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Last year, while working on an HBO series, I stumbled into a small northeast Georgia farm town by complete chance. I met a man there that would change the trajectory of my whole life for the next 18 months while I learned who he was and who his father was. Former Dixie Mafia hit man Billy Sunday Burt, known as the most dangerous man in Georgia history. Underberg. Was a good man. He was a bank robber. He was a hit man.


He was a murderer. He was the enforcer for the Dixie Mafia. He's also my father. While telling the unbelievable and incredible true story of Billy Sunday Burke, I quickly found out that the deeper we dug, the more secrets we uncovered. And in the summer of 20/20, we uncovered more than I could ever have imagined. Clues to secrets hidden in plain sight for more than 50 years, information on unsolved murder cases and the discovery of maps made by Burt provided clues to mysteries that have baffled investigators for half a century.


In recent days, we've discovered that the Xs and crosses that bird had marked on the maps so many years ago might just lead us to hidden treasures or maybe even a body.


Sheryl McCollum, a crime scene investigator and I'm the director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute. And I think the number one thing for me, any time you're looking for a clandestine grave, you're looking for some type of skeletal remains. If there's something that you can identify there, that's going to be key. Well, here it's a piece of jewelry. If that jewelry is there, there's no question and we can go completely on that alone. So, again, you've got a map, you've got memory.


I'm all about it. There's no failure here. Y'all being here is not a failure if we don't find anything at all. Here's the way I see it. We know where the body's not. So we come back and we try again. Maybe we bring cadaver dogs. Next time we're bring in ground penetrating radar, we bring Rose.


So the dogs tell us two things. And every search that we conduct with them, they tell us where something is and where something isn't.


And what I've learned over the years is that knowing where something isn't process of elimination be very helpful and informative and metal detectors, depth finders in a pair of cadaver dogs have confirmed that there is something buried at the markers from Burt's old map.


But what it's interesting, the different cases we've worked a lot of the cases we do work are in a wooded area. But dogs, people find it interesting that dogs have found people under concrete, under collapsed buildings and water one.


There's got to be something there again, if we can find that rain. It's going to change. But the bottom line is sometimes you just got to get a shovel and dig. Oh, happy day. Oh, my God.


Authorities are now involved from two different counties in DNA and soil samples are being analyzed as we come closer to solving these mysteries from so long ago of what or who is buried deep in the red. Georgia Clay will share with you what we found. But while we continue to follow this story as it happens, join us and start at the beginning of the story of a man you've probably never heard of.


Early Sunday, Bird, the most dangerous man in Georgia history.