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But you wouldn't Muttalib today. The. A modest, humble, oh, that was modest, such a subdued bit of a T. It's mixing it up, that's what we call the pattern disruption going left.


Let I'm go.


I'm going to I'm going to jab I'm going to hook up to the abbreviated slurp leaves you wanting more.


No. No. Yeah. He just gave it to you. I'm very glad to be with you today. My half engineer is here. Gerald Morgan is here.


Kauder, Black and Wade, we've got to get to this is breaking right now, though.


We're going to be talking about the calories and how some updates they're in fact, checking PolitiFact.


We'll also be exploring some of the hate crimes that have been committed here, Black Lives Matter and rallies.


But it is a plot twist. This is me foreshadowing. Oh, call me Steinbeck.


I like foreshadowing.


But right now, this is just breaking this morning from The New York Post. The Portland shooter refers to himself as one hundred percent antifa.


Wow. So not antifa for one hundred percent assholes.


Livy's Antifa, there's he's going to be referred to as something else by the media, though. Not not anymore. Yeah. Oh I see him in prison. Oh girlfriend. Yeah, that's true as well.


I just can't wait for all the the leftist leaders who are out there like antifa who's not antifascist.


Of course I'm on Twitter right now.


They're like Perone. I was in Hawaii looking out into the Pacific like I screwed up. And if there's nothing, it's a con. If there is no real answer, then all these people committing these mass murders.


I am antifa. I don't know what you're saying. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


I know what I'm saying. Don't speak for me. I am antifa. He's crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm antifa.


Let me spell it out for you just to make sure you understand A.I.s. That's how you spell. That's what I am haryono dammit. Thanks so all that.


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We don't get to super chat on the YouTube because they already have enough info on us. They do.


We don't need to give them any more. I have too much.


And my question is, have you heard of the latest three attempted murders and or successful murders?


I hate using the term successful but effective murders on behalf of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, or as the the leftists in Congress refer to it, a figment of your imagination.


Have you heard about the Portland shooting? Because I've been watching CNN all morning and yesterday and very, very little. But I watched Brian Stelter do a whole we need to step up right in the media. And by the way, I show you how to do that in my latest book that nobody is buying, but somehow is not one on The New York Post.


I don't think it is. That's why it's amazing is a show to plug it every single week on like every other channel doing nothing, nothing. But let's start with this.


The VMAs, before we get to all that, the last night, of course, were an opportunity for folks to spout Black Lives Matter talking points.


I refer to them as lies, tomato, tomato, you know, and this is you guys can see the clips.


I don't want to get into it too much because I actually want to get to news that matters at CNN isn't covering like, you know, people being murdered in the name of an organization with an express outline and charter that people say doesn't exist.


I think it's important we're going to do that job.


But I do miss back when, you know, people used to athletes or celebrities just use their platform for actually a higher power.


Listen, what happened to you, USA? What happened to you was quiet. Oh, you forgot the badge on the back of the room denying it. Just describe what happened to you. What got you to go. Go before you go. Go for Jesus. No more people. Not for Jesus. People.


Don't forget. I don't know if that's what he said. No, he does not forget comma Jesus people. Yeah. Shatters the D.C. talk fan. Yeah.


No. For Guy to go through. What will people say. What will they do when they find out is good. Hey hey hey. I like that he said now.


Seems nice initially. Then they came on and he said don't forget Jesus. I don't know that that's necessarily true.


Will come back to it just like us.


You'll remember it was the old romeril, by the way, UFC interim champion from Cuba, all natural athlete, whatever that all tomato, tomato, all natural walking human pincushion.


The choice is an update on the covid doesn't want to have a no no.


Now, before we get into the murders, I just wanted to rush on.


This is I don't know the number of what percentage of covid deaths, according to the CDC, what percentage of covid deaths were exclusively covid, like fifty one hundred seventy two thousand.


No, no, no. More than twenty five. Twenty five percent. Six twenty five percent. Oh, six percent.


Six percent. Right now we'll get into. I know because you can't just say, well then everything else, none of them are legitimate covid deaths because sometimes a. The flu, it's flu, pneumonia, however, do you know what the average amount of comorbidities are serious underlying conditions were for the remaining 94 percent, give it to us two point six oh over two, almost three diseases.


Where we're where are you finding these people from a nuclear bomb?


Yes, Three Mile Island.


You could throw a dart in the Dallas Buyers Club and not find people with a very serious pre-existing conditions. And you know how they do that, right?


It's because they consider being an American a preexisting condition. Oh, because racism as a public health care crisis, you've got. Exactly. I understand diabetes is serious. I mean, come on. Diabetes made you hate the Chinaman.


Oh, yeah, it's true. Oh, it's all it's all connected, folks. I'm just stating the facts.


Let's check in with CNN right now with without listen to sound guy quality.


And of course, all of this is coming up with the governor or Governor UVAs here sent a two page and I know president not to come here.


And what he wrote in that letter is and let me go ahead and read that for you. It says, I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing.


Yeah, because what I think, you know, I think healing. I don't think a festering sore filled with gangrene. I think of a healing place. I want my next retreat to be in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that Dr. Drew removed hydration.


That's what that guy looks like right there. It's like you took a syringe in, Dr. Drew.


Yeah, like a space needing any of the smelling like a paddling. Oh, my God.


Maybe he should have thought about that before sending out his tweet the night of the shooting with no facts and saying we can't continue to do this. This is just like all these other cases, which is not like any of the other cases. No, not at all. Maybe he should care then.


By the way, I don't know if you know this, but like, as far as a popular percentage of the population, gay men make up about two percent. It's been pretty consistent at CNN. It's 98 percent.


That's like oversample. It's a quota. Yeah, you're a bit of overexercise. I think there's you know, I think there's a bias. We all have to be a little like if I'm covering a story on TYT, I'm pro.


I don't know. But know if you know, why did your voice change? I proved it. I will say that. So I will make no apologies. But I am absolutely yes I am. And I shall be.


I shall be in the pre quadrant of the political spectrum. Are you. My time's up. Oh am did. Well that's because you work at CNN.


I mean this is just facts by the way. Let me just clarify this. I want to get some of this out of the way.


My wife is going to freak out, but OK, when I visited Gerald's baby.


Oh yeah. Well, and it's both benign for I know you and your wife, but for that my wife's.


And the only thing you can say, the only thing you can say is how cute and how handsome the baby is. Let me tell you something I have thought of many descriptors of a baby's ransom is never among them. Not it's not chief amongst them.


It's not among them at all. Right. They all look the same to me. And I just have to get this off my chest like he's cute, like every baby. I just I don't want to hold the baby.


Oh, no, it was fine because the reward of holding a baby doesn't outweigh the liability of me dropping him, shaking him, touching a soft spot or him starting to cry uncontrollably. It's like, what did I do exactly? Why don't you hold the baby? I'm like, what happens if I hold the baby and they start the baby starts crying. The mom is your wife's going to be hormonal.


She's she was fine. Were you that way?


Did you always love babies like. Oh baby I normally my nephews I am but everybody else's baby like here I'm like I'm good. I don't want to drop the baby. My point is this.


Jordan Peterson says, you know, to always tell the truth, at least don't lie. Right.


I lied when I said, your baby's handsome. He's not an ugly baby, cute baby. I force you to g force me to say why she said cute is not enough to say handsome handsome. They all look like old men, babies and not like old man like not like. Oh he looks pretty good.


Forty five like he's seventy six. He's had a rough life. Yeah. That's every baby.


Absolutely handsome is is a strange word. It isn't really. Yeah. It's a word use whenever things are ugly.


And right now my wife is at home watching this going like this going. So as far as babies go he seems cute.


He seems, he seems like a baby. I just don't want you to take it personally that I didn't seem so enthused. I didn't at all. In fact, look at half Bill. He's looking at me like you just, you know what I mean?


More no, no more shovel's. I want to I don't I don't disagree with this. This is, first of all, anyone who holds a baby who doesn't already have a baby. Yeah. In a man. It is not. It is unnatural. Yeah, it is.


It's not to talk to you is just like it's a weird thing and it's not weird because you don't like the baby, it's because you're hyper sensitive to the idea of I could do so. Many things, and they would all be wrong, David, accidentally trip I could just pass out in the back would be hurt all from a caring spot. So I'm very much with that. Yeah. Jerrold's baby is not handsome.


Yeah, I don't. No, maybe he's handsome. I get it. Yeah. Wait. This show is for the truth. I do feel like I was just insulted. Give the parents what they want and then just destroy our relationship. Is working briefer of spirit.


Stephen did it right. He he didn't hold the baby but brought beer.


So I brought beer and cigars and good beer nonetheless. Cigars yet to be determined the celebration of you until the baby can do anything remotely.


Of course, Gerald, the baby looks more like your wife, which is better for everyone. Well, that's definitely true. That is true. But that's true of all of us. All right. So let's get to some of these.


The I want to focus on what happened obviously yesterday in Portland. I was yesterday, Saturday, sorry, in Portland, a man was shot by Black Lives Matter. Again, we just talked about this on the top of the show.


The shooter has now identified as one hundred percent antifa, which is really, by the way, it makes me respect him less just because that's a platitude. Like, no. 100 percent anything.


Yeah. Like maybe ninety eight percent antifa. Two percent dad. Oh my goodness me. Look, you have to do other things, especially cause if it doesn't do much other than mass felonies. But he did say he's 100 percent antifa which always just, just leaves the media with egg on their face because it was not a thing. I am antifa, that's why I committed it.


But there are also other hate crimes that you probably haven't heard of that have been taking place. I want to know from you, have you heard of them before? This very show will go through about four or five hate crimes that are done in the name of race in these organizations.


But the first one is this man who they claim was a far right member of Patriot. I don't know a whole lot about Patriot. No, I haven't seen a lot of evidence that they're are far right militia extremists. So just people say, I don't accept your premise and I don't like your article.


And you're like, who am I referring to?


Any media outlet that doesn't matter. Take your vote. One hundred percent of the media.


So I warn you, this is this it's not graphic, but it is disturbing. I think that even though this isn't the most graphic clip we've seen, this is a Patriot Parade member being shot by one hundred percent antifa advocate in Portland.


But here, just listen to what takes place. And I think it's bone chilling.


Here we go back. We've got a Trumper over here, bang, bang, and a life ends now. Now let me are you saying that's more tragic than George Flot? Absolutely. 100 percent. That's more tragic than than what happened with with with Michael Brown.


Yes, 100 percent. Now, that guy there and this is important because we'll get to some of the other situations with like like John Oliver and Fatchett PolitiFact.


What matters here is they didn't say he was a Nazi or a fascist. They said we've got a Trumper here. Right.


In their mind, it's enough. And how do you and people say that's just one extremist? Well, no, it's not.


You can go back to the fact that we had infiltrated for a long time ago. We've actually been physically attacked, accosted by the many times they are an organization. They mobilize.


We know where they move and how they move. How you doing, Antifa buddies? It's not hard, but also the reaction.


Yeah, right. When they try to falsely label, like when they try to falsely label Dylann Roof a far right extremist, you know, he was like a self, I think, socialist, the right.


So of course, that's horrible.


Should be absolutely completely condemned right away. Yes. And you couldn't find any conservatives or right wingers celebrating it at all? No, no.


Now, the rule was antifa, and you can read the tweets, but now we have a clip for you. The rule was celebration.


And look at the rest of Black Lives Matter Antifa, one of the same along with the DNC at this point.


Look at what they say in their celebration about the polling. Oh, God. Tonight. And what makes a fascist, by the way, Trumper not letting antifascist, it's a. someone who votes differently than someone votes differently than I do. I'm going to kill them. Why? Because they're the fascists and dummy. Not even proven. Just claimed. Yeah, right. We got to Trumper over here. Where? Right here. Bambam yeah.


It could be you walking down the street or it could be somebody who's a Bernie bro walking down the street and they could just say that, well how do you feel about the defunding police and replacing them with armed citizen brigades now?


No, not exactly sure how. I got to say I appreciate the honesty, but when you look at all these different groups, right.


I went and actually one day turned into an old New York. I did. You know, I wish I went, I went and I looked at the variety, the different websites they have for the BLM chapters because I wanted to just kind of, you know, doing some fact checking, et cetera. And some of them don't say what they stand for, which is not good in and of itself. But then a few others just have to blatantly, like point seven, defund the police, take their entire budget, give it to other things, do not have policing.


Right. And they specifically say policing. And I appreciate the honesty of admitting that there is going to be a vacuum and that they want to fill the vacuum with their own soldiers right the right away.


Where's the outcry of the fact that this guy had a gun? Because I know we'll get to the Kenosha update.


Everyone's complaining about the fact that no, no, no, this guy had a face tattoo and a teardrop who, by the way, of course, was a criminal. From what we understand, what we know about the shooter arrested from what? Yeah, from what I understand, I don't want I don't want to give any misinformation because we do some research behind the scenes before the media confirms it. But from hey, Joe Lewis, where's he going?


He's just getting OK there.


The Joe Louis cam. Can people see what the atmosphere is? Let's show what he's doing there, what Joe Lewis is. His nose is cold. There we go. Yeah. Thank you, Joe Lewis, cold night.


OK, so this happened. Antifa was celebrating. They're not so that a fascist died, but the guy didn't shoot him because he was a fascist. The guy shooter didn't shoot at him. The guy by shooting the guy Borten. His bullets. I'm sorry, everyone. Give me crap for that.


I deserve it. I'm actually I should be flogging myself and placing myself in a burlap sack.


I can't believe I said shoot it. Hard to do that.


Oh, my gosh. Please just murder me now, OK? I deserve it. Shoot it is.


Take you up on the offer.


But the Portland mayor, of course, whose fault is this that a Trump supporter was shot by antifa black lives matter about Trump.


Folks, do you seriously wonder, Mr. President, why this is the first time in decades that America has seen this level of violence out of the hands of God?


It's you who have created the hate in the division. Oh, it's you who have not found a way to say the names of black people killed by police officers, even as people in law enforcement exclude excluding all people who are not black services.


Supposedly that's not too divisive. Right, exactly. Why don't you say the names of exclusively? Why are you so divisive president? Why don't you say the name is exclusively black people, even though it's a smaller percentage of those with police interactions than white people who are shot by police? Because why don't you why are you dividing the country?


Really come again. Come again. I piece of shit. Sorry.


Yeah, exactly. And by the way, the last thing that he said there, are you called white supremacists. Good. Yes. By the way, in case you're wondering as to is he divisive himself. Not only that, but he's also a liar because this is one of the most common myths out there.


And either one, if you if you spout this myth off off, there you are. I know what I'm saying about this myth off spout this nonsense.


You are either a liar or an idiot.


Yeah. Now, because to explain why. Bad person, bad person, person. You know what a liar to repeat ourselves. Hello there. Yeah.


If there's if there's D next to the name it's assumed. Yeah. You really have to prove the common not nimar.


Mr. Wheeler by the way, Ted Wheeler, not Fleck's Wheeler skipped school to know Donald Trump expressly went out of his way to say not white supremacist. Here's a clip. Racism is evil and those who does not Rylance and its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear. As Americans, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence.


It has no place in America.


I'm not sure if that's that's the briefing from the day where people are saying he didn't say it because where he said, I'm not referring to neo-Nazis, white supremacists who should be condemned totally. I think that was a reiteration. Yeah. Yeah. So I think some folks here pulled the rug cleaner. You could be in the text on the same. He said on the same day, he said there were five people on both sides. I said, I'm not talking about neo-Nazis, white supremacists who should be condemned totally.


And that was a small portion of that said. But there were fine people on both sides, meaning people who are pro monument, people who are anti monument. And then he reiterated, which was what I believe we just saw the next day, and they don't care.


It happened in twenty seventeen, but they've been quoting the same thing over and over, quote, a false statistic of black people being twice as likely to be shot by the police.


This is why it matters when CNN or other news organizations lie about what the president actually said. We can have and I've posted this a million times on Twitter. I've posted the actual text. We get your plug in there, right? No, I didn't say my ass.


I have my day. It's at Gerrold. Say my name and it is that you to plug on my Twitter. But it doesn't matter how many times you say my name. Say my age. You go ahead. It doesn't matter how many times I do that doesn't matter how many times you do that. I mean it doesn't matter how many times Joy Read says it right. It doesn't matter how many times this guy said because nobody will go out there and go, oh, wait, I'll actually.


Look at the video and realize they're lying. They put this in motion and now everybody thinks that Donald Trump thinks that white supremacists and racists are good people, too, right?


No, I know. I mean, it's unbelievably dishonest.


That's why we pick apart what they just like what we'll move on to the Kenosha shooting with Kyle right now and a little bit later, watch illegal. He was there committing a crime. There's no wasn't now and then you can just see that it's pulled from PolitiFact by everyone, PolitiFact and Snopes. We haven't, in fact, checked them.


When people say twenty thousand lies and counting from Donald Trump, it's him saying, I believe that the man is 72, like a man is 73. That's a lie.


And put that on the right, by the way, that CNN's coverage of this was a man shot at protests in Portland. Right?


Well, the initial the initial coverage, by the way, was that the man was a Black Lives Matter. Yes.


Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. And then it went away.


So let's be let's go through some of the other hate crimes here. Last week, there was a black man who stabbed just a random white guy after. Here's what he said. Javon Hatchett, who was 19 years old, said that he, quote, felt the need to find a white male to kill after watching videos of police brutality.


You guys know about that one? Here's another one. Let's let's give another shout out to another black man. Stand to random white guy while screaming Black lives matter. Do we have the name of that guy right there? Someone bring up that name. We have that here.


And we have another one here.


Another story. A black man opened fire on a group of Trump supporters. South Carolina also last week barely made headlines here.


You can see it from The Washington Times. Wow.


Then we have another one here. Just yesterday, shots were fired at a pro Trump caravan in Los Angeles about.


Yeah, heard about that. Give a shout out to L.A. shooters. Now, here's another one Instagram user. Can we get a what for Trey Savage?


I call them Trey Savage because of international.


It is the French president that coaches feel that if I if I were to call Trey a savage, I would be banned. Because you say that because you're racist. No, I'm saying why are you calling him an animal? Because he's black. I'm saying the man is a savage, not because his nickname notwithstanding, because he's acting like a savage. He's acting like an animal. This was posted. Keep in mind, he posted, I believe, himself hitting a man over the head with a brick graphic warning here.


I think we have the clip, the hashtag for Baltimore Black Lives Matter and White Lives hashtag White lives don't matter. Here you go. Oh, my gosh, it's just a guy walking to just saying, oh, hey, somebody needs to beat the crap out of those kids, too, by the way. I don't know if the guy got hurt her because Tracy Whiteners, Tracy Savage Black.


I couldn't tell and I couldn't tell by those skinny calves.


As a matter of running, it looks like a deal either way. But it doesn't matter because the guy said white lives don't. Here's the thing.


Do you think that if Leftest were not writing history for generations to come and teaching history in public schools, do you think that people will actually look back in this moment and say, can you believe those people said all lives matter as though they're the bad guys?


You know, the people who write what people said Black Lives Matter and hashtag white lives don't matter. Those were the good guys. Think about this for a second. It's the Republican Party and the vast majority of Americans who say that all lives matter.


You want segregated schools and hospitals. Yeah. And you just have conversations among yourselves like do you ever acknowledge your dumb chinnery in your quiet moments?


Like, do you ever see these people just at least look in the mirror in the morning and apologized three time like candy, man? Just say, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What a piece of shit. What a piece of shit. What a piece of shit.


And Hank. And then he picks up his brain. Well, and then everybody came out not only to support that, but they said we have to support black owned businesses after all of these rights. And I'm like Uber you're supporting. You're actually pushing me towards black businesses. Guess what that does? It pushes me potentially away from other businesses that are not black owned, that are white owned, that are Asian, that are Hispanic owned, that are people that just came here, first generation owned.


What are you doing? Good business. Yes, exactly. How about we find some common ground support, American business, for example, that there we go.


America is racist. Oh, OK. Sorry, I didn't anticipate I didn't anticipate that retort.


You know, that guy's crime that was walking down the street literally was just being white in the wrong place.


And this is where I was really clear about this. I tweeted this just just I think it was yesterday that if you loot, you riot, you break it, you forfeit your right to live.


Now, let me be really clear about this. That is not the same as deserve to die, right. You're their crimes punishable by death, capital punishment. I'm not saying that if you run up and hit someone with a brick that you deserve to die behind, that man doesn't die. What I am saying is there is a legal right to self-defense. And if you are running up to a man with a brick and that guy happened to turn around and he is fearing for his life, you have put him in a position to protect his life or by the way, his livelihood burning down his business.


You forfeit your right to live because you have to accept the consequences. You run out some of the brick, you forfeit your right to live. Not the same as saying you deserve to die. You break a window in a business, you forfeit your right to live. You invade a home, you forfeit your right to live. You light a fire underneath a car, you forfeit your right to live. You try to hit someone in the head with a skateboard.


You forfeit your right to live. And you know what? I am not calling people to violence. If you can if we can go back to the clips or saying, please, please, stop, stop, stop, this is going to get more violent.


However, I absolutely support protective, defensive, violent measures when situations like this are rising, whether it's a brick, whether it's a skateboard, whether it's a Molotov cocktail, whether it's someone breaking into your business. I am sorry, but it is at the point where you don't want Kyle Rittenhouse is out there because people should be protecting their own stuff and they need to be emboldened to do so.


Yeah, and we're calling on people don't put us in a position where we have to defend ourselves. Don't put us in a place where I have to wonder if you're going to kill me and my wife and my child or destroy everything that I have. What am I supposed to do? Just step aside and let you go?


They don't want this fight like we've knocked ourselves.


They don't want to. You know, when you look at the stories, the stories are often forgotten about why castle laws or castle doctrines or Stand Your Ground laws even came into place. Right. They have all of the same stories about people and people, regardless of race, regardless of gender.


You have men and women, people of color who are there saying we need the ability to be able to protect our lives and our livelihoods. And that is the genesis for these laws and states. Now, years on, they're being twisted and turned into justification for public executions of people of color. Right. But I will tell you this. I was at the shooting range on Saturday and I counted the number of people there.


There were thirty four people of color there, really six clearly identifiable white people there. I mean, maybe they were not white, but they look pretty white. People were outnumbered.


They were way out at the gun range, at the gun range and every single sounds like a coup.


It was amazing. I mean, there were people there showing people.


There were people trained, people getting people buying firearms and learning about firearms, talking about ammunition.


When I went to buy nine millimeter, it was all black people and Latinos. Yeah. And they were they were in this year and they had come from downtown from a rougher area like, yeah, there's nothing there. So we came out to the suburbs and they were talking, they were saying, this is ridiculous. This is a black couple. And we ended up having a conversation I talk about on the show about Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Joe Frazier, those three fights, who was a better boxer.


And I'm sure the guy probably will vote Biden. He wasn't a Trump supporter. I'm not saying it was a black guy with a model that's selling a gimmick. Right. This was a guy who just had had enough. And that's a huge portion of black voters right now. Right.


It doesn't matter what party you're in. Like you said, like you want safety. You want security in your community. And when the police don't provide it or. When the police are being forced not to provide it either through defunding or being held back or curfews that are not enforced or whatever it may be, you have to go, OK, well, what happens if this happens in my neighborhood? I'm seeing it too often on TV right now. I know it's happening everywhere.


What happens when it comes to my door?


Well, people, by the way, that's I think it's been removed from Instagram, but we found it archived. If anyone knows what happened with the rest of this, that would be helpful.


And this is just in the last few weeks, OK, this is not including the other 18 people killed by protesters, over 30 people dead at the actual protests. Something else you talk about the law, right?


The Castle doctrine law. And so we will talk about Stand Your Ground law. And they're not always the same thing on states and states sometimes use different names for laws and some states don't have them. So just in case you're listed.


But I'm saying a doctrine may not be the same in Wisconsin, for example, for Texas, even with the same name, but people also forget this.


You know, we had this happen. We had this happen in the 60s. Right. We had this happen, this idea that the cops were bad, sticking a stick in a daisy, whatever it was, in a rifle, which if you knew what was actually happening, I understood that they weren't all that different from Antifa today. You'd want to see that Daisy going out the back of his palm.


So. Daisy, this happened and then you know what happened after this movie about to say there I was going to say you were attacked by diseases of the Daisy Air rifle.


That's not so.


I have I have a little bit of a BB still inside. I have a grudge. That was a horrible film.


That was a black the black haired Asian girl crawls on the stairs from that trend in the ring and grudges. Oh, my God. I mean, it's an Asian chick.


Oh, throw her out the window. Boler up like an old cigarette carton.


That's not scary. She needs a place to stay. Pretty scary. This is. Mom, you would be scared. You wouldn't think of the audience. Yeah.


They're like the McGyver punishment. They sharpen a toothbrush and just make your life hell.


People don't remember culture the law as reflected. But culturally, that's what brought us.


Dirty Harry and Paul Kersey of Death wish the vigilante and not call Rittenhouse an actual actual vigilante like death wish. I sorry. Dirty Harry was a cop who did things his own way.


Well, he doesn't go by the book, but by God, he's effective.


And he was celebrated the famous line in in the first I believe the first Dirty Harry film was when I see a man with chasing a woman with intent to rape, I shoot the bastard. That's my policy because.


Oh, intent to rape. And how do you figure that out?


Calahan When I see a naked man chasing a lady down an alleyway with a butcher knife with a hard on and a butcher knife, I figure he's not collecting for the Red Cross that line. Good line. And then there is Paul Kersey.


Do you believe in Jesus? You're going to meet him. Everyone's going. Yeah, because people felt powerless, people felt powerless, and they wanted to get back to the enforcement and rule of law because at that point it was this idea of police brutality. Everyone in the pendulum swung the other way. But it was more understandable because you had a lot of officers only a few years prior hosing people down with fire hoses and German shepherds because they wanted to get a slice of pecan.


So I understand it because those people had lived.


It doesn't mean it was right to vilify all officers, because even though you may not want us in history, most of them, many of them, I should say, were not racist and they still were there to enforce the law.


It's not flawless. It's not perfect. But the point is that brought a backlash. Right?


So it brought laws like Castle Doctrine eventually like Stand Your Ground, but it also brought us Dirty Harry and Deathwish and the vigilante series of vigilante genre, the exploitation genre, because people felt powerless. And you know what?


You're starting to see that now. I talked about this when these things started up. You're not going to like the way this ends. And this is where we are now. And unfortunately, the media keeps they want to blame Donald Trump. No, I will tell you, they keep throwing gasoline on this fire every time they mention the police to black people defending the police that we need to say the names of these serial violent felons who are being supported by other lifetime felons who are currently committing violent felonies.


And most Americans watch and go, yeah, but you know what? I was just running a bit of a franchise.


Exactly what was my crime other than having bad wings occasionally.


By the way, hit the. I want to go to your point after this. I hit the notification bell. If you're subscribed on the YouTube and we do this show every every weekday morning at 10:00 a.m. from specials like debates and that stuff.


And it's happening. Yeah, well, that's true. Four days a week on Fridays off because we have to go shoot super videos. And of course we have Apple podcast and you can listen to the audio version and you will look for the secret word in the audio podcast.


Come back here, comment and someone will win a lot of field here.


No, no, he doesn't have a whole lot. Let go. OK.


Oh, we do have to go to our sponsor, actually, this wonderful compilation CD. Hey, that's what I call worship.


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Hey, that's what I call worship. It's a knockout. All right.


We need to get better in screening our sponsors.


We do more like that. Yes. We need more. That's true. It seems right in our wheelhouse.


You were about to say something that was about to say that, you know, it really frustrates me that Democrats are doing this for political purposes.


Hold on a second. You just snort like a pug in the mud. My lawyer doing a line away from the microphone for crying.


So they push they push people to think this is a reenactment. I don't know where that was coming from. Was like I was trying to say that it was Joe Lewis, like another radio communication. I'm sorry. I was trying to support you so you can see your point.


I was just trying to convey how I felt about your point. OK, I already put him to sleep. I apologize emotively. Snorted You know, that happens.


So they're pushing people to feel afraid like, you know, the police are against you and we can come in and fix this. Historically, people have never run to Democrats when they feel unsafe. They always run to Republicans in voting. So I have no idea why they think that this is a good strategy. And we obviously we've had that clip a couple of times with Don Lemon and Cuomo. We're like, it's showing up in the polling. Oh, God, we probably ought to stop rioting, by the way.


What the hell?


We haven't seen that poll yet or is just winning in the polls. Said focus groups like Why don't you tell us about that polling in those poll? Because the polls that we ran, yet you can't unring this bell, though.


They have spent the last, however, many years trying to make you feel like you're living in the sixties or just post slavery in this country is rigged against you. And then they have the gall to go on TV and say, this is Donald Trump's fault. This is Donald Trump's America. Because of I don't know, you guys have been the one saying that every time a black man is shot, whether he's trying to kill a police officer or not, it is racist or whether we break into the house of the lady he already sexually assaulted.


He has a warrant out for his arrest and resists officers and says, all officers, I have a knife.


Oh, well, let's not get it now.


Would you like me to procure said. Oh, yeah. We're going to tase you. Oh, well, that doesn't work on me. See, I'm going to go get the knife, anti taser. And then we riot in the name of justice in the name of and the name of.


This is one thing that really bothers me to people who don't understand this. This is this should be reported everywhere. Said me too. Yeah, me too.


What happens when women don't go to the cops because they don't feel believed? And by the way, the definition there was regretful PNB not actually right here.


We have a woman, from what I understand, a woman of color who Jacob Blake, domestically abused, sexually assaulted, allegedly was charged for.


She called she had a restraining order against this guy. So she did go to the cops. In other words, ME2 wants baseless accusations without any sort of accountability, but they don't support women of color when they actually go through the process to try and prevent a sexual assaulter from committing it against another woman.


She went to the officers, OK, despite the fact that apparently all black people are, she would have thought that she was going to get lit up like the Fourth of July on. The officers know she went to the officers. She had a restraining order filed. She lodged a complaint about sexual assault, about domestic abuse. There was a warrant out for his arrest.


She called the officers and said he came and took my keys, put the kids in the car. He has a knife. It's the guy. There's a restraining order. It's the guy who sexually assaulted me, raped me. If you read the actual you read the criminal case there, you read the actual filings or you read the charges, you write me.


He's taking my car with kids that he has a knife. The officers say, thanks for letting us know. Thank you for doing the right thing. Woman of color, we're going to show up and protect you. Tase doesn't work, and that man's about to drive off with children and a knife from the house that he wanted to sexualise. Why don't you care about women of color? Why don't you care about victims of violent sex crimes? Yeah. Yeah.


Well, Jacob Blake wasn't being nominated for the Supreme Court. No. So there's there's no no sex there, although I don't know that this would preclude him at this point.


If you made a joke about a short and curly on a Diet Coke can and probably.


Yeah, probably impossible. Oh, right. Anyway, but the point here is it's time actually. As we go back now to the Kyle Rittenhouse story. Yeah. We just want your hate crimes.


But this is this is remarkable to me. PolitiFact and a lot of people actually trust them.


And of course, they're considered authoritative by organizations like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


Yeah, people, people. And then you can see everyone else just copy paste the points from PolitiFact because you'll see them. It's like copying an Asian test. Who's not good at math. I'm making the same mistakes.


That's what happened to be great with John Oliver and CNN when PolitiFact gets a verifiable error actually published on their website.


So it's time to fact check the fact, check the fact checkers, fact check fact checkers, fact checkers, backpacker, catch you so much back to us. So which we we don't have this year.


And if I'm reading quite a bit, it's because I want to get the quotes right. And it's a little. Little bit nerdy, but first, let's set this up so you can all see how John Oliver presented the situation, how relates to PolitiFact, Carl Rittenhouse, a 17 year old who traveled there from out of state and was illegally carrying a weapon, killed two people.


And look, I don't know if he saw the mcclosky speak the night before he chose to drive to a city he didn't live in to defend property he didn't own. What I do know is that he was an avid Trump supporter, even sitting front row at a rally back in that makes him a thousand ecosystem have been delivering essentially the same message as the McCluskey's for years now.


And he goes on to describe it as murders, by the way, in there, which I don't know about if he could be another Sandeman, Nick Sandman, but seems to me that allegedly was illegally carrying a firearm and also the murder. Yeah, I get that as a comedian, but you can't just get things the opposite of true somebody getting paid.


Look, there's editorial license, but you can't say the opposite of something true as though it's true. That was what I understood to be a lie.


He's just saying what he wants. And I love how the visit McCluskey's mcclosky. I don't know if there's a B in there somewhere. I love how they're like, yeah, thank you. I know. I love how dare the evil people think they're the worst people we can think of is just like them. They walked outside with weapons.


Yeah, no, they're protest protesters who took the gates down by their hinges. And when you hear the audio of what they were threatening to do to them when they were standing out there, you kind of go, oh, OK. I know the way the left tries to prevent the protesters from walking by and saw a fence, you know, just stopped from squeeze from forty.


And they're letting them, you know, let me just make sure that's. No, hey, guys.


No, it was you need to give up your shit. Yeah. Because you're white fascist. We got to trump over here. Bang, bang. Like you in Portland, Trump equals fascism.


The fact is you're killing people who support Trump openly.


I don't know if you understand what fascism means. I don't think that means what you think it means. Again, question is, have you seen these race crimes that have been committed, the hate crimes in the name of race, an organization like Black Lives Matter?


And have you spotted this? This is the source, the PolitiFact source. Let me be really clear here first, Rittenhouse. The defense team has released a statement about crossing state lines. I said after Carl, his work that day as a community lifeguard in Kenosha.


Keep in mind, they say he went to a city where he doesn't live. He's a lifeguard there. It's shorter. It's a shorter drive time than most Americans commute. Then the average American's commute. I don't want to be fat.


Check there will mean I always hate the mean median.


I mean, the point is most Americans travel twenty plus minutes per day.


That's Kenosha to where this guy is from in Illinois and he worked in Kenosha. All right.


I've got Kyle and a friend arming themselves with rifles. Do the deadly violence gripping Kenosha and many other American cities and headed to the business premises. The weapons were in Wisconsin and never crossed state lines. Big point upon the sound of a gun behind him. Coulston was immediately faced with.


This goes through exactly what happened with the actual shootings, the killings. All right. If there's by the way, there's a legal defense fund, if you want to give I think he's been kicked off of go fund me.


But yeah, he was. But the child rapist allegedly still up there. This is this is the issue, though, too, is with the now situation. We've talked about this. This is why the left supports Palestine over Israel to fight, despite the fact that they used children as human shields. This is why they support child rapists over people who are exercising their rights. Because if you're successful, you're bad. If you're rich, you're bad. If you're poor, you inherently have the moral high ground.


If you were killed, you inherently have the moral high ground. Right. How else do you explain Jacob Blake being supported and people completely abstaining from including any information about the woman he sexually assaulted, who was of color and actually filed a restraining order and went to the steps? It was probably glad the police showed up that day. Probably, Jerry. Exactly. That's what I'm saying.


Like, she's very thankful that I can't believe that they stop officers listening to me at the time showing up to help.


Terrible. I called you and now you hear why. All right. So let's go to the PolitiFact article here on the Rittenhouse, because I want everyone and share this, if you can. I usually don't ask that what that self promotion. But it's important to go. And I found most of this information. Hey, AR 15, I believe the message I think I found a lot of this information from a poster, a random poster there, because I know it wasn't on Reddit.


So PolitiFact, they were checking whether it was legal for a house to open carry. Right. This is from PolitiFact. The Wisconsin Department of Justice honors concealed carry permits issued in Illinois, but Rittenhouse did not have us bring it up, did not have a permit to begin with, and he was not legally old enough to carry bring it up to carry a firearm in Wisconsin.


Here's the truth.


Concealed carry permits apply to a weapon being concealed and carry.


Oh, that's it's in the name. They're typically designed for pistols because it's difficult to conceal a long gun, a rifle, unless you're mounting on each other's shoulders like little rascals and a trench coat.


But it's effective. Oh, yes.


So that's irrelevant. I don't want to spend too much time on it. But here's another claim again from PolitiFact. Wisconsin law stipulates that any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes armed with a dangerous weapon is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.


PolitiFact links links to the wrong. Here they link to Section nine four eight six zero five, bracket two one, America is getting ready instead of nine four eight six zero one. And they failed to include information from that same section that, by the way, invalidates the prior clause. Let me read it for you. It states that any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes on with a dangerous weapon is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.


However, then it says this section applies only to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a rifle or shotgun if the person is in violation of S9 four one two eight or is not in compliance. In other words, this is the context. You didn't provide it PolitiFact.


And even if you had you linked to the wrong portion and you would have been wrong on your fact check anyway, even if you've gotten the right one. And that's where John Oliver gets it. So why would PolitiFact lie? Why do you lie?


They could all be stupid. I cannot ask a rabbit why it sings. These things are what they are. Do not blame me.


The section applies to regulate short barreled shotguns rifles, which is not what he was carrying. We've all heard about that. The sawed off shotgun. Right.


Here's another one that I really love from PolitiFact.


Oh, let's by the way, let them know when we hit it from hitting these facts, if they're correct. Oh, yeah.


This is from PolitiFact. John Monroe, an attorney who specializes in gun rights, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that there's an exception for rifles and shotguns, which is aimed at letting children age 16 17 hunt. That could apply, but Rittenhouse wasn't in Kenosha to hunt.


Here's the truth and the original write up, that guy who they cite, Monroe, said that he believes the law would apply regardless.


Monroe said this except if you go to the article Monroe saying, Oh, no, I'm not saying that.


That we have to do their job. So is he down there to hunt or is he not there to hunt?


It's not relevant here. No, we would call that. By the way, this is one of those things. Let's just keep in mind, this is what they're focusing on, because the self-defense claim seems to even New York Times that it's airtight case. So they want to focus on the misdemeanor. And if he were if he happened to be illegally carrying a firearm, that is a misdemeanor. It's not relevant to the charges of murder in the first degree.


And you guys argued that because you said that it wasn't relevant when Michael Brown committed a violent crime at a convenience store on his way to commit another violent crime against the officer, I would say that's more relevant than a guy bringing a firearm to defend himself. Yes. And some people are saying, well, why would he bring a firearm? He shot a man in the bicep who was aiming a gun to his head. He brought a firearm because they had fire up first.


If we're going to apply this outrage, if someone had a gun. How about the guy who was trying to kill execution style? That's the pertinent information here.


Was he defending life and limb and half a billion at a point here that we're talking about the loss when we're looking?


So every law has its own its own laws, right. So when the facts were coming out, every state has its own laws. When those laws were coming out and people were talking about them in the wake of the Rittenhouse shooting, there were a lot of questions right here. Even remember texting with friends and folks on the shows like, well, here are going to be some of the important facts. Where did he get the gun? Where did he bring it?


Did he have a car? Did not have a car. Was it in one state versus another? Because there's a lot of different facts. But when you look at the act now, everyone agrees. Here's where the gun was. Here's the statute that applies. And they just want to focus on the top part, but not the bottom part. And it just it's incredible. It's something that is they can't walk it back.


Now, I haven't seen any legitimate lawyers, including on the left, say that it's outright illegal. He's carrying illegal firearm, even the guy.


That's why I think when PolitiFact is citing a guy who says the opposite of what they say, they really want him to say what they said. He said, though. Yeah, exactly.


Well, I love the media. Sorry. I love their coverage of this right now. It's it's just so obvious. Right. So you had Kyle Rittenhouse stuff and everybody comes out. Jake Tapper says he's a murderer. They play all the videos. Have you seen anything from from Portland saying that the guy, the guy that shot the Trump supporters of murder had seen anything about where do we see?


We've been doing the show now for 42 minutes, which I'm going to tell you to piss off. Let's go to CNN really quickly.


Nothing this morning, nothing in our prep, nothing at any point today about a man who was shot point blank, execution style in Portland, someone saying we got a Trumper bang bang and then claimed he's one hundred percent antifa.


Yeah, nothing. Nothing at all.


Donald Trump came out and said, proud boy, proud boys isn't a thing. It's just an idea. And then the next day, let's say and of course this has never happened.


But a proud boy said, hey, we have a person of color, bang, bang, go proud voice. You don't think the media would say, hey, they would be all over it? This is an organization that Donald Trump didn't exist, was a fiction, was a figment of your imagination. They went out and killed a guy. This guy claimed Antifa executed a man because he was a Trump supporter. It was celebrated in the streets like 9/11 across the hellhole.


It is the Middle East and it's covered No. One. Oh, here we go. Deadly shooting in Portland fuels division tensions. Let's see what they said. That's the headline. I want to see what they said.


They heard you right, Counterdemonstration. A man was shot and killed. The mayor says the president shares the blame. Wow. Holy shit.


Holy shit. We just went through this people. Ted Wheeler blaming it on Donald Trump. A man was shot. Yes, a man. Why was he shot? Why was he shot? Did the shooter have anything to say about it? Do we usually it takes weeks to figure out a motive because they're not so much of a dumb ass when they say, would you like to have an attorney present? I'm antifa. Yeah, right here. This is right out in.


Wow. They got nothing on me. Have you watched? Forty eight hours. You might want to ask for an attorney. No, no. I am at singing it like the Ricola guy. Look, switch to you CNN. It's already over.


Yeah. They already got Wisconsin governor wants to cancel trip. Let's bring it back up.


Why president yesterday saying I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing. I am concerned your presence.


Wisconsin feels like the elephant man's head.


Is the state's lieutenant governor more blunt? I don't know how, given any of the previous statements that the president made, that he intends to come here to be helpful and we absolutely don't need that right now.


So he's not doing enough to say he's doing you guys interview some citizens in Kenosha?


How about some business owners? Right. Right. If how they feel about a guy.


Sa'adat, Kenosha in Portland right now, Unau, back to Kenosha.


That's why we're there. Back to Portland. Let's see there back to Portland to see what they have to say. The guy just took off his mask despite no one being there Saturday. What changed? Because it wasn't in itself. What changed my showmanship.


The death of George Floyd during the daytime. You see protesters calling for racial justice, calling for an end to police brutality. In the evening hours, there has been violence relegated to this one area the president tries to build. The city is under siege, which is not true if you're OK. Happened on Saturday was something we haven't seen to the degree in the past. And that is not just protesters demonstrating against law enforcement, but hundreds of pro Trump supporters coming into the city clashing with counterprotests.


That's when it got.


Yeah, that's what a cop arrested and charged only became a problem when the businesses said we'd like to run our business and that they respond to the sound of gunfire.


Found a person unconscious and deceased on the pavement. Now, The New York Times is reporting, John, that that individual had a hat on bearing a far right insignia, a far right group.


Police tell us why. How is Patrick Profar right?


Is every citizen a group? But what did the shooter claim? Did he claim why he shot the guy for talking about extremist groups?


I can't recall about 100 percent. Was it ninety nine.


Fact checked me, CNN. Do we have any evidence? Do we have. Oh, we have video. Yeah, CNN do a Google search. CNN run the video. We just ran the video of the mayor talking Bostitch.


Let's hear it on the ground in Kenosha for us. And Shiman a tense time anyway. And now the president, United States about to visit over the objection of local Democrats, not local, state and local.


And as you said, John, the governor sending him a two page letter governor ever saying don't come here.


Right it is your presence could only bring more pressure on him not to go nine times already in the last 30 minutes. I remember CNN lying nine times, nine, nine times.


By the way, how do you think the gay Latino reporter is that he didn't get stationed in Portland instead? Kenosha, up to Kenosha, the land of my people. Johnson, my guy.


Oh, right. I haven't been on the road in a while. I've been cooped up with covid. Where am I going? Kanojia Son of a bitch. My Grider map is a wasteland. I love the background here.


By the way, at these mostly peaceful protests, all the boarded up windows with offices like let's pick something that looks peaceful place right now.


His Grinder Compass just says, Really? Yeah.


Just kidding. No, no luck spinning. Oh my God. And here's the thing. If you were to be informed by and we have CNN on just because, you know, people trusted them as legitimate news and still they still use the slogan.


They just the facts claim it. Our facts first. Sorry, but, you know, as opposed to MSNBC, which I think is I don't know if it's still lean forward, which is strikingly similar to bend over.


Yeah, it's a little strange. Yeah. That's a Freudian slip right there. I'm sure I'm not the first one to point that out, but every time I see it's like lean forward. I'm like, oh yeah.


That's either you've like you've herniated disk or you're being raped. It's scaring the American public for this. It's going to be spread them.


This is this it could be ABC, NBC, CBS, anywhere. And that's why my question today is, had you heard about these other these other hate crimes and Black Lives Matter? Because I'll be honest, I knew three of them.


Yeah. I didn't know.


I think we went through six, five or six who I think really I knew three of them until I started doing a deep dive and going, oh, man, I can't believe that none of this is being mentioned everywhere. And then I get myself going, well, you should. Why can't you believe it? And I said, Silly Stephen. Well, they didn't have a guy trigger for kids with self-defense to claim. Right. So they wanted to show something else.


It is this is such a disservice to the American public. You have no leg to stand on when you get outraged. If someone said that the media is the enemy of the American people right now, the biased media right now is making Americans less safe than ever before because they hate President Donald Trump.


Yeah, it is. It is remarkable. And we weren't Trump guys in the primary. But I will say I don't think anyone else would have brought this to a head the way President Trump has. And there is value in that, because before 2016, there was still a majority of Americans who thought that CNN was, my God, actual journalism. Yeah, and it's not.


And I think one of the biggest problem is that it's not that Trump has done so many things wrong to the media. He's he's been mean to them. He's been rude to me. He hasn't bowed to them like previous presidents have bowed to them and gone, oh, I have to respect that. He says he's got his own platform. He can go around you media, he can call you.


The thing is, he's happy with Barack Obama and Fox News just that's the only network. So when Donald Trump does it, it's everyone not named Fox News. So they feel the sting a little bit more.


And then he gets pissed at Fox News for not going far enough sometimes. And I'm like, OK, he's pissed off all of the media and he doesn't care. And that's what he's really got them in a tizzy. Like, what do we do? We have to say everything bad about this guy that we can. Because he's going around us right now, if you are in Portland right now and you and you don't know that a man was shot in the head and they said their reason, it's OK, what's the motive?


Well, you hear in the tape we got a Trumper here. Bang, bang, you are less safe as an American.


If you watch CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, you are less safe if you don't know that people are going out and lighting fires and burning down police precincts and courthouses and doing so in the name of antifa. How do we know? Because they say we're doing so in the name of antifa. You are less safe. We went from the more you know, to pretty much whatever Stelter says checks out reliable sources.


It's reliable. People buy my book. It's super reliable.


My wife loves the super reliable book I write. Oh, honey, you're so reliable. Oh, honey, yeah.


My wife says I'm super reliable, like she's describing a Volvo.


Oh, really?


That's how, you know, it's real passion. Hey, look at this. It on CNN. What's happened? It's such an accurate photo of Biden, so good peaceful protest.


Biden's like asleep while Trump is mugging people, hurting people, robbing stores.


I've made it clear from the beginning that there is no justification whatsoever. Violence, looting, Houston, nothing for three days.


With Kenosha alone, no one will be safe in Biden's America.


Its troops saying, oh, watch this, watch this. Joe Biden's America. All the video being played is being played in Donald Trump's America.


It's being played in Democrat cities by people. I mean, could it be any more clear? Were they just this is Donald Trump's America. They just showed the mayor, Ted Wheeler of Portland, not flexibility, saying we don't want him here because, no, we think that he is diametrically opposed to our policy here in Portland, which I believe you can see the spoils well in there, kill more people.


They're killing people who support Trump. Yes.


Yeah, right. So it's not Trump's fault that people are killing people that are.


Well, they want you to think it's actually the supporters of Trump are the police who are killing all people because of melanin. Well, and by the way, the media interest in that report, they said basically everything was fine. There were no real riots. There were no injuries happening. There was no building being burned down until Trump supporters in their media looking pickups with American flags flying through town.


They drove through it in tactical gear. Yeah, really? I wonder why they might think that a bulletproof vest could come in handy. Exactly.


And by the way, just because they roll through town doesn't mean everybody can automatically just start shooting at them. That was not an offensive. It wouldn't be inappropriate for them to roll through town with a mace cannon in a benzer.


All right. Here, we're going to go to behind the paywall here for a little more for people who are watching on YouTube.


We love you. We appreciate you. There's another half hour at least today. We went a little bit, too. Wanted to get there. We are doing chat Zida with Crowder Dotcom Mug Club.


We really appreciate. That's where we make make our own YouTube. Pizzle.