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Hi there, podcast listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a TV show because it's like a hipster, you have a fondness for radio and days gone by. But we're glad to see you or hear you again. Good morning. Mug Club. Every Monday through Thursday up until election, along with special streams for Debate Town Hall. We really hope that you enjoy this program as much as we did making it. That really wasn't that much.


I hope you enjoy it more.


For today. The. G o o is back with a vengeance. It was because you missed my cue, so I kept the increase o of the slurping.


The velocity increases like the Dyson guy is German, not English. Hey, what do you guys think?


Twins. Yeah, nothing like perpetuating the original stereotype.


The twins are not here this morning. So actually, no, it was a miscommunication on our part with travel and stuff like that.


So which led to their sleeping in on the show today because many of you thought, oh, we're going to be softening with Alex Jones.


So we're only going to be here for a few minutes and then go live to something that we taped just a little bit earlier with Alex Jones in the streets of Austin warning for parents who don't want to hear well, don't want their children to hear the words bumpus repeated multiple times because they encounter it, though it's contextual.


Kind of like I realized we were just listening to Pogo before the break, you know, and I put my headphones just went out here.


This is a disaster. What is happening here?


OK, so and I like it's context. Like, you know, this is you realize this is a dance and people do this like, oh, you're resting your hips.


Yeah, well, really, that's mimicking sexual movement. It's sexual undulation. But there's this is OK. Yeah, it's all well it's OK to do pantomime my lap. Yeah. Right.


Which used to be a derogatory term for Italian. So but it's all this is OK.


But what's not OK. It just changed the face. Right. So this is fine. But this is. But that's not that if you have a big old smile, 17. My point here is context over content.


So you thought you weren't going to get anything out of this show? Intellectual. So I have a couple of questions. You, since we have Alex Jones on today, do you think that the banning of Alex Jones was right?


No, I will say this. We've gone in hard on Alex Jones. Quite sure where I disagree with him a whole lot, namely on the conspiracy theory.


And I've done so on his show. I don't think he's a guy who ever should have been banned. And I will say personally, we've always had a he's always been very respectful and had a friendly relationship. It's fun.


It's fun. Like if you have, like, kids who are really high energy and they're fun for a little bit. But then you can if you're the babysitter. Yes.


But not if like a you know, like high energy Bulldog's Alex Jones and Alex Jones is, you know, he fluctuates and wait.


He's talked about on the show, but he even when he's been when he's really learned to swim, he was he was a former competitive swimmer.


He's still built like the the the barrel that someone would go over a waterfall in. Yeah, that makes sense.


Like they just crawl in Alex Jones and go over the waterfall like sassy and homeward bound.


My question is, do you think he should have been banned? And then if Donald Trump wins the election, what do you think the charges are going to be?


Election fraud, Russian interfering golden showers with prostitutes at the Taj Mahal, wherever it is? I, I don't know.


But we're going to talk about this more at the Hajj twins on Wednesday, because the idea of mail in voting and the idea of sort of bussing people in the idea of lowering the barrier to entry to vote has often been ascribed to disenchanted minorities. Right.


And there's a historical context there where you talk about the sort of literacy tests and you look at them because obviously they didn't really have the same kind of a place in the schooling system that it was discriminatory at some point. I don't really think that's comparable.


For example, to license. Yes.


Or form of identification or or just showing up at this point to talk about the goalposts moved the last few elections.


It was like, hey, you should have to have a valid ID.


And now it's just, hey, people should have to be allowed to vote.


We don't have any legs ontologically.


And I say this is someone I have had to do absentee voting because I was touring, doing stand up comedy.


Now, that's different because that's a very long process where you have to submit your address, get submit your voter ID. At least it was where I was at that point.


You had to submit some kind of valid ID, go through the process and then it wasn't just, all right, send in an email. And no, there was there was a multi-step process.


What they are talking about right now, effectively with mail and voting is just, you know, you want to vote, you don't even have to go.


Now, here's the thing. The left is pushing very hard, but we had a whole segment ready, but the Hodgkins slipped. And so it deserves more time than we can give it this morning. But I do want to let you know before we start talking about the Postal Service and Amazon and Jeff Bezos and Alex Jones.


So probably the book right there is there are a multitude of reasons that mail in voting is a real problem and it's not political. And by the way, it wasn't political until this election.


There was pretty much unilateral agreement. You can argue about what happened with gerrymandering. You can argue about some kind of well, you can't argue about it. But the left did argue about voter ID.


However, until this election, and this is obviously because of covid is what they would claim, the idea of showing up at the polls.


And it's your duty as an American citizen to pull that lever, punch, you know, punch that ticket, which in Florida they go.


I don't know what the point is. You should show up and do it. It's only changed recently. And there are plenty of examples as to where. I mean, in New Jersey, this happened not too long ago. By the way, there's a long history as to why hasn't worked, but just reason. Let me rattle this off. One point four million voters participated. Eighty seven percent of them did it by by mail. 65000 ballots had to be thrown out for arriving late.


Michigan just had eight hundred forty six ballots thrown out because voters were dead.


Then you also have. Yeah, they definitely can't show up in that instance. Right.


For elections from Heritage that were stolen that we know of. School board election, Fresno County mayoral election, Miami in 1997, a Democratic primary in Chicago, Indiana.


So I guess East Chicago, Indiana, that's where it's kind of like to Toledo is basically Michigan and East St. Louis is actually Illinois. And a congressional election in North Carolina, the ninth district in twenty eighteen.


There are plenty of examples as to why this can be a problem.


Now, if you think that we need to somehow create a foolproof system due to covid before this election, that's more of a valid argument to make.


You have somewhat of a leg to stand on, but that's not what the left is saying right now.


The left is saying, well, what's so funny to me is I tuned in to CNN this morning and I hate to say it, but the.


Well, that's funny. The the Armenian genocide deniers. Yeah. And they were complaining, saying, you know, when Donald Trump said maybe we'll have to maybe we'll have to host this election later.


What do you think? Can you believe that he wants to delay the election? The election is supposed to happen on the day, CNN this morning, Armenian genocide, and we're saying, well, the thing is we need to do mail in ballots and it is going to take for three to six days, by the way.


Studies show a week to get the results and results that aren't right. A three percent margin of error.


Keep in mind, that's all the swing states. Wow, 30 percent plus or minus three percent.


And what about Michigan? Pennsylvania? What's that like, one point five? Oh, that seems consequential. Racist. So we'll talk about that more with the. Yeah.


And it's three percent of a huge country that represents thousands and thousands of people, right? Yeah. It's not three percent of not good when Donald Trump says it, but whenever New Zealand does it.


I don't even know what's going on with New Zealand. I don't follow them since Lord of the Rings and Trash.


But they do have good beef, from what I hear. But I can't afford it. I'm an online host of the CNN Turner is coming up in a wildebeest offering me buckets of cash. So I want to hear from you. What do you think about mail in voting?


And do you think that Alex Jones, do you think it was whether you were first up? Actually, let me let me do this list A and B when you answer this question in the comments now, I'll be reading them.


I've actually been trying to read some more of them lately.


Hey, were you an Alex Jones fan? Do you consider yourself someone who agrees with Alex Jones? OK, then B was Alex Jones was his banning. Right. Should he have been. So did you agree with him, do you say did you support him? And then do you think it was a justified banning? Because I think the results may surprise a lot of people wanting to go to Alex Jones tomorrow.


There's another change my mind, of course, by the way, hit the notification bell if you haven't yet, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot. We broadcast every morning now through election at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. That's good morning, Muttalib. And Thursday, we have the full live stream of the Democratic Convention.


So there's a whole lot of fun going to be horrible coming down the pike.


I've heard people say coming down the pipe, I guess both can work like you're coming down like a pipe and down a pipe. I don't really like using the pipe analogy because zebra mussels, invasive species, China, get your shit together.


We will be back right after this with Alex Jones after this installment of Pochoda from the Homophobic.


I know for a message from Pocho, the friendly homophobe, that's me. Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Jimenez, Pocho, hi, yeah, can you make sure that you and your guys get the bushes at this time? Because last time you missed them and I really need to trim the hedges, trim the bushes and sorry for the mistake, and I think that's fine. Would you or your crew like some Long Island iced teas or Pepperidge Farm cookies? No, it's OK.


Nothing I can get you. No, not for me. And even though it's because you are a very nice man. And when I say this, I mean, no offense because you pay me very well and treat me very much like a professional, but I am not comfortable drinking from your class or anything from your cooking because you are not straight. All right, here we go, Alex Jones on 6th Street, that was once the most happening place here in Austin.


By the way, what's the best place for people to find you? It's so Infowars, Infowars, Dotcom and Bandon video and video. Yeah, important than ever, because with all these doctors, they've been banning off the Internet for having their speech, all because your doctor, Bill Gates, says they don't have any speech now. Well, they do have speech still banned on video. All right, Dr.. Hundreds of doctors have been silent, banned.


Now, you know, we did a segment down in Deep Ellum one morning and I was surprised how everything was boarded up. I was very surprised when we came down here in Six Feet for people. If we can see everything going on, everything is boarded up, all the black lives matter and stuff sprayed over it. All right. And if you try and paint over that, if a business owner does, they can actually be charged with a hate crime.


In some cases, it can be actually criminal to wash your own wall. That's right. Now, the George Soros financed communist anti-American propaganda on your property, on your boarded up business is a civil right. And if you paint over it, you can charge the crime. Yeah, well, there was a business owner who will remain nameless in Dallas who was like, I just cleaned that and then he just ended up having to leave it up. You know, one guy who we interviewed yesterday when we were doing the change of mind said these boards were up for covid.


So can you tell me, is it covered or is it more so the rioting and breaking the windows? It was both when covid started really six months ago here, some of the big corporations boarded up because they were on the inside baseball, that this was going to be a permanent shutdown until Trump was driven from office. But the smaller businesses tried to stay open. But then the city ordered them closed, but they didn't board up. But then right after that happened, they activated the George Floyd incident happened, the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa.


And so they began smashing out windows. And that's when basically everything got boarded up. Yeah, I mean, almost everything is boarded up here. And what's funny is you look at all of these places, all of these places are sort of hipster bars in Austin that would be supportive of this movement. I hate to say it. I kind of think and I know it's your hometown sort of deserves to eat itself alive right now. Well, it does.


I mean, I love Austin, what used to be, but now it is the excrement of Los Angeles and San Francisco and Portland and Seattle. All those people have fled here. And so Austin is now the worst parts of the West Coast, cultural, spiritual toilet. And so this is not Austin. This is now literally the sphincter of the poisoned blue cities around the country that are now emptying out like rats leaving a sinking ship. Yeah. So this is no longer Austin.


This is L.A.. Well, here, let's let's pause for a second. Everyone will not pause, but stop moving. Look, we have been some of the only people around. Obviously, we have some other camera folks security here. It's been nothing but on six boards and hobos. I think Austin is just the new city motto could just be bumpus.


Well, used to be the live music capital of the world. Right. And now it is the capital of bam pins and needles and feces and all sorts of mentally ill people and antifa and BLM running around, burning things down. It's very, very sad. Look, I love Texas, but I want Texas to know California used to be read as it can get, and now it is a blue cesspit. So there's this arrogance in red. States like Vermont used to be red and now it's deep, deep blue.


Yeah, people better wake the hell up and push back culturally. Ah, the left will take your ass over like quicksand as an example of how fast they can change. You ever see a white Christmas with Bing Crosby, Shanika? They say at one point they're talking about getting all of the old the old army gents together. You know, the generals bed and breakfast. Yes. So you'd have a better chance at finding a Democrat in Vermont than pulling that?


Oh, I love that old movie. Exactly. So right wing. Yeah. Yeah. The people had no idea that Vermont used to be sort of the place where the wealthy would go and ski. Do you have any idea as to what the number is in property damage here? Crimes I mean, obviously when knows about get foster, that's what's been going on. Well, there are conservative numbers, but it's in the hundreds of millions of dollars and then it's in the billions just in central Texas, what the covid lock down has done.


But but no one's really sure of the number because most people have not been able to get the unemployment or get the bailout check. Yeah, they spend weeks on those computers. And then by the time they get on it, all the money's gone. It's almost everyone I know who are even middle class people. They got laid off or lost their jobs. They've never gotten any of this magical stimulus money, right? Yeah. So you're saying hundreds, millions just in Austin.


Guy I know is the number that we found. And it's very hard to find these numbers and you have a lot more researchers than I do. Was six hundred million dollars in damage Countrywide from the riots. But you're saying you think it's hundreds of millions just in Austin? I'm talking about what covid has done with the destruction of the businesses and some of the businesses that got broken into and robbed. So I think you're right, no one knows the actual number, but they're saying Austin, with both things together, has lost billions.


Yeah, that makes sense. It's really hard to find some of these numbers. For example, you know, my home state of Michigan, right? They were going to release the covid nursing home deaths. I think the number of one point this year, close to 40 percent. Forty something odd percent of all covered deaths were nursing home deaths. Then they just stopped counting them. You can't find the updated New York's doing the same thing. Yeah.


Yeah. And. We couldn't get them in Michigan, Governor Whitman kind of started and never finished, absolutely. This is this is startling. I mean, we talked about it with Deep Elm. This is really a postapocalyptic here. And here's here's here's George Floyd.


He's the key and all on the back of us of the same guy who was just totally drugged out. Yeah. And and it's so sad what's happened. All these drug addicts. Yeah. But then they become this symbol that the police basically are janitors for them. Now they clean up their crap, they take them to the hospital and now the something gets out of hand and there's a mistake and something happens. The police get charged with murder, right?


Yeah, it is. Did you watch the full body cam footage? It's very sad. It's very sad. And I think what's going to happen, unfortunately, is going to see more backlash because, listen, it's a tragedy. We always said it was an example of improper police training, but there's no example of malice or racism. You know, they're really saying, hey, we're not going to shoot you get in the back of the car, please.


We'll roll down the window in the background on the air. I can't breathe. Sit in the car with me. I'm scared. He was. And the officers. I'll go officers. I'll roll down the window. Yeah. Yeah. So listen, a tragedy still, obviously, but there's no way they can make something like second degree murder stick. And when you talk with people here on these streets and you say, hey, listen, if you watch the footage, they go, I don't need to watch it to know that that killing was murder.


And it's really concerning when all becomes an excuse to riot and burn things down. Right. To try to kill the US economy. It's what Bill Maher and all the Democrats said. We want a depression. We want a recession. We want a crashing stock market. So people reject President Trump. And so Trump has to get out there. Trump needs to get out there and expose the fact that it is the Democrats in the deep state who are trying to crash the whole economy, to bring the entire us down with them, to have a new Marshall Plan nationwide to bail them out.


Because the truth is the blue cities and blue states have been horribly mismanaged. They're kleptocracies. They've robbed their people. They're collapsing. So now they're trying to collapse the whole country to make all the red states and the Midwest and other areas bail them out. So that's why they're trying to bring the country down and saying the dollar is going to die. And all the rest of this is because they literally know America is waking up to them, sort of trying to destroy us before we actually wake up with this.


Oh, look at that. Well, see, I don't know if you know, but this is what George Flug would have wanted. Well, that's right. I mean, this ITM people not be able to get money out of it. It's a representation of white supremacy. This is a symbol of white supremacy. It's like Omar just said, it's Saturday to see she said the banks and the businesses and Wall Street, it's all evil. We're going to destroy it and collapse, of course, then they'd be in Somalia again.


Right. Which is what she doesn't even understand once you collapse of civilization. Yeah. That that doesn't empower you. That makes you poor. I was I was just joking. I don't think you want Omar did that. I think it's just someone who committed a crime and used it as an excuse. This is what's remarkable. I totally agree what you're saying. No, no, I understand why. But they're in general saying no borders, no wall, no USNA at all.


Let's destroy it. The city of Austin in the official budget that's been put forward says they want to blow up the police station as a symbol of fighting police misconduct. So literally says this. The city of Austin in their official budget talks about accelerating the controlled demolition of the police department as a symbol of getting rid of hate and then making the police be broken up and put in other. Bureaucracies inside the city, I swear to God, I know it sounds insane.


No, no, no. I understand you're talking whether you're talking about defunding the police officers were we're talking about abolishing the police. I don't know if this is a city council kind of situation, but what is interesting is I know that listen, you've been a. sort of militarization of police. You've talked about that for a long time. Obviously, you're more of a libertarian. Where do you line up when you see this and you see all of the damage?


We can keep walking. And you see do you think that Donald Trump, for example, in Portland and Seattle, should be sending in the feds, the National Guard, or do you line up on that? People get confused about the fact that I'm against a police state. Right. But I'm not against the police. No, the Democrats are the ones that want a police state where you don't have due process, where you're surveilled, where you don't have free speech, where they can secretly arrest you.


They don't want to get rid of the police. They want to take over the police through the UN Run Strong Cities initiative that Obama and Loretta Lynch pull out of second.


That's a hazard. Look at that. They didn't put that nail in. Right. The shoddy workmanship, you know, I mean, if you're going to be a hobo, at least put in the nail, right, because you could get some tetanus. Well, Stephen, I'm glad you bring this up, because this is critical. The police aren't the enemy. Democrats want to make the lowest level of government the enemy because they know there's a revolution against corrupt government.


Let's have a revolution. Let's burn down the local city hall. That's just so the Democrats can take, again, full control. So I'm not against police. I'm against the Democrats getting control of the police and setting up a police state and back under Clinton. I can ask you what I want.


You can do well. Why do they give them?


Because, you know, El Camino Apass, you know, I don't know why that's that guy theory. Go there and have a Buffalo burger. You know, they do have good burgers, do they? I've heard they've had good burgers and we went in the other day. We, I did have a burger not hurt. They were pretty good burgers but I've never seen so many carabiner keychain clips. They all look the same. That's how you know, they all look different in there.


Well, I'll tell you this.


One time our crew went in there and they said, we don't like Ron Paul. We don't like Alex Jones. I probably had a burger here fifteen years and my crew beat their bouncers asses. Really we absolutely beat the shit out of. I don't know if I would say that on camera, but go back to your talk about the police state police state. Oh, yeah. Here's one. The places that got looted out here, you go across looking look, feel sure.


Private stock or All Saints tattoo. Oh, you got to do that. I'm not really being coherent on this police thing. I'm trying to explain it. No, no. I understand back when the federal government was more global is trying to turn the police against us and saying our main enemy is constitutional terrorist and the police are going to take our guns. I'm against police being captured by the deep state being used against us. But when the police wake up to the new world order like this happened and the globalists and Soros are unable to take control of them, and Soros and them try to destroy the police to take them over, I totally support the police in their constitutional role, right?


Yeah, absolutely. There is a constitutional role for police, namely to protect citizens rights. And when they start violently looting and protesting, that's infringing on other people. Absolutely. The real out of control system is the anarchy, trying to set up its own government. They only want anarchy for a few weeks until they set up their government where we have no rights, just like in shop charge people that weren't communist or weren't, you know, basically devil worshippers or antifa.


We're not welcome. That place was the ultimate police state with a bunch of warlord goons controlling it. I don't want our police to turn into warlord goons. Not I don't want anarchy is funded by George Soros, who's overthrown Ukraine and other governments showing up again here. Well, OK, so first off, I want to go back to that. What happened to you said this place was looted. It seems like a lot of places have had obviously windows smashed in.


Is there something particular that happened here? A lot of places got robbed here in Austin, but this one got caught on video. And you the time lapse it. And actually our crew was here. Wasn't Samana here? Savannah was here. She she caught some of the best footage you can use. We'll give it all to you. Thanks. And everything we got. Cheers. And she caught the Hispanic woman. Tell her about it.


OK, so there is a big deal when you first started this early on. Yeah. So they started up over there. People started marching. Come closer. So as Mike picks it up to start over. OK, sorry about that. There is a lot of rioting going on because of the riots at the beginning of all of this. Sorry about that. APD, they marched down this way. I ended up getting it perfectly. I felt right when they went in, they broke down all these windows.


And again, this is a black owned business. Yeah. So they broke down the windows. They looted everything inside and they just took off down the street. There was actually people in the bars because the bars are still open. And I mean everyone the police were standing there just watching as well because there's nothing that they could do.


There's just too much of it going on now. Right now, there's no one here. So I guess for some reason, I always feel like I'm in trouble.


When you walk up with a camera like you're about to shout me down. Like Steven Crowder is funded by the New World Order. That was a joke, you know. No, no, I know. But this is one of those situations where, OK, we see this now is this is it is this a style choice or this has been because they tried to reload it? I think they tried to reload it. Well, that's just silly because there's no more private stock.


Clearly, my situation here is there's no one around. So is the rioting and looting, because then you see footage, for example, when we came in, there was nobody around. And the next morning we see footage of more riots and looting and there is tear gas because of get foster stuff going on. Is it only happening at night because it's completely dead? Yes, it mainly happened. OK, and then now there's not very many of the bars or restaurants open, plus they have limited numbers they can come and things like twenty five percent, everybody's wearing mask.


And all you have is basically roving gangs out here show like vampires. They can't find anybody to kill or feed off of. They then go down to the highway and the frontage roads and the side roads and are now going off up to I'd say 10, 20 blocks away and now looting people's cars, attacking people. They're coming up to old ladies cars, trying to drag them out. It's very frightening. Well, it's also exacerbated by the fact that I want to get into kind of some local laws.


So the mayor. Two thousand dollars. If you don't wear, fine. If you don't wear a mask. Right. Is that correct? Two thousand dollars per person in your business not wearing a mask. It's five hundred dollars. Last time I checked per person not wearing masks. Do they find the business or do they find the person? Both. They find the business thousand and they find the individual five hundred. Wow. OK, that was of a few weeks ago.


He was threatening to raise it even more, but then he's been caught out and about an advance, not wearing a mask. He lives at the top of the W, but that's two city council members that voted against funding the police. They all got violent visits at their houses at night and he says he supports it all. He says he found the police and it's in the official budget that they are proposing to have a controlled demolition of the police department as a symbol of stopping police abuse.


Well, I want to ask you something, because obviously you're talking about we can keep walking. So people have seen the side of the street, by the way. I like what they're doing there. You have Sacrament Tattoo and All Saints tattoo. I see a little irony, a little hipster irony. Really bad over here. Going to come over to 7th. That's that's where the real OK we can go over to because obviously you talk about sort of people in power and organizations and it's bands that video.


Right. And that video, that's the worst outcome. But then when should we cut over to the all the homeless stuff?


Oh, maybe we should go this way when I'm around a direction on how we can go this far, I don't care. We also go up a few blocks, cut everything down. It's all about, OK, let's do that. It's all better.


It's not like there's any relaxing that I think important point out that there was too much looting for the police. There were orders were ordered to stay in there.


They were ordered to stand by. The city council is up by the minute. I want to come in and tell you what I'm sure. Yeah, yeah. If you heard him tell him this is a former LAPD officer. And for the last three, except for this last one this past Saturday, that one was handled perfectly because they had so much intelligence coming in ahead of time. But when did George Floyd riots first happen? They honestly believe that the answer was to show support to the demonstrators, that that would help keep the violence down.


The police were kneeling to at least chief came out, kneeled down not anymore. Did everything, everything they could, and it didn't matter. They still broke in the stores. They still had private stock target all these different places. And now they've just emboldened them in Seattle, Portland, everything emboldened them. So now they've got some intelligence in just over the last week before this past Saturday that they were going to put men on top of the roof.


They finally brought in enough officers to handle the situation and more importantly, allow those officers to be proactive. Right, right. And that made all the difference was a single business candidate. There wasn't a single person hurt and tell them what they were planning, though, that finally made the state and city take action. So when it finally took is they got the information in that there was going to be demonstrators that were going to be out there and gun trucks with armed individuals in the back of these trucks.


And those trucks actually showed up last Monday and started doing dry runs right here on Sixth Street, walking around Sixth Street, really blocking the road. They also got Mogadishu and had a picture of them deploying up in parking garages with rifles as snipers. Well, that's that's getting to like Detroit riots. My grandfather was in the Air Force. He was running reconnaissance because there were snipers on the rooftops. And I don't know if I would say that this is surpassing the Detroit riots because it's such concentrated violence, but it's definitely more at a national level.


Now, let me say this. This is one thing where I think sometimes you and I disagree. I agree with what you're talking about. Obviously, the funding from Black Lives Matter very well funded antifa, the people who showed up yesterday. But I still think that a lot of these looters and a lot of this damage is not paid for and organized. Yeah, I agree with you. But but Soros and these groups and the media saying it's legitimate to loot and attack people.


They trigger it. And then once it starts, that's how it runs. Wild fact. Three years ago, we got secret George Soros documents that they confirmed were theirs were Alexander Soros was running this main group that funds Antifa and it talks about their mission is to go out and to get locals to loot and burn things right that they trigger. So they're just the detonators. Well, I don't even think they want to go. Maybe he shoots up the road in front of Willinger just now.


Let's just keep going and point out anything that's going on. That's there's a specific story because it's you're showing me around your hometown. There are just homeless shelters basically on every corner here. And I they change the rule now where they're allowed to approach you physically to panhandle. So I want to sleep in front of your house. OK, and again, this just encourages people to take drugs and get their welfare check and then just camp out over by my office.


Now, routinely, they just grill under the overpass and they're just camping out. How do they afford a grill? Because they got all this welfare money and they panhandle. Gosh. Well, that's a sweet gig. If you can at least listen, you're homeless, but you have a Weber under an overpass that's I'm thinking about moving into there. I'll just take some heroin, lay back some drink some beer. Actually, she didn't she disappeared on camera and.


Who works this one? She saw some people shooting up heroin the other day, just right here in Austin, I guess to my question is, well, here's what happens. This really disturbs me, just like you're seeing the Black Lives Matter riots. And I don't necessarily think the secret stuff of Soros is as important as the actual charter publicly from Black Lives Matter. When you start a movement that's complete abolition of the police and prisons in the nuclear family, to me that's enough because that's a set point.


And of course, everyone's going to act unlawfully. But what happens here in Austin with the homeless folks and I grew up in Montreal, where at one point we had more homeless people per capita, I think, than anywhere in North America, or at least I was close. I'm the first person came up. I bought him a coffee. The second person I know was the yellow taco place, Taco Delight. And then when it's four or five, six in a ten minute period, you become desensitized.


It dehumanizes, but it doesn't actually help them. It dehumanizes them because they become background noise.


Absolutely. It's just like if you feed animals in your backyard, they stop hunting themselves. Right. And that's what's happening here. And of course, we're not comparing homeless people to animals, but we're talking about the idea. Yeah, it just becomes white noise where you go. Well, usually you might say, hey, man, I don't have any. You want to see the police department want to blow up a truck car? OK, we're almost there.


They're still trying to blow it up. It is in the official proposal brought forward by the city council. And the majority that wants to get rid of the politics or defund them to blow up the in fact, caused him to come over. I swallowed a bug, so he should be happy. I know he's having trouble it. Am I joking that they officially want to blow this up? No. So Jimmy Flagon of the Austin City Council sent a memo out to all his fellow council members.


And in that memo that we have a copy of, he literally says that we need to call for expedited demolition of APD headquarters, the removal of a lot of the commanders and assistant chief that APD, because they're not playing ball with the city council. And so they want to replace them with civilians hand-picked by the city council to oversee such important functions as APD patrol, LAPD detective bureau, basically all the important divisions with APD. They want to take police leadership out of those positions and replace them with hand-picked city council.


And they know it's not that I didn't believe you. This is this was going to be my question. And you just answered it, Tim. Was it? You just answered. I was wondering if, you know, they're demolishing it because they're going to move it to a nicer facility. Like now we're moving to a penthouse suite. No, no. They actually want to blow it up so they don't have a building. Right. And they said that they feel like by getting rid of some commanders, some of the assistant chiefs and then whatever leadership is left over that they can't legally get rid of because some of those positions require a sworn law enforcement officer to be in those under state law.


So what they're going to do is spread them out to other city buildings already existing and explain what's going on. It I don't just say Sorrow's because he's a boogie man. He literally has given over a billion dollars to Antifa in Black Lives Matter in the last six years. It's on record. He brags about it, but it gets worse. He's financed over five hundred. What's the best way to cross? If you want to see the well, I guess we're going to show up from across the way.


Steve, let me put it in your piece. Just put this in there. No, this is all we're going to know. They're going to get it right. Soros has gotten hundreds of days and hundreds of mayors and all these state attorney generals like Letitia James and my crazy lady in St. Louis who literally arrested indicted people who defend their houses. And so they now have gotten the George Soros guy as the New York City attorney who openly says he found the police and who's a public communist.


Right. So they're putting communists in charge. They're almost in control. And now they say they're going to blow up the police station. That's people like Alex. You're against a police state. I'm against a police state. We're about to have the communists in full control of the police and to bring them under heel. They're saying we're going to blow up your damn building. And one thing I wanted to point out here, just because I listen, I'm not a supporter of the Green New Deal, obviously, right.


I'm not a neo environmentalist, but the left protects everything. But I also don't believe in littering. I don't know about you. I get pissed when I see someone throw something out there. Five years ago, this was all beautiful, was beautiful. My brother went to Utah. I was going to say this is probably the dirtiest city. If you can see the city, it looks like a hobbit would walk out from under it. But now you go down here, there's needles and feces and hepatitis everywhere.


Look at this. Why don't why don't they have an organization in the city here? So talking about community organizing to just clean stuff, they get thirty something times the money they got fifty years ago for the homeless here more and none of it goes to him. The Democrats siphon it all off and they steal every damn bit of it. Yeah, this is filthy. This is not what it was. You smell that piss? Yeah, I do.


I smell that bumpus with that bumpus really is. That's the smell of the dander of dust mites. Well, I smell I don't know. I thought it was I thought was just pumped. This is bad enough. I think. I think Bob, this is worse than dust mites. Yeah. I'm allergic to bombs, that's for sure. Oh, there's some water. Oh, my God. I'm serious. I smell that. I can't do it.


No, I have some. But let's I guess we can stop right here in front of the Jesus Christ. So I want to put on after that smell, man. Smell that Jesus. Yeah. It smells like pee. You guys want it. Let's cross you. I think this is not what it is. It's only people in the city who obey actual crosswalks. OK, so it's well the hand says stuff, but who really cares at this point?


Hey, I usually just take the highway over now if you want to. You know, I don't want to get on the freeway. I don't either. That's when I get on a bird scooter on that loop. Hey, is it true the guy who threw that one loop to alleviate traffic, the the civil engineer, the architect killed himself? I didn't know that. I don't know if it's true or not. Let me ask you this, because we are going to wrap this up here.


It's really sad to see what's happened to Austin. I don't recognize the city again. My brother went to UT for four years. He was at UT when you guys won the one the big bowl there with Vince Young, who scored lower than statistical random on the QB test. Here it is. Good shots right here. What do you what do you want to see done? What I want to see done with what needs to be done right now.


What's the biggest problem facing cities like Austin? We have to recognize that there is a multinational United Nations corporate operations of the WTO and through UNESCO called MUTUALIZATION, where they come in at the city level and get them to pass carbon taxes and green new deals that shut down all the businesses not owned by inside groups and who consolidate the wealth and power. Then they come in and they put in their county attorneys, their city attorneys, and then they start prosecuting the general public while releasing the criminals and they stabilize the cities and implode them.


And then by. The infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. So what this is, is an infrastructure takeover of all the major cities, the United States, that they tell the third world, hey, everything's free, come in, we'll be a sanctuary city. But but, Minister, all of this replacement migration, big brother, what can people watching right now or people watching, what can they do? Because a lot of them feel helpless right now.


Listen, you're in a city, your business gets looted, you're shut down. You can't run a business right now. Your employees are collecting a check. Business owners aren't collecting, saying, what can they do? We're being made to be dependent. Don't follow the rules. Don't take their what we're fair in the city. Stop following their regulations and rules because they're not Americans. They're globalists that are using your compliance to get rid of the country.


We have outlaw criminal government run by the globalist, imploding our cities by design. And you must recognize that they're the enemy. You must recognize that this is 21st century warfare and you must decry them and then say don't support any leftist or globalist stores, whether they're small or big, and people should hang a shingle out on their businesses, let people know that they're populist, they're free market and they're pro America and that you're not going to follow their garbage just like that New Jersey, just like that New Jersey gym that has been reopening.


Regardless what happens, those guys are folk heroes. When the government becomes criminal in these blue cities, we have to become Robin Hood. It's not following the regulations and we have to resist them at every turn. What about because I will say this, I think that the mask thing is is kind of silly because of the way people are using mask from the CDC was saying don't use mask. I said, well, actually, if you're sick, a mask is a good idea.


A long time ago I have a problem the way it's being implemented. I disagree. And that people out there, I would say it's not worth the fine. Don't just obey the law, but you can still open your businesses while not following the rules. I mean, in Holland, in Holland and Sweden, they're top scientists say that the maths don't help you. Right? Also, I'm not saying don't help me. I just want people going out there breaking the law, not getting fined.


So I hear you. But at a certain point, I would say wear a mask if you don't want to get fined and then go to the gym. Sure. Exactly. But they told Rosa Parks sat at the back of the bus it was the law. You know, at a certain point we got to have civil disobedience. That's all I'm saying is they're having mass compliance to prepare us for forced inoculations. They has funded Mickey in Rice University, a digital tattoo that goes under the skin to prove that you've been inoculated.


They are establishing world government and wearing the mask like a hijab or a burka in Islam is a sign of submission to the globalism fallacy. You said it's a sign of your submission to them and the medical cartel that's been wrong about everything. They said two point two million people will die. It's one hundred fifty thousand. They count people to die from gunshot wounds and car wrecks. In the COVA column, they count the flu. So, yes, there's a real virus and it's not as bad as a regular pneumonia.


And we're being taught this fear and this hysteria. And that's the cover to make the good people be locked down in their houses. Then the Democrats activate all their organizations to come out to the country. That's what this pincer attack is. You know, what I see in Austin, too, is I think people don't understand. It's really, like you said, the unintended consequences or intended consequences for some of these covid regulations. What you have is you have a street where businesses are shut down.


You have streets that are desolate. There's no one around. It's like Detroit, you know, that's Detroit, my hometown, where the reason there's so much crime is there's no one there to witness it. You're in a downtown area and it's almost rural and you're seeing that here. One night we were out, we didn't see anyone. I think it was six minutes. We didn't see a single person. I'm glad to show up for one mass.


We have no people, no witnesses, no real police support, no businesses and complete anonymity. It's got to increase crime. Well, that's right. It's totally apocalyptic. And I've been to Detroit several times. I was there in the 80s and it was OK, a little scary. I was here about four years ago for a wedding and it literally looked like something out of a science fiction dystopia. After civilization has collapse, you add mass for that.


And you're right, a lot of Austin now in the downtown areas looks like Detroit looks and it's very sad. But here's something that's really and it didn't that's pretty fast that it happened. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Detroit took decades. This just took a few months. Right. So this is an accelerated plan collapse. But here's what I started this off with. And I'd like to end with this short time. You remember when I was thinking Platform two and a half years ago and I told The World your next piece?


I was reading a different corporate plans. Now, hundreds and hundreds of doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, virologist, scientists, some of the heads of major hospitals come out and say things like there's hundreds of studies that hydroxy chloroquine has like a 99 percent rate with somebody who gets on it. And then Foushee puts out a Bill Gates study that's been withdrawn from being fraudulent. Even NBC reports that and he's OK. They use that fake study for the UN to say we see hydroxy chloroquine is not approved, even though it is approved for use and now you have pharmacies.


Won't give it out to many doctors because Foushee says and the UN says even though they have the medical degrees Bill Gates is running, all this does not have that medical degree. And since when are hundreds of doctors unable to have press conferences in America? They take taken off YouTube, they take it off Google, they take it off Twitter and Facebook. And now they're talking about trying to take Breitbart servers away because they're hosting the video of this. That's why we have banned video.


That's why Bandon videos exploded, because all these people that have been banned are able to come there. That's what we're. Videos routinely with a million, two million views. Yeah, because and so that's the future. But now we have the Democrats with each state and other organizations openly harassing our server companies and telling them, you can't carry this. This is dangerous. So they say build your own thing, but then they go after every piece of your infrastructure just beyond censorship.


This is authoritarian takeover of the mind. We're now even doctors with medical degrees that are respected aren't allowed to speak because Falchi in the US give you a Bill Gates say no. I'll give you one more. We say everyone says trust the experts write your science. And I. Well, I don't think Falchi is actually practice medicine with patients. And 30 years, 40 years, I don't know the exact number, but in there. Forty five years.


And he did the research on Dr. Fauci in the AIDS epidemic in the kind of stuff he was spouting back then. Yeah. And I'm not saying that he doesn't know what he's talking about in certain areas, but I certainly have a problem with doctors who are practicing and actually serving their patients. Right. Doctors have taken the Hippocratic Oath who are trying to do and they're not considered experts. Foushee the patent on two of the vaccines. Now he owns part of the patent on two of them.


How is that not a conflict of interest? And it goes far further. They skipped animal trials never before done. And they're having an 80 percent rate of people getting sick in these studies, even CBS News, they've never had these because it's not a regular vaccine where they put an attenuated piece of the virus into you and your body learns to have immunity against it. There's still some side effects, but it's a real technology. This is DNA vaccines that go into the nuclei and reprogram yourself to create a protein.


So now you're going to be like a GMO creature if you take these vaccines. Look it up. OK, I haven't looked it up, but it sounds pretty scary. It's absolutely frightening. And so, I mean, it does scare me, though, that I can observe with my own eyes. And we do know statistically, like we said, it'd be intriguing people out there. Hey, listen, if you guys can find these numbers for us, what percentage of covid deaths our nursing home related, they stopped keeping record.


I haven't seen them for about 40 percent. It was about 40. They stopped a long time ago. Forty seven percent. Yeah. And now but you can't find those up. And now they will not release the numbers. They won't release crime numbers either. They won't release crime numbers on interracial crime statistics. Right now on rape statistics, a lot of these numbers keep changing. That's why we had some Bureau of Justice. Here was a Department of Justice, the FBI.


I think we'll have the overlay here about who was committing which crimes. No, No. One cause of death for young black Americans. Homicide. We say that because we want to actually help all black lives, not the very, very small percentage. Well, that's right. We have the FBI statistics. We put them out on Instagram and Instagram fandom where it shows ten to one black on white crime. Yeah, but they've stopped recording them that way.


I think we're those two thousand statistics for 2012 because they've changed the way they do statistics and we can't find some. And that's what's really concerning to me. If we're going to talk about silencing information, we should all be on board with at least providing information to the well. The truth is the Democrats, citizens where everybody's getting killed matter what color they are. Right. And the biggest and most dangerous place for a black person is in their mother's womb.


And thank God Margaret Sanger's main original Planned Parenthood in New York took her name off of it because she actually said black people need to be exterminated as weeds. So how is her name on the Planned Parenthood buildings? So the list finally figuring out, hey, this is somebody that said kill all the black people. And but but she's supposedly a liberal, right? I mean, Margaret Sanger, Hitler gave her awards and said, what I know. I know from you.


Right. So so Margaret Sanger inspired Hitler. Yeah. I mean, we talk about Henry Ford being anti-Semitic, which we know he had kind of wrote some letters to the Nazis, but still wasn't actually exterminating black people in record numbers as Klan, which are carried out by Margaret Sanger. If you're going to take down memorials for Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln, for God's sake, you got to take that name off. The marquee name would be first. I mean, this woman said, oh, of course, we need to exterminate the black race.


Yes. She said, OK, so. So this is the woman the left puts on the cover of Time magazine and Newsweek. It shows what sick Hold Springs Harbor run by all these liberals up in New York. That's the main eugenics page, right? That's what Bill Gates is into. That's what his dad was into. His dad ran Planned Parenthood looking at Cold Spring Harbor. Yeah, well, I think you just even look at the plant there.


There's a whole it's bad enough. It's getting pretty hot. Alex, let's tell him one last time where to find you. I really appreciate you taking the time. I want to say this is awesome, brother. It's good. Thank you. I'm glad we've always had you on. And, you know, if you see me, you know, I've been a coward, like almost everybody else has been a coward. You had me on back when they were actually restricting people that did have me on now and we kind of broke to the blockade.


So people don't get in trouble to interview us, but do they not? We get in trouble no matter what we do. So it's kind of white noise. Again, we got in trouble for the Charles Street. They took that down on Facebook cause I said we were inciting violence where we went to Chazz. We actually rented out Rastaman. We went there. And you're not supposed to show what's happening. Yeah, they declared that. So they're having an Alex Jones video.


Banin going to be all that much to me. Just remember, folks, all those doctor videos. And if he ever gets banned, God forbid, if they're all at banned and video and news awards, Infowars, dot com and this guy's awesome, support him and be part of the mug club, the awesome t shirts right here, because this is one of the few guys out there that's not a coward. Let's get him some water and get him away from that.


What about Hoboken Standard? What's it called? Well, I mean, dust mites. Yes, they live in hobo piss. We'll talk about the emotional parts of medical doctors and what makes you nauseated. It's not just the smell of piss. What we call the smell of bumpus that has a sweet, nauseating smell. Yeah, I wouldn't say sweet smell. It does has a sweetness, a sweet stench. Makes me want throw up like rotten meat.


It is it is the crap of dust mites and the smell and they wanted to torture me. I should think they would lock me up. That's not. Yeah. They could waterboard you with hobo piss. Is it exclusive to Bumpus as opposed to where all these loving liberals we saw women out there on the ground with sores all over their bodies like Day of the Dead Zombies. And we have shanty towns. We drive Hellers, a giant shanty town on one hundred yards.


What you want to see that? And with that, I don't want to go to the shanty town. Well, let's you know, we ended on Bumpus. You and I are just talking now. You're not going to beat dust mite bumpus Elitch. Take a look at her. Our correspondent in Austin, California, is America. You heard us say. Today, the. The.