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Hey, it's Madelyne. I hope you got the chance to listen to the trailer for our new series that just came out, The Runaway Princesses. It's our first collaboration with The New Yorker, and we are extremely proud of it. I think you're going to love it. I wanted to come back today to tell you the first episode will be in your feed next week. But if you want to listen to the whole series, ad-free, right away, you actually can by subscribing to The New Yorker at newyorker. Com/dark. The New Yorker is running an amazing deal for In the Dark listeners. It's just a dollar a week to subscribe. Not only will you get all four episodes of The Runaway Princesses, you'll also get full access to everything The New Yorker has ever published, all the really incredible reporting. And you'll be supporting our show. Subscribing to The New Yorker is actually the best way to help us do what we do. Of course, episodes of The Runaway Princesses will also drop in the In the Dark feed each week, like always. But if you want to binge the whole thing, and believe me, I think you will want to, you can get the wholeorker.


Com/dark. And if you're already a subscriber, you can just download the New Yorker app to get all the episodes ad-free right away. And as always, thanks for listening.