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Subscribe or favorite now, which is what I would need to bring a sweater because Robbie likes everything so frickin cold. I do. I guess you recall you know why you're cold? Because your credit and reports are not healthy.


Free. I'm not a vegan. I eat everything. I'm it's not true. It is. I eat everything that is. Oh, my gosh. Right. I started eating red meat like again like a year ago and I'm into it.


I'm very excited that you're cooking tonight for us. I know you're the best cook. I mean, like legitimately first of all, Academy Award winning actresses should not be able to cook then they should. That's like mutually exclusive concepts.


That's reductive. We can be more than one thing. Rob, I have met many.


On today's podcast of Literally with Rob Lowe, I have one of my oldest pals in show business. One of my closest friends to this day who usually is occupying a guest bedroom in our house. Academy Award winning actress and philanthropist and business tycoon and Polaris person, great mother, Gwyneth Paltrow.


I do love cooking.


I find it. It relaxes me. It's creative output. It's how do you make the food look so good, though?


Because, like, it's yum yum yum. But it also looks like it's been doctored by those people on the set, the glycerin online with an eyedropper. I don't know.


I don't. All I care about is how it tastes, but I try to make it look appetizing, obviously. But I think if you're using good quality ingredients and you care about what you're doing, it always looks good in the end. You know what I mean? That's a theory of like when you cook it for yourself, it always tastes better because you've put love into it.


Yeah, I think that's true. How long have I known you? I met you.


I wanna hear your side of it for you at my side. OK, so I met Cheryl before I met you. I met Cheryl when I was my wife, Cheryl. I met Miss the Mrs Lowe when I was fifteen or sixteen. She was a makeup artist at the time, doing a certain Blythe Danner makeup on the best.


My mother, I have my own blood thing, which we also get to do.


Um, so she was doing my mom's makeup on this TV movie and I went in down to visit is was in Florida. I was in Florida and I was a I met Cheryl and I was like immediately obsessed with her. First of all, she was dating Keanu Reeves, who was my celebrity crush, and she was so cool. And she knew that I was sneaking cigarettes and she would come smoke with me behind the trailer.


And she taught me how to give a blowjob and, you know, all the classic Cheryl stuff. And I just worshipped her. I thought she was literally the coolest chick of all time. And she was so awesome to me.


And I was a high school kid, like the fact that she's loved me that much before I was anyone or anything. Same with you. Yeah. Yeah. So then it didn't work out with her and Kiyono.


I don't know if you're aware. I am aware. OK, so sadly for me I am aware that I did, I did best him in one regard.


Well at least one regard. At least one, at least one. He's pretty awesome though. Yes he's pretty. He's done OK for himself. That kid he's and he's still a celebrity crush, let's face it, like he does. Right. Fifty something. He's gorgeous killing it.


I'm obsessed with his girlfriend. Anyway, he has great taste in women. Yeah. Amazing taste in women.


Anyway, so then Cheryl started dating an actor named Rob Lowe, which was very exciting because you know Rob Lowe in the nineties. Was a dangerous, scintillating proposition.


So even if I'm purely domesticated and in the aughts, whatever we're in now, right now you're domesticated back then it was another story.


Yes, it was. Oh, wasn't it, though?


Do you miss those days of just flinging your Deol over town? Here's the good news.


My family doesn't listen or care about anything, any content I produce. Perfect. So I can say, yes, I, I miss it and my wife's not going to say shut because she she I could do three hundred hours of podcasts and you know, how many hours will she listen to. She won't but she'll tell you she did. Yes, 100 percent.


So this is a this is a free fire zone. Yeah.


So anyway, then she started she was dating you, which was fantastic. And then I was like staying with you guys for a while.


I was staying with her for a while. I was staying with her for a while. And you guys were dating. And you made me really nervous because you were I was still like nervous of celebrities, and even though I had grown up with my mom's friends who were celebrities or something more like they were like old people, you were Rob Lowe. It was very unnerving. But can you imagine? So I've known you, I think, since I'm 17 or 16 or 17, because I remember.


The year when Cheryl moved in with me to my back, my Miami Vice. Oh, my God, do you in Miami Vice? I slept there last time. Yeah. That you moved into the guest bedroom. Yes. And I remember you were either going to UCSB or it was before that Jesus Christ was before that. And it was such a it was like a spaceship on the side of a hill.


It was literally designed for this to you. All you need to know, when the realtor took me to look at the house, I bought it because it was 12 minutes away from the Hard Rock Cafe.


I don't think you should admit that. I know it's really bad, but the notion that the Hard Rock Cafe is so bad. But was it ever a cool place? Oh, it was on. Wow.


But it would be like today if like if that were like Leo and, you know, Timilty, Salomé and all going to Billy Eilish. Right. I'm getting French fries.


That is so classic. I mean, L.A. during that time was it. It was pretty cool. I mean, it was I wasn't inside Hollywood yet. I was going to go to college and then I was going to try to act, I guess. But it was so cool to be getting toted around town with you guys. I remember one time you took me to this place for brunch with a better feel. Yes, remember that. Yeah.


And there were so many celebrities in there eating brunch and I couldn't believe it. It was just I think Billy Idol was in there eating. I think you're right. I remember Butterfield. I remember I had to walk down all these stairs. It was like a garden below Sunset Boulevard.


And like one of the Guns and Roses, I think, were in there. It was very it was just it was cool.


It was very nice because you were like you and your parents lived a really normal life, even though you're you're both your parents are show business icons. You were like, well, well, very well brought up, very well educated, very normal. Both I was blessed to know your dad and in love, you know. So my blithe sideline, Blythe Danner story is I was obsessed with Blythe when I was she might have been my first crush.


You know, we've talked about this cause when she was in Futureworld, which is like when I bring that credit up to, you know, oh, that's a terrible movie. It was much it was a terrible sequel. Why?


Oh, God, I want you to do what can you do? The whole interview is Blythe Danner is so good. It was tone.


Oh right. It was terrible. But I she's so cute. She's so cute. I had a book of the book version of the script, a Futureworld, not a beautiful picture of life on it. And I thought she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.


And so but. And then your father, Bruce. That's how Sheryl knows you, because she met my wife Sheryl, work for Bruce that came after home after home fires came after. So distraught people don't realize how far we go back so far back mean way, way back when I was in high school, are just finishing high school.


And I met you. And I knew I met Cheryl when I was in 10th grade, like Apple's age, I met her. Apple's age. Yes. Because I mean, I've known her for ever. It makes me feel like an ancient person. You are. I know, but I don't look it, do I? Tell me I'm very interested in what lesson what Cheryl's expertise was in the blowjobs.


Gosh, I can't remember exactly. Who are you kidding? No, I. I just remember it was it was it was less about remembering the technique, although I'm sure that I implemented it in the first chance I got. Yes, I'm sure. But she was just it was so cool to have someone treat me like an adult and see me as like a young woman and someone who was sexual. And she just made me feel so free. And, you know, as you said, I did have a very normal you know, even though I came from people who worked in show business, I had a very, you know, like a non Hollywood, very stable, structured, regular.


And, you know, it was like pretty not not conservative politically, but just, you know, it was like a lot was expected of me. I had to study really hard. It was like I had, you know, so and the gender roles were pretty defined. And my mother was she's very prim. She's when you say is it she's I wouldn't say prim. I think she's just traditional and sort of you know, she's like, yeah.


And of that era. Right. Of like we didn't talk about stuff like that. So for Cheryl to be like, OK, and then hold the balls and whatever.


And I was like, what is happening? What has happened hasn't changed a bit.


I mean, let's face it.


I did I did a lot of research when I was looking for a wife. Oh, really? We didn't know that, Rob.


And and and we've been married twenty nine years. I know. And it's because I've never met anybody like her. I've never met anyone. And it's funny, I sat in Cheryl's makeup chair just as an actor and she was my makeup artist and that was it. And the way that she spoke to me in the way she valued me as a person.


Yeah. And saw me as a person was different than anybody. Ever, yeah, and it's an amazing it's a beautiful quality and she's so loving and she's such a caretaker and she's like this, such an amazing like Jewish mom and it's all the food and the comfort and everything. But then there's this just wild side to her that's so fun to this day.


I would never survive somebody born. No, I know if I wasn't with somebody and I said with all love, a little crazy, maybe more than a little, I would run roughshod. Yeah, no.


Keeps you on your toes. I think you guys have an amazing marriage. And like, obviously, you know, I've known you guys for a long time and seen it through many chapters. And it's just so inspiring to see you both continue to make the commitment to grow together and to keep finding honesty in new levels of authenticity and commitment and what that looks like over different decades. And I don't know. I think you guys are right.


Well, thank you. I mean, it's I think it's important in in life and in marriages to have friends that you can count on. Yeah.


And that you can also see through the child in the same. I've seen you through so many chapters in your life beyond I mean, beyond you could you could write a book. I know. And I'll leave that to you. My secrets are too explosive. They're too good. They're so good that we bury them to the we bury them. There is the deepest but even little things like your dad.


I remember when you were nominated for Shakespeare and remember when you said this crazy Miramax parties and I really do charades. Oh, yeah.


No, those weren't the Miramax parties. Those were like you would like actors. It was it was actually sweet. It was like. Actors who had won in previous years would sort of like host game nights for people, it was like, remember? Yeah, it was a bit it was a thing. It was a thing. We would have these these big nights in game night.


And I remember running into your dad, that was the one that was sort of done in honor of Helen Hunt through for me. That's right. Yeah.


And I think Matthew, my oldest, must have been about five or six. And I must have known where the road would lead with the boys because I said, what advice do you have for me? Because Gweneth has turned out so great, you know, for my for raising my kids. Like what? Like what if they want to be actors? And I'll never forget I call it the Bruce Paltrow rule, which is, you know, they can they could say they want to act all they want.


They're not doing shit until they're 18. Yeah, you want it. But you want it. You want to do. And he just threw the hammer down.


I wanted to so badly. So badly. And people would you know, casting directors sometimes came up to me in New York not knowing who my parents were asking me to audition for this or and I always wanted to, but my parents refused to let me into the public eye. And then finally, when I was 18, I just kind of thought it was a frenzy.


I remember. I remember it was like it would it the only thing I can think of, it would be like. The NFL draft and people are in a fucking friggin who is going from being drafted first. People are trading up to get Gwyneth Paltrow. No, it was a it was like all the agents you were meeting with.


Everybody knew, like it was like the fix was so in. But it's it's weird, you know, because it's like I don't know how I feel about it. Ultimately, that sort of advantage that, you know, kids, it's like we get doors open for us because of who our parents are, like your sons do or my children would. And so that's why I think it's so important, you know, as you say, to raise a kid that has a work ethic and whose values are aligned with yours or with their own sense of who they are, etc.


. So that. You know, because the truth of the matter is like the doors can be opened for you, but if you think about all the people who try and it doesn't happen. Yes.


And that's why when I say the fix is in, it wasn't that it wasn't that people knew you were going to succeed because of where you came from. They knew you had the goods. Hmm. And you got it from the first what was the first great movie that weird Western with.


Oh, yeah. Flesh and flesh and bone.


That's a really I love that you're great in it. It's a great movie.


It is a really good movie. It's it's a weird slow burner, but I love it. Such a good movie. Really good movie. I was like, oh yeah, she's going to be fine.


She does need to stay. I'm like my guest room anymore. I still do. But is you're doing right now.


Nothing has changed. I've never left. You're literally back in my guest bedroom. The world never left.


Hold that thought. We'll be right back. So now what do you do with. You're incredible kids who are incredible, thank you, and they always have. And again, like you always have that like you look at their good kids. Well, there's two things. They're good kids. And these are and they're also like they have it. I mean, Moses, like charismatic Suchi, like is energy of like love and like his vision.


I just want to eat them. I know. I know. It's really unbelievable.


And Apple, I mean, that charisma. If we could harness the power of large city, we knew that one.


Oh, did you get your hands full? I know you better. I mean, what's the Bruce Paltrow rule look like for Apple?


Yeah, I mean, again, you know, I won't let them be public on any social media or anything like that. I try to keep them out of the public eye as much as possible. You know, now it's different because kids are like, can I have a YouTube channel I want to? And I'm like, no, you can't. No, absolutely not. But everybody else I'm like, you're not you know, you have this other layer and they understand.


And they're but I think with it's really been interesting to be her mother because as she's come into her own, it's almost like. You know, it's like watching her harness her own power with every passing year, and I'm just like, what is this child here to do? You know, she's so bright and so funny and so she's hilarious.


She's hilarious. And and Moses is so unique and so deep and like such an old soul. And now and also really talented, like scarily talented. And and so you start as a parent, you think all I can do for these kids is teach them. Right from wrong and teach them what work is and how and how do you go about doing that? Because I do find out we're both blessed with kids who have work work ethic and understand work and want to work and aren't entitled.


Look, now they've grown up with everything in abundance and they are entitled, but they don't feel entitled that that makes any sense.


Yeah. I mean, I think, first of all, you model it right. Like you are an incredibly hard worker. So is Cheryl. Cheryl doesn't have to bust her ass 24/7 on her jewelry business, but she does. So the boys have grown up with two parents who have modeled what it means to work and what work looks like and trying to do both things at the same time. And I think when you work hard and they see that and you value your work, they fuse those things and they understand that work brings value to someone's life and sense of self.


And, you know, my kids work hard. I think they see they see their parents working hard, working hard to achieve something. And so I think that's the first part of it. You know, we model it right. And then you make them work for stuff. You know, I don't I really have tried not to just hand them things which, you know, a lot of people do and no judgment. But, you know, my father always made me have a job after school until I was in 11th grade and there was too much homework and S.A.T. practice and whatever.


And Apple has a job. She works in retail, not currently because stores obviously are closed.


But she came to me one day and she was like, I really want to get a job at the store. And I was like, great, perfect. OK, I'm I'm totally supportive. And then I didn't hear anything about it for a while. I was like, do you need help in any way? She's like, now. And then a few weeks later she came to me. She's like, I got the job, please sign my W-2, please sign permission.


And it was unbelievable. My God. And she she that's who she is. So I don't know. She's a self starter. She's self starter. She's she really is. So, you know, I don't know. I also think that with kids like I read this quote once from I think it was from Banksy that said a parent will do absolutely anything for their child. Except let them be exactly who they are. It's so true, like we come at our kids with so much projection and oh God, if they're not like this, then it says this about me or I'm so worried.


If they don't do that, then they're going to experience the pain of life. And I've tried to adopt this thinking around it. That's like. It's OK if you get hurt, it's OK if you fail, like I think our generation of parents got this memo I was reading this woman, Glenanne Doyle's book, it's called Untamed. And she said our generation of parents got this memo that, like, we're going to we're going to keep you from everything.


We're going to do everything we can to make sure you never feel an ounce of pain or left out. Or when the teacher calls us and says, you've done something wrong, we're going to get in the teacher's face and say, I don't think you know my child. And, you know, basically that our philosophy is don't let them get hurt. And I don't know exactly what it's in reaction to. Like, I don't know what how we were parented or how it all comes together.


But it really struck a nerve with me because I think we have to let our children experience life. And, you know, life is like the first rule of Buddhism says suffering like we suffer here. It's really hard and it's part of it. And we want our children to know who they are, to have good manners and to have resilience. Right. So that's what I try to do. Well, and I think that we come in. I agree.


And it's the same.


We come at the I think the other parties and I'm not saying anything about your parents, but I think that generation had a level of narcissism.


That we don't that we don't have like my my parents were very, very self-involved and I felt really, really, really on my own.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's funny, because that's what Glenanne says, is that our parents generation were like their memo was what was there. Their memo, she says, is like, OK, we're home from the hospital. You look after yourself, I'm going to smoke and talk to the other adults and like, don't come home till dinner. Yeah, and you're right, you're on your own, which is also beautiful. Yeah, like like the days of, like running around the yard and then coming home only when the dinner bell rang.


Yeah, I know the stuff my parents used to let me do. Oh, my gosh.


Well, when I moved when I was a young actor and I moved to California from Ohio, I was 12 and we lived out on Point Doom and we figured out that point home in Malibu. The only reason we lived there, it was my mother was a universal allergic or so she thought.


We don't really know. I think she was just a hypochondriac.


And the air quality and point down was supposedly so great. That's why we what we we moved there. But I would take the bus alone from point Dhoom to Santa Monica, get on a different bus, take it from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, get on a different bus, take it from Beverly Hills to like Deep in Hollywood audition.


Do my homework, repeating back to wow, to point doom and end like they we never thought anything of it. Yeah, I mean, when I was I moved to New York when I was 11 from Santa Monica and I was out I mean, I was on multiple subways going downtown to my friend Julia's house, walking the streets, you know, and then you have an 11 year old and you're like, wait a minute, what I'm supposed to let you out on the subway alone like this seems nuts, but I actually think there's something to it.


It is that weird thing of when you look at your kids and realize what you were doing at that age.


I know it's shocking. Did you I read this article maybe six or eight months ago that there was a brother and a sister know, maybe I want to say five and seven who lived somewhere in the Midwest and they walk to school every day. It was like, you know, half a mile walk. And people kept calling child services because they saw these kids alone walk. I mean, that's that's where we are.


That's where we are. That's so insane. Yeah.


What and you know, the other thing about you, this could be this could turn into the goofiest love fest, I love you TiVo imaginable, but you one hundred percent are the pioneer of.


And I don't want to use this word I'm about to use because it's so icky vagina eggs. Well, there's that which that's a whole other second part you thought you were getting out of this. But talk about the genetics.


You don't know me very well. It's a reinvention. But but branding is gross. I hate that word. Why? It's OK. It's OK. Yeah, OK. Then I'm upset. But I mean, I remember when you were starting goup and when you were like I said, I've been we've been through it all together, but I don't think anyone has any idea how hard you have worked and work. There's no way they do. No fucking way to.


They don't.


I think probably the only people who would know are other entrepreneurs have started companies and go through the same kind of thing.


There are always some people starting companies, but there were not people in your position who went, oh, not only am I going to be an Academy Award winning actress, but I have this other thing that I'm going to do now.


It's almost you almost have to do that like you, and it's all good. You've been a trailblazer and enabled people and shined a light so people can go, hey, there are other opportunities if you're interested and you feel like you have the goods, but before you.


I feel like there were some people who had shown interest in other things and other actors who were entrepreneurial, but I think. I I really didn't want I didn't want to act, really, you know you know me, I mean, I've never really I never really felt like it was at a certain point. You know, I do believe that we have chapters and we live chapters of our lives. And there was a period of time where acting was what I did and what I loved for part of it, certainly.


But after I had Apple and we were talking about this upstairs, but I, I really felt like I got in touch with some other calling that I had. And and I always loved business and I was always fascinated by it and always reading about it and. And I didn't know when I started goup that it was I would ever be able to figure out how to monetize it or that I would ever even be able to hire somebody to, you know, one person to work on it with me, let alone two hundred and fifty people.


And it's been the most incredible experience. I love it so much. It is so hard and so incredibly educational and expansive. And I have to be so I have to I start every day almost at square one just with the mindset of learning. And I just love it. It's it's the best it's the most exhilarating time professionally I've ever had.


Do you feel like on any given day I've done it or. Do you like her? No, but I feel uncertain given days, I'm like, I can't fucking do this anymore. Like, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm going to fail. This is way too hard. I don't know what I've gotten myself into. And you do have those feelings. Yes, sure. And then I have days where I'm like, oh, this feels like maybe I'm figuring this out.


Maybe I have cracked this. You know, it's like you ricochet from one.


It's like a you know, it's so important for for for for me to hear, for people to hear because you always compare, like they say in AA, you always compare your insides to somebody else's outsides.


So this is like, you know, one could easily think I mean, Goober's is this sort of iconic thing that you could be like, yeah, man, I did it. And it's great. And but the truth of it is there are days where you work up and go, man, I've bitten off a lot.


I don't know I don't know what tomorrow is going to Branka. It's it's crazy. And you the bigger it gets. Did you feel do you feel more pressure?


Yes. Yeah. The more money you raise, the more people you hire. You know, your response, was it the first money raised frightening or did you feel go? Because I didn't know what I was doing, you know?


Yes. I was like, OK, I guess we need to raise some money. And somebody else was helping me. Figure out what that meant and I was just sort of trying to tell the story and I I raised my first round of seed money from this amazing group of women who just were readers of the site and who got what I was trying to do. And they weren't intimidating and they were so loving and so supportive. So my first experience with raising money was incredible.


My second when I went to raise the series, that was a whole other story. I mean, that was brutal. I finally did it, but you had to do like a road show and stand in front of yeah, basically, I mean, you're going from one week to the next in your. And at that point to when a business is really young, there's it's so risky. I mean, nobody has any idea you're making up numbers out of thin air.


You've no idea, like if marketing ultimately is going to work or the product is going to resonate with people. And you're like, well, we think this is going to be the thing. Do you want to? And I was going into all these because they're all men, all men.


And I'm talking about, you know, the US that didn't have those you know, those hadn't come into play yet.


But I was talking about women and what women want and what they're missing and who they are as consumers and how there's this big white space in the market. And, you know, at the time, like clean beauty was not really a thing. And as you know, I'm really passionate about not having toxin's where you can avoid them on your dermis or in your air and your water, whatever, and men, you know, didn't totally get it.


Shocking like they got you out, that they're like, I don't know what the hell this one's selling. Well, I mean, it's funny the reason that Tony Florence, who is my main investor, my biggest shareholder, he he invested in the company because he had had an anecdotal experience with goup because he sat on the board of another company that we had talked about. And after they were you know, he was reviewing a board deck and looking at a graph and they were sort of down towards the bottom in terms of numbers of customers they had.


And then on this one day, it spiked and those customers became really productive, high LTV customers. And he said what happened on this day? And they said, oh, well, we they talked about us on this website called Goup. So because he had experienced the power of what group was he was like ready to invest. And so he's been my biggest champion and mentor. And I got so, so lucky because I have a lot of, you know, a lot of entrepreneur friends who don't feel that way about their investors.


So I'm sure, yeah, it can be a not a good shotgun marriage. Yes.


And I feel like the pressure of now it's not just your money, it's not just your time and energy. Now you're beholden to. Yeah. To other people. I've seen that with Cheryl, with her, with the with Cheryl Lowe designs is when she got her investors the level of seriousness and the level of responsibility. Just that pressure can be really insane. Yes.


That's why I'm just a stupid idiot. The worst makeup for a living and stands on Mark.


I just did like I'm keeping it very, very simple and served you well. Wrong. The thing is, I will do anything to avoid math.


Right. Then you definitely don't want to start a business because it's anything. It's a math nightmare. It's an excel.


Cahill I have some kind of visual processing disorder.


My son Matthew has it as well, where when I look at certain stats on a screen there, it would be like it's like it's like it's like being dyslexic because I can read like you can't believe like I'm one of the quickest, best readers, like, off the charts crazy. But when it's like an excel or numbers, they like move around in my eyes like googly eyes, googly porky pig eyes.


Oh my God. Yeah. So I would that would be a real problem.


I need to have somebody like. Well, you could be a founder, you just probably couldn't be a CEO, that's for sure. No, we don't we don't want. Well, how is the name Goop?


That was your nickname as a kid, right? So it was. No. So what? So it was actually a nickname that Chris used to call me Goofy, sometimes for fun.


That's great. So goofy. I know he'd be like, hey, goofy because we're my initials. And he would, you know, and then weirdly and unrelated, Lee, when I was trying to think about this business. Speaking of branding, I went to go see this guy in New York, Peter Ah. Now, who was a branding master. And I said I needed help to think about what I didn't want my name in it, but it would be nice if it was somehow related to me.


And he just said when he was like, I got it, it's goup. And I thought it was really like a terrible name. And he was like, no, trust me, it's and I was like, why? It's goup is like it's gross. It's like they said, no, you're going to reframe the way people hear the word. It's your initials with two O's in between and all big Internet companies have two O's in the middle of that.


Oh, big o big companies have to hold. That's the problem with quitte. That's where they fucked up.


It's been called Kobie that work.


Really that's so then it was born and then I just stuck with it. So good.


Be right back after this. I want to tell the story about because, again, I've seen you through all your iterations of love you have, but the best was the boyfriend you brought up passed out in the Jacuzzi.


Let's just say it's pretty good that I was such a I was so naive about drugs and alcohol. I mean, I still am like, of course, I drink alcohol. But I had a boyfriend who really was like taking pills and stuff. And you didn't know. I had no idea. And he had taken pills, painkillers, I think. Just the way you're saying, I wish I wish people could see your face, you're seeing pain killers like these newfangled.


Well, this is a man you've never you've never heard of.


This was a long time ago. So he had taken a painkiller and other stuff and we all were in the hot tub. This is it, your old house in Montecito. And he got up out of the hot tub and literally, like, splattered on the brick.


His head hit the record. It sounded like one in his head. It was his body hit. Was it his. Oh, my God. I blocked it out because he had a concussion. I was so because then he was seeing visions. Oh, yeah. So well, maybe that was the hallucinogenics. He and then and then he got back in and looked at you and clearly didn't know where he was or who you were at all, and then looked at me and recognized me like oh my God, this Rob Lowe and look back at you and did not know you.


And then slowly at all, he kind of came to me like, oh my God, that was insane. Because, honey, I'm so sorry. I didn't know where I was and I didn't know who you were. And I looked at Rob and I thought I finally made it in Hollywood because if I'm in a Jacuzzi with Rob Lowe, it must be the best Hollywood party ever.


Right. So.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yeah, I had some interesting boyfriends along the way.


But your husband now we love so much. I mean, I love I've loved all your guys. You've you have very good taste.


That's not true. You've not loved all of them.


I've appreciated all. No. Yeah. But your current and your final, your husband, Brad, you know, he's my he's my boss, which how weird is that? He's my boss. But that happened because you were friends. That's right.


So on Lone Star, No. One, Lone Star Brad created wrote it for me.


I knew he really wrote it for me when he wrote a firefighter who cared more about his hair than his moisturizer, his moisturizer and hair than saving lives.


I was like, yeah, that sounds about right, but that sounds about right.


But that's what's so funny, to be able to work with somebody like that over the value of working with somebody you love and a friend and somebody gets you and understands you, and that is his superpower, I think, and really understanding people and really getting people.


It's true. And he is able to articulate. Like what someone's drinks are in a really interesting way when we sit in casting meetings and and he wants to talk about the actors, just come in or maybe going to out to offer it to an established star, he'll he'll articulate why they're right for it or not write for it in the most amazing way.


Oh, wow. See, I don't get to see his work side. I mean, I have to direct you in the politician. Yes. Which is great. But I mean, you're brilliant.


You are great in the politician. And because it reminds me a lot of life. Yes. A lot of life going on. There's a little blood sprinkled in, that little blood sprinkled in there.


You're like the hot WASPy, multi decades younger Maggie Smith and Downton Abbey. I've never seen Downton Abbey.


Come on. I know. I've got to get it together. You have to get it. Is it great? Do you know what? It's great. It is. It's great. I mean, I know that I don't really seem like a Downton Abbey guy. I yes, you do. Do I. OK, ok. I love it. OK, I'm going to watch it.


I never there like certain series that I missed along the way. Yeah. That I, I like I think also partially because I lived in I was an expat in London for so long and shows would debut in America and be this huge deal and then it would be a year till it got to London. By that point I was so annoyed like hearing everyone talk about how amazing Lost was or whatever, that I was like, I'm not watching this. I missed the whole I'm like, I miss the boat.


I was in London doing a play when Lost was there, so I never saw that. There's like all these big TV shows that I missed.


Well, doubt you're when you see Maggie who crushes, she's phenomenal and you crush. OK, so what's it like working with your husband, directing you? It's great. I mean, I just love being around him and he's so smart and he's so soothing and he just like gets me so well. And I think I'm a pain because I you know, I don't it's not my favorite thing to do. And acting is not your favorite thing anymore.


No, it's you're very funny about it.


I just like I, I don't I don't I don't know. I don't know what it is. I just like it's I feel embarrassed and I can't remember lines anymore.


That's I don't but I just want to see him because I used to be I used to be able to read a scene one time in the hair and makeup chair and know it perfectly. And now I struggle so genuinely. Ask Brad, I think because I have so much in my head, you know, it's like I'm on set and I'm thinking about my business and the day's numbers and whatever, blah, blah, blah, the issues and the people.


And like, I just don't have a lot of room to remember lines and stuff like that. But I swear, I know you're looking. I know. I don't believe. OK, ask him after this.


I've only acted with you once and you were a machine, but that was many, many, many, many.


Yeah, it's a long time ago now. I'm like, I can't remember this fucking line.


And then he writes me these monologues that are like a paid to fuck with you. I'm like, forever. You're killing me.


Your wedding was the greatest. Wedding was so beautiful. Wasn't it fun? She literally had Steven Spielberg doing that, was filming.


He was filming the wedding on his video camera.


I know, because I thought it would be weird to have for a few reasons. I thought it'd be weird to have like a produced video with like a team of videographers. Like, I I'm I feel self-conscious in front of the camera, which is part of the reason acting makes me a little uncomfortable.


No one would ever believe that. The thing that's seriously that's what people go back. Gweneth pushes Booch. You think it's. But it's the truth.


No, it's really the truth. Like, I get uncomfortable in front of a camera and Steven gets uncomfortable in social situations. So I was like, this is perfect. I'll hand on the camera, he'll be so happy and then I'll get a wedding video. You are fucking unbelievable. Oh, he filmed everything. He filmed the whole wedding.


It was unbelievable to want to watch Steven Spielberg make a whole movie. Oh, my gosh. But you know what? That's that's how I know him my whole life. All he does is make home movies like if you go there for dinner and it's more than just a double date or something, he is filming it. Really? Always, always, always, always. He has more home movie footage. Then you can possibly fathom why he always is filming.


He loves it. How is he not made that? I mean, how much of that documentary.


I know. I know. And he loves you so much. It's so funny to watch him with you, to watch you guys together. It's like you forget he's Steven Spielberg. Yeah. I had the greatest conversation with him about Jaws at your wedding. You did? I did.


Because I like huge Jaws fan and he's like, I feel so bad about Jaws. I just I feel that people hate sharks and I feel I'm responsible for it. He is. He's responsible. He's responsible for. Not swimming in the ocean like my husband, who's, like, scared to swim in a lake because of Jaws, it really did traumatize a generation.


I'm so glad I didn't see Jaws until much later because I love swimming in the ocean.


It's such a good song of all time favorite movies. Same with Brad has his son. Browdy is named after Onoe after Chief Brody, your chief. I never knew that. Yes, come on.


I swear. He calls them chief, no way, huh? So this is why I love your your husband is a jazz fan and he's a spruce and he's a Bruce Springsteen, too. And you're Bruce Springsteen. Are we the whitest beyond middle age? Are we the whitest middle age? The guys that you know? Yes, painfully white.


And with our Bruce Springsteen Power Fisting.


But you and your and your football games after Thanksgiving and the turkey, it's called the Turkey Bowl after Thanksgiving, whenever it's before Thanksgiving.


I'm always cooking, you know, I'm not paying attention. You you didn't go to that.


I've never seen your Springsteen show. Brad Guy never been here like growing. It's so good serving. I can't even talk about.


It's the whitest it's the most Snow White.


But, you know, I you know what? I love that he and you or anyone when someone has that level of fandom about someone, it's actually so beautiful. And for him, I honestly think between Springsteen and the Red Sox, that's it's religious for him. Like whatever religion provides for people, structure, meaning emotion, you know, understanding where you are in time and space, masculinity like it provides. Him with such fullness. Yeah, now the Tom Brady gone from the Patriots, he's I can't.


Is he wearing a black armband? That was a rough day in our house.


I'm not going to lie. Yeah, it's a it's I don't know what we're going to do with that sports like this.


I really I really, truly, truly. I haven't noticed.


Do not I mean, I'm losing my mind. But all of this it's crazy.


OK, we're going to start cooking with me and then you'll get your mind off. I'm a terrible cook. I know I'm a good eater. I know I've seen your quarantine.


Do I have a bit. I am. I'm pregnant with an ice cream baby. I have a quarantine baby.


You literally sat down last night and ate a pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.


It's a I'm I'm good. I'm having a gender reveal for my baby next week. What is it going to be? I don't know. But then I'm going to paint the nursery because I'm definitely in my third trimester. I just want to look in the mirror.


I think that the upside of this surreal, crazy, tragic, like, indescribable time. Is that I feel like we're one one positive aspect as we're all being a lot easier on ourselves about our bodies because we're just what are we going to do? Yeah, no, and and easier on ourselves about that, you know, if you want to take a nap in the middle of the day, that's OK.


If you don't if you want to work that you work, you don't work. It's just it's kind of the sky's the limit.


It's been very strange. I really has. And I just think it you know, stillness like this brings up so much to the surface. And that's been a really interesting part, like examining what is really going on beneath all the stuff that we busy ourselves with all day.


Yeah, I'm good in my own company. I spend as you know, when I'm here, I can sit up by the fire and just sit and and just great. And she'll be like, she's not what my wife's not like.


I think opposites or good. Right? Like she's you don't want to I wouldn't want to be married to someone who's too much like me.


No, I think that gets hard. I mean, I think I think you guys share a lot of the same values, but your personalities are very different, right?


One hundred percent of the values, like, I don't know how people stay married who have, like, legitimate no differences and how to raise kids or whatever.


You're very aligned, but you just have a different way of operating in the world. Yes.


One hundred percent. I've been I've been I've been very lucky. All right. Do you remember how many times have you been on the cover of Vanity Fair? Once, maybe twice, but for sure, at least once.


Yes, I think twice. So at the end at the end of Vanity Fair, the use of the love that questionnaire. OK, so I have my version of it.


OK, it's called The Lowdown because every hacky article ever written about me had that title. Oh, God. So gross.


Right. So this is my version of the press questionnaire. OK, first of all, OK, start with this one. Rolling Stones or Beatles, Rolling Stones, those fast but most overrated Beatle.


I don't actually think there was an overrated, most overrated cast member front. Is this really a question? This is this is the Rob. This is the Rob, or I know they're all great.


We can keep moving. But, you know, the thing about friends is it was what it was because of each one of them, like the chemistry of the six of them, is so perfect.


You didn't know that was you already had won an Oscar by then. You know, auditioning my friends, would you?


I did not audition for Friends. Now, what did you ever audition for that you didn't that I didn't get the legends of the fall.


Really? Julia Ormond.


I got really close, like down to the wire. There's another movie I lost to Julia Ormond, what was this, a remake of an Audrey Hepburn movie with a man? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Help me.


Yes, Sabrina. Sabrina. I truly aumont was your nemesis.


No, that's a bit extreme. But I did lose two movies to her.


I understand. There you go.


I used to lose movies to Tim Hutton in the day. Ordinary people being. I mean. All right. I mean, come on. That's that's a bummer. That's this big ass gets. But my mom always said, you know, she said if you don't get a part, that means it's just not your part. There'll be other parts that are yours and you'll get those right. And then I felt much more relaxed about it.


It it it is true, because when people give me shit about turning down Grey's Anatomy, you know, it's like it wasn't really like it would win a lot of money and all of that stuff.


That's another TV show that I have to start watching. My daughter loves that show.


It's great. It's great. You turned it down. McDreamy could have been me. You know who reminds me of that all the time, but sure, I don't know what McDreamy is, what you don't know. You don't know who McDreamy is now the best. What are you talking about?


This is the best because there's a whole this whole thing I love about you. There's a whole part of you that literally has no idea about anything like that, anything.


It's like pop culture stuff. That's what I don't know about.


But you own it like today did not know pop pop culture, but I could give a flying fuck about most of it to I want to be more like you. I really do. Do you have a way of like owning your lack of interest in pop culture?


No, but it's true. It's also because usually McDreamy. What is that like? Is that though? What is what is McDreamy? This is the best. What is it?


McDreamy is the leading man on Grey's Anatomy.


His name is McDreamy. Well, that's part of the issue. They intuited, I think when I had the meeting with everybody that there was a level of objectification of men.


Oh, my God. Because now, of course, his name isn't McDreamy. That's the objectified. It's basically saying Cockeye. But in this group, it's Patrick Dempsey. Oh, but they wrote in the script McDreamy, I don't know how it came up, but it's a thing I'm going to have to. Right. But it's a thing, so. Oh, yeah. Yeah. McDreamy. Absolutely.


What's his name like? McMellon in it or something? I don't even think so.


It's something normal. Derek Yeah. Derek yeah. Derek. Derek. Like Shepherd or something. Yeah, I think that's right. I admit. Yes. Patrick Dempsey and can't buy me love was dreamy.


Well if you think he's dreamy in that way, do you see him in this really. Oh yeah.


He's like a guy and his hair is amazing.


I like OK, I got to watch it and then think about the money that I lost. Oh, Rob can be bad for you.


It's conservatives. Seventy million dollars.


Rob, it's not polite to talk about money and don't talk that on a podcast. Blighters here. Are you crazy? I'm.


That's what he makes. OK. That's dreamy money, they could have been mine. All right, back to the question here. Has there ever been a cartoon character that we're sexually attracted to? A cartoon character? Yeah, like I like the the rap, the female rabbit with the purple lies in the Aristocats when I was little.


Let me think. No, how did I know that that answer no, I can see how a guy will sexualize anything, first of all.


Right, let's like Jessica Rabbit and we have like Papa Smurf, like you guys got to get a boner over Paul Bunyan.


Popeye, somebody did.


And it was a guy and recently say Porky Pig.


That's because really because the hooves made his legs look. He was wearing heels. Stop being friends with whoever said that. Is that the best it's so it's so dark and disturbing, isn't it, the greatest? We have to just really quickly talk about one of the great, like pieces of trivia that in the Cat in the Hat, OK. Oh, yes.


Cat in that Mike Myers, Cat in the hat.


Mike will be on the show at some point. He based his character on your father. Yes, he did the best Bruce Paltrow impersonation of all time. And he used to do it in to my father. And my father would cry, laughing, cry. It was so fun. That was during the period of time where we were all making view from the top. Yup. Which is really not a good movie. And it's not our best work.


No, but we had the fun and Mike Myers was so frickin funny. Oh my God. And honestly, like my dad and Mike Myers fell in love and had such a great friend. Those two had the most amazing I got. And Robin, Mike's ex-wife and my father were really close to he loved Robin.


I just love the idea of Mike rolling into the set one day and going. So here's what I'm thinking with the character of the cat and the Cat in the Hat. He's really Bruce Paltrow.


Oh, well, that was a great character, you know. Yeah, it's I love it. So do yourself a favor. Watch the Cat in the Hat. Bruce Paltrow lives again. It's true. It's so great. So great. Darling, I love you so much.


I love you, too. Thank you for having me. Tell me just briefly, like, how did you when did you start this podcast? So what happened was. I have thought that I had like a talk show and me. Mm hmm. And I was talking to Ellen for a minute about taking over her show when she quit. And then the timing was never going to be right on that. And so I just sort of put that to bed.


And then I did the Goop podcast with Marc Maron podcast, a couple of the podcast, and had so much fun because it was an area where people could get together and talk and which used to be able to do an actual talk shows before. It was like we willing to come on in and play pin the tail on the donkey. So what the fuck? I'm not enough.


I worked my whole life to be entertaining and interesting and it is crazy when you see clips of old talk shows like Dick Cavett and there's like weird long pauses and long stories. It's like people sat out there for 15 minutes. It's amazing. But you got to know them. Yeah, you did. It's true. And you go like on YouTube and watch great appearances on Kurson.


They're amazing. That's true. But now you get these amazing people on and the next thing you know, they're playing a it's a go kart rally backstage.


I'm like, I don't want to see Elon Musk in a go kart. I want to I do this.


You I mean, like so I love this, that this exists, that we we can do that because, you know, you'd never get to talk like this anywhere other than in. The other thing is, I know enough interesting people and have had a history with enough people that I can bring out stories that there's no way anybody else will ever know.


They're fun and interesting, true stories. I only tell my friends the podcast version of the podcast version. That's exactly. All right. Thank you.


Good job. Right. Thank you.


It wasn't it was fun. Right?


I love that woman so much.


She is just there's nobody like her. There's just no one like her.


She's got every club in the bag that was as good as I had hoped it would be. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And I'll see you next time. You have been listening to literally with Rob Lowe, produced and engineered by me, Devon Toribiong, IT executive produced by Rob Lowe for low profile Adam Sachs and Jeff Ross at Team Coco and Collin Anderson and Chris Bannon at Stitcher. The supervising producer is Aaron Blair's talent producer, Jennifer Sampas.


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