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All right, Stephen, before you go, we do need to get an audio intro for the show. Now, I don't I don't I don't feel people should listen to the audio version. Yeah, if we could just get it with a TV. It's a it's a television program.


Like they want to do the audio. I mean, they've made their bed. They can lie in it or lay in it. What is it like. Lie on it. I'll look it up. I don't know. Either way, they sit in a bed of lies, the only line of themselves. They're missing all the great video content. Well, hopefully they join.


A lot of that comes up.


Otherwise the audio video, it'll all cease to be, oh, this is going out. Today, be the.


He just used to be that was no, that was guys, that was more tension, that was a tighter lipped, further OK, that was like her lips.


It was like a tender look. I'll show you. This is a bassler. This is a bass with a trumpet player thing, OK?


And then this is a tenor. What I just, you know, doing. Different shirts? No, your slippers. We don't pay attention, we don't know your voting laws because apparently Alisyn Camerota and Wolf Blitzer do not get to the question that we will be talking about, that there's a lot to get to another shooting from a police officer, what we know thus far.


We're going to wait for the facts.


We're a little bit late, but I'm willing to place some bets.


So my question is, how do you plan on voting? And do you know the difference between absentee voting and mail in voting? And do you think it's just sort of trying to to muddy the waters? Do you think they're trying to make this a little bit more opaque?


That's what people are saying, that there really is no difference.


Fact check, Doug. Fact check themselves. Oh, no. In that there is a difference. We'll get into it and want to know how you're going to vote.


My half Asian lawyer, Bill Richman is here. How are you, sir? Hello. Great. Good. And quarterback is here. How are you? Audio way. Gerald was a little one keeping you awake.


Fantastic. Keeping my wife awake mostly. Is he causing you to lose hair at this point? Probably. I don't know. OK, all right.


I like that. Predates the baby. I'm probably.


Yeah, I'm going to blame him either way though.


So did you know that Governor Cuomo, the the non lesser Cuomo, the lesser Cuomo, still lesser. He's the lesser Cuomo and the less syste Cuomo.


There you go. There you go. I know it should be leased, but it doesn't work. Now the less Mr. Cuomo is. Chris Chris. Right.


And Cuomo, that one satirising 31 one gauge syringe. Cuomo Chris, this doesn't happen by accident. Cable Curl's Cuomo.


And also we have that exhibition about coming up to me. And Chris Cuomo agreed to give the money to charity exclusively at my club. We'll have a teaser for that later on.


So I do have a tease for a tease. It's a tease. Wow. I do have that.


Chris Cuomo has stepped up and will be will be fighting for charity. Let's get to the breaking news. The reason we're a little bit late this morning, I don't know if everyone's been following as it's trending right now. Hashtag I don't know. I have to say anymore justice for Diane after an 18 year old in D.C. was shot by the police.


So people are saying, of course, this is another public lynching.


Now, the police released a statement. So I want to give you what we do know, what everyone kind of knows, and then what we sort of have exclusively here.


This is from the police, uninformed, sorry, uniformed, not bravo, not usually using prompter.


I'm the opposite of Biden. You put me on prompter and myself. Yeah.


Uniformed patrol officers of the Seventh District responded to the listed location to investigate a man with a gun. Upon arrival, officers encountered individuals in and around the vehicle.


Upon seeing the officers, two of the suspects fled on foot during the foot pursuit.


One of the suspects brandished a firearm. In response, an officer discharged their firearm one time, striking the suspect.


Now people are saying, hey, hey, why don't you release the body cam footage? And the police said, yeah, sure, I can least come. Here you go. So today is Thursday.


They said they'll release it as soon as Thursday. Now, they made this statement. They're ready to release the body cam footage. It almost seems like they're itching to release the body cam footage once they just confirm some details.


Now, why would I tend to think that this kid did brandish a firearm with intent to intimidate or shoot an officer? This is something that was scrubbed from Instagram. Again, Don, here that nobody else really knows about.


This is why I would place my bet. Well, you know, I mean, know honestly, when you see you all right, at least the one guy, one guy's wearing a mask doesn't look so good for him.


It's safe from covid like killer.


Mike said, the Crips really are serving their community. They are.


They're just like a neighborhood watch, like the block parent with that hand only that hand is severed because it's part of an initiation ritual. I think it's a deep fake.


I think they put some innocent kids faces on a video of Khateeb doing Comedians in Cars with Biden.


Yes, comedians in Cars with felons, felons in cars getting crack. Now, here's the thing. People are saying, hey, hey, hey, you conservatives out there, you're pro Second Amendment until a black person has a second chance.


We are pro Second Amendment, provided that you understand what the Second Amendment is. You cannot aim a gun at a cop, brandish a gun at a cop. Do you really think that with this police interaction and what is not in dispute is there was a call to man immediately fled on foot and then he pulled out a firearm. So you just have to at this point, the only thing that remains, he had a firearm. They fled.


So you think that, again, if if you're protecting him, he said, hey, officer, I'm sorry that my other friend ran on foot ABCP to my right here. How would you like me to proceed? Please hurry up. I would like to assist and make an arrest. Or do you think it was murder? Why do you think it was exactly he wasn't holding the gun like this, like, hey guys, guys, I'm not going to do anything with it.


I promise that wasn't a Kalayaan noir video, right?


He's a I mean, look, it comes down to what what are the totality of the circumstances here? Right. And I am excited. And Biden's China, it's already late in the day on Thursday.


So tick tock on where the Badeh body can. Oh, my God. Well, look, I saw this video, I think it was either yesterday morning or the night before, and the video, I swear to you, was cut from the beginning. You didn't see the gun being pulled in in the aftermath.


Like all of this video kind of video, I was 90 percent sure it was this because you're wrong now.


I'm pretty sure it was OK. And he basically said, OK, I'm think you're wrong.


I'm pretty sure that time milquetoast. Yeah. Every time you say you're confident that I don't know. You haven't said that you'd like to wager.


So in that case, same true Jerrold's in your trump card.


Oh so I'm usually ok but anyway they scrub the middle of it and then people start protesting with us. So I think what you see too is his friends, they caught the other guy had a guy.


A lawyer is more concerned about publicity for who he is. He's like, oh, the bad guy cleaned up. Yes. What can you pause? I thought one because got no strings to hold me down is on CNN. Oh, my gosh.


I mean, the FDA has been very explicit that they are going to make a decision based on the data as it comes in. You know, these these trials have these independent data and safety monitoring.


Dr. Foushee, is the main virus going to hurt us? And they are the ones that tell us where the microbe touched. You will ultimately. Yeah, you know, here's the thing right now.


Foushee is talking about how well we don't want to rush the vaccines. Listen, if this virus is as bad as you have made it out to be, people shouldn't care if you grow an arm from your forehead.


People shouldn't care if your kids look like they were born in Alabama. OK, I don't care if I have grandkids if this has the mortality rate of Ebola yet.


The fact is that's why they're not going to accelerate a vaccine, because when the threshold is pretty low, it's easy for the side effects to outweigh the benefit of the vaccine.


Continue with your work. I want to say this to CNN and saying, oh, it's rushing it. And he just said, well, actually, they're going based on the data. So whenever the data comes in, then they're seeing if it's effective. He just basically blew their point out of the water.


I'm sorry. I just feel like I know because he's going to send Donald Trump and say I inherited him and he's. Yeah, I hate you. Bad pitch guy to do a little bit tolerating. So, like, I feel like they really drink in bars. Like the other two guys were caught.


The one guy was arrested, I think for no purpose. Something some charge. I have no idea what it meant.


And then the other guy, he had a gun in the apartment, several guns. There were two people with a gun.


Well, this guy got Instagram, but I'm saying one guy ran on social media.


Ain't that right? Yeah.


One guy did not follow the police officers, you know, rules and what they told him to do. He ran away. But guess what he didn't do. He didn't point a gun at a police officer and he's alive today. The guy that did point a gun at the police officer.


I'm sorry, that's probably the way.


And we have a lot to get to as far as horrible behavior, including a sitting representative in in California making anal rape legal. So we'll get to that. And then also Governor Cuomo threatening Donald Trump.


But I, I I'm really concerned with these kinds of stories now because these are opportunities to at least teach children how they should interact in polite society. Black, white, yellow doesn't matter. Right. Instead, right now, when you say this is a lynching, this is unjustified, that by default insinuates that the behavior of running away from a police officer or aiming a gun at a police officer is justified. In the case of Jacob Blake, who people have murdered, it's saying it doesn't really matter if you rape a woman, allegedly, then violate a restraining order, show up, steal the keys, toss some kids in the car and reach for a knife in the floorboard after fighting off officers.


It's just because of your skin color. And so instead of telling kids, hey, listen, this is probably how one should interact with police officers, which we always learned as kids. Right. It doesn't matter how you behave. It's always the police officer's fault. So it's telling kids, behave poorly, run away from cops, pull out your Mexican style holding semi-automatic pistol and aiming at a cop. Roll the dice.


Yeah, it'll just end up with more people being shot or more people having to be physically restrained when otherwise they would have been just fine. They would have been fine. Yeah.


And we can't do chokeholds. So what is going to happen? Is anyone really surprised at the idea? Ignore the cops. They're all here to kill you. Don't respect the cops.


Cops are all are bastards, pigs, whatever it might be chanting in the streets and not realizing that that's going to turn a bunch of impressionable youths, youth, youth, youth.


I'm sorry to this this into people who don't respect officers and who in those moments panic. Right. They panic and do whatever they're going to do. They're going to run. And I mean but I think, Gerald, your point is very, very, very, very accurate.


If this was all motivated by race, pigs just flew out my butt.


Aren't you just shooting all the kids? Yeah. Aren't you just going, oh, great. There's a bunch of them in the street.


President Donald Trump made a good point where he said, listen, there's some bad apples and there are chokers. There are people who listen. You have split seconds and sometimes they choke. And that is true. We also have to allow for the fact that it's more likely that officers who do make mistakes made just that a mistake. What's more likely that every cop who does a bad job or hurts. And when it is unjustified, none of these recent examples, by the way, that he's racist or that he made a mistake, let's even take Jacob Blake.


I don't think the officers did make a mistake, but let's say that the guy didn't actually resist arrest, wasn't actually an alleged rapist, and didn't actually tell the officers that he had a knife. OK, but he was reaching into the car right now. Does it mean that that cop is racist because he shoots the guy or could it be a mistake because you're scared and you want to go home? Doesn't mean it's right. Just like if you screw up at work, it doesn't mean that it's right.


There are consequences, but it's very, very different from effectively labeling someone a modern day Robert Byrd and Carnet.


I think he's going to I think he's going to come back in a redux of family matters. And I'm saying, if you believe in reincarnation, that would be perfect justice.


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You know what? I don't know that everybody knows how much we do behind the wheel when we tell YouTube to piss off. I'm going 30 minutes. Forty five minutes of extra.


Yeah, it's twice the show. You subscribe to get twice the show.


And it really if you don't subscribe, you get no show because, you know, eventually the beer money from YouTube isn't enough. Do you really think that I'm rolling in the Benjamins for when transgenders attack? That little demagnetize icon appears faster than the processing. Yeah, on the video video Monitise. Wow, they're getting better.


Appreciate how we went from one hundred percent to monetize to like ninety nine point eight, right.


Yeah, that's nice. You know, Victor, it's exactly how wins. Send your bid. You got a call for that edge. You got a fight and scrape for that transgender attack video to make 450. OK, all right. I'm truly a national treasure. He is.


Now, here's another one. The people are saying, hey, Governor Cuomo threatened Trump. I don't really know that he threatened Trump. But if we were applying the same standard as media does to Trump, lock them up, throw away the key. Here's the actual sound bite.


Forget bodyguards. He better have an army if he thinks he's going to walk down the street in New York. Well, that's cute.


He watch training like that. He's really you know, he rehearsed that. He's like, honey, I think I just saw something on Netflix I can use tomorrow. Yeah, he's got the Mossberg five hundred pistol grip and he just goes, yeah, yeah.


Oh sure. I got nothing. Oh make sure you're still you're still on radio.


Well I'm sorry. I disagree with his policy. You can't have a debate.


It's a whole family of nipple clamps. Fakers. Yeah.


Imagine all on saying that about a president. The rules are different for a president, by the way. You know what else? It's the one person you can't say that to because he does have an army.


Well, that's true. That's true. My half Asian lawyer, Bill Richmond, better have a law degree. Oh, sir. It's better to pass the bar bragging.


You know, I think he's going to I was just going to roll out the red carpet to see if we can lure Trump into. Yeah. Senior care centers where he killed all the rest of us.


Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah.


And it won't Trump, but Joe Biden will be lured like a bear with a pie in the windowsill.


Just go. Yeah. Old folks home. Yeah. Just like he followed casitas self-deprecating.


Oh fantastic. Just like he followed Trump to Kenosha. He's like, well I'm going to do that too.


Let's go. You got Biden feeling like a good deal.


Do do I do I smell piss 314. Oh, kids.


Children. He doesn't he doesn't like old people exclusively. Biden Trix are for kids. They can be for me too boy. No. Yes. OK, you could be the future president. Good. That's about all it takes is a little reverse psychology.


I think you should vote for Joe Biden. Oh, no.


Just keep him in the bunker and tell him he's president, right?




As a soldier, you know, for the life for people who really mock conservatives who prepare and have bomb shelters, they sure you love hiding Biden.


And I know it turns out they're useful. OK, I was at Cloverfield Lane. That's where he stayed, right?


Oh, yeah. Hey, we are we're going to be talk about Nancy Pelosi's haircut. We're going to be talking about mail and voting, but actually later on today. Back by popular demand, we are going to have another Asian off.


And as you may remember, last time they were drinking to see who got the most pain, which determined who was most Asian, we have half an hour, Bill Richmond, and then we have token down here who really looks like could be Italian poker having their token.


But do we have pictures of him as baby pictures? Yes. Yeah.


Let's bring up a baby picture here so you can actually see we can confirm that he is, in fact, at least as Asian as half Asian lawyer Bill Richmond.


We have those just him at 3:00. This is him at 3:00. Just showed a photo of me.


Look how much more Asian he looks. Asian.


That's correct. Yeah. I don't know how that happens through surgery. I think. Right. Moved up.


So what you guys are going to be doing later is actually I think you kind of figured it out, but you will be both parallel parking.


Oh, both Asians will be parallel parking.


Now, to be clear, is that difficult? Are you drinking? I thought we were getting loaded. Well, OK. Really well happens. Bill Richmond is now they will have to parallel park.


And I want to be clear. It's happening out back.


The we are not putting them on public roads, not because my lawyer is drinking. He's not. But again, as a matter of public safety, they are both Asian.


So, yes, we didn't want to do it for safety. It's self-explanatory.


It's you know, it's all laughs right. Until you endanger the American public. And so we wouldn't not we would not subject them. Look, there's a lot of risky things in the world, but we're not going to do that.


No, we are not going to do that. OK, we draw the line somewhere. So we'll check back in with a little bit later. But first, and Nancy Pelosi, so we talked about this yesterday, her haircut in the salon, right where she locked down businesses in perpetuity, closed salons all across our city because of the China virus. And then, of course, she was hypocritical when we saw that there was video of her going into a salon to have a blow.


Creepy, which is also the one that's also the least necessary thing to do if she needed to go get a haircut or her roots. But she went so that she didn't have to flip the switch on a blow dryer.


Think about that different sitting under the hood.


Yeah, I went there and I asked them to curling iron and I took a rinse and asked them to towel me off. Also, they fed me grapes. Well, this probably isn't the first time.


She probably has gotten a haircut since it started. It's oh, I don't have the tapes. Yeah.


It's the first bill come out, you know, but she now claims this is the funny thing, that people always talk about Donald Trump throwing people under the bus.


He does do that, but not for something that shouldn't matter that much, if not for the fact that you are so deeply terrified, the kind of terror that is rooted in your soul that will require years of therapy.


To fix that, people figure out your hypocrisy. So Nancy Pelosi said it was a setup.


As it turns out, it was a setup. Come on. Possibility. Oh, yeah. Falling for a setup.


She said, oh, well, I don't I think that they are that. So on.


Come on, you. Hey, hey, Nancy. Guess what we got in here.


Blowout's you just in the alley like a pie in the windowsill blew out. You can't imagine criminals using this excuse. Drug testing be to be fair, at first I thought it was absurd.


But we actually do know this is also why we were running late today. We do have the exclusive so that you saw the footage. Right.


Really, we want to be fair credit where it's due. We do have new security footage that shows indeed it was a setup and this is how it played out.


Excellent as a yes, Madame Speaker, yes, we can squeeze you in tomorrow morning. Thanks. It's disgusting. They her in. You know, you don't have to respect the lady, but respect the office.


Look at look at how professional she was on the phone, how willing she was to write down the name in the book.


I know she literally got a facade that she saw Pelosi coming a mile away.


You know, you don't realize they teach you how to cut hair. They also teach you how to be cunning. Yes. Yes. Throat business. I saw Sweeney Todd. She's like, yes, I was a hypocrite, but it's their fault they see it.


I mean, did did you call and ask to get out? But they said yes.


No, you're not understanding. I don't know.


Did you, in fact, either request, which seems to be most likely or respond in affirmative that you would like them to perform a blowout which was illegal for all of their citizens of your municipality, but they were the ones they owe me an apology, owe me an apology.


I cannot believe that this man drugs. Oh, those are his that's his crack that I know. But where did he get that? That is his crack. It is on his mind. Was this, in fact, your crack cocaine before it became his through a bill of sale?


I don't know. He said she said that is his crack. That sounds like conjecture. Is that a receipt in your pocket?


I pay taxes, OK?


It was a setup. I oh, I'll get myself fat my ass up.


Sir, is that your pound and a half of black tar heroin in your frunk. In your Tesla.


That is not me. That is an inanimate object. I mean, technically that ain't even my car that I mean it was before I stole it, sir. I ran the plates. Those are yours. The do you buy that shit? I don't know nothing about that. I'm here feeling dizzy. Main focus on the tar part.


Not one part. Exactly, sir. It's a novelty plate. It says s.L drugs. Are you?


I'm not aware.


I didn't go to Spences and none of that shit novelty play. Oh my gosh. By the way, do you live in where that is your response? Yes, I did it, but it was a sting. And so I guess I'm guilty of falling for as well.


In the best part, watching Scooby Doo, she admitted that she had no idea what the laws were. Yeah, right. Yeah, I know who has been the most just high and mighty about the rules. And yeah, Grandma and I can't believe Trump went out into the Rose Garden without a mask. Oh my gosh. Those people are 5.5 feet apart. Listening to the RNC started out about it. And here we go.


Oh, the rules don't apply to America.


By the way, do you have any idea what a high velocity blow dryer does to droplets like those fighters that fly on their little web parachutes? It's like that. Only microscopic covid spreads everywhere. It couldn't be worse.


You're right, in close proximity, but creating a high velocity turbine with droplets around your mouth.


Here's what I recommend.


If you live in an area where you can go to where her office is and you haven't been able to get a haircut because your entire place is shut down or you work in a salon and you happen to be cutting hair of your family at home or wherever you're legally allowed to do it, that you're doing it, just take all that hair and dump it on the front.


Oh, yeah, that's a good hair clippings and then take a poop there because that's that's going to make it all together, make it into a little hair, poop, hair, syringe, birthday cake.


The only problem is, is there already poop there. There's so much poop.


Well, just find the existing poop and put hair on it. Yeah, that's a good idea.


Point is San Francisco's shithole and Nancy Pelosi deserves to be locked up.


So and this is good. We kind of let people forget the real oh, shoot this thing. This after we go. But the by the pay.


Well, the salon, of course, has been receiving threats and now they're being forced to shut down and relocate. So there's a go fund me for the salon.


And I don't know the political affiliation of the salon, but again, these are the real world consequences. It's a funny story, you know, because she's a horrible I mean, it's funny if I say the B word, I'll get banned on YouTube. If referring to a woman, I call you a bitch and a bitch and a bitch.


Nancy Pelosi.


Yeah, so if it was reported that they are part of the party of non hypocrites and pro business owners. Oh, OK.


You know, but I mean, they just, you know, so Lozito somewhere, some homos aren't getting the wedding cake.


What I do think is people forget the actual real life consequences. Again, it's not just about your lives.


And of course, many Americans have to protect their lives right now, but it's just as valid to protect your livelihoods when people are burning down your businesses. No, not, of course, saying protect your salon because it's being shut down from by the government with force. But what I am saying is it's just as consequential. We laugh because Nancy Pelosi's a hypocrite.


But guess what?


There are countless, I mean, not countless that probably could count them, but it's quite a few salons and businesses in San Francisco that have had to shut down because Nancy Pelosi wants to play Orangeman bad with Donald Trump.


These people lose their ability to make a living and their employees. And we often forget that you do need to look at the pros and the cons of a shutdown. People say, well, well, you don't care.


No, no, we do care, but it does matter. There are things, by the way, more important than a point, three percent mortality rate, which if we said three months ago, would get us banned on Facebook and YouTube.


Even for a doctor, there are things more important than life, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Because if you're living life completely unfree, that does matter and that does matter.


You do need to be able to earn a living and we forget about these people anyway. Let's move on to the next story here.


What does this Trump appears in North Carolina to tell people to vote twice to test mail in system.


That's not what happened. No, Donald Trump was making a point. It wasn't necessarily artful. But this is coming from a guy who's having a drunk Asian parallel park.


Well, that's live on air on CNN now. Afraid of voter fraud? Oh, they possibly could. They are terrified. They've been running.


They've been running this all morning. And everybody's saying that that's a felony, that the president just encouraged people to go out and commit a crime. No, he was making a point like if you cast your ballot by vote, I'm sorry, your vote by mail, you have no idea if it got counted, if it got there at all, if it got counted. And so what he's saying is like, hey, if you trust that system, the only way is to go down there and try to vote and see if it's already been counted until you made a good point.


Not able to count it before the election. But that's why the way that it's supposed to work, if you've been sent an absentee ballot, on the other hand, all you have to do is try to vote. They'll say, sir, you've been sent an absentee ballot. You can't vote. Right. I can invalidate that ballot right now.


And you can vote or you can in every state, and that will get to an absentee ballot. There is a difference between what is currently being proposed as mass mail in voting and absentee ballots, which are totally valid.


And I have no problem with I think people should use absentee ballots if they're going to be traveling.


Many states don't require a reason. You do have to request it in the vast majority of states. And there's a verification process which is not the case with the currently proposed mass mass mailing voting system.


Now, I do just love this guy. I Bill Barr is great. And he was interviewed last night by by by Beane's Blitzer for those who don't like it.


If he does, he does and not current Beanz.


That makes you sad, but just childhood friend, even Stevens and maybe a little beans still makes me sad.


It does make me sad as well. Anyway, for those of you who don't believe me, this is what I believe, that it's so cool.


It's so definitive in who is in control of this interview with Beanz Blitzer and Bill Barr.


I don't want to taint the jury pool. You tell me, as far as widespread fraud, we haven't seen that. So we have we haven't had the kind of widespread use of mail in ballots is being proposed. We've got absentee ballots from people who request them from a specific address. Now, what we're talking about is mailing them to everyone on the voter list. When everyone knows those voter lists are inaccurate, people who should get them don't get them, which was what has been one of the major complaints in states that have tried this in municipal elections.


And people who get them are not the right people. There are people who have replaced the Occupy the previous occupant, and they can make them out. And sometimes multiple ballots come to the same address with a whole generation, several generations of occupants. Do you think that's a way to run a vote?


Hmm. I love Bill, that man bent over Wolf Blitzer, he threw the question again that he knew the answer to.


Do you think that's the way to run an election? The only correct answer is no.


I said, well, I'm just saying we haven't really seen that. Well, first off, actually, we have New Jersey, Michigan. We've done whole segments on the kind of voter fraud that you've seen. There are some states that do mail in voting where they automatically send out these ballots.


And the response was we don't have the kind of data of mass widespread mail in voting.


Now, the data that we do have is inconclusive at best and shows that it is just fraught with voter fraud in the most likely scenario.


So now you basically you know, it's like doing a sample in a petri dish. And even though it doesn't work like, oh, my God, this can this could just kill everybody.


You pull a bullhorn and you let it out. Exactly.


Well, what's the threshold where it should count? Because I did a quick Google search this morning because everybody was jumping on him like, oh, there wasn't a state in Texas or a situation in Texas where this happened. Well, 700 votes matter because that happened this year. There was a guy who's been indicted for 700 absentee ballots that he was trying to forge for people. He stole them from elderly people. How about this? How about ninety five thousand people on the voter rolls in the state of Texas that are U.S. citizens?


Ninety five thousand people. Is that the law? Does ninety five thousand count? Because I need to know where the line is. Guys, when you say there is no problem with mail and voting, none whatsoever.


Yeah, we got a little bar junior here, a little angry. I like it. Glasses, it moves.


But but yeah.


But Trump, in talking about it, has made CNN now anti voter fraud. Right.


So either way, the actual voter fraud. Well, thank you. Donald Trump addressing voters. Right? Right. And let's clarify the differences here.


Absentee ballots, OK, generally have to be requested. And this is something to they're different by state to state. Some states do have mail in voting. I think it's nine states. Some states with absentee ballots require an excuse, meaning a reason. It started with like military service that are most states don't require an excuse. Some states are experimenting with sending out absentee ballots to a verification process, but sending it out automatically.


The general rule, though, is the difference between absentee ballot voting and even fact checked out, saying this is not really.


No, there's you have to request it. Do you have to send in a request? Meaning you have to send that request with a return address that has to be verified. Many states require identification or they verify a signature.


It's a multi-step process as opposed to and you get a ballot and you get a ballot in the ballot.


And by the way, you should hit the notification bell because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot on YouTube and notifications that, you know, that we're doing the show every day at 10:00 a.m..


Good morning about Kleban and specials. Whenever there's an election town hall debate and of course, mug club every other day of the week, you get twice to show something else to mailing voting where ballots are mailed to every voter.


It's been nine states. That's it. There have only been nine states.


And we have had some problems with a lot of these states. But here's the ultimate problem. Some state, like we said, some states have an excuse.


So you're required to have a reason. Some states don't. Some states require a request that's most state. Some states don't.


There isn't a standardized process.


And even with a mostly standardized process, with absentee voting different from mail and voting, we have problems in. So the process that requires several verification. It's like when you create an account, whether it's Google or Twitter, you give them your phone number. Don't you think that that makes a little bit of a difference compared to just creating it with a random email was never confirmed or you could just keep creating.


I still have a Hotmail address, so that's different. Well, it's out there.


And then there are states like California that allow ballot harvesting. Right. So you've mailed out these millions of ballots to people and somebody comes around and says, hey, I'll take your ballot for you and I'll go turn it in. It's coronaviruses. You shouldn't go outside, right? They look at it potentially. They could look at your ballot and go, huh, Republican. I don't like that toss gone. You have no way of knowing if that's happening or not.


And I don't think that every one of these people out there ballot harvesting is doing it with the best of intentions at heart. Right. I really don't think that they are beyond doing some.


Not only that, I think that they're doing it with bad intentions. They could be incompetent. Exactly. They could just lose them like the. Yes.


To take the possibility out of the equation and not do that.


Oh, no, that's a good point. Well, in the Damu. So one of the points that Bill Barr was making is think about what happens when they get sick as well. It was implied.


I thought it was being read between the lines. Yeah, yeah. But, you know, like, for example, YouTube, the way YouTube kind of blames the issue is that they cannot review material at the large scale. Right. Because now they have to employ robots in the robots, just happen to not like conservative voices.


Right. OK. All right. Well, they also employ random people, by the way, who mass flag conservative videos. They had to acknowledge that. Right. And they just can't control those people because those people didn't get instructions or whatever. Right.


But what the issue here is he's pointing out is that sure, maybe some states who have done this for a while, they're used to doing it. They still have some problems. Right. So imagine if states who have been doing this for years have some problems.


What will happen? To states that happened to switch it in Corona, right, that people can barely do anything in life right now from a business standpoint, government is already having a lot of problems, but now you're going to implement a brand new system into these states. And then what is going to be the likely outcome besides even just having a problem and a question about harvesting or other things like that, you then have the problem of when are these votes even going to be counted?


Right. Where the staff to be able to count these? Where is the ability to have these types of checks? That's why we have in-person voting in the first.


What's funny is that constantly blame, right? Donald Trump for saying he wants to erode trust in American institutions like the FBI, the DOJ. Yesterday, the number one trend was it was Democrats trying to get rid of the Electoral College.


And right now they want to push mass mail in voting that many Americans, I think a plurality of Americans believe will be more likely to result in fraud than in-person voting. So who is it? Who wants to erode the trust in American institutions?


You don't want the First Amendment. You don't want the Second Amendment.


You don't want us to be able to vote in person or to be required to vote in person, despite the fact that Joe Paterno himself said it's just as safe as going to the grocery store. And this really comes down to also intent. Do you really believe that Nancy Pelosi, the main one, is championing this idea of mail and voting? Do you really believe that she's afraid to go out and vote in person when she's getting a blow out?


No, I don't think so.


And by the way, she's having effectively a jet turbine blow her hospital and she's well, I would go vote where we can be six feet apart.


Not a line. No. What am I saying? I have to run with my used bag.


Yeah, I have one more stat for you. If the numbers that I gave you a minute ago weren't good enough, how about millions in 2016? Millions of votes were either not counted because they were filled out incorrectly, lost in the mail on the way out or lost in the mail on the way back or received after the deadline. Million. Do you know what else is another failsafe against that?


The Electoral College, if it's not just determined by the popular vote, which can be in the margin of a couple hundred thousand votes in a population of three hundred plus million people, you have states that have to be held accountable for their process, for their representatives.


There's also a reason for the Electoral College that New York and California shouldn't determine how the rest of us live, because guess what? In this day of viruses and outs, they're the worst.


They're the worst. See the way York and California, just Joe Rogan leaving California.


It's putting a tax dent was going down.


They were counting that money when that Spotify deal came. Oh, oh. Oh, yeah.


Thirty something million dollars in taxes. Right. That are not going to California now. Just, you know, it added up.


Do you think there's at least 200 Joe Rogan, let's say, in the whole state of California who have left two hundred people who are in that multimillion dollar range add up the billions that are being lost, more vacancies than ever in the history of modern New York City.


Fourteen thousand right now because people are leaving.


Those two places should not determine how the rest of the country live. And of course, if you simply do it by a popular vote, there are fewer systems of checks and balances. And so it is more likely to be fertile territory for fraud. Also, Bill Barr, call me.


So you know, what I would say is one of my biggest concerns is the problem that is going to I think there's two real big problems.


I don't think parallel parking. Yes. No. Are you kidding me? He's given you ready to lose. So it's two things. One, he's floating already.


How much time is it going to take for us to get these results?


January, what is going to happen in the meantime, while all those votes are just sitting around waiting to be counted because they had so much more mail in voting or absentee voting than they ever had before, we're already going to have a lot of absentee voting.


But when you look at those other states, who's going to be mostly affected, local elections are going to have some of the biggest impact because they don't have the Electoral College at all to affect your local, your county or your state.


And those are often separated by dozens of votes. Exactly. So now you've got dozens of votes that maybe came in early. You've got thousands of votes that came in late. And then what are the elections going to look like? What are people going to be able to how is the planning even going to happen?


So remember the huge deal the Democrats made about Florida, about machines that were tough to operate? What do you think is going to happen when you send out ballots to addresses that likely don't even exist to people who don't know how to use an iPhone? Yeah. Do you think they're going to hit that punch card perfectly? Do you think they're going to use a no to Scantron friendly pencil?


And only one side is is putting forward this process that's fraught with fraud and has all these problems with it.


But it comes down to when Donald Trump wants to erode trust in American institutions by using the same method of voting as we have used since the beginning of the founding of our country.


This crazy radical. He also thinks you shouldn't shoot cops.


All right. Speaking of absolutely outlandish and I want to hear from anyone out there who was actually voted absentee, I had to do that in Canada once with Stephen Harper.


That was ever my first ever vote. Anyone has voted absentee comment below and let us know what that experience. Because it's different from state to state, did you have to send a request, was it sent to you? Did you need a vote? Did you need an I.D. or did it just did they just require a signature verification?


It depends. I want to hear your experiences. If you voted absentee and if you've done the math, Marylyn, vote, I think should be deported.


So speaking of the candidates absurd stories, we're going to get to hear a story in California where it's going to be legal to have engaged.


Sorry, if you have children watching, you might want them to leave the room, anal sex with a minor and not having to register with a sex offender watch list.


But you know what? No one is safe right now in this era of ME2, as seen by our latest installment from a sponsor of.


Oh, I can't wait to get back in the saddle raping and pillaging, oh, didn't you hear? We can't be raping Pneuma our nose had to say it's true.


Our whole journey to eyes got me tud. It's only Pellington for us now. Oh what. That's got to be hard. I'm not sure there's enough in this business for me.


No, come on. You're a great pillager. I know. I know you're blundering ain't bad neither. No I know I'm an above average builder and at least a possible plunderer but I mainly got into this for that repin. Oh that was the main selling point. A real closure for me. Hey, I've got an idea. Thank you for coming. And Miss Paultre. Have a seat.


I'm Harvey. Dan and I know that we're going to get that a happy ending. You know, I don't want to use any any sexual innuendo is going to this next. I didn't know it wasn't intentional.


So we've talked about this next guy who's sponsoring this bill. He's a representative, of course, where else in the awful northern area of California. In case you want to know who he is.


Here's some pictures. I think we have them right here. Do you have them there? Yeah, there you go. Oh, you know what? Don't respect the office.


See, the tall one.


When I was I was trying to tall one dressed like a black tie to Diddy Combs, just doing cartwheels on a pecker, so. Oh, it's got to be difficult. Cartwheels.


Got to keep in mind, this is the guy, the same guy who we used it. We had Chad with AIDS and this is the same guy who made it legal to knowingly transmit AIDS to sexual partners and not have to disclose it. Yeah. Oh, my God. He said that was he was championing that cause I made it up the hill. You want to die in there?


In my America, no one will be forbidden from knowingly transmitting AIDS.


Oh, listen, who do you think this is? Modern enslavement, huh? What? I have to go around with my AIDS talent. I have to tell everything I stick that I have AIDS. Haven't the gays been through enough?


Haven't we been coming out? They're oppressed. I need not be punished for my friction will mainly AIDS, but the friction, the two are inextricable.


So this is the guy now, his latest bill that was passed yesterday is where it makes it so that adults who have sex with same sex minors don't have to go on the sex offender registry if a judge declares it not necessary.


So keep that in mind.


This is, in other words, if it's within a ten year gap in California and it's that range between 14 and 17. So if someone is twenty four years old to have sex with and groom a 14 year old now if it's sodomy, so oral or anal sex, they don't necessarily have to go on a sex offender watch list. If the judge also in northern California determines who knows that you don't have to.


I don't know why. Says something then what are deciding to push? And keep in mind, this is also you can go read Scott Weiner's profiles.


It's being marketed to gay people right in advance. Remember I told you it's a slippery slope, if you like. No good could lead to pedophilia. What are you saying? That gay people are pedophiles, which I have never said. I'm not saying.


But this bill kind of insinuate, Bill, saying, well, the San Francisco Chronicle covered. We just showed the overlay that said, like, it's clean, it's helping out LGBTQ people.


Yeah, there is an epidemic of LGBTQ not being able to statutorily raped minors. Right. Without having to go through the court, introducing them selves to their neighbors as part of their phone.


To Scott Wiener. I hope you understand where I have lined up. This man is a monster. And you do want to clarify something.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So, I mean, you know, if you are committing if you commit statutory rape, it could just be that the parents of the 17 year old that you slept with in your 19 are pissed off that you did that right. If you have vaginal sex, you don't automatically go on a sex offender registry. It goes to the judge. The judge gets to determine if you do. The Supreme Court of California upheld that ruling group.


Twenty 15. Right. So five years ago, really probably four years ago, I think it was in the fall, they upheld that ruling and said, yeah, because if we put a father on that registry, he's going to have a tough time going on, getting a job supporting the kids. So we want to do that.


But that's for like 18 and 17 year olds or 19 and 17 year old. Right. Right. Yeah, but, you know, laws in other states don't apply necessarily. We're now talking about a ten year gap as young as 14. Right. A little bit different.


You can go 14 to twenty four. But Reg actually made a great point. He's like, this is just open season for breeding or not breeding, but for grooming. Right.


So the grooming and that's a great point because there is like you can't make the argument that there's a bunch of 19 year olds out there trying to groom 15 year old girls. It's not necessarily the same thing, but there are tons of older men who are trying to groom young boys.


And the Kevin Spacey thing, that was an open secret, OK? Right now we're not we're talking about a difference between a pedophile and a pederast. This is very common.


Older men in the gay community, million people has talked about this with teenagers.


It's not the same thing as like a 50 year old, an uncle with like a six year old kid. But it's very common for 14, 15 year olds to have relationships with people who are 24, 25 or in their 30s. And you know that once this law goes into place, it'll destigmatize it. And, of course, it's just going to be a lot easier for these folks. It's interesting that they delineated now to make sure they went out of their way to include oral and anal sex and then market it, basically promote it toward the gay community.


And then that's how it was passed. It is something that listen, I understand it. Let's say a 14 or 15 year old boy. Obviously, they already are sexually mature. But to act as though these kids are capable of making long term sexual decisions and that they are not being abused, if you think it's an abuse of power for Harvey Weinstein to put someone on the casting couch, what do you think about a 14 year old kid and a 24 year old college grad?


We shouldn't be encouraging that. Allowing that kind of sick, twisted grooming, any can I use the term degeneracy here? Is not something I think it's a rape of a 14 year old when you're a grown ass man thing. Well, know, I would say the same thing about a man having sex with a 14 year old girl.


It's the same thing. Disgusting your way. Right.


But the thing is, unilaterally, most straight, if you were trying to promote a bill right now to the overall heterosexual community, if Donald Trump were to get up there and say and listen, part of my platform for the next four years, not a single not one, some people say one, frankly, not one more. Twenty five year old will be punished for diddling with his digits, a 12 year old. That won't happen in my America.


What is he saying? You don't think that would be in a CNN, Kyra, to be like Trump's for pedophilia, which is this is which is what Scott Wiener is exactly. Yes. And I had to double check because I thought it was his porn name, Scott Weiner, not only in California, only California.


Well, you know, sometimes in confessional booths. And it's important to note here, too, this is a guy who not only made it legal to knowingly have AIDS or HIV and have sex with a partner, not disclose it again.


That means there was a law that, hey, hey, hey, listen, I got to do it. We don't want to discriminate.


But listen, if you got the haves, if you got AIDS, you just got to tell how long before your opponent and you just have to tell them so they know what you're about, namely AIDS. And this guy said, never America resist. I must I will pass on my aids. It little goodsir. Well, you'll get to I do not yield my time. I shall yield my aids to all.


So you know, one of the big differences between misdemeanors and felonies is there's a whole different level of consequence when you have felonies. Right. Felonies are reserved for things where you're like doing deliberately harmful action. Right. You know, whether it's assault or murder or whatever it may be in the misdemeanors are the age and the more minor ones. Right. But now in this situation, what he has argued is that if you deliberately infect someone with a you know, that you were infecting them with AIDS.


It's not that serious. It's not like the viral load can be undetectable. Someone get in a DeLorean and tell Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Yeah, I know that I'm blurring the worlds of fiction and nonfiction, but the point is this is a really messed up situation.


I wonder how he would feel. I wonder how he would feel because he's in San Francisco. Right.


I wonder how he'd feel about somebody knowingly being a covert super spreader, not disclosing to people before he he or she kisses somebody else that they have.


covid, you just described his forward for Bernie Sanders latest romance, by the way, in case you guys don't remember, Bernie Sanders wrote erotica back in the day about how they know Bernie Sanders bring it up tokenized.


We weren't even playing. He really. Yes. Tiepin Bernie Sanders, Veronica.


And it was about a woman, when she's having sex with her husband, is secretly fantasizing about having sex with three guys. Oh, wow. I want to hear him narrate the audio book.


Wait, are they all three of them already from the 70s? From the 90s, Bernie? I don't know. But I assume they all get equal share. All sweaty, too. That is crazy. I did not know that.


That's one more for you, Bernie. You're crazy. What? Women want to be raped? Yeah. Yeah, well, it's part of the nature. That's what I learned in Russia. All what.


And it's the one time he'd feel comfortable using the term trickle.


So. Oh, sorry. This is reality, folks. Now, here's the thing.


The Scott Weiner is also pushing another bill, Bill AB two two one eight in which they would provide taxpayer funded sterilization and sex change hormones for and I call this child abuse for children.


Here is the MLK Gaier was told over and over again, you must be a predator.


You must be faking it. If you're a trans kid who wants to play sports, you're just trying to scam the system. No one is scamming the system. This is about people who are just living their lives. Let's make sure they can access health care. And yes, trans children are trans and they are also members of our community and they are our children. And we should be embracing them for who they are and providing them with the health care that they need.


Yeah, he wants to embrace them with a needle. Just Oh, I love you, Kenny boy. Testosterone blocker, help cure cancer.


Yeah, he made it legal for people to embrace them. Yes, that's what it was. Yeah. Yeah.


That's what make no it's about giving forced sterilization and hormone blockers, sex change therapy to children, taxpayer subsidized children who, by the way, cannot legally make decisions regarding their sexual choices when they can't legally make decisions regarding the hold up.


They can't drive cars. No, but they are sexually developed. But we're going to allow them to undergo procedures that will affect their sex life forever more, namely that a lot of them can never experience an orgasm. By the way, I don't know if it's related or just random, 42 percent attempted suicide rate. I would think not climaxing had something to do with it.


My life would be devoid of meeting well before they even understand what that means, right? No, these are your children. They don't actually understand the consequences of their they're still learning the difference between a mushroom weenie and a tree weenie.


They don't even know that. They know the protocol of circumcision. But we're going to let them not only let them force taxpayers to pay for it, but this is something with YouTube that they said was hate speech. Right. Saying it's child abuse. Now, if you want to be trans as an adult, fine.


Do whatever you want.


Now, considered hate speech. If I miss gender, you because you look like a man in clown makeup.


But if you want to live your life, that's fine. I don't have a problem with it. You might throw me off if you have a muumuu and letterman jacket.


I don't know which way you're going, but you do. You write very different with children, especially when you're when you're allowing for taxpayer subsidization. Why all of a sudden are we talking about right now they're on CNN talking about Donald Trump is against the data and just like the mail in voting. Well, listen, we don't have data on mail and voting on a massive scale across the entire country, but we do have unique data points available to us.


That said, that would suggest fraud occurs. Now, we don't have massive data of an entire generation of kids who have been on puberty blockers as young as six years old. But we do have data that shows us that men with high levels of estrogen are manipulating the testosterone levels in women. These kinds of endocrine disruptors lead to cancer. Now, we can't say we have massive data because we haven't done it yet. We will. But anyone who's ever use the term roid rage reverse that.


It's no testosterone depression. It's very, very well known. And for some reason, all of a sudden, science doesn't matter because we want to get some dollar dollar bills from Uncle Sam to cut off your peepee.


Well, and you see how he couched it to as health care. You know, this is one of the problems with saying that health care is a human right, because then you can start stuffing things into it and say, oh, well, this is just health care. Abortion is just health care, by the way. It's there after a glass of wine, I tend to have a little less stress, as do most Americans. That's health care.


Can maybe you send me some wine on the taxpayer dime. That's fantastic. I'll sell it to you out of business, you know.


Yeah. You just pick your own business. He did. Brilliant. That was good. I mean, just. I kind of worked it, I know, and I have a couple of glasses of wine, just my thoughts of my age just fly away and sometimes I forget to tell people all the time.


So I get forward with the bill to allow me to knowingly infect human beings with AIDS.


That's hard to put on a bumper sticker, though. I don't hate you because you're gay. I don't hate you because I'm not allowed to as a Christian.


But I hate your actions, OK?


Namely creating a bill and pushing it that allows you to knowingly, in fact, human beings with AIDS.


And we talk about the legitimate role of government. Imagine expressing this to Jefferson or going back to what? Well, that's an interesting concept. You mean the cap?


No, I'm in a disease that destroys your immune system and makes you look like this picture. Jared Leto from Dallas Buyers Club, you know, you have it and you can stick it in another guy's bunghole without telling him it's disgusting.


Yeah, well, put the two laws together. You can you can legally infect a child with AIDS, the 15 year old.


There you go. Yeah, you can get infected. Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Weiner.


They hadn't even got to that part in the sex ed curriculum yet.


I feel like at this point we just need to have a moratorium on any politicians named Weiner.


Yeah, yeah. So far, it's not working. That is a good place to start.


We're getting it ready, the bandits to look it up and find out if there are any redeeming qualities of politicians name Weiner.


But I feel like they all not only do like one thing bad, but then they do multiple things.


But they all involved sex in some way. Yeah, right. That's it's also an attack on that list. John Thomas and Fuddruckers. All right. We are going to be back after the short break from our wonderful sponsor, Block Reifel Coffee and the Asian Rosacea off parallel parking additions to the.


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I'm not a dark roast man, just like I don't like my steak butterflied an extra welldone.


But you do. You doesn't mean I respect you. But right now, two people I do respect and maybe a little less after the segment. It's time for the second installment of Ehsaan Rosacea.


Oh, man, and you know what, that role that when I threw that coffee bag, yeah, it wafted to me so I can smell it.


It's delicious. Imagine putting a blow dryer on that house that's nowhere near the velocity of a commercial level blow dryer, all that well blowout.


I just want Nancy Pelosi to get on that elevator chair and the grungiest launcher out the rear floor window. Fantastic.


Look, I think the biggest thing I don't understand about the Nancy Pelosi thing is I did not realize skeletons with skin stretched over their skeletons, over their bones to grow hair. I don't understand why aren't we all skeletons with skin on the other side over?


No, I'm pretty confident I have fat in there. OK. I don't know. Half Asian lawyer Bill Richman has not had a drop to drink. OK, of course that's good.


But tokenized we fix this has. And what are we looking to see who they are. OK, quarterback.


So explain to them what it is that you will be doing. Their first Asian rosacea off was they drank until someone turned pink and took a downturn purple.


Wow. Because he passed out and started twisting so I couldn't do it right. I know.


So he was more Asian and right now he's already a little bit pink. Apparently he thought we were drinking today. Again, this is being done in the back parking lot. We would not subject Americans to that safety hazard because they are still private property, not a road, no problems.


So you will both be going out back with our very own Thomas Finnegan.


We have protective gear and you'll be parallel parking and we will determine the winner will be measuring it. Who do you expect to win me?


OK, well, I mean, that's a little thing you're going to win. Talking to this win is win being more Asian or is when being properly parking the car, you want to park well and then.


But it does.


It's not so much being the most parallel parking, not becoming a doctor. You're not going to win it. So it's not about being the most Asian.


That's a byproduct. Yeah, OK.


The most Asian is the one who you still should win the challenges, but obviously the one parallel parks the most poorly is clearly the most Asian.


But who do you think this because science who do you think you're going to win tonight? I'm going to go with Bill. I've been drinking all morning.


To be fair, it was a strawberry lemonade. Truly.


Oh, OK. I mean, it's a polymorphism of a genetic anxiety's. That's true. You don't know that. Look at him speaking out of turn. He doesn't understand the pharmacodynamics.


The last time we did this, I was like hungover all afternoon. I brought breakfast for him because I knew I knew he was going to make it. And he was telling me about it kind of roughly yesterday. And I was like, I think he misunderstands, but I'll telling you about it.


So apparently Asian's also can't keep a secret. No, no. He just that's how your law was breached three times. Three times someone was let through the front door.


I talked about, can you keep a secret? He told me something different, though.


He told me about the drinking, not about the. Yeah, OK. But the party. Who do you guys think is going to win? I'm going with Bill. I'm going with Bill to I think.


I'm sorry. That's true. He's going to get to him.


No, I'll vote underdog with given I vote Tokino and I'll tell you why. Because Tokino and spent a lot of time in Seattle and then Los Angeles.


Bill is a country boy who then kind of leads the back story in a suburban area. Yes. But her skills, that park you had inside information center, you work with them every day.


I know I don't have any inside the lab here. That's true. Just say hi every now and then when my five bucks. All right.


So I definitely have I, I parked my car in L.A., like in South Central, like in between two cars where there was like you couldn't even put a penny in between and they were on fire.


Not even a penny, not not even a penny annexation would take it.


Then some unsavory characters keep my car.


I was I was about to say that there was a little bit of a street crime. So while he's great at parallel parking, he's a terrible car neighbor. Yes. He trapped other cars in. Right.


And he's also really loose with the Penneys. Well, that's that's also true.


Save them up. They become dollars and they become they are mainly state pennies. All right.


He's token now and go out there getting protective gear and audio where you can let us know when. Thomas Finegan. I think we have some things we do. We have Thomas Finnegan.


So Thomas Finnegan. Can you hear me, sir? I can't. Stephen, how are you this morning? I am doing well, thank you.


Thomas Finnegan, can you explain to us, if you're so inclined, the rules today? What will we be witnessing with the Asian rosacea if parallel parking edition?


Yes, essentially they will using their will be using this vehicle to park between these four cones and whoever is the most successful by being between 12 and 18 inches from the curb will be the winner.


So tell him to put on his helmet and his bulletproof vest. Yeah, that's unstable. Yeah. We don't need another interview. We already interviewed him. You're drunk. You know, it's good that we're doing this because it's going to make him feel more like he's back in South Central.


Right. You know, have all this objective equipment.


And that seems like a very generous parking space there. Mr. Finnegan seems.


Well, we're trying to take the proper precautions just in case.


Well, the only one who's at risk is you should should we take it in a little bit? Yeah, I think we should take a little bit of wine. Hello. We do have Asians driving. Right? I know. But you know what, Louis? I don't want to be prejudiced through this to be a challenge through the toxicity of soft expectation rules like same. I want to be the best in you. Clarence Thomas.


I expect the worst, but let's pull it into Justice Clarence Thomas. All right. Let's pull in the pylons a little bit there. Mr. Finnegan, can you pull them in? Yeah, you can be a multifaceted talent here.


Which ones would you would you like all of them, the ones that are closer to you.


Pull those in a little bit. Yeah, yeah. Let's pull in one and we'll tell you how far. Keep going. Keep going. That's what does that seem.


Yeah. Right. Right on that line, Mr. Finnick. All right. So there we go.


We're going to put that on the line.


And I believe we have some Kieran's here for going because of course, we're an official news entity. You can let us know, play along to make us proud of who you think will win. All right.


Let's get Tolkan now and let's get in the car for the rosacea. Yeah, talking down these the Asian guy to go back to the car where he got his vest.


I think you ran away now and he has his vest. He's ready to be wearing his protective equipment right now. Make your way to the vehicle. Go ahead. And, you know, be careful. I think he can walk.


Hey, I just want to know, is there a time limit here? Is he going to take, like, seven minutes? That's a good question. That's a good question.


Yeah, well, we should count how many points of the turn he does. It's just count how many points. That's a good good point. Well, we should have thought this through.


I have a timer we can tie it. Is that Bryce's car? I can't believe he let us use his car.


That was your timer. Actually, bring your timer up.


Brendon traded in his car now. Here we go. It's a nice car. All right. Even Steven Tokenization is in the vehicle. It has been started.


OK, let's go. Let's once it starts moving, I'll start the car. I believe he's out. He's moving. There we go. Clockwise.


Started wearing Spartan bulletproof body. Started soon to be you. He avoided the pedestrian.


Oh, look at that, Angela with skill. And so now you got to started when he stops, that's when you start it. Right now he's already failed. I feel like we need music for this start.


OK, starting now. Oh baby. When she moved, she moved. Nobody told him to put it into reverse. Doing well. Did you know that she's not here for Numero Recept. Oh yeah. There you go. Some little genetic stand.


He's now reversing course. It took him 13 seconds to find the gear.


Yeah, he did. He turn the wheel. Going to make it. Oh that's. No, you just go whatever you hit the car. Oh well that's definitely a car, right. Oh my God. That's a foul. That's not good.


No, no, don't run over the cone. All right. Yeah. See, you couldn't see that.


I thought this is going to be funny.


I did think it's going to be actually racist, given as a message for us. What is giving up. Oh yeah. And maybe the cones. Yeah. Making its down here.


So I say go ask him with your microphone Thomas.


I think that's a top. Not in gear. He's not in gear. He's not is in gear. He's in gear. He's doing another attempt.


I don't know another thing over the cones again you just need the other conmebol, those coming for people getting a much humanity.


That's company property people.


I don't think we made the parking space too small. No, no, no. He just doesn't know plenty of room. I mean, that's a subcompact for crying out loud. He's like, look, if I just hit the cars behind me, it creates plenty of space.


Oh, right. Thomas Thomas Finnegan. Go and ask him what he thinks went wrong there.


Was it primarily the drinking or the Asian talking? Alan, come on out. What exactly went wrong there? Was it was it the drinking or the percentage of Asian man?


You know, Thomas, I think it was a number of things. I think from, you know, the helmet kind of got in the way.


Well, on the equipment, real cars. I couldn't really see the cones. My my backup camera has definitely really spoiled me. But overall, it's probably just the Asian genes being a bad driver.


OK, all right. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Right. Thomas Finnegan, we're going to send out half Asian bill, as you said, in Tokyo now. And I tell you, will go on and I'm going to have we'll see you in a little bit. They're half Asian. Bill Richardson.


I you know what should be right for betting on the underdog?


Yeah, you should not the last one right now. That bar is low, Bill. It's it took him a minute. Twenty five seconds and ten thousand in damage to the car behind the body a little bit. It is a valid point.


If you have a backup camera, you may not be able to see the pylons. Remember, I was one wanted one.


I wanted to do cars, but no, no, don't do car. Yeah, well, yeah. Now in retrospect. So here's the thing.


When you when you parallel park, as you know, like you cut it so much that the pylons come into view.


Right. The whole point is, if you can't see the part, you haven't cut it enough.


So now I'm wondering about this story. What's happening, the long shot. I've been standing in the middle of the floor like he's buying an old folks who standing in the studio. Yeah, totally out of it.


You can sit there if you want to. Come on. So you can put on the headphones because you're missing headphones.


What were you expecting an applause when he came in? That way, he paused, he's waiting for them. Did you expect something to be Mr. Pink to be that bad?


Oh, no, no. Yeah, that was that was brutal.


That was going to say I've got to say, like, I've I've watched my mom parallel park better while I was aiming a B.B. gun at her.


Yeah, no, I mean, like I said, the backup camera really spooked me. There's no backup here in that. No, that's why we wanted to go on that Brennan has locked himself out of, like five times. Yes, it is. It is the same one.


He slept overnight just because he couldn't work the Slim Jim to get in his car.


Are you serious? Oh, yes. Oh, my God. I didn't know that. So makes. That's right.


How do you not know he was calling you multiple times. We have been sending him the voicemail every time. Brendan just. All right.


I think we're ready for Bill to go out there and see Thomas Finnegan there. Let us know what is going on is happening already. Well, Stephen, Bill is putting on his helmet and vest.


He is ready to go. I'm going to hand him the keys. OK, there we go.


Thank you, Bill. Go get in the car. Make the best of it. Make the best of it, sir. Here we go, he's approaching the visual look happy. He doesn't have the same vigor that you did. So you know what? This one that maybe we called it wrong because now what? You cannot account for enthusiasm.


It's true. There's a lot of enthusiasm and I look great.


I would take a less technical Asian parallel Parker with heart any day of the week. The vehicle has been started, Steven. OK, and by less technical, you mean somebody who hits other cars. Did you know Asians invented forward motion?


I mean, look, he's trying to stick this now like a 12 year old gymnast from his homeland. B clock started turning. He's turning the way he's got it. Cut it, cut it. He's got it. Got no.


Cut it. You've got to cut it more. Oh, stop. That was great.


Also, great camera work to whoever did this nice girl is in the reverse turn now.


Oh, no. He's failed to check out what failure. I know. Was very close. Let's see what happens. Yeah.


Oh, he missed the cone by inches. Stevens the wow. Another one behind them. Well, he hasn't hit anything yet because I can see him on that line. You know what this is actually I do think we went a little small, better space. Yeah.


And this is a pretty good parallel parking job for an aid. Yeah. Foreign aid for a nation. If it were a German, they wouldn't let him on the autobahn.


All right, Steven. I mean, technically, he's in he has not had any cones yet, but now he's driven past them through the to back.


Yeah, that's a whole that's creative thinking that now he's my lawyer. That's why he's on retainer. Not fair to problem solve. If you're not cheating, you're not trying.


All right. I will say this, Steve.


I mean, look at this. Handedly owned the Tokino in this adventure.


Yeah. Thank you very much. Yes. I don't really think the measurements that. Mr. Finnegan, thank you for the work, sir. We're going to welcome half Asian bill when he comes back in here.


Oh, wow. That did you know that Asians possess Malcolm X?


Thank you very much, Stephen. Thank you, Mr. Finnegan. We appreciate it. All right. Oh, interesting.


That was that was I don't want to say what's the opposite of invaluable. It was not valuable.


Now, I got my five bucks. I told you. I told you, Bill, this was a giant, you know.


You know, it's crazy that like all the long super videos and stuff. Yeah. I'm driving like night.


Yeah, I know. Ah, you can't seem to change your blood. That being said, however little value this carried with it, it still is more useful than what's going on on CNN right now.


True. Soon Biden arrives in Kenosha, by the way.


Anyone talking about how he's playing politics with that?


No, said Donald Trump is playing politics with Kenosha.


And all Joe Biden did was copy him.


Yeah, he just followed him. Oh, he went there to Joe, doesn't it?


Half Asian Bill. How are you feeling, sir? Sir. Oh, good sportsmanship. Great competition. No internment camps for you. Oh, that's good. It's okay. No, you both in you know. Well, not so much the Japanese and the Chinese.


So so Bill was obviously the better parallel. Parker but which one was more Asian.


Right. That's that's what we. Well, here's the thing. It is undoubtedly right now, Tokino and is more right.


Exactly. He gets more frank with drinking and he cannot parallel park like if his if his family were being held at gunpoint and all he had to do was parallel park a smart car.


Exactly. It would be certain death. All you have to do is hit the spot on the parallel parks. It just hit the button. Yeah. So I think we're gonna have some more challenge. You guys let us know what you would like to see next in the Asian rosacea, I think making train tracks. Yeah, yes. Yeah, very, very good.


I would like doing something like that. Or if people want to comment below, if we get enough people who say they'd like us to do it, we will paint Gerald's nails.


Oh, no, no, no. You want glasses, OK? No, that's not how we vote. I vote one right here. Yeah, that's not a bad idea either.


You can drink and paint nails and that's not a problem. We can still show up in court the next day. It's all right. Thank you very much.


Half Asians and put them together. It's awful. Asians, yeah.


We'll be right back after this quick break and a close for the week, and we'll see you after that.


I am very much looking forward to it. So it's going to be happening in October, me and Chris Cuomo. So I do have to respect my respect. A man who enters the arena. Yeah, that's my original request, of course, was a drug test.


Cuomo But that was that was not happening. You're a good sport. Yeah. So it's available exclusively at Mug Club.


You know, you've seen like Logan, Paul and those guys, they do those things. The is actually a stunt. We've trained in combat. You know me with protection, too, for a long time and him with you know, he's done the Tebow. That's true. Yeah.


So I'm looking forward to it. And I do appreciate afterwards, hopefully we will shake hands and share a beer next week. We have some great shows for you. We have, I believe, Rand Paul on the program. We have Sarah Huckabee, Sanders in the program.


Sir, we have a special coming up September 14th, the live stream in the evening and some super videos coming down the pike.


But we haven't been doing as much of them because there's so much news happening right now and leading up to election.


We want to be here with you because we know, for example, right now, I don't think there's another show that's going to be showing you that Instagram footage of Don who was shot after he got scrubbed.


You're not going to find that in in the social media. So we often are going, oh, we're going to plan a super video that we just got hit the news this morning, because this is important and people are being lied to.


And you know what I think is happening actually quite a bit right now, a big problem with, you know, younger people are more likely to be depressed. They're less likely to be resilient. For example, in this covid pandemic, they're more likely to often be afraid. They're more likely to act out. They're more likely to be hopeless.


We see how they're now interacting with police officers. A big part of the problem that I that I see going on, as we always are told this and you've even seen it surprisingly.


I know it's a news agency, but I saw someone on CNN saying that they need to follow their heart.


I don't remember who it was. It was on Poppy Harlow shows that follow your heart. And we hear that all the time. Follow, you know, follow your heart. That is the worst advice you could possibly give anybody.


And let me tell you why. Let me tell you what you should do with your heart.


And I don't mean you know, we're talking about like officinalis high blood pressure. You know, I don't mean coronary heart disease.


You've got to keep an eye on that kind of getting Hasana. I'm talking about the figurative heart. You shouldn't follow your heart. You know, what people would be better served by is examining your heart molding your heart.


Don't follow your heart and trust it as though it's irrefutable because compared to your brain, your heart is usually wrong. The exact opposite of what Disney films and the Beatles and probably Anderson Cooper and. And Salt and Pepper. The point is, your heart is usually wrong and everyone somehow accepted this.


And it sounds like self-help, actually. You're really kneecapping. Let me give an example. A heart, OK? A heart is can be molded like a lens, like ice. Your brain is the byproduct, your ability to reason logic with Socratic method. Right. That is a culmination of information that you've learned and hopefully critical thinking skills that you were able to apply to it so that you have what we call discernment. Sometimes people call it wisdom, but let's use a more technical term discernment.


Your heart is how you feel. Your heart is this sort of feeling that you have, but you can't explain. But sometimes we feel things that are wrong. For example, King at the Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. Change your mindset. What you're talking about is logic and facts. But I've got to tell you how I feel now.


If we were to follow this sort of cultural, this, I guess, idiom, for lack of a better word, it would be all obviously put it on the scoreboard w for King.


He said that's how he feels. Let me explain to you what your heart is and why your heart is kind of like a dog.


OK, it's instinct.


All right. And Joe Lewis actually isn't here right now because he's stealing some of half Asian Bill's donuts and, you know, use a rolled up newspaper.


But a heart is like a dog, a dog initially that isn't trained and can't be trusted. Think of your dog.


Anyone who's a dog owner out there. I don't know what you guys do with cats.


No idea how you train them. They poop in the house. I don't care.


You're not my folks, but good for you. But a dog picture a dog that you guys brought in, any dog you've had that wasn't trained, would you trust it? But you can mold and shape that dog's instinct. And I've known that because we've had several dogs, very different personalities. You can go between Hopper, Betty Jo Lewis. I can trust Joe Lewis, my dog off leash. Why?


Because now, through years of training and discipline with his previous owners and now with us, that we've stepped it up because his feelings, his instincts, his heart have been shaped through that training, discipline and boundaries. And now Joe Lewis is heart where people go, oh, he's such a friendly dog. He's so sweet. Even though he looks like an absolute murderer, you would think that he should be on the Green Mile. But people are surprised the highest one's got over their fear of dogs because of Hopper and Joe Louis.


These are rescues and one was from Detroit.


But now people say, oh, they're such a sweet dog because the heart of this dog, through discipline, through boundary's, through training, seeks to please me, seeks to serve me.


You can see it when Joe Lewis walks around the office. You guys said he's always looking at me. OK, what do you want?


What do you want from me? And it makes him happy. So his heart, which. When he first came into the houses, what can I get away with? Can I eat this? Can I eat this trash? Can I eat these coffee grounds? I didn't know that it would absolutely kill them.


Can I get on the bed? But now he looks at me and goes, oh, you don't you don't want me to get on his bed?


His heart has changed. It's been molded because he's used his brain. And that has been applied to what?


He's right and hopeful you line up what you feel with what is right, but you cannot do that if you are consistently following your heart. Maybe you're following your heart when you aim that taser at the cop's face. Maybe you're following your heart when you had sex with that woman without consent, then returned to the address, Jacob Blak and then fought off officers and told them that you had a knife. That clearly wasn't something that was logical. This clearly these clearly weren't actions that were taken by someone who is applying, again, their skills of discernment.


And here is the point. Your heart, no matter whether you are training yourself, disciplining yourself or your Proactiv, then that just means it's by default.


Your heart is always serving somebody.


This is also why sometimes when people say, I don't believe in hell, who deserves hell? Let me ask you this question. When people say that, OK, I get that not all of us are Jeffrey Dahmer, but let's compare ourselves to that golden standard, right?


God, God, who seeks and exists to serve and create. She didn't have to do that. And he's like a loving father when you experience anything in life.


OK, anything. You're the best guy in the world, like Andrew Klavan, a saint. Is your first instinct always, oh, how can I use this to help someone else or as usual, is usually your instinct? Oh, that's fun. Oh, that tastes good. Oh, that looks like something I'd like to do. You're almost always thinking about yourself and you don't see the trail of damage and carnage that would exist if you continually, perpetually followed your heart, because at that point, your heart is serving who your self.


And that's not a good place to be. We shouldn't be looking inward because we're all walking voids and your heart is often wrong.


So Joe Lewis came in, guess who his heart was serving himself because he just thought he could get away with it. Now his heart is directed at serving me, trying to please me. Your heart is always serving someone. So before you even trust it, which you shouldn't do, you should always apply over that copy paste, your discernment and your logic maybe in tandem with your heart.


But first, before you follow, let me ask you this.


Who is your heart serving? Because it's always serving somebody. Nine times out of ten, if you don't have the answer right away, it's you, and that's not a good place to be. So guess what? Don't follow your heart. It sounds nice on a Hallmark card, but it's the reason for the culmination of problems that we face.


Stop following your heart, mold your heart, discover who your heart's master is and actually seek wisdom. You'll be a lot happier and we'll be better off. All right. We're going to see you next week. Big ass shows. Looking forward to the fight with Cuomo. Glad he said yes.


Today. The.