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Hey, it's Madeleine, our team is hard at work on season three, but today I wanted to come to you to tell you about a podcast from our partners over at Minnesota Public Radio. That's the station where In the Dark is based. The podcast is called In Front of Our Eyes. And it's about the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and the trial of one of those former officers, which is going on right now. George Floyd died just a few blocks from where I live, and back when it happened, me and other reporters from In the Dark teamed up with Minnesota Public Radio to report on his killing and the massive protests that followed.


Reporters from NPR have continued to cover this huge story, and they're still following it as former officer Derek Chauvin goes to trial on murder charges. We're going to play the trailer for In Front of our eyes in just a second. I hope you'll listen and subscribe. In the meantime, if you want to keep up with what in the dark is up to you, you can follow us on social media where in the dark 8pm on all your platforms. Or you can sign up for our email list by going to in the dark podcast again, email.


That's the best way to get updates on the stories you've heard on In the Dark. It's also the best way to stay up to date on news about season three. Can't tell you much right now about the story we're reporting, except to say that we're working really hard and we're extremely excited for you to hear it again. You can subscribe to our email list at In the Dark podcast dog email. And now here's the trailer for In Front of Our Eyes from our partners at Minnesota Public Radio.


We watched you real time, we watched the whole nine minutes play out. We watched his life go away in front of our eyes, and I kept coming closer and closer to the TV. I said, my God, damn it, just start crying. I was like, because I seen that, you know, the police was doing him. No one deserved to lose their life when he could have been prevented. From what I see from what the world has seen.


In May 20/20, the world saw a Minneapolis police officer kneel on a man's neck as he struggled to breathe. The world watched George Foy die on video. The world reacting to make sure the people understand the black lives matter. Those eight minutes and 46 seconds that took George for his life opened the eyes of millions of Americans and millions of people around all over the world.


I'm Nina Moine and from NPR News and American Public Media. This is in front of our eyes, a new podcast from the world we all live in since George Floyd was killed. We'll talk about George Floyd's life in Minneapolis.


Oh, he always he's always said he's just call me Wally, man. Oh, man. I'm so glad, man. I came up here, man, and change my life, man. You know how the way we talk about racism shifted after he was killed? Well, the first thing I'd say is I wish we had listened earlier. We'll explain the trial over his death and its reach beyond the courtroom. Have we finally gotten to a place in this country where we view the victims as as equally worthy of protection but are no more victims?


The spring break coming March 24th in front of our eyes from NPR News and American Public Media.