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Hello. Hello. How's it going? Chelsea, I like your little cozy. Hi, thank you very much. Please tell them. Oh you are your skiing. I'm so excited. Where are you. Tell me everything.


I'm in Whistler. I'm in Whistler. That's your place too, isn't it?


It is my place. I am so jealous right now. I knew you would be. Welcome to literally, thanks for joining us and tell your friends the few, if they have not. Subscribed. If they've not imbibed. And all of those things that we've got a good thing going on here and I'm glad you guys are joining me because today is a good one today is Chelsea Handler. I mean, there's literally nobody like her. I fell in love with Chelsea with her first book, Hello, Vodka.


It's Me, Chelsea, the great title of a book. I might be the best title book ever. And some books stand up talk shows. She's done it all. I'm not going to lie.


It's sometimes it's interesting to see her half naked in Instagram, let's face it.


And we're about to talk about anything and everything.


Also, one of the great skiers, one of the great celebrity skiers. Stay tuned. And I like saying the word stay tuned because nobody is tuned to anything anymore. But it makes me sound like it's a professional show that I grew up listening to.


Stay tuned for Chelsea Handler. Tell me, how's the skiing?


I it was it's pretty great. I mean, say I was skiing pretty kind of not great because there was no visibility. So it threw me a little bit off my game, which I did not appreciate. It's my twenty fourth day of skiing this year. So I moved up here like I bought a place here before the election just in case things went south and just and I was like with covid, I'm like, OK, I got to get out of L.A. we are the worst.


So I got a gig in Canada. I like a residency at a theatre in Vancouver where I'm supposed to perform once a week. And I was like, Oh, perfect, that's work visa. So I came and now I'm not performing because they still haven't lifted the restrictions.


I love everything about that plan and everything about the plan and the way the plan's going.


It's just everything is working in my favor. It's almost like I've done something good in another life, you know what I mean? Yeah.


You're reaping the rewards. How is the snow been this year? It's been good.


When I first got here, I quarantined for two weeks and it snowed for two weeks straight. So there was a nice base and now there's like twenty five centimeters. I now talk in centimeters because I'm Canadian for winter. Yes, exactly. I'm coming this weekend. Tomorrow, so that'll be great. Oh I'm with Kelly, our ski guy that we share and. Yes, yes, the whole crew. That's real fun. Oh my God. I mean I ski every day.


I just got to the end of the road and ski down and go. I mean, it's heaven. Kevin, oh, you're living your best life, you, you, but you always kind of live your best life, I think. I mean, nobody has more of an adventurous spirit than do I think.


Oh, well, thank you very much. I take that as a compliment, right?


I mean, you do your thing, you get out there new, you live life and you do what you want to do. And tell me about the I know that with covid you can't do it but the residency because you hadn't done stand up in a long time, right? Until recently. Yeah, until recently.


And then I was like, oh, I just found a special for BMX. And I was like, oh now. So once you film something you have to start again. And I was like, oh this will be perfect. I can go practice in Canada every Saturday night. I do two shows at the Vogue Theatre, it's called, and they have like, you know, limited seating because of covid. So it's like seventy three people a show or something.


I'm like, perfect.


I can warm up my material in Canada, but now that I've been in Canada, like I have a lot of Canadian material just for Canadians, you know, can you you know, I'm obsessed with Canada because we always think that it's just like us is nothing like us in other civilized.


Actually, it's like nobody nobody's yelling in the middle of a kvass about wearing a mask, you know what I mean? No one's doing that in Canada. I people it was like after covid and the election and all of that, like the last four years of just such, you know, whatever our chaos, it felt like I was like when I came to Canada, it felt like I was welcomed to civilization. It was like, oh, this is where people are respectful to one another yet.


Well, I'm curious, what other differences do you find in Canada?


The a lot of the Canadian women and the couples are really like they're they're running the show, like on the serious tip, like Canadian men are a little bit more timid. I would say they're more willing to take the back seat, which I think is more masculine because that's just what's going to happen anyway. You're married. You understand what happened?


Oh, yeah. It's, you know, happy wife, happy life. You know, being married is sort of like picking what hell are you going to are you willing to die on?


And the answer is, I'm not willing to done many hills, really. I'm not. Right. And and the Canadian guys, I guess you're telling me you've figured that out. Yeah.


They're just like, listen, we don't want to cause any trouble. We don't want to rock the boat. That's the general vibe of Canadian man. I mean, it's not like I'm meeting a lot of single man, so maybe their vibe is different because of covid. You know, you can't like even if you go to Kristine's for lunch, it's like you're separated. You can't mingle. Right. Everyone's masked up skiing. So it's not the greatest year for romance.


But listen, that would just be the icing on the cake, right? I mean, I can't be that great a can't have everything right. I mean, I'd rather just be single and joyful.


You don't take me one hundred percent. I'll miss you question because so what happens in and then we'll stop skiing stuff. I can talk about skiing forever. What happens with like gondolas and stuff like ice ski and snowboard a lot in Utah and they're famous for their giant tram, which was always disgusting.


It was always gross. It was always people packed in literally like sardines in the was. But now I can't even imagine anybody doing it. How do you get up and down the mountain? How's it work?


Well, there are rules. I mean, it's strict, you know, I mean, because you can't get on a gondola with someone you don't know, like even Kelly isn't supposed to be my ski guide is not supposed to be in my gondola with me. But, you know, we do that anyway because it's ridiculous and we're in the same bubble at this point. So a lot of bubbles going around, a lot of bubbles. But, yeah, you don't get on like it's one person.


So it takes a long time in the morning. The lines are really long in the morning to board because it goes so slowly. Plus you have to distance online. So I'm a fascinating topic of conversation for your listeners.


I know that my numbers are plummeting by by by the moment, but I don't care the way we do a podcast we get to this is this you know, I mean, you did a talk show.


You had to suffer. People you didn't want to talk to, I'm sure, and talk about this.


Actually, I do have a funny story about Whisler. So I was doing another podcast a few months ago and I said, oh, I'm going to Whisler. And this guy hooked me up with a friend of a friend and said, Oh, you should screw with these women. So I met these two women on the mountain and ones like sixty something and one's like definitely seventy something. And they just haul ass like we say hello. It's like literally thirty seconds and they just start hauling ass in towards seventh heaven.


And I'm racing like trying to catch up with them and I can't, I'm like, oh I can't get your shit together. I'm like try to put my music on, get my gloves on. And so I might try to catch up, catch up. We go on the chairlift, we go up and they just haul ass down the mountain. I'm like, all right, hold on a second. I'm like, let me start. I was a little stoned, you know, I just woken up.


So I was like, I step on it a little bit, no shit together. And then finally I was like catching up with them and catching up. And then finally I beat both of them. And as I'm passing the seventy five year old I was. What are you doing, like what are you doing, are you raising a seventy five year old woman out on Ski Mountain right now? And then I was like, you can't do that.


That's just too late.


And so that was the end of my I, I, I when I first met Arnold Schwarzenegger, I met him on the ski and it was the same thing as like a bunch of people going to get together to ski.


And I didn't know Arnold was going to be there. I'd never met Arnold, didn't know Arnold.


And it was clear when I showed up and was introduced that he wasn't thrilled to see me either. He was like I was. Ah, no.


I mean, I was like I was excited to see Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger. I get to meet Arnold. But I could tell when he looked at me, he was like, oh, great. You know, he's another one of these Hollywood pussies does know how to ski.


It was like, oh, yeah, right. And I do know how to ski. So it became clear as we were going down the first run that like, I can ski, he can ski. Oh, he's good. I'm by the by halfway down it was an out and out mano a mano race to the finish.




And I remember I got to the, the front of the there was nobody at the bottom of the chairlift but I stopped at the little gate three would enter the chairlift like I won and Arnold blew past me to the actual chairlift, got on the train left and went up and I never saw him again.


And I was like, well that's a ball or move. He just said, just like you literally just made the finish line a lot farther away.


And that's how we became friends, is through skiing.


I was get to ski with Clint Eastwood once. That was pretty fun.


Oh, yeah. Has he as a skier, methodical? Yeah, I would imagine so, really.


But like, you know, Clint's. How old is Clint now? He's. Is it possible, Clint 90.


Is that possible? I think he's closer to two hundred. Two hundred and ninety. That's what it is. Yes. You're ninety.


But listen, my had you know, skiing's brutal men. You fall and you're like, I'm now skiing like I ski like a fifty six year old bread winner.


That's like when people say, what category are you? I'm the guy who can't tell a meniscus. I can't.


Yeah, I have a torn meniscus actually. No, I got my meniscus fixed and I'm working on it and it's pain. I mean I got it fixed. It's worse than before I got it fixed. They say you don't need to get that surgery always. And I was like, no, anything you could get surgically fixed. I want surgically fixed because I love to ski so much and now I have to get it drained every week. It's a hot mess.


I mean, you should see what I have to do just to go skiing.


So I need you know, as we as we get older, we're supposed to gravitate to like. Sun vacations and like water and not be cold and the wind beating the crap out of us and flat light and, you know, breaking a rib, but no, you and I are dumb and we're just sticking with it, aren't we?


Yeah. I'd like to step it up a lot. A little bit. You know, like physically as I get older, I'm stronger. I'm more mentally, like, sound, you know, I'm like more confident and everything. So I definitely don't want to, like, segway into lawn bowling or anything.


No, no, we're not going to do that. I don't think anybody anybody wants to see that. I want to ask you and I'm going to jump around a little bit.


But tell me about your experience working with Playboy. Did you was like. It was in 2009, right, is that when you did a cover for them, did you ever am I am I making this up now? I think Chewy and I truly was my my co-host for Chelsea on Chelsea lately. And my sidekick. Yes, right. And Nugget friend and I did a Christmas cover of Playboy where we were like and he was just a stance. And I was we weren't it wasn't a typical Playboy cover.


I don't damn it. But I God damn it. Oh yeah. It was a cover, but it was like a holiday special. Thank you. Yeah. So it was one of those people all the time in regular life. I know. I know. Why would I do that.


Well that's it's so counterintuitive if you're like I know I'm going to do Playboy but not being naked but like on my morning. Hello Sophie. I'm going to be naked.


I like the way that I like to keep people on their toes. I know. I like that. See, I was hoping you did one of those like Jamie Free Targ.


He was always the photographer.


Not that I read a lot of Playboy when I was a young boy. Why would I have ever done that?


He was he was always the photographer. Jamie, free time.


I was like, I want to grow to be Jamie Free Togue is shooting all these beautiful women and just amazing. So you did the Playboy cover that I would not have bought.


That was the one. It was always like it's like, you know, funny. It wasn't sexy. I was I was like sexy, but it was more funny than sexy. I wasn't buying Playboy for the for the funny.


I was I mean. Well, I was just trying to give you a little extra credit there, Rob.


I know. I know. I only evolved into that guy recently. You know, when I was 15, I was like a typical fifteen year old idiot. So insane. What tell me.


You know, what I loved also, by the way, about doing your show when when you were doing your your talk shows, you had your dog in the studio during. During the interviews, there was the greatest thing ever did they ever like what was their greatest moment?


Was there ever like a probably going to the bathroom while a guest was talking, you know, and behind them. And then Kevin Hart came on and my dog went nuts on him and Kevin was like, your dog's racist. And I was like, he is actually like it was obvious that at that moment we know that he was there was no denying it. And so that was really funny because Kevin just was like, Kevin are really good friends. And we had never discovered that my dad was racist.


He's no longer with us. But my two I have two new jobs. I actually brought them up here with me, Burt and Bernie's there with me and Whisler, and I've never been alone with them for this amount of time. So it's a real adjustment period because they think I'm like the nanny and that my cleaning lady is the main person at my house right out of her. So if I want to, like, get their attention, I have to speak in her accent to them and be like that.


They're a good boy because the whole thing that happens here and they're so pissed that they're alone with me because they know that, like, I'm not really as capable as she is of like giving them all of the things that they need.


Do they go in the my dogs hate weather of any sort. They're like complete wimps. And so my dogs would would not you if they were in the snow, they would go out, stand there, look at me like, are you crazy? Not go to the bathroom, come back into the house and go to the bathroom everywhere.


That's what I would have done. I'm on a similar kind of schedule, actually. Funny you mention that. Yeah. So I don't they're not they're definitely not happy from transitioning from Bellaire to to Whistler like there. They were very confused for the first couple of weeks. And so they're slowly adapting. But, you know, it's not like I'm spending a ton of time taking them around. I'm skiing when I can. So I should be a little bit more mindful of just like try and take them on those walks.


I mean, like long walks in parks and do all of the things that a real good dog parents do.


But it's it's a it's the snow is not is no joke with little animals.


Well, and there's also coyotes everywhere. I hear them everywhere. Hey, I have a question for you because I was just talking to Kelly about this because we're all kind of in the same age group. Yeah. Yeah. We were talking about, like, how much less egomaniacal you become as you get older. And I was thinking when I was doing a podcast today, I was thinking, oh, I bet that's interesting to talk to Rob about, because you had to be because when we're young, our egos are so huge.


When you have such fame at such a young age, you must be a total dickhead, right?


Like it's in the water for sure. It's part of it's part of the cocktail. Yeah.


And when you look back at yourself and the things you did when you were that age, aren't you mortified?


I have a whole thermography. I can be mortified by I mean, all I got to do is hit Google. Google exists only to mortify me.




And and, you know, it's like it's like the I but I also think it's the it's the way anybody is.


But because if you're famous, it's just it's exponentially bigger issue. Right. So like I think I know my kids at twenty two think crazy, self-centered thoughts. Right. And you had fame on top of it. And you're like, you know, it's it can be totally ugly, but you were like when your first. How old were you when you sort of got your first break? I don't know. It was like a series of small breaks, you know, that would go unnoticed to other people, but for me and not like momentum.


And then I think I did I did a couple of shows and then I did Chelsea Lately, which ended. That was the big one. And so, yeah, from now on. So I think I was like thirty two when I started that show. Maybe I have no sense of time, so I could have been 12.


How do you make sense of time. I'm the same like the 80s are not marked by years for me. They're marked by the movies I did in the 80s and then the 90s are marked by what was going on with my kids have no sense of it.


They're like a reflection of your own age, right? And when you have children, like that's your marker, you know, right away that you're old because you have a twenty two year old or a thirty two year old son, you're like, oh my God, how the hell did that happen? That's why I remain childless and alone, because I don't want any reminders of what's happening, of what's going what's really going on with my knee, which is I'm in decline.


No, you are not.


You're in ascension. So I'm not sending you're sending the mountains and sending your physicality and your mental stamina, all of it.


Hold that thought. We'll be right back. The sky sale is now on, and who doesn't need a pick me up at this time of year? So get award winning Sky TV and our best ever Wi-Fi with ultra fast broadband together from just 50 euros a month for 12 months. Well, that's nice. That's a feel good saving from us. So save big on the sky sale search sky 50 today, operands 11th of February. New Sky customers only availability subject to location, minimum term and further terms applied.


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Well, we have another fantastic Team Coco podcast that it's on its way to you.


And it is called Why Won't You Date Me by the hilarious comedian Nicole Byer, Nicole has been single and has been for decades. She has been single. She has been for decades. Now she is single and she will be for decades. That's not very nice to say. I don't know why they gave me this treat. It doesn't make her sound like a kind of person I would listen to for dating advice.


If she's single this whole time. What is the point? I don't understand. But I think that's probably exactly why she's hilarious and why this is going to be great, but it's it's it's hilarious stuff, you know, first date horror stories, sex, capades gone wrong. Yes.


I will be listening now that I know that there's that part. She's got a great guest, Rachel Bloom, Whitney Cummings, Conan O'Brien.


I hear he's funny. Plus, they'll be professional dating coaches, matchmakers and relationship therapist. I hope she's paying attention to the people she's having on the show. Still single after all these years anyway, subscribe to Why Won't You Date Me with Nicole Byer on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts?


OK, one of the great things this you do this when you did your all your talk shows is you had you know, we have our people that give us information on our guest and I open up the packet on you and I'm like, I know Chelsea. I don't need to look at the packet. This is going to be great. But then you didn't, did you?


Did you didn't go to dinner. Jeffrey Epstein's this has to be bullshit that our Jeffrey Epstein's house.


So I didn't know who Jeffrey Epstein was, but it was like 20. I don't know what year it was, but it was a long time ago. I went with Katie Couric, Woody Allen and Sidney Previn were there. Charlie Rose was there. And then someone else had a someone some in New York. You know, Patti Siegel is her name.


I don't know she publicist. Peggy Siegel. Peggy Siegel. Yeah. That woman doesn't mind, but she's got Peggy Siegel. Sure. So, no, I was at that dinner party not for very long. And when we got there, I was like, what is this gathering? Oh, yeah. Prince Andrew was there with with with with no one. No one. He was there with, I guess his he was with Jeffrey Epstein. So we, we went there.


Yeah. We had dinner and it was so awkward and so weird and I was like, what are we doing here? And then I asked Woody Allen how he and Sidney met. And that was when I left. You asked Woody Allen how he and Suni met. Yeah, like at that point of the night, I was like, this is just a ridiculous dinner party. Who are these people? I didn't understand what kind of. And then I looked at Woody Allen.


We were sitting together eating dinner. He was sitting next to me and we were talking about who knows what. And then I really was curious, like I had forgotten for a moment. And so I asked him what I would ask any other couple. But as I came out of my mouth, I knew that it was too late. And I was like, oh, and he loved it.


And Judy, I don't think she heard it because he looked at me and she's like, let's go party that note. So I was ready to rumble.


That that might be I love I love social faux pas stories. That's a great one.


That would be awfully hard to be without a faux pas because I'm not being rude. They are by marrying your stepchild. Like, that's rude. So I don't even consider it a faux pas. Good point. Yeah. Things point well taken. I retract. Your Honor, I retract my previous comment for the record. Where was this on the private island or was this in New York, the Jeffrey Epstein?


I've never been to the private island and I've never been on his plane. I met him one time and that was the time.


Well, listen, that was a star studded moment, though. Yeah, it was, right.


It was. Yes, it was very confusing. I'm just.


That's so insane.


But haven't you been it like those kinds of things? Not with Jeffrey Epstein. I mean. But haven't you been at the most random gatherings? I guess when you travel, if you're in London or like they people think like celebrities are supposed to be together. So like if they know one, they put you in, all of a sudden you're having dinner with, like Tina Turner and, you know, somebody and you're just like, what happened here?


How did this happen? And sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's just silly. But it is a Lunda.


It's funny you mention London of all the places you could imagine. It's very much a London thing. I find it's like I'm over there. A lot of friends. There are a lot of work there, a ton.


And I love being there, but it's always like, oh, you know, who's in town? And it's like, no, I don't know that person. But and it's and it's but also it's much more social there. I think in L.A., nobody I feel like nobody does anything in L.A..


Well, now with covid, nobody does anything. It's like I mean, how hard are you willing to look like work to see somebody? You have to go sit outside in your backyard, which of course is a pleasant enough, but you're only going to do that with the people you want to be around. So covid is like you're really thinning the herd, don't you think? Like friendships is kind of falling off because it's hard. You can't see everybody with all these rules and regulations.


It's better just like to your own thing.


It's I'm shooting my TV show nine one one Lone Star, and it's a big showcases his drama, his rescues and fires and explosions and all this.


But we're still able to shoot, which is great. But we're all in double masks and face shields. The actors aren't obviously when we're acting. But you can't understand anything anybody saying because I'm deaf in one ear anyway, so I've really a hard time.


Yeah. I can't hear anything in my head. When did you become deaf in one ear.


I've since I can remember some like an infant. My the story I'm told is I probably had the mumps or some kind of a really insane virus when I was an infant and so it fried out my, my ear.


So I have really struggled with that.


And so but now they'll be like, OK, had we're going to make what there's an explosion going off and I'm going to move when what am I moving me?


It's really, really hard to make to make action stuff with in covid when you're half deaf and everybody has if you're an action star.


So nothing's going to be able to ever stop. You know, this is what this is.


I picked a role that forces me to stay in shape and physical. You know, I figured this is now it's my literally my job to do it. Yeah, right.


Because, yeah, we have to respect. Yeah, I copy that. Right.


I mean, that's, that's one of the reasons I always say the camera is a fickle mistress. It doesn't lie. You know, it's like you got a. You know, you've got to keep it, you've got to keep it real, right, right. That's why, by the way, that is the single best thing about skiing is the calorie burn. I mean, that is it's the same.


This is my ski program. I like to ski early in the morning because I get up really early. So I like to be out the door by like eight thirty. I go down, I ski for like 10, 30, then I come home at around 11, 30. I go to a bar outside and have a margarita and some croquettes and then I go back up on the mountain from like 12 to two thirty. I mean, it is the perfect day.


It really is. There's nothing better than a margarita when you're skiing. And it's just because I'm it's refreshing and it gives you energy and then, you know, for the second half the day gives me a little like it's like a little Jamba Juice boost. I look. Now, let me ask you.


But what part of the day are you checking your Rhia app? Because I heard you're unretire. Is this true? I am.


I am. But I don't I haven't really done any of that when I have been up here. I'm too busy skiing. But, yeah, I'm on dating apps. I mean, I'm on that app.


Yeah, my my my son Matthew met his girlfriend and Raya. Oh did he.


Yeah. I actually know a lot of people. You know what, with my experience with it it's much more yield's much more consistently decent results than probably a lot of other apps because there is some sort of like admission process. So I've never met like a total douchebag or somebody that I was like, I can't be around this person. Everyone's pretty cool in normal. So there's that.


I wonder what it would have been like to have a dating app in the eighties.


Well, I don't think you could have been on a dating app in the eighties or you probably were on a dating app and you didn't even know it. My life was a dating app. Yeah, seriously.


But but like, what would it's so it's like, you know, when you've been married as long as I have been.


How long have you been married? It'll be thirty years this year.


Oh my God. That is so crazy.


It's it's coming out of my mouth as I said ago. Is that really right. But nope, that's the math.


Thirty years together with someone means you've been together longer than you have it, right. That's right. And we were together before we were married. So we've it's being together.


We've been together thirty five years, probably often, you know. And so it's been a long, long time. A lot has changed in the culture. There was no Internet, there were no cell phones. I don't know what I what that would be like to be. Ta ta ta ta navigate that today would be so interesting, I mean, well, people everyone's a little bit off in the dating sphere these days. I mean, between covid and politics and all this stuff in the world like dating is just a lot of people met during covid, but they just like hooked up for the duration of covered with somebody like nested, you know, because after eight months of probing, I'm like, I'm going to have to have sex again at some point with somebody.


So I'm going to have to, like, meet somebody that I don't know and we're just going to have to test and be responsible about it, because at a certain point you're like, am I ever going to do it again? Yeah.


And then the politics of it in today's world, probably. Well, that's half the population is undateable for you, right? That's right. In the United States.


Well, not half the population, but anybody. Well, you actually. That's exactly right. And I think so. Yeah. OK, so what are your and only a quarter percent of the population is interested in dating me, so I've already cut it in half. Twice.


I don't believe that for one moment. I don't believe it for one for one moment. What are your like. Little like everybody has those little things like it's like, it's like fly-fishing you you throw it out gently to the fish and you hope the fish takes it.


And then it tells you a little something about the fish and you're going to catch the fish or not.


Like, like what do you how would how do you begin to gauge who you're dealing with as you're beginning the dating process?


You're like, so do you like wearing red trucker hats by chance? And then again, I love red Ofakim out.


Oh, no, no, no. But clothing can be a huge turnoff, Rob. And so don't think that I can't like if a man wears an arms belt or too much cologne or a flip flops, it's a rap. You know what I mean? That's not an opening statement. So I just like to interview them, make sure they're like, well, the great thing is I got I bought these Kogure tests at my house, so I had like 20 of them.


They're like these rapid response. They were ninety nine percent accurate that I got from my doctor. So I would have guys come over, we hang out my backyard, and then if I was like, OK, this is a guy that I could like, you know, have like be on a date with, like, hey, you want to take this Kogure test? And then if I wasn't into that and it takes like twenty minutes, I would just come back and be like, you're positive.


Oh, I love that. That's how you cut them now. That's the new age you got.


I guess why you have covered. You have to go now. You have to leave and then there's no conversation. Then they just have to go. And then if you like the guy, you're like, oh, they're negative. They're negative. It's like, wow, it's almost like the anticipation. It becomes almost relatable to high school years because of like that little you know, when you're not actively dating, when you do find someone you like, you're like, oh, let's get the party started.


Like, this is great news.


What so what? What I love an area is built because I, I haven't really built I have an army is built, but.


Yeah, but that could be a little bit ironic. You wearing that. Yes it is. Absolutely, yes. It's, it's ironic. It's I'm not a label wearer.


No I hate labels. Oh my God. Anything with a label on it. It's so annoying to me. It's embarrassing. I remember like, you know, there's a I remember growing up because I didn't have a lot of money, but obviously I wasn't starving. I grew up in suburbia in New Jersey. But I remember being so obsessed with, like labels growing up because I didn't my parents didn't have that money to buy me, guess, jeans or traffic jeans or whatever was in shamen.


Dhafir that's all the girls were wearing in Malibu. And if that sounds like a vaginal spray. But I so I would I remember being very materialistic, like when I started getting money, like I wanted nice things and I was like, but I don't want I never wanted anything with a label on it, you know? And there's a whole culture of like, oh, my God, we have to have a Fendi bag or a Gucci bag or a Birkin bag.


It's like I can't think of anything more stupid than spending money on a purse.


I will tell you that there are people who love labels. A lot of people love labels and there wouldn't be labels. But when I'm going through my closet and getting getting rid of stuff that my my wife will come in and go. Are you getting rid of this yet? I don't like it, you guys, who makes it? I go, wait a minute, I don't want it. I'm getting rid of it. Does it matter? Is it less bad?


Because who makes it? Who cares? All right.


So we have this we always have this label fight about the things that I'm getting rid of.


And obviously, if it's a label, it's a tougher negotiation to get rid of it because she doesn't ever want me to get rid of anything. I'm like one of those guys. If I haven't worn it in a year, it's out. It's going to you know, it's going to go to Goodwill or, you know, I'm going to give it to somebody or whatever. But but I have a rule.


If I haven't worked and you're done, well, that's a healthy you're not a hoarder then new. I don't get it. I don't get the hoarding thing.


You know, I'm not a hoarder at all. I hate things that I mean, I don't hate. I don't want anything around that I'm not using or that like has been sitting there. I like I like to clean out my closet and just give stuff away and not hold on to stuff.


I also, though I have a kind of I aspire. To be a minimalist and it's never going to happen, and I go to certain people's houses and or see certain people's desks, that's a big thing. When you go to somebody's office and you see their desk and it's got a single pen and that's it.


I'm I go either they're they're either Uber evolved, like like super smart.


We're smarter than I could ever hope to be or they're doing nothing. And I don't know which it is. Yes, that's right, that's good. I mean, I don't really have a desk, dear. Well, you're sitting at a desk.


I, i today I'm in a studio because we're moving and I usually do this at my house.


And can I tell you, moving is not for the faint of heart. It is.


It's like the number one reason couples split up. So be careful. Oh, and I know because also my wife has a really gnarly OCD around packing.


So she that is so exhausting. Oh, so and I'm not kidding you. If we're going to go away for the for a weekend. A weekend. So which might even only be one night technically. Right. You're driving a ride on a Saturday, Saturday night and so could be one night the amount of packing, unpacking, repacking that my wife will do.


And now imagine if you're going for one night. Oh, you have no idea what like games. I mean, whoa.


You know, it's outfits, clothes, multiple outfits.


I'm going to go, honey, you're not Cher. There don't need to be costume changes. And so now you can imagine with the house move. It's like like pushing everybody has their buttons, are getting her buttons getting pushed, but she's being great, I have to say she's been so much better than I thought she would be with this move. And, of course, I will do anything to avoid work.


So I'm really good at.


I learned as a kid to to I'm really good at looking busy while I'm actually doing nothing.


I learned that I learned to avoid doing yard work that way with my my domineering mother. And so I just carry that on. Now, with this move, you'd think I did that with my family a lot.


I'll be like, oh, can I, can I help you with the dishes? And they just look at me like now obviously you can't you're useless, you know. But I try to pretend like I want to I want to pitch in. But I know basically my only contribution is my personality. Same. Do you think that's enough?


What's gotten us this far? I look. I do have guilt about not being as handy as I would like to be, but I also know that at the end of the day, I'm more valuable not falling off the ladder, getting the leaves out of the drainpipe. Like it's like you want you don't want that to happen to me because I do other things that require me being ambulatory.


I see. I see, yes. Does that make sense? Well, if you associate raking leaves with you falling and breaking your arm and yes, it makes perfect sense.


There was a ladder I wasn't raking leaves on in the story, but there were a ladder and then there was a rain gutter. So I guess where you ended up, maybe your leg, you fell off the ladder into the rain gutter. Is that what happened? Yes.


Yes. I once was sweeping the rain off of a flat roof chimney.


The chimney. You were in the chimney to begin? I was.


I've never been in the chimney. I'm not Santa and I've been injured doing very mundane things. That's the thing that like it's like back to skiing is I can ski the colors and all of that.


But the only time I've ever broken a bone was on the bunny hill. I mean, it's like the it's the easy stuff where you take your eye off the ball that gets you. So that's why I don't want to do easy work and I want to work. I want to sit and talk to you. And this is what I want to do.


Are you enjoying doing your podcast and interviewing people? I am. I'm loving it. I'm absolutely loving it because I think it's everything I love about talk shows and other stuff I don't love. Right. So there's like I hate pre interviews giving them. I hate having them.


I talk to only the people I want to talk to. I talk about whatever I want to talk to.


I don't I don't have to like make sure you mention that they're starring, as you know, you know, captain banjo player in the new DC movie or whatever the hell.


It's like I just not into that. So Captain banjo player, by the way, do you like that reference? I think. Yeah, I like that a lot. And that's really that was really hot, wasn't it. I'm going to write that one down. Yeah.


Use that one again. But I like it.


It's such a nice medium because, you know, when you go on a talk show, it's so artificial and you're like there for seven or eight minutes and you're supposed to get your jokes and your stories. And so it's like it's back to the Howard Stern format that works. The the best is when you could sit with somebody and actually have a normal engaged conversation, not an interview. You know, like that's when you get the good stuff. I think in my experience with interviews as well, the more time you have with somebody, the more natural it is, you know.


So it's a kind of great I think that's probably why people love podcasts so much right now.


It's it's good use of people's times for for sure. Oh, by the way, I don't want to talk to you more about. So we talked a little bit about this when I did your show.


I think we talked about about ayahuasca when you did. Chelsea does. And and we.


Sure. This is the best. I'm so happy to say this phrase.


We share the same shaman, you and I. Shoman Rasmussen, who took you in, did the did the Ayahuasca with you is my shaman. Is that right? Yes, 100 percent, and I don't know my shaman's name, it's it's it's John and but so my back story with the shaman is Cheryl and I went on a vacation at. What's the what's the the area, not the Ventana Ranch, the one it's a big surge, the other one coast post ranch post ranch thinking at the post Ranch Suppost Ranches is, you know, this famous hippy dippy, high end, gorgeous, you know, esoteric retreat.


And they have the spa menu in the room. And it's like you can get a massage, you can go on a hike, you can go see the butterflies. You can get a session with the shaman.


And I was like, oh, I know which one I'm going to be doing, I'm doing the shaman and I'm like, this is either going to be the greatest thing ever or the most ridiculous. Ironic that it was the greatest thing ever when when the shaman walked in the room. Honest to God, I was like, oh, OK, this is this. There's no fooling around. This guy's like, this is legit, such energy. And it was and he and I become friends ever, ever since.


And in the course of talking, when we started talking about ayahuasca and things like that, he's a guy I did a show where I took Chelsea Handler to Dubai while I was away.


What? That's you? I want to do that. I'm sober, though, so I can't really do it, though. That's the problem.


That's right. You're sober, but a lot of people do ayahuasca to get sober. So right now you can sober up. It's not like a drug drug. It's not something you're going to want to do again.


Is it really pain? Is it like is it really the vomiting and the all of the year before you get to the good stuff?


Well, it was yeah, you vomit. And they told me that you could possibly shit your pants. And I was like, I won't do that. Like, I'm not a beginner, you know what I mean? Like drugs. I'm not going to shit my pants. And my shaman actually did shit his pants twice. So I don't think I think the guy you're talking about was like my escort to Peru. And then the shaman that I did the ceremony with was someone was someone else makes sense.


Peruvian, like he literally lived inside of a tree. So I don't think that's right. You said no. I'd like to hear more about your experience. Like what? What was it? What was it like?


Well, I mean, we did he did a lot of stuff with, like. Like rocks and rattle the thing called left eye tracking, where you look in their left eye and they do a rattle and that's it's the sound of the rat on the rhythm of the of the rail and the frequency of it.


And in it's all you know, it's all stuff that's been handed down generation for hundreds, hundreds of thousands of years. And so the Native American and Indigenous peoples stuff. And I found it to be really fascinating, I have to say. Did it.


Yeah, it does. It sounds. Yeah. OK, well, good. I mean, it's whatever you get out of it, right. Yeah.


And like just on an anthropological thing which I love, I love learning about that stuff and whether it's like whether it works or not to me kind of is irrelevant. It's like that's the least interesting part of it to me. It's like I love the process of it.


And why are people still staring into people's eyes and shaking rattles and in twenty twenty.


Right. Like why there's got to be a reason.


Well people are looking for answers and sometimes there's an answer and a rattle. Right. I mean and by the way, it doesn't matter if it's true or not, it just matters what you choose to think works like we can convince ourselves of anything. So, you know, it's like meditation works. If you believe it works, if you're sitting there saying it doesn't work, it doesn't work, then it doesn't you know, it's like you have to participate.


And in in like those types of things.


Do you do you have you ever done like TNM or any meditation proper meditate every morning.


But I don't know, I haven't been trained in TM. I think you do it right. I think you and I talked about that.


I'm going to I'm going to I had a I had it all set up and then covid happened. And you have to do a training for team in person.


So hence woman. Right. Or Peggie Minutes. There's some woman who trains everybody for time.


It's the David Lynch Foundation. OK, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But so what is your meditation look like.


Well I mean what is every morning and I just just to not be a bitch, you know, like I just have to regulate myself. If I wake up in a foul mood or I feel like a kind, I'm like, now you can't be a cunt today. Like you have to be nice to everybody. You see, you have to engage and be focused when you're talking to people, even when you're not interested in talking to them. I need you to be nice to everybody.


And that's basically my meditation is my that's my intention. Every day is to be kind and generous and not be irritated when people are like, you know, I find them to be a little stupid. I can't be irritated. I just have to be loving. So that's my meditation pretty much in life.


You know, these days, you I have to sit. You don't have the same meditation.


It sounds like I have to wake up two hours early. Not to be a commitment. Be right back after this. I spent I spent so much time in my car. It's but it's worth it, it's worth it to live where I live and to live the quality of life that I live and to give my kids the kind of upbringing they were able to have outside of Los Angeles.


But if you do one of those things about that, if you added up all the time that a human being sleeps, you would it's like when they do that, get into that stuff. If you added up how much time I'm in a car, it's years. It'll be years of my life, but whatever, you know.


Well, Los Angeles isn't great for traffic in general. I just thought, I'm homeless. I've got to find a house in L.A. because I just sold my house and then I came to Whistler. And so my my assistant goes house hunting and just face time space. So I'm going to have to buy a house over face time. That should be a disaster.


You can't do that. Don't don't. You must not do that.


You have to. I know. It's so it's silly. I bought this house over face time because it was it came available and I couldn't come up to Whistler because of covid. And so I just kind of pulled the trigger because I was like sight unseen and I mean, I'm happy. So that's good. But you're right. You shouldn't be buying things off her face.


I mean, I'm I'm no financial expert, but I don't think you should sell me like I'm so impulsive. I don't think things through. Yeah. Just buy that house. If you don't like it, we'll sell it. It's like talk about white privilege.


No, mean that's your your your new show title. Right. But the last special.


That was my last documentary. Hello Privilege. It's me, Chelsea. The the most recent thing was is evolution on HBO. Max, that's my standup special. And then hello privilege. It's me. Chelsea was for Netflix which was like confronting, kind of trying to understand myself exactly what white privilege is so that I wasn't having opinions about something I knew very little about being that I am white and probably immune to a lot of it because it's been my life, you know.


So yeah, it was more of that was like a kind of into into it was just like an interrogative about like what is white privilege. What does it mean to be white in this world and what are we not thinking about that know that because of not being exposed to enough, which is what was the number one?


What was the your biggest sort of. Oh, well, I'm assuming you had a ton of Aha. Moments. What was the one that stood out to you, if any?


I mean, overall, the overall theme was just my own entitlement, like my own entitlement. Just, you know, I've never been pulled over and not like argued with a cop. I mean, I've always been like, you can't give me a ticket. Like I've had such attitude, you know, the entitlement that I think I that I can act like that where, you know, a black person gets pulled over and they're scared for their lives.


So it's just it's like the daily things going to a grocery store and eating, you know, a gummy bear out of the gummy bear bean, which I've been warned to do. Obviously now with covid, I will be doing that any more. But, you know, like the things that you take for granted just because you're raised without people looking for you to screw up. And I also had a boyfriend, a black boyfriend when I was in high school.


And we got caught with marijuana twice and he got arrested both times. And both times they let me go. And, you know, at the time I was like, oh, I'm funny and I'm cute and pretty. And it's like, no, they were looking to get him in trouble and they were looking to make sure that I wasn't going to get into trouble. So I learned a lot about it. And I learned that you have to be a participant and an ally to all of these groups because we've benefited any white person has benefited when somebody is is being subjugated.


There's a group that's benefiting from that subjugation. And so we all have to take responsibility now. You know, now it's it's on the table every day, so you can't look away from that. How was the reaction to people? I heard it was RiverCity. But I've heard people talking about it. People loved it. Oh, thanks.


No, I think it was a good reaction. I mean, I'm sure people were like, oh, what is Chelsea doing? Talking. And I wasn't talking about racism. I was talking about whiteness, you know what I mean? Which I have a lot of experience with. And I've got some experience being white, I think. And with white women, I mean, that'll be my next one. I want to do in a new Chelsea does series where I do Chelsea does Karens where I can.


Oh, my God. Amazing, amazing.


I'd be like, listen, I speak Keran. I grew up, I speak white woman. I understand that you guys have gotten different information, but I can show you the light because I showed myself the light.


The Karanth thing is is my favorite. It's like it's such a genius, brilliant name.


Like it's like it's just discovering a species that we knew has been there forever.


And somebody said, oh, you know, this is a species, right? This is an actual bird. Like I know the Keryn. I think I was I think all my substitute teachers were Karens.


Yeah, there's a lot of parents out there. But, you know, it's good that they're being called out. I like that because we should and we should also we should call people out and then be able to forgive them once they realize that they've that their behavior is unacceptable and are interested in changing their philosophy or ways into, like, more kindness, then yes, then we should always forgive people, too. I'm not into this whole cancelling everybody who says something wrong.


It's like we everybody evolves. There's an evolution to everybody.


Do you find it? It's harder. I mean, I can't even imagine that.


I mean, you're about as fearless a person as I know.


But is it do you ever self censor in this culture where everybody's so sensitive to everything?


When you're trying to be funny, you have to you know what I mean? Like party like you have to to be sensitive to other people. Like if you come to an understanding that words are harmful to subjugated groups in marginalized communities and they are not just there for the benefit of your entertainment like and humor like, you have to make the adjustment. And yeah, it's good. It makes people think harder about comedy, you know, to be more clever, to be, you know, to start with yourself instead of others.


You know, I think we're in a really sensitive time and we should be sensitive to that.


I was watching. A best of all in the family recently, and you cannot believe this, the themes that they were able to do. And listen, Archie Bunker was a misogynist, chauvinistic racist, that was the point of the character, right? Yeah. Still, though, the things that he says on network television, like you couldn't, there's no way you could do it.


There's no way you know, and nor should we like. That was the time and the place he did that. That's enough of that. You know, we don't want to do that anymore. But you're right. Even those things you you've seen five years ago, you know, you're like, whoa, that would it be OK now? Yeah.


And you don't see it so much in drama, I don't think. But but when you watch what comedy has always been, a comedy is a shelf-life business.


I've always like what's funny 50 years ago is not funny. Now it's funny notwithstanding the cultural stuff we're going through, it just is like I've never I've never sarcasm isn't funny anymore, you know, like earnestness is funny.


Like the like what are those to grow. Abbi Jacobson and a lot of great pleasure. You know, their show. What's it called. Oh yeah.


I can't think of it right now, but like a broad city, I got humor. It was was very is very representative of like that generation where it's it's more kind and quirky and and, you know, oddball and goofy. And it's not there's no sarcasm. Sarcasm is I mean, basically, even though that's like my right hand, I'm like my my nieces and nephews were like six and seven or sarcastic, like all the serials.


Great. You know, like that's how we communicate as a family. But when you really like breakdown sarcasm, you're like it's just negativity. But I still like to participate in it because it's funny. It makes me laugh. But yeah, it's comedy does change all the time.


I've definitely noticed that I have never laughed and he was great. He did great things for the country obviously. But I have never cracked a smile at, say, Bob Hope. Clearly America thought Bob Hope was hilarious. And did you ever sometimes watch people to go there?


Certain shows that I will not name that are huge, huge, huge, huge comedy hits on television and I will watch multiple episodes and not even smile.


I'm going to watch this one of the all time biggest hits in the history of television in my lifetime, I'm going to watch it. It's a and I just sit there and it's crickets. Do you ever have that?


Yeah, I've tried to watch shows that people have recommended where I'm like, wait, I don't get it for sure, but I don't continue to watch that. But I also notice, you know, like comedies on TV, like I like dramas unless they're like, you know, like a dramedy. I'm not interested in watching that stuff. I never have that. It's so much because they're probably because that's my life is like, you know, stand up and comedy and trying to always, like, bring humor to a situation.


So when I watch stuff, I go serious, like I'm watching Marcela on Netflix right now, which is just the perfect kind of show for me. Like Detective Murder, some fucked up woman whose husband left her and her kids are a hot mess is like, I love that kind of interpersonal drama.


Did you see Chernobyl? Yeah, I saw that. I was great. That's my favorite thing of the last couple of years. Yeah, that was really good.


That guy, whoever that actor is, is awesome. You know, the guy from the queen also. Oh, oh. Guy who is the star of Chernobyl.


Yeah, well that both of them and I can't thank God I can't think of their names. So we'll just call them Rob Lowe. Yeah. Rob Lowe was great in Chernobyl. I was great in Chernobyl. The Yeah. Where the reactor melted down my cheekbones. That, that, that, that episode of Chernobyl was quite spectacular when trying to go. What else. I would also have been watching. That's that's particularly good.


I just Michael Jordan's first of all, that Michael Jordan documentary I watched about four times the documentary I've seen and I'm not a sports fan. I'm that that was a great human interest story, wasn't it? How incredible Michael Jordan was.


Oh, my favorite is him in the iconic bulls. Uniforms smoking a gigantic Churchill length cigar and the those images are just the best.


I like that he was wearing shorts while he was being interviewed. What, drinking like a Jamison like you didn't even get dressed for the interview and that. No, for that matter. He's like, I'm going to put shorts on and I'm going to make a cocktail and then I'll interview you and then I'll sit down with you. I'm like, Yeah, that's hot.


He's a baller. I once watched a. It was at a casino and this was the group playing blackjack was Jordan. Berkeley. Pete Sampras and Mario Lemieux, by the way, all four of those guys are in the Hall of Fame and they're sports and they they must have been betting 50 grand a hand and not even looking at the cards, like talking to me, talking to themselves, drinking, drinking, smoking cigars. I think they were playing two tables at once.


And this is just another day in the life for Michael.


Just not so fun. So much fun. I love that. I love guys who gamble.


You know, my favorite, Jordan, and it wasn't in the documentary. My favorite piece of Jordan trivia is if you go back and look at the Lakers and Showtime, they have like these but tight shorts on. Right. Like you go, all right. Like like but tight, like like I don't know what's going on here. And then all of a sudden the shorts are baggy. And that was because Michael brought in the the baggy shorts that we still see in the NBA.


The reason they went from but tight to baggy was because Michael would not play without his North Carolina. Shorts, so they had to make the NBA uniform longer to cover his North Carolina shorts. They insisted on wearing before every game and that a cool, little weird.


I wouldn't have put that in the documentary. That's such a cool little nugget of information. I know, because overnight the look of the NBA changed. I remember they talk about that. They don't say that. It's just because of him, though. Yeah. Yeah.


They say it's like the Fab Five of Michigan and all that stuff. But they everybody took their cues from Michael. He was he's still the man he's got. Have you ever gone into golf? If you strike me as somebody who would like golf, right.


Because I look like a lesbian, why didn't what come right out and say it? Yeah.


No, I'm not into golf. I find it so. I mean, I haven't really given it a go, but I don't foresee that happening.


I'm just saying I'm just saying you it's golf. I'm obsessed with it. It's the most addictive sport I've ever encountered other than surfing. Truly. It's a you a big surfer. Yeah, I love it. Oh, that's nice. I love it. But but skiing is my best thing.


That's the thing that I'm actually like. I wish we should bring back the John Denver skeet. You remember the John Denver's celebrity ski tournaments they used to have. Was that before your time in the business?


No, but I would totally do a celebrity skateboard. Why are we why are you and I not doing a celebrity ski tournament?


Lindsay would do it so easy for I to kick our ass. But she should tell us what. Yeah, I'm serious. We need to figure this out. I'm not kidding. We should go. A whistler. Yes. I mean, how great seeing. You know, Justin Timberlake break his Achilles on the Hill. It would be amazing what I don't know why I chose him to get hurt on my imaginary. Yeah, I'm jealous of him.


Rob Miamis to these other guys. Too talented. I just can't have it can have that kind of thing going on, have that kind of competition now.


How dare he be a good actor and singer and dancer and gorgeous and married.


And I can't, I can't keeps me up at night. I would love to do because John Denver had it. It was in Aspen. It was a big deal. I wasn't I was never famous enough to get into it. And it's a great it's my great career regret that it never happened. But that would be awesome, wouldn't it?


Yeah, that would be fine. We should talk about that. I get my I'll start thinking about that on the chairlift later this afternoon and we start to think about who skis.


I don't know, because that's the thing that always made me laugh as you go to Sundance for a movie and I'd always want to ski and No.


One, it's deserted. Deserted during the Sundance Film Festival.


Kevin Hart thinks he can ski, but he can't really. I can promise you. We can't. You can't. And he will. He will definitely want to be in the tournament. So that's a bonus. Who else? Lindsey Vonn. Yeah, there are some other people out there. Josh Jackson. He's a big skier. Joshua Jackson.


I don't know what we need to think of it. The Kevin Hart thing, we're done. We've got our sponsorship. There is the biggest star in the world. We have MasterCard sponsor it. Yeah, it's it's over. We've got four credit card he's endorsing this month.


Yeah. I mean, he's a he's a machine. I know. I know. He really is. He works. He's a workaholic is what he is. Are you a workaholic? I'm not.


I am. I can tell you're not a workaholic. You're skiing every day and you're not a workaholic.


I like to take long breaks.


Here's I love working really, really hard for extended periods of time. And then when I have that. A month is plenty time off, I so enjoy it because I feel like I've earned it like like my self-worth is so low that I have to I have to grind my fingers to a pulp in my cushy, stupid SHOWBIZ's jobs so I can enjoy my time off. Mm hmm.


That sounds very, very reasonable. Rob doesn't seem to sound like I've had some therapy or I've had no therapy.


No, it just sounds like. Yeah, it doesn't sound like you've had a lot of therapy. You should probably double back on the therapy.


I know I don't want to be in a couch my whole life.


No, you don't have to. You go like it's like surgical. Like you go to therapy for like three months, six months, four incremental times in your life where you need guidance and help and self-awareness and then you don't hang out with that person for the next five years. That's the opposite. I like therapy in short bursts, like, hey, I have a problem, please straighten me out. What's my problem? Usually it comes back to the same thing.


I'm a bitch and I have no patience. So I always have to kind of like double back with that fame. And then now I have tools to combat my bitch.


So let's talk about no patience, because if you asked my family. My biggest. Floor or like what they would like to change about me, I can promise you it would be that I don't have enough patience. Yeah, what does that what does that say about me and you? That we're selfish because patience is about being selfish. Like, you don't have time for other people to take time doing what they're doing because you want everything fast. It's what you want.


Right? So we're selfish. So I don't want to be selfish. You probably don't want to be selfish either. Oh, no. Right. So then we just have to figure out the tools to not be selfish, the opposite of it. So the opposite of patience is like, OK, so when somebody does something and I'm like, I catch myself down, I'm like, no, no, I'll just be loving and sweet. Like, it's not all about you, it's about everybody.


So that always helps me.


Yeah, it's you still can't understand.


Is that right?


I'm like, wait a minute, what is this thing not about me. What can you explain that a little bit further?


To me it feels good to not be like it feels really good when you're able to like not be like that, you know, like even for a second when you're like, you can turn it around. Like, that's not that's not giving or loving or caring. Like, I don't need to be it doesn't have to be about me when you can actually do that. I mean it. You're like, oh, that was good. I like that.


I like the way that feels.


Yeah. And it's funny. Selfishness is not the exclusive purview of privileged entitled people either. I mean, like I I've met selfish people in every walk of life I've ever encountered.


I'm one of them. So I know I want to see him. I know my brothers and sisters want to see them.


Yeah. So this is selfish, the secret society, selfish person's handshake.


You know, it's not that big of a secret.


No, no, it's not.


So tell me about the plan for the rest of the day. I need to I need to live vicariously as I send you off to your your wonderful day you have ahead of you.


Well, I'm going to just hit the slopes, get my gear on. I'm going to put my coat back on, and I'm just going to go out there, meet my friends, and then we're going to go to a little surprise. So it's all pretty, pretty fun.


Well, will you please give everybody my love and I need to get back up there?


I had I I was up there directing a movie, and I love directing the movie, but I loved my weekend escape skiing almost even better. It was so fine.


I bet you guys were having fun up here.


We were killing it. Well, to give everybody my best and let's think about first we should think about the name of our new celebrity ski tournament. It should have a really cool name.


The problem of celebrity ski tournament, quite frankly. You're just willingly giving up billing on this. Yeah, no, no.


I think well, we'll discuss it further. Let me get my thinking cap on. That's a totally different color cap in.


It's different style, different color, different color cap. OK, put the put the thinking cap on.


Wear a helmet when you ski please. Oh you always do. All right. Thank you, darling. It was just so fun.


Thank you, Rob. Have a great day.


Are you guys force of nature. She is. I wish I could bottle some of that essence. I don't know how to describe it. It's kind of like in your face, clearly, very funny, really smart, charismatic, attractive, she's she's great. And obviously some of her skiing ability.


That was great. And thank you to the wonderful Chelsea Handler. And I am off to do some ayahuasca and poop my pants. Thank you very much. You have been listening to literally with Rob Lowe. Produced and engineered by me, Devon Tory Bryant, executive produced by Rob Lowe for low profile Adam Sachs and Jeff Ross, Team Coco and Colin Anderson and Chris Bannon at Stitcher. The supervising producer is Aaron Blair's talent producer, Jennifer Sanders. Please write and review the show on Apple podcast and remember to subscribe on Apple podcast, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcast.


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