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Hello, brother. How are you? Hey, man, how are you? I'm excellent, just trying not to get all crossed up in the lines of what does that say?


Well, if you're interested in politics like I am and interested in current events, you're really going to love today's show because today we're a little bit of a change of pace.


My producers have booked one of the most important and influential people in our nation today.


We're really honored to have Attorney General Bill Barr today on the. I'm sorry, what? Oh, I'm sorry. Bill Burr. The brothers on the podcast. The comedian. Oh, well, that's very different show, so I should be more prepared.


Oh, anyway, so Bill Burr's on the show. And by the way, I think it's more fun than having Bobba on the show. I'm very excited. He makes me laugh. He's a huge Boston sports fan. That's going to be fun. And it turns out a cigar man like me so much, he's going to be so much easier than interviewing Bill Bar.


Jesus Christ, I'm so excited, BILBOROUGH Coming up, Mr. Podcast, Mr. Badass Comedian Oh, I'm so glad I could just be more of myself with this man.


This could be great. Stay tuned.


Well, huge fan. Oh, man. Singing Who are you? Who are you doing in Austin Powers? Way back when it was a Robert Goulet. It was Robert Wagner. Robert Wagner. Yes. Yeah. I'm about your age. So I watched all your movies personally. The Young Blood was my favorite. I'm a big hockey guy. Yeah, you're a big Bruins guy. Yeah. And then you turn and you did the. The not Robert Goulet, whatever you just said, Robert Wagner, it was funny to the man.


Oh, thank you, R.J., as they call him, R.J., you know, were you Big Jim? Did you watch Heart to Heart as a kid, his big show or take?


No, I watched my parents watch that one.


I watched I think I was watching Matt Houston at that time when that was on on that he is it was like, yeah, you know, one of those mustache guys with a cool car solving crimes. He's got the friggin heat on. My God, it's killing me here. But I just got a Celtics T-shirt on here. I just want to start any shit now. It's really listen, I well, I'm very excited to talk about that because, you know, I'm Lakers from way, way, way, way back.




There was a time and I'm sad to say it, there was a time when I would have been so angry about that and we would have beefed and and now I'm so dispassionate about it and I'm bummed. I don't know what's happened, but I like this.


They all just pile on teams now. That's what made our last championship was a pile on team. And I've always equated it to like when you were playing outdoor recess and you were choosing up teams even as kids, if it got to in balance, you were like, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You know what? Where would the satisfaction be if all the athletes beat up the math team? You know what I mean?


So. But for some reason, it's just a different franchise, just kind of out of hand. Now, I'm not mad at these guys getting their money, but when they all hang out on a yacht, go, well, like, you know, the Jordan dock where we could get past the Pistons. So what do you lifted weights you've got to look for mentally? All these guys, they're their last dance documentary. So what did you do?


Oh, I just joined the Pistons. Yes. Then we beat my old team by one hundred and they didn't make the playoffs. And then I started prancing around with the championship trophy. It's so it's a I don't know. I'm not you know, people just say I sound like a grumpy old man when I say this stuff. Same.


Same my kids are and I have friends like the get to enjoy it, enjoy this new era of Laker domination. I'm like I listen, I did not watch one minute death of the Lakers play and they won a title this year. And I'm like, what is that about? I mean, honestly, I traveled with the Lakers. I had season seats with I have great Boston Garden stories, which I'll get into in a minute. Oh, and and how how is it that I've been left behind?


What what is it? And it is that it's like, you know, now LeBron James is here.


Of course he's here. This is his fifth team in five years, OK?


I mean, and he's great.


I mean, I'm not going to sort of be LeBron James, but I don't know, man.


It's I don't know. I just know what it's like. What the NBA is saying to fans of the New Orleans Pelicans that that they're only allowed to have like an Anthony Davis in the beginning, like, why isn't he playing with Zion? And then they should be the team. And it was one of those things where, OK, we're suffering his fans, but we got the first pick and so-and-so is coming out of college. And then then you guys had your run and it kind of even set off that kind of.


I don't know which which is why I got a kick out of the second half of that Golden State Warriors, the first half that was their team, but the second half from KD went there. I got a kick out of listening to Laker fans bitchen going like what they're doing is what you guys have been doing since all the way back to Kobe. I mean, Kobe wasn't a Laker. He was he was a Charlotte on it. And then you added Shaq from Orlando.


You got Phil Jackson from Chicago. And it's just I mean it. But it is. But that's just me.


That's it. If that's super. Now you're firing up my old Lakers shit. Now you're firing up my old Laker blood because I was still down to clown in those days. That's building a dynasty.


That's building a franchise.


It that felt different. Like getting filled.


I would disagree. That was the beginning of it. It was the beginning of it. OK, then it is it is the reason it feels different to me because it didn't the origin of it isn't Kobe tweeting at someone from a yacht at a nightclub. There's no way to come and play. I know. But you know what I like? He's a mother to Kobe was a bad, bad mother fucker. He didn't give a shit.


He was just a Norelli winner through and through. Lately, I'm not I'm not talking about anybody individually, but I'm just saying the beginning of that, let's all jump on the same team and then destroy each destroy everybody else. You know, like, I guess Celtics are guilty of it. We got Kevin Garnett for nothing and Kevin McHale, a former Celtic, was in the front office. I mean. That that whole thing. How did you guys get him?


How did you get Kevin Garnett? I've never understood why the Bruins had an old Zamboni and we threw that in or something. I don't know what it was with some ridiculous, but it was like that just seemed scripted where they would just like, all right, we got to fire this back up again. Jordan's gone. The Spurs are slowing down. We don't know where we're at right now. And I don't know. Listen, I said forever.


The NBA was fixed forever. I said it was fixed. Then they had him locked up ref. And then everybody said I was crazy. They got it on on. There's just one guy.


I mean, I would go with one team of guys. Yes. How could one guy just fix a game with the other two guys? Don't know what he's doing.


Do you believe the old. Apocryphal story about the frozen envelope, the draft. Have you ever heard that one? What was that to Patrick Ewing? Yes, yes. The Patrick Ewing. Oh, absolutely, I do, because it's a business. And somehow the NBA, though, has there's so good at their business, they've been able to survive without New York being a market, a strong having a good team there. But I 100 percent believe that.


I feel like, you know, right before Bird Magic got there, the league was in a real bad way. They were going bankrupt. The ABA took a big chunk out of them. Cocaine was hit and they had problems with addiction. All of a sudden, they just didn't have 11 white guys out of the team with short shorts. So sudden, you know, white people had to deal with the fact that everyone was going to there was a lot of stuff going on.


And then Bird and Magic came and saved it. And then they rolled into Jordan while the Pistons came in. And I think they just they just hit a streak like you were gambling. And then I think after that, they didn't want it to end. You have to Jordan. They didn't want it to end. And I just think that they've been feeding these stories. It just seems that way. It's just like there's almost like a rule like where certain teams can only be bad for so long.


I don't want to name the teams because they'll come off like I'm biased here. But there's almost like a rule that like. But then there's the other thing, too, or some of these NBA guys have like production companies, I view it this way as a Celtics fan trying to compete against the Lakers. It's a done deal now. The only thing that could possibly save us would be global warming. So we'll have the same climate as you guys.


You guys have a great climate, the most beautiful women. It's like, what do you want?


You want you want overt racism, winter and about hooking up with sixes and sevens or you want to go to L.A., have overt racism bank tests and get your production company going. I just don't think we can.


I know I know where I'm going. I know where I'm going to play. I don't think we can compete with that. That's why I enjoyed Golden State. I've enjoyed all of them. I didn't get mad at the Miami thing. And I'm not even like mad at the Lakers. I'm just looking at as like a business that kind of sold their soul to the super team. And I feel that. That fans of the Hornets and the Pelicans, if they're going to suffer their reward, should be getting these guys and being able to hang on to them.


So for those of the listeners that because they don't know about the frozen envelope, because that's it's my favorite story ever. So the it's Patrick Ewing is coming out of Georgetown. He's going to be this dominant. And was it a Hall of Fame career? He is great. Never won a ring. But that's another story. And he's the next big thing. New York has been horrible forever. They are. They have. Right. They have the first pick in the draft.


Is that. That's right. That's what. Yeah. They got they got the lottery pick. So this was the way in a way to keep it like fairer, more exciting. They created the lottery. So I guess teams wouldn't tank. And then it can be like an exciting team, an excitement event to watch. And that in the commissioner at the time, David Stern, is picking envelopes. The theory is he doesn't know what envelope they are.


And he opens it up because, oh, it's the New York is going to get the first pick or whatever the theory was that they refrigerated. The envelope that had New York in it, I got to tell you this, if they and so when he felt the cold one, he pulled that for New York.


And what do you know, New York gets to choose Patrick Ewing as opposed to Patrick Ewing going to the Utah Jazz.


Right when that sort of the back story. I've heard that. But that. That's great business, yes, to do that because of where the Knicks were and then we got all those great those great next teams, which I loved. That went up against the Indiana Pacers. There's so many great guys that had the misfortune of playing during the Jordan era, it didn't get rings. So now people go, Oreja Miller never got it right. Reggie Miller is the most ice water shooter I saw.


So maybe some of these kids nowadays. But that guy just like the bigger the game that you just knew it was going in, it was always going to be a three. Yeah. I mean, this is my era that you're talking my era when I love this game and I don't.


What do they say? The only thing worse than hate is ambivalence or whatever. And I'm ambivalent about the NBA. I don't see it with any pride. I just don't know what happened. I just the game changed a lot.


I mean, I can remember against your Celtics, I was in the garden and we were down by 14 points in a final I think it was eighty seven. And Michael Cooper got a breakaway and pulled up from a three pointer and shot it and made it. And no one could believe it because you do not do that. You go all the way down and you don't get you don't pull up uncontested. And that started a fourteen point run and we won.


And that was the Magic Johnson baby hook.


That was the baby up game. But now it's all threes and we sound old.


This is bad. We sound so old. This is terrible.


Every young person listening is like their bad old man.


No, not if we're talking three points, but I think there is something to be said about the way the NFL runs it. Let's look at this year now. Now, that rating went down to Tampa Bay, the pets are dead. How great is it to see the Browns are good? You know, how great is it to see this kid down in San Diego? Because San Diego is in L.A. now. I keep thinking it's the San Diego Chargers.


Justin Herbert, just even though they're having a tough time winning and everything, just to see, you know, our Josh Allen and Buffalo, just to see all these guys and then seeing Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes ascend to where, you know, Brady and I guess Peyton Manning, where for the longest time it's, you know, at league like the NFL. But as much as I look out for concussions is still you have a shot, you've got your team has a shot, you can hold on to your guys.


And I just feel like the NBA is like those those superhero movies where they got like, you know. Nineteen superstars in it when they all do individual movies with the Marvel Universe, everything, everything is a Marvel Seven-Up, everything's Ocean's Eleven, everything's a Marvel Universe.


What's going on? Tell me what what's what is your look? Bill Belichick is out is on Mount Rushmore, period. That said, what does this season tell you about him, if anything?


And what does it tell you about Cam Newton, if anything? Well, first of all, I think there's only I think as far as the Mount Rushmore is Paul Brown and Bill Belichick, one hundred percent. Paul Brown brought it into the original modern era and then Bill Belichick took the two point conversion to the stratosphere. Yep. Well, you got Bill Walsh in there, too, but yeah, OK, whatever. I'm always Bias's Apache spin. All right.


What do I think people people are going to be angry about Vince Lombardi and George Halas? They're going to be edgy about that. But I'm with you.


I would say Paul Brown had it all over both of those guys, just as far as being innervated. The other two guys were obviously incredible. But like Paul, there's a difference between being great and changing the game. That makes sense, yes, good point. I already forgot what was the thing about the Patriots. We kind of had the same problem we had last year with Brady on offense is we're just, you know, before Edelman got hurt, we were just looking for somebody to step up as a viable number two option.


And it kind of just never happened. We drafted this kid, Harry. He keeps getting hurt. Byrd has had his moments. But now all of a sudden, this other kid, this blond kid, something something something squeak. I don't know what the heck is the ocean escarpments going to was like whatever the old school was like. All of a sudden, it's like Lech Walesa. He comes on and started punts and kickoffs and like so. Yeah, the genius of I think Belichick is just the reason why we have this old school almost looks like three yards and a cloud of dust offenses because that's what he's working with.


And so many people look at Belichick as a coach and they begin it when he took over for the Patriots. And they forget that he shut down Elway and the Broncos as a defensive coordinator for the Giants in eighty six and a 90 shot shut down. Was it the running gun with Buffalo? But that guy has like seven rings. It's unbelievable.


People still. I know. I remember when Tampa had a winning record and we didn't in October to like the debate has been solved. It's like, oh, so now they're both great. They're both they're both good. I've always wanted to be able to emit as much of a fan as I'm a Bill Belichick as a coach and what he does on a football field. I'm more of a fan about what he does in his interviews. I want I've always wanted to be able to do Bill Belichick like it's some stupid award show press line I've got to do.


I mean, like words are silly and award shows are silly and I look at whatever, but I would love to be like on the red carpet and they're like, tell me what you're wearing today. Close your silence.


So, so. So you're nominated for whatever it is. How do you feel about that?


Might win. Might not win. You know, we'll see what happens. I mean, it's a lot of talent out there. They're very good actors. Very good actors. I mean, how great would it be I want to do a pretty good balance? Well, I mean, people don't understand like that. He's not going to give anybody any bulletin board material. So the second he wins, he's already thinking of next week's game. And I feel like the press has been so hard on him because he makes them work.


They love the they love the players coach guy, the Rex Ryan, who's just going to give them a quote, make their day like the article writes itself. And Belichick, I don't think he's trying to piss them off. It's just like, listen, I know what you guys do. You take the littlest thing and you blow it up and you turned it into this motivational tool for this team I'm trying to beat next week. Yup. This league is too competitive.


I don't need that shit. So, you know, if you guys weren't such dicks, I would give you more colorful answers. So they have no one to blame but themselves. But sportswriters are not good at doing that.


What do you what do you think about Cam Newton? I like him. I think he's been hurt. I do get nervous whenever he takes off and run runs, but like all I've been hearing is the players love him, he's the first guy their last to leave and all of that type of stuff. So, I mean, if you're going to go from Brady to Cam Newton, that's that I can handle that football. Although, you know, the other kid there that we were looking at, too.


I mean, who knows what he can do? I you know, it's the first season he's learning the system and some of these.


We could just get him a couple of guys that, you know, you could I don't think it's healthy. He's got somebody to throw to kind of opens up what we're going to do. Yeah. This is great, we've I've lost all my listeners now talking about sports for as long as we have, and I could go on and on. What else do you want to tell you guys? What do you want to. Let's talk the election. We can lose the last field.


Let's do that.


Hold the thought. We'll be right back. Are you still in Boston? Is that where you are based or you I live in Los Angeles. Oh, good. You see, we're done. You're like, I've had enough of cold winters.


No, it's just where the business was. I mean, if the business was in Massachusetts, I never would have left. I loved it back there. So but, you know, I take this business. I'm out here and I'm sticking it out. I love the people are leaving, you know? Right. Oh, great. Yes. You know, make it easier for me to get where I'm going. L.A. is amazing. You know, I talked to somebody the other day.


I don't know where the hell I was. And he was going wherever have stayed. I was. And he goes, this is America. I'm like, yeah, I realize that where I live is also America, like, what do you do?


Because these people agree with your lifestyle more so than your idea that this is the country and you eliminating states. Now, if states don't agree with you, this is not America, it's just weird to me.


It's like it's all American people are like, truly, though, leaving California, like you cannot believe. I mean, Robin left Elon Musk love.


It's crazy. They have something that they're talking about where you have to pay some sort of capital gains tax if you leave, like they start thinking about holding this hostage. You got all this.


And they the California State Franchise Tax Board has opened offices in Florida and Texas.


Literally, they're in other states going, oh, I remember you. You used to live in California. Okay. I just want to look a record make here.


You actually have a phone bill in this state.


No, it's why can't you just be. Well, when you're not in your own state, you don't have any jurisdiction. I know. Get out of here. I think you just get a lawyer and you just you make it more of a headache than the next guy. That's right. And they move on. Yeah, my books are balanced. Maybe if you did that with your state, you wouldn't have to chase me to Orlando. Please get the fuck off my property.


Yeah. Don't don't hold your breath. Tell me something about this. How do you like having your wife on the podcast?


Because I. I have a wife. She's right upstairs. I don't know, in the kitchen where she belongs. It's barefoot and pregnant. We're killing. We're killing this. We're killing the game. Women are loving this this particular episode more than any episode I've ever done. I love my wife on the podcast. I love Enteron. She's funny as hell. And then also she always trashes me. And my listeners really enjoy that because they like trash and me, I enjoy getting trashed.


And my wife is as funny, if not funnier than most comedians I know. She's truly, truly a funny person and as a mate. And it's just amazing energy and stuff. So, you know, having kids the last few years made it harder for her to be on the podcast. But I'm currently trying to set up a little more of a studio in my office. I've kind of been doing a garage band kind of way. Just me.


Yeah, essentially. But but it but it's killing. And she's really funny.


And she's she she's a natural kind of. Yeah, she yes she is. She grew up, her dad managed comics so she grew up around comedians. One of the coolest things about her is if I ever have a bunch of guys over to watch a game like she can hang like nobody, she just really. Oh yeah. Breaks balls, trashes people, gets huge. Laughs It's ridiculous. It's because she's one of those people. Yeah. I think I think it's going to be a holding call right now.


She does that.


She'd come in and make fun of us for cheering it on. You know, she does stuff like that.


We'll just come like it's always the same colored shirt.


Just kind of the more we are. Yeah. Moron's we are. Yeah. But if we're hanging out on the back porch having a couple beers and a cigar, she'll come and join and just wants to be social.


So what's your cigar of choice. That's another thing we have in common. I love my cigars. Oh you do.


You know, I got so sick of trying to figure out if a Cuban cigar was really not that. I just said to hell with it that so I just depends on what I want to do. Like for like afternoon smoke. Right. Nice afternoon spoke. I got a little our window here. Yeah. I love those. The Nubs, the Connecticut rap one or the law. Aurora Saffire one of the blue two. Insane, insane, underrated cigar.


Do you, do you ever.


I'm doing this thing now where I'm fasting every other day sometimes.


Is that why you haven't aged since nineteen eighty six. I mean you look so ridiculously good and I got this light my wife goes turn this light on, it's going to make you look better. It's like it really doesn't. I don't think it does. Let me see if I can. That's nonsense.


You look, you look, you look absolutely as you should look which is perfect. Believe me, you've got nothing to worry about.


You've got a political career in your future, my friend. The way you danced around that. Thank you. You got absolutely how you should look. That's it. I like.


That's good. So do you. So I've been doing this fasting and. I'm finding that it interferes with my afternoon cigar because I'm cigars on empty stomachs can be kind of a. Thing, yeah, right. Don't you think? Well, I don't fast, but judging by the way you look and how you danced around complimenting my looks, I think I should start doing it. How long do you fast for?


I'll go dinner to dinner. Dinner is served when I used to do it, I would go five o'clock to five o'clock was easier. So you kind of had an early dinner and then that's sort of what it that's sort of what I'm talking.


That's sort of what it is. But it has unintended consequences, which is my all I want to do is eat sugar like you can't imagine after. Yeah. For sure. I mean. You know, I I'll sneak in like an atkins' bar and into to not do my sugar thing, and that's really, really helpful, but it would interfere with my cigar stuff that I'm then I draw the line.


Come on.


So what's your cigar guy? Which is cigar choice. The Edmondo, the the it's the well I like the Toyota Monterey. I'm totally a Cuban snob. Still I am. I'm still there. But you got to hook up that. I do have the hookup. I'll tell you the last time I smoke one or two of them, that I knew that they were real. I was doing a gig in Tel Aviv and there was a there was like a 7-Eleven little convenience store.


And I went in there. I had like, Eminem's in a root beer because I eat like a seventh grader when I'm on the road. Right. It's so great.


And I can only have the ones with peanuts. The plain ones is just too, too much sugar. I'll pass out. But the play, the peanut one. So I went out and they like we got cigar smoke. You got cigars. Here they go. Yeah. So they come out and you remember the old diners where they would have like the little twist thing to take the straws out. Totally. So they had like a clear plastic thing.


They look like that. But there was cigars in it and I'm looking at it like. All right, I'll take the Cohiba reboost up there like, oh, yes, let me get two of those. And me and Joe Barton are working together and we went out, we were working in Jaffa right outside of Tel Aviv, right on the Mediterranean Sea at night, and just four percent on these things. And it was like, this is how I know a Cuban cigars real.


Right. As I start to light it, I always go, oh, my God, if that's what I did. And then the next day I came back and I got the Spartacus series to go, which is also there. And we just sat there during the day. Look at it all. The it was amazing just watching solving the Middle Eastern problem, watching beautiful Israeli and Palestinian women going by. And as we're looking out at the Mediterranean Sea being like, what is the problem?


It's unbelievable. By the way, this is God's country. I want to talk to you about doing your last special at Royal Albert Hall.


And tell me about your moisturizing system that you use to stay. Look at thirty one can't risk your life. All right. I just want to stipulate to everybody out there this was not planned that he asked me this question.


He is my guest and he asked. So I'm now going to tell you that I have my own skin care line and it is called profile and you can go get it online.


And I developed it eight years ago. And that if you ask me, what do I ask if that's what I use? Do you do the old school thing where you stick your face in a sink full of ice like like a raging bull? Or if that was his I think his wiener he put in the ice and Raging Bull.


No, I mean, we all do that. Paul Newman, that was on this thing every morning. He would stay would freeze his face in the ice water, in the ice. He would do that. And then he would do some insane amount of sit ups because he actually had a washboard middle back when being in shape back in the day just meant you weren't fat. That's all it meant. Yeah. You look at Steve McQueen, he's like, Yeah.


Today like to be Steve McQueen, you'd have to be so shredded. Yeah, Marvel's Marvel's ruined everything. It's ruined it all for for for for actors that you like to be. It's not good enough just to be in shape. You've got to look like, you know, Chris Pratt and Guardians of the Galaxy or something. And I know Pratt. I know what he goes through to do.


He's been on the show. It is not easy. I remember Hugh Jackman talking about the amount of protein he had to eat to get jacked like Wolverine. He said his jaw would be sore from chewing, getting to eat like fucking like some ridiculous two whole chickens every day, just sitting there trying to put all this extra muscle on his frame.


So profile. I'm going to get some of that stuff. You've got to face scrub and all that.


Oh, I do. Yeah. And you can also get a target. All you guys. Listen, I'm doing a free ad here, but you asked and it is but it is perfect because the guys don't take care of themselves and I'm one of them.


I don't I don't want to put a bunch of bullshit on my face. And, you know, I just don't I want to I'm a big, dumb dude and. But I've been in a business. Radion, thank you.


Thank you. I have friends. I look like a dumb dude. I look like I you know, when they grabbed the guy from the upper deck, you got better seats. They bring it down. I look like, well, like the guy sitting courtside with the chick with the red bottom shoes looking at her phone.


The whole game is wrong. I've been there. I've been there. I've been there.


It was before red bottom shoes and phones. But the you know, we there's no free lunch like you got. There's certain things you got to do to take care of yourself that are the only reason I do it and know about it is because I grew up in a business where people were doing it for me.


Right. Since I was 15. I roll into makeup, they sit down, they do their thing to me and I walk out. And over the years I'm like, oh, so moisturizing is a thing. Oh, so sunscreen is a thing. I don't think I would have done any of that stuff had I not learned about it from from people who who knew better.


And most guys don't know about it.


And I'm, I like to be able to teach them, you know, and I did the same with my my young sons. I'm like, if you want to hang onto it, there's certain things you got to do. You can't just not do stuff and then wake up one day at forty five and wonder why you look the way you look. There's certain things you got to you got to do what was is a big thing to you. Stay.


Well I'm, I'm sorry.


That's nothing. I'm sober thirty years.


So that's really that's another thing. I quit two years ago. No way. Congrats.


I mean if you needed to do it, how how is your how is it affected your life.


Way, way, way easier to stay in shape. Way, way, way, way, way less apologizing. No way less waking up going oh god. Why did I say that. Just none of that all of that has gone away. I sleep better. I still miss it. I'm not going lady I miss. But my problem was I wasn't like I didn't have, like, that AA thing, but I was I think addiction is a spectrum.


I was somewhere where it just had gotten to the point where it was out of control. Yeah. So I had to shut it down and then but then every time I would try to come back, it would eventually get out of control again. How old are you? Fifty two. Wow, that's amazing. Most people at 52 are doubling down. Really? Yeah, the I find that look we get are we in our 50s.


And that is it's like there's certain stuff you've got to start looking at. It's like, can I really eat this much ice cream? Can I really drink this much?


It's like that's the time I tell my listeners, the young ones, to try to save up some fun dates.


Don't use them all up like I did, you know, don't be like I was. Don't be like I was shitting on new sports leagues.


Tell me about Royal Albert Hall. You're how first of all, I'm so jealous that you played Royal Albert Hall.


I played the National Theater Darling in London, but not Royal Albert Hall.


That sounds impressive. How you over there? I was doing a one man show, which is really basically it's my version of being doing standup without calling it stand up because nobody would come if I called it stand up they'd like. He's not fucking funny. He's not a comedian. Why do I need to go to that?


So but that said, that's what it is. But I'm.


Tell me about royal romance. That's the Beatles. That's that's history. What was it like for you?


Is it in the round or is it my imagination? It's not. Oh, it's a round building the structure and then the the the stage is on one side and then you kind of looking out. But, you know, I learned of Royal Albert Hall through watching Led Zeppelin 20 years ago when they released their performance there. And I then went when I went to London, I just went to take a tour of it just to go into a venue where my one of my favorite drummers of all time, John Bonham, played.


And I went in there with my wife, my girlfriend at the time, and they gave us a tour and my wife didn't want to go. And she thought it was, oh, God, it's going to be boring and blah, blah, blah, which it was at the beginning. But then when we went into the theater, it just so happened that the London Philharmonic was there and they were rehearsing and they played this song in there. And it was just like it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.


And I was thinking, like, why didn't I have a ring? This would have been perfect. Yeah, that would have been perfect. But it was so it was so amazing that the guy was trying to get us to leave and like, people were like defiant, like we're not leaving until this song is done. We just had to understand it. And then, I don't know, just and then a few years later, I was I was selling tickets in my.


You know, I said someday I wanted to play there. My agent said, hey, you want to give it a shot as I do it, I don't think I can sell that place because you could sell it last time you did a smaller place. We did this many shows. So we did a warm up show there in June just to do it. And then in March, I came back the next year in twenty nineteen to do the special.


But the warm up show, I don't think I ever. Could get out of my head that I was there, right, because it looked the same as like when Zeppelin played it and I just kept thinking like bombs, drums were right there. I'm standing with Robert Plant was I couldn't get out of my head that I was there and not feeling worthy to be there. So there's this thing where you got to kind of like, you know, wow, you almost have to knock something down just so you can feel like you can do it.


So there was a little bit I'm glad I got that that one run through there before taping the special, but I still can't believe I got to be there. That's so. Oh man that's amazing.


My my friend is Zori. I think that we did like Carnegie and it's those iconic buildings. So much history that's there.


Carnegie and knows something about. I think it was because it was in another country. Yeah, was amazing enough to play. Carnegie, but, you know, to go to somebody else's country and play big crown jewel is this extra level of like I can't believe that I'm getting to do this. I mean, Carnegie Hall was another one. Wow. Just coming out, going like it's so funny. It's so beautiful. And then you come up with a bunch of shit jokes.


You just like this doesn't make any sense.


I am balancing out the room right now. If you saw the plans that I had this year, the places I was going to play and some sporting events because I built it around, I'm going to racing to I was going to go to MotoCorp Race. I was going to go to the TTI race on the Isle of Man musician Boudella. And I was going to open for him. He was going to do an acoustic set. I was going to do stand up.


And then we're going to watch these lunatics drive 200 miles an hour down cow paths on motorcycles. Yeah, fun. Yeah. That's so fun. Yeah. If you're going to go out there, you might as well Jacksonville, you've got to go out to a gun range and shoot a gun with a silencer. You just got to do what they do. You've got to be the opposite of like a New Yorker where they're so spoiled when they're New Yorkers, they're terrible when they travel.


Everywhere they go, look, you can't get a fucking slice of pizza for more than six in Kentucky. Why don't we get some bourbon or whatever the hell it is when we find out what they do for fun out here and do that instead of trying to do what you do on your own block. So then there's a purpose for traveling. So well said. I'm kind of trashing. I have three friends of mine who I love to death, who are New Yorkers, and they all dress like it's the first day of school in ninth grade.


They still think like getting a brand new pair of Jordans with like a hoodie, a Nike hoodie. But the Nike hoodie and some crisp new jeans like dude all over. And it's just like. It's like you guys, little you guys are dressing like you just got your driver's license and if they're in their 40s, what is that? What is what is that? What would you call that thing that I know exactly what you mean.


It's so funny that you say it's an arrested development combined with one of the things that ruling class in this country dress down Fridays.


But they say the 80s, they started having dress down Fridays. Do you dress like it was the weekend and then it just became the whole week where you can now basically wear whatever you want? It used to be when you went to work, you dressed up. There was customer service. The customer is always right. All of that stuff got eliminated. They did fix a lot of other things. You know, they some other people didn't look like you or me at bats, but it's all good.


All good. But the the the dressing, there's something about that I think is what happened.


It's funny because you look at pictures of movie sets. And where people maybe maybe the worst dressed folks in the world are my my peeps on movie sets, a lot of cargo pants. Laura, Laura, Tommy Bahama shirts with the cargo pants in February. Apocalypse meets dress down Friday. It's not good, but you look at photos from the 40s, people in Taizz suits and ties on a movie set. Unbelievable. Yeah. You know, you killed the hat.


Who I, I blame you as a Bostonian. You killed that. JFK, if you look at the picture of his you look at his inaugural photos, guys are in top hats, if you can believe it still.


And there's JFK with no top coat and he's got that amazing hair. And he was he was a baller.


He was like, I got fucking great hair when I'm wearing a hat for. And I would have opted for the hat. And he and that killed the hat. It's like Carey Grant killed the undershirt. Yeah. In a in a movie I took he took his shirt off and he didn't have a t shirt on.


And men all across America is what the fuck am I wearing a t shirt under this fork. It's going for Kerry grants. Good enough for me.


I think the dates went crazy when they stopped. So they were trying to go because that all I got to do was not wear a t shirt.


Yeah, they're not really realizing that Cary Grant being Cary Grant might have something to do with or JFK, but he did. He killed the half.


I don't know. I got to look that one up. I don't like that you're coming after a fellow Bostonian here. Oh, listen, I'm a big JFK. I, I'm I'm a big JFK fan.


I'm like, you have to support your eye contact when you said that. And. Well, because I'm looking at my notes about you. I just am looking at my I'm just being a pro, just trying to make this a good interview.


We'll be right back after this. OK, did Miggs Mayfield, who is that? Isn't that how you play in the Mandalorian Mayfield Mayfield? I just read it wrong. Yeah. Max Mayfield mixes like the fighter pilot mix right in. It wasn't mix in the original Star Wars. He is. He's Luke Skywalker, that's for sure. I know. I'm right about.


But I didn't. I'll be honest with you. I saw all of those. Like, once I was I was a sports guy and my parents, we didn't really go to the movies. So I saw Empire First Watch and then right before Empire. Yeah, I remember the summer coming back from summer vacation and Star Wars had come out and like, I had never even heard of it. And I know kids don't understand that, but it was like there was three channels are UHF antenna was busted.


We had a rented house, so we didn't get cartoons or any of that shit. So I don't know where it was advertised, but we just missed it. So I. Knew what kids were talking about in June and then the sun was right. So my favorite is I don't know where Star Wars was advertised. So I missed Star Wars. It wasn't that big, but it became a phenomenon. It became this phenomenon over the summer was a blockbuster.


And we were just we lived out on a busy street. We were what do they call it was a closed circle cul de sac. No, no, it was a business. I'm saying, like me and my family, my my siblings, like, there wasn't any friends coming over a guy you. So we heard nothing of it. So I went came back to school in September and everybody was talking about all this Star Wars shit. I had no idea what they were talking about.


And then I saw Empire, which I like that one. Then we saw Star Wars and then I saw the last one. And by the time the last one came out, I was like 15 or 16 or something. So, you know, I was I was like, you know, I had already seen Scarface. So, I mean, I wasn't really right into it walks. I did like the sled's when they went through the trees and stuff, but like, I was just more of a sports guy.


So then when they came back, the next three came back, the Jar Jar Binks, when I was there off. They're awful. They're awful.


I saw that one and I was just like, OK, I'm I'm too old for this. And I haven't seen one since.


Turns out five year olds were too old for those of turns out I saw it. I did see one on a plane. The Han Solo one, I think. Yeah, but Mandalorian is great. Yes.


Penguins are some if they if they did the whole series, the way this thing looks like a spaghetti Western in space, I would have been well all over it because I like Blade Runner. Here's what's amazing, what you just said. So I was 12.


My aunt and uncle were what they used to call rotoscoping artists. Rotoscoping was the original special effects by hand. They would have to paint and paint individual frames of.


Of of movies to do things, and they told me, I said, what are you working on? So I wanted to be in the movies. I was 12 years old.


And because we're doing this, like, really dumb movie, it's it's basically like a spaghetti Western in space.


It's called Star Wars. And we're drawing in the laser beams. So literally, the people who first worked on the original Star Wars thought it was a spaghetti spaghetti Western in space. And that's what you're. Wow. You're picking up on on Mandalorian. Clearly, Favreau knew that. And that's why he's so great as a director, John. Yeah.


And they're like such a huge, ridiculous fans of it. So I think it works for me not knowing a lot about it. So then the weight of it, which I didn't understand until the first season came out, and then like this whole new group of people were coming up to me, super polite Star Wars fans, least to me. Yeah, I don't know how they are on the Internet. Haven't read anything. But like, they come up very polite and, like, ridiculously passionate about it's like sports passion for a show.


So I've gotten it's been real cool that they came. You know, it's funny. I get shipped though. They go. I never heard a Boston accent in a galaxy far, far away. And I always go like, well, how about English? You know, think it's weird that they're all speaking English. What was what was the question? The whole thing is exactly. There's there's a Sasquatch. Oh yeah. Yeah. So what I love is Han Solo still speaks in English to him and they both understand each other, but he doesn't grunt like him and he doesn't speak in English to him.


But it works. You can't you can't start using that kind of logic and Star Wars or the whole thing falls apart pretty quick.


Exactly. Then they should leave my Boston accent alone.


I love I love me a good a good Boston accent, I guess. I think it's great. I have a very soft one, believe it or not.


If you go there, if you find an old school person, it's like it's an amazing thing to hear.


I shot a movie in Boston. I did this things. Ricky Gervais is a long time ago we were and it was in Boston for quite a while. And it is it's almost like it's like a caricature sometimes. Yeah. It's like anywhere, you know, it's like anything like Malibu surfer guys or caricatures like yo dude like they really do speak that way.


They really do. Yeah. And it's always fun to go to places in the country like you were saying about traveling and doing what people do in the place you travel to, which is smart is like listening to people who really have the vernacular of, of where they live is fascinating. Yeah.


Do you like to imitate do you do you like to imitate people? Do you have an ear for imitations at all. I can't do it the way you do it. I more like they have to now come on. And I was talking about that before we got on your impression when in Austin Powers I said it was Robert Goulet. The Robert Wagner. Yeah. Yeah. That was like. It was a. I was just because it was subtle, because he's not like that guy's not an easy guy to do.


Yeah, I don't like doing I don't like doing obvious people. I like I don't like I appreciate people can do who Carson and Christopher Walken or whatever the big ones.


But I and I love other people who do the nuanced things that you like.


I did Stone Phillips when I was on Saturday Night Live and or Arsenio Hall, and those were people that had never really been imitated.


And that's that's the kind of stuff I love. And I love it when other people do that. Yeah, I j more like that. Or he can do like Colin Quinn. Harvey Keitel. Amazing. He's he's the best. I think he's the best I've ever heard where it's just like and he said that he that he doesn't work on them, he either can do it in the beginning or he can't get them like really. That's interesting. Yeah.


Like and I remember Jim Norton was saying like he not only does the impression he does the way they think because there are those people that they can do the impression, but they only do what they say in movies. Right. But Jay could like you could be like, all right. Do do we do you know Harvey Keitel hanging drywall with the person who hired and staring at him, annoying him, and he'll just start doing like a buddy of mine, work with him and they were playing some old theater.


And he said to me, hey, can you please go out there just to Harvey Keitel up front because these people aren't going to get it because can are going to do it. Then he came out and he did it and he just started trashing how old the the theater was. I wish I could do even better. Harvey Keitel. Yes. Choppy dialog. Talking about how the theater was crumbling around us and nobody knew what he was talking about, and my buddy Joe was he just did it for him for like eight seconds, had him dying, laughing and then that his act and destroyed.


Yeah. I love I love people that can do the stuff I had.


I Dana Carvey is an old friend and has been on the show too. And he obviously great impressionist. He left me a message on my phone as as Biden is Joe Biden. And it was so funny.


And what makes me laugh are like the grace notes of it like and in it the thing that made me laugh is he he had Biden confusing Bob Woodward with Joanne Woodward, which made me laugh, which made me laugh.


But that's it's like it's not enough to just do the impersonation. It's having that like that thing of like, oh, my God, that makes perfect sense the way they think that Dana is one of the best stand ups I've ever seen. And he like the depth of everything that he's doing. He put in such a killer album he put out a couple of years ago that I completely wore out. But I've been to me and my whole family were fans of his.


He had a special oh, man, this is go back in the 80s. And I was I know for me, I remember when I got to open for him and he was such a cool guy and gave me all this great advice. Yeah, I miss him. I haven't seen him in a minute. He's he's he's just the best. He's he is a total killer.


Who else are you. A big Kinnison guy. Right. You know, see him at all now.


He was gone right before. If he died in ninety I started in March of ninety two and I want to say he died shortly thereafter. Right before. Yeah. Kinnison. There's this thing, Kinnison, Pryor and George Carlin, those are all the tricks you need, that's sort of the whole every club in the bag, as they say. Yeah. I mean, Pryor and Carlin were just masters of this stuff to learn from all of them, and then Kinnison was sort of this new era thing.


Where I just I loved his dynamics when he when he when he. Got control of how how loud he could yell, how much he could bring it down to this sinister level and just drag. I just watched the bit the other night. You married. Are you going to get married? Oh, yeah. I used to be married. And then he just sort of brings it down, you know, just just remember this face. He just gets it all the way down.


And then he just said, oh, it just would blow people away. He was great, wasn't he? Yeah. Yeah. When he was there was a period there before I like. You know, the whole fame thing and the addiction thing was swallowing them up before walking on a stage with chicks on leashes that got a little sideways there, but like early on when it was just him. And the microphone is I mean, I don't think there's very few people that he was just in his own lane, totally in his own way.


Yeah. I was lucky enough to see him at the Comedy Store like a midnight drop in set.


And it was electric. It was absolute. He did a bit where I don't remember what it was and everybody kind of copied it. Or he took a guy's phone and called the girlfriend in the middle of the show.


It was like. Insane and yeah, yeah, they see they still down the Comedy Store when it was open and everything, like his name comes up and there's still enough guys that knew him and everything and just the stories. There's no Sam Kinison story. We just like. Oh, yeah, it's interesting. Every one of them is just like what? What every throwaway stories about that guy. You're unbelievable. I played in a celebrity softball game in Canada and Sam was going to be the umpire and was and he was on the way to the airport.


Picked up two identical twins that he saw on the side of the road. They got in the limo, came to Canada, and they never left his side, and one of them was the one who was with him the day he died.


They were together. But I just love the notion that he's on his way to do some press thing in Canada, sees two people he finds interesting, gets them in the car and that's the bike.


Yeah, it was. Yeah. I don't know. It's it's I wish that guy because he cleaned up and everything and I felt like he was going to go back to nineteen eighty, eighty, forty five eighty six. Sam Kinison. You know, I felt like he was heading back. There was, there was a time right there with like Stevie Ray Vaughan died the year before. And then Sam, there was all these guys who were just getting sober and were putting out the best stuff for just getting ready to do it.


And they were just gone. It's weird how it happens like that, but. That's right, I think, Stevie, you're right, Stevie Ray Vaughan, I think, had got yeah. Forgotten that he'd gotten sober that August the 90s when he died and he needed in step in eighty nine. I saw him on that tour and he was sober then on that one.


And I think everything up to me did that live album in eighty seven and there was a year off. I think that he was getting sober in eighty nine, you know he put out that album was just like at the top of his game by the way for the fans listening who don't know what look look up Stevie Ray Vaughan tightrope Austin City Limits. It's just, it's insane. I mean that's a level of performing that I aspire to for half a second ever in my career.


And he just would do that night after night. And the fact that he just did that on TV and just. It's unreal, unbelievable, so, so insane, as amazing as your facial creams profile anybody available at Target and you didn't I didn't even make you do it.


You just brought it up, could you?


I'm like, I'll be the team player up to your career. You are Breaking Bad.


You're in a fucking Star Wars shit. I'm like a schmuck. I need to get my act together.


We're talking about. I mean, that you're you're you're breaking you're breaking Kubi, Breaking Bad, dude, you're in one of the greatest shows of all time. That's right. I mean, our troops into half an episode of some of the best shows ever made a half an episode.


Listen, it's like Ty Cobb said, ain't bragging. If you've done it, you're in it. You're in Breaking Bad. I'm not. You are.


I love the 80 strikes back and a little bit not. Yeah. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Probably go buy one. They're not that expensive.


I put Klondyke. That's one I hadn't thought of in a long time. Could you have more fun with the topic is what they would say. But the topic. Yeah, it was like, well how about you bring me in. What if you didn't already do the decade? And I got it. I got to come in here with all this shit that didn't make the first one. That are really still upset about that. That's really funny. That's because it's funny, because they somebody wants me to do some 80s retrospective thinking about doing it, but now I'm learning from you to get involved early to make sure it's not talking about the Klondike bar some.


Yeah, take it. Take control of the content, baby.


That's right. You want to control the narrative. It's all about that now. It really is. Well, this is a fun man.


When are we Lakers. Celtics. Now we're going to reunite on that maybe. Oh, I know. Really. How about Red Sox? Dodgers. OK, redo. Let's do that. Congratulations, by the way. Thank you. It was so fun. And, you know, here's the thing I'll say about this Dodgers championship this year. It's not an asterisk here. I will. I think in many ways it was harder to win. For a team built for one hundred and sixty two games, then for a team who could have like I thought this was the year I thought a team could go on a streak like the Nationals did and go all the way.


So I love that the Dodgers were able to do it because only be an asterisk if if you guys had an advantage. Everybody was playing during covid. They all the all the time, like I'm counting all of these, the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl, all of this stuff is counts in my world because it's not like people aren't you know, they didn't take half the teams and throw them out. So I hate that shit. When somebody wins one, you don't give it up to.


I've actually finally figured out this has been such a liberating thing that I never really hated the teams or the players. I hated the fans.


Interesting, because they're like it's not like, you know, when the Lakers beat the Celtics, Magic came walking into my bedroom, you know, given me all the hits, the fans.


That's what I don't like. They're the ones. Why am I getting mad at him? He did what he's supposed to do. And then it allows you to enjoy something because you can spend your whole time hating one of the greats of all time and then they're gone. Like, you know, as much as I hated the super teams and all that, every chance I got to go see Kobe and Shaq, I would I'm going to go see it.


To look at it, because I think eventually I hope, though, they're going to fix that model where if be good to see Milwaukee win one New Orleans or something like that, I don't think it has to be this the way it was. I don't want to get back into that map and we'll go down the rabbit hole for another thing. I going to what we did before, but one thing I'll leave you with was I the person I hated most in sports ever, in my life, ever.


And there wasn't a close second was Danny Ainge.


I understand it, right? I'm not crazy. He had a face. What do you Celtics uniform. I get it. So and then I'm doing that movie in Boston and I get tickets to come see Celtics play. And who am I sitting next to on the baseline. GM Danny Ainge is doing a hell of a job, too, and of course, he's genius, hilarious, great.


And it's that thing of like people say, you should never meet your heroes.


I'll tell you, you should really never meet is never meet your villains because then you can't hate them anymore. Now, that's happened a bunch. And he was he's just the greatest.


You know what I love out here in L.A. I love the local sports. I love watching the Rams wrap up game where they have Vince Ferragamo, who I remember back in the day with him and Pat Haden, that quarterback controversy. But Michael Cooper also does, when he does host Lakers to the level that he still hates the Celtics. I just sit there watching it, laughing like when we sucked basically post Len Bias died. He still any time he got on it, if the Celtics thing came up, he would just the logit hatred.


And I love watching it, because that is gone from sports, it's gone, it's gone. Yeah, they're all hugging before it and oh it's so I don't I, I miss it.


Know, I sat with Lasorda, a bunch of you know, Tom is very ill now.


He's hanging on and doing great, hopefully will live for another hundred years.


But to sit with Tommy and, and listen to him to say Tommy in the old days, wouldn't you ask this guy to throw at this guy's head?


Right. Because oh absolutely. If they didn't if they didn't fight, I'd make them fight. I mean, and now it's just it's just too much money. And, you know, it's everybody's hitting everybody up for they're going to go to the club afterwards.


I liked it when I was a blood sport. Yeah. The NBA, if you watch those old men do the stuff, that is not a foul back then. Yeah, incredible. But, you know, the game evolves. We've learned that, you know, this cty and all of that. But this is part of getting old. So I know you've got to talk to guys your age and we'll be like, yeah, but I agree with you, hey, when this pandemic's over, we got to hang and smoke a cigar.


Let's smoke. Yeah, for sure. I'll look you up and we'll if you'll come up to Santa Barbara, I'll come down when this is done because I love building my my my cigar posse and my sports posse. And this is great.


I'm all about it. And then you got somebody to laugh at if your team beats one of the Boston teams.


Oh yeah. What's on its dodgers? First of all, I'm sorry. I got to ask you this and then we'll be done, I promise you. And we've turned this into a sports podcast, but it is what it is. It's why I do this because I don't have a producer going ask him about it.


I hate that stuff. What the hell? Thank you for Mookie Betts. Thank you. Isn't he great?


Well, he wasn't. Thank you. He was a free agent at. What you could assign them? Well, I mean, you know, I, I don't run our books. I mean, what am I supposed to do, listen to you all of a sudden you win a championship like you guys weren't flailing in the wind the last five years. I didn't go up to Santa Barbara. Look over your head and start giving you shit. I know.


Listen, I know. I just don't understand. I don't it's like I think it's it's the fucking curse of the Bambino revisited, maybe.


I hope not. It wasn't a sincere moment in that sentence. I know. How can you go back to a curse? I'm just saying, this guy I wasn't I mean, I was I knew of him.


You just compare Mookie Betts to Babe Ruth. I'm just saying, OK, throw me out on this. Just hear me out on this.


He's not even Steve Garvey.


See, I know I know why he left.


He wasn't feeling the love. I mean, he's just this weekend. But this is the thing. If you get a free agent on your team, you don't get his jersey. It's like falling in love with the stripper. OK, the following money around the league, you don't you don't give your heart to him. So he's going to come in. He's going to do what he was meant there to do. God bless him. I love him.


He gets it. It's a business. Go somewhere else. He helped you guys in drought. He helped us to continue. I don't have it. I don't have any problem. I didn't have any problem. When Garnett left the Celtics, even though he was my favorite Celtics during that era, I understood that he's a Timberwolves. I get it.


Is Timberwolf D attempt to Kevin Garnett say when he would punch the well and did he talk?


Didn't Kevin Garnett also talk before his free throws to himself? Wasn't that his thing?


Am I am I confided in an amazing actor. How great was he. And uncut gems. Oh yeah he's great. Yeah. Multi multitalented. I think that thing that he liked, it was almost shaped like half his head. He's got like the perfect head guy, just shaved heads really. Look at him. He has a perfect head and that thing that he liked was like perfect. It was making him give me a sideways view of your head.


I want to I want to judge your. You're going to be nice. Come on.


I am going to be not going to sideways this my head. Oh, it is great. It's like a fucking bowling ball. It could not be more geometrically perfect.


It could not be more geometrically perfect. Oh, I love people who enthusiastically insult me. It's great to see something. What? No, that's what you aspire to.


You got what you want. I had a a fucking V-neck up there in Santa Barbara. Oprah, come over and borrow some sugar, you fucking son of a bitch.


I know you want to come up there. I must smoke cigars. Good to be rude. And I'm going to be a one and done because at one of your sports, because I think you've just been too nice to me.


I know there's a whole other side of you that's just itching to take a full swing at me. I know it.


And I'm down to talking about young blood. All right. I love it. I love that. Yeah, I love that. That was a huge movie in the Boston area. We liked all of that, all that movie. Everybody else was into the old ones. And then all of a sudden, you see you find out that you're that good looking and you're hilarious. That's like Ryan Gosling in the in the the nice guys. Did you see that movie?


Yeah, great. He's just like it's unfair. He's got it all we talked about. You got it all. I don't know if I'm on Gossling level, by the way, Nabor is up here, look at she's up here. I see you can borrow some sugar for this ugly stick up to that neighborhood.


They might they might bounce you out of your gated community. Now, there's no such thing. You're coming up. You're going to smoke some stogies. We're going to have fun.


This is the this is great. I love that. This is great. I got nothing more to add. This is wonderful. Thank you for. Well, if you're up there smoking, I'll get my ass up there. OK, good. We're on. Thank you, man. I do want a profile gift bag. When I leave of moisturizers and exfoliation, I got a closet full of them.


OK, cool. That works for me. I'm good. Thanks for having me on. Thanks brother. All right. Thank you, Rob. We'll see it.


That was fun. That was really fun. What a great dude. What a great free ranging conversation.


I had a blast just about things that I love and fans of. And it's always fun to have somebody on the show who is a fan of same things. I am Mr. Bill Burr. And again, I'm glad it's not Bill Bar. Because I can tell you, I'm not having a cigar with Bill Bar ever, probably, but I'm definitely having one with Bill Maher.


OK, before I sign off today. We try a little something new, some fun over here, literally. It's called the Lowdown Line.


Hello. You've reached literally and our low down line where you can get the lowdown on all things about me. Rob Lowe, three, two, three five seven oh. Four, five, five, one, so have at it, here's the beep. Hey, Rob Caillaux from Detroit, Michigan. My question is kind of dumb, but first thing I thought of would rather fight a bear sized chicken fried chicken thighs there. It's like I icebreaker. We asked people we may love your podcast.


Oh, my God. Amazing. I love this question. And by the way, thank you for being the very first caller on our call line. I mean, you should win some kind of I mean, if we were a real podcast and we're really thinking clearly, we'd have some kind of award for that. You were the first caller and our lines are open. So congratulations on that. A bear sized chicken. Or a chicken sized oh, for sure, a chicken sized bear.


One hundred percent, that's not even a easy question for me. Just the size, you mean, look, it's a chicken sized bear, so it's the size of two footballs. You could punt it. A bear sized chicken coming you with that beak and all that, Craig, is the size alone thing. Look, I keep it really simple.


I want to fight things that are smaller than me. And I don't want to fight things that are bigger than me. And I thank you all. And I'll see you next week. You have been listening to literally with Rob Lowe, produced and engineered by me, Devon Tory Bryant, executive produced by Rob Lowe for low profile Adam Sachs and Jeff Ross at Team Coco and Colin Anderson and Chris Bannon at Stitcher. The supervising producer is Aaron Blair's talent producer, Jennifer Sanders.


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