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Winter colds and flu can really drain your energy, but don't let them get in the way of your day at the first sign of a cold or flu.


Reach for battle in day and night. The only cold and flu remedy to offer 24 hour relief with tablets for day and night battling to take care of your cold and flu symptoms. Ask your pharmacist for advice. Badland Day and Night. Always read the label. See Ballandean. Books, the new one isn't saying it's great, I love all your books, though, I mean, I love Happy Man. It was one of the things that inspired me to to write my book.


The book is great. Thanks. My misadventures. Misadventures.


I think you make an appearance in my book. I do think eight years sober is all I can say. 30. Hello, everybody, welcome to literally I'm I feel like I say I'm excited all the time for my guest and guess what? I usually am. Sometimes I'm not, sometimes I'm acting. I mean, how excited Kamandi, but Michael J. Fox.


I'm very happy to announce that all of our golden tickets have been released. If you were one of the lucky people who found a golden ticket, well, good luck to you. And be sure to listen to how it all goes down on a future episode.


Thank you all for playing. And thanks to State Farm for being a good neighbor and helping me realize my lifelong dream of becoming sort of a weird, badly aging redheaded Willy Wonka. You're a weird Willy Wonka. You're a wizard Wonka.


People thought the original Willy Wonka was weird enough yet. And I was like, nope, that guy could be even weirder.


And now I've done it with my golden ticket competition. Anyway, very happy they're all out there.


Good luck to you. OK, so here's a scenario A you're watching St. Elmo's Fire, which I know you are. Let's face it. I know I am. On a loop. And you're looking. For your holiday shopping, those two things both need to be happening. I don't know if you're like me, I can be online for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours. OK, so you need to be watching this fire and you need to be thinking about where to go for your loved ones.


And that's where a Best Buy comes in because Best Buy has got you covered. If you're Billy Hicks, I'm saying almost fire, you go to Best Buy and you have it all sorted out, you can get a laptop and Skype with a family that you no longer see. You can be talking to that divorce that's got your kid that you're you're too irresponsible to deal with.


You know, if you're Billy Hicks, I don't know. I'm just saying that's Buy's got you covered with the technology that you want this holiday season. And a laptop probably is No. One with a bullet for most of us. So remember.


Whatever movie you're watching, doesn't matter, does it have to be satisfied? Does it mean anything when you're done with your entertainment? Start thinking about the people in your life. Get up by 4:00. Go to Best Buy. They've got the selection. They got the customer support you need this holiday season. Let's face it, everybody could use some help sometimes. And Best Buy's a great option for you. Best or visit a Best Buy store today like a good neighbor, state firms there, they've been there, in all seriousness, from day one of this show.


And I'm so grateful it makes me want to sing the song. I'm so happy with them. But I won't because I'm not that good of a singer, and I know I'd like you to listen to the rest of the podcast, and if I started singing the state from Jingle at this point, I don't know. I don't know. I know we love the jingle. It's stood the test of time. It's like the Hey Jude of ad jingles.


Let's face it, it is. But if anybody can run. Hey, Jude. It's me, we know that life doesn't happen the way we plan it, covid has taught us that if we didn't already know it and it's more important than ever to think about your financial future, your life insurance and State Farm is the king of the mountain when it comes to that. I wish State Farm had career insurance or less career insurance. Here's what I want out of State Farm.


I want bad choice insurance. So like when I go in and have an offer on a new TV show.


And I turn it down and that show becomes Grey's Anatomy, do you imagine if you could ensure bad decision? First of all, state run would be broke.


They'd be broke for everybody, but they're not going to go broke. They're the stalwarts. And that's why they're going to be there for you when you need them. They are the best. So, again, plan your financial future. You could use a good neighbor. We all could. I love them as a good neighbor for the podcast. If you're looking for life insurance, State Farm is there to get a quote today. Go to life insurance, not State Farm dotcom, or visit your local state farm agent.


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OK, what's in the diary today? Five teen calls and a video presentation. Not with this cough.


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All you want to do is sit in a cafe and quietly enjoy this podcast when you can. I have a total hemi demi semi half half good McClarty. Oh and can you served in a macchiato class.


Oh give me strength.


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Hey everybody, if you're like me, your friends might be getting really sick of hearing you talk about your favorite video games. That's why we created Good Game.


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This episode of Literally with Rob Lowe is presented by State Farm to get a quote today, go to life insurance, not State Farm dotcom, or visit your local state farm agent. That's for, quote, life insurance, dot State Farm dot com, or visit your local state farm agent.