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Look at you. Can I get a 40 more seconds of tardiness to brew a cup of coffee. I'll be more entertaining on your show. If you allow it to you don't need to explain that to me.


Hello, everybody. Welcome to literally we have one of the greatest podcasters out there today mister Dax Shepard joining us today podcast and I do mean great it is you'll see he's just a genius. I I could listen to Dax and do all day long, but a great actor truly great actor comedy drama, you know, beautiful wife kids. Got it. All going on. This is one of my one of my favorite people I've never met in the flesh, that the great Dax Shepard is joining us right now.


I'm recording I'm ready to party you. You look good. You you're under eyes. If you have something going under your eyes that I like. Is it is that just Glisan isn't lighting. Are you wearing Eye Joe thinking about other I'm not wearing any makeup. I got up. I got my girls on Zoom. There was a lull school meeting which threw a wrench into things and then I've arrived here in this is interview number two. So the fact that my eyes are holding up in any capacity. I appreciate you noticing I will listen to you know, I'm a connoisseur of handsome men all might and I might actually I think the parliamentarian they handsome men's club Jimmy Kimmel's handsome men's club.


That's quite an honor, isn't it though? He calls me in for more of that like blue collar stuff. Like if he needs a dipshit who can't guess some scientific thing. That's when I get asked to come participate. We all have our lanes.


I met anyone that ends with a paycheck. I'll I'm fine with bro. I remember I used to be friendly with with Dennis Miller and he was in it was when we didn't really do that many commercials and he did an Eminem's commercial.


Eminem's music babe for an extra hundred K. I would have been inside the shell operations man. It was nice. You're a very gracious. I don't know why I did never put together that you were in Idiocracy, which is dude. I remember reading that script and thinking this is the most brilliant script I've ever read and then I think I could maybe get the money for it for a long time and I forgot about it. And then of course it came out and it is it's answering it's not as good as the script for whatever reason will you agree with that?


Well, let me just start by saying I agree with you. I read it and I was like, this is the single by Script I've ever read my life immediately. I had also read Pulp Fiction for fun and that's better. But you know what? Yeah. I had never read anything as funny as that and I.


Been doing some episodes of King of the Hill at the time and Mike and I had kind of hit it off and we've sometimes have lunch when I would record those and he did not see me in that role. And anyway, I had to beg them to to audition for it. And cuz he a picture to very rotund person. Thank goodness. And I went in and I did that stupid character and Inn in Baltimore over and I and I got it and yes, was it executed as good as the script?


No, but he had 30 million dollars to do a movie set in the future with gar blanche's and stuff. So yeah, you know, I I I don't know that he could have done better with the budget he had but you're in but we agree on the fact that that's the best script maybe ever end.


Head-to-head, how did not read the script and had the lion of the imagination of having two hundred million dollars to make it, you know, I would never know the difference and I would just think this movie is amazing. It is amazing. It's I mean and it doesn't it doesn't seem as crazy. Obviously. I'm not the first person to do to do the math on that experience where it's like.


There's all these waves of how you your perception of a project. So.


We went and did it. It didn't sat on a shelf for like a year and a half maybe 2 years and never tested while they were not going to release it. But contractually they had to put it and ximeno theaters for Mike's contract. And then I just go. Okay. Well no one's ever going to see this movie. So that's a bummer and I had an opportunity to have been in a movie at the exact same time then ended up being a in enormous movie. So I kind of think all while I blew that one and then over time it turns out everyone sees it and in that's crazy and it may be more people talk about that than the other movie that had been big at the time so then my perception ships and I'd like you when I first thought I was like that's a little I wanted to be.


I wish it were they had more money right now part of the charm of it and part of the junk Enos of it, which is the commentary of where we're going now. I'm like all that kind of seems brilliant. So it's just funny how many.


Iterations you can have with something you've been in it. That's one of the great things about stream any of that is that it happened to that movie when I was coming up in the business. It would be over tonight with Viet. You never see it again. That's right. That's right. People be at parties going. You never know that Rob Lowe movie. He rides an elephant from Indiana to to Georgia dammit. No, I never saw it and I guess I'll never will I'm I'm thrilled that you saw my elephant movie.


It was mad cuz I I've I've I've scrubbed it from my IMDb kind of it shouldn't have been surprising because that's kind of what Mike's thing is so he had done office space and I'll just pay student. No one saw it in the movie my gator and yet I can't think of a movie that's more ubiquitous than that movie. So it was weirdly like that wouldn't interest in me. She has in movies that that's what he does. He really have something to kind of get the mist and then you know, it gets disc.


Burden in cherished. He's such a genius and it's not like it's not like he doesn't get the credit. He gets plenty of credit mean people know my judge. He's done just fine, but I don't think he gets the credit. Well, I mean, I I I'm saying I mean, I think that guy is beyond while in he is in so many ways people might not know about like when I went to Austin to do that movie and went to his office and there was probably 35 instruments in his office and I said, I wouldn't do you collect instruments and you know, I like to play, you know, pretty much everything and I'm like you you can play all these instruments needles and like 12 instruments for me and I'm talking he can play a harpsichord he can blow back but you know, they can't really he's kind of a musical Savant and then you come to find out.


Is a physicist before he was making cartoons. I mean he is he is as a very scientific mind. Yeah, he's kind of a Phenom. No kidding Mike Judge. What a stud. Is it your neighbor? Don't know you're in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara in here in Austin. Yes. Are you where are you? I'm in Los. Felis felis Austin & Celestine. Well, it's funny you say that but if I had to compare if I had to say, what's the Austin of La the Los felis felis is a quote of yours the other day that made me laugh for you and that you don't know if you're going to properly or not but you would like more excited about being on talk shows and actually acting and I was like how to get that.


Hahaha. I do if you didn't say yeah, but you said it cuz it's good. It's really funny and just full disclosure embarrassing disclosure as a kid interview so many.


Who knew they want to be an actor at a very young age and I certainly did not know that you know, you did. Yeah, I saw I had no dreams of being an actor but regularly set front of me or what call me my hair and I answered questions from Dave Letterman. Like I did was certain that somehow he would be interested enough in me to speak to me in at that time. I was cuz I could jump a BMX bike really far is something I didn't know what reason I had in those moments, but I don't think I've ever heard anything more on my mind than being interviewed by David Letterman and I almost think I just had to figure out a route to his couch and I'll say when I finally was sitting there staring at his face.


It was maybe the most surreal moment. I've had professionally I was like, but I got here we go. Let's talk about my BMX jumps.


And it's like and I love David Letterman as much as the next guy but not the easiest person to be interviewed by sometimes that's what's great is if you're like a real student of his, you know, when he likes people. Oh, yeah, and I got to say like Midway through I just looked at his face and I was like, oh my goodness. He likes me. Like he genuinely likes me and I just thought it was very Auto Body to me. I was I don't think I've ever been as giddy on television as I was like once it clicked so he kind of thinks this is funny.


He thinks I'm.


Yeah, whatever he thought but he was kind and then the brakes he spoke to me disparagingly about other gas, which I thought was the ultimate sign of like all he really likes me. I got to tell you one really funny thing about that Letterman appearance was I at the time Punk'd was maybe at its Pinnacle. I was things were happening that already defied explanation. So I was ratcheting up my opinion of myself so quickly and then I remember taking a bicycle ride in Santa Monica, like only 3 days after is there in like a handful of people scream my name cuz I use my real name on that show.


So I was like, wait a minute this this really happen like 3 days ago. No one knew me. And then now I'm riding a bike and people know me and then I went to New York. I was doing other Preston people kind of gathered outside of TRL cuz that was the demo so.


My my my self assessment is very ask you at this moment. So I pull up to Letterman's back entrance to enter and I'm in a black Suburban Rob. There are over a thousand people. I have a bet you there's 1500 to 2000 people there's barricades and as I get out the crowd is starting to really gain momentum and they're screaming and I like open the door. I think oh my God, this is happening. And then there was an immediate Collective that's not him away. Like people were super upset and it's because I'm Cruz was the first ever time.


So I was kind of greeted by 1500 people that were super disappointed. It was me that got out of the Suburban. So I think I was carrying that a little bit as a chip on my shoulder.


And so when I am the commercial break with Dave I said and I got to say I feel like you're kind of energy you just introduced the the new Ferrari and now you've brought up the Ford Taurus look at wipers. Like I was kind of bagging of myself compared to Tom Cruise and he knows I'll fuck Tom Cruise and I would like.


Great great. Great. I can see him say I.


It's funny. I was okay on talk shows, I think and then I got to be kind of good on them and I ended up ended up wanting to have my own and here we are blessed with the fork in the road happened on Letterman tell me and you know, so a lot of people think that the conversations that the Star Wars have with Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon and Ellen are just conversation. Didn't you know, there's this Prosecco pre-interview and in the pre-interview, do you talk to their producer and it goes like this?


Hey Robert 16 * a hunting. We open presents and her like are you guys doing some crazy like hijinx on that thing? You didn't even tell her. Thanks.


Who's the biggest prankster onset of 911 Lonestar? Yeah, he's like like is your like try to pull something like that game. Are you cool thing game? So we play the game called guess the geography and you're going to wear a silly hat and dance and then you didn't like a fucking I just want to talk. Talk to Alan. Yeah. Can I just not talk to them? And so there's this and it's really elaborate right and the Lettermen pre-interview.


And I'm not being facetious.


I remember cuz I was on his cell phone. I no gloating Malibu it took from the time. I drove to Malibu to LAX land then got on a plane flew to New York and then resumed it in New York. I was on I was on with his Letterman producer conservatively 2 hours. Oh boy still can't find gold 100% like the only the only possible take away is I'm so boring that this guy has to grill me in for 10 hours to get a 5 minutes segment of David Letterman.


That might be interesting a cop walking you through it surely, you know more about this than you're telling me what what they like, so like if you don't on any trips Maybe.


Mike welge I actually did go fishing with my dad and catch him about that. And so I told him this to this story about like that the you know, we were trying to make it in time tracking your basement. I need to be interesting. I need to be Instinct. I need WinZip. How can I be interesting and I'm like, okay we were flying on a seaplane and the pilot. Let me fly it for a minute. That's good interesting. Maybe that's good to do that and I tell him that and because I love OkCupid.


So anyway, long story short, I get to Letterman and I'm about to go on in this same producer comes out right in the wings in this life it listen Dave really loves the seaplane story. He loves it. So when he brings up, you know travel that's when you talk about seaplane and I'm not going to give a hammering me if I'm okay. And so now I'm feeling totally scripted that I can't be myself at what Dave says that you're going to say this in.


Does that you say that I'm like any more?.


Outlet go and we do the interview and Dave's in his truck Tom Cruise mode not in his I love Dax Shepard both a search and you must have a little bit of a of a hurdle to overcome in general just cuz you're very good-looking and you're interacting with Comedians and no one got into, because they thought they were gorgeous. So I imagine you start in a hole on mostly shows. Well in this when I was I was I was definitely I was the Grand Canyon how does more than whole it was the Grand Canyon and so I'm digging my way of digging my way out and it's it's not going great at all, and I'm starting to sweat and indigo, you do need.


Can I turn a serious now like willing to say and do anything? Cuz I'm Darlene and so I tell the story.


Because I'm a negro NM in the guy told me Beyonce goes really really take your time. I mean, he loves the story don't rush through it. He loves it and then we get up and do the in a seaplane and I'm with the c plan on look at my dad in the pilot gives me the controls. I have the controls and I don't really know how to fly a plane obviously Dave and I was really exciting but he gave me the give me the joke David call the yolk.


That's what the plan is called. They give me the yolk and I took it nice fluid into and my dad was going to be both we're really scared.


I am sick and dead silence in the studio dead sound someday.


To listen, you seem like a really nice guy also will after the show. Why don't you come up my office and we'll work on that story.


No, he said that on are 100 or Central boy. Oh boy. Make sure you tell that story. Oh, yeah. Oh boy. Well, that's an absolutely true story. I can Google I can. All right, so I have said this before and I think I even got to talk about it with him at one point, but prior to me getting sober. I did the pre-interview what you just explained.


In a full block out so I had gone out I met up a co-ed. There was a lot of drugs involved I get shaken awake by my publicist publicist and hotel security. He is convinced to let him into my room and so I'm laying there one of us has peed the bed we call that. Good morning Johnny Depp. I mean shaking in my pulse is saying you are on Conan in 40 minutes to buy let's go and I am I am I'm a mess. And so we raced a Conan I'm saying I got I need some Red Bull or something.


I'm guzzling Red Bull and I had to curse me for half a second as I'm walking out. Like I should have done a pre-interview for this. I clearly I have done, you know, they would have let me on the show without doing a pre-interview.


So I get out there the first thing I do cuz I'm panicked is there had been wild animals on just prior to my appearance. So I said before I said I said Conan you should get a different green room for the guests in the poisonous snakes because I got tagged right before and as I'm saying I got tagged by a snake eye fake pass out. I go over it goes way too big. I thought it was going to cut a swamp into the chair. But I went over the chair and in the process a Kik the coffee table up in the air on accident it breaks when it lands.


I know on the other side of the the couch he's trying to respond to this and you know, the audience loves it, but he doesn't of course and then I sit down and then he begins like Dax that's a weird name and I'm thinking that's supposed to chew me for story about my name, which I can't think of a single one. So then I just go, you know, you got a lot of nerve your name is Conan Conan the anyways.


This appearance from the audience point of view is is fine but for Conan and I we know it was a full-on plane crash. It was it was such a mess. It was so frustrating for him and I was just panicked like, I don't know one thing. I'm supposed to be saying and not sure if I was banned from that show for for about 4 years. Yeah. I had to refer a friend once I got like two years sober. I had a friend close to him call on my behalf and say look he's he's turned it all around.


He really loves you. He wants to be on your show again. Please let him back and then they let me back and I've done it a bazillion time sense. But yeah that pre-interview gone bad story. I'm having like a panic attack picturing the look in their eye when they it when eyes get big and live television and because it's not gone.


I can only imagine from his point of view. Like what am I supposed to do? This guy? Clearly doesn't know a single one of the stories he told the segment producer.


Yesterday and this is why we do podcast cuz we don't have to do any of that crap don't have any and did you also cut that that way we can exchange did you commit the role of the person that was going to Legendary that there were a handful of gas that never needed to do pre interviews. Do you have you heard about this? Yes. Oh, yeah, and then I end with all possible humility. I am for sure on that list. Now after after the good Letterman Fiasco what I learned from that and I'm not kidding is is like fuck those people.


It's like I'm funny and I'm enough and I'm going to just I'm going to actually talk to the human being.


Is behind the desk like they're there their they're fulfilling their job thing and whatever and there may be plenty of people that need it but I'm just going to do my thing and what is interesting is so the pre-interview I end up there's not one question to ask me where I don't spend something semi entertaining on that phone call and then what happens inevitably is unfortunately by the time now when I go out onstage, I've already done all that and I already was seeking approval for that story and I already got it.


So like the carrot for me is a little bit a day or two ago where I was trying my hardest to make some magic out of thin air. And now I'm just kind of repeating the thing I did. So I do see I have a desire to to fly with no nap for sure. Yeah, but I too have had a whole Evolution where it's like I don't ever think I was bad at them, but I definitely learned how to slow down out there and I learned how to relax.


And I learned how to let the fight come to me a little bit more and maybe be a tiny bit more of a counter puncher in those things, but it's certainly the notion that you could just drop a human being on to that couch and that they would know how to be entertaining in 6 minutes is a pretty big ass, you know, it's a big ass to the people who do it. Are you just like you just love it you just love when you know James Garner would be on The Tonight Show.


Who's your Mount Rushmore? Okay. I was just going to ask you the same thing. So what I find myself watching once every three weeks just to replenish. My soul is Nick Cage's best Letterman appearances.


They're so incredible. I don't know for me pound-for-pound if there's a better guest on a talk show then then Nick Cage. She's so he tells one story about he and Charlie Sheen being on a a flight and unbeknownst to him Charlie Sheen had like a ounce of cocaine tape around his ankle and he at one point that they're having a good ol time on this flight and at one point he goes up and he grabs the PA system and he goes, this is your captain speaking. I'm losing control of the aircraft.


When did the word choice I'm losing control of their crap. Is it still open? And it is wonderful and then they get into trouble and of course when they land there's you know Securities are but he does another story about having am a king cobra, which is just only he could do this story on on on Letterman where you goes, you know, when I come home and I have this king cobra jail and you will help me eat it and I tell it how how are you how was your day?


And you know Gail looks at me and Dale just kind of raises her head and says,.


Stacking them through the glass and like the level he can get to what the fuck you is out of this world. I can't watch those clips and Good Morning America recently where they asked him about acting know what he say. I cannot do it in a cage even remotely as good as yours was like well first of all,.


Find it offensive.


Because I'm thing is pretending and that is the farthest thing I am doing and it's it's so good. I would love to see that. He was my God. He was I think even when I interviewed you I told you this which is he was the first guy that I thought I'll fuck. Maybe there is a place for me in this business. He's he's not gorgeous. He's not unattractive. He's just kind of weird and he's owning it and and by God, he's he's the Star Valley Girl to be incredibly encouraging as someone who wanted to get into acting but didn't think I could do the many things of the other actors seem to be doing and I also say that one of the mouse.


Profound things I've ever learned about this has come from him in an interview talking about doing the movie face off with Travolta and he said, you know there becomes the point in the movie where we're going to start playing each other and Ray nervous for Travolta how he's going to mimic me clearly. Everyone can do a Travolta in the he is so specific. I'm I know what to do, but I feel so bad for John that he has to do me and he said that was the first time he ever realized that he was enough that he was a thing that he could be mimicked that Travolta could do him and that he is specificity is unique and I thought how could it have taken Nick Cage that long to recognize he's unique in specific and enough as he is and I found that to be a just a great bit of advice for anyone who does it's like you're enough be you going to do any.


Is be good at you know, find your voice and let it out and there's enough there.


I had Matthew McConaughey that was talking to him recently and he was saying that Joel Schumacher who directed me and st. Elmo's Fire and gave Matthews big break in time to kill his first big Direction was no stop doing that. I want do it you do you do you do you yeah. Yeah. It's kind of it. It's kind of the same thing really. It seems very it's very counterintuitive. Like if you're listening you're probably thinking well, that's that seems so silly that would be the easiest thing to do is to be myself but I'd argue with something that takes this the most confidence cuz you really have to trust that.


However, I process a girl breaking up with me and is seen is going to be the right thing. Like if I just do what I do that that's enough and I think that requires a lot of confidence.


Well, listen to the people don't think it's tough. Just listen to your neighbor try to make a toast to bride and I did the next Christmas gathering. That is the owner of you had this experience where I go by my brother will kill me for this. But I definitely when I was on Punk'd I think and I understand I would have the same opinion. He's my older brother is 5 years older than me and he's watching the show and he's like, I mean I could do that but I'm like, yeah, I mean I'm like I studied in probably 10 years, but that that doesn't but I get it he was like, yes, that's how we act at an amusement park.


I can do that right? I get it.


I put him in chips. Once he he had to scream at a big explosion online and the greatest moment of my life was coming over to him afterwards. Oh my god. Did I just fuck that whole thing up like what it did I eat that's ReSound insane, right? That's not how someone screams mobile and I was like, okay, but it welcome to the party. Yeah, that's what it is about. This was I could have tried to tell him that a million times, but I just been able to plop them in there and experience it was so wonderful.


Hold up. We'll be right back.


By the way, I love chips we get to meet Estrada's in it right at the end. I want to name. I want a name Lowe isn't a great name Estrada has great name. I want a name that I can just throw out like I could have like I've been off the radar for 50 years like Erik Estrada has and just Estrada and you brought us back. That's right. That's right. He is everything you wanted to be but he's right actually. Yeah, he is fucking Erik Estrada. And yeah, he was love I I did feel a little.


How do I say that? I don't know that he knew the tone of the movie. Right and I think rightly so he probably had some fans that were eight when they fell in love with him kind of tweet him. Why would you be in a movie where they talk about eating ass for so long and so long I just never ever recorded. So yeah, I got I had a little bit of more like he's a bum Dee did it cuz we ate a ton of fun today.


He was there. She one of the things I'm sending a you and I are the same generation and we have the same kind of totems of Television Europe or in the movie. Like you're like a Burt Reynolds guy. I know where like a number one to deliver the single best piece of wardrobe in the history of the motion picture industry is his sleeveless wetsuit in Deliverance. It's so great visit with his Dipper the zipper and always undone and the perfect amount of chest hair.


He looks so awesome in that will I just I just always like that. You're somehow my mind works. I want to be in the meeting on like a fox lot in the shity trailer and it's hot and there's a rack of clothes and Burt's working his way through his wardrobe and some properties up that wetsuit top and get some fats is it that's all I got a great story about him and a wetsuit which was he was in the first movie I was ever in.


Call without a paddle and he played DB Cooper and as you just said he's my number one another paddle movie for him. He does Deliverance paddles and now he's doing this movie Deliverance, but there was in at the time he was in his seventies already, right and God knows how many times he had broke his back and everything else. And so there was a scene where he has to get shot on a on a porch and there's going to be a pretty good stuff. So I'm going to jump backwards off this porch.


And naturally there's a stunt double there and Bert's is.


Send them home.


Give me a 3 mil wetsuit. It's all I need get rid of the pads. All he want a it was off the table than anyone was doing the stuff other than him and then be she just wanted a wet suit on under his costume and he did not want anything else to break his fall and this 72 year old man. Just let backwards and just took a huge back first land on dirt off of porch and he was completely fine. Let us to believe he was completely fine.


So I wonder I think that wetsuit thing is deeper than just that wardrobe. I think it's like that's his armor as well. That makes perfect that makes perfect as yet. I'm going to be in the canoe for 8 weeks and banging on rocks. I need a wetsuit nuggets, right? They brought brought his own now that I think about it and then this movie bird it doesn't have to be Underneath Your Clothes. He also told me I was fighting pretty hard again as my first movie. I was 20.


8 or something and I was wanted to be Burt Reynolds very bad. So there is a scene where the guys have to jump off a hundred foot waterfall and I was making a case every single day leading up to that that I need to be jumping off that waterfall and I have all this experience jumping off waterfalls in that stunt coordinator saying will these people are trained then I said you how does one train to fall 100 feet into water? I don't bother I'm being a pain in the ass is what I mean and finally burp pulls me aside.


He says I remember that bit and deliverance where I go over the waterfall and I'm like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, of course, you can't see me in that shot and I broke my back.


Let the guys jump off the waterfall. Okay, then it was over. I stop being a brat about it. I was like, okay. Knows, he may have saved my life. I live for those moments. I'm not kidding. This isn't a bit. I live for those moments when guys are grown women like that who you've grown up admiring loving and they give you a nugget like that hit my love affair with him on that movie. I could we could do six hours on eye on it when we got home.


He invited me to lunch at his house and Dom DeLuise was there and enjoy our lunch as he is as you would expect but he ha.


He really was has there not been a Ryan Murphy Netflix special about the relationship of Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds. Oh, that would be so great that we listen and I'm not kidding. I'm texting Ryan when I'm done with this interview. I've got the next Hollywood games like a Hollywood franchise. I'll play Jerry Reed in it if possible. I don't I don't I don't think I'm good enough to play. I don't think I'm cool enough to play but I think I can pull up Jerry Reed specially I have to go back on pills.


But whatever we can sort it all out after we wrap but I will say so imagine this.


If you could craft your perfect compliment.


Two from your hero, I wouldn't have been able to scrape this. So it did help that he kind of had a crush on my bang girlfriend Bri. So he he he he left a lot of them sign things in my trailer for me while we were shooting that which I absolutely Lux. I have brought some stuff. I had a gator poster. I brought you know, what the whole thing but he went on his own and he he got some stuff when you sign it for us and two things happened one.


Is he gave my girlfriend the famous picture of him nude brighter skin rug and he wrote on it. This is when I was young and cute like Dax so that that was great and I was like, what what a great way to hit on my girlfriend because you flattered me and I'll come over whatever jealousy I dab.


But he wrote to me on a poster Dax you remind me of a younger version of myself and I was like, well, that's that. That's the compliment. I would dream to get from my hero. I remind him of himself. I was floating as you should be it's not gotten better since then. I don't think Burt Reynolds to the first person I ever knew who did a summer picture in a winter picture and a winter picture was always a sort of an awards Gambit that I was never really happened in the summer picture was the box office popcorn one.


Haha. He also has you remember his his quote of when he did Smokey and the Bandit II he famously got either 10 or 20 million. It was something that was so astronomical and it was like a 3X of whatever the other record for a Payday was and he said,.


I understand that people are angry and offended by me getting this amount of money, but when they be more angry and more offended if I didn't take this amount of money, will you flip the script on that? I couldn't agree more. I hate you for not to someone offers you that amount of money you do it he smoking the Bandit II think you would that was when he was when he was with Sally Field like when their boyfriend girlfriend, so I work with Sally on Brothers & Sisters.


Yes, and I could never really get her. I'd try to crack that bird seal with her and she was not really forthcoming. And you know, when Sally was she would chew shop really really early and never let you never let anybody touch. So it's like makeup and hair done enough Sally did it all in private. I like it was all a big mysterious process and she would arrive every morning Wheeling a.


Turn on little bag that we assumed her own makeup and hair but I always suspected it was Burt severed head. That's what I thought Broach that with him. Because if I had to say you say to me, I'm going to give you a time machine and you can go attempt to date any actress that's ever lived and worked in Show Business and I am taking that time machine to the set of Hooper and I'm trying to marry Sally Field. She's my all-time favorite. So I'm just head over heels in love with her and then so as Bert and I become friends.


I kind of want to know how he felt about her and he loved her. I mean he was wild about her and I think he does he did believe that was one of his great regrets. I've heard that I've heard that to ya by the way, if I'm in the time machine, I'm going to Viva Las Vegas to Ann Margaret's trailer.


Oh you are? Okay. Okay, I got to tell you though even as a straight male. I might take that time machine to the set of Legends of the Fall to Brad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well forget we're going to do that. I'm I'm I'm I'm going to crank the meter and a time machine just a smidge more the left and I'm going to Thelma and Louise. Okay, let's talk about that. That's that's Apex bread for you a text Brad for sure for sure.


By the way, this is this is not the title of the this episode. Then I'm a monkey's uncle Apex Brad mountain in the Himalayas. It really is that's a wheel within a wheel of Apex Brad for me is when Redford shot him the way Redford always insisted on being shot and close up. Do you know what the Redford close-up is is it that the always has his head turned out so well with my mind in that most of time I can see him kind of looking back at me.


It's it's it's over. It's actually it's an over-the-shoulder is what it is French. It's an over-the-shoulder with you looking back and every single shot of him in that fishing movie River Runs Through It river runs through it and never has there been a more exciting movie about fly fishing is that I think that might be a pet.


Is the apex predator pretty okay. So for me, it's hard to top Legends for sure and this might shock you but I think my next stop is snatch. I like dirty Brad Pitt like a rough trade guy. That's right. That's right. I want to you know, a realistic threat that this guy is going to snap some of that is thrilling. Yeah, like I got a little of androgyny going. Yeah, I can see that from from river runs in it and then Thelma as well, but I think we both agree that we're not bitching it for worse or stalled out and Fight Club know that's the eating admire any actor.


He's nothing but lettuce and canned tuna for 6 months. Ya know. It's incredible. I can't do I mean, I'm clearly not a great actor cuz a I'm not capable of gaining a ton of weight for any role in the send doing it. And I don't know if I could if I could eat.


That all that time for five shirtless scenes. I don't know. It's like that great scene where he was at Tom Tom Hardy or one of them gained all the weight for the role in Waze to an Oscar to Gary Oldman to just simply wear a fat suit right won the Oscar for the debate that should end the debate this whole thing and every year it's trotted out and I just got all kind of really like I have no position on this, but I have to admit to having done it clearly idiocracy.


I gained 35 lb.


Because my had envisioned this guy is a rotund dude, and I thought I should do as much as I can to do that and my fantasy of what that would be like was. I thought it was going to be so awesome. I thought oh my God, I'm going to be eating, you know, everything I want and I got to a point where I in the middle of the night. I have gone up got up to go pee came back went back to sleep. But when I woke up, I had an empty Twix wrapper under my body and I had an empty Reese's Peanut Butter Cups under my body and when I realized it's like Jesus I ate those two that in my sleep while I came back from peni grab those two candy bars and I was eating them in bed, and then they were and I just I felt terrible throughout the whole process and there is no doctor supervision and I remember Super Size Me came out while we were shooting at movie and I went to the theater and saw it.


And I thought why this guy is almost dying and I'm I mean way worse than he is and there's no doctor involved. But you know, I was young and I wanted to do it and it was fine. But in a ball so gotten really thin or in shape for two different movies two different times and I liked it cuz fuck I'm not I don't like claiming. It makes me good or bad actor. I love control. It's like a great excuse to exhibit way too much control over yourself for a punctuated.


Of time punctuated. But what I do want is I want to do I don't want to be one of the movies but but I wanted I want to be in that Marvel regimen we're like the Marvel doctor knocks at your door with a suitcase full of shit that they used to pop pelvis full of accept. This is to get your ripped and shredded and Taughannock buys. I want whenever they gave but Kumail. Have you seen my man? I had them on to talk about his body.


I didn't answer. I did a full episode about male bodies and I brought him and Rob mcelhenney on who also got us crazy rep for his show that year. And yeah, we just talked about how much we love men's muscles for 90 minutes. I can tell you from my own personal experience the two times I got really in great shape for movies. I did it with the sole. Hope that women would stop me all over the place and tell me how great I had looked and intimidate not a single woman is told me I had a good body in chips or when and rum I've had over 300 dudes on the airplane stop to fist-bump Mingo bro.


You were Jack and chips boom and I realized the only people that are knows it's true. Yeah. It's like Stallone get the gave me a really good piece of advice about about all that stuff where he was like,.


So you got to worry about is your abs and you biceps cuz that's all anybody's looking like that's what men immediately look at other men, and they've got a gut do they have arms, but then I ran into Sly years later and he'd he'd you know, he'd heat evolved in his studies of the male. Anatomy. Jenny was like a very much interested in that.


And India bigger than his massive forearms in the vascularities off the charts. He's got garden hoses. Just criss-crossing all over it's so gorgeous. 6045 North 101. Try to do mine mine. Mine. Yeah. You got it. You got it. You got I only do one line of his which is I heard this, you know, apocryphal story. Maybe it happened. Maybe then it would you work with Rob Schneider. He wanted Rob to say a line and Judge Dredd you want them to say he wanted to set him up and say I am the law or something.


I don't know phone is I I've heard that on the shooting day Rob what did want to say the line in music?.


Rob Solara.


Play All I Do Is Win. That's that's really good. That's going to be in my head now Laura.


I'll be right back after this.


Can I ask you who your favorite actors are if you had if you had to like list three, I don't ever get to talk about actual this despite having a broadcast. I never just bro out about who I like. Who who are your name three in amrezy? That's easy. That's the first two are really really easy. And then the third one kind of I kind have to rotate in and out. Okay for sure without a doubt hands down number one Paul Newman. What a great pic. Not even a question introduce my kids to the Sting the other day that we just a perfect movie and absolute perfect Lobby and then choose Redford.


Is Redford really classic for you? Classic traditional Warren Warren Beatty's in their performance-based after that. It spits performance-based. Can you kind of just told me who your favorite movie stars of all time were in a way? Yeah, what's your favorite performance you've ever seen from an actor in Excel Al Al Pacino in The Godfather?.


Option on the Godfather's without a doubt or my r i mean it's a clinic. It's an absolute Clinic of actin. Yeah, right, you know some of this becomes telling them what kind of acting you personally want to do. So many people's is Daniel Day Lewis, and that's certainly a great pic. He's yes. Oh did I have on my phone right now on my phone? I can bring up the seat. I have it on my phone. So yes and end and now that you bring it up I go but he's amazing you're so he's he's great.


He's great. But I I I would point to one performance for me. Well 2 in my life. That made me think oh something's happening here.


So those performances are unbelievable their meticulous. They're Flawless III my hat is off to them. But there is a moment in the wrestler or Mickey Rourke. He is just trashed the inside of the store. He works in he goes into his van and he looks at himself in the mirror and I just imagined 99.99% of actors look in that mirror and may show us they feel embarrassed or ashamed or defeated and he starts laughing at himself and I went. Oh my God, that is what I do when I'm super embarrassed I N I see myself in the mirror.


I just start laughing uncontrollably and I would I would have been smart enough to remember I do that like that to me was a moment in a movie where I went this motherfukers on another level for this thing to great. It's a great show.


I mean, it's a great. I mean that's a whole other conversation is like there's the performance the actor and then there's like the choice in.


In the Cena. I was watching The Charles Durning in the sting and he's plays this badass cop. Who's he than the scene? He's in a store Speakeasy having a bite to eat and he's FBI guys come in and roust him. It's a busy get your fat ass up and you're coming with me and he does this thing where he.


Puts his hand in his water that he's been drinking and wipes in wipe sit and leaves right and like that is the most amazing piece of human business. Oh, yeah. What's his buns Bridges is famous for that to an In-N-Out Wild at Heart or Lonely Heart. Whatever has he won for the way he helps the window up on the Suburban as someone who's super into cars and has old cars and I thought oh my God, he's that deep into this thing. It's really his car. He knows he should help us win.


Cuz he's replaces motor before he don't want to do it again. Like there's no fucking way. That's in the strip. Right and you just like, oh man, this guys were embarrassed. I love geeking out and fanboying to Great Performances. I think I was starting to think of like, okay, I might I want to do this. I want to be an actor in who were the Great's and why were they great? So I started kind of look.


In a clinical and I started pretty early and I will say is cliche is this is.


Sembrando en on the waterfront was was the first time I saw an actor exist in the scene in a real way in that when he sits in a chair the chair is not the perfect spot to get it in the right spot and he looks down at the ground and it's on the fucking thing. And then you die in. This is the first time that ever happened every revolutionary him when they sit in the chair in the perfect position and I thought oh, yeah be in the fucking place that was Revolution on the other side of that though.


Another guy, who would be on my list is Cary Grant because he made it look so easy.


And it like I talk about him. Oh, yeah. I knew it. I knew it I did. Yeah. I knew I was friendly with his daughter Jenna. Bush trying to date her and she was not having what I was selling at all. Okay to let happens occasionally have nobody that's a thousand that documentary is so fascinating and as we enter into a different Paradigm or people.


In public are kind of more free to talk about the experience.


You see how imprisoning his was, you know, he eat that for people don't know the Cary Grant story right heat heat. That's not his name. He was a poor kid in London fucked-up childhood comes here. And he decides I'm going to be this person and makes it hasn't heard the famous quote is he famously said a lot of people want to be Cary Grant and I'm one of them and what a profound and I think a lot of us feel that way. It's like yeah, I do want to be this person.


I'm betraying I'm not your eyes don't feel like I am and the notion that he was doing acid therapy by cramps a week is so once a week. I know I'm tripping balls. I don't know about you nearly got a lot of it apparently. Yeah. I also started the cautionary tale, you know, the daughter who I guess you were trying to date was saying that they had this kind of really lovely family unit and then they moved to this enormous house and then every.


I'm just a lonely in it and I have real I really let that set in I'm like don't ever get a place where people can be lonely. I remember that that's the house. I went to in my my greatest memory that I thought. Wow. This is making it really is was that he had a refrigerator like a Teflon shiny refrigerator that a milk spigot. Oh my God taking out of it like a diner a milk on demand milk on demand spicket. That was worth the money. Yeah.


Yeah, it's hard to imagine you striking out with a girl but you know, I was a show-business. Yeah, you did say I said cuz you are in a class would like a row over from Downey and he was just did not right. There's got to be some grown-up women now that were like, oh my God, I.


Was it between these two I missed the boat does a lot of them have to leave me there cuz I wasn't a surfer then I wasn't a surfer. I wasn't a beach volleyball player. That was like the ultimate I mean to you if you could date a beach volleyball player man, you were made and I wasn't that I was like the nerd who is like doing Dan Aykroyd bassomatic sketch at the talent show. That was me. It was not in Downey what was down he just he just thought he was on a different plane.


You know, he was he was the number one singer in the madrigals. Your madrigals are no Madison back when when when public education was really like they actually did cool shit like madrigals was a class were you saying Latin?.


Songs in Latin.


Madrigals require of Latin singers and and it's a good for Oktoberfest. Maybe. Yeah, I was not good. But Downey he was really reduce the star magical singer. That's what it was. He is a hell of a singer he is. Yeah, I feel weird saying this but we're Bros long before I was Bros with him. I own this CD like I loved his his is the Ally McBeal thing know he put out a full-length album. That's really really good. It's it's a little bit Steely Dan asked if it's great and I liked it and I thought he was on my wildest.


He's such a great singer. But the time that I was like, oh fuck this guy. What can t do lose anything when he sang with sting video down he's too talented.


Yasso Frozen Gatti's nice us it would be enough inside. Now. I now he seems that with with Bradley Cooper. We've been best buddies for about 16 years and just every couple years I go. Oh, no, you didn't tell me you're a great singer bro. Wow, you didn't tell me your hospital director. I always see if I like if I looked up in the sky in an F-16 Blue by and Bradley waved at me. I be like, yeah, the guy can fly an F-16. I think I saw him in the I saw him.


Do Elephant Man in London spectacular ocular. Here's my Bradley story. He's convinced and I cannot tell him otherwise, he's convinced my father.


Taught him is back at like wait. What? Yeah, your dad was a tennis pro, right? Yes. He was cuz he taught me my back where to go in Puerto Rico what my dad was a tennis pro in Puerto Rico absolutely will then why isn't this possible? Cuz the math doesn't work at all instructing. My dad was was instructing in Puerto Rico in 60.


23623. Okay not work. No Cooper and I are four days apart. We are born 4 days apart and both in 1975. So that's probably not your father's identity. I think there's a pro down there going to you but hate you I could I don't you dare take that from him. You know what you're right. I never thought of that way. There were a few stories. He's definitely Burt Reynolds in the best Storyteller I've ever heard in my life. And in many times I thought you know the physics don't make sense here in the story.


At like I don't think that's anatomically possible would or atomically possible. Shut the fuck up. Enjoy this story. He told me one about HAL Needham, they both passed now, so I think I could tell this.


They were roommates rubber right? He'll need them for people don't know most legendary stuff man of all time ended up directing Hooper and smoking the Bandit. He's the best. I recommend reading his autobiography. It's phenomenal toughest guy to ever live so that he Amber roommates. They're living in Santa Monica in and how comes home from work one day and he says I need you to take me to the hospital if I broke my back and burgers with his know what you broke your back you couldn't be walking in and out of here knows but I broke my back take me to the hospital.


So he takes him to the hospital and in Santa Monica there and apparently the nurses is pretty and inhale is flirting with the nurse and this is all by birds assessment. He's pretty sure the nurse and the doctor have something going on. So he's detecting at the doctor's getting a little annoyed by by hitting on the the nurse give him an x-ray sure enough. He has a broken back but only that he has considerable amount of fluid in his lung and he tells how he's going to have to take the fluid out.


Is one with a big syringe he needs to get on the wall brace himself stand-up the nurse is going to hold his knees cuz some people faint during this and he is in the hospital gown and the doctor puts a needle in his back and Hal Needham shifts all over the nurse.


And the whole story I'm predicting where it's going. There's no way you're assuming that the blunts like the story is that Hal Needham evacuated on a nurse all the all the all the stuff about them forty. I don't know. It was just what I've never heard a punchline like that. He says that and I was like, oh my god, did I not see that coming and then I let myself Wonder like, you know, how much of that could and I was like just shut up and let him have the story it was phenomenal.


I tell I tell him I might wife and kids are always busting my balls about everything. She don't ever let the facts get in the way of a good story ever. Cheese's far away is she can get from me. She has to be when will I know if Kristen she's like really again again with this. Well, it's white noise we've been together.


10 and a half years, so I can't imagine she even takes in half of what I'm doing in in vice versa. She'll start talking about dogs and yeah about 25 minutes ago by and I'm probably I got three or four of it. That's it. That's a successful marriage. You come to realize you've been with someone a really really long time that your grandpa was not deaf.


Everyone's Grandpa was death, but you come to realize none of them work. You come to realize that when Grant Grandpa went to get the paper and there are only so many papers. They could go out to get to go get the paper out. Now. You don't even have a fucking. Oh my God, I got to tell you that really quick one of the guys at the bucket. He told it on this podcast. So I'm going to repeat it with Jay and mark duplass their de los Brothers.


They're very successful there. I don't know if it was their dad or their buddies dad regardless a dad had been on a bowling league.


Times for years and the mom found out some of the bowling league has stopped.


A couple years ago and she said of course her mind went to like oh my God, you must be having an affair in the in the in she asked him. What were you doing? And he said I just would go to the bowling alley and park my car there in case anyone saw and I would just sit in the car.


Oh my God, is that's not a married person with children. I just give me fucking two and a half hours in a bowling alley parking lot. That's all I'm asking for. I don't even need a bowl. Just let me sit. It's not a high bar. It's just want some peace and quiet our wives. Listen to my wife does not care one Whit about anything I do so she's not going to listen to this. So I'm going to be okay, but can you imagine if they actually listen to what we did this like they care to imagine?


I think the double-edged sword like we won't be able to tell the story we be in trouble while that's true. That's true. But I remember going out on Ellen to promote something about Super Bowl chips and I wore this police outfit and she goes my God, you're in great shape leader are like she was really taking it in she's being so complimentary and I was just eating it up. Is that Christmas we so excited about this.


I was like, I know for sure Chris and has no idea whether I have gained or lost 25 lb. I'm just an orb and she is a compromise with the zorbs. Occasionally the sword makes her laugh, but that it that's the extent of it. I'm telling you. I'm I I'm I am your Co orb. I'm just a presence that seems to not want to leave an amorphous or what. Are you are you vaping? What do you got going on there? It doesn't look like a USB port or what does I haven't smoked in 16 years.


I went to Lake Arrowhead and I was with my childhood best friend and he was still killing darts and it's the first time in years. I was like, oh my God, I want to fucking smoke a cigarette in this beautiful Alpine landscape, and I said, I can't do that and then there was someone else there that vape and I thought we know it.


Who is Al beit this week to get me through the urge of that smoking and you know, that was four months ago. Rob has long passed and I am still packing baby. I would like to every moment of it. This list landscape is so beautiful and pristine they are so fresh. I need to put smoke in my lungs. That's right. That's right. It is only as the only certain people like us to think that way it's to actually say exactly what it is it say is that I'm so greedy.


No situation cannot be made better. I'd like so we're sitting there were looking at the lake. It is perfect in my brain Amelie goes how could I get even more out of this? I need more more more more more.


Nothing's perfect enough if I was receiving.


Sexual relations from Sally Field 1977 in a trans am driving on the highway. I would think of something else we could do to make it better. It's just how my brain works boys some spare ribs would go good with this experience.


That's so good foot massage while this was happening Sally be like OU OU. Yeah. This is great. This is so fun man. I don't agree with the promise. We can just talk for five fucking hours. That's right. We are editors nightmare. I know my editor is he zi is Broken Out In A Sweat music Albert Brooks and Broadcast News right now. Where will I be in if I don't get to throw out enough? I don't get as much as I like to I think I've literally started this podcast so I could see people other than my family.


Yeah. Yeah, it's nice to go check in with some some folks. I'm alive by Celine this year, but he'll I know I've seen what I've seen more people this year than I've seen in any year of unfortunate. The Flash. Yeah.


This is enough. So just exactly right. All right, thank you so much. I give give Kristen a big hug for me as well. Do tell her I said hey and if she finds you could rescue dogs, I may be in the market for 100. She believe me. She never lose never a moment. She does not have a dog. She's trying to unload. So it's whatever you're ready. All right, I'll reach out. All right, black man by that was funny. I think we name dropped just about everybody in Show Business.


All they do is talk about famous people.


We want for me. It's only now. Come on a human being.


Strippers ilovejacks. He's so it is me. The best is the best. I mean, he says Burt Reynolds is the best Storyteller ever. I don't know. He's giving him a run for his money. Anyway, I had a blast I don't care if I look at you keep listening and I love I love you guys, but guess what? I love that and that was great. Hopefully you to do it is time for the lowdown line.


Hello, you've reached literally and Arlo down line where you can get the lowdown on all things about me. Rob Lowe. 323 570.


4551 so how about it? Here's the Deep.


Hi Rob, this is Tyler going to North Dakota big fan of the podcast. I just got done watching all the episodes of the Lowe files with you and your boys and I got to say that it was really fun. I'm just curious are there any topics or anything else you wish you guys had covered on the Lowe files if you and your voice before but I feared thank you very much to keep up the good work. Thank you. That's all thank you for watching the Lowe files.


It was really a labor of love. I mean, let's face it any dad who has the opportunity to run around in a souped-up truck with their boys solving Supernatural Mysteries is going to jump at the chance as I did. Oh, yeah, there's so much more stuff that I wanted to do. We were going to go to Hawaii and and do the man who Knees & the night Marchers.


The night Marchers are spirits that March up and down the island of the big island with torches at night and if you look at them.


They kill you and the man who knees are little tiny like elves that run around and play tricks on you and me up put your shoes in the wrong room or steal things there for like mischievous little elves so that also by the way would have been a great excuse to go to Hawaii. I mean, there was the the secret space force. We did a little bit of that. I'm fascinated. I wanted to go to Mount Shasta to look at the DM supposed Giants that live inside the mountains and apparently when the clouds come over Mount Shasta, which only happened on Mount Shasta currently.


That's when the spaceship is there loading people in and out. Oh, yeah. You heard me. These are the things that does supposedly go on that may or may not be complete bullshit and the Lowe files was there to find out maybe I want to do more Lowe files, maybe one day we'll get to do it, but.


I love that you watched it then do those within the next thing we would have done. All right. See you guys next week, please.


You have been listening to literally with Rob Lowe produced and engineered by me Devin Terry Brackett executive produced by Rob Lowe for low profile Adam sacks and Jay Rock The Team Coco and Colin Anderson and Chris Bannon at Stitcher. The supervising producer is Aaron Blair Talent producer. Jennifer said, please write a review the show on Apple podcast and remember to subscribe on Apple podcast Stitcher or wherever you get your podcast.


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