he Georgias George is mostly right on it or one hundred percent. Right like yo at the end of the day like people taking that as that apology and saying like all right that's enough for us. Is enabling. That's enabling bro. That's not like yo at some point this dude has to go get help a long term fucking help if he has to go to a 90 day fucking rehabilitation facility and like George said, put movies on hold. I mean, listen, here's the deal, man.


When you're in that situation, you're either going to do 90 days in rehab or eventually you're going to do the 90 days in jail. You know, hasn't he already done. He's done a bunch of time.


Yeah, God forbid. Do they end up worse? That's what I'm saying. Like like, oh, man, it's no judgment. No nothing. But like, I hope I hope he's sixty. Oh, yeah. God help me. I pray that the talented motherfucker bro'town to motherfucker.


Speaking of talented motherfuckers, let's play a game.


OK, we're nearing the end of twenty twenty. A crazy or wild year. We're going to play a game called Guess the Google before you start that from the soundboard.


Yeah. Then you'd say let's do a segment. Yeah, you guys, guys, guys, guys. And I had it ready to segment and we're getting rid of a lot of things on the set too. And twenty one is going to be big, full revamp on the set. But we're going to play a game. Right. I guess the Google Google.


Tell me which one of these were the most searched recipes of the year.


The top search recipes of the year, the doll at Disney, Churro Salvado Bread Akia Meatball Whipped Coffee Hamburger Bun Chavel. I already know, I don't know. What what are you got, George? I got my money on Disney Channel because it's shut down and people are like, how do I how do I get to the happiest place without leaving my house?


I'll go I'll go with the whip just because of the way you emphasise it's the travel. No, it's. Well, that's according to the sheet that you gave me. Fucking Dylan.


You said here Schaffel's Dylan.


No, I think I you that's what the chocolate is like. Who's helping us? Dylan sour dough. Bread. I refuse to accept that, isn't it? That's fucking question. Fuck this. Fuck you. Dale, can we just agree that I was right. Yes. Tom searched.


Why of the year. Oh my God. Why is there a coin shortage? Why is TAC getting banned? Why is everyone buying toilet paper? Why were chainsaw's invented? Why do we have two numbers? I would say the last one would be my guess.


I'll take the last one. It's either tick tock or Kobe, I always say it's either tick tock or the toilet paper, but I'm going to throw my money on. Oh, fuck, you got to make. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Evidently, it's why was the chainsaw dude fuck you, fuck you all. That's not true. It does seem like a year where people would be interested in something like that.


How to lay was during childbirth, birth and the Scottish doctors who first made it. I'm sorry.


What oh. How is that literally possible to Scots to created the chainsaw way back 1780.


The chainsaw was originally invented to assist in childbirth.


Oh, well, it's a great tool for for the caesarean section.


I was a C-section became common practice. All fetuses had to pass through the birth canal.


Inevitably, inevitably, babies can become stuck if they're too large or in breech position, which is when they leave feet first in the womb instead of the usual headfirst position back in the 18th century, if a baby couldn't fit through or if it became stuck in a pelvis, parts of bone and cartilage were removed to create space medically known as symphysiotomy.


Now, to make the process easier to Scott surgeons, whether the chainsaw fuck, can you fucking imagine the baby stuck?


We see the head doctor, Jamie's hanging, hanging, hanging here through a fucking femur.


What the fuck is going on with the you? What the fuck is going on? Scottish people who chainsaw baby momma.


You know, Futura six baby momma is a shit. You not you not. I know you are expecting that.


Check the top search definitions of the year. Quarantine antebellum entanglement. Bringing back Cemp Furlaud.


What I googled furlaud once once is here.


Everyone getting furloughed. I got to Google it. I'd say. I'd say what. You're right my friend. Nice zoop. You're right.


I was going to say what your wife is right now your gets. Oh we're not.


Why don't you just go ahead and do that like you just did. That was great.


That's cool. I don't like that game. Okay.


You were wrong. Every question. That's no problem. I don't like losing either to eat.


I'm fine with it. Talk to who would you lose the other award too. That wasn't the one someone.


Oh, I'm a James. No, James. First person. First person. Yes. She didn't deserve. She's great. She does amazing. What the fuck is up with their videos. How how are they going.


They just capture you know, they just, they just take you in Baghdad back in the saddle. There's what. She's funny. Yeah. Yeah. Now, just speaking of great creators, oh. David has done it again. What to do, David is done it again. I can't believe he's got is puzzling at this point. Well, what do you do? What do you mean?


David Dowrick created what is called the hundred thousand dollar puzzle. This is brilliant. Check this out. It's a puzzle that costs thirty dollars. Buy for your friends for Christmas. Not going to ship till January 25th. We bought one, but buy it for your friends or I buy it for yourself. 30 bucks.


And the puzzle is a QR code, right?


You are complete this with a square is the restaurant. When you scan in the menus come up now the puzzles of QR code. So once you complete it, you scan the QR code and it tells you how much money you won, anywhere from twenty five cents to the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars. He has just over one hundred thousand, I think this was the number, just over one hundred thousand puzzle's at thirty dollars each.


That is a quick. Three million dollar bag for our friend David. I don't know what the cost of goods is, here's the issue. So I read an article here. David Dowrick has only sold forty two hundred puzzles so far. That was in the first 30 seconds. No, no, no, no total. This article is written here by puzzle insider Daniel Kim. You're you're on Twitter.


Not even question the question. And it's just really good to know that. Is that illegal?


Isn't that a form of gambling? Not if you add an entry without purchase. You can mail in an entry and an entry without.


Oh, shit, where we fuck stop you let you you plan to lead me into this.


Did you leave me, you fucking scumbag. You just stole your pills. Davidovich million knocked.


Not by the puzzle. I bought it. I'm trying to win the hunt. OK, can you imagine if you never. I'll never solve it.


All of it.


I puzzle's oh over the corners first we're doing them right now. We've been doing puzzles me in the gas jezebel. They're actually really fun to my puzzle. If you, if I'll do the puzzle for you, if you favorite puzzle I will put it together for you have to play a record player while you do it to the to go.


He said he sold seventy five hundred in the first hour. Ah yeah. Possibly means almost a quarter million. Possibly seventeen thousand. But Butler said, no, no, I mean, the marketing scheme is perfect, right? It's a fun game. Oh, look. Eighty five percent profit margin. Yes. Fun game. It's fun.


More and more than that. It's fun. You know, these what? I don't know everything, but. No, no, but I mean, the kids.


Just the kids just. He's sharp, dude. I even I even did a Tesla giveaway yesterday.


I saw that.


Yes, I answered it, by the way. Oh, I can't wait. I don't know. I think people would be very upset. But congrats, David. You done it.


You done it again. What's the alternative way over on your your. That's the giveaway.


Yeah. We haven't gone this week to talk about his company. Energex is really cool. He's part of the renewable energy revolution.


And and he's the guy he's the fucking guy who said he's going to let me live to one hundred and fifty. Well, not let me at least not God. Right.


But he said he has the tools. He has a facility where he it's not open yet. He aids elderly and living till there are a hundred and fifty years old.


Basically he's got it all.


They take people at retirement age like 65, 70, wealthy, obviously affluent individuals who are looking to drastically extend their their life here on Earth, obviously, because, you know, where else would you live by spending money on living at a facility that renders crazy care.


OK, stem cell shared.


Yes, well, all of it. Lazar's when is it coming on?


I think this week.


Do we have we have an action packed week of gas. Should we just blow load right now and just tell them that. Sure. Well, are we doing this all this week?


Yeah. You know, thanks for letting me know.


I mean, we're filming my ten shows that it's in the group shot.


Well, thanks for fucking tomorrow. Tomorrow is Tommy Lee from my. Oh, tomorrow's nothing. The day after is Tommy Lee for Miley shut down at some point. Let me fucking have it at some point this week.


Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, America's bad boy, probably one of the most sexualized party boys of all, the man, the legend, Tommy fucking Lee, Whitney Cummings and Tim Dylan, a combo show to be nuts.


And we actually. You don't miss out on the show. Were you telling me it was in a statement or a question, you just said it like this, you don't want to tell them on the show? Like, what was that while you guys referencing Andrew Sholes we'll be back on this week? Yeah, I shows very comedian every week and and then teacake. Yeah. Shockingly strongly. And then, of course, this boy's on the episode that you guys have been enjoying up until this point, of course, where we've you all fuckwit eggnog.


I do have a copy of it to feel festive. OK, so I'ma ask you some questions here, because you don't fuck eggnog, I don't notice your lack of response and I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. Ask me again if I could. Eggnog, you know, like eggnog. No, I'll talk to you, OK. All right. I'll be over here on the side. No, I'm coming back to you back. OK, well, I love eggnog.


I love eggnog.


Spiked eggnog, normal eggnog, eggnog, eggnog. We love you, Nogi. I'm fucking.


Yeah, OK. But why is it seasonal, why is it a seasonal drink? This particular time of year, winter comes around Christmas time, all of a sudden the eggnog starts showing up, all a sudden it's in my fridge and I'm drinking all of it.


I'm fenland for it, but why can I only drink it and thoroughly enjoy during this part of the year? Like, what is it about the winter that makes me feel like this is the drink now?


Why do I not drink it? You know, it's thick.


It's got a taste that lends itself very much so to to the you know, to the festive. No, see, have you have you linked taste with time?


Is that where you were going with this? I don't know. This is honestly, listen, like, yo, if you.


I can't I can't come up with one like this, I say pumpkin latte, if you give me a chunk of turkey, a chunk of turkey, like a, you know, white breast chunk a turkey, I'm at the Thanksgiving table with my family. I don't give a fuck where I am.


No, you have to eat here. I'm in fucking Baghdad, bro. I'm automatically transported back to be sitting in front of my good old Grandma Jane in Baghdad. I thought you said Baghdad. I was like, is that your family or my family?


But you know what I'm saying? Look, of course, those foods is you give me bro. Perfect example. You give me a candy corn, you give me a fucking candy corn in July. You're right. And I'm at a swim party. You're right. All of a sudden I got a skeleton outfit back country bitch. Like I'm at your fucking door. Do you know what I'm saying? You're right. But but but but. But I'll even go ahead and raise this flag as well.


So candy corn is a little disgusting.


Polarizing also to please. I fucking hate you. Oh, my God. Do you like candy corn? No, no. I'm a normal human being. OK, good.


Because there's some this is going to Kriegel. I know the fuck. Some people come back, come back to me.


It gives me a headache when I eat. It gives me a real bad headache. Every time I had those candies in my hand. I don't even want to say the word. Anytime I had those, I'll just throw them at people.


Oh yeah. They're good for oh so good. They're shaped like. That's so good. You have a flag. No I'm a red flag.


There is also like a candy candy corn, a candy that I enjoy. How come I only eat it during Halloween is because it's only available during Halloween. Why do I not seek it out year round. It's marketed that way like a candy cane.


I really love eggnog. OK, there's no reason I shouldn't be drinking eggnog year round. I love it more than this. Probably one of my top three favorite drinks.


Hey, man, no one's stopping you. No, no. I just never thought of the question he's asking is valid because when you go to your grocer, like even even eggnog is the kind of thing that makes you want to call the supermarket a grocer, like, you know what I'm saying?


Like when you go to your local grocer around Christmas time. Twenty five percent of the dedicated milk cooling units are now cooling eggnog.


You'll notice that it's hit the shelves in a major like like a Trillanes album.


But they still have a year round. They just don't have a I don't I maybe know what they got it like hidden behind the U-Haul or some shit.


Well, as a man whose Middle Eastern my father is a liquor store, I know about shelving. Well, what if it's a higher demand? You're going to get more of it. No, they're definitely weirdos like Logan that's going to want in February. You can surely order a Shirley. Surely you do that, Shirley.


Order it from a mass producer.


Eggnog has been causing problems for some time. Yeah, OK. Seriously, I'm not the only one raising these causing problem.


The eggnog riot.


You heard of it? No. Yeah. Now you have sometimes known as the grog mutiny.


Oh my God. The grog mutiny was a riot that took place at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, on 24th and the twenty fifth of December 18. Twenty six. It was caused by a drunken Christmas Day party in the north barracks of the Academy. Two days prior to the incident, a large quantity of whiskey was smuggled into the academy to make eggnog for the party, giving the riot its name.


The riot eventually evolved more than one third of the cadets.


By the time it was ceased on Christmas morning, a subsequent investigation by Academy officials resulted in the implication of 70 cadets in the court martial of 20 of them in one enlisted soldier, they found broken plates in the barracks.


Wow. And also, I heard it was one of the contributing factors to grandma being run over by a reindeer that said that to Santa was fucked up.


So there's something else similar to that.


I was watching the show the other day and on because the riot during the riots of 1820, Prague, Munich and the great show on Netflix the other day about the nineteen fifty one point cent is saying to spree mass poisoning in France similarly.


On a random day in a suburb of of of of France, a random suburb of France with just a few thousand people that live near the town, people started hallucinating in a mass in mass numbers, seven of whom hurled themselves out of windows to their deaths. So I knew it was they called it a mass hallucination event. And they're looking back at it now and the common believed situation at the time was that the bread, the majority of academic sources accept, ergo poisoning as the cause of the epidemic, which which is a bread poisoning.


It's a it's a naturally occurring situation called ergotism that exists in bread when it's produced that could create this kind of madness. Now, they traced back to the bakery. They traced back to people who worked on the bread. And those people assured that this could not have been the case.


So now it was the vaccine. I'm going to full circle your asses right now and do it. There are scholars that are theorizing currently and this year and this is what the documentary was about, that the US government had predated the MK Ultra program by testing LSD and pre Asprey lying.


Not fucking you're lying. Entire documentary about it on on their Netflix or serious dead fucking serious.


There's a scholar who believes just put it in bread, put it in your local assets test.


The US government said, OK, we're going to they a city in France and said this is our new test test. They showed up, fucking injected the fucking bread with LSD. People start killing themselves and they studied from afar. Test failed. Well, I mean, to what extent will the death that's I'm going to say this and it sucks to bring it back.


That's that's called that's called collateral damage. US government says a cost of doing business, the cost of doing business. Seven French people had hurled themselves out windows, but the US learned a shit ton about LSD potentially from this program.


I feel like window. Yeah, there's a point, say, a spree that they called it the madness. A mass hallucination event in nineteen fifty one hundreds, hundreds went mad and didn't recover for for one who didn't sleep for almost forty days because of, because of what he saw. He said his daughter was pulling hair out of her mouth that wasn't there and seeing Beest all around her. And he didn't sleep for 40 days and a bunch of people threw themselves off of fucking roofs and out of windows, got.


Falls into the category of things you hate to say to see it, a, ah, that that's terrible.


That's like if I can just imagine one day I was leaving the podcast also fucking dragons or in the street were like, whatever.


The only thing I will say is it's got to be I mean. Avoid carbs at all. I mean, come on. Everybody's getting a little bit or he's right and they aren't paedo, never would have been.


PornHub announced the removal of all non verified uploads. I was supposed to call the girlfriend for a for a take on that doesn't care about porn film and upon the millions, millions of videos on PornHub taken down in an instant.


You know why there is this? There's one of their steps towards becoming a more responsible platform.


Yeah, there's some mega backlash about some really fucked up shit that was that was living on PornHub and Visa and MasterCard actually refused to process all their credit cards.


Yeah. So, I mean, what does that revenue look like beyond, like, numbers that wouldn't make sense to the average viewer?


What, tens of billions of dollars? What's what's the average fuck? What's the annual revenue for porn on our mind?


Geek in general, Bill, billions of dollars. I mean, the porn industry as a whole is in ninety eight billion dollars. Yeah, yeah. But you can imagine you can imagine that that was massive.


Huge. Yeah. OK, ok. OK, so you're saying it is a big massive.


Yeah but but it's, but it's what was it on there that they didn't like. Dude there's been child pornography. Sure. Yeah. Why not.


Because anyone can upload it at the time up until very you know the past week anybody could upload and also making it equally to. Yeah, yes, I'm ready to, but I mean, much, much different user base, but but similarly, you know, traumatic is, you know, the first wave of of, you know, Internet porn stars videos were able to be downloaded very easily and then put anywhere else on the Internet. So if you ever want to say, like, you know, I hate to bring it back up, but like someone like my girlfriend who has a past that Israel would love to do anything in her power to wash it clean and to move on with their life and, you know, hates the fact that she got put in positions that she did and put herself in some of the positions that she did.


You were able to do you up until very recently, you've been able to download any video on the save it, share it anywhere all over the Web. And so what used to be a simple contact trace back to PornHub to eliminate the main source of that content spread like wildfire now. So now they've made it. They've made you unable to download videos from the website as well.


OK, interesting. I'm glad to see they're taking the necessary precautions. So do you think Visa and MasterCard will ever return? No. Right.


They know that they're going to make so much money.


Yeah, because think about how much money they Soza is OK just to make a statement and took the necessary. Yeah. They don't want to be caught in the collateral of it so yeah that's. Yeah. But they're not going to refuse money bro.


That world is so dirty and I know, I know like we haven't been doing as much like adult film stars on the show lately, but we should, we should bring on like somebody from the.


Do we just know. I know. I know. I know. But I said as many because remember when we got off to a crazy start. Yeah. But like the business side, my my my PR team said no more.


They said no I remember no more. Yeah. Yeah. But they said it just like that. I don't know. But I mean people from the not porn stars, somebody that's never had their dick, I mean like actual like they're just such a dark place, so bad, so, so bad that I'm okay with not promoting it. Promoting it. Oh cool. Oh of course. No we're not.


We would never. Yeah. Who. I couldn't it's.


Oh it's horrible. I'm not judging them on their decisions, I just don't want to like put it on a pedestal even though that's not even the problem.


The problem is not the people who are making consensual decisions and who are who are making money. It's there's just a shit ton of really, really nasty shit that goes on in that world that has to do with sex trafficking. That has to do with age and saying, yo, if you don't do this fucking sex scene, like we're going to ruin your life, like there's a lot of shit that goes on with these girls that they end up doing having to do stuff that they don't want to do, like there's forced sexual intercourse happening in the world of porn.


It's a it's a terrible, terrible place. Porn.


I mean, I just think porn in general is not a healthy like outlook, you know?


I mean, it's going to I don't think if you're mentally I always see this, but if you're mentally training yourself to like, look at because when you look at girls, you're not looking at one video and calling it a day, you know, I mean, like you're looking at multiple women and then fast forwarding to your favorite positions and stuff. So you're training your mind to just rapidly go through so many girls. So when you commit to one girl, it's going to monogamy is going to be a problem, going to be hard.


So, like, I don't encourage it. That's why I quit it. And honestly, it's it's helped a lot. Doesn't doesn't make me like it sad because, like, you just train your thoughts to always be so sexualized.


I don't like even even Instagram. I unfollowed a lot of girls because I'm like, yo, you guys are like posting a little much like it's well and you and I and you're you're so right.


You hit the nail so much on the head with that one.


Like I think when you're in a monogamous relationship and you see it never used to be like that. Right. Like you would have your wife, you go to work and maybe there's like two or three assistants that you see throughout the course of the day or like somebody that like, you know, throws a look your way and you avoid them at all costs. And then you go home and you're back with your wife. But now with the amount of just digital.


Like Canterlot know, like tantalizing like stuff out there, it's like all you see all day is just is like people that have been turned into just asses and tits on a screen, you know, and it's like it's like Instagram feed in general.


It's it's crazy to me, like 15, 16, 17 years ago, like. That, to me, was pornography, like if you grew up, like I remember my dad had a Pamela Anderson spread one, there was one like, what do they call centerfold? Yeah, I know. It's like a porno nose, like a name for a playboy.


Yeah, it was something like that magazine in the centerfold, Pamela Anderson. This one this one folded out. Right.


Not just not just the page one by the magazine. And she was laying down flat.


You saw a little butt crack, just the top. Right. And her underwear was just taken off. Her boobs were pressed up against the floor. So no naps. And that was the thing. Yeah. That I was like, oh, my God, I like that was my that was my masturbatory material for a year.


Like I take out the centerfold. I love the double flip man emphasizing because it was so big.


Yeah. And now you open up your Instagram page and. That's that's the Explorer page, if you're appropriate, if you're a model and you're doing like cool like artsy shots and stuff like that, like I get it. It's art. If you're a model, that's your body and you want to promote it.


But it's but the end of days, like, what are you leaving? And I might sound stupid for this. What are you leaving for your husband or your wife. Like what? What is so sacred or secret for your guys relationship if you're putting it back to fuck that brought, I'll tell you how you can subscribe to the only fence.


We had this conversation this morning. What is it?


No, it was just like I said to you, we're talking about this one girl you brought up.


I got this girl has a very poor understanding of what it means to be an Instagram model because she was.


Oh, yeah, she was emulate. Right, right. In the most sexual way. What she perceives sexy to look like.


And it's so sexual it might as I mean, shades drawn along her in dog possession with just her ass, like looking but like didn't didn't notice you there. You were behind me looking at my buttocks.


It's basically like a merge both points. It's a it's a very yeah. It's a fine line. And also at the same time it's like, you know, I think you hit it right with monitoring your consumption because you don't want to tell them not to get money. You don't want to tell them not have no right to tell them. Yeah. So you're thinking about it the right way. Like if you're a guy or a person who doesn't want to see that kind of shit.




Being a caring is not the answer he's asked for is the answer is monitoring your own life and making the decisions and fixes that you need to make to to limit your consumption in your own fucking life. You know what I'm saying?


Yeah, of course. I had this conversation with a lot of Christians because I tell them, like, hey, be careful how you talk to people because you could turn people away from God. Like if you want to live your life in that way, you don't be judgmental. Like people have their own ways of life. If if she or he wants to pursue that, God bless them, let them have their own lane, just choose not to consume it and also keep it to yourself.


You don't only reason I'm speaking up about it because I'm on a podcast for sure. There's nothing wrong. Yeah, but like, for example, I'm in a relationship. I chose to do that. And that was the post. That was a plus suffix suffix.


That's what we call those in the book world of I love you so both of you.


So that is precious.


So Suffix, you made the point first and then he was like, by the way, the reason I'm saying this right now is because of, I guess, self jorgy, we get it. That was like, well, that's how I talked to off of the podcast. Very. George belongs in the glossary, like he should live in the glossary in the back of it.


Dude, here's the thing. You guys have been on this podcast for like two years. I'm very new to like I read my DMS and sometimes I say stuff that really offends people. And I'm like, dude, that's not my kid trying to please everyone. I'm not I'm not naturopathy people.


But I also want to represent because everybody knows me on the podcast as a Christian man. Right. And I don't want to poorly represent Christ. We like I try to prophets because I'm not I'm not the best Christian. I'm just working on it. I had to make this very, very clear on my my stream the other day because people sometimes jump in my chat, be like, yo, why are you so mean to Joe? Why are you so mean to George?




You guys are stuff because of that statement. I'd like to see them off the. Can I go. I go, I go. Dude, we are fucking around. We are friends. We fuck around with each other like this is a just obliquely told me we need to change the dynamic between you and George. I mine Connor who he said, he said it's not work, it's not fun that you guys bicker. And I said this is fun.


I think this is fun because in real life with who says bickering is not fun, that's the best thing ever. I was my opinion. And he also said. That everyone is saying, I want to get my family. I know that he doesn't like it on the plane. He says some fucking dumb shit. He's the smartest dumb kid I know, but he's not bad said. But he says that I'm not. No, no, no, no.


I thought our dynamic number two. Number two, when you said we love you, Connor listens to every episode when you were talking about going through talking, going through your DNA. So even follow on Instagram, fucking Blakely on Instagram. I don't think he has insurance. I don't think he has Instagram. He got on Instagram. I think it's Twitter in real life. Follow him around about brand soccer and work companies, business, entrepreneurial ship. He's even got a book coming.


I won't plug that yet. Number two, you said going through not to interrupt you for a third time.


Sure. He does have an Instagram he goes out of at contemplatively. Here he is.


If you if you want to go get some fucking dumb advice, you just say the please. Can we just say the part?


I don't want to say I got to want to say, well, are you sure Kaiko or the covid Motor Voter, he OK, number one, he texted Lovegood and said, hey man, like, can I see his face?


Well, he said, we love this kid. I talk to him all the time. We love him. He goes, Hey, man, I know you got a big fight coming up. And that covid is a real concern for you. Let me just let me just run this past. You figure out what you think. If you purposely get going now, you'll have a six month window before you can get over it again.


And so you won't have to worry about it for the 45. Intentionally, what we call the how to survive. And then get the antibodies so we don't have to worry about it before fighting Floyd Mayweather, somebody comes, I think they go, Logan, I said, wow, you're fucking done.


Where is he looking?


Someone comes out of nowhere. How do you fuck up a selfie so you can see yourself in the reflection? I feel so bad. Go follow him on this. Once again, this is called bickering. This is called us fucking with people that we love is not a fucking love this final other.


No, George, you said you said you go through your DMS and you you see that there's people that have thoughts or whatever.


Yeah, of course. And there was another there was another thing that I came up with recently, too, and I talked to Logan about this this morning.


Yeah, that's previs. I don't know if that Phuket's that's my problem. Talked about how about we just stop fucking calling it out because it's not going to stop happening now?


I did a couple of times. No one caught it, though.


Yeah, no, I don't understand influencers, especially the ones that have started to make real money that give a fuck about what people think, bro. Like, I can't like I can't hear me out for a second was Azami. I know.


But I heard. I heard you thinking. I heard you thinking.


And you shouldn't be listening. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Can you.


Can you imagine. Can you imagine bro.


You're a massive influencer who is is making videos that are fun to make. Yeah. You're making money. You drive around a dakari a hot girlfriend, whatever. You get all the fixings of a dope ass fucking life. Cool. Some dumb ass is in your D.M. with 12 followers like George. The way you fucking spoke about this pissed me off. Yeah. And yeah.


I mean I got to ask you why you care man. And I cared for while I make, I make a fuck load of money.


I do and I'm in the entertainment field and I would somehow not hold on.


Just wait, wait, wait. Let me finish before you guys like always interrupt me.


I make a lot of money for sure. And I'm in this industry where I do have a voice that is listened to. But the day that I stop caring about one person because of their life, that they're living in their stature and the money that they make. And I judge them on their outlook, that's fucked up. That means I'm not caring for another human.


If I told you that your attempt to care about every Tom, Dick, John, Sally and Harry's opinion out there could drastically affect your output in this world, you imagine going through your fucking DMS and looking at what Jerry from fucking minutes, Jerry from Minnesota thinks about everything. And by the way, I'm not talking about constructive feedback. I'm talking about like you have a big fucking nose and I'm opening the thing like the Jerry.


You don't know what my nose has been through, which is a lot on that.


But I'm just I'm just saying, like, you know, these people and I'm and I'm saying I'm not saying to turn away constructive criticism. I'm talking about it's like these influencers that get really tied up in it.


And that's why you are you know, do you know what to make the snot comes out of your fucking nose. How how do you get like, I don't even give a fuck what people with audiences think about, let alone people without audio. I don't give a shit.


It's my my fucking outlook on it is going to be very cheesy to you guys. And it's the fact that I came into this world naked and I will leave naked. Nothing that I made or have is going to come with me. So if I could talk to as many people and get them ready for my afterlife, then that's how I look out.


You're telling me you talk to people in your DMS to prep them for your. Yeah, I want I don't people who hate and get mad or they're hurting.


It's off of it's off of like a like a fear, like an anxiety. Their depression. They're mad. No one lashes out. Yes. If they're happy. Right. So I will communicate with them and regardless of what they have fallen wise or money wise, like I'll have a conversation and mind you, I will walk away if it gets toxic, but I will give it a fair chance to see if they could look at people. Can you do that until I die?


My last breath? What about what about a project that makes an impact, that covers all of them? I put out a book that shut everybody the fuck up.


Like, would you ever do that? Yeah, I mean, I'll do that and continue to do my voice as well. Like, I don't know. I just I feel like, dude, like we're on this planet together again. I mean, like, if it doesn't matter what area life you are saying and making me sound like some sort.


I mean, man, you wrote the fucking book. Shouldn't this be in your outlook on life? That not that.


I'm just saying I'm not trying to be nice to hear that you're still trying to make me feel a little. I don't man. I fuck dude. I make Internet videos and this just happened out there or. All right, whatever. No, I hear what you're saying. I'm not trying to discount or minimize. I'm just saying, like, how do you to that? It's easy.


I just give a fuck about people's feelings. No, I'm not saying that to. But I'm what I'm saying is heavily affected. Like you you you have affected. Need more help sometimes. No. You, you do sometimes get affected. Yes, of course.


Thank you guys for listening to a policy. The number one podcast for maybe was right about the bickering boys.


At least I should have stopped that sooner, but I was busy sucking on this bottlecap. Yeah. What's that preference.


Your press. Oh, that was a preface. Fucking bitch. Should have just stopped.


I think we ought to give this guy.