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Is that Sean Mendez, those like Julian Bella ready to make what is going on? What is my Fatta doing here? And at that time for tonight was at added still peak was like, you know what?


I was like, I'm going to go up to girls, you know. You ever heard of Fortnights?


I'm I'm 42nd. I am. For I'm going to go back to your for night like it's a deejay name like Skrillex. Wow. You're fortnight. Oh, yeah, I didn't sleep at all because I have a severe case of food poisoning. Oh, no. What are you trying to get out of the bathroom at? Like, I've been in the bathroom, so it's real.


It's real serious.


I don't want to make this too graphic, but are you painting the toilet? I easiest way to put this so it's not too graphic, is I have become an inside out human, OK, everything that once existed within my body is now a part of the outside world. He's Pablo Picasso with the toilet that he's with the shades. Welcome back to a policy that No.


One podcast in the world. And that's facts. I Googled it yesterday. Oh, really? Oh, that's said number one. And then it filled it up for me. I just had no one in the news. Like no one really. Yeah, yeah. But he's not like so hit that subscribe button during the during the import of gang squad cars.


Go groom go. What's up guys? I'm great.


Check this out. Brand awareness. Boom. Now you're mad at me. Go ahead.


Yell at me or because you're plugging your brand on my account. Yes. I stole towards that whole thing that happened to us at one time. What happened exactly? Times have moved on.


We got a phenomenal guest. Great guests. Welcome. Welcome back to the group. It's Monday. We're going to kick this week's ass. I'm hot, I'm sweating. I'm drinking a lot of water. The doctor told me I've been drinking too much water. Did you know that's possible? Never. What if you drink too much water? Your brain can drown. How much is too much water, though?


Because, like, I'm drinking, like, I think multiple gallons a day of water. Look up how much water I'm in. I'm at about two to three. That's a lot to three gallons. Another two to three gallons. Thirteen point three leaders I think is the max before your brain starts to drown or something like that.


At what point are you thirsty under water intoxication, also known as water poisoning, which, you know, maybe that's what I have is a problem. It's scary for a lot of people. Water can be do you can you can drown on a teaspoon of water. You can drown on a teaspoon of water. Health, healthy kidneys are able to excrete approximately eight hundred millimeters to a liter of fluid water per hour.


Yeah, because because essentially what you're doing is flushing out all the good nutrients that are in your body. Oh, so you lose electrolytes. You're everything.


Everything you have you ever drink Pedialyte is on the day. Love Pedialyte. Yeah, it's great.


Hangover's Pedialyte, not a brandell. Go to CBS when you're hungover. Grab a Pedialyte down.


You'll be good to do it. I think that's what you should actually be drinking instead of like a Gatorade.


Yeah. Oh sure, sure. People have no idea how much sugars and Gatorade no drink like to Coca-Cola and that's a good story. That's crazy. Are you. Can we get a fact check on that. I don't know if that's true.


That's true. That seems a bit excessive. I mean, it's not it's not gators. Not like. Well I get that.


I get the fat one, you know, the big Gatorade, the water. That's kind of like it's like a chubby. My girlfriend my girlfriend Josie will only get the Gatorade with the SUKIE tops, what she calls it, the SUKIE tops. She can say, yes, I am good.


I got a guest today. He's one of the most prominent figures in the gaming industry with three million subscribers on YouTube and two million followers on Twitch, most famously known for dating Ariana Grande Day.


Please welcome the one hundred thieves gaming guru Jack Courage Dunlop. Yes, I do. A brother. How are you doing?


Thank you so much. Excitement for congratulations, man. I've waited so, so long for this. Yeah, definitely. Just celebrated by one year anniversary of my actual girlfriend yesterday.


I saw that actually. But yeah. Ariana, if you're out there, let's go out to dinner.


There's no more anniversaries. I have to say. One year was the man. I actually saw your volumes. Good. Everything's good in the headphones. Yeah, everything's great.


You sound nice and loud. Maybe you can turn them down like ten percent will turn down Logan like 80 percent.


Yeah. I didn't think I'm bad at talking ninety five. Ninety five I believe so. Yeah.


I saw actually your anniversary tweet their one year anniversary to tweet and as as I follow you everywhere. But I got say I'm, I'm a massive fan and I've been watching you just blow up over the past two years, just blow up.


And when I first started watching you, you were on the come up the cusp of the come up.


And I said to myself, this guy is such an amazing personality and he's phenomenal a game to like, where's the recognition?


And now it's here. So like it's the famous case of reality has caught up to to the the present state of your time.


Wow. That's a talent scout, but he's a great talent scout. But yes. But I did see your tweet yesterday, the anniversary tweet, and I took notes because it was so sweet.


Thank you. It was so sweet. You love this girl.


It was one of those where, you know, you started in the notes and then, yeah, yeah, yeah, you're checking the character limit and everything.


And they wound up working out. Well, I got some brownie points for it. Yeah. Yeah. I want to read it here already is. It can be embarrassing.


No, it's just you're a man of many, many facets and love is is definitely one of them. Matt, Maddie, your beauty work ethic and infectious laugh are second to none. You've pushed me out of my comfort zone countless times, made me a better man because of it. Souci Together we're unstoppable. Happy one year anniversary. I love you.


Now, if gaming ends up not working Hallmark like cards. Yeah, my mom loves Hallmark movies. Do what mother doesn't. If your mother doesn't like Hallmark, get rid of her. Get to know mom. Oh I don't know mom.


I could do that, but I found this fascinating.


Thank you. Yeah. Because you game and I've always found it hard. To balance girlfriend like real life stuff and gaming it is. And we asked Nature AC I'm sure you saw the episode.


How does Jack do it, Jack? How you do it? Because he got game.


Hey, well, I guess that's all right. I'll get brownie points to that, too. But no, I really don't know. I don't know how it worked out. You know, her lifestyle was really crazy, traveling a lot and going everywhere for her job. And we met prior to the pandemic, prior to twenty twenty, prior to even when we first met, we were just as friends for six months. And then next, you know, we started talking more and I was like, wow, I really like this girl.


And it worked out. I'm someone that is really like kind of calculated. And and every decision I make, I put a lot of thought into it and basically everything I do. So I had, you know, four years prior to it were for work. I'd moved cross country four times. Yeah. I knew I was in the place in my life to have a girlfriend. So when I got settled out in Los Angeles, I knew I was where I wanted to be.


That was in March of last year, that I was like, all right, time to actually begin to look like time to apply myself. I've never been on any of those dating apps or anything like that. I'm someone that I could be put in front of a brick wall and talk to it for, you know, write a six hours and have no issues.


So it's nice that you started out as friends because then you really know that person. Sure. You know, like when you start dating something like bullshit, like.


No, like, this is my first time here. You like your life. I've only slept like two people. You're fucking like I was in the room. There was only six guys there. You're lying. You're lying to yourself. You know that exactly how it started.


And I think that it worked out best for me. And next, you know, asked her on a date and somehow worked and I pay her fifty grand a month to be my girlfriend.


So maybe just like that. Really good. That's really thousand dollars cheaper than mine.


That is amazing. Deal. I got to get you. I got help. Yeah.




Does she feel threatened at all by your other girlfriend, Ariana Grande or Grant.


Yeah, I think that she wants to date Arianna more than me. So we've decided that if Arianna somehow comes back into our lives, fantastic polygamous relationships, like fully, you know, she'll just straight up leave me.


Oh, yeah. Her hope is that Arianna is kind of into that and she'll just leave me for her and I'll have to be happy for her. But if Arianna chooses me, then that's the way the cookie crumbles.


There's definitely a girl that she should be more worried about than Ariana Grande, and that is the Lamborghini that you just purchased. I have to pose this question to you right now, Mockridge.


If you had to choose only one Arianna or the Lamborghini, no, you're sweet, sweet girlfriend in actuality or the Lamborghini because you are in love.




With that car, I mean, shit.


Well, you get to choose who I am or the relationship is over. But thankfully, you know, I got the SUV, so it does fit a lot of stuff. So we can move Matty out of the house and do too quick.


We'll take it will take months to get. He's calculated. He knew exactly where I was going. How long did you want that car for?


I mean, we had laptops in high school and I knew that back in high school, like, you know, freshman year. Fourteen, fifteen. My background was like the Lamborghini logo. I always wanted one and knew that it was something that if I ever was in the position to get one, that was going to be like my big thing.


So, you know, year and a half prior when I first saw the Eurus, I was like, wow, I love that car. And then, you know, financial financial teams, investments, certain decisions and successes that went my way. And I was like, yeah, now we got the family taken care of. I'm invested.


I've got, you know, I've got stuff going for me that I'm going to do this because you only live once in this life and I'm not going to be fifty five and regret not being in my, you know, getting my dream car in my mid to late twenties and, and enjoying the fruits of my labor.


Love that.


Washing machine, the brand new album from the high priestess of Cool Machine Murphy. Featuring the hands in the air on them, something more. Machine machinery capable, available?


No, I, I hate applying materialistic things to goals, but it is so nice when you get that thing you've wanted for so long. It is.


It is. And, you know, I want that, too. I wanted to make sure that my audience knew this wasn't like an impulse decision because it's not a smart investment at all to buy a car like that.


No, no. But, you know, I bought it in cash.


I don't have six years of payments on it like they were. I was like, let me just see what they offer is a financing option. And they're like, yeah, you pay over 50 percent of it now. And then you pay a lot per month for the next six years of your life and you have to worry about it. And I was like, no, no thanks, actually.


So I got I got the privilege to drive one of these in Miami and it was actually fantastic. I so the Lamborghini.


Yeah, Rolls-Royce. I'm sure. I'm sure.


I think I think Porche, they all came out with trucks and what. Twenty was it.


Twenty, twenty, twenty or twenty one for this is the twenty. Nineteen was the year was the first year. Yeah. OK.


And I was just like every other kid you know. I've wanted a Lamborghini my whole life but I was sort of hesitant because Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, these are car companies, these are luxury hypercar.


I don't know about Rosamma, they're European foreign car companies.


And so I wasn't sure that the truck right off the bat, right the first round, right off the rip would be fantastic.


Like even the Kalinin, like, scares me to possibly invest in a car that does Rolls-Royce really know how to make a truck and you make you make this sixty, seventy years and goddamn it looks like they did it did a real good job.


So pretty. I did. So it's been great so far.


Have you broken the land speed record. Not quite yet. Not quite yet. But the top speed is one seventeen in a controlled environment. Definitely not on the highway on the way back from Napa.


It's it's so, it's so crazy to watch you get your dream car. And also outside of that, all the factors that go into getting that dream car, just watching your explosion this year. And as Logan talked about, people finally catching up to the to the freight train, that is courage.


How does it feel to be bucking the trend so hard in twenty twenty? And because I could relate to this a lot, what, twenty twenty is your year. Everybody is out there right now. Worst year ever. Every single thing has happened. The pandemic has, you know, has crushed the world and paralyzed economies. And you're just sitting over here just crushing. All the cards have turned in your favor. And it's just been an incredible year for you.


Yeah, it's definitely had its ups and downs, its fair share. But business wise, it's been a blessing for me. And I know a lot of other creators in this that, you know, short a lot is a lot of industries have suffered, but gaming is probably the number one industry that's, you know, had positive impact from what's gone on. So you have to kind of take it with a grain of salt. But I viewed it as, hey, now I'm home, everyone else's home.


So typically where you're like, oh, you know, school started or, you know, numbers kind of dipped during the week. I was like, wow, I'm going live during school and my viewership is up. Fifty percent war zone came out. Now, you know, I signed this deal with YouTube last year, which was a life changing opportunity. And, you know, the switch from Twitch to YouTube has been has been phenomenal. So now now it's just I mean, this this past week due to among us of that and that whole hype crazy.


It's been my biggest, biggest month since January twenty nineteen, which is my first real take off month with fortnight that now, you know, this past week I've averaged like just shy of forty thousand viewers a stream for probably like a lot eighty hours of content. So people are just loving it.


I, I think I told Nate shot this, I never really truthfully I never really and I'm sure there's a lot of people watching who feel this. I never understood why people would sit and watch other people play video games.


This was like four or five years ago before gaming live streaming really took off because I was like, yo, why don't you go play yourself like you're going to do something with video games, go play, go have fun, go play with yourself.


And then Ninja started popping off. You started popping off. And and I realized like like you guys are really professional athletes.


Like the the way you guys play these games is so entertaining, like I'll find myself now, like hopping on a stream and watching for 10 to 30 minutes just to get my mind off of whatever is going on.


Yeah. Streaming in itself, though, for me, when I tried it was so draining. It is. How do you have so much energy?


You get tired. Oh, for sure. I mean, I think that there's certain things that people are like born to do. It sounds really cliche on this. Like in life, like, man, I know I was born to do this. I was born to be a leader, born to do this sort of thing. When I started streaming, it was just like a natural fit for me. I love interacting with a chat, being able to improvise on the fly.


You know, something stupid happens in the game. Give a give a reaction. You know, it's all about calculating and knowing, like, hey, I know I'm about to have this. It's going to be a fail. I know what's about to happen. Let me act on it even more that when it does happen in five. Ten seconds, my chat then explodes and it feels really natural, like not like something that was kind of scripted in the moment, simply calculated.


But the Always-On nature, it is it's I mean, I think that that it's one of those things that now I'm almost kind of immune to it. I still love it. And I'm playing these games that at times it's a love or hate thing. So if there's days where I'm playing a game like, for example, war zone back in March and April and May, I was so in love with that game that I would stream 10 hours and then be like, fuck, I, I can't wait to go live again.


Like, how many more hours until I can go to sleep to then go live again.


But then now with my state of Arizona, my love for it, I'm like fuck this strain that used to be ten hours of no issue. Now it's two hours and 15 minutes in. And what's out?


Do I have to talk about, like, what's pushing you in that direction? Is it people coming at you with origins from the start? You guys got time to really do it?


No. I mean, right now it's there's this thing that really plagues games, in my opinion, called skill based matchmaking skill base match, which really pisses me off, which basically any time you're in the top, it basically ruins games for top 10 percent of people because instead of just going and matching people via a connection based matchmaking where it's like, hey, I'm this close to George, that's that's how close our connections are. So we have a good connection to each other.


Instead, it's like, well, actually, I'm going to go ahead. And even though George is right here and we're both searching at the same time because I'm in such a higher league than George. I'm sorry, George. I'm pretending like you're really bad at it.


I'm actually terrible that I'm going to go ahead and match the guy that's all the way in downtown L.A. just because of skill.


And you're going to have a three to four times worse connection to the game because so it's not even about the more skilled players battling each other that it's about it's about the connection. That's the start of it. So that's that's one. Then there's the instead of you're playing these games where Battle Royale, when you have one hundred fifty players, half the joy of it, as you don't know who you're going to run into next, you don't know if you're about to face Michael fucking Jordan or my fat ass and your next fight if this was basketball.


Right. So meanwhile, now every fight I'm getting into, it's people that are in the top 10 percent of these games. But then the issue is, I wouldn't mind it if there were something to show for it. So imagine if you tune into my stream and you're maybe a new viewer and you're going, man, why? Why is he getting shit on so bad? Well, if I play war zone, I can look at the top, right.


And it says, oh, this is a diamond lobby or a top one percent lobby to at least legitimize why I am in such a sweat fest and stressful environment.


This is kind of like am I might be wrong, but this is kind of like watching the Olympics and watching them running like it's not that big of a deal. But if you put an average runner next to me, like all these guys are fast.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure it's a really common complaint.


There's a lot of gamers talking about this. Do you think SBM like forces people to get better, though? I definitely think, like, the average gaming person is way better than back in twenty seven. 28 was playing like Halo three. Right.


But what I think it really struggles with burns people out way more.


It makes gaming a way more negative experience because you are not you can't like for example, a ten win streak is like some that just doesn't happen because three games and they put you in, there are papers coming out and things that haven't been proved it, but that are the studies that the skill base match making doesn't just put you in the highest lobbies.


It'll say, hey, you know what, on game four, he's doing so well that we're going to randomly pair him with two people that are actually worse than should be in his lobby, cut him off to basically sandbag him, to then bring him down, to then make it so that when he gets back into that normal lobby, it like like it's like a pit for your addiction. You know, it makes you keep playing when I watch you Ninja Tim the Tatman.


Yeah. And not really Tim. We do not like Tim kind of sucks.


They have this ongoing thing that's. Yeah. Seems pretty fucked in games at home is like Tim doesn't give a fuck what I watch to see all fucking poun newbies.


I want to see you destroy people like, like obliterate then it's my favorite because they don't stand a chance. Yeah. So this I totally see what you're saying just as an outsider, like how this could, you know, make it much less entertaining. Why, why is it doing that?


Do we know that it's not the only thing? I mean it's in games, it's in games called idiots. It's Apex Legends. It's a new league. But since for night. For night to be on. Yes, absolutely.


Yeah. So tonight, fortnights switch to skill-based matchmaking. So, you know, they're I'm sure they have more information and there's things that retain players better. It makes casuals probably the better experience, like the lowest level of skill because it caters to them instead of them going in and matching with a random hundred and fifty people were let's say there's two of me in the lobby that'll beat, you know, eighty percent of those newbies. Now they can just go one of these lobbies where everyone's playing with their eyes closed its base is the kind of skill level of it.


Yeah, but it really sucks for certain, you know.


Situations, another one for a creator is like there's moments where you might be joining in with someone who is a celebrity or has now caught on to your stuff, is like, hey, can we get some matches in so they can join up with you and you're excited for a great session together. But your skill based matchmaking, let's say you're in the bottom 20 percent, you get brought to my that's the big and that's the biggest problem because I watch you play with Dobry.


Yeah. You got a game with Dobrin and he brought RPGs out, which was a great thing for him because he ended up clutching a dub with the RPG, which is amazing to watch. But I deal with that too, because I play with people that are much better than me and their lobbies get based on their skill sets. So I'm playing Michael Jordan. I don't want to play fucking Michael Jordan. I want to play like like Scottie Pippen or somebody a little bit lower.


Yeah, well, there was an opportunity for us to play with like a massive level like dream type of scenario for a collaboration with a celebrity. And now we're talking about it. And while this is being planned, we were literally like, hey, we're going to make we're going to make set. We have to make second accounts. We have to make fresh accounts with no stats so that we have no one percent skill based matchmaking so we can have a pleasurable gaming experience, because if we don't, then that person that we play with is going to hate their lives for the two hours that they're there and then we're never going to play again.




You remember when you went to the arcade back in the day and you started a game and they would ask you, medium expert? Yeah, I think they should just do this. So that way your audience can see you playing the regular mode and then you could just do like, hey, if you guys donate to this amount, we're going to go to expert mode. And you know what the beauty of it is?


That's that's the difference between a social playlist like if you've ever played Halo, they had social playlists where you go in and match people of all sorts of ranks and just play fun little custom games. But then they had a rank play list where it was one to fifty. So if I was a 50 and I joined a lobby, my little cousin be like, yeah, you were talking shit. And my my cousin in and they're all like, twenty four hours.


And then I join in as a 50 and it's like, oh shit, this guy is a real fucking deal. He just walking big dicks that. Exactly. But it's hilarious.


All these like all of these games don't have a ranking system nowadays so there's nothing to show for it. It's like everyone gets a participation trophy, but there's no real change to twenty, twenty four.


Yeah. Well you're certainly big enough to call Activision, right. And say, hey listen, I'm going to play with Dobrowolski, man.


As long as they keep making billions in micro transactions, they're going to not care.


That courage is that the top one percent hate skill based matchmaking.


So shallow and cynical. And if you're watching this right now, you guys got to do something. He's he's the head of Brand over Activision. I talked to him quite often.


Did you forget I was going to ask you.


It's OK. Go for it. Take a five hour ask about your interests because Evan is a gamer dwarf. An upstairs room is right about us. Is a good chance. It could be literally right above you. And he loves you. And I watch him go from game to game, the game to game to game.


And like I've kind of hinted at and I've mentioned it on this podcast before. I used to I used to play World of Warcraft. I used to be addicted to Pokemon, obviously Tetris. Yeah, all these things. But I noticed my interests were super centralized. I'd be I'd be in my into my one game and I didn't really feel like switching.


Yeah. What about gaming in general attracts you to all these different games, like how come your your niche isn't so focused?


Yeah, I think that's a really good question that a lot of different people will have a lot of different answers to. Right. There's there's streamers that are called like variety streamers. We're basically any new game that comes out any any type of genre. Their audience will just follow them to it. And it's kind of like the for a lot of people, it's the pinnacle of streaming because they have the freedom to play whatever they want. So their chance of burning out, as it's called for for streamers is is way lower, in my opinion, because I get sick of war zone.


But if I switch from war zone to some random single player game, I will lose seventy percent of my audience because I have such a battle royale war zone focused audience, whereas there's certain shooters like Co Carnage Summit excuse me, that these guys can literally play, you know, Hello Kitty, Private Island and they're at forty thousand viewers and then they'll switch to World of Warcraft and hold 80 percent of the viewership.


Then they'll switch to overall it doesn't matter what they play. So for me right now with the way I approach things is, listen, if a game blows up like among us, it's the hot thing right now. It's not it's stupid of me not to go and try the game with other creators. It's an extremely collaborative game where you have ten big YouTube streamers, anything in one lobby at a time. It would be naive of me and and also just unfair to myself who's been a gamer my whole life.


And there's been all sorts of games to not go and try it. And then just so happened that, you know, it lit and now it's it's crazy with how it's been performing.


So in a way in a way, you're you're you're playing smart. You're playing you're moving where the attention is.


I mean, listen, yes or no, you don't really if there's one thing you do in this world, don't really work for free. So most times I'm playing games. I'm. Streaming, so there's a couple of games I'll play off stream right now, I just played World of Warcraft the last couple of months waiting for the new expansion to come out that I'll probably stream a bit coming up. And it's fucking just as much of an addiction as when I was 14.


Know geek about this forever.


Hey, there's a new expansion in a month. Come play.


Well, you know, we do it in a game room. My life, every my life. I'm me.


I'm thankful for it, honestly, because after my little two year stint of World of Warcraft was done, I was I as a 14 year old, I knew what addiction was. It probably honestly was the reason I didn't do drugs and drink in high school like the rest of my friends, because my mom was like alcoholism runs in our family.


Like my my my my dad was addicted.


His my uncle was addicted. And the word addicted until you experience like you don't know if it applies to you or not.


And gaming specifically all the workouts. I just got so sucked in. And so you play off stream. How do you balance that and know when you need to throw a red flag up.


I've taken this to it's 7am right now and I'm not even screaming. Yeah, no.


I thankfully haven't had too many of those. I typically stay on my schedule pretty well, but it's more like, hey, if I do a stream from nine am to two PM in the day, then I'll get off to a couple of business calls. The new YouTube video will go out or something to hang out with with my girlfriend. Then she'll go. She's taking Chinese right now. Chinese lessons get started. Chinese also. You know, I'm in a World of Warcraft, right?


And I'm like, this will be three hours. So keep working after that. And then I'll get off at like nine nine thirty. What do you play or what else?


Roeg toward mean Elida mean stabbing motherfuckers. DPS my first motherfucker. Yeah of course you can, you can stab a motherfucker on here. Yeah sure. I saw some knives when I walked in. Oh yeah.


Do you ever look into the future and see this VR world and be like I'm going to be killing this shit. I wanted to ask him about this. What do you think? You're just going to sit that one out right now. Fuck that.


Now, VR, VR has has already had a couple of explosion moments on streaming, one of which is called the like VR chat. And it's basically literally just a lobby that you can go into. You can make any avatar for yourself. You can make yourself look like anything you want, talk like anything you want, and it's got the full body tracking. So like it looks like if a breakdancer goes in this game and starts breakdancing, it looks like the characters break dancing right in front of you.


I was saying this because we did a VR session and I go, there's going to be a time in the House in the future where there's always going to be a VR room in the house.


Absolutely. Where there's cameras everywhere and you could literally visit family members. So it would be a custom living room that would be in every house. And then you could sit on the couch talking to your loved ones that's in Australia and all that stuff.


But I think that's going to be crazy if you guys ever seen, like, ready player one.


Oh, course. So, yeah. So that's like and what's funny is, like Elon Musk has even talked about this in life being a simulation and stuff. But I think like VR and R is a perfect example of of with how far technology is gone. Think back to when we were younger just before. I mean, Mike's pretty old, so the rest of us.


Yeah. So, you know, when Mike was fifteen or when we were just born, these games that were like eight bit and two d barely had anything to him and you can and they were on these cartridges that were like twelve megabyte and you had to blown up. Exactly. But it wasn't working. Yeah of course. Yeah.


You know what's funny is the, the graphics was crap but during scary games I'd still be scared of shit.


But I mean that's all our brains knew. But now you have VR and ah and these things keep improving and now they're wireless and soon they're going to be probably just one strip you wear over your eyes and you know, you'll have a haptic suit like an ready player, one that Elon Musk has talked about this. And there's games like The Sims, which is simulating real life. Well, with how far technology has gone in the last twenty five years, with how exponential it's been, there's been more technological advances in the last twenty five years than there were in the thousand years prior.


So if you take the year three thousand, which is, you know, whatever, in a thousand years from now, what is to say that they can't simulate consciousness in these games?


And right now we are not little Jimmy's Sims game that is played, that is by another civilization.


It's just the year three thousand that that'll happen within with 150 years.


Yeah, I swear to God, it's it's insane. The VR place that he's talking about, I think it's called true VR. You should go if you have yet they put you in these suits, their hands I think, shoulders some shoes knee and they give you a gun.


And when you pull the trigger on the gun in real life, it recoils. Yeah, it shakes.


So when you put on this suit with your teammates, you literally run around this giant room and actually play within the game.


My question to you is, when that advances to a point where you can have your VR room in your house and who knows, maybe you're on a treadmill or there's like some sort of ball where you can run around and, you know, glitching is going to hurt.


It's going to hurt. So so that's what my question is, do you play video games because you can have this high adrenaline energy rush essentially being static seeded, or do you think when VR is at a place where people, if they want to be good and want to win, if they have to be really active, you exit the game sweating, you play for three hours, you've had your workout for the day.


Do you think that will decrease the amount of people who are interested in playing that type of game?


Thankfully, I think there's an audience for everything. I mean, I'm not interested in mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is like the biggest industry in the world. Like it like for for video games. It's insane. But I'm not interested in VR. There are people that have every VR headset and are up to date on every VR news, and you can't even begin to think about some stuff that they know that I don't know about VR.


Do you think it would be more popular than the static in your chair at the computer game? It'll come down to price, I think barrier of entry of VR and paying for something like that will will always hinder the ability for people to get in. Mobile gaming is the biggest because while everyone's got a damn phone and a lot of these games are free to play, so you just have your phone, you download a game and now your mobile gaming. Whereas console consoles of 300 to 500 dollar barrier of entry, a PC is like eight hundred to fifteen hundred dollars and VR is probably more on that level.


So ease of access.


Yeah, I, I'm just picturing like imagine an arena and all these people have VR headsets on and they're diving over barriers and like, like, like war.


You literally took that image out of my head. I said to myself this I got I don't at my job. I love sports, I love playing sports and sometimes I like watching basketball. I would never watch a basketball game again. And people are running around shooting each other. And just like you could see two screens, one of their actual point of view, and then one what they're seeing in the game.


I mean, you'd think of like the Romans and gladiators, gladiators and shit like imagine if I know it's so crazy to say and someone will clip this. I'm like, wow, that's the most virgin shit I've ever heard. But like, imagine that. But you're sitting in VR in like a coliseum and you're watching people fight like that right in front of you. Like it's almost like you're, you know, if you are an experiencer in the next and Pulvers Casey fight is in VR.




Yo, that is not that's not too far fetched. I swear to God.


Fifty years from now, I'll be fighting Zygon and our audience can be at home, slip on a headset and be in the stadium.


No, in the front row at the stadium. What have they are seeing from your point of view. They can switch from back and forth.


Now I have to be wearing a headset when I'm fighting arenavirus.


Hey, let's not talk about me, actually. Oh, and they could they could they could join in the stadium, maybe be at the front row in the state. It's already happening to the digital audience is happening for the NBA bubble. Have you seen that? You can actually buy tickets to the finals, sit in front of a camera at your house, then be in the front row on a screen at the in the NBA?


Insane, crazy, insane, crazy.


I even think about I talked about this because I just invested a lot of money into Pokemon cards. And people asked me obviously, like, do you think this mark is going to crash? Historically, the answer's no. It absolutely could I say?


I don't think so, especially because the twenty fifth anniversary is next year. But imagine when you're in VR and you turn to your left, you're playing the Pokemon game, you turn to your left and there's your chazan, your chazan, your boy, your pet.


Five foot seven fucking fire dragon standing next to you.


Battling a Blastoise like that would be a bad fight for the Chazan, for the chazan before he could use fly and escape a couple of attacks.


But sure but but the point is the possibilities.


I mean just for life in general, especially for VR and that immersive world, it are endless.


And listen, you invested in the Pokemon cards, which is the number one earning media franchise of all time, having a hundred billion plus 90 plus 90 billion dollars ahead of all of them. I think you'll be all right. I think this just crashes on is pretty big. Yeah. That sort of thing.


But yeah, insane, bro. We'll see what happens. I mean, I think it's a two to completely, you know, be such a hater on it.


There are some people that are like mad VR gaming is. So yeah, sure. This, of course, on this now entry level like VR gaming is, if you like, put the equivalent back to playing a game from the late 1970s right now. But 20 years from now, I think that people's minds will change a lot.


I think people are underestimating it. We play that the place in Santa Monica that he was talking about is amazing.


Yeah, it was fun with a lot of the experience of my life. Like if you're on top of a building and there's wind blowing there, fans set up, if you get close to a fire that's in the game, there's heaters in the room. That crazy. There's no smell. You could be an absolute.


Pussy in real life, like you could just suck whatever, but you put on this headset and you're the shit. That's what zombies are coming at you. You take out your chainsaw, you chainsaw on zombies. In this game, you're using the shock of how is it firing mean I'm if I'm going to do.


And it was I felt like the coolest guy in the world. Yeah. I want to rerun rewind the clock with you. Sure. Because I think you have a pretty interesting story how you even got into all of this and knowing that you were this personality and you had this energy that people liked.




You were in college and you were working for what, a media firm? Well, yeah.


I mean, Major League Gaming was the first company that I had an internship for so that I would kind of count.


And then what happened next kind of hinted at this. But I want to hear a story from you where one day I, you like, hopped in, right. You substituted for someone who wasn't there that day and. Yeah, yeah.


So I was I've always been a multicamera production. I love kind of what you just what you guys just experience. Right. You're going about your day. There's a great crew that gets everything set up. But I love that you can just sit down. We're good, we're good and action and we're and we're ready to go.


That's what I loved way more than taking film because I when I was going to school for medium film, so are the things that I like about film.


Sure. But it really grinds my gears at a lot of film is kind of hurry up and wait.


And it's like, all right, break down, set up, you know, and come on and do this. Thirty eight times. All right, break down that that tilted me. So I got an multicam production, was going more down that track and I had been an unpaid media Internet majorly gaming, which is based on 34th and Park and New York City. And I was a video editing intern. I was cutting up highlights on the weekends with no air conditioning during their major events.


And I was like, man, I want to be there one day and and one day, Chris Puckett, the main host of the show, he was the only on air talent at Major League Gaming at the time.


He he was going to be homesick. And we spent the whole morning setting up for the show that was at like 3:00 p.m. and they were kind of having the decision right in front of me. You know, Ron and Brian, who were the producer and director of the show, was on the phone with Chris. And they're like, I mean, we could cancel. And like it was one of those moments, it kind of seemed like a Disney movie where one of the characters, like, stepped up, blurred some out of their mouth.


And it's like I was like, I think I can do it. Can I really just fucking say that? And they were like, Chris, you're like they were like, what do you think it is? Like hell you let them have a shot.


And then I wound up hosting the show like forty days of them in a row until I went back to school after that. So that was like my first on camera experience for an actual company. I did stuff back in high school too. That's so cool.


I remember with the Fortnight or the pro and the program I think was the first time I saw you cast and I was like, holy shit, this guy's really got something.


Yeah, that one that the first program I want to play in and got second, which was crazy. That was half a million four for my charity, which was the Aneurysm ABIM Foundation and then from then on out the World Cup, everything like that. Yeah. I was, I was like their number one casting partner alongside a great, great guy, Dr. Lupo. Great friend of mine, of course. So yeah, casting is still a total passion of mine.


But if there's one thing, it's like it's crazy to think, but if I can be paid X amount to stream for two hours and do a sponsored stream, you know, passing rates just don't really go to what some of these brands will offer for for me to stream.


So it's like, hey, you want to go cast an entire weekend for three days, travel, you know, on plane, everything for this much or literally do two two hour streams for the same rate. What would you rather do? And I'm like, OK, I mean, staying home is nice.


So so bringing it back for you, like blurting out. And was that the moment that kind of changed your life. Yeah. Yeah, for sure.


That's crazy to me because we always speak this out to people. Yeah. You can't let fear dictate your future and you stepped up and changed your whole fucking life by just stepping up and just being like, I could do it, guys, because a lot of people will be paralyzed. They'll be like, nah, just sit here, summarize to succinctly. Never, ever be afraid to hear. No. Yeah, never. Wow, that's crazy. Never like a pro.


Who cares.


Yeah. I think I could do it now. Not this time. I was talking about the six nine thing. I can't, I'll just go man. I think I could do this.


I said okay you probably could but I believe in, I believe in you George.


You don't let me down.


But even if you said no, that wouldn't even that do nothing to, like, dictate our friendship. But I'll be like, okay, cool. But absolutely.


And also also and I'm sure you have people come up to you in the streets all the time and they ask you for, you know, God knows why. You know, I'm sure your dinner and people come up and pitch you an app and or they want to connect.


You will get a lot of business emails and people my chat and of course, all sorts of stuff like that. Yeah. If you're if you're willing and you have the balls to be able to ask someone something and you put yourself out there, you have to also be willing to be receptive to being shut down. That's that's that's kind of my rule.


My thing is, if you have the audacity to approach me after dinner and pitch me an app, you I'm going to have the audacity to say no if I don't feel like it.


Right. It's. It's a two way street. Yep, nothing's personal, be willing to put yourself out there and they'll be afraid to fail. And here, no, as an answer, yeah.


The chemistry you have with Lupa when you're on the streets with all your boys, when you're when you're gaming. Yeah. Where does that come from? Is it only from that Internet connection when you guys game? Yeah, because Mike and I have a good chemistry because we hang out real life were roommates.


We hop on this podcast. Same bullshit we talk about. Yeah.


Is it just because you're always just screaming and chatting it up. Yeah.


I mean before the big C there were so many events that were going on and we would also hang out at those. So, you know, it was always a good time getting drinks and we'd go and that would kind of mentally reset. You'd get to meet the fans. You get to participate in these awesome, you know, in-person tournaments or cast or be in these great locations and, you know, next to, you know, those all stops.


So it's been a little bit tougher. But, yeah, a lot of that just came from, hey, I'm a fan of what you do. You're a fan of what I do. Our audiences have been saying we should game together, let's give it a shot. And now a game like among us, which is going on right now, which is these ten person lobbies, it's like so many creators I've been able to collaborate with that I've dreamed of in the last three weeks has been insane to to be joining up with.


And it's the idea of like a rising tide raises all ships. You'll go on any YouTube video that I've had with people for the last two and a half years, and you will find their link in the description, say, hey, you like how I banter with Lupo, go sub to Dr. Lupo. I don't ask that anyone from here in return, but if Lubra then starts to get more eyes on him and his shit starts growing, then guess what?


People are going to see more me and come and find me more. Success breeds success.


Yeah, it's part of the reason I love having him on. He's a creator, he's hungry and he just amplifies everything this podcast does.


Of course. Yeah. I was always impressed with how you guys got along so well.


I have to ask, when you guys go out in real life, you hang out real life, I'll get fucked up real life party and you all will be.


Well, listen, I mean shit. Yeah, yeah. I definitely do know. I think everyone's a little bit different.


Right. It's you got Lupo who's who's a dad. He's more, he's more he's he's he's he's in his mid thirties. You know, what's him getting hammered due for him right now in his life. He's like, you know what, I have a couple whiskey drinks and then I'm going to go go to bed with my beautiful wife and wake up nice and early for the next day with my cup of coffee. Right. But then you've got younger creators and these people that are now in this and they're and they're working hard, but playing hard on the weekends, too.


I had my phase of that back when I was cast, you know, traveling twenty seven weeks of the year. It's like, hey, you do a huge event Sunday night. Oh, there's tabs open from the different sponsors and companies at this. Great.


Let me have a double vodka redbull and a shot of forty like nineteen forty two shot right. Here we go.


Shot when I was when you were single, was it ever like a like a like a nice line to like, you know, do you have a game to grill in a bar.


Yeah. How does a guy, does that work.


So we went to the Nobu White Party and Fourth of July.


That's a hot party. It was, by the way, that's very hard to get into next.


Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was it was an incredible experience. Everybody I'm sure you guys have met him. Kyle McCarthy, who's he runs all like the the parties at not just House.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's a great friend of mine. And he was like, hey, you guys want to come to this? And I had no idea what it was that I was like, you know, I think I'm kind of a barbecue with the boys. And then one of our other buddies who was going was like, I don't think you realize, Jack, you do want to go. It's all right. All right.


Showband Red. You like Jack.


So we were go to that and we were taking a party bus there and we had a table for like twenty five of us when we got there. And I was like, what am I going to say to these people?


Like I'm looking around on them like they're Saken Barkley Carlivati towns we had just had on the courage and show up. My dad picked him up.


I'm like, is that Sean Méndez of those days like John and Bella Hadeed? What the fuck is going on? What is my fat ass doing here? And at that time for tonight was at it's still peak.


So I was like, you know what? I was like, I'm going to go up to girls, you know.


You ever heard of Fortnights? I'm I'm forty nine. I am not going to be back here for night like it's a deejay name like Skrillex. Wow. You're a fortnight didn't work so it didn't work.


No, no I nothing left by myself. No. Just slightly close to mine.


Instead of saying fortnight I'll be like you know for play. And she's like yeah come let's get out of here, go back to work.


But there was a time where that wouldn't work. I have a hard time believing it won't. Now, like honestly, gaming and gamers have.


Sprung into the mainstream celebrities, as cool as cool people, celebrities, athletes, athletes, seriously, like there was a time where, oh, game nerd.


Now it's like, oh, you know, how much money do make you cool. You have a personality to hang out also.


You know, I'm not a huge fan. No. Easy, tiger. Wow, wow, wow. Dude, I got like I brought all my friends from Arizona would come. I was like, you know what, guys? Don't worry about. Like, I got it. The bill came in. I don't mind paying a big bill if I invite my friends, but I was fucking starving when the bill came.


Like the guy goes, yes, the steak for everybody is a shambles.


Steak comes out at some four ounces. I thought that I thought the chef wanted me to taste it.


Bro, welcome to the fine gourmet delicacy. I lost it. I went back to Jack in the box on the way home. Seven dollars. Eighty three cents, just right across the street. And I haven't. I know. I know. It's Jack in the Box you're talking about right across there, dude. I could I could not do it. I couldn't do it. Adds up quick.


Most common misconception about gamers. Big dicks, huge. I'm real average. Just weren't even average. No, no, no.


There's there's, there's some out there. I mean, I think the one that you just mentioned is like, listen, yeah, I play a ton of video games, but you better believe I can be put in any social setting where the hand on my hold my own hand on my own.


I think that that's a big one that is going away. Right. We're not all just shut ins who do that. It's like that that the way that it used to be in the nineties and the movies in the 2000s where the gamer was in the dark basement is has come and gone. Right. I think that I think that that's a big one. Another one is like this can't be a career lesson right now. Right now, if you're working a side hustle and your streaming starts to take off a bit and and you're making let's just let's just put you at a thousand dollars a month on the side that you're making like you're technically becoming a streamer.


Right. You're consistent. You're holding a second job that's now supplemental income, which is huge for people. And that's how the dream starts. You know, I didn't become the the audience at the size that I am and get a contract with YouTube that that I now have overnight.


You know, I had my four viewer streams, three viewer streams for a while.


You're not because you loved it first and. Oh, yeah, of course. Does it ever when you're like gaming and you're like doing a brand deal or noticing this. Forty thousand people watching. Do you ever just have a moment to yourself and like, damn, that's a stadium, that's Rasi Stadium.


How many people are sitting back?


And there's also a question for you. This is just hit me right now. Do you ever get nervous? Thankfully, that's one thing I can say for sure, that I don't really feel nervous when I used to be a commentator and I'd be here in the director, my ear, you know, hey, you know, we're coming out to you in five, four.


I would feel like that little bit of butterflies the second, but then I would go from, you know, Jack to ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Impulsive live from Logan Paul's fucking garage.


There's about. Do you.


Let's go. You know, if I just put my shirt back and I'll see you guys later, it was a good two shows if you can survive and conquer that in your ear. Five, four, three.


Because to me and to him, he's done that is the most stressful shit ever. When you are having to listen and also speak about the topic at hand. If you can do that, you could probably do anything.


Oh, yeah. And then when it's live and, you know, for the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium last year. Thirty million dollars in the line. Ten million concurrent viewers. Seventeen thousand people sold out in the arena. Thirty thirty. My family members there, it's like ninety fucking degrees in this stadium. I'm sweating my ass off. It's so humid. And I'm just like, try not to lose my voice because they got those Hayes machines going off.


So like what? The audience doesn't know what this is.


Lupo was really getting like steroids injected into him prior to the show because literally his voice was shot from just the rehearsals.


And I was feeling my voice go. So I didn't speak a word for the four hours leading up to broadcast. I was having, like, the singer's like throat spray. The extreme edition. Yeah, of course. Drops, of course. And I'm sitting there going, oh, my God, I'm out of the biggest championship Sunday of my career. We're about to break every viewership record, the biggest day in my career. And I don't know if my voice is going to work when I start speaking.


Wow. And I'm just like and they're like five, four.


And I feel that moment of nervousness. And when I done a rehearsal earlier the day, it was like ladies and I could feel like the raspiness. And I just started and I was like, ladies and gentlemen. And I just felt like the full boom. My voice turned about. Men got there. Let's go.


And then you painted such a beautiful picture in my head, like I actually pictured all this stuff happening. Thank you. I definitely I've done a lot of play by play commentary, and that helps you paint a picture for people to understand.


You talk about the nerves and that the nerves don't bother you. But you also do talk a lot about anxiety. Yeah, especially on Twitter, because I follow your tweets and you struggle with anxiety. Yeah.


If it's not countdown before thousands of fans or a live stream in front of thousands of fans, what is it you think that causes the anxiety that you struggle with?


I mean, I definitely had a big bout in the past few weeks. You've been you've reached out. So how. So I'm really grateful that so many people online, I'm someone that loves to share my audience when the highs are great, you know, if I can share that I just bought my dream car and this Lamborghini, I could sure as hell shared my young audience that I'm struggling with anxiety and that they're not alone on this. Right. It would be it would be stupid of me to use my platform and only the positive ways and be that typical, like bullshit influencer that, you know, I'm not being real my audience.


So, yeah, it's been it had been pretty rough last week. Kostabi, the toughest week of sleep I've ever had in my life. And my anxiety is that I get like catastrophic thoughts. So, for example, I'll wake up one day and I'll be like, wow, why, why? Why does my arm feel weird? And I'm like, God, do I have a dad? I have a fucking stroke. That's what my mind tells me is like, did I have an aneurysm overnight?


Or I have a I'll go to bed and feel my heartbeat because I finally slow down so I never disconnect, which I'm learning that I need to disconnect more. So I finally slow down and I can feel like my body doing its natural movements. And I'm like, well, why do I feel my heartbeat? It is my heart beating out of my chest. I'm going to have a heart attack. That's my mind says. So it's health. Anxiety is is is one for me.


I have a fear of of bad news where like if I go to the doctor, they're going to find something bad. And I know it's counterproductive because you want them to find whatever bad it could be as early as possible. Then I have a fear of going because the fear of hearing that I have something like a hypochondriac, my girlfriend is.


And now that we spent so much time together, she's definitely rubbed off on me. I'm the hypochondriac. Right. That's we joke about that.


You know, I've helped her with getting her please and thank you's better, and she's given me hypochondriac and it rubbed off.


You could trade off one thing that's that's good to you.


Don't just talk about how you're feeling that day or, you know, the situation you're dealing with. You talk about coping tactics. You actually share the coping tactics that are working for, you know, phone one hour before bed. Yep. And you found that helped a lot. Yeah.


Reading, reading before bed. We have these lights called Casper Lights. It automatically dim for forty five minutes for Betsey's. Flip them over and they'll slowly start dimming across forty five minutes so it'll help your body like naturally wind down reading. I just started reading the book Dune because there's that movie coming out with beautiful Timothy Shalom's Dennis on the web. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever it is. Yeah. So that's can be something to look forward to exercise exercise which has been you know, I fell off due to my grind of World of Warcraft, but now it's been kicking back into gear.


So that was me yesterday. I did. I also kicked caffeine in last week, which I'm doing all of this. My anxiety is bad. And then I'm also having caffeine withdrawal. So my waking up feeling more sluggish than ever, I have a ripping headache.


I'm trying to get back and working out without caffeine, barely sleeping over how much caffeine were you taking?


And, you know, I wasn't taking any extreme amount like, let's say one sugar free energy drink a day, which was between 80 and 120 milligrams of caffeine at all.


It's not bad for somebody with anxiety, but. Yeah, but when this is happening to me and it starts I was filming a commercial for Chipotle and I'm sitting here and I'm going like, wow, I'm on four hours of sleep and I'm someone that's on set that I never want to be the issue. I always try to be high spirits. Let's get everyone through this. Let's do this right. You know, we're going to take a shot twenty fucking times.


I'm not going to complain. I don't care. But like that day, I was dragging ass and I wasn't being an issue on set, but I wasn't being my normal self sort of feeling my nighttime anxiety impact my day to day work.


And when that was starting to happen, I was like, yeah, I'm going to attack this from all fronts. Two different therapists, talk to a psychiatrist, talk to my doctor. Got a way to like it, got a lavender diffuser, started working out again, got rid of the phone before bed, you know, started taking a liquid supplement in the morning to help my cortisol levels during the day. I have attacked this from every goddamn front you can imagine because and now I've had two nights sleep in a row, great nights of sleep, last four.


The five have been great. So it's, um, improving for sure. And I can say that, like, I'm not having that on edge or that kind of jittery feeling of like anxiety, that it was that sleeplessness was always a massive contributor to my rises and anxiety.


And one of the reasons why I gave up drinking. Yeah, because I would be out partying. I'll go to sleep at 4am. I'd wake up at nine am the next day off four hours, five hours sleep, and I would notice that my anxiety was exponentially higher than nights. I got good sleep. Yeah. Last night, since my body was turning inside out because of food poisoning, I slept for about two hours. Today I'm on edge.


I'm not myself, like you said, you know. So I think it's so important for people that struggle with anxiety to make sure they're getting a full night's sleep and sleep is OK when you when you're suffering with that sleep is like the number one thing in life for your body, like my girlfriend is.


So she's really writing a paper. She's in her last class for four school. That that is literally about sleep right now. She's writing it and she's telling me all these things about how important sleep is and all these studies. And it's crazy what good sleep well.


Do I realize that my adult life eighteen to twenty two toxic also four or five hours a night's sleep is for the week sleep when I'm dead.


You know, it's the message that the entrepreneurs you see on Instagram preach, Pritch.


It's not realistic. I'm an adult. If I get six hours, I'm thought up, especially in training camp and training camp, I'm legitimately nine to 11 hours per night. Sleep is just it's so important. Please, please, listeners, do not underestimate sleep like it's not cool to not sleep.


It's like it's not cool anymore. That's the thought is people are like, man, as you just mentioned, you know, time to go. And there's these people that are up. They'll work in like tech up in Northern California and they're just like three hours of nights, three hours sleep a night. And it's just unsustainable.


If you if you got to do it, though, I will say if you got to do it, you know, you're working on a project, you have a deadline. You have to you know, you're going to have to type situation. You have to do it in your 20s. Do it, do it in your 20s. You've got to do it.


You got to do it. Yeah. If you're doing it because you think you're going to reach some goal, you're much you will be much more effective, maximized and optimized when you are on a full night of sleep, when you're operating with all your all your energy.


Yeah, I exercise, I presume has also helped. I actually wanted to bring up something.


I was talking to this with my buddy Joe and he we were talking about anxiety that I cut you off.


Yes. Do you think it's. Oh Mama. Oh.


Since I was in my head thinking about I didn't mean to go ahead. It's a four person bag as it happens. It's fine. You asked about exercise, but to counter your point, already asked him about it.


So it's fine. Exercise has been helpful.


I mean, exercise guru, I don't know what he's doing. I talk about the peloton. I want to talk about a 600 calorie limit, like, oh, I'm into I'm into the pelleted.


Have you ever thought of getting a road bike like an actual road bike? So I have.


But then I also think, like, I'm in L.A. and this is a sketchy ass place to ride a bike around. So I'm not trying to get hit by a car like a fucked up. I got hit once. Yeah. And I'm trying not to deal with that at all. I read the book. I, you know, I know all about that, that experience I had. So it's like, fuck, I really don't want to to risk that.


But we have we have the peloton that we also have. You could see kind of the screen behind me. We have like this in the wall machine called a tunnel. And it's like having a basically a gym and oh those are awesome house.


Yeah. Those are awesome. Yeah.


So we have one of those. So like I can do, I'm working with like a physical trainer buddy now who's like, hey, here's your goal. You do what workout you want to do. You have the total. We have the nice pool in the backyard. I can go swim, I can we live in a great little area that I can go out for a walk or a run for forty five minutes. I can go hike, I can do the peloton if those are I have so many options.


Do whatever workout excites you that day. Don't do it just because it's like well time to peloton again. If I'm dreading it, you know. Go. Yeah. Do you do a lift or something.


Do you do it before or after you scream. I worked out this morning. I find when I work out before my media, my thing when I'm whenever I'm shooting. Yeah, it is exponentially harder. I'm sweating right now. My cheeks are way around.


That's why I literally Pilton took a quick shower over here. So I'm still like my body still fucking going insane. Same, but I like working out in the morning actually work out best when I don't even eat, I just get up. First thing I do is this workout acid.


I love that feeling for the rest of my day that no matter what happens in my day, if I worked out in the morning, my day is going to be a success because even under the best dream, even if even if the rest my day doesn't maybe go the way I want, if I can work out and then sit on my ass and watch eight episodes of a goddamn TV show. But I worked out and I did something good for myself that day.


Yep. And that's why I love it.


If I, if I wait until after the scream, I'll make up so many more excuses. I'll be drained, as you mentioned, from doing an eight hour stream on the game like war zone. I'm fucking go in the whole damn time trying to entertain twenty five, thirty thousand people that it ends up. I'm like, do I want to go sit in the hot tub, shower and lay down and scream ticktock. Or do I want to go sweat with Cody Rigsby.


Unpalatable as he's yelling at my ass my hot tub performer on there. I'm like, yeah, hot tub. Not at ten times.


I'm happy that you learned how important it is because honestly, like exercise, as you know, because you read, has always been the bedrock of mental health for me.


Yeah. Like when I'm when I'm working out, when I'm spinning pedals or when I'm running, if I'm moving, my mind stops moving. Yeah. It's like it's like they working in collaboration with each other so or vice versa. So if one's happening the other one's not. And I found it's one of the only things that I can get to slow that down. Yeah. That racing thoughts, the catastrophic thoughts, the negativity, the all or nothing thinking.


Now when I'm moving out, it's great.


It's such a great piece of advice for people out there that are suffering.


Yeah, you do a good job of it. I'm always impressed. Yesterday with Sunday, I see you walking out back. I'm in my boxers, like taking a swim.


I'm like, fuck you doing this Sunday. Sunday morning you're going to work. I was just I'm disgusted.


I think you have to I have to like that's what I found out about myself and our friend Kevin Hines, who's obviously, you know, suffered from quite a bit of mental health issues himself, has found that if he doesn't do, it's catastrophic to his day. And I'm the same way if I don't get my workout in, I will have that anxiety will start to build, build, build. So when I go on vacation in five days, go by and I haven't worked out, it's troubling.


It almost is counterproductive when people are like, I'm going to go for a break on vacation doesn't work out.


It's actually really funny. We're talking about this. Because my multitasking skills are shit right now. So, like you're talking and my mind is like traveling and is trying to keep up with itself and is just all over the place. But what I was trying to do before I really interrupted you.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm. I'm sorry that I'm sorry. Sorry.


I don't know what I'm saying, but that's so it's like perfect timing. I just didn't sleep and that was it.


But anyways, going into it, do you ever feel that because your career is always thinking ten steps ahead and you're always trying to fix the problem, your mind is trained at 14 hours a day. There's going to be something I need to do because you're a self made man, of course. Do you ever feel that your anxiety comes when you have nothing to do, that you just pick a problem to fix? Oh, yeah, 100 percent.


It's like my brain is always trying to fixate on something. I didn't realize how bad I have been where I just don't let myself ever stop that. Like, even if I went downstairs to hang out with with the rest of my roommates, you know, we had three couples that live in the house.


If I go downstairs, I hang out, I'm like, oh, I'm going to use my switch and I'll just talk, but I'll be playing something on the switch. And like, even that is detrimental because, you know, it's like, sure, that just replaces my phone, but it's it's crazy that it's a problem. Yeah. I need to always be stimulated so that when I don't. Exactly. You just mentioned. Yeah. And I just lay down a bed at night then I'm like, why do I feel my heartbeat.


Why do I put my head on my pillow and hear my blood circulating like fucking these thoughts. So do you like you don't.


I'm not going to put it on yaama put it on me. This is a very weird thing to open up publicly, but I was against smoking weed twenty six years of my life.


I thought if you ever use or like my answer. Yeah. If you ever use a supplement to fix yourself that it's a crutch and it's very weak. And in my mind that's how I thought until I did my own research on it. Obviously got my parents approval on it.


I just had to sit down and then I talk to the doctor and he's like, yo, just fuckin smoke weed and relax. And so I don't use it to create.


Yeah, but there's a time in the night where I will smoke a very tiny bit to give my mind a vacation like I need to get away with, not always figuring out I have to do something.


My mind is like doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. So like I can't sleep.


I don't sleep I've ever thought about.


So it's funny you mention mentioned you had mentioned earlier how you didn't drink at high school. I didn't drink till I was twenty one at all. My first drink was twenty first birthday. Redd's apple ale.


Quite the, quite the first row and then I didn't smoke weed. I'm twenty six now.


Never smoke weed at once in my life. This week I got one of theirs is like Penn. That is one part THC, the six part CBD and it's a little be called the Campin and it's meant to help with people with anxiety and things just like that. And yeah, it's the first time I've ever tried anything like it and I just hit it like once before bed. And I don't even know if it's a placebo effect, if I'm if it's actually working.


But I fucking slept last couple nights, so, yeah, I completely agree with the CBD alone.


Will do that. CBD magical CBD Yoni's is just now like a thing in the past two years.


CBD came a lot lately. It's, it's insane.


CBD legal in all states. It is now. No, no, no it isn't saying it was. Yeah well that's why it wasn't before. Why wasn't the price.


So as if it's funny you mention that how it's like so many people use it for so many different things.


There's the real Broza Simi Valley which is like Kotoko and we know in the new season Bryce in the show like breaks both of his legs in a ski accident, like fucking snaps and has a plug and just pull the ball. Exactly. But like the next episode, he's just got this fucking Jugg to just rubbing it on his legs. And within like three days he's back to skating because he's like, shit is magic. It is. I use it all the time.


I have. I have. I have. You can ask my sister. She has ten of these little CBD thing. We need a fucking CBD brand.


It's in the box. Fantastic. I would love to plug a phenomenal CBD.


Do you want to plug them out now? And it's not CBD, but I got some even better guys looking to last longer and go a few extra rounds.


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And I got a great deal for you guys. Visit Blue, get your first order free when you use the promo code.


Logan, just pay five dollars shipping again. That's B.L..


You itude that promo code. Log it back to the absolute perfect place. I'm just rubbing it all over myself. My wrist, my ankle, my torso. Any time I'm sore unmagical and I use it, I use it a lot too.


But be careful with the tag breakdown, especially six to one, because it's actually kind of high.


They make an eighteen on because as somebody who struggles with an anxious mind, you may at some point find a weird effect when it comes to psychoactive drugs. Work a tier into your. A recipe for success, so just be mindful and know for sure. I definitely am using it really, really sparingly and I've never had any interest to actually smoke weed again. When I was in an extreme circumstance like last week, I was throwing every fucking dart at it.


Then I put me to sleep. Yeah, what about melatonin? That's what I said. That's it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You know, sometimes off three to six milligrams and that's it. And but I always have trippy dreams every time I.


Oh for sure. I don't like it. Well you know it's funny. I never remember my dreams and people say that's not normal.


No, it is. What it's the most normal thing that is normal. OK, let me tell you guys something. Right before I smoked weed, I knew my shit was bad and the doctor will explain it. I go. I found out on God.


I found out about how we have multiple dreams a night because I was like sitting there in my eyes, like going back.


And I was watching multiple dreams happen at once. And then I just knocked out. And so I was like, I woke up the next day and I Googled it.


And you have like a thousand dreams a night or something, four to five, you know, like like a thousand thoughts or something like. Like crazy. Yeah.


No, we like to fact check. Going to be so many things right now.


It's like what was that ESPN show or that end the show with Rome. And he would literally just go through and he would go through every fact.


It was like that was completely fucking wrong not to put you on a pedestal of invincibility, but as someone who has been blessed with not struggling with anxiety and the majority of mental health illness is I have my breakdowns, but the only one to see them is usually Jose for me.


Sorry, sorry. My. It's so fascinating to me how when I watch you, you're this bubbly, energetic, extremely happy, charismatic person, and to know that you are still indeed a human being who goes to things and struggles.


It's it's it's refreshing and I want to say I appreciate you for opening up in that way. Thank you. I think I think it's what you mentioned, not being the bullshit influencer who only shows the highlight reel.


Yeah. And I told this to Alex Warren on the last episode. I said, brother, you only shown your highlight reel.


And he's like, he's a full 360 degree human. Yeah. And I think the more influencers that can really be truly authentic and show who they really are to their audience are going to be the ones with that longevity.


Oh, yeah, I know I'm not the cool dude in the world and I'm not trying to portray that or anything. I'm just like, man, this is a dream come true. If you told a 14 year old Jack or ten year old Jack that this would be my job right now, that I'd be doing this and have opportunities like this. And, you know, I've met so many incredible people, I would slap you in the face.


So it's it's it's been unbelievable and, you know, just got to keep on going with it. There's no end in sight and not stopping.


I have a question for young gamers, young gamers, anyone just trying to make it in the gaming industry. I'm asking you this on behalf of you. So artists, creators, influencers, celebrities, entertainers, whatever.


The hardest thing in the world is that barrier to entry that discoverability when you have that moment where, OK, now this is a career. I have my first kick start. I'm going to I'm going to take this from here to the stars.


For me, it was still extremely difficult. But I will say it was easier than being a gamer because all I have to do, all I have to do is make a viral video comedy sketch. Viral vlog share ability is is is built into the type of content I'm creating.


Get the type of content I'm creating is more conducive to share ability than that of gaming. Yeah. So how does a young gamer who's just as charismatic as you may be even better at you than maybe not. Who has to lie to viewers? How do they get discovered?


Well, you know, I'll preface this by saying this. And I think first I want to turn it back to kind of if someone will look at you and they're like, I want to be YouTube for one day, how how did you get started on YouTube?


Well, I subbed to you and I told you this before. And like little your first thousand people on YouTube when you were switching from you were trying to move off platforms from Vine and grow as anyone should. And you've seen the people that have done that. And and I thought it was gonna be fascinating to see how the different vendors do this. I followed you on YouTube right away. You were at The Burning Man. It was your Burning Man blogs.


And and I remember seeing, like, wow, here he goes. So if someone asked you and go, hey, man, I have zero sub or five five subs on YouTube. Yeah. I would say what you kind of insulted that says, hey, I leveraged the previous audience. I had to give me that first little kick start and then at least get me somewhere because starting from zero and starting from ten is infinitely different in a in an experience.


Right. Because ten you have ten people who will who can vouch for you can get eyes on it to at least give you some sort of feedback, some traction to get you going when you started. Zero zero people watch your stream, your people watch your videos. It's a completely different experience. So the first thing that I can say and kind of see this long winded I talk a lots of time is shut up whenever I can.


I probably pretty similar to that.


But but is that I didn't start my streaming career at zero. I tried once at zero and got to like for viewers after two months and then quit to go back to school and focus on my fraternity and stuff like that.


That what I became a commentator and I had that first opportunity to get on, get in front of a screen and did those forty shows in a row, I think. Got asked to comment, call duty. I built a bit of a Twitter following from that of like ten to fifteen thousand people so that I then decided, hey, my first job in Burbank, California, twenty sixteen was like forty five grand a year and I'm a rent of this place that's like seventeen hundred dollars a month or something.


And I'm like this is I'm barely making enough to get by and live life and I'm like I need some supplemental income so let me start streaming. So my first stream at fifty viewers, you know that's but that's in the top top.


I was going to say that's that's great. Yeah. Phenomenal. So, so but that's because I leveraged its audience.


So if people ask me I get donations all the time or people will come to my stream and try to get my attention back. What do you recommend for someone that's starting at nothing? And it's tough to say because I give my blanket answer, which is you have to be creative, you have to be unique. You have to give people a reason to watch. Why should someone watch you one day and tune in the next day? You have to collaborate with others.


And I feel like a lot of people are kind of shy away from collaborating on a show like Compulsive. Right is a very collaborative effort. People will absolutely watch you three on the show, but then you'll have entirely new audiences.


Tune in for your six nine episode or hopefully for this episode, please like and watch it, because it's so so there's the collaboration that comes with two.


But then the blunt answer is that you got to get lucky. There is a luck involved in this. There is absolutely a luck where you mentioned that share ability, not every video was a banger, but there's that one video that resonates with your audience on Facebook because it gets to the Karens of the moms that share it all the next. You know, that leverage of that Facebook audience then gives you that little bit of extra kick on your YouTube, which is really where you want to grow the platform.


Or I tell people. Right. Our tick tock is the number one place for me, if you're trying to start from zero, you start with tick tock and then funnel it towards something like Twitch. Can I piggyback off your answer?


Because I agree with you, there's a level of luck that all of our influencer friends have had.




Let me give you young viewers, you young creators, gamers, streamers, some tactical advice that may increase your chances of getting lucky, although this is this is breaking news.


Here's what I did out there and here's what I did.


This actually didn't work because I did have my lucky moment. But if I didn't do these things, maybe I wouldn't have had that lucky moment. Exactly. So. Get creative in how you're showing people your stuff. When I was making YouTube videos, I would post every single one of them little snippets, clips, whatever, on funny from 10 different accounts and upvote them from the same accounts and try to get them involved in the algorithm.


Now, go on, read it. Like you said, go and tick tock. The platform of discoverability, the platform of viral content, anything. And again, I'm not in this phase now, but email your top creators say, yo, my name's Jack Courage Dunlop, attach a picture of yourself, say, well, your resume is in a short, succinct thing and a highlight reel of the things you do.


Maybe it'll catch if you email one hundred Facebook groups, anything like someone's attention, you have to get your stuff out there. That's all it is that discoverability and that chance of getting lucky will increase the more you're really putting yourself out there and they never catch. But if it might, I mean, it did for me. It did for you.


And I talked about it in his blogs from years ago. I forget which episode was he said like, listen, your first 10 will be will be harder than your first hundred.


Your first hundred will be harder than your first thousand. Your first thousand will be harder than your first ten thousand. And it's the truth. It's like once you get that momentum, but it's that first opportunity that it's like it's so tough. And when it happens, like, for example, among us right now with it Pop and I'm look at my girlfriend going, Hey babe. I'm going to be crying at these next couple of weeks while this shit's really hot.


You'll be getting the hours and I'm going to be collaborative.


All these people going to be playing these groups, you're going to see a little bit less of me, because while the iron's hot, you got a right window of opportunity.


You got to go in that high voice that was strong, that was stronger.


I appreciate you coming on. This was a blast. Yeah. Thank you, bro. It's long overdue. Like I said, I'm so pumped to see you literally become one of the most popular gamers in the world. Thank you, Young. You're twenty six years old. A long road ahead of you, man. So appreciate you work and they follow if they want to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, all the things at KO'd Qadi on all social media, including discord, we have over 15000 active members.


That's what I say. Fantastic.


And if they want to watch your stream, which I'm going to be tuning it like it's just to watch this fucking guy screams chartable.


So if you're waiting for me on Twitter, I'm not there. I'm ten months into streaming exclusively on YouTube and YouTube. Dotcom encouraged streaming. There are probably five, five days a week. There we go.


Right. Cool. Hey, thank you guys for listening to a pulse of the number one podcast in the world. We love you. Hit that subscribe button. Turn the notifications on. See you next time.


Take it easy by.