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This is the JoCo Underground podcast, number 10 with Echo, Charles and me, JoCo Willink.


Good evening. Good evening. All right, so today we have some Q&A, some Q&A, some questions that are specifically from members of the JOCO Underground that are on board for the big win.


And part of the reason we set up the JOCO underground dotcom was so that we could hone down the number of people that submit questions and get to more of them. So that's what we're doing here. So, Ecotrust, what do we got? Let's get to it.


First question. All right. So loneliness on the path, right?


I'm not sure if we should say their names. So as of right now, we're not going to.


Yeah, I would say do not say their names just in case privacy thinks, OK, how do you feel? Like a first name, possibly possible.


Yeah, well, sort of.


Lately I've been calling all example people either Fred or Bill.


Yeah, Bill. That's that's. Yeah. That's a guy for sure. OK, Fred's not a guy.


Well, I have not heard you use Fred in the past. Really. I use Fred well I guess mostly on f online.


And when I'm talking to clients, if I've got to talk about Fred over here, I know Bill for sure.


Bill definitely maybe is vaguely ringing a bell. How about that? All right. We'll go with it.


So what's what's Fred's question here or Bill's how do you deal with loneliness on the path? And yes, I do. Grappling. I'm a metal. He in a metal core band. I have a girlfriend and enough friends, but no one of my no one of my peers is getting after it or none of my peers getting after it because no one wants to be uncomfortable and not even close.


Mhm. So it's lonely. Well it sounds like.


Somebody might be a little bit uncomfortable being alone on the path, right? That's basically what's going on here. And look, that's that's a funny way to look at it legitimately. You've got someone that's saying, hey, I'm alone and I don't like it. I want other people to be on with me. They're not here because they're uncomfortable. They don't like being uncomfortable. You're uncomfortable and you don't like it either. That's why you're begging for other people to join the party with you.


So I got news for you. The path is lonely. That's those are the facts than the higher you get up the mountain, the less people there are, the higher you climb, the less people are going to be up there with you. So what are you going to do? Are you going to are you going to complain about it? Is it does it make you uncomfortable going to climb back down the mountain?


You could go off the path. So I think what you have to do is and I know what I do is you kind of lower your expectations of other humans. And when I say that I'm not talking about doing that in an I'm superior kind of way, right. But you because you've got to you've got to recognize that what's important to me might not be as important to other people.


For whatever reason I would have got in the British army, there has been a rise in right wing views and support to the point where soldiers are being counseled and in a few cases sacked for their views. That's fired.


I'll translate that from British sacked as service members when in uniform, we're supposed to be politically neutral. Is it impossible to maintain this position in today's climate?


OK, so good question.


And first of all, well, speaking of the American military, this idea that you can be an extremist of any kind is not OK.


You're not allowed to. According to the Pentagon, military personnel must reject participation in organizations that espouse supremest causes, attempt to create illegal discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, religion or national origin, advocate the use of force or violence or otherwise engage in efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights. So that's a very comprehensive list.


That means you can't be in any basically in any kind of gang because because you know, you're not allowed to use force or violence. That's what gangs do. You're not allowed to. The one that's really a catch all is deprive individuals of their civil rights. You know what that means? You committing crimes against anyone. So if you're part of a criminal gang, you're not allowed to be part of a criminal gang and you're not allowed to be part of any kind of a supremest organization.


And you're not allowed to do that in the American military, and I'm sure it's the same in the British military. And guess what? Yeah, good.


We don't want people in the military that we have to serve with that are criminals or associated with criminal gangs or they're extremists or they're racists.


So good right on now, it might just be the wording of your question, and I'm assuming.


That what you're talking about is more along the lines of sort of the cancel culture type situation that is going on in the world, and in some cases people are being counseled or fired for things that are not wrong. And then that's different. So if you know the way the question is worded, it's like, oh, there's been a rise of right wing views and now if the right wing views OK, but if it's right wing extremist views or racist views, it's like, OK, well, yeah, you're not allowed to be in the military.


You have the right to have those views, but you don't have the right to be in the military. Now, if it's like, oh, you have some conservative views and now people are getting counseled for it and that's what we're talking about. Yeah, OK, I get it. Or if you're a super liberal person and you have some beliefs that are a little a little bit outside, what's normal and you're getting counseled for it. Well, yeah, that's wrong.


Now, most I would say most of the council culture right now is aimed at conservative people, so.


This is what's happening not just in the military, but in the whole world right now and here's the thing. I just did an unraveling podcast about well, it's not directly about this, but it's about a an event that is reflective, I would say.


So Darryl Cooper and I just did a a podcast about the witch hunts in Salem, Massachusetts. And it's not I don't think it's out yet. He's still editing, but.


There's also witch hunts throughout history, and they many of them have the same kind of. It's a similar arc of the story, so here's what happened in Salem. I mean, just you can listen to that podcast when it comes out, but the witch hunts in Salem were started by two little girls, one that was nine and one that was 12.


And what they figured out is they could get people in serious trouble by accusing them of being witches, by accusing them of bewitching.


So they would they would act crazy and scream and yell and throw stuff around the room and then point at someone and say, that person possessed me.


And actually, the first person that they did it to was was a slave that they had this this woman named I think her name was Tituba. And they blamed her for their actions, and so she gets accused as a witch and the little girls are like, who knows what they expected? But then all of a sudden they see that they have what do they have? They have powerless little nine year old and 12 year old girl. All of a sudden they have power.


And then what happens?


So it starts to expand. They start accusing other people. And by the way, and again, you can compare this to cancel culture.


If you defend a witch, what are you which you're a witch to. You're a witch. No, you're a witch. Yeah, you're a witch. So then it spreads.


And then what happens is that the only way to be safe from being accused as a witch, do you know how do you defend yourself and accuse other people being a witch? You can see what you see where this is going. This is this is where the term witch hunt comes from.


So this this runs wild and it becomes a mob mentality.


And that's what happened in Salem. And hundreds of people were imprisoned, 20 people were executed.


Executed. Because of a nine year old and a 12 year old and actually what's what's crazy is other little girls got in on the act and other little girls got in on the act.


And this is what you have to remember about mobs. Mobs are very destructive, but. They end up destroying themselves, so they're like this, this burning fire that they will burn themselves out and that's what happened in Salem.


The accusations kept going and eventually they started accusing people that were either of a little bit more of more social power, because let's face it, when they accused Tituba the slave, no one really cared. Right. But then they started accusing non slaves and then they started accusing. They went up the social hierarchy. And eventually they got to a point where they were accusing people and they said, we're not listening to you. So they literally just started shut up, like where they started ignoring the girls and the girls now that they weren't getting the attention anymore.


Guess what they did? They stopped doing it.


They stopped doing it and then everything settled down and that was it, and it was kind of it just kind of ended, it just kind of happened and ended. Now, it's scary because there were some serious damage. You know, people were executed, but it ran its course and that was that.


Now, I would love to give you some advice, some super hyperaggressive advice about Stand Your Ground. And you've got to do this. But look, there's a mob happening. There's a mob happening. And when there's a mob happening. You have to recognize and understand that the mob is going to destroy itself if you get wrapped up in the mob, you could get destroyed to. So that is a little excerpt of what we are doing on the JOCO Underground podcast.


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